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Protect My Car Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Protect My Car
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-253-2850
Overall average rating of 3.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 51 %
Things to know about Protect my Car. Their warranties are about $5000 for the Supreme - driveline package. They call you based on insurance qoutes done online primarily so you more than likely never were interested in warranties . The ambassador plan is $3800-2500. They negotiate down the first estimate cutting in half which in turns means you pay 50% of 1st estimate and they pay 0 due to fact they negotiated. You're paying for negotiation but paying more still(monthly payment & you pay PMC directly before any work ). Next they have a lawyer in house to answer any consumer complaint or insight as I am doing now. Lastly their motto is to use anything especially their knowledge of what they have qualified you in a form of questioning you and are told as qualifying questions initially , then used against you in any way they can. The inhouse attorney will respond soon. Remember what I posted above. The truth. Thanks for letting consumers know they can also get discounted parts like rock auto, then take it to a repair shop, pay less and not have to pay a monthly fee to protect my car as well as pay repairs for a 2000 model car that even PMC will only pay in total repairs the bluebook value of car which in many cases is less than what a 3000 ambassador plan costs. I told you their in house criminal attorney by trade would answer my comments.
Ex. 1 - Nov. 4, 2015: Flat tire, at 7:15 p.m. , was told help will arrive at 10:00 p.m. , had to change it myself.Ex. 2 - Jan. 22, 2016: Was stuck in the snow, called at 3:30 am for help, told I would receive a call back in 15 minutes, 5 hours later I was called back. Paid a tow truck driver $85 out of pocket. Why am I paying your company?
It was a fairly easy process and wasn't hard to follow directions. It helped me out greatly.
I took my car fix at firestone i was cought in the middle of a argument with the auto shop and protect my car i had to pay a extre $300.00 to get my car after i paid protect my car they did not protect my car
Protect my car has been there for me and i trust their service i have no problem so far.
I've been told what was gonna be covered they would cover half and my two recent transactions they do help lower some of the cost it's just not as much as I was told I would be saving so i don't mind trying it out longer to see if it possibly gets better hopefully it does
We are happy with our service and have recommended this to our friends who have signed up as well.
First time a need came up and the extended warranty came to my aid and paid the bill.
I deal with this because it save on high bill
The sales rep makes everything sound like if something goes wrong with your car, they have it covered. Then when it all boiled down to it, it was only coverage that they find the cheapest rate, not supplement out of pocket expenses. Both my cars repossessed because I couldn't get repairs done as promised.
"So far I'm Very GOOD with this COMOANY
Transferred service to Hawaii. I still need to test out how good Protect My Car works in this State. The peace of mind I got when I spoke with the Rep. about the transfer was comforting.
It has been a absalutlly satisfying experience, receiving,assistance,from my extended Warranty Co,you guys, hav gone above, and beyond, to make sure my needs were satisfide and my vehicle repaired and paid for,in a most effecient time frame.....every representative had,patience,and deligence in my situation really did feel like part of the crew,and I thank you
air conditioner quit working, you paid some of the cost but two years ago it also quit working and I only paid less than two hundred more than it was this time but it was good not having to pay the two hundred however I understood that I would be saving at least half the cost of replacement parts that were covered.
Great customer service. My vehicle started giving me problems a couple months after purchasing this warranty plan. All requests have been honored with alacrity. Very smart buy on my part.
You did cover the cost of a basic oil change, but my car has 285,000 miles and I've been using high mileage oil for over 200,000 miles. I paid the difference in price. If I didn't use high mileage oil, surely you would be paying costly repair bills. Your policy seems counter-intuitive to me.....
Service has been very good to this point. Recommended the program to my parents. They informed them that since I recommended them, I would get a credit. As of today, I haven't received a call or email regarding such.
When I was need it approval for car fixi, they take long! In one occasion days! The guys look like they don't care about your customers .
