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Wawanesa Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Wawanesa Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 10 %
I have been with Wawanesa insurance for 20 years. I always felt it was a small company with good rates, But oh how times have changed at Wawanesa! Over the past two years I have noticed my premiums going up for no reason and when trying to call for info, I get transferred around to different people who always need to put me on hold. That's after waiting on hold for 10-20 mins to speak to a live person. I've been trying to delete one car and add another since yesterday. CS agent didn't know how to help me. After wasting 45 mins I asked for a supervisor, Of course none were available. I finally agreed to have a supervisor call me back. It's been over 26 hours and no one has called me. Hmmm. I just called them back and asked to speak to a manager. I was speaking to a nice c.s. agent who was trying to help me. I said no, I want a manager, that I've been waiting for more than 26 hours. She tried to get one but they refused to answer the phone. She said they were in a meeting (maybe same one as yesterday). It's starting to scare me to have them as my insurance company. I think it's time to start looking for another insurance company! Since starting to write this review a supervisor actually just phoned me. What a nightmare trying to add another vehicle. Horrible customer service. I feel like I'm speaking to new hires with no insurance experience. I can see by reading the other reviews that most people seem to be complaining about the same issues I'm having.
I was so happy to be with Wawanesa for the last year and even recommended them to several friends. Today I get the renewal emails... GOOD LORD! After paying around 1200 for 3 vehicles for a year, my policy changed to over 1400 for 6 months! Are they crazy? Both my Husband and I have spotless records. Needless to say, I will go back to Progressive. I have a feeling this company will be going belly up real soon!
As I write this I have been on hold for this office way too long. I don't know if they have new management or what but keeping people on hold upwards of an hour without a choice to leave a message and receive a call back is unacceptable. I have been with them for about 17 years and this is the worst I have been treated. Yes the policies cost less but the service has decreased a 100 fold. After my year is up I will be moving my insurance unfortunately to a higher cost bracket but I need peace of mind. The woman just told me the supervisor will take care of it. They told me that yesterday and they told me that 3 hours ago. I cannot work until I have a copy of my insurance. It should not take this long to get a copy of my policy. Will they pay me for the two days I have not been able to work. I think not. Lost money. Gotta go to another company if I don't have it within the hour. Proceed with warning.
I have new with Wawanesa for a few years. My husband was involved in an accident where the other party was at fault. Wawanesa refused to waive our deductible. They neglected to specify and full communicate the extent of the repairs with the auto repair shop. Their negligence lead to an additional 10 days in the shop. Although the adjuster admitted their mistake, Wawanesa refused to cover additional days for a rental car. Additionally, they only want to approve aftermarket products for repairs. I have never felt so unappreciated as a loyal customer and I’m looking for a new insurance company TODAY!!! I’m beyond frustrated. Don’t get Wawanesa insurance!!! They don’t take care of their own customers!!
I had the worst experience with Wawanesa when I actually needed their help as one would when carrying an insurance policy. Their rates are lower than most but you get what you pay for once you are actually involved in an accident. I was struck by an 18 wheeler tractor trailer from the driver side with $18,000 done in damages. The police did not make a conclusion on who's at fault and I was assigned a horrible adjuster by the name of Shimmy **. She was very insincere and rude and made me the culprit when I was the one who was struck by an 18 wheeler. I was dissatisfied with them concluding me at fault without ever leaving their San Diego office to access the car's damage and or location of the incident. I have never heard of one being at fault when you are the one who was struck.I have called a lawyer to sue for what is right and I have decided to cancel my policy with Wawanesa as soon as my policy is up for renewal. Regardless of the outcome of who's at fault, I have never witnessed such a cold reaction from an adjuster in all my years of experience. It is Shimmy who has caused me to want to cancel my policy. An old saying rings true, you get what you pay for.
When I first set up a policy with Wawanesa. I saw a broker, and the broker and I discussed a first payment date of May 28th (My checks come in at the end of the month) the Broker, told me that that worked when I was setting up my insurance to start on the 28th of April, (30 Days of time, was said to be sufficient) only to find out a payment came out immediately, and bounced (I didn't notice because my account remained at 0$ when I checked, and I didn't see a negative balance) then on May 28th they took a payment, and it succeeded.Then 5 days later they tried to take April 28ths payment again, and of course the money was not there, now I have been trying to get this amended for the past little while, and Wawanesa continues to send me letters of experience that only state canceled due to non payment, when if the miscommunication did not happen, I would not be here. Wawanesa has officially caged my life, and I can no longer afford to get any insurance with basically any company, with all requiring down deposits of 2000$ or more, they have screwed me over, for basically my entire life, so if anyone knows a company that will insure me in Canada Nova Scotia, with a non-pay on file, that should not exist, for a monthly bases insurance with no huge down deposit please let me know at **. Seriously Disappointed in Wawanesa, and Huestis Insurance Brokers.
From the automotive side, they offer excellent service. Came out of the building to see that someone had run into the bumper of my car. Called Rep from Wawanesa and they came out to evaluate the situation. Booked repair work within the week. We have both our auto and property policies through Wawanesa. To cancel one or the other increases the cost of our policies.
