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SelectQuote Senior Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: SelectQuote Senior
Phone: (816) 888-7099
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 81 %
This company is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend them to those looking for a trustworthy company.
Very good and helpful
A very good experience
Ivan Mevhan did a great job of explaining plans available and rescheduling to meet my needs. Thank You Ivan Mevhan I went with the Aetna Medicare Value Plan HMO.
Select Quote Senior really helped me sort out exactly which plans offered the best set of options & prices for the upcoming year. Kevin was my main contact agent and provided the answers I have been looking for during this years open period that I hadn't been able to find on my own.
They were polite, informative and Nice!
Jason Holm discovered that I was on an advantage plan and should have been on a supplemental plan. That is why I had to pay $1,200 for a biopsy. I could have been wiped out financially if I had major surgery. I either did not understand at the time I was retired, or was not properly advised. After the biopsy I contacted quite a few resources to determine why the biopsy was so expensive to me, and no one else offered me any insight whatsoever.
You were very helpful ,polite, and on time. You were the most courteous and friendly people I've ever dealt with. Oh, yes! thanks for saving us money. God bless. Virgil and Jimmee Mangus
Starr is an excellent agent that gives helpful, knowledgeable information. A+++++++++++++++
I received a phone call within minutes of my request for a quote. Natalie Brown was exceptional in her knowledge of what I wanted and needed and put me in contact with a rep from Continental. Very happy with the outcome of this phone call. Would recommend this company to anyone who needs insurance coverage.
Marsha was very helpful giving us the information needed to make the best decision for our household.
Do not call this company if you are doing your homework before choosing a Medicare supplement plan. The agent spent a lot of time telling me about how I was basically wasting my time. When I said I had and was going to talk to other agents she basically refused to give me information on rates and hung up on me. She was very pushy and rude.
I was very happy to speak with miriah Florence. She was very patient and helpful with my questions.
Great service that gives you comparison prices with complete assessment of various policies. Analyzes all of the benefits of top Gap plans.
Friendly, professional and knowledgeable people made it so easy to get my medicare supplement at an awsome price with an A+ rated, well known insurance company. Very pleased!
Moved to a state in which my previous Medicare Advantage plan was not offered. Trolled for options. SQS listened and found me affordable coverage with some improved features for a little more than I was paying. Felt like a client, and not just a name . I recommend.
After a little bit of shuffling finally got someone to help.
Ted Steinmeyer worked hard to find me the best programs, at very affordable prices. He answered all my questions thoroughly, and promptly. Talking with Ted was like talking with a good friend. I highly recommend Select Quote Senior for all your health needs.
Jerlyn was very experienced and knew her products!! She solved my problem with excellence, speed and thoroughness!!
Thanks so much. The agents were so kind and helpful at a time when I was mourning the loss of my husband.
I appreciate he man's patience in setting up my account.
The agent was very knowledgeable in all aspects of medicare and was able to discuss and answer all my questions, then fill out and submit the application in a short time.
Brian was fantastic. He answered all my questions. Was very professional.
I found SelectQuote Senior to be extremely helpful. There is so much to learn and your representatives were soooo helpful in helping me sort out what was what. They helped me understand the different sections and what would be best for my personal situation. I am so glad that you are able to explore so many options and find the best prices available (with no prejudices}. It was pretty quick and easy ... Thank you, thank you, thank you !
Helpful and friendly
Very helpful and courteous
The customer service agent was very informative. I just have one question, would I receive a card?
It was an easy way to get new coverage. SelectQuote Senior is very knowledgeable about health insurance/care for seniors.
I felt bombarded with calls from different companies offering Medicare supplemental insurance. I was lost as to whom I should turn to. Ms. Aime Bartly of SelectQuote Senior left a message on my answering machine. After listening to her, my decision was made. The clarity and tone of her voice was excellent and confidence inspiring. I called her back and was on my way to getting the right insurance. I was so thankful to have her handling my insurance needs. I give her 5 stars and an A+. Everything has continued to go smoothly. I am very satisfied with SelectQuote Senior! Thank you!
