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Company Name:
Company Type: Private
Year Founded: 2010
Address: 17960 Andrews St.
City: Monte Sereno
State/Province: CA
Postal Code: 95030
Country: United States
Phone: 877-219-8169
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 70 %
Excellent and efficient.
We have not cruise yet, and hopefully we will not have to used our cruise insurance. But if we need to I hope Tripinsurance will be there for us. So at this time it would be kind of hard to rate this company. But I will still give it a rating. PS our cruise date is 12/11/2015 to 12/21/2015.
This is possibly the best company to find insurance. I have always had an easy experience with them. On the few occasions that I have had to make a claim they helped to give me guidance. I have been very happy with them and I will continue to use them for my insurance needs.
I sent all of the information needed to file a claim in August. They asked for more information more than a month later. I provided that information within two days. That was two weeks ago. Today I got the same post card I got from the company shortly after submitting my claim: they acknowledged receiving the claim and said I'd hear from them soon. It's now two months. My husband is still under a doctor's care and had to take more tests at Cleveland Clinic this week. The Clinic has a paper trail a mile long beginning with a very clear letter from his cardiologist saying he could not travel. Two months later I am still waiting to receive about $9,000 that I paid out for the trip, all of the details documented. I'm disappointed in this slow customer service.
I decided to purchase travel insurance because I do quite a bit of traveling. After checking prices and other factors, I found that TripInsurance offers a nice selection of different companies and prices that were good. Purchasing my TripInsurance policy has been very straightforward. I like the fact that you can compare the plans, like the silver or the gold level plans, and this makes it easy to decide what you want. So far, everything's been good. I've never needed to place a claim with them yet, so it's uncertain how easy or difficult it would be should I ever need to. Hopefully, I'll never need it.
The way the ad was worded made me believe that I could make changes to my ticket without added cost for a $29.00 TI fee. I went to assist two elderly family & needed to add a day to my trip. The $200 change fee plus added charges would have cost me $570 same flight one day later. I had paid $403 for a RT ticket! TI said I can make a claim for $200 if I had a medical report, lost my job, death, etc! I did not change my ticket and wasted $29.00. Not a good experience for me!!
We had no problems; it just felt good to have this insurance to back us up if we did need it.
Very pleased with our experience with Very efficient and plans that suited our needs and budget.
Worth It. I thought the Trip Insurance was kind of expensive, and the rates were higher as I'm older than 65. However, I have a Mother in her 90's and numerous family members. I wanted the assurance that if a serious event happened back home, my husband and I would not have lost all the money we'd saved for our dream trip.
I had a 28-day tour of Asia but my mom had a stroke back in April. She was stable but she was elderly at the time and we knew that at any point, if something happened to my mom and she decided to not do any life-sustaining things, I should get home quickly. So it came down to, 'Do I simply cancel my trip or skip the trip with TripInsurance?' It was a very difficult decision but what I liked about TripInsurance was that even if I have to come home, I could go back and pick up on my trip where I left off because it was a long trip and it was going to be a big hit, especially with the kind of money I will put out on a trip. An extra $100 to $150 can guarantee that your money is safe. But more than the money, what was important to me was the experience of being over there. Although TripInsurance wasn't the cheapest, they had what I needed. I want the better product for my dollar and I want to know that what I’m buying is going to be conducive to what I need it for. Their customer service was fabulous and they made the process very easy, so easy that I booked a trip to Italy, Greece and Amsterdam and I'm going back with TripInsurance. The trip will be for myself, but my daughter’s coming too, so I’m encouraging her to use TripInsurance also. My daughter’s graduating from pre-med so the trip is my graduation gift but she has a little girl, Kelley, who will be staying home. If something happens to Kelley, I want my daughter to have that peace of mind that the money invested in the trip is not going to be a total loss.
I'm retired. I take about six or eight vacations a year, and I always purchase travel insurance. I did yahoo and Google searches online, and it just so happened that TripInsurance was what I was looking for and it had the best price. In the past, it wasn't the least amount that I was looking to pay for, but this time it was. The website was easy to use as well.
I had a good experience in navigating the Tripinsurance website. It was easy to use and it allowed me to compare products and pick the right policy for my budget. I ended up not having to use it, so that's good.
Very easy to use and reliable.
My signing up experience with was good. I haven’t had to use it yet but I'm happy with them.