The claim process for getting car repairs done is horrible. There are too many middle men. The customer service was horrible. There were two individuals that I dealt with that actually helped. The rest of the crew was rude. It took almost 3 weeks for the car shop to get paid for the repairs. The warranty only paid for the waterpump and not the belt and coolant. I will be cancelling my contract and do not recommend this warranty too anyone unless you enjoy waiting days for your vehicle. Even if I would have gotten a rental car I still would have exceeded the 3 days they only pay for.
I would recommend everyone for protect my car they are so real they helped me through all my needs I give them 10 stars they are the great
In satisfied as a client!
Ot happy with the service. Did not cover oil change
I am pleased with the help I got to pay the bill on my truck. I am also, very pleased that you were there for me, when I needed another, possible tow (but did not, because the guy was able to jump start my truck, so that I could get it back to the Dodge Service), when AAA would not give me anymore roadside assistance for the rest of the year, (because I had already had 4, including 3 tows on my truck). THANK YOU!!!
Always been very helpful to me. Positive experience.
It is worth the investment, they are reputable
Have a 2005 Mercedes SL 500 they paid 50% of the 5,000 bill at the Dealer without any delay. Very happy with the protection.
employees were very helpful and knowledgeable. made only one claim, but felt I paid to much for my share of the repair.
I would never use them again they paid nothing just 20%they said we call you never do
I have had great customer service calling about questions, positive paying on car works. Any business I go to happily take and call about what my savings are. I would recommend this service to all. Money savings.
The action was fast. The problem was fixed accordingly.
Get Company I haven't tried it yet but I believe everything will be Good.
At first I thought nothing was going to get done, because the representative informed me I'm not suppose to call, that the repair auto place needs to call. When I informed the repair auto place they forgot to call, and fixed my auto stating my balance was as is. When I asked them what did Protect My Car say about it, I was told they don't work with third parties. I then called Protect My Car and informed them of what was told to me and the representative told me to have the auto place call them with the information of repair. The same day I was informed by Protect My Car that they would calculate my repair and send me a check, which they did. I am one happy customer.
Was lied to At sign up and now can't get a straight answer from anybody. always placed on hold. They tell you one thing to get you to sign up then when they send you the book that I never received!!! It states that I am only allowed 3 oil changes a year. Now I had to asked them to send me one and I still have not received it. reported to BBB and I researched. many, Many complaints on this exact issue. So buyer beware!!!!
have policy on dodge ram 2500 3 years in with mileage about to expire had a transfer case failure along with ac failure after a few days of back and forth over maintance the repairs were approved and the job got done
Happy to be a protect my car member couse at any city my card was accept.Yes I recomend to everyone is worth what I paid.
Was not good .Don not like dealing with you all
I was not given the opportunity of obtaining a rental car even though my car was in the shop for several days!!!
Been good for me when my tansmition went
I was very happy with the ease of getting my truck repaired I simply gave the dealer the warranty info and he handled the rest very happy i purchased this warranty. Thank you
Protect my car is a trustworthy organization they have paid my bill and help me save money when my car has broken parts that are covered on their policy. Protect my car is a good investment for an older car as the parts wear out I had some engine mounts go bad on my minivan and they helped reduce the cost. Unfortunately they do not cover the full cost of an oil change if you use synthetic oil and your car was originally recommended to use the regular type of oil. This does not make sense to me since the synthetic oil you can go twice as long without an oil change. I wish they would change their policy on this. Otherwise they seem to be a good company.
I like this company and I've been telling my friends and family about you. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't a member.
They were professional & courtious in handling my car service repair.
We really enjoy ProtectMyCar and every time we talk to their rep, they've been great and very pleasant. Our payments are really easy since they come out of our account each month. So far, all the experience we've had has been very easy and simple, that's why we've already been recommending them to people.
It took to long for them to approve getting my van fixed. The representative lied about a lot of things, until I told him I had my attorney look over the contract. This guy kept giving me the run around like I was stupid. Then they didn't pay everything, I had to pay way over my deductible.
Check engine light came on and they did not honor the needed repair. However I had a leaking water pump that they did honor.
Protect your car has come in handy a few times for me when I needed to have work done to my car and to get free oil changes.
