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USAA Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: USAA
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 27 %
I am not a member USAA. I was however involved in an auto accident with one of their members. Their member was completely at fault which is what the police report stated as well as my statement. USAA would only take 70% liability (WHAT!!). They said there were some inconsistencies in what their member was telling them (yeah he was lying). I NEVER heard from the adjuster, not until I left his manager a message 2 months later letting him know just that. When he did contact me, he told me the claim had been closed (What! and no one thought to call me or send me a letter). After reading all of these reviews from USAA members. I think even if their member would have told the truth about the accident, USAA still wouldn't have accepted 100% liability. I am sooo glad this is not my insurance company. I will be filing a claim with my company now, didn't think USAA was going to be this shady. FYI USAA is not a top rated insurance company so be wary when dealing with them (lesson learned on my part).
I don’t even know where to begin on how bad USAA is on their claim handling practices. A little background. I am a retired Claim Manager from a National Major Insurance Company. I had a major staff of claim representatives I was responsible for overseeing. I always instructed our staff to treat people how they wanted to be treated. Not overpay but pay fairly and never to lie. After retiring our son who was a Green Beret and is now a Border Patrol agent and is also an appointed Sheriff suggested we were now eligible to join the USAA as a retired military service member. We switched to USAA.April last year we are headed home from a play and four of us are rear ended by another USAA insured due to high traffic and blinding sunlight. No problem, the other driver admits fault immediately. When rear ended I was in the front passenger seat talking to my wife at an angle and the shock made my hands slam into the dashboard. At the time I had just had a case of vertigo resolved by a chiropractor who I was referred to by a neurologist MD who said he would cure the vertigo. He cured it. The next day we have the accident and I immediately go back into vertigo.My family made me get back in the car as I was so dizzy. Also, at the time I was wearing a heart monitor which recorded me going back into vertigo. Brought up by the cardiologist office that had just done my heart ablation. She questioned if I had experienced vertigo what she saw on the monitor results. The hitting of the dashboard caused pain in both my thumbs. I still can’t touch my palm with my right thumb over a year after the accident with pain every day when I move the thumb. Why I have not the thumb taken care of yet after shots and all. Doctors unwilling to deal with auto accident cases. YEP! Charges go up astronomical if you are treated for an auto accident. We were in shock how much higher. Our back doctor would not treat me as an auto accident and it was too expensive for them to get involved. Medicare gets involved on any payments and we said we did not want them to have to pay when not our fault.USAA contacted all passengers involved but me. They have not talked to me ever, in over one year, and I had the worse injuries. Lower left back, vertigo, and inability to close my right thumb. The auto claim adjuster lied saying a police report had been filed and that our injuries were not significant. He later admitted that he had no defense to the lie. We filed a delayed police report as no police were involved in investigating the accident. They showed up after information was exchanged and told us to leave as the traffic was so bad.They did admit liability and took care of my wife and her car. The primary adjuster; after submitting our bills took over two months to say that the USAA driver only had 15k coverage. He knew I had 30k plus medical bills two months prior. They refused to pay the 100 dollars out of pocket I paid for an Xray of my right thumb. They made my wife try and find out billing codes. They would not do their job on calling and finding out billing codes They would not give my wife the billing codes. Frustrated, we settled that portion of the claim. Now he says you need to file an underinsured motorist claim. Still no one talks to me. Wife is talking to them on what we need to do.We submit all medical bills and reports. I had surgery on my left thumb which was in pain due to bone on bone in the thumb. Agree not their fault, That cost 31k and it was aggravated enough that I required surgery to stop the pain. That is the amount I will look at if I have to have surgery on the right thumb. So, we send in everything and certified mail to know they received everything. Two months later I have my wife call to find out why no response with a settlement offer. They copied everything and did not copy my signature on the reverse side of the medical authorization. Yet, they sent a letter saying they were reviewing all to make an offer. How when they never have asked me my status to evaluate my claim? No request to send another copy of the signature. So yesterday, after calling, we mail the copy they say they are lacking. They just did not copy the back side of the form when copying the records into their system.Now how long before they respond. I am not optimistic they will be fair when they have never talked to me. I fully expect a fight for any settlement over the way they have handled everything. We cancelled out coverage and moved back to Farmers. USAA has created more stress in a bad situation with poor treatment of a prior service member. I will only give them credit for one thing now and that is, their trip cancellation travel insurance is a low rate. No experience on their claim handling experience on the travel policies. We await to see if we are going to have to sue them before this is all over. I told my wife, I would have fired claim reps that handled claims like they have handled ours. They have no clue as to the back and thumb pain I go through every night as they never have talked to me.I had already booked a fishing trip to Wyoming and New Zeland before the accident. I was in total pain trying to flyfish catching big fish in Wyoming. A orthopedic surgeon on the fishing trip saw what I went through. Couldn't even tie my boots without help. How will they be able to make a fair offer when they have never talked to me or don't know about what I have been going through. My wife has been having to drive me and suffered on what I have not been able to do as a result of the accident. I would never insure with them again. Son still with them, but he has not had a claim yet.
It is for immediate family.
Got rear ended on the express way 2 weeks ago. Thank God I was not hurt bad. USAA has been awful. They had treated me more like someone trying to "get over" than a loyal customer for many years. Still working on getting a fair price for my 2 month old Lexus (which was totalled). Buyer BEWARE.
I have been a USAA member from almost half of a century and the company I joined is no longer present. It is a sad commentary as to how such a great company has become such a not so good one. My recent experience confirmed how bad they have become. My auto claim was simple enough-- had exactly the same type a couple of years ago and it was handled quickly and fairly-- neither of those statements apply this time. I talked to at least 4 different people and they all were lacking in knowledge and ability and told me different things about my claim. In fact I was lied to about the deductible being waived. However, the cost of an attorney to challenge USAA's ruling would have cost much more than to just eat it and USAA knows this, so that's why I got pushed around and in my opinion unfairly treated. As a retired LTC, I wish I could say I was still proud of USAA, but the opposite is true. We will be looking hard at other insurance companies as my desire is leave USAA because of the most recent claim service.
USAA has the best customer service - responsive, helpful and quick. They make the rest of the insurance industry look terrible. Making a claim with USAA is a breeze, you never have a hassle or problem with a question or a claim, big or small. And we had a check within days. Also, at the end of the year you receive a refund check if the company has a good year. I will never switch from USAA.
With the recent hail storms in South Texas, experience grapefruit size hail on 4/25/2016. Notified USAA as soon as hail storm over. All the news channels were talking about how many claims being filed and the delays being encountered. Expected it to be several days if not a week or two before hearing on the claim. To my surprise by mid-afternoon on 4/26/2016 had received a call from an adjuster wanting to set up an appointment.Finally got back with the adjuster on the morning of 4/27/2016 and was advised he was coming from Ohio as USAA was bring adjusters in from elsewhere. My appointment is set for 5/4/2016 and the adjuster as well as USAA advised me his identity. Thanks to the adjuster and the quick work of the USAA representative, a glitch in my policy was also identified and corrected on the spot. Now it's out of USAA's hands of them or me finding someone in the area not already committed to working on roofs, from the 2 earlier hail storms, let alone the one on the 25th.
Back in 2010 our Honda Fit was vandalized. It was an "S" (sport) model, and the crooks tried to remove the body work but just ended up mangling the front end of my car to the point where parts were dragging. I called USAA to get it sorted. They sent an investigator and I gave them photos and everything they needed. He was ** and accused my wife of crashing into a snow bank, backing off and ripping the front end herself. I told him no, provided more information and asked him not to call me a liar again because we hadn't gotten that much snow for weeks prior. He ended up approving my claim. A week later I get another call from USAA saying they were sending another investigator because after another look they thought it might be snow damage. I ended up telling them to drop the whole issue, and then dropped them altogether and went with Progressive. USAA is great until you file a claim and then they will fight you tooth and nail to not pay for anything. Not a very good company and not really military friendly.
USAA agents lied to me and switched me to 8 adjustors. Cecile rear end-me and caused severe injuries to my spine, nerves and body organs. Cecile called her home and she was told not to call the police. Cecile told me that her daughter had an accident and her insurance would pay. Cecile told me not to call the police and her insurance would pay for the damages. I believed Cecile, first mistake. USAA told me to file a lawsuit without using a lawyer and they would pay for my injuries and my medical bills. Second mistake to believe USAA. After I filed the lawsuit per their request, I was contacted by a USAA lawyer saying that it was my fault; I called the USAA agent and they told me that they can not talk to me anymore. In the trial, all the communications between USAA and myself were not allowed into evidence per their lawyer request. They lied in court to avoid paying for the negligence of her driver.
Discovered leak in hot water pipe under my kitchen floor. Called USAA and they sent someone out within 4 hours. Leak was found, major work on floor... Through concrete slab. All finished within 24 hours. USAA is immediately responsive to their customers. Have had 1 car accident (I was not at fault) and had rental car the next day, and my damaged car was repaired (I paid nothing out of pocket) and back in less than a week. When my husband passed away in 1994 I contacted USAA as we had all our insurance with them. (Husband served 33 years in Navy.) I have never had poor service from USAA and my daughter and husband also have USAA. They married a year before my husband passed. They are the best!