Our travel agent told us about TripInsurance. He offered it to us right before we did our trip. Our experience with them was good. If we needed anything, they were very helpful. I’ve done my claim online, but I had to send the paperwork in through the mail. was suggested by the team that I'm going out on a trip with. I went on their website and they gave me the various prices. I haven’t had anything bad happened but so far, I'd recommend them.
My experience with TripInsurance has been really good. They were the least expensive, and I always buy through them.
TripInsurance was highly rated by Frommer's and their customer service was very good. I submitted a claim over the phone. Their initial indication was to deny the claim and they ended up asking for information, which had already been submitted as part of the original submission packet. It did get resolved though it took more steps than necessary. I'd recommend TripInsurance to a friend and we already have.
A leg of our trip USA to Tanzania was cancelled by Qatar Airlines. The alternate flight offered between Hamad and Kilimanjaro airports would have put us in a day late for our safari, which we had scheduled last year. The flight was purchased in 2014, allowing us to take advantage of good pricing. We were forced to change airlines and pay a much higher price since it was so much closer to the flight date. TripInsurance said that the price difference is not covered, although we had purchased the policy that seemed to cover EVERYTHING. As always, buyers beware.
The travel insurance covers the cost of the insurance and also the medical particularly when a person is going out of the country. I looked at five or six comparisons and went with the one that met our needs. Tripinsurance had a whole bunch of providers and I could look at all of them. A couple of interactions with customer service were on cruises and the price went down afterwards. One cruise went down by a thousand dollars, so I had to call. I called and I said, "listen, the price of this cruise went down a thousand dollars. What do we do about the insurance?" They said that I'll get a refund and the difference was $300 or $400 on it. So, I had a good interaction with the rep. We have another trip next January and I'll be insuring that through them.
My husband spent quite a lot of time researching on various trip insurance companies and had what seemed like the best deal with the most coverage. That was important because we can get coverage through our Visa credit card. When we went to Europe, we used TripInsurance and it was fine. Luckily I never had a claim. But it was useful because they sent us alerts all the time and their alerts seemed to be specific for our destinations. We went to a variety of different countries last December and they were capital cities of Europe, so it was high alert time. Every time we go on a big trip like that, we spend so much money on the plane ticket. And then I had to pay for all my Airbnbs and hotels ahead of time so if we had been held up, we could have lost money for sure. And there was a recent terrorist attack so that was definitely a questionable time. With the trip insurance that we bought, we were covered for medical as well as flights or any kind of missed connections, so that was good. But Tripinsurance doesn’t help you if you have a claim while you’re over there, and it was really limited as far as medical insurance. But overall, it was a good value for the money.
I've used 3 times now and have had a fabulous experience each time. I wish every website worked as well as this one...and I'm a pretty tough critic. It instantly gives me information and pricing at my fingertips and then I can decide what's best for me and my family. Also, the customer service I received from Dan was superb. If only he could give lessons to my cable and wireless companies. Highly recommend them if you need insurance. It's easy, fast, and when I did have a claim, I experienced no issues at all.
I have always bought my travel insurance from since 2005 and have actually had to use it 3 times. 1) Broke my ankle on Capri, Italy. 2) Broke my leg biking 5 days before going to Greece. 3) Lost luggage and trip delays in Greece. Wouldn't be without it! Thanks for all the great help throughout the years!
Very accommodating, well informed, helpful representatives. Gave me the time and attention I feel I needed to make an informed decision regarding the best travel insurance to meet my needs. I do recommend TripInsurance to friends and family. Thanks.
Prompt payment after required documentation was submitted. Thank you.
I have elderly parents, so I thought that we should get a policy in case some health issues arise. TripInsurance had better ratings online and had slightly lower prices compared to other travel insurance providers. I bought it online and they did send 24/7 eTravel alerts. When submitting a claim, we have to fill out forms which we should either fax or email to them. I faxed mine in. However, we had a lot of trouble with our claims through the actual claims department. They were losing our paperwork and delaying processing. I had proof that it was received, which either due to incompetence or for delaying tactics. I didn't get any follow-up, so I had to call them. They said they didn't get it. Even our travel partner who was on a whole separate claim went through the same experience.We filed these complaints with TripInsurance, but they came back saying that they just sell policies and were not the ones processing the claims. They wrote me a letter saying that they will expedite our claims which should be against US Fire Insurance's claim processing and not against them. TripInsurance intervened and looked after them, so they could've been proactive and ask us how our experience was. But once they found out about it because of the complaints that I filed, they did get the claims processed and through. So overall, they're a good value for the money.