I give the guy at the dealership there number and my stuff is free or half paid or with a discount. It's awesome
My husband had problems with his suburban (2001) After having purchased the Protect MY Car insurance About two months later he had a three hundred and something work needed to be done on it in order to get him back and forth to work. When he called to see if Protect My Car would cover the cost with the dealer ship? He called and spoke with a repersentation specialist by the name of Roy Rubino if I spelled it correctly? But he got rude and very disrespectful with my husband when he was trying to find out what he need to do to get his truck fix? He put him threw the mill at a time of dis-stress . He didn't send the e-mail for consent to take the percentage we had to pay in order to get the truck fix. (Master Card ) to the billing department to pay the auto shop until after 15 days. But in the mean time Roy did get the 243.00 taken off the master card but fail to forward it to the person that needed it in order to pay the car shop. Very bad experience for a new customer with Protect My Car Need to screen employee's better I guess. Because this made Protect My Car look very bad
Great customer service !! Every single time I am in need for assistance your representatives are very helpful are very helpful.
My experience with protect my car has been very good. They've answered any questions that I may have had. I had great success with my coverages​, I'm very pleased thank you.
Dont know what they all pay for because so far my car been in the shop more than three times and they only paid once and that was half. They suppose to pay 25% and they aint good on there word. Thinking about dropping this and get teco they pay all of it.
I am overall satisfied with this service as it has paid for itself in one year with some unexpected and costly repairs that were reduced in excess of my monthly subscription costs. However, the process is quite inefficient and pretty slow in getting pre-authorization and payments processed when they are working with the repair shop.
I've been with protect my car for about eight months , it has been worth it. I had a situation with my vehicle, all i had to do was was call them, give them my information, tell them my location & that was a done deal. The only set back was getting a rental, i worked it out, glad to have them on stand by.
Every one i have spoken with has been very helpful and polite when I called to file a claim I was helped right away with no problems
Such a great offer but, you don't offer it here in my state so for that you get 1 star.
I give Protect My Car 5stars. Every time I need yall, yall are Always there, Thanks so much!!
Protect my car is Very Very Good To Have It Will Save You A Lot Of Money For Repairs I Give Protect My Car A 100 precect And Recommend Protect My Car To Family And Friends
Back in June I had an unexpected problem with my vehicle and reported it immediately with Protect My Car and nothing was done and I did not receive a call back. The next day I call and leave all information with an agent who told me his name. No response. I call back the next day to speak with a Supervisor and gave his name to find out there was no person there with that name. This type of thing happened for about two and a half weeks before everything got handled and my car was able to get fixed. It was stressful and frustrating the way I was handled and I was the paying customers.
Fallowed all steps and procedures when my Turbo was failing, ended up costing me over $850.00 for diagnostics which I paid for and my contract clearly stated it would cover all cost minus $100 deductible. They did end up paying for a Turbo but would not cover the diagnostics and it was such a hassle, I would have had to get a lawyer involved. Might say I was a little disappointed!!! But the numbers $$$$ for Turbo was cost of my contract. I did have to argue for hour on phone before they coughed up the money. I wont say I am a head in this contract by any means, but may break even. They tried really hard not to cover what was owed and got away with not covering everything they originally promised!!!!!
Supervisor and customer service staff did not understand the company's policies per written handbook I received. One customer service representative did not know name of company that pays reimbursement for tow service. Every person that I spoke with gave different answers to my questions. All staff needs to know services provided by company; good training is needed.
I'm very appreciated for the offer to even have the warranty, it's a big blessing
I am very satisfied with protect my car and always have peace of mind knowing that my car is getting older I will not have to spend alot of money if anything major goes wrong.
Awesome company. Great service.
I have used the Services twice and saved money considering how much Auto parts are today. Service have been very helpful to me
You helped me big time and life is good again Mahalo, Stephen Long.
It's ok, but they don't really help you no money no help, but you have to pay a monthly fee just for their membership!!! What!!! I don't have any money that's why I signed up!!! Thx
Great customer service. Fast response time on repairs.