Pay full coverage for all my cars. All this money spent with them. Got hit in a stop sign, opposite company took full responsibility for damages and still trying to screw my family over. No money for the damages, vehicle got totaled and all I'm getting is 2k back to put down in another car. 25k later after I paid all this money in my nice car. All gone cause the insurance don't care as long you pay them. Stay away from USAA. Banking is good, everything else don't bother.
I have had USAA for many years now. I am certainly a happy customer. First I am very glad that when I moved everything changed smoothly with them, and second they certainly have the best rates around there compared to other insurance companies.
First off, I've never had problems with USAA after 13 years of being with them; now I've noticed a change since the beginning of this year with customer service and banking. I admit I'm not the best with finances but I've looked over the recent transactions and USAA is deliberately holding bills in order to ensure that when they go through that there will be an overdraft fee. I've check through last month and even the month before finances and have noticed a trend. What once took a day to process a transaction now takes 5 days and when I called the payee they show that the transaction was approved and already accounted for. When I called the USAA they said that they were unable to give me any of my own financial information because my name wasn't on the account! After banking with them for 13 years and having a joint account with my husband now I'm being denied my own financial account because they couldn't find my power of attorney that has been on file for four years and updated every year. I am now leaving USAA and filing complaints! Do not bank with them.
A USAA member slammed into my car at 3 am over a month ago. I have contacted USAA multiple times and always get a voicemail for the adjuster. I have left multiple messages with no call back. When I just speak to a random adjuster they are rude and send me nasty follow up letters. All I hear is, "This claim is under investigation and we cannot allow a rental car and storage is at your own expense!" I was even told they are too busy to return calls! One month later and my car has not even been looked at! I repeatedly ask what is left to investigate and they claim they cannot discuss that with me. The officer that responded to the accident that night has spoken with them and given all the information requested - still nothing. I have filed a complaint with the Maryland insurance commissioner!
I am totally dissatisfied with USAA. I got diesel fuel with water in it. I should be covered under comprehension. They told me twice that I was covered and then within an hour, contacted me to tell me they're not sure yet. I will take 3 plus weeks before they will get me an answer. Their appraisers got delayed but no one notified myself or the shop. This is taking over 3 weeks and my truck is just sitting doing nothing.
I wanted to make a change to auto coverage policy but I have been repeatedly told they cannot confirm my membership even though I have had multiple (home and auto) policies for over 3 yrs. I now know the names of EVERY person in their auto dept. after spending three days on the telephone and having their internet being absolutely useless. Here's the kicker... I received my semi annual bill from them today. They know who I am for the money but apparently don't know me when it comes to communication re the policies! The last thing I was told was that they would resolve my issues, but so far this has not happened so when my due date on all of my policies comes perhaps then when the money doesn't come in they will contact me. The word CANCEL will be used!!!!
I am writing this as I am sitting here with my car waiting for my vehicle to be towed. Service is included in my policy. I ordered the service at about 8:40 am. I got a text confirmation at 9 am letting me know towing truck would arrive by 10:28 am. Later on, I get another text showing me a different company with a 11:45 am ETA. Nobody had the decency to address to me what happened. 12 pm rolls around and I decided to call the towing company. They said I was their next pick up and they would be here in 15 min. 30 min later, nothing. I call them, they place me on hold for 5 min. I got tired of waiting and called USAA. The rep didn't show any type of sympathy towards the situation, didn't try to get acquainted with my situation, just gave those standard textbook answers that they think have any positive effect on us, customers. Rep says I gotta wait another 20 min. This was 10 minutes ago, tow truck is still not here!!I've been with USAA for over 8 years but this year I started noticing a giant decline in the quality of their customer service and overall Roadside assistance services. I know companies take risks and make mistakes in partnering with bad third party service providers and may hire a bad manager for a customer service department but, based on the shameful rating and reviews the company has been getting, it's time for them to get their act together because we do indeed have better options elsewhere now.
I was parked in a public parking lot. A young boy got his parent's keys to their truck and tried to drive it. The boy hit five vehicles in the parking lot. My vehicle was one of them. USAA told me to take my vehicle to a shop they recommended and that USAA would pay the shop directly for the repairs. I did as USAA requested. USAA then told me that the cost of the repairs was $3,016 and that the value of my vehicle was only $2,700. They said they would take my vehicle and give me $2,700. I said I just paid $3,500 in repairs for my vehicle, that it was worth more than that, and that there was no way that I would sell it to them for that amount of money. They said they could subtract the salvage value and give me $2,200 for the car and that I could pay the $800 difference to the body shop to get the car repaired. I mentioned that their Website said they helped Vets. I stated that "I am a Vet and it looks more like you are trying to screw me." Can an insurance company do that? Is there no oversight committee or review board to insure fair practices?
USAA is always available when we need them! They have accident forgiveness and are able to give us a discount because we bundle a lot of insurance with them. I would highly recommend using USAA to any other military family.
Recently hit in an intersection. Called USAA from the scene. Told I did not have collision or rental car reimbursement!!! I have had collision on all my vehicles insured with USAA since 1971. This greatly increased the stress I was experiencing from being hit. USAA said not only was I at fault but also I would receive nothing for totaled car. I disputed their position. After many days and many hours on the phone, I did my own research of my policy online. Two weeks prior to accident I called to change the state for my policy because of a move (USAA was award of the move because of changes in other insurance and contact info). When policy for new state was issued it did not include collision or rental reimbursement. They still did not accept responsibility. I had to push them to check recording of conversation (I had date and time of call). They finally paid $14k after deductible but never fessed up top what had happened or offered a sincere apology. AVOID USAA. They also have increased their security for accessing account info online. Unfortunately it has made it difficult or impossible to access the info I used to convince them of their error.
Maybe it is just the members who have USAA but when someone slammed into my car who had USAA the treatment was awful. First they claim to be the best for military because they understand our lives. I was waiting six days before they even began working on my situation. They said their policyholder had not given them a statement. So I was without a car, rental coming from my own pocket and ten phone calls without any help. For being military understanding they seem to lack the very knowledge that I need to show up to work. When they finally did contact me and had my car towed to a STARS program facility they chose a horrendous shop. Repairs lasted over forty-five days. The car should've just been totaled if it took this long to repair. Then they went back and told me they weren't part of the star program so my repairs were not covered for life. The only reason I chose that shop was to have that peace of mind. Now basically they said I chose that shop. Ridiculous after receiving my car back which was not 100 percent but I needed it back because I was moving cross country due to military orders, I contacted them and let them know about what was wrong so back to the shop. So yeah they took very good care of a military member and I can never be more disappointed by this company until I call them about a noise that's coming off the side where repairs took place. The only help I receive from them is to call the auto shop but I had recalled that they told me "Hey if there are any more problems just go ahead give us a call. We want to make sure everything is back to normal." What a switch from white to black with this company. I could not even stay on the phone after this guy is telling me basically it's not their problem anymore. I was considering them as an auto insurance company for my needs. Glad I stayed away. The only thing they take care of is themselves.
I was hit by someone insured by USAA at a 3 way stop in a parking lot. Luckily, was going very slow, she turned left and was in my lane, coming at me head on! It was surreal as I think she may have been looking down at her phone, I was able to swerve but of course the left front end of my car was badly damaged. She stayed in her car, panicking, while I stayed in mine and called law enforcement. Her car was clearly smack dab in my lane, liability was immediately given to her. The state trooper wrote the crash report and told me that it was her fault and to call her insurance company, USAA. I called them immediately the next morning and was told to email the crash report, which I did immediately and asked about a rental since I'm in sales I needed transportation. He said they'd need that to set up the rental. This was Friday morning at 9 am, didn't hear back of course. Sunday late afternoon, I had to rent a car out of my pocket. Called Monday, no return call. Tuesday then I received an email that simply said the adjusters name and claim #. Called Wednesday, and finally another adjuster called me back, and said why didn't I report the claim to my insurance company? I told him I had, but they said, "It's not your fault they need to do the estimate," and additionally, the state trooper had told me to call her insurance company. His reply was that they both gave me bad information and that there was a problem as the insured only had 10000.00 in coverage and I had a BMW so it wouldn't cover the claim! I said, "You haven't looked at the car yet! It's at BMW in Sarasota. Go look at it." Quite honestly, I'm not a mechanic, but I would estimate the damage at maybe 6000.00. He wouldn't pay for the rental, then he said they might be able to. Then he put me on hold and said he called Sarasota BMW and they didn't have my car, and I might want to call law enforcement. Next day I went to the dealer, my car was clearly right there, it's a smaller dealership so not difficult to find. Next day I called USAA asked for a supervisor and they said they would take care of it. He said liability wasn't confirmed until March 1, and they wouldn't pay for the first 3 days I had the car. I'm in sales and I spent way too much of my precious time on phone calls with these ** that I just said, "Fine." He asked me to call BMW in Sarasota and let them know to leave the keys in the car, it was getting towed to the Tampa BMW dealer. Meanwhile, I'm getting a call on the other line from Enterprise. I didn't answer as I was waiting for this clown to wrap up our call. Enterprise was blowing up my phone so as soon as I hung up with ** USAA adjuster, my phone was ringing with Enterprise and I was able to answer. The gentleman told me he got USAA's call and that they said they wouldn't pay the first 3 days, and that it didn't sound right. I said, "Whatever, I'm sick of dealing with them, I'll pay the first 3." The next morning, I get a message from another **, female this time, saying in a voicemail that's my car is not in Sarasota and they couldn't find it! I have no idea what's going on, as it's Friday evening, just got home and everything is closed. I did have a message from my insurance company saying they USAA called them and said their insured doesn't have enough coverage and that they would take over the claim. ** rip off artists should be against the law. I'm calling the state insurance commissioner to report this. Jerks!
