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Travelers Renters Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Travelers Renters Insurance
Year Founded: 1853
City: Saint Paul
State/Province: MN
Phone: (800) 842-5075
Overall average rating of 4.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 67 %
Very understandable customer service. Explains everything need to know about what is covered. They answered all my questions and listened to what I had to say. Very nice and pleasurable to talk to. Helps with understanding my bill and what's covered. The claimed process was very easy. They walked me through a process for the phone. It was very confident. They sent out a person to review my stuff within two days. Very fast customer service. The policy options are great. Lots to choose from. If you're on a strict budget like all of us are they have different payment plans that work with every income type. Very helpful in refilling my needs. The rate of coverage is outstanding. For what you pay and what is covered is crazy. Lots of coverage for a reasonable amount you can afford.
Travelers always has helpful agents willing to take the time to answer my questions. And so, I understand what the coverage is. Also, they explain everything to make sure I have the policy I want. Plus, I haven't found cheaper prices anywhere else. So far, I've never had to use their claims processing, knock on wood.
We have replacement coverage with Travelers. If something is stolen, burned, or whatever, we are covered for 100% replacement. It costs a little more that way, but it provides a great deal of comfort. We have replacement value on our furniture, electronics, collectible item and art pieces. We photograph everything we buy for the house and also keep a record for them and yearly envelopes for our receipts. Everybody I've talked to has been knowledgeable and truthful. The agents and the people over the telephone have been uniformly courteous and interest in resolving any issue. They are also customer-oriented, ethical and professional.
I purchased my Travelers Renters policy a few months ago when my area was under the threat of a hurricane. The agent who sold me the policy was very nice. I was very happy with the price. I bundled it with my car insurance so I got a good price. Luckily the hurricane missed us. Flash forward to the present. My vehicle was broken into and my medical bag which was full of my medications like insulin, glucose meter etc. was stolen. The agent in the claims center was very nice. Took my claim. I then sent all of the paperwork required when filing a claim. I have yet to hear back from anyone. I have left messages for the claim agent. No response at all. When I spoke with the regular customer service center all of the sudden they are rude, not helpful at all and basically told me to shut up and wait for the claim agent to call me. I am disabled and cannot afford to replace my insulin so my health is being adversely affected. I'm so upset. Travelers Renters Insurance is a waste of money. They are all nice until it comes time to actually pay a claim.
I was between permanent homes and rented an apartment. Purchased rental insurance in case a neighboring tenant started a fire and burned my belongings. Was satisfied with Travelers insurance and surprised at how little renter's insurance costs. Thankfully I never had to file a claim while using renters' insurance from Travelers. Many others are not so lucky when they don't cover the cost of their belongings with insurance. Travelers has plenty of policy options such as jewelry, expensive collections and can provide insurance in all amounts. I was really surprised at how low renter's insurance costs since I had never purchased it before my move to an apartment. Travelers has any amount of coverage for whatever your needs might be. My costs were pretty low since I didn't have a lot of possessions at the time I bought rental insurance.
Every time I needed them, they were always there for us, no matter what the problem was. I had roof leak, they fixed it. We had water heater to cause damage to the floors, and to the carpet, and had no problem getting them to take care of it. I have had nothing but good experience processing claims processed. I think you can count on this company to very helpful if you have small or large problem in your home. This company has several policy options, but I choose only the one I needed for my rent house, and what it covered inside and outside my house. I have cars, and had a boat covered also. I own personal property, that is rented to other people, so I'm satisfied.
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