Not happy with this recent happenings cause I'm not getting any call back to know what my status about servicing my car is at the moment.
I've been very satisfied with this additional coverage. They are very helpful and are fast to approve claims. I would recommend them to everyone.
Every easy to work with.
Great coverage
I got a quote from for an after market warrenty, but they we not the best quote we received, they continued calling my phone 6-8 times a day, but last night, at 3:08 am i received a phone call from them... this is unacceptable and unprofessional, I work late hours and have three small children ... late phone calls are for emergencies only. I was under the assumption that calls were illegal if made after 9pm my time....
I recommend I have no trouble when m y rediater broke down
They are true to their word and pay promptly.
In my humble opinion this company's service was horrible. I would not suggest this company to anyone. I have since ended my contract and advised my family members to do the same.
You are unprofessional and definitely not trustworthy. When I filed a claim I had to fight you all the way. I cancelled my policy immediately upon service/repair to my car. Never again! John Kinner
Great protection
I needed some work done on my car and everything that was in the warranty they covered and payed for it in full
Protect my car has been great except they never gave me the gift cards for my referrals
Easy and prompt interface with my Mercedes repair store, and covered 2 incidents thus far, without a whole lot of back and forth on my end.
Don't buy a used car without it.. My first claim, my used 2005 VW needed a new transmission and I thought, here we go but it was covered and completed within a week without hesitation.
I had to replace the starter - took the car to the shop with a copy of my warranty. No hassles to me and my starter was fixed promptly. The receptionist at the shop commented that it was 1 of the easiest warranty jobs they had to deal with.. Will definitely recommend this company.
When u sign up for this service the sales guy made it seem easy for to file a claim and get your vehicle fix but when my van broke down it was a nightmare trying to get them to accept my claim first they ask for 12 months of service receipts witch I di not have since I was a new customer the most I was able to obtain was 3 months do to that my claim got denied. What I don't really get is my problem was the transmission my van was service for tranny oil change at 70,000 witch normally is suppose to be done at 100,00 miles I spoke to my mechanic he said there's nothing bad doing it early but since it was done at 70,000 my claim got denied the guy that aproves the claim told me it should me done at 100,000 pretty much he was saying since I did it early that's the reason why my transmission failed so he was blaming me for the transmission breaking down. This guy's is not a mechanic how does he know or how can he assumed something if he has no certified training on it. Bottom line I notice they just want to take your money and don't care about the customer. Do not buy!
Unacceptable customer service and major delays regarding the approval process.
This was my 2nd repair under my extended service contract. I had my car towed to a local dealership for the transmission and left rear door actuator, both covered components under my service contract. The dealership contacted Protect My Car on January 8th to get authorization to perform diagnosis on my transmission. Protect my car now gave the dealership the run around for at least 2 days before they agreed to send an representative to the dealership on January 11th. to inspect my car. They also asked for all maintenance records, which I provided to the dealership. The rep came out, took pictures of my car and left without talking to the service consultant or service manager. Because of this, the dealer had to contact them again and was put on hold several times and eventually told to leave a message. This happened for 4 more days and Protect My Car then asked for MORE maintenance records! I had already provided them with everything already! After talking with the dealership on January 17th, I was informed that Protect My Car was asking for more maintenance records, mainly oil change records or receipts. Really? For a transmission check? I once again provided the information they asked for and I emailed it to them directly. Finally on January 21st, almost 3 weeks later, they agreed to pay for my transmission and rear door lock. By this time, I had been in the dealership rental for 17 days at $25 a day! The problem with that is the warranty company only pays for 7 days maximum at $30 a day and my car had not been worked on yet! I had to pay for 13 days of rental that I should not have had to pay for because of their negligence. The scary part is I'm only 1 year into a 5 year, 100K mile service contract! I hope this isn't the kind of service I have to continue to look forward to?
I would definitely recommend to any owner of a car who's auto manufacturer warranty has expired. Protect My Car will search for the best deal on your auto repairs.
This was the best decision I've made regarding my car care, I signed up in January with