USAA is horrible, and I have just now submitted my request for assistance with the California Insurance Department. My 8-year-old daughter was hit by our next door neighbor while riding her scooter on the sidewalk. The driver backed up and did not see my daughter and hit her. She had a bruised thigh as well as a sprained knee. The driver is insured by USAA. USAA is claiming that because of the bush (on the driver’s property), it is considered a blind spot which is reason for them not taking full responsibility for hitting my daughter. They are also claiming that it is a supervision issue since I allowed my daughter, who is 8 years old, to ride her scooter outside without supervision. We are talking about next door to our home. She is allowed to ride 2 houses up from our house and 2 houses down from our house, nothing further. She was not alone; she was playing outside with her brother. My husband and I leave the garage door up and house garage door open so that we can hear them and peak outside to see them. One last note, we live in a very safe neighborhood with lots of children playing outside on almost a daily basis. So due to these two reasons, the insurance is stating that my daughter is partially to blame (60/40). I refused to allow this and the insurance will not take full responsibility. After arguing on the phone and speaking to a supervisor, USAA stated they would be comfortable going to 80/20.CALIFORNIA LAW - Pedestrian Right of Way Laws: California Vehicle Code Section 21949-21971 pedestrian right of way laws states: The driver of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except as otherwise provided in this chapter. More so the code state that a driver shall, exercise all due care and shall reduce the speed of the vehicle or take any other action relating to the operation of the vehicle as necessary to safeguard the safety of the pedestrian. 21952. The driver of any motor vehicle, prior to driving over or upon any sidewalk, shall yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian approaching thereon. Also another known fact would be to keep the landscape trimmed to avoid unnecessary hazards. If you are in a driveway or parking lot with a lot of shrubs, make it a point to double check blind spots and mirrors.I believe USAA does not want to take responsibility not due to these reasons, but due to payout. Honestly, I find that this is **. I will say that I highly doubt that our small town and our judge would rule that my daughter was anything other than an innocent pedestrian/child. I also would bet the judge would find the neighbor at 100% fault. After all, these overgrown shrubs are on the neighbor’s property. It is her duty to be more cautious when driving out of her driveway. FURTHERMORE, the police report states that the driver is at fault.
USAA Auto Insurance is the most reputable & friendly company that I've ever dealt with! The company is for veterans & their family members. You are treated with honor & respect, and they actually care about their customers. Their customers are more important than their bottom line! They didn't care about my credit history or anything! I was given a great policy, at a low rate with no money down! I was able to pick my payment date too! I would recommend them to anyone who qualifies.
Returned from deployment in April of 2016, called USAA to notify of my return and to start coverage of vehicle. No issues or so I thought. I PCS to Florida in SEP 16 and transfer my policy. Buy a new car in MAY 17 and was notified my policy was never transferred to include I was not a covered driver on my policy. So even though I had called twice for insurance needs, NEITHER was completed and I was an UNCOVERED motorist and would have had to pay out of pocket. Luckily no incident occurred during that time.Other issue: I was told as long as my 26' car hauler was attached to the vehicle it carried the same coverage as my vehicle. Called them to inform them the truck and trailer was to be left behind in Homestead during Hurricane IRMA with a reply of the trailer is not covered and it would only cover if it caused damage to another vehicle while attached to my truck. Let's say all business with this company will be discontinued after I get back to Homestead after this storm.
USAA was once a good company in the 1980s and 1990s but when you have had homeowner's insurance for over 15 years and file one claim for mold and water damage they treat you like criminals. I have spoken to colleagues and family members who have had negative experiences with USAA. One cousin got locked out of her account once she mentioned she had an attorney. She was dealing with auto insurance/auto accident in which the company who gave her a loaner car lent her a car that was hit by a carjacker. My cousin was injured and the police officer discovered this loan car had no insurance or registration. I hate USAA because of the ignorance and nasty attitudes of their CSRs and damage agents. I will tell everyone about my negative experience and get another insurance company for my home and auto.
I have been with USAA since 1994. I just moved from Maryland after 25 years to Houston, Texas. They refused to give me renters and auto insurance without a reason. I asked them to please tell me why. All they do is transfer me to the next customer service person.
My family and I have been with USAA for many years and they have gone above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of. USAA takes care of any dispute that a person would have with an incident, one time I had assume the person in front of me would of gone because nothing was coming and I let off the brake and rolled into her, later she tried to sue us for her vehicle damage that had been there long before the accident, my lawyer said no to the lawsuit and they could not prove the damages, also had the Police Officer responded and said there was no damages to her vehicle during the accident. The adjuster was very courteous and understanding, took care of everything.
Worst claim service ever. Also, you will never get a hold of adjuster. They say you are rude and hang up on you. Every time when I call them, different person answers and give me wrong information. So stressful and it is never ending. They don't know an inch of what the customer service should be. Stay away from this company for anything.
USAA is the only insurance company that didn't rip me off like the others would have. They accepted a 21 year good driving record from my last auto insurance company from Germany. They wanted me to pay $4,600 for 6 months. USAA had me at $690 for 6 months. That's with full coverage. Also with Home Owners Insurance included. The other guys could care less that I am a Vet. Pure greed!! Been with them for 3 years. Still accident free. No tickets and very responsible driver. Not one that uses his phone or text when I drive. Only idiots do that. They are the ones that cause accidents on the road.
When I had switched my checking account to USAA I made sure to set up my automatic payment for my USAA insurance to come out of my USAA checking. Now I am here 2 weeks after the amount that was suppose to be pulled out automatically and are saying I am overdue for an insurance payment. I log onto my account and made sure I had my automatic withdraw set up and confirmed it was. Then I proceeded to fix the mess and they are charging me two almost three times the amount I need to pay! I told them I am not paying the amount until things are figured out. No one should be randomly charged three times their designated amount and not be notified of the change.
I was lured in with great rates by combining home and auto. I have paid for renter’s insurance for years with no claims. Never had a ticket or accident in my life but I filed a burglary claim and they punished me, they raised even my auto rates. Never let the insurance company replace your stuff for you. They will rip you off. I left them.
A USAA member demolished my car with a rear impact on 2/25. First they did not accept liability (while I was stopped), then low balled the offer for my car, have yet to address the total annihilation of my daughter's computer (needed for school), or our medical expenses/claims. It's a miracle we survived car.
We were with USAA for years until we decided to get a quote from somebody else. Everybody we got a quote from was substantially cheaper. We ended up with Progressive and saved $200 a month ($1,200 per 6 month). Yea, $200 a fricking month AND we got way more coverage. We tried to talk to USAA but they said there was nothing they could do and told us "you'll be back"...well, bye Felicia. We are going to Progressive.
Joined USAA when I joined the navy. Had them for over 14 years with zero claims. Many years later my family and I purchased a home. Five years into homeownership we needed to file a claim. USAA went from they would cover it to full denial. Took my business elsewhere. Shop around. Their rates are higher than most places. They were 60% on average above market.
Their insured caused a rear collision accident involving multiple vehicles, including mine, and was ticketed by police at the scene. Claims Dept. refuses to use genuine parts to restore my car to previous condition. I am expected to pay out of pocket for genuine parts that will be warrantied. Using after-market parts will diminish the value of my vehicle upon trade-in. USAA states that ALL insurance companies do this. Well, that does not make it right. My car was not damaged prior to being struck by their insured and it is reasonable to expect that it would be repaired to restore it to previous condition with genuine parts - not after-market junk parts. The part damaged was original. Shame on USAA for not choosing to do the right thing. I guess saving a few dollars on every claim adds up and they make decisions based on what is good for them. Greed. Plain and simple.
On November 1, a 16-year-old ran a red light and hit the front bumper of my car. The police faulted the driver who ran the red light. They also had the report from a witness. The violator has USAA. We contacted our agency, then picked up the police reports and faxed them to our agent, who in turn faxed them to USAA. The first agent from USAA, Wendy, could never be contacted, or would not return any of our calls. We called several times to see what the hold up was. We asked if they needed anything. No one would answer any questions. Our own insurance representative said that they were not very forthcoming. Eventually, one agent told me that they were waiting for the police report. We had faxed it 7 days earlier! After another 4 days, we got a call that they would not pay because they feel we were also at fault! It's November 15 and we still have not received compensation for damage to our car. USAA , won't call you back, will not give you an honest answer and don't pay for damages caused by their insured. Pray you never get involved in an accident with anyone who has USAA for auto insurance. It was a nightmare!