My auto insurance is increasing every 6 months even though Department of Insurance has not approved the rate increase every 6 months. I got about $100 - $200 minimum increase every 6 months. My rate increased more than 300% within a few years. I know Department of Insurance has not approved the rate change for the period of 1/2018 - 12/2018 but they increased my premium anyway even though I did not have any violation during this period.I called and talked to the rep who hung up on me when she could not answer my questions. I then wrote email from their secured site. After 2 days, while I am still active customer, they deleted my account and I could not write them anymore. Then I used regular email address and wrote them, they totally ignored my emails. They are basically telling me that I have to take it or leave but rate increase does not need approval from Department of Insurance. I had no choice (limited time to shop around this time) and paid higher premium. What a monopoly by Canadian company in the United States!!! Can Department of Insurance allow this kind of monopoly by Wawanesa? Please help!!
An auto policy with Wawanesa can't be cancelled online by deleting the vehicle from your policy as the website leads one to believe. If you go this route be sure to contact Wawanesa to confirm the auto policy is cancelled. When I called to find out when will receive a refund was informed can't cancel policy online. Duh... just did. And as usual when called Wawanesa was left on hold. Left contact info for return phone call and had to carry around with me insurance info for whenever Wawanesa called back which was the next day at a very inconvenient time. Service is not in this company's mind.
Wawanesa Insurance is the best... They give you insurance that covers your car and what the state wants, will not push you into something you don't need, and no other company can beat their price. You can check out different values depending on how much coverage you want to carry on your vehicle. They have discounts for more than one car. You can contact the company by phone, online or by snail mail and receive their response by the same ways, too.
It always good to have this insurance coverage. When filing a claim, the broker contact the insurance company for me, next day I received a call from the adjuster, and few days after from the appraiser. But when I have to deal with a personal injury claim staff, she doesn't sounds too pleasant.
The customer service from this company is terrible. The SHORTEST wait time I've ever experienced when calling customer service is 25-minutes. I'd say an average wait time is about 45-50 minutes. I'm sitting on hold now and it's been 1 hour and 30 minutes. I have a simple change to make that's going to take about 5-minutes. It's ridiculous. Do not use this company.
I have tried numerous times to contact Wawanesa but you remain on hold until you just give up. There have ben several occasions when I stayed on the phone for 20+ minutes. After you try so many times to call them I utilized the call back option. Wawanesa did not call back. Left several messages and to call me back. They finally called but I was on the freeway. They asked me what time they could call me back and I gave them a time.Stupid me, I thought they would call me back. Had to call back again several times and they don't return your call!! I swapped a car with my granddaughter. My granddaughter has Geico. She was able to change the car on her insurance in a few minutes. I have been trying for 4 days. In the 4 days I have called 15 times and NOTHING. I have been a very loyal customer of Wawanesa and have been a long term customer. I called three or four times today around noon. Still no call. I think Geico is starting to look really good!! If you are considering this insurance company, don't do it.
Wawanesa is an insurance company that initially felt like a good company with more customer service and great coverage for a fair price but after having them for several years it became apparent they are not the best choice. They generally cost more than most other insurance but the extra benefits aren't worth it. So I switched. It wasn't right for me.
Quick response. Co. Was very quick. I'm very very fair. My claim was processed and taken care of within a few days. The company cares about their policy holders. They have a quick response time. The adjuster comes within 2 days and your car is taken care of immediately.
I only pay my premium once a year so I haven't had a lot of contact with them but every time I have had contact they have been helpful and friendly. The price of my premium is great.
Well first off they got rid of 1 year policies to only 6 month policies which made my rates go up $500 a year. Their reason was because their profits were only 1% because of customers falsifying their yearly mileage on their vehicles, which is what I was told by a Wawanesa Rep. So I accept the increase because the rates are still cheaper. I did renewed twice with the 6 month policy. Now renewal is up again. My rates are going up another $200. With no tickets no adjustments to the policy. Zip zero. Nothing and my rates are going up. Now my rates are borderline with AAA. Might as well go with AAA at this point.
17 year policy holder. Zero claims. Zero citations. Premiums competitive until now. New premium is 50% increase over previous year. I spent an entire afternoon trying to get through to a policy rep, using callback feature twice. No callback received. One call to a carrier I found through my big box store membership, I now have a policy with a highly rated carrier at a lot less than LAST year's premium. Moving my homeowner's today.
I was loyal with Wawanesa insurance for more than 20 years and now I have to switch to other insurance company. Wawanesa used to be a great insurance company. I looked back at my premium, compared 2019 renewal to 2017, and realized that they raised my premium 26%. I had no tickets, no accidents, no claims since I had Wawanesa. I switched to other company and got better rates, better coverage. Wawanesa is supposed to have lower rates than other companies because Wawanesa does not have agencies. I called them and asked why my premium got higher and higher. They said because of the cost of living, they had to raise. I just laughed and walked away from Wawanesa.
Very quick and courteous service. Competitive pricing for insurance. I have dealt with them through more than one claim and they were very professional and quick to helping out my situation.