I am please with the competient and pleasant conversations we had with John. He went the extra mile when there were technical difficulties with the system at his disposal.
Agent was knowledgable and explained options .
They all did great by me.
Unable to continue with person who was assigned to me and then a letter with the wrong name of my contact (I was told by S.Q.)' Then my appl. done on phone (virtual) was lost and when I didn't hear from anyone for a few weeks I called BNL and was sent back to SQ which said I'd have to start all over. Ridiculous! And I'm one of those over 65 who has all her marbles! I pity those who are not up to par!
A very kind gentleman helped guide me through the numerous concerns for choosing the health insurance that best fit my needs. His name is Devorious and the United Health was the company that I chose because he explained every benefit perfectly.
They helped me navigate thru some very tricky forms and set me up with an outstanding deal.
It was wonderful. She was very well informed, spoke highly of the Ins. Co. Really helped me pick what was good for me, personally. I was very pleased.
This was the best service I have ever experienced in making decisions finding the right medicare supplement ins and prescription plan that I could have had. All I did was make the call to enquire what I needed to do. Shannon answered my question with, I can help you with that. She ask me a few questions and let me know my options and narrowed it down and just couldn't believe how easy it was. She told that Emily would be calling me to finalize the rest. These two young ladies were the the best!
I was very pleasantly surprised, after reviewing several companies, that select quote senior was able to get me great coverage at the lowest price. They turned what I thought was going to be a nightmare, into a pleasure
I was stumbling through the process of trying to find a new Medicare compatible insurance program after we moved from one state to another. I was very lucky to find first SelectQuote Senior and their team of service focused people. I did not have to battle any sales pitches. They gave me the information let me select the path I wanted and connected me to someone else if they could no longer address my needs. I have been singing praises and passing the name SelectQuote Senior to anyone who will listen to me.
Leigh Montgomery was terrific. She treated me like a responsible, highly functioning person not a bumbling, unknowledgable senior. She got right to the issues that matter when choosing health care coverage - doctors and medications. And she knew what she was talking about not like other agents I have spoken to that don’t have a clue about meds. She made the difference and the reason I used this service.
I needed a place to start my review as I knew I wanted to try someone else. John Baker was very clear in his descriptions and I truly appreciated his insight to the whole process. Every thing has gone just as he prepared me for.
just started.
Agent was helpful in choosing a plan that worked for me at $100 less per month than I was paying.
My representative was knowledgeable, responsive, available and quick.
I was really happy with how quickly the representative found me a plan that would work for me. While the whole thing took quite some time, I would recommend your company to others.
They were very helpful and knowledgeable. My experience was very good overall and the agent made decisions easy.
Thank you for your patience an explanations of the options available to me. Your help has enabled me to get the best possible coverage for the premium spent. The plan you helped me select absolutely fits my budget and health needs.
Dale was very professional, answered all my questions comprehensively, thoroughly knowledgeable, and a joy to work with ... if he were closer to Seattle, I would take him out to dinner
Excellent service from Evan Meeham. He explained all my choices very clearly and so was pleasant.
Jennifer was a terrific agent. She knew the answers to my questions. She also was a hoot, which relaxed me especially since I was in a PO'd mood towards BCBS raising my Medigap. I have since learned all of the insurance companies are doing it...bleeding the seniors on set incomes dry. I was then transferred several times as I kept getting disconnected. The agents Isaiah, Nicholas, and Justin all helped me. Justin really gave me the brass tacks, which allowed me to figure my meds and copays on two plans. I called Justin back and he signed me up for Advantage. I hope to switch back to Medigap in 2 years and wish that was combined with Prescription D. My customer care agent, Monique has already made contact.
I received most helpful timely information regarding Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage. Samuel Brown was the agent I worked with and he’s excellent!
Mr. Kost was thorough, friendly, timely, & very informed; he was very helpful in our understanding of what was available and what we needed.