The worst experience ever. I'm out of a car that still $10k and fully covered. Ricci **, claim advocate refuses to pay claim after 2 auto shops confirmed damage. It's 8 weeks and I'm out of $989.00 for paying EVERYTHING USAA requested. To top it off, Ricci ** requested an additional diagnostic at $179.00 and my car is at another shop. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH USAA. THEY LACK INTEGRITY!! They’re money hungry and use a bunch of legal jargon on their insurance policy to denounce coverage. I hate this company!!! I’ve lost altogether $11,000.
I have been with USAA for a little over 3 years including Auto, VPP and Renter's Insurance and in all this time I have never made a claim. I recently shifted from being active duty to the civilian world so my bi-monthly consistent payments have shifted from being just that (consistent) to the civilian world's. I recently decided to change my date online to a later date in the month, I made this payment with sufficient time and what should have been acknowledge by glitch in the system was disregarded. The result of this adjustment resulted in making two $300 payments in one month. I spoke to different employees on different occasions and they all agreed that this did, in fact, seem like a glitch in the system but that they would not be able to do anything for me and that my schedule payment for March was due as scheduled. Another employee informed me that USAA members are actually behind in payments and that because USAA allows members to stick to a 6 month plan they are actually just being afforded this convenience by USAA, when I asked if I they could adjust the date in order to have "that afforded convenience" they mentioned that they would not be able to adjust anything since the system is not actually wrong. The worst part of this process was that I continuously asked for a Supervisor and I was first told that a supervisor was not on shift, on another occasion that a supervisor was not available and lastly (on my 5th call) I was told a supervisor was always there and that he has been the supervisor directing all the actions of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th calls. He refused to get on the line and instead opting to tell the 5th call employee that he did not know what I would think would result differently from my conversation with him since he was the one to direct each and every one of the employees to give me this information. This supervisor was aware of each one of my phones calls and refused to deescalate the situation. All in all this left me extremely unsatisfied because not only is USAA not willing to uphold customer satisfaction they are not willing to uphold any integrity in their word. Essentially there is no accountability as far as making sure the customer is getting correct information. Even the most unsophisticated databases in the world can process a refund but they refuse to allow the customer a refund or date adjustment. My recent interactions with USAA have left me little faith in their ability to be able to handle the simplest of functions much less being able to handle a $30,000 piece of machinery and much less any situation potentially involving my life. I really do hope someone reads this review in the hopes that can save time and most importantly their hard earned money. My biggest regret is not that I lost $300 but that I wasted 3 years justifying the price for higher customer service satisfaction. After 3 years all I can say is that I hope no one else go through this very expensive and very upsetting experience I've had. I have since cancelled my insurance policy and all they can really say about anything is that they are sorry; if you value actions over words this is not the company for you.
I had my insurance set up through USAA, because I am a veteran, and heard they were good for people who were in the military. Everything was good for the first few months, then there was some sort of problem, where all of a sudden they dropped me, and wouldn't tell me why. After numerous attempts to get an explanation, no one would talk to me at all. This was in 2010. I now have a different insurance provider, and I began to get pulled over for no insurance coverage, because USAA has me listed as coverage inactive, and they will not fix this, even though they dropped me. I called them to try and get this matter resolved, and they refuse to fix my situation. This has been going on for months. I was almost arrested twice, and today my tags were taken. I am considering suing USAA because this is ridiculous. I don't recommend them to anyone.
Great customer service and experience and would highly recommend to anyone looking for insurance, however it's a select group of people that can get it. Only military and military families can receive this benefit. They have all that you need.
I have never been so unhappy with insurance. My husband is active duty military so I figured USAA would be helpful. I was very wrong. We just purchased a new car in July and went with USAA for auto insurance, figuring it would be nice to have an insurer that understood the military life. After trying to keep up with RIDICULOUS monthly premium payments, we switched to State Farm. After calling to cancel our auto insurance, we found out that on the first of the month, we made an automatic withdrawal of 137 dollars. I figured we would get the money back since you normally pay car insurance for the month after the payment. We were told by multiple agents that we would get our money back no problem, and even were apologetic to us. After a week, I called again just to see where we were at with getting a refund. The male specialist I talked to said that our cancellation had never gone through, and he would put it back through, and call me back the following Friday. I waited all day for correspondence, and never heard back from aforementioned agent.I called to see if he forgot, or just wasn't in the office. The agent I spoke with this time said that the gentleman who was supposed to call me never even made a note about it, and I had been forgotten about. The agent this time assured me that my refund check would be cut on Monday and mailed Tuesday. I was completely okay with that and hung up. It has now been 3 weeks since we cancelled our car insurance, and I had to call today to see if my check was on its way. I got transferred and then hung up on, and transferred again to a manager, who rudely informed me that we owed them 59 dollars, and that we were never supposed to get a refund. She explained that we were actually paying for insurance for the month before, not for the month that was coming up. After 20 minutes of continuously telling me that there was nothing she could do, I was more than frustrated at this point and demanded to speak with someone higher up. She claimed that she was as high as I could talk to, but I could expect a call from the executive branch, and I could try to talk to them. My husband is deployed, and I expected some compassion with my situation. If you are a military spouse and you need sympathy or help, I would not expect anything from this company. I will continue to try to get my money back, and will not stop until someone makes this right. I would not waste your time and money on this worthless and rude insurance company. I will be closing all of my USAA accounts and taking my business to someone who will treat me as a human.
USAA is Garbage. Rob is a Manager, and his employee ID number is **. He actually barked at me. Oh hell no, I'm glad I was calling to confirm policy cancellation. USAA representatives lied to me a year ago and said I was completely done and had no further business with the company. Then I found some old mail, which claimed that they continued to cover me, therefore I owe them money. USAA is a waste of time/money/advertisement/patience, etc. I would never in good conscience pay a company for crappy customer service, when there are SO MANY OTHER OPTIONS! I simply cannot believe these people are too good to transfer you, like Rob did. Like, he actually refused to transfer me to someone else. And I have never been able to fill out a survey after the calls (hmm, wonder why). Thank goodness for this CONSUMER AFFAIRS website, because I KNEW they must be doing this to everybody else on the phone too. Well, what else do you expect from a company that doesn't have a 24/7 customer service line, for ANY SERVICE AT ALL. I called at 230 pm on Wednesday 22Nov2017 and the woman verbatim told me that she would not transfer me to a manager, because she was getting ready to leave early for Thanksgiving. It was 230pm on Wednesday the day before the holiday. How is this an excuse to not take care of my issue...just how. Why did you even pick up the phone. USAA needs to go out of business.
Never filed a claim but after 1 year, they wanted me to pay 100% more. They advertise themselves as "The Insurance Company for Military and Veterans." That's a great, big fantasy. Don't bother with them for auto, renters or homeowner insurance. It's a scam!!!
The towing company that USAA uses in Maryland to tow vehicles in need of roadside assistance, Blaze, was approximately two hours late, which totaled three hours stranded in the winter on the side of the road. Choose another company.
Lost three payments in a row. Couldn't give me a straight answer when I showed them I paid. Last time I was hung up on waiting for confirmation of payment. Incredible way to end a 25 year relationship and forcing me to take my business elsewhere. I'm an insurance professional and if I treated my clients this way, I wouldn't be in business long. I will never use USAA again or recommend others to do so.
Auto insurance is necessary but many companies offer different rates for similar coverage. It really comes down to customer service and their ability to pay for claims when they are submitted. I actually enjoyed having Amica Auto insurance and will likely change back to them. Right now I have USAA, and they are not bad either, but Amica felt more personalized.
Well it started when I wanted to put storage insurance on a truck I wasn't using over the winter. It took them 3 or 4 months to take full coverage off and drop it to storage status. They back paid me the $120 a month I paid for 3 or 4 months so I thought I was good. Then someone broke into my truck. They stole my stereo system (that I didn't expect to be covered) and I was left with a broken windshield. All I wanted to claim was the windshield. They told me that it wasn't covered. So I called and they said the system was down or something so they couldn't see anything in my profile but the guy told me that storage insurance should cover anything that happened while it was stored no matter what happened because it was like full coverage but only covered what would have happened in storage; if I took it out before changing status it wouldn't cover anything. So he filed a new claim for me and assured me it would be covered. Well the next day I got a call saying that it would not be covered because when they put storage insurance on it, It was essentially liability only. I was told, "If a kid is jumping off the back of your truck and breaks his leg you are insured". I got pissed off because I was storing my truck at my house and that is what my home owner's insurance is there to cover... So I pulled my cars off of USAA and went to another provider. However I left my camper on USAA. I had full coverage on my camper because I had a loan out on it. Well a big storm ripped through. We had 60+mph winds and 18 inches of rain in about 24 hours. It tore the camper apart. The roof was damaged and it flooded the inside ruining everything. I had the camper less than a year and it was in like new condition when I got it. I had used it all summer and never had an issue with it. My wife and I loved the camper. Well now the roof was half ripped off from the wind, the inside had been ruined, the cheap particle board on the walls and ceilings was falling apart because it was so wet, water damage everywhere. The adjuster came out from who knows where and said that he doesn't think a storm could do that to a camper because where he was they just got a few light thunderstorms that day but nothing bad. I had before and after pictures and tried everything. They just refused to pay. So I was stuck with a totaled camper with a loan on it. I don't have the money to get a lawyer and fight it so I sold the camper for scrap and paid off a loan on something I didn't have anymore because I got royally bent over by a company claiming to be there for the vets. I have never felt so disrespected by anyone as I have by USAA. NEVER do business with them. I have not filed many insurance claims in my life but my experience is that just about everyone is better than USAA.