I have been a customer with Wawanesa Insurance for about six years. During that time they always offered great prices and prompt service. However they recently overhauled their system so their policies would be for a six month term instead of a 12 month term the way they have been for years. With the six month term came an increase. The new pricing was double, what I paid for 12 months of coverage in the past was now offered for a 6 month policy. Something has gone wrong and the customer service person at Wawanesa could not explain the reason for the increase. My driving record has not changed, it's still clean with no citations and no accidents and I am still insuring the same two vehicles and I have not moved so why did my rates double. I think they (Wawanesa) made some serious mistakes when they set their pricing with their new 6 month policies. I have moved to AAA insurance and I am saving about $500.00 from what Wawanesa quoted me.
Filed a claim for vandalism mid-Feb. 2019, window was broken and rain had gotten into car. Reported damage minutes after it happened and 2 weeks later they tell me that the damage from the rain is a separate claim, so I waited 2 whole weeks before they told me, then had to start claim process over again. Waited another week for another adjuster to take photos of rain damage, and after adjuster left, the car won't start. Adjuster nor Wawanesa will take any responsibility for this fact and car has now been sitting in driveway for over one month. Every person I speak to on the phone, and have been on the phone almost daily, tells me something different and "apologies for that misinformation..." I have been with this company for over 10 years, had zero claims until now and it isn't even a collision claim and they are giving me the most difficult time. I don't appreciate the runaround, particularly when I have been a loyal, paying customer who has not cost them a dime until now, when I actually need them.
You can file claim online or by phone. Representatives are responsive and adequately efficient. The claim process is easy and provide good support. The website is friendly and easy to use. My personal experiences with the services so far have been good. The claims were processed efficiently and refund within a reasonable time without hassle. The pricing with the value of the same coverage in comparison so far is the lowest as long as you have good driving record. No more than one accident.I have been with Wawanesa for over 10 years. All our cars are covered with Wawanesa. Their insurance rate for 1st time driver or new driver license are very competitive, so far is the lowest. Their insurance quote process is fast. The customer service and claim representatives has good professionalism and courtesy. They will come to your location of your convenience to review the damage and claim. They are punctual with the appointment. You can use any automotive repair shop. Their response to your claim is fast and keep you informed of the progress. The claim representatives are patience to explain any questions.Their coverage offered are the same with other insurance companies, i.e. roadside assistance, good driver discounts etc. Their website is friendly to use and if all fails, the customer service by phone works just as good. They offer multiple car discounts and payment plans options just as other insurance companies. With my experience, most insurance agent would not be able to offer a better rate once they discover Wawanesa is the insurance carrier. I have recommended this to my friends, and those have switched confirmed with my experience.
I am 75 years old with a perfect driving record and on a fixed income. My 6 month payment has gone up $85 with no warning. I contacted customer service only to be told they don't have to let anyone know.
Trying, trying contact to update my policy for over a week. From half to hour and half holding without respond and sometimes cut off the call. No communication connection. I just paid my policy and I am worry about the coverage. What's happening?
Let me start by saying that I was a happy customer for 4 years. I made a couple of claims. None my fault and they were good, always will deduct my deductible and they will pay me the difference. I ran into a vandalism claim and that's when things went south. I made a claim not because I wanted Wawanesa to pay but because I wanted them to support me engage the party at fault to pay the damages. I spoke with Wawanesa twice and they close my claim without notifying me or giving me a courtesy call, the first time I spoke with them was to make the claim and the second time was when my claim was transferred to a claims representative. Long story short, I took my car to a repair shop. They have an estimate lower than my deductible and Wawanesa just close my policy without notifying me that my claim was being closed, I gave them a call and I was just told that the damages were lower than my deductible and I have to pay for my damages. The whole reason I open a claim was for them to help me get the other party to pay for the damages but as long as they don't have to pay money they won't lift a finger for you. I'm pretty sure the story will be totally different if they had to pay thousands of dollars. I'm pretty sure they will call me more than twice.
I traded cars last night and do not want to drive my new used car without insurance. I called Wawanesa at about 10:30 am; it's 11:55 and can't drive my new car. I am still on the phone to change.
I'm beyond frustrated with the quality of service. I have been a customer for YEARS. I submitted a claim on Nov 29, first, the wrong tow type was sent, waited another hour under heavy rain for the flatbed to arrive, when the flatbed arrived tow driver said he got instructions from Wawanesa to take my truck to my house. Halfway to my house a rep from Wawanesa calls and asked ME to pull the tow truck over and tell him to take my truck to a different facility. I told them I was in a different car behind the tow truck on the freeway and it was UNSAFE for me to do that. She calls the driver and instructed him to take my truck somewhere else. I didn't hear from Wawanesa until I was the one who called them 5 days later.On that call Wawanesa rep accused me of canceling the delivery of the truck to their facilities and excused herself of not knowing where my truck was and not having any assessment on my truck. I told her SHE was the person who instructed the driver where to store my truck from the get go. She told me I HAD to call some body shop I have no idea who they were to "release" my truck. That's HER job. I asked to be placed in a 3 way call and she didn't get answers from the places she called. She said my truck was "LOST". She promised to keep me updated... She HAS NOT! ELEVEN days have passed and my car has not been checked or assessed. I don't even know where my truck is located! I requested management information to follow up and No Answers As Of Yet!!! Formally I need answers and a resolution to this matter.