Thank you for all your help. The rep that assisted me explained everything and worked to get me a plan that would be perfect for my needs. I have already referred him to others and when it is time to renew I will reach out to him again.
Very helpful an knowledgeable
they were very helpful answered all my question and supplied me with a contact person and number for future help
They provide quotations for Medicare Health care clients from Health care Insurance Providers; based upon your individual needs and circumstances. They furnish written quotes with coverage specific information concerning deductibles, co/pays, max $ limits with access to info on Doctors, Hospitals, Health care, Rehab, prescription drug, HMO, PPO's, enrollment requirements and all related health maintenance resources available in your area. Their Reps are thorough, Professional, patient, available and very responsive to the user community.
I have found that the agent; Ryan Lewis and his team to be very helpful; patience; explained the program in language that one can understand; professional manner; friendly manners; polite; considerate in explaining the insurance plan that was best for me and my financial income.
Baffled and confused by the various advertising of a big number of competing Supplemental Medicare plans (including AARP!) I was eventually just sitting back - not hoping for a fair offering (I'm on a fixed budget). And than I met by phone an agent who could immediately answer all my concerns and issues by offering this MediGap plan. After learning the ins and outs (benefits, co-payments, medication, etc.) I would have been made myself a fool NOT to apply for this Senior plan from Humana. Within a few days I had all approvals, memberships and necessary medical contacts received and made a first doctors visit appointment - extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and comprehensive (incl. lab services and x-Rays!) for a total of $15 (x-Ray) co-payments! Necessary medication will be delivered by Humanas pharmacy service RightSource in 3-month intervals - and the best thing: I'm even saving more by using RightSource over all the other pharmacies that started to overwhelm me by phone. As it looks right now: Not accepting this great supplemental plan from Humana for a $0 monthly membership fee would be an embarrassing stupidity I my site! Thanks Humana and Obamacare!
Had only 1 plan to choose from. So how am I suppose to rate this company. Never mailed me the info I requested in the very beginning.
I received a call from Kathleen Galloway just moments after submitting a request for help via internet. She was unbelievably helpful! I had been trying to look and compare my options on my own, and was just getting more and more aggravated as I went. She patiently took note of my MANY doctors and MANY, MANY medications, as well as the hospitals I use and was able to sift through my options far more effectively. She was very quick to verify with a fellow licensed insurance person and/or supervisor to clarify anything she was not 100% certain of to ensure I was correctly informed before choosing my plan. She was even able to find a plan that covered my one very expensive medication (which I had not been able to find on my own)! She was friendly, personable, informed, honest, patient, and a pleasure to work with. In addition to Kathleen, her associate Mark Oliver followed up, as I was told he would, the next morning and was able to quickly answer a question I had thought of since enrolling yesterday. He will check in with me in a couple weeks to make sure all is going well with my plan. The enrollment specialist that signed me up, Brandy Perry, was also very clear, straightforward, explained everything about the process (and explained why so much redundancy in processes lol), while being polite, professional, and personable. I cannot speak highly enough of the people I worked with and the service they provide!
Doug Hall was knowledgeable and professional. He explained what would work best for my needs and budget and answered any questions clearly and patiently. Very pleased with this service and would recommend it highly.
Kevin listened to what I needed and guided me to the right product. I appreciate his efficiency.
Great to work with. Totally satisfied
Erin was so helpful and informative, she handled everything well. Matt on the other hand that did my drug plan talks way to fast, I had to ask him to slow down more than once.
Marcus was great, he was patient and took the time to find the best health insurance that met our needs and our budget. Without his patience and help we would have been stressed to a "frazzle" It is great to know there are people like Marcus that care about the job they do.
Very professional and knowlegable. They asked the right questions first than gave me several recommendations from the answers I gave them. It only lasted 10 minutes and I was signed up. Nice!
Phillip Huntley was outstanding and awesome to explain the plans and the process. Painless getting me ready! One rep called me and said she has been assigned to my account. I was not please with her and the approach to sell me more insurance. High pressure pushes me away. The best selling tool is being able to listen to your customer NOT talk over them!
it was a relatively stress free experience
Everyone I spoke to was very informed and helpful in making all the selections I needed. Follow up was also excellent
Lala (don't remember her last name) and Justin Wen we're superb. My questions were answered professionally, they were very patient and courteous. It was a pleasure meeting them. I will certainly recommend them to my family and friends. Thank you so much.
Did a great job helping me find the right plan for me. Thanks!
Yes, everyone. Excellent!
fortunately for me, the agent assigned was very detail and courteous.
Very courteous too the point, apresative people's.
very good and useful information explained it very well
Very helpful and informed on all different products that will serve you better.. so glad my choice was select. Quote thanks for helping my husband and I get everything all set up...
Brian is an excellent representative. Thorough, knowledgeable & professional. Have already recommended him To a friend.
tom payne contacted me to see if I needed anything. I so appreciated his call as I was having trouble re: scripts. he gave me advice which I followed and everything is set to go as far as it can at this point. he is very, very nice and beyond pleasantly professional.
Michael Perry was courteous, helpful, extremely knowledgeable, and prompt in returning calls. He found me the best policy for the money.
Everyone I spoke with was polite, helpful and professional. I was very impressed.
The agent was very helpful guiding us through the maze of medicare policies.
Very professional very through covered all basis
Jack Mannino has been very active to keep us informed and answering all of our questions.
SelectQuote Senior assisted me In choosing a Medicare plan within my means. They were professional, thorough, and considerate. The agent, Aaron, was knowledgeable and helpful. He presented several plans that fit well into my financial parameters. A much less stressful experience than I had expected.
Helpful and knowledgeable staff made the search for appropriate coverage very easy. I thank them for their expertise and patience.
Yvette was very helpful. She was very friendly and knowledgeable.
The representative with whom we worked was very knowledgeable and was willing to provide a copy of his analysis of drug plans when we asked him. Having SelectQuote review our situation each year to determine if we need to change plans is a real positive. I feel good about the decisions that we reached.
Very pleasant experience trying to select a Medicare Advantage Plan. The reps were very helpful and answered all my questions. They were very patient and knowledgeable. Took a load off me from trying to decide which plan was best suited to my needs from among all the available plans for my area. Thank you.
I would refer this company to everyone, professional and kind associates, they work hard to save us money, thanking them for their help.
During the oral application there were two errors. 1. Wrong DOB 2. Wrong answer to 4b. Due to this wrong answer the rate went up to $325 instead of $122. I called and after 45 minutes the error was corrected. I was not happy about these errors.
Natalie Brown explained the whole thing in unferstandabke terms and I was able to sign right up.
They made switching really easy. Nice to work with friendly knowledgeable people.
Mike Kelly was great. Gave us space when we asked for it. When we made our decision everything went smooth.
Apart of the very long call and repetitive questions, the agents were extremely helpful. Thank you.
SQS made selecting my Medicare supplement and drug plan a painless experience. My representative was efficient, knowledgeable and attentive. I would not hesitate to recommend them.
I chose SelectQuote Senior at random from an internet search and both my wife and I were very pleased with the professional, courteous service that was provide by the two representatives that we dealt with. The first representative contacted me while I was at work and then called me back at home as I requested so that both my wife and I could speak to him. After a couple of calls we were transferred to a second representative who handled the sign up process which went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend SelectQuote Senior to anyone looking to enroll in Medicare Advantage plans.
The agent was very in tune to my needs and was extremely knowledgeable
SQS agents were very knowledgeable, explained policies, benefits, disclosures clearly in a way I could understand them. They were also very kind, patient and understanding. In a nutshell: after having shopped around for a Medicare + plan, SQS won my confidence and satisfaction hands down. Carlos Padrol
Outstanding, thank you for making my choice easy. Great service!
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