Had a previous experience with a usaa insured that hit my car that left me so impressed I joined. Hit an object in the road that could not be avoided and seen in traffic. Caused damage to my cars suspension leaving it immobilized. Mentioned I had work done in such area previously (years ago). They took that as an "out" and blamed it on this previous repair. When an inspector was sent out he just priced parts for the car, didnt see what cause was at all. Did not put car on a lift to inspect. Ignored all of the obvious impact damage. Also debris from metal object fell out while was inspected and was ignored. Took more than 3 days to contact inspector. This is horrible. 3 days to contact someone that works for you? Did you attach a note to a pigeon and send it across country?Had car inspected and put on lift. Was obvious something was hit. Here I am almost 2 weeks later, no rental (I have full coverage with all options), no returned calls, nothing. Could get more of a response out of a reanimated corpse. PAYING OUT OF POCKET at this point. Thought a company founded by brothers in military would do us justice. Left high and dry. Disabled vet walking in 100 degrees weather to just get a meal. Does the VA run USAA now? Same treatment. So in summary, they can be GREAT when they want to but are BAD for the most part. Dont bother getting comprehensive. They will escape any liability for any reason without proof necessary to you.
I just found this site, so my 2005 complaint is late. I was traveling on a huge highway in Maryland, heading north to Baltimore, on an alternative highway to I-95. It was weekend and Friday night Labor Day traffic. I noted that the pick-up truck behind me was almost hitting me over and over, having trouble stopping. So Itried to get out of his lane, but no one would let me into another lane.Then it happened, he hit me from behind! I stopped and got out, but I was dizzy. I got a notebook and a pen and took notes. As we waited for the policeman to come, I saw that the man had to lean on the truck to stand up straight. Clearly, he was DRUNK. And he told me he was going to a Maryland Terrapins game in a company truck, why not in his own vehicle?3 IMPORTANT THINGS NEED TO BE NOTED; 1) The man was drunk and the policeman never checked him, as I asked him to. 2) What was the construction company who let him use their vehicle? 3) Important to note... In the conversation between the policeman, who knew about the company and asked "the drunk" about his boss and his company, a big one in Maryland. After the drunk was let go to go to the game, I got in my car and went home. I had no health insurance and drove home at 35 miles an hour, went to an emergency clinic to learn that I had a severe concussion and needed to take it easy. They kept me there for 8 hours for observation. I teach new "learning seminar", PhotoReading and we read 8 books in 3 days. I need to be very vigilant! Because of that and my concussion, I kept my classes small for 3 months, from which I LOST $7,000 - &10,000 DOLLARS. BECAUSE OF THE ACCIDENT!I got my car fixed and needed to ask a friend for a ride. I did not want to drive until I was better, however I should have been offered a rental by USAA. I was still foggy and did not notice and therefore didn't ask for one. The fog lasted almost 3 months. When I sent in accident information to USAA, I saw that I could not read and understand my notes from that day. They looked like gibberish and were unreadable, with words meandering all over the page. It seemed funny, but it was sad. THEY OFFERED ME... WAIT FOR IT... $297. I was STUNNED AND CALLED USAA. No matter how many times I called and spoke to different "higher officials", no one understood my problem of a settlement of $297 and $7000, my lower figure. (The seminar is $750, per person and I turned down over 8 people.)I lost track of the count, since I knew I could not handle large classes. I do what I can to serve all of my students well, being clear that I want ALL of my students to be able to read and use the PhotoReading system for the rest of their learning and business lives. My pledge to them is that they can be an excellent PhotoReader and I have not lost a student yet in my 26 years of teaching. My insurance company, USAA, CANNOT BOAST ANYTHING NEAR THAT SERVICE. In retrospect, if I were the wiser person I am today, I would have sued the construction company for BIG money. I live and learn. Thank you for reading this.
USAA is extremely dishonest. I was in a car accident, in which it was clear that it was the other person's fault, since all the evidence and witnesses point to her. Her insurance company was USAA and when we called them all of the workers there were very rude and tried to put the blame on me for the accident. They haven't resolved the problem in a while, even though it was clearly her fault and USAA should be paying. They are very misleading, dishonest and disloyal and I would never recommend this insurance company to anyone.
USAA has, and continues to be the most supportive company I have ever dealt with. Their representatives' knowledge, and ability to offer suggestions, whether it be investments, debt management, vehicle and property insurance, etc, etc, etc... has far exceeded my expectations. Until my relationship with USAA, I can honestly say that I have never been treated with the timely replies, respectful, and courteous employees for my inquiries. They do an amazing job!!!
On June 28th of this year, my car got broken into and 2 high end purses and one wallet were stolen. I called the police then called to make a claim. The next day, a investigator came out, and from the time she walked into my home, she was very rude and passive, aggressively insinuating that I wasn't being honest about my things being stolen. I sent her photos of the items showing proof of ownership, I have receipts, and she even called my best friend who verified to her that I owned those items. She tried to call my husband and insinuate that I was lying, and he has severe PTSD and his memory isn't great at all, which has been discussed with her. She tried to threaten us with legal action because in a previous claim, another wallet was stolen, but it was a different brand, which is stated on the police report. USAA failed to describe in the previous claim although it was clearly stated in the police report the color and brand of the wallet. USAA is trying to say that I am defrauding them by claiming this wallet from this last break in as the same one from the previous claim. I am waiting on my police dept to send me the copy of the previous police report and I have spoken to a lawyer who told me as soon as I get a denial letter from USAA to call them back so we can sit down and discuss legal action against them. Apparently they like to do this to their members when there are multiple claims on similar items. It's disgusting how they treat their long term members. I can't wait until I get that police report back, proving that the wallet from the previous claim is totally different from the one from the most recent break in.
My grandson was hit by client of USAA which totaled grandson's vehicle. Usaa first said could not supply rental vehicle until claim adjuster saw vehicle. Then said could not do anything until had contact with client. I found client first time I looked for him. Right now, grandson is having to find transportation to work and home every day. SC state law gives 10 days for one involved in accident to send report to ins co. Usaa said they gave client "30" days to report. The reason is obvious. In that way they avoid providing rental vehicle. Just pray you are never involved in an accident with a client of this bunch. They have lied to us so many times, I have lost count.
We have always had USAA and our experience has only been superior. From simple issues like windshield cracks to major accidents, their professionalism is always top-notch. I imagine we could try to go with a lower budget option but I'm convinced we can't beat USAA's quality of service!
USAA requires policyholders to belong to a military family. Both my parents and wife's father served in the military. My father died in a VA hospital. When setting up our account a USAA representative spoke with my 80 year old father in law and confirmed his service. We were told by USAA everything was all set. We changed both our auto and two separate homeowner policies to USAA (lots of work). Six weeks later I get a cancellation notice from USAA. I call them and they state they need my father in law's DD214 or I get cancelled in two weeks. My father in law is retired and on a long term vacation and won't be back until May. USAA says "Sorry". This is on them they approved the account. Now I'm stuck finding different insurance. And they took a lot of personal information from my father in law and us. So now we both get an abundance of junk mail and emails from them. This company is a shame. Stay away.
They have been a good company to work with. We had a couple different claims with them and they took care of all our needs. I would recommend them to anyone. For fast friendly service choose USAA.
My husband is an IT PM and contracts with large corporations. His contract ended suddenly and he was without work for a few months. He had to file for bankruptcy. We were able to have the bankruptcy cleared within a few months. USAA never even "caught on" until 4 months after the bankruptcy was released. Nevertheless, they cancelled my credit card and my automatic car payments with no notice or opportunity for repair. I am the member and not my husband, and my name was not even on the bankruptcy. However, because he was a "co-" on the card and auto loan, they did what they did. They continue to charge interest on purchases and cash advances made 3 years ago so that it's almost impossible to pay off the credit card. They are rude and refuse to offer any sort of reparations to assist me even though I have been a member in good standing for 41 years! Sad to say, even USAA has become "large corporate business" instead of a service institution. I have no use for them anymore and I am working through my congressman to get this fixed.
I am loyal to USAA. I have not had an auto "fender-bender" in 6-10 years and yet my USAA auto insurance policy still remains high for a senior citizen. USAA was very good in covering the total loss of my home's roof in Wisconsin, in ~2002, due to a vicious windstorm, but I had to beg and plead and argue w/ them to do it. And when USAA sent a 20'sh yr old appraiser out from Oshkosh to document my claim, he had NO camera with him and suggested that I go around the local neighborhood, and my yard and street, and collect the old shingles (hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them) and nail them back onto my roof. What??? It was acceptable to file a claim... but high cost. USAA used to be more prompt, more "forgiving."