I just received my new automobile insurance policy & was horrified to read that my premium had increased for the SECOND year! Last year it was nearly $100, this year over $100! I am amazed because albeit I am a senior I have ALL my faculties, and a pristine driving record to boot! I have been with Wawanesa for many years & have garnered them many new customers. Yes, they are/were very reasonably priced, but these astronomical increases are totally unjustified!
I switched to Wawanesa because they had the most competitive rates on the market. After my daughter was in a car accident and I had to file a claim, I realized what a mistake this was. They have the worst customer service of any auto insurance companies I have dealt with. First, they lose my car for a week and then try to pass off the cost to me; secondly, my adjuster has a voicemail telling me that she will return calls within 4 hours during her regular office hours but hasn't returned a call after 3 days; and lastly, they lowballed me on the total loss estimate. As soon as this ordeal is over, I'm switching insurance.
We have been with Wawanesa for many years and previously thought we were had the best insurer in the market. It seems as the policy changed to 6 months our cost has doubled. Not only is it ridiculous to have to renew every 6 months but to have the rates increase each time is unbelievable. We are mature drivers and cover 3 vehicles and we are not seeing our rates go down but up. We have referred numerous friends and family to Wawanesa stating they are comparable to AAA but with better rates. Well we just received a quote from AAA that will save us nearly $600/year with the same coverage... What happened to you Wawanesa.
Wawanesa was the lowest premium insurance company for many years but last year they increased their rate by 50% across the board. Now they are still looking for every opportunity to increase the price for individual policy holder. For example: if you say one thing (what if scenario) to find out if the rate would be lower, they will nail you with increased rate because you did not use the right word. Then you have to argue saying that you were just checking using what if scenario to see if I can lower the rate (my actual situation is not that) but it looks like the rate is going to increase, so I don't want the change. Representative would insist (with angry tone) saying that you said, "blah blah", so we must quote you accordingly and your rate will go up by $ (whatever amount they want). Unbelievable!!! Representative was getting upset as if the amount she was trying to increase was going to her pocket. She was taking very personally and getting frustrated. Is that a customer service OR customer abuse??
After paying car insurance for 15 years with Wawanesa. I was paying about $1,600 for two cars yearly. I do my payment once a year, so my insurance is due every August. Apparently the changed they billing now for 6 months. I didn't read the dates that they were billing me the same amount but for six months instead of a year. How can that be? I felt so disappoint for not reading the dates right. Today I received a new bill for $1747. I was like, "Why are they billing me again if the insurance is due in August?" I am so mad and feeling angry for not paying attention. They can keep my money but they lost a great customer who never had a ticket or car accident.
I have been a policyholder of Wawanesa since 1993 (25 years). Wawanesa was great up until they changed to 6 month policies. At that time I seen a massive increase in my rates. I expected because of the cost of doing business in California that rates would go up now and then. I received my renewal today and found out my 2005 Civic for liability only is $547.00 ever 6 months. WOW!!! What a hell of an increase. I just to have 4 cars on my year policy all full coverage and it was $1700 for a year. Now for 2 cars (1 full coverage and 1 not) they want $821.00 for 6 months and $1642.00 per year. That my friends is highway robbery.I was so mad I called and the lady kept saying, "It is not us. It's the CEO. He wants a bigger bonus. I can't do anything for you." She suggested maybe I go to another insurance company. I have a feeling since I am grandfathered in the only way they can get rid of me is to get me to cancel. How do you do that by raising the rate so high I leave. I really feel that is what Wawanesa wants. They want all their long term policyholders to leave. Shame on you as the CEO of Wawanesa. I am now looking for an insurance company that values their long term policyholders unlike Wawanesa and their CEO.
They are a great company. When I move to TX in a few years, it is going to be tough to change insurance companies. I've done my research, there are really no other companies that can compare to their quality of service, affordable rates and the ease of billing. I had 2 college age sons on my policy while out of state and they both had 1 claim and each had at least 1 moving violation, yet my premium is still lower than other companies. Their claims process was smooth. Claims are mostly for our young drivers going to college out of state. The rep worked with our young drivers as if they were there holding their hand every step of the way. As a parent of a young driver, it is stressful enough knowing they are driving, but when they are in a different state where the weather could be snowy/icy, the stress increases. Having Wawanesa has helped reduced that stress level when it came to the time that a claim needed to be filed. In addition, they are one of a few carriers that have annual policies with very affordable rates. Too bad they only service CA, OR and WA.