I've had bad experiences with trips in the past so I bought a travel insurance, which I knew I needed. I did a comparison of travel insurance providers and had the best products that I needed at the best price so I went with them. They're affordable and easy to deal with.
I know the Board of Directors of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. which owns Tripinsurance. It's very easy to get it and has been fine so far. I've never had to make a claim.
I was very disappointed with your company since you use underwriters to process your claims. Your company received my claim on 8/12/15 and I called many times to find out the progress until to be told that it was still in review. I contacted the Better Business Bureau in October to file a complaint against your company and never did receive a call from a supervisor that I requested three times. The BBB sent you my complaint and I finally received my checks on wed. 10/14. I will never use your company again for trip insurance since your company does not believe in customer satisfaction.
I'm a regular customer of - for at least 5 years. I find them cheaper compared to CSA which I had used in San Diego. I had several claims which they solved in a timely manner. I have confidence in their company. As a matter of fact when friends ask me about trip insurance, I always mention them.
Several years ago a friend of mine who travels a lot had recommended Tripinsurance on one of our trip so I started using it. The prices were competitive plus customer service is very convenient. I've never had to collect but my friend had to once or twice for the insurance and has been happy with it.
The online experience to purchase the trip insurance was very easy to use and understand. The policy information was not hidden and easy to print for review. I had several questions about the legal content of the policy and those questions were answered over the phone and through email. Overall, I was happy with the experience and price.
I looked at a few of websites, and TripInsurance was the most user-friendly. The rate was very good too. There were some others that compared very well. However, the information that was provided was not as precise as theirs. I did everything online, and it was so easy to move around. The information was complete and easy to understand. While a lot of the others have contracts that are wordy, and half of the time I don't understand what they're telling me, this one was very clear. Also, a lot of the airlines were having strikes where we were going, and the 24/7 e-alerts was very informative in case we had a change in flights.
I'd recommend Everything was good.
Have purchased from your services several times. The cost was very reasonable & items covered exceeded those offered by other insurance providers within the same dollar range. Will definitely purchase from you for our next travel adventure.
I had a good experience, didn't take long to get paid. I was on a trip to Colombia when I had an emergency, called them and got listened, told me what to do... Don't go on vacations without buying protection.
I’ve been using Tripinsurance for a long time. Last time I got sick a week before my scheduled cruise and I had to cancel it. I called the insurance and asked them what I should do, and they said I need a doctor and report. So I went to the doctor, and I got the forms, filled them out, and sent them all in. I filed it the 30th of March and Tripinsurance got all the paperwork April 7th. And I called and they said that they were going to be making a decision last Friday. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I figure I’d give it a week or 10 days and see, give them a call and see what’s going on. The people that I talked to were extremely helpful and very informative, and my overall experience was really easy.
I was looking for a travel insurance online and came up as a top 10 through Frommer's. It was easy buying the insurance but hard to get a hold of anybody to take care of an incident which I had with my last trip. I have been trying to file the claim online but it goes to a dead end. I also tried it over the telephone thru an 800-number but it's always busy and never rings.
I always used to buy travel insurance through the airlines but then, I found through a friend that Trip Insurance could be a better choice so I went with them. I have used them about seven times in the last couple of years because I’ve done a lot of traveling with my family and I found it very easy to use when buying an insurance. When I was comparing quotes and features their price seemed to be competitive. I was very happy buying it but now I'm questioning myself. Service isn’t as good as it could be.Service isn’t as good as it could be. I’m not totally happy with filing a claim. I had to file one recently online and it took them a month to process it. I had to make several phone calls, and when I called the service number for claim, I get the music and I always have to wait for service. It’s not as easy as it used to be. I had to put in a lot of effort to follow through. Just today, I found out what the reimbursement is going to be, and it looks like I have to file a claim or appeal for one of the items. And so, it remains to be seen. And again, this is another step, another time on my part to go through it.
I was very pleased with the service, cost and quality of products offered by trip insurance. I was particularly pleased with all the help of La Rae **, who is comprehensive, thorough informative and explaining some specific contract language regarding pre-existing conditions. She was instrumental in my decision-making. I did not have a claim but felt comfortable with the prospects of same.
I had a bad experience a couple of years ago so I no longer want to travel without an insurance. A friend of mine gave me the information about and I have always been buying my travel insurance through them. They're fantastic and I haven't had any problem at all. I have used it once when my brother-in-law was hospitalized and we had to stay longer. They reimbursed me the amount I paid to the airline.