USAA is a good company and I am being a happy customer for 6 years. They guide me well. It was founded in 1922, headquarters are in San Antonio, Texas. They are into several sectors.
They are friendly and efficient. The prices are good and they have great support. They treat military families with kindness and respect. Best insurance company I have had.
I've had USAA insurance since I was 16. That was a few decades ago. My whole family has been with USAA forever. As part of my USAA auto insurance, I paid extra for years and years for the "emergency roadside assistance." The first & only time I ever used it was last year, when my car went into a ditch on a muddy road. I called USAA. They transferred me to "Agero", which is the company to which USAA outsources its roadside assistance. This was between 1-2 pm on a Saturday. I was four miles from the nearest town, which has two or three service stations with tow trucks etc. There are many other towns in the area with lots of tow truck providers.BUT - my USAA-provided "Agero" roadside assistance didn't show up until after - get this - 9 PM that evening. I had to go sit in a nearby house for hours while waiting, since it was freezing outside. I didn't know the people, but luckily they were fine. And they gave me some food & water, which was necessary with the 8+ hour wait. I am a female and was alone, so this was not a good situation and could have ended very badly.I called USAA to complain a few times during the wait, and they just kept blaming this "Agero" company they outsource the work to. When the towing guy showed up, he told me he was based in SE Portland - at least 30 miles away. He told me they were 'busy' when the call came in, and then there was "traffic" on the way. Well, duh. He had to go through an entire city and then numerous towns in order to get to me from that far away. All he had to do was hook my car up & pull it out of the ditch. 10 minutes.I absolutely recommend AGAINST using USAA for this type of coverage, as it turned out to be terrible, included an inexcusable wait, and made my situation dangerous. You don't want you or a family member alone in their car in a semi-rural area for hours, and needing to go into the house of strangers while they wait for help. Plus - waiting HOURS for a tow truck from 30 miles away when there are a zillion towing services in the area? They are not set up to assist at all. Completely irresponsible. USAA's response? Nada. They didn't care. They blamed their outsourced company. I was a totally loyal USAA customer my entire life, and now I hate them. Avoid.
Well check this out OKAY!? Guess who has be driving without insurance for TWO WHOLE MONTHS? Yeah, me. Why you ask? Well USAA never had my payments on file for 2 months even though I have been paying on time! Do you understand that I could have been FINED for this if I had to go through check points, which I did. Luckily the police only wanted to see my DL!!! You people at USAA need to start double checking your work. You're lucky someone from Heritage Trust Bank was there to help me figure it all out and get things right. So as for my experience with USAA today, it sucked!!! I really hope this doesn't happen EVER again!
In December of 2013, I submitted by fax (at Office Depot confirmed that info was sent) to USAA Insurance Co. 11 documents requested by the company in an effort to get an auto insurance premium quote. The company claims they never received the fax even though Office Depot confirms that the info was sent. The company would not give me a quote over the phone insisting that I send my veteran's documents along with personal info such as utility bills, social security card, etc. etc. I called several times and was transferred to several people who apologized but could not locate my documents.In January, I overnighted by the postal service with a return receipt request the same information. I called 3 days after I overnighted the documents and, again, they claim it was never received even though I got the return receipt request with a signature indicating that the documents were indeed received. No one could locate the info! I have spoken to several people but cannot seem to get anywhere with this company. It has cost me over $50.00 in fees both faxing and overnighting the info and I still don't have a quote... Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get this company to respond to me?
I recently was involved in an unfortunate auto accident in which my truck was totaled. It has been over a month and I have not been compensated yet. USAA is trying to comp me for a vehicle that is not the same model. They used comparables that were of way lesser value. I'm from MN and flew to Texas to originally buy this truck, but USAA won't use comparables that far away. It's a shame they make millions upon millions of dollars from United States Veterans and their families and to be treated like this. They even went as far as to hold my vehicle payment over my head so I would settle with their "fair" offer. Stay away from this company!
I was rear ended at a stop light in May 2014. I and the driver of the vehicle that rear ended me had USAA insurance. After the accident we sat on back of his pickup and waited for the police to make the report. The other driver was charged with failure to reduce speed. I told him that it should not be a problem because we both had USAA, boy was I in for a shock. I might mention that when I was younger I also believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. The car I was driving had already been hit two years prior by someone who did a u-turn on a one way street and hit me when I was attempting to merge. I had already check in that direction before I started pulling forward when the front of my car was sheared off. The car's front end had frame damage. The car had around $ 3,000.00 in damage but did not want a car with frame damage. I had purchased the car new and did not want to spend time having the front end checked all the time. After the car was repaired I had it serviced at the dealership who told me that the front end was out of alignment and needed to be corrected. They would do it for about 90.00. I guess that gives you an idea of how good USAA certified repair shops are. I then took the car to Firestone and paid $179.00 for a lifetime warranty on the front end. When I took the car to the same repair facility after it was rear ended I signed the paperwork for them to check the car. I was told there was $6,500.00 damage and frame damage to the rear. I called USAA and told them it was not worth fixing and not to do the work because it was not going to be worth the money they were putting in it after the repairs and it would have frame damage to the front and rear of the vehicle. I got a bill for $90.00 for car rental because I hindered the repair process. When the car was finished I took it to the dealership that did the repairs and was told they could only give me $4,000.00 in trade. I asked why and was told the car had frame damage and the car would have to be whole sales because the dealership could not accept the liability for selling a car with frame damage. I guess that USAA and the dealership do not care about their customers. So the next issue I would like to address is the medical. I complained about a back injury as a result of being rear ended. Since May of 2014 I have been in therapy, had an mri, cysts drained and had back surgery. USAA has not paid a thing. They are still checking paperwork. I am disabled, can not work and all they can say is they are waiting for paperwork from the doctors. I have been told my heart function is 20-25% and I have a 50/50 chance to be alive in March 2020. I guess that they just plan on letting me die to solve my medical. I had USAA for about 45 years. I guess there is something about their motto "you're a member for life."
USAA is the best. We have used them for years & would not consider another insurance provider. The claims service is quick & convenient, they have local repair facilities which do excellent repair work. We have had no problems with repairs or service with USAA. We have had several comprehensive (none accident) claims processed with USAA. The work was done quickly, the info was filed online and via telephone and there have been no disputes whatsoever with USAA. They do what they say they will do without excuses or nasty little loophole surprises.
I am officially done with them! Last week, my car got broken into and they stole my wallet and two purses from a piece of luggage that I had in my car to leave for a trip DURING the DAY! I called the cops, they told me to file a report online and call USAA which I did. USAA said that they needed to "investigate" because my car got broken into before (my neighborhood has easy access from the street and I'm locked into a lease which I cannot pay to get out of) and they sent a horrible lady named Sandra who upon meeting me, asked me very personal questions about my marriage, how many high-end luxury bags I "really own", demanded a picture of my ring that my grandmother gave me that I was wearing, asked if it was real and not fake, and made me feel even more violated than I already felt. She made it assume as if I couldn't afford high-end items. Then she comes back the next day, takes pictures of my car and is very cold and standoffish with me! Like I don't pay you guys monthly to treat me like a suspect here! We have been their customers for over 10 yrs and literally I am going to try to call corporate tomorrow and see if they can try to intervene. Sandra's "boss" called me after I left a VM with the adjuster who can withdraw claims because I just personally don't feel like I am getting the help I need with them at ALL, and she was even more defensive on the phone! They threatened me with their legal department because I said I want to withdraw because of how this whole situation is looking and I'm feeling more like a prime suspect than anything else! I told them to get a search warrant and then that's when we will talk. I can't believe after all these years that they treat us this way! GEICO it is!
Early 2016, with my recommendation, my Marine son started a banking (checking and savings) account with the minimum deposit balance of $25 dollars to each account, and his individual car insurance account with USAA. Three months later, he chose not to actually begin his direct deposit with USAA, and while with me he closed his banking accounts to USAA and stayed with Pacific Marine Credit Union. When he closed his accounts I transferred $8 to his closed USAA account from my USAA account to cover what was owed for "fees". In doing so, it threw his account into a "fraud status". Being that his account was and still is considered fraudulent status...7 months later no policy changes can be done to his insurance account and he is considered a poor member to USAA. On the phone today with a USAA representative they still have not fixed the situation, and he (Nate) said I cannot speak to a supervisor one will have to call me back within 24 hours, while having a nasty attitude. I'm close to ending all my accounts with USAA and moving to another provider.
USAA has gone to the dogs. You can no longer rely on their service. You can never get their online service due to their changing their security monthly. Takes hours of phone calls to straighten up, their people are rude as hell and they do not care about their customers, and lie about the coverages provided. I have been jacked around on auto and home policies, it has taken 4 years of my time and effort. BEWARE DO NOT USE.
I've heard great things about USAA and their rates, and that they have recently opened up membership to children of veterans. BUT I CAN'T EVEN GET A QUOTE unless I first JOIN USAA. To join the company, I HAVE TO GIVE THEM MY BIRTHDAY AND SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER (just to get a QUOTE, mind you). Want to email them? YOU CAN'T unless you become a member. Any company which is THAT SECRETIVE in the beginning CANNOT BE TRUSTED. I recommend you just forget about this company.