After being a satisfied Wawanesa car insurance client for years, transferring over our duplex home insurance to these profiteers from hell, it was an absolute nightmare. Over 8 months of agonizing waiting and relentless delays for a roof leakage damage and repair. They sent two or 3 estimators, inspectors, checked and took photo's of the damages to our bathroom and kitchen then told us they would be in touch. Month after month, delays after delays, the aggravation was building. We had to threaten them with a legal lawsuit if they weren't going to start the immediate and urgent renovation work soon. We had black mold building and we couldn't use our bathroom for months. The most aggravating experience ever. Then I had a verbal and e-mail argument with this horses ass rep. When they finally started the work, we had more problems with the workers from hell. Two workers were fired for sloppy workmanship and we had to find a new contractor. At least another 3 months before all was done. Greed above the clients' needs. Intact insurance is better choice. Ditch Wawanesa, they're old and greedy.
Been a customer for few years and never had a claim until now. They put me on hold for long min. till I decided to have on call back. The representative was so rude and sounds like she's not happy with her job!!!
Wawanesa was good company until about 5 years ago. But they started increasing about 25% on auto insurance every 6 months. Within 3 years they increased 150% as rate adjustment approved by Department of Insurance (per Wawanesa, need to verify with DOI) and they increased 200% at the same time for 2 violations. So, within 3 years, my auto insurance increased by 350%. They know that you won't get better rate when you leave them with 2 violations. So, they rip you off. If you are in the same situation, you must file a complaint with DOI just the way I did. I will continue to make noise in the Internet until they start to listen and DOI starts investigation on Wawanesa's monopoly practices.
Another person sideswiped me on 7/22/2016 so I took a picture of his license plate, insurance card and registration and promptly reported the claim. Mind you, I have been with Wawanesa Insurance for around 30 years and have never had a negative experience. The claims department called me and took down all the accident particulars. The adjuster called me a couple of days later and asked when it would be convenient for her to obtain my recorded statement (ahem, more like an interrogation).Well, I had prior trouble and current trouble making payments online ever since they changed the policy numbers because all of the numbers do not fit into the box for online payments and the support team was unable to rectify my situation for online bill pay. And, you cannot use a debit card even though it says so at the bottom until you read the fine print that indicates you can only use a credit card. I paid my premium by credit card on 7/12; however, the adjuster supposedly had a coverage question because they allegedly received my payment late.This makes zero sense because the payment cleared thru my credit card the same night. So she interrogates me... Do you usually pay your payments every 2-3 months, have you ever had a lapse in coverage, this kind of nonsense. I told her I was starting a new job on August 1st and could I take the car to the body shop prior to that and she said no. I then said what would have happened if my car wasn't driveable but she didn't care. I complained to the claims manager about the interrogation and told her it seemed like the adjuster was trying to catch me in a lie and she said that's exactly what she was trying to do.I said really after almost 30 years? Unreal! The adjuster kept calling me about non-sensical things so I told her to quit calling me. I went ahead and took my car to the body shop and dropped it off and went to get a rental car. Come to find out, when I deleted and added a car more than a year ago (nothing to do with MY car), they accidentally deleted the rental coverage. Sooo... I ended up paying about $700 for the rental and they refused to pay me back more than $300!Also, they had to pull the recording of my conversation to prove I didn't delete the coverage! Also, the guy that hit me has some sub-standard policy so I had to pay the deductible and may have to take him to small claims court to recover it... Even if I get a judgement, good luck with that! Lastly, whenever you call, they hardly ever answer and if you ask for a call back not to lose your place in line, they don't call back. I'm very disappointed that I would be treated like this and to have to put all this money out of my pocket was really annoying. Yes, they may have great rates, but is it really worth it? I'm beginning to think NOT.Updated 10/7/2016: I have been with Wawanesa for almost 30 years; I just posted a review earlier this week about a claims issue. I was just informed yesterday that all their policies are going to a 6-month in lieu of a full year and it won't be possible to make monthly payments any longer. I was shocked to learn that my premium will be going up over $2,000 a year, more than double and nothing has changed with my vehicles. The woman I spoke to says it was a 'rate increase'... I'm sorry, but a simple rate increase would not be this high... going elsewhere for my car insurance after almost 30 years. It appears this company got popular and then VERY GREEDY!
I bought a new car for over a week and trying to add my new car to my current policy with Wawanesa but no one respond. I emailed, called, left message, no one even bother to call back as to right now I'm writing this complaint. I even pretended to get a new quote that when I get to spoke to a live person but they said they cannot take care of that then transfered me again which NO ONE responded. It's very dangerous to drive without insurance and the way Wawanesa doing business like this will cause a lot of problems to customers.
On Wednesday September 14, 2016 I was waiting to get road assistance for two hours although I was in the center of Downey City at 8:00 PM.
I've been with Wawanesa for 3 years. I signed on with them when I bought a new used car at the beginning of 2013. Just received my renewal policy for 2017 with a front page that said Exciting news for our policy holders!! Uh... I would disagree with that given they raised my insurance rate by over 40% from last year. I get costs go up but 40%!!! No accidents or claims in the three years I was with them. Always paid on time. No excuse for that type of increase. Just a heads up for people considering to get insurance with them. Part of what makes dealing with the pain of insurance bearable, is knowing when you're a good driver they aren't going to gauge you for no reason. I've already done some research and found a new policy that will only increase what I'm paying for the year by $80. That I can live with. My suggestion: Shop around and if you find a reputable company that is offering a comparable price go with them so you aren't screwed in the future and have to waste time shopping around.