I have used this company many times with excellent service. They were willing to answer any and all questions I had. Highly recommend!
Took over a month to begin to process claim for around $100. That is BEGIN, not process. Asked for information that they knew was not available. For example the itinerary from a travel agent. I did not use a travel agent. They asked for the medical bills from the hospital. They were told in the form that there were no bills from the hospital and the Scandinavian hospitals refuse to issue paperwork, even when cases are serious. My case was routine, not serious. Of course, being travel insurers, they know the policies of Scandinavian hospitals. Wasted a lot time getting info together and following claim form instructions and instructions from the insurer.
The last two cruises I have had to visit the ship's medical facility and both times the policy I purchased thru paid my medical bills without any problems.
In a way it's good I didn't have to make an insurance claim, but the peace of mind insurance typically offers quickly fades when it comes down to actually getting nothing more.
Having TripInsurance gave me a peace of mind that I would receive monetary aid if issues arose during my trip to China. Wanted to be able to travel without further worries. Having to know foreign language was hard, so one fewer challenge was having peace of mind. TripInsurance helped me feel comfortable that my loved ones would be taken care if an unfortunate incident was to occur.
One week before my long awaited for Viking River Cruise to Paris and Normandy I had a heart attack. I called VRC the day I got out of the coronary care unit, and several phone calls over the next 4 months. Viking said I did not cancel because I used an incorrect email address (even though I had documented phone calls). Tripinsurance gave excuse after excuse. Finally I had my insurance agent call and I prepared letters to the state insurance dept. Finally they paid after 5 months.
We did not need to use the insurance, but having it made our travel more stress free.
I decided to purchase travel insurance because of my second trip. I have a comparison of their offerings of the different policies that are available to other companies and the prices from is lower and better coverage. I arranged it all online and they have a well-organized and easy to use website, which answered all my questions.
I was looking for a coverage that fits my need and found on the internet. I thought about the circumstances that might be involved and trying to find balance between coverage and cost. I couldn’t decide then so I spoke to their rep and asked for advice. She was very nice. After that, I keep going back to them and without talking to anyone, I just chose my plan. I haven't filed anything yet but I’d rather not. I do like that they send updates.
The process of obtaining TripInsurance for my previous cruise and for my upcoming Caribbean vacation provides me and my family an added level of comfort during our travels. Knowing that unexpected emergencies can occur puts me at ease in having the right level of insurance in the case that something does happen. I believe that options provide for pricing and coverage that is just right for my family and myself. I will always request insurance coverage when traveling - it makes my vacation that much more relaxing. Thank you!
This is outstanding insurance. It is extremely well priced, $600 less than the same coverage as my travel agent had offered us. We have referred our friends to Dan Skilken to get their travel insurance too. Thank you Dan for finding this insurance for us.
It's always good to have a backup plan. I bought a travel insurance from as they have what I needed and they were rated well for what I needed. Their price was fair too for what I was getting and I had a good experience with their customer service team. It was straightforward and very simple with them.
I haven’t filed a claim with, but I would recommend them.
We went with TripInsurance because of the cost. We didn’t need a whole lot of coverage, but because of our age we needed something just in case. It worked really well and I would recommend them.
Luckily, I did not have to use my insurance.
I was travelling and found TripInsurance on the internet. I decided it was the best one for me at that time and it's worked well with me indeed. I had no problems at all. I'd recommend TripInsurance any day. They were well-informed and have very good customer service. They provided me with the information that I had asked for.
Every time I fly somewhere, I buy travel insurance from TripInsurance. They are better than everyone else upon my research. Their prices are good and their customer service team is excellent.
Did not have to use so don't have experience. Was nice to have a cheap insurance in place for peace of mind.
One stop view for different options and selecting travel insurance. Appreciated the customer service support in changing our travel package. Would recommend to everyone planning travel by land, sea, or air.
My destination apparently required me to purchase travel insurance, and I went with because their website was easy to make it happen. I was able to compare products, and pick the right policy for my budget. Also, their price is certainly competitive. Although the description was good on the website, there were questions about what kind of evacuations would be covered - medical, emergency, political or some other kinds. Since I did not have to make a claim, I did not have to go through that experience of finding out. And this was not just with this company but with all companies.