I had USAA for my auto insurance. The only reason why I don't have them now is because I don't own or lease another car yet. I love USAA. I now have a checking account with them and I'm so thankful for USAA allowing me to bank with them. When I had car insurance with them, I never had a problem. They gave me a dividend every year. I thought that was awesome! I had never heard of any insurance company doing that before on a regular basis. I really can't say enough good things about USAA. I recommend anyone to try USAA and see if they don't feel the same as I do.
We had been with USAA for less than 3 yrs, when my wife had an accident. USAA, in a timely manner settled our claim in an excellent manner. I talked to a number of reps during the process, but they were always considerate and polite. My claim was settled in only 15 days. I cannot find any fault with USAA and have always been treated very professionally with all our interactions. THANK YOU USAA.
I was not getting anywhere with USAA trying to devalue my car their covered totaled out. They were refusing to acknowledge the $4K in upgrades I had recently put into the car. They offered $84.00! Thanks to my writing you and the BBB I received a call from their complaints dept. and they added another $700.00 to my loss. Still a big win for them because they shipped my car to Texas to resell but at least I got a more reasonable value for my losses. Thank you for being there!
My Husband was injured in a motor vehicle accident on a December 28th 2017. His car was totaled. By a USAA policyholder. I am writing this February 27th 2018. USAA still does not return any of our calls. I was able to speak to an agent one time and she told me that she would approve us for a rental car until there was a settlement. The next day not 30 minutes after we picked up the car, which was a Saturday. They called us and told us that they had determined our car was totaled, and an amount that they would give us. They then proceeded to tell us that the rental needed to be returned by that Tuesday. So we returned the rental after only 3 days. That was 2 weeks ago. They have since had my husband's car towed but they have not paid us. The only help in 2 months was a 3 day rental. And 2 months of stress. Two months of unreturned phone calls and emails. They have no compassion. When the women hit my husband she shrugged her shoulders and told him. "Merry Christmas." She must have known how we were about to be treated.
They assume you should know what they don’t tell you. They never called to say they are paying the claim. They never tell you that you can get the repairs done even before their collision partner gets the check. If I didn’t call I would still not have gotten a call a month later. Yet their notes say that they told me. AWFUL customer service from them and their partners.
My car was rear ended by a person insured by this company. Almost two and a half months later after hearing nothing from them after initial contact I contacted them to find out the status of the claim. I was told by the person I spoke with that they had assumed zero liability on their insured part and they weren't going to pay for any of our damages. I asked her how they came to this conclusion if no one ever came out to look at our car to access the damages. That was when the rep started getting real nasty. She did not like that I was questioning the way they did things. I won't get into my back and forth with her but suffice to say it was not a pleasant experience. Totally unprofessional and my car is still not fixed.
Representatives are knowledgeable thorough and efficient. Also, premiums are the lowest I can get because I have been a member for 50+ years. With subscriber's annual savings account distribution, my annual cost is almost free.
I like being a USAA member for perks such as the yearly dividend check. Being able to bundle my renter's insurance with my auto insurance is efficient. The ability to have three different payment balance choices is a relief.
I have had USAA since I was 16 and switching off my dad's when I left home was simple. Purchasing my car through them was also just as easy as getting auto insurance. And I like that they bill monthly and I have the Krio of paying ahead if I wanted to. But I would probably change the price. They cost slightly more than others but I know I can trust their policy and coverage so it makes up for it a little bit. It like it's reliability, roadside, full coverage and safe driver discounts. I also use them for my auto loan, renters insurance, saving account, and credit card. I love USAA.
I checked 4 days ago on when my insurance was due. Their website said it was due on the 20th. I logged on yesterday to pay the insurance, to pay the bill and it told me they dropped it on the 7th. I received no letter, no e-mail, nothing. Not even a phone call. So not only did they lie about it online when I logged on to USAA they sent me a letter. Checking the "amount due" the first time I logged in they charged me a late fee and sent me an email informing me of all of this when I logged in the second time.Then when I got on the phone to sort this out, the representative I spoke with began berating me, and saying things like: "We can have the police take your car if you don't pay us. We can call them and you will get in trouble. I mean that's how it works in Kentucky." (It isn't. You have to be physically driving your car to get in trouble.) Whats worse is he started saying, "I need to know what's going on in a man's personal life that he can't pay car insurance." I just said "Yeeaah" and hung up on him. They are telling me that my policy went up in price on the internet from 500 to 700. As someone with no car crashes under their belt, or tickets, and no criminal record I can get cheaper somewhere else. This used to be the best auto insurance. Now it's garbage apparently. Avoid.
Worst experience ever! They provided me a bid from a location 40 miles away. Once I got there to sell my car, it turns out that the address was incorrect. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out where to go and once I got there, the "purchaser" tried to talk me down on the agreed upon price. I just walked out. I recommend using Craigslist, eBay, newspapers or any other selling medium. Anything but the USAA Car buying service.
Due to a company charging my account a month after they were given authorization to do so, USAA has been placing large portions of my paycheck on hold for a week every single week. I have been with USAA for 16 years and lately they have treated me like I am a common criminal that does not contribute to society. When called, they say there is nothing they can do and they cannot tell you when these holds will stop. Since my employer does not offer direct deposit I am out of luck they say. They say they have no way to release the funds which is a lie because they have done it before in the past. Their customer service is usually great but it has gone downhill recently and I am so disappointed.
Another car turned left in front of mine at an intersection causing a collision. The other driver was ticketed. I was insured by USAA and so was the other car. When I called to make a claim and told the representative that the other car was insured by USAA I was told that I would have to use my policy and pay the $500.00 deductible. When I replied that if I was forced to do this I would file a formal complaint with the state insurance commission the representative changed his story and agreed to pay my claim. Had I not been familiar with the law and took a firm stance on this I would have been out $500.00 and USAA would have shown another $500 profit for the year.
USAA have no problem with a spouse setting up the account for insurance so they can get money, but when you as a spouse, who are on the insurance, want to take your own car off that insurance it is just not possible. When I asked about a $20 monthly insurance rate change, I was asked 4 questions that had no relation whatsoever to the problem at hand, so I chose to hang up. I cannot recommend an insurance company that will not allow both members access to remove services.
Great insurance company. The best I have ever had. Great rates, exceptional customer service. Also have renters insurance with USAA and when my power went out, they sent me $200 to cover lost groceries.
USAA Auto Insurance has great rates, fabulous service and is always available. How can you go wrong with a company that services our military?! They are constantly doing things to make it better and better and always a year end bonus. What's not to love!?
I was rear-ended by a USAA member in the middle of June of 2018. I was pushed into another vehicle, my vehicle is totaled, my body is hurt and I'm having seizures. USAA claims their member was not at fault even though I was hit in the rear by this person going about 20 miles an hour. While sitting still, and pushed into the vehicle in front of me. At the scene of the accident the person at fault who rear-ended me admitted to her fault in the police report. They have been shown the police report but they say that that is not the truth now. So now they are saying that they falsified a police report which is a crime. But that part of the police report was the truth. They did rear-ended me and I was sitting still as it plainly states in the report. They will not help me, they will not rent me a car, my finances are depleted, I'm losing my furniture, I can't feed my dogs or myself and I'm about to lose my business that I work 25 years for because I can't get to work. I can't take care of my customers. I'm physically hurt and emotionally hurt. If anyone else is interested in helping me please let me know. I am in Georgia and they are violating my State's Unfair Claims Settlement Practice Act. This is just deceptive claims handling. I would like to file a bad-faith action against the insurance company USAA. The Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act says not attempting in good faith to effectuate prompt fair and equitable settlement of claims submitted in which liability has become responsibly clear... and refusing to pay claims without conducting a reasonable investigation Georgia follows a fault base system and at-fault driver is liable for any personal injuries and or property damages resulting from the Collision. These laws are plainly said and I can't understand why these people are going outside the law and taking the Law into their own hands. There must be something we can do as citizens of this country to fight these people. They are violating my State's Unfair claim settlement Practice Act. I personally have never been involved in a class action lawsuit and don't know what to do but I am pretty good at searching through laws. Is there anyone willing to step forward and join me. Let's put USAA in their place, they have to abide by the same laws as everyone else, they're not above the law!
If there was anything less than one star I'd give it. This is my second issue with USAA but my only claims issue. It's been now two days since a fire and I have not heard from ANYONE, just fill out an electronic claim? I realize it's the weekend and holidays but damn, don't fires and accidents happen then too??? I'll be looking for someone that actually responds to issues and is there for me. Unbelievably I've been paying USAA for over 5 years now. MISTAKE!!!
My car was damaged in car accident on 12.11.16. USAA claimant has his car in the middle of the road. Police officer gave USAA claimant a ticket. USAA denied my claim and was open to try to compromise. Looks like their claimant bought his he sure as hell can't drive. Even a dog knows not to sit in the middle of the street.
