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Transamerica Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Transamerica Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 43 %
Help when need insurance. I used when I was pregnant with my son and there was no other options for me as I was not working. Any time I needed to go to the doctor, there was no issues with claims or bills that were sent to me to pay. Customer service reps were top notch and very knowledgeable. Other insurance companies will try to scam you and tell you that they offer this and that. Always shop around for what your needs are. There is insurance available for every need. Customer service is key with any position is insurance. If they do not know what they're doing, it will not make sense to either of you. I have never had any issues with customer service with my insurance company. I have had a good experience and am not in debt because of an insurance claim. I value the care I receive in a health care facility and want the best care for me and my family.
The features to this product are amazing. They really attend to my needs and can be very reliable. I'd definitely positively recommended to anyone seeking. The insurance offerings are just as great as the features in the same way that they both attend to my needs which is positively great since. I'd recommend to anyone. The customer service are very helpful. I really enjoy the business relationship between them and I. Again, I recommend to anyone seeking great insurance. The value of this program is amazing. It really is getting your money's worth. I hope this is very useful for anyone.
Being on Medicare for my disability and utilizing Transamerica Supplemental Insurance was demeaning. I was treated horribly and often with suspicion on account of my young age. I have required non-elective surgeries every year for the past decade and I was treated like a drug addict and a loser for simply being born with a heredity medical condition by the insurance company. My doctors had to waste time fighting for my proper treatments and pain management constantly. As a person on SSDI, I did not truly have a choice. This insurance was what was offered to me for free. To pick up better insurance it would have cost money I did not have and still do not have at this time. It felt like being treated like a second class citizen. Terrible. I do not believe this insurance company actually offers insurance to non-medicare people just so they can hire the cheapest call center force they can of indifferent people who clearly hate their careers. The customer service is atrocious, unprofessional, and also demeaning. It was free. I did not choose it. Sometimes, I believe having no supplemental insurance (like I do now) is a better value than using this company.
Very helpful and beneficial for the means of coverage, helps with everyday life and people that can't afford coverage. The coverage is better than average and better than any plan an employer could offer. Helps with vision for glasses or contact lenses, and covers most prescriptions. Helps with dental as in cleaning and regular visits. And may choose from life insurance. Customer service is very kind and outstanding ready to answer any questions you may need for any benefit that your card covers. And you can call most any hour of the day within the business hours. The plan added a great deal of value, a lot of people including myself do not have the money to cover many expenses that this plan offers.
The features of the places fit in nicely to my needs. They did everything to accommodate my situation. I would recommend to others looking for supplemental insurance. The other insurance offerings met my needs for my health issues at the time. From dental to regular checkups I was taken care of. They found a policy to meet my needs. The customer service I received was excellent. They answered all my questions and were interested in listening to me. I did not have any problems with them. The value of the policy was affordable. It fit into my budget and was what I was looking for.
They have different investments, insurance, and also if you are ready to retire they have that too. Many options to choose from. I only use the insurance part. Their insurance plans are as low as 15 dollars per month which isn't bad especially if you don't have that kind of money to pay for something like that. They offer life insurance, dental, medicare, long term care, and learning center. The customer service is really nice because they are hardworking people and they always keep their promises. If you have a problem with something they are always there to help. It is inexpensive especially if you don't make enough money as I said before and you can always get different plans to fit your lifestyle.
I couldn't get my medication before. I couldn't go to the doctor. I could go to the eye doctor now that I have my Medicare insurance through Transamerica. I can get medical rides dental, eyes, ear, nose, throat, my diabetic medication. I love it. Now I can go to the diabetic doctor. I can pay for my medicine. There's only a small co-pay at $20. I can do anything now because I can actually pick up my medications without worry. I was at the pharmacy the other day and I had a problem. Only had to do was call the Customer Service at Transamerica and everything is fixed in 5 minutes. I have no problem. Pharmacist got right through and everything was handled accurately and accordingly. I started getting disability 2 years ago and I couldn't pay for anything, but to just mail the check is so small. Now that I have Medicare everything is gravy.
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