I wanted to be protected on our trip, have a good investment and some insurance in case something happened so I contacted TripInsurance. I'd done a little research, they sounded like a reliable company and the quote they gave me was a little lower than what I've gotten before so I signed up. They also have very good customer service reps. I had a couple of questions and they called back and answered those. I was well-satisfied.
I have another travel insurance agency before but TripInsurance seemed to be what I needed. I was able to choose the right policy for my budget online without having to talk to anybody.
My trip is a long ways away and a lot of things happen in life, so I decided to purchase travel insurance and’s customer service reps were fine.
We usually purchase travel insurance every time we go on a trip and TripInsurance has the least expensive for coverage compared to other companies. I am happy with them.
I had to cancel a trip due to health problems but a friend bought my tour. When I notified they worked with my tour company to give me a refund on my premium. I definitely recommend They did not have to do this but went out of their way to help.
With, the prices were a little lower and there were several categories that you could choose from depending on what policies you wanted. I also did everything online and I'm continuing to use them for a future trip.
No claim needed. Appreciate the email updates.
When the unexpected happened, we needed to file a claim for our delayed luggage. The peace of mind we had when our bags didn't show up was well worth it! Having customer service/claims back us up was icing on the cake - everything was quickly resolved and we were reimbursed.
I got sick on vacation and had to pay a change fee for a tour. Got paid back the change fee. Worked just fine.
We truly had no issue with TripInsurance at all. The staff were friendly and helpful and we purchased the appropriate insurance that we needed. When we had to file a claim, although gathering of the documentation was a bit painstaking but not the fault of Trip Insurance, there were no hassles and the checks arrived in a timely fashion. I would certainly use Trip Insurance again.
I was taking a big, expensive trip to South Africa and wanted to have travel insurance. My health insurance provider does not provide any out-of-the-country coverage. So I was looking for a trip insurance that had first dollar medical and evacuation deals and I don't have to coordinate with my existing insurance company. I was looking at some other ones but TripInsurance had the first dollar medical. It was the best thing for what we needed, and fortunately, I didn’t have to use it.
TripInsurance had different options and it’s very clear on what I would get so I went with them. The price is comparable as well. Everything is real good so I had no problems.
I choose for our last two international trips. First it offered a better or more competitive price than the tour companies and second premium existing conditions were waived. In our case that was not a big issue but took a load off our minds. Third the ability to set the price level was a nice detail as we used our miles for airline tickets. All in all I know what I am getting from as compared to the tour companies offering.
We worry about something happening to us before the trip and having to cancel. I did a quick review and comparison of travel insurance providers and, although it wasn't a detailed investigation, TripInsurance's travel insurance fits our needs and was reasonably priced. Most of it was spelled out pretty well online. The customer service was also very good. We needed the protection while we were on the trip, and now that the trip is over, we're glad nothing happened.
My TripInsurance experience was straightforward, and everything went okay. I didn’t have any problems, and I’m satisfied.
I purchased travel insurance from to cover myself for health just in case, being out of the country. My experience with their customer service was good. I was in the process of putting through a claim and they sent forms right away. First, I called them then I did it online. Now I have to mail in or email supporting documentation. The process seems easy. Also, they have the best price and value for what I got. They covered the most things. I’d use them again.
I've used TripInsurance before when I had to cancel one cruise. They handled it very well so I stayed with them. I compared different policies and TripInsurance's price was very good. They are also very convenient and provide great products. Their customer service team is excellent - knowledgeable, friendly and able to answer all my questions.
I was traveling out of the country and when I do, I want a policy with emergency evacuation because I normally travel to Africa. I got TripInsurance because they gave me the coverage I wanted and the options I needed to make a good decision. I had a positive experience with them and I’d buy insurance from them again. I’ve already recommended them to friends.
Good value, easy to purchase.'s 24/7 e-Travel Alerts are helpful. Before travel, I receive notifications of what's going on in the country that I'm going to. Their customer service is also good. I was able to call from over seas and they explained all my options. I had a claim which I did online. I received the mail, filled out and sent all the required information, and everything went through. I received the check for my expenses. Everything was like it was supposed to be and I really like the coverage.
I have purchased TripInsurance before and, for what you get, the insurance was reasonable compared to others. I got them through a travel agency and it was all good.
Since we did not need to file a claim (Yay!) I cannot comment on how responsive the insurer would be in the event of a catastrophic event. However, I will say the ease of shopping and comparison of various levels of coverage is excellent. It also beats the cost compared to purchasing from your travel agent or cruise line.Additionally, I was pleased with the updates that I received regarding events and conditions in the country that I was traveling to. We will use this service for our next trip.