USAA stinks to the max. It is all bait and switch. Just got the renewal on homeowners, went up $200.00 for no reason whatsoever. We are shopping now prior to renewal and leaving USAA in the dust. Horrible horrible company. Auto has already been written with another company and is effective at midnight tonight. New company gave us car rental which we didn't have and lower our deductibles on collision and comprehensive to $250.00 per occurrence. We were at $500 deductible with USAA. Goodbye.When you need them they are not there for anyone. Everything is email on their website. You never speak to a live representative and make sure you never have to put in a claim on your car. If they can they will total your car immediately. Dealer gave me a price to fix my car, $600.00. Their adjuster who I'm sure is a subcontractor had damages at $2900.00. Are you flipping kidding me?
We have been with USAA for about 40 years. We have stayed with them because of their responsiveness to any issue we have had as well as their professionalism when dealing with a claim or a question. They have been very easy to deal with and they always seem to want to do what is best for you. Their representatives are very knowledgeable and courteous when responding to your questions of problems. Their rates are very favorable, and we have always felt that we were getting an excellent value.
I was hit in the rear of my car on 12/10/15. I suffered "whiplash" injuries that required major surgery on my neck, which I am still suffering from. I am told that I will still experience pain indefinitely. The USAA adjuster claims I must have been injured in my neck previously, so they have refused to settle. This is totally a lie, which forces me to file suit against their insured. USAA handling of my claim is totally against all that my doctors have stated. Their failure to handle this matter in the right manner means I will also being filing suit against them.
Many insurance companies want to engage in contributory liability to minimize the payout to the other party. I am the other party and USAA claimed it was a 50/50 at fault accident. I don't have the particulars at this time on what party A said in his statement but initially, he apologized along with his wife on at least 3 occasions. Now, I will inevitably win since I have pictures of the incident but I thought I would take this time to tell you how USAA responded to me as the other party. My wife and I were parked in a parking spot with the engine off. Yes, you read that correctly. I made a claim and basically they ignored me and since I wasn't their customer, they decided to throw me under the bus. I do have a good company and they will be subrogating USAA based on the notes, pictures and the conversation they had with the USAA customer. What is funny is when I called USAA (only sent with an original acknowledgement letter) the representative (gatekeeper) said based on the damages, they determined it was 50/50. I never did get a call back from the supposed adjuster of the claim. What a surprise, huh? So I told the representative after he gave his sales presentation about how it was a 50/50 accident (they still haven't seen the pictures which will be a surprise to them in arbitration) that does he realize the car was parked with the engine off? He is silent. I just told Larry not to worry about it. I will proceed with my own carrier or in small claims court and I recognize he is doing his job. USAA is no different than most of these carriers when dealing with party B. They are going to look at the bottom line. I just expected more from a supposed reputable carrier. Is USAA now Mercury Insurance? I understand the ways of the world. If you can't pay out in obvious situations, then what hope is there for an at fault system. Just make it no fault system since USAA isn't going to do the right thing anyways. Remember, USAA didn't follow up with a 50/50 letter and also didn't even ask for any evidence I had to present. These guys were playing games on the initial phone statement. I guess they didn't like my direct statement. The purpose of this complaint is if you get hit, prepare to file a small claims court action, hire an attorney or go through your carrier (hopefully you have a deductible). Don't expect favorable treatment no matter how obvious the fault of the incident. Shame on USAA. I should think about starting my own insurance company, charge people for insurance, don't pay out to the other party if they are not at fault and then charge my own clients an accident surcharge. Nice. I would attach pictures maybe in the future once the case is settled. You can see how the tire of the party A if backed up would go straight into the damage of my car. I will be calling USAA once resolved and asking them how I got reimbursed when they said it was 50/50.
USAA does not care about you or your military service. They just use that as a niche to get all military to go with them. Our van was stolen out of our driveway right outside of Fort Carson six months ago. The van was only four years old and we barely got anything for it. We were $3000 away from paying it off and all they gave us was $7000. That left us with $4000 after they paid off my old van. There’s no way to get a new vehicle with $4000 so we bought a used van from a private person for $2500. We ended up having to put $4000 of work into it.That van was just totaled in the hail storm we just had. Even after rounding up all the receipts of the money we put into this van all they offered us was $2200. Every single vehicle in this city has been totaled. What are we supposed to do with $2200? The only thing you can even find in the marketplace for $2200 are vehicles with no transmission. What is a family of six supposed to do? My husband is military so never here so I’m all by myself with four kids that start school today and I have no vehicle because USAA gave us $2000 for a vehicle that we just spent the seven grand they gave us buy our brand new vehicle. Do not go with them. They do not care. To make us round up all those receipts to prove that we just put brand new tires on it and just had all these things fixed. They didn’t help me at all with any of that. They won’t help me with the rental and now this. Needless to say we have switched insurance companies and we will never be going back to USAA. We are currently switching banks as well.
I was hurt in a car accident due to someone else' fault back in March of 1014. The boy had USAA. I had been taken to the hospital due to back pain of which I still have to this day. I hate the fact that too many people are so quick to sue insurance companies so when I was assigned an adjuster by the name of Scott **, I told him I had injured my back and was seeing a specialist. I hoped we could agree on a settlement to take care of loss wages from work (in which I ended up losing my job) and whatever medical bills I incurred. I was not interested in trying to make any money. I just wanted my bills covered since I had no insurance and I would like to keep them from having to lose money to a lawyer and go through a long drawn out lawsuit. He seemed genuinely concerned and said that would be great, however we couldn't even get an idea of what an amount might be until I was released from my Dr's care. That was it.He told me he had all the info he needed and to let him know when I was released. He never said one word about a statute of limitations on my case. He just said it was on paperwork mailed to me but it was a complete lie. No paperwork I ever received said anything of the sort. I am still under dr’s care and have just received legal papers about hospital bills not paid, so I called to ask what we might need to do. Only to find out that the statute on my case ran out about 6 months ago!!! WHATEVER YOU DO, IF DEALING WITH THIS COMPANY ON ANYTHING SIMILAR, GET A LAWYER AND SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM!!! Don't let them make you think they are there to help you in ANY way!!! It's all a facade! I should have known better.
I have insurance through State Farm but my wife was rear-ended by a driver with USAA Auto Insurance. I was very impressed with how quickly and thorough the process went. She and the kids were on their way to Grandma's (out of state) when the accident happened. USAA had a local body shop repair the vehicle and it was completed and back on the road within one week. We called our State Farm agent who made some calls and helped with the process. I have read so many negative reviews about insurance companies and claims. Almost all of the reviews I have read never indicate contacting their own agent to help with the process. I think too many people get quotes from online insurance companies and don't think about how helpful a local agent can be when needed. I will always buy insurance from a local office even if it means paying a little more. I will say, I am very impressed with USAA Insurance and would recommend them to anyone who qualifies for coverage.
My son was involved in a fender bender on November 4, 2016. A car on the shoulder of the road in a residential area was trying to make a u turn which is illegal. My son slowed down because he wasn't sure if that's what the person in the other vehicle was trying to do. So just to be on the safe side he stopped to let the person go. He waited for about a minute, still the person was undecided, so my son proceeded to continue on his way. Without any turn signal or warning the truck tried to make a u turn and struck and hit the car my son was driving on the passenger's side, causing damage to his door. His door had to be replaced. No police was called.My son being young and listening to this person in the truck telling him that it was not necessary to call the police, they decided to exchange insurance information and be on their way. BIG MISTAKE. Moving forward one week later, I get a email from the big USAA, telling me that my son fail to yield the right away. ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Last time I checked, if a vehicle is entering the highway from the shoulder or ramp they are to yield the right away. Moving forward. Week two the case is closed. Tried to call USAA several time to speak with the person who is in charge of my case, nothing. Called him and each time asked him to call me back I got his voice mail and no return call.USAA is a big fat joke. They didn't bother to do an investigation, or come out and take pictures of the car. They just wanted to close the case and move on to the next case. They take my money each month without a problem. They don't care if the other person is in the wrong, they just want to close the case and raise my insurance premium and keep it moving. I don't think so. I am going to stand up to USAA, which acronyms stands for USELESS, SHAMELESS AND ARROGANT. That's just a nice way of putting it. They are getting rich off of active soldiers and veterans. Maybe we need to start a petition and expose them on CNN for who they really are. Maybe then they will learn to start doing their jobs.
Got into an accident, suffered from an concussion (they knew this). Went to file for my PIP after recovering somewhat, (All people in accidents who are drivers or not are entitled to their PIP!!!) So please claim your money guys. But because we were late to file they denied us. On another note insurance payments keep going up bits at a time. We keep having to call to find out why. Also insurance was canceled we didn't know. They never said anything so we figured all was well, (we only pay a large lump of cash once a year for insurance) so we drove and of course got a ticket. When the cop called USAA, USAA told him we haven't been covered for some time. So we're done with this joke of a company. If you want GREAT SERVICE AND AN AMAZING BANK look into Navy Federal. We haven't been happier.
Accident handling was fast and efficient right from the first call. They were very friendly. Car repair and car rental was done immediately. My car was repaired quickly in a five star facility. USAA handled all transactions with the other insurance carrier.
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