I had an accident where a driver swerved into the shoulder and hit me while I was stopped in the area between two parallel parked cars and the driver was speeding. Wawanesa claims adjuster said it was my fault. I showed them a diagram and a dash cam video. "No it's still your fault". Hispanic claims adjuster sided with hispanic driver to throw old white driver under the bus so insurance company could raise my rates. Although they assured me they would not raise me rates but did it anyway. This ploy allows them to keep you after they raise your rates because you now have an at fault accident on your record and can't get insurance with another company.
I am dealing with it right now. I paid my insurance payment to Wawanesa through my Bank of America online bill pay as I have for years. B of A made the payment 6/1/2015. I received a letter from Wawanesa on 6/10/2015 cancelling my auto insurance for non payment. I called them and after being on hold for over 30 minutes I finally got to speak to someone. I explained the situation and supposedly they checked and told me the payment was not made. I called my bank and was told that the payment was electronically made to Wawanesa on 6/1/2015. Evidently Wawanesa has misapplied the payment and the situation can be settled if they can get Wawanesa to answer the phone or call them back.
We made our quarterly insurance payment, we get a notice from Wawanesa that it had not been paid. The payment was sent in a Wawanesa envelope. We find out the check was altered and cashed by someone else. Wawanesa instead of checking into, just told us "have your bank cover it." They never investigated their departments for fraud. Basically said are out the money.
Every single time I call Wawanesa you hold longer that the IRS... ridiculous. I left my name a number in the callback queue and didn't get a callback until the next day. And When the callback feature worked it still took them 2-3 hrs to call back. So frustrated when I hear their recording saying Wawanesa has been voted #1 in any category. They total suck... but as for their service when acting on a policy it's okay.
Called many times before, waited until my phone battery runs out. Did again today. Actually waiting on my other phone as I am writing this. Trying to reach the office about the payment mailed on the 25th but no deduction was reflected on my bank. Just worried that my policy will suddenly be canceled.
Let me start by saying, I have been with Wawanesa for over 20 years with not one incident. A few years ago, they sent a letter with the title, "Exciting news for our policyholders!" Here's the exciting news. 1. The yearly policy is now a 6-month policy. 2. My previous yearly rate doubled. 3. Their customer service and wait time doubled. Over the years, I have recommended Wawanesa to many of my friends and family. Regretfully, they have become a company I cannot say one good thing about. After reading some of the reviews on this site, it appears that the enormous rate increases are systemic.
Due to a little bad luck on my part and being a victim of insurance fraud, Wawanesa canceled my policy after having been in business with them over 10 years. When I called to inquire why and reiterate the fraud part, I was told that they don't insure "bad drivers." Fine. No problem. I get it. So I go to Mercury. Then almost immediately after the policy expires, they start sending me, in the mail marketing material to insure with Wawanesa. When I call, they said I requested it which I did not. I asked to for myself and my wife to be removed from their lists. But they're still sending me quotes. I've called 3 times. Each time told I would no longer receive mail. Yet today, I get another mailer for my wife. I called today and asked to speak to a supervisor. Was told the supervisor would call... They didn't. This is not how you treat clients.
Had my Truck Stolen recently. The claims process was a absolute nightmare, the adjuster felt her only role was to watch from the sidelines and deny expenses, not helping me through the process, no consultation, no helping deal with the Autobody shop, not even forwarding them the information I had given her. We could not even reach her by phone. Always had to e-mail. My truck was gone for 3 months!! for repair and came back with a list of issues that I needed to "deal with through the Autobody shop" or fix myself. I was paying insurance for 2 specific reasons. 1) To get me back to the place I was before the event. 2) To have a helping hand when I did have a issue. Instead I got a distant accountant with E-mail, might as well deal with a cheap insurance company from China. When I asked to dispute claims items that decided by her with no agreement or consultation with me, I was told, "Here's our dispute mechanism - hire your own appraiser and they can fight it out with ours. Good luck making that work for you." By the way the Appraiser was also terrible, the shop evaluated that my truck needed a batch of Front end work that it did not need (I have pictures to prove it), instead of maybe actually taking a look he just reported to the adjuster only and they disallowed the work meaning no mechanical work was done at all. I got back a truck with a large list of repairs and less functionality. On top of that I have to deal with the shop warranty process with no help. Stay away from this company.
I called the company because of a increase of my policy. The word "endorsement" was used. Look this word up and find out who is associated with it. I called because someone hit my car and my car was parked. I was told I don't have to make a police report but, if I went through them I would "have" to pay my deductible. I pay the insurance and can't get any coverage for a hit and run and since I have been "endorsed" this will cost me more! I see that being in 19 zip doesn't get you "ZIP"!
I was involved in a car accident where the other party was at fault. My insurance Wawanesa sent me to get my car appraised at a shop they work with. the appraisal came very low, compared to the one I have gotten from the dealer. I expected Wawanesa to pay me the higher amount, but instead they were only willing to pay what their appraiser estimated, and nothing more. They insisted I could take my car anywhere I wanted, and they would probably pay a supplemental fee to the shop doing the work, but I wanted to keep the money, and not get the car fix. That is where I have a problem, because they are only willing to pay me what the lower estimates reads, although the repairs would cost a lot more. This is my car, and my money. I feel they are stealing from me.
I experienced an incident where one of their insured vehicles backed up into my vehicle and this is where the nightmare began. The driver assumed fault, Wawanesa failed to get back with me or my insurance company for over (3) months and once I did get an opportunity to speak with someone he was not informed, unprofessional and was very disrespectful. The finding provided to my insurance company varied from the information provided to me once I informed them that the call would be recorded. Any person in their right mind knows that it does not take (3) months for any insurance entity to find out if a driver is excluded, if so, run for the hills! This is something that you could find out in days if not immediately. I now have to take additional time off of work to take the driver to small claims court and I will be obtaining a lawyer to turn over the recorded call and subpoena the calls placed by my insurance company which clearly demonstrates fraud being committed. If you have an issue with Wawanesa it is important that you be persistent or seek legal counsel if need be as their unethical practices need to be brought to light.
I've been a Wawanesa customer with my auto for 27 years and home for 15 years and have never had problems with them. My husband totaled his car 3 weeks ago. In less than 3 weeks we received a check for quite a bit over Blue Book. We were provided with a rental car to use until we purchased a new car. Over the years we have been victims of accidents and the ease of getting repairs has been amazing. The shop they recommended does great work, friendly employees.Wawanesa has never raised our rates due to the fender benders that my kids caused as new drivers. Sure once in a while it may be difficult to reach the adjuster but when you take in to consideration the amount of customers each adjuster is assigned, it's not a big deal. My adjuster called me back usually within an hour of my call.They also were great when I filed a homeowner claim almost 9 months after a flooding incident. They came out inspected the repairs, made copies of all the receipts (my husband did the repairs), shortly after we received a check well over the receipts amount, they explained they allowed for labor too. They will drop you as a customer if you receive too many tickets or file too many claims where you are at fault and I see nothing wrong with that. I recommend them all the time.
Vehicle accident May 13, 2018 sustained damage. Insurance company issued a check for partial damage (tie rod end and body). Car deemed UNSAFE to drive due to differential damage. Waiting 6 months. Wawanesa REFUSED to cover claim and says the damage to the differential was preexisting. Tried to call corporate no answer. I paid the insurance renewal in May when the accident happened and have full coverage on a 2007 car. Renewal is due again in November and premium is going up. How can an insurance company only pay for partial damage when the vehicle was driving fine prior to the tie rod break and vehicle landed on top of a raised berm? Although no outer damage was noticed, they cannot guarantee me that internal damage was not caused by the incident and refuse to pay for internal inspection.
My son was involved in traffic collision while away at a university. On his way to class, he was struck by another motorist. My contact with the officers and my son indicates my son was not at fault. A week later I received a letter placing my son 100% at fault and Wawanesa paying out for the other insured claim. The only evidence of my son's determination to be at fault, was the Wawanesa adjuster interview with my son. They did not rely on the police report nor were they able to interview the other party. I obtained a police report which clearly places the other party at fault and an independent witness on the police report corroborates my son's non-fault. I forwarded a copy of the police report to Wawanesa and I have been told they will contact the other insured, State Farm, and ask for reimbursement.It is over two weeks now and I still have not been able to get an adjuster to give me an assessment on my son's truck. I have sent emails and made calls to previous and current Wawanesa insurance adjusters and I am yet to get any straight answers from my own insurance. Emails have not been answered, except once, that they are trying to rectify Wawanesa's mistake.Wawanesa was quick to pay out on the other party 100% at fault and I still can't get any answers. It does not appear that Wawanesa is looking out for me as their insured. Next step is to get legal representation and send letters of dissatisfaction up the chain of command at Wawanesa. For what it's worth, my son did not fair well during finals week due to the stress of this incident and follow-up service by Wawanesa. Terrible experience for any of us parents that send our kids off to good universities and think they will be safe and in good hands.
I called Cord ** an accident investigator for Wawanesa at 1:37 p.m. to discuss my claim. We began to disagree on an issue in regards to getting my car fixed. He was mad we were arguing, so he blurts out, "I can't wait to deny your medical claim"! I then asked him if he's serious. I've never dealt with someone so disrespectful. He said he would deny my medical claim because I was arguing with him in regards to my car being fixed!!! LUCKILY, I had an attorney sitting next to me the entire conversation so they heard the entire call. We were on our way to an event and I was driving with my speaker phone on. Thanks Cord for saying that. The attorney is going to write a letter not only to Wawanesa, but also to the "Dept. of Insurance" for your unethical remarks.
This happened to me twice. They sent me the renewed policy payment. I am an old man and forgot to put somewhere. A week later I remember call them for the new payment. They sent me a new one and raised the price. Now I have moved to Texas. I purchase a new truck and buy a new insurance for it. I found out there is a strange accident I caused in early 2013. I knew I am a good driver, I never had any serious accident for 39 years I have driven. I just refresh again in early 2013, I stopped at the red light in Buena Park, California, a lady hit me on the back. I had full coverage insurance.I called Wawanesa to take care the problem. They sent me to a body shop to repair. Later, they collected the money from the other insurance and paid me back the deductible. Now, my driving record shows I made this accident! All insurance companies gave me a bad number when I try to purchase insurance for my new truck. Wawanesa did this because they don't want their customer change their insurance company. WAWANESA IS A DIRTY INSURANCE COMPANY. Do your own research before you purchase auto insurance.
I have been with this company 24 straight years. ZERO tickets, ZERO accidents and my rates have gone up nearly double. When I called them for explanation they said it's not good for them as a company not to make a profit and they need to recuperate losses from paying out so many claims. I say how about you recoup your losses on those who have accidents and tickets instead of smashing their good customers with hefty rate increases, thanks Samantha (aka supervisor). NO good reason. I hope to find A new insurance company real soon. Also check your policies people. Wawanesa is also charging their customers extra if say your car is hit and you don't want aftermarket parts used to repair your car, YEP more money more money. Get rich Wawanesa pay up customers. Congrats Wawanesa you win biggest scam of the year award.
I am a current auto policy holder for over 10 years. Never had an accident or tickets. Always multi-car and very low mileage. A few days ago I got renewal offer which is only for 6 month and my premium is more than doubled. I called and wait for 1 hour to be able to talk to customer service rep. I've been told that I have a loyalty discount, multi car, good driver and very low driving mileage. After all this my premium went up to 67%. She had no explanation whatsoever. I asked to speak to someone who can give me reasonable explanation. She said someone from customer relations will call me back within 24 hours. When I got the call, again I was not given any reasonable explanation. She kept giving me a lots of BS answers and saying all rates were going up in CA and we are taking under considerations some other factors that we were not taking it before, like the number of claims (which, BTW had nothing to do with me policy) and bah blah blah.Again, NO specific reason. We are talking here premium difference of $2982 and I can't get any reasonable explanation? Seems like they are making fun of me. I am very confused and I actually believed that Wawanesa was the best insurance company so far. I am very disappointed. They lost a loyal customer and by reading other reviews there are many of them.
I have been with Wawanesa for many years. I pay renewal in September, well my son needed some information on the policy, so looked at the policy for him and I realized that the policy changed without any notice from one year to 6 months, basically they double my policy, NEEDLESS to say that I will be shopping for a new company by March, by the way I will cancel my home insurance also.
After being a policy holder with Wawanesa for about 25 years I received my current renewal with a 100% increase. Policy was from $1400 for 6 mo., to $2800. We had one very small accident recently, no tickets, no points, no other accidents. We never had any problems with them before. This is outrageous!! Definitely will not be renewing! Another customer lost, good job Wawanesa!!
Me, like many reviews have noticed an increase in the auto insurance. Being proactive, I decided to get quotes from other companies. Well, premiums were going to cost me $30+ a month with another insurance company. I am sticking to Wawanesa.
This would be my 17th year insured with W.I.C. I liked that my coverage was yearly, instead of 6 months. I got my notice and it's for 6 months. It is almost the same dollar amount as it was for 1 year. I think that an increase of such proportions should be illegal. I was always under the impression that what you were paying was based on your driving record. I can understand changing to 6 months, but not the increase. I called and was on hold for a short bit, used the callback option, and 75 minutes later received my call back. Said the changes were to be more competitive. I found coverage from another major insurance company and will save 30%. BUH BYE!!
I called to report an accident, the other person was/is at fault. I should not have to come out my pocket to pay for anything due to the other person is liable. They are telling me that I have to pay the deductible to get my car out of the shop & they will reimburse me for everything, once the other insurance company pay them. No, you should be keeping up with everything to charge the other person insurance & you wait to get the money, that's what I pay you for. They then turn around & say you called us, so we are using your collision insurance. That's where it's a problem so I should have not called to inform you of the accident & provide the other person insurance information, I'm a little confused now! Then the rep tells me, "We are waiting to hear if they accept the claim," & have I called them. Once again, that's why you get paid to handle all this. Why do I have to contact the other person insurance, that's your job, are you going to reimburse me for doing your job? I am very upset. I'm considering contacting an attorney for both insurance companies!
Never had a problem. Rates are very reasonable and claims processed very quickly. Bills are always correct and they also let me know that they received the payments. Website is very cool.
Stay away...changing insurance ASAP. In a nutshell I’m paying full coverage and they won’t pay the difference after my $500 deductible to get my windshield replaced and recalibrates due to camera sensors. I must choose from the preferred provider list. If I want to take it to my dealership where I bought this new vehicle I must pay the difference and submit a claim for reimbursement (But Wawanesa can’t confirm that they will approve the claim for refund)... Ugh worse insurance I’ve had by far! STAY AWAY!
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