I take one or two week-long trips a year so it's good to get travel insurance to make sure that if anything happens and I can't go, I'm not gonna lose the money that I've put into the planned trips. Everything that I did online at went very easily. I got the information that I needed to make the decision on what insurance would work for me. I've also used their 24/7 e-travel alerts.
We took a trip to Alaska a couple of years ago and we used, though we didn't file a claim for that. Their price is about the same as the others, however, they had good references and reputation so we as well use them again this time. We haven't taken the trip yet but I hope we don't have to use it.
I found TripInsurance on the internet. Their website was easy to use and it provided the comparative information I needed. They compare about five policies at three different levels of coverage and it gives me a good, clear view of what I'm buying. I purchased from them because I spend a lot of money to go on a trip which may get cancelled for various reasons. Also, it closely provides medical insurance while many of the insurances won't provide coverage overseas. Although I've never made a claim, the few times that I've called them, I got a good response.
I found what I was looking for at and my overall experience with them was satisfactory. I bought the insurance for the trip I'm taking and everything seems to be fine. I haven't had to have a claim, but hopefully I won't need it. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.
TripInsurance's price was better than others, and the coverage was the same as what we had been looking for. It worked for us, the price was right, and thankfully we didn't have to use it. We will probably try to book it again next time we travel out of the country because it was very reasonable for us and it satisfied everything we would have needed. I would recommend them.
It was easy to sign-up with, and there were no issues on my trip so I didn't really had to use it, which I see as a plus.
I was worried about whether we needed medical coverage or anything of that nature, and since Tripinsurance was recommended by the Cruise Radio Podcast and the rates seemed to be a little bit cheaper, we purchased from them. Their website was pretty easy to understand, but I would like to make one comment as to how they could improve it. If they could set up a username and password, I wouldn't have to reenter all my personal information every time I take a trip. That would speed up the process.
We used Trip Insurance the last 2 times we traveled in Europe and are happy with the people we talked to on the phone & email. Thank god we haven't had to use the policies we bought from them.
Extremely easy on-line process to secure TripInsurance. In this regard, the rates were very comparable to others. In fact, I have used Trip Insurance below and did have to make a claim as a result of Super Storm Sandy -- The process was simple, and I was reimbursed for the cost of my cruise. The key is that most travelers purchase trip insurance in case of any emergency and may have issues with filing claims. This was not the case with Trip Insurance and I would recommend it.
I went on a trip that required trip insurance, and when they said that we could find one on our own if we'd like, I started to look for my own. The coverage from seemed to be better for the actual terms they are offering me, and I was able to pick the right policy for my budget. My experience with their customer service has been mostly good, except for one incident where I apparently submitted my luggage claim about 6 hours too late and they told me that they leave it by a certain time.
There were no problems with the insurance. The trip was EXCELLENT and Hampton Jitney was also. I intend to use your company and HJ when I return to LI inApril/May 2016 .
Fortunately, I did not have to file a claim, but this insurance was much more reasonable than the one offered by the company I was traveling with. I would certainly use them again.
I bought TripInsurance for my father for his travel. They list off things much more precise and have a good summary up front. This is the first time I'm using or buying it and I hope they don't do what my other insurance did. When I was on one of my trips, I was admitted to the hospital. When I came back, the insurance made me go through my work and made sure my work is not covering when I’m overseas. Then, they will pay and it took six months. By the time I got my insurance, they go “your thing expired.”
Always a good experience with The quoted prices are always very competitive, the on-line experience is smooth and trouble free, and the service both before and during the trip are always excellent. We've now dealt with 5 or 6 times, and we have always been well satisifed.
My experience with TripInsurance was good, I recommend them.
I've looked up travel insurances on the internet and I compared prices because we get insurances when we go on cruises and they charge much for it. I decided to look for someplace cheaper and we ended up with because their insurance met my needs and was a cheaper price. It had most everything everybody else did that mattered to us like lost luggage. They would send us home if we got stranded someplace and it has some medical, too. We didn't really need to use it but it insures that we would get our funds back if there's an emergency on the trip or there's a death in the family and we couldn't go, which is what I most liked about it. At first, I did the purchase on the phone then I did it online on the second time. I had a good and easy experience with customer service. Doing it online was also easy and convenient.
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