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ResidentInsure Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: ResidentInsure
Country: United States
Phone: (866) 249-1066
Overall average rating of 2.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
ResidentInsure is borderline criminal. They insure a lot of college students off campus housing, almost always these students' rentals are one short school year and done with the rental. Yet the ResidentInsure policies apparently auto renew a 2nd year. So bogus because they know these are college students 100% graduating and moving out. Their attempt to recharge our credit card was thankfully declined by our bank because the charge looked suspicious. And because they had an older cc expiration date. What about all the folks/parents who are now getting cc charges and not even noticing? Beware of these crooks.
I had to over pay my rental insurance, and not informed when I was to receive my obvious refund, that it would go on the credit card used for payment. Now that I cancelled, I can't receive my refund that they knew I would be requesting to be mailed to me. This seems like a very unprofessional way to do a business transaction. I no longer have the credit card I used, they still refused to refund my money. I have to wait for the credit company to reject it and then the credit card company is responsible on refunding my money. The credit card does not have my current address and was told to call them. I don't' believe that I have to go through all this to just get my refund that they knew would need to be refunded.
I had some items stolen from my vehicle which was located on the premises of the insured property. Unfortunately, the most valuable items were not covered. Beware, because you think you are covered especially when you go through the online signup and you choose your coverage limits. Electronics are only covered up to $1000. Which I find incredibly low considering that laptops can cost 2-4x that amount. I was surprised to hear that after my laptop had been stolen I would not be able to cover the cost to replace it.
I moved out from an apartment and call talk to Resident Insurance agent to cancel the policy and stop automatic payment. However, they keep taking money out of my account for the next 3 months. When I notice that, I called and talk to them, they said they do not have a record of my previous phone call, so they cannot refund me. Learn from my mistake and do buy renters insurance from this company, they will rip you off.
I never had to use the claims processing, since I never had to file a claim with them. They're a reasonably respected company, so I'm sure that their claims processing is just fine though. I never had an issue with customer service, and the one phone interaction I did have was pleasant and short. The phone menu was brief and quick in its routing to an actual living human being. Coverage was extensive and had I had an actual issue, nearly everything of importance to me would've been covered. Review your coverage for yourself. I just wanted basic coverage, and that's what I picked. Not sure folks looking into renters insurance are going to need some massive selection of policy options to choose from though.
They did promptly receive my claim however it was a very long road to get the claim settlement and payment as they were going out of their way to try and make me expect that the job done was less than my standard and what I had lost. Very short to return calls. However wouldn't seem to listen to who I needed to speak with that I couldn't speak to the adjuster due to non-English understanding on his part. I could not understand him as his English was very poor. I was happy with the coverage and the monthly premiums. It was an easy payment plan with an autopay features that allowed my payment to always be timely. It was sent out in an easy to read format and showed easily what was covered and when payments were due. It was very clear about what was not covered as well.
Each time I had to speak to anyone in customer service they were always very professional and polite and took the time to answer any questions I had and explained each one with great detail and made sure I understood everything completely before ending my call. From the moment of the claims processing to the finished product was very quick and was to my complete satisfaction. The claim was always filed and processing began within 24 hours and I was always totally satisfied with the process time. They offered numerous policy options that would meet any customers needs. You could add or change something if needed and they just wanted to make sure all potential customers were treated with respect and made me always feel appreciated. My policy was completely what I needed and I was able to have the coverage I thought I needed and the agent helped me to even add more coverage for the same cost in the off chance I would ever need the added coverage in the near future and I was totally satisfied.
Very helpful group of people that took well care of all the processing. Didn't require much effort on my part. No hassle system. Very enjoyed my experience with them. Good customer service that was friendly and did not act like they hated their job. Was happy to talk to them and will continue to use their service. Great coverage. Exactly what I needed to make sure I was covered if anything was to happen. I enjoyed having the peace of mind knowing I was covered by the service. Had a great policy option for me to choose from. Was able to get an affordable plan without paying too much for it. Would use the service again and recommend it to a friend.
The claims process was very simple to me. You call the company or use their app and let them know of your issue. They immediately showed concern for me and my family. They made sure we were safe. On the app you are able to upload pictures which helps speed the process up. My claims process happened very quickly and I was very satisfied. The people I have dealt have been very polite and genuinely concerned about me and my needs. They always go the extra mile to help me. I would recommend this company to anyone I know that's renting. The coverage was affordable and covered all my important possessions. The agent was able to help me understand what my policy contain so I did not feel helpless when I had to make a claim. They had a variety of plans depending on how much coverage you need. I feel they build their plans around people like me. They make sure they explain every option in detail so you are able to make an informed decision.
I never had a claim while using this company, they were good in other ways. Price for their insurance was reasonable and they covered belongings and other things. I would recommend them to use as a rental insurance or car. When I would call for anything the company employees were always courteous and helpful. They did not put you on hold for long periods of time, they could usually fix any problems, like change of address, etc by phone. If you have a problem like a leaky faucet or overrunning toilet they would cover your belongings that may have gotten damaged. I do believe they cover fire and theft too. It covers your belongings inside and outside of your home. If I had to stay somewhere else it covered that. I think I paid under $20.00 a month for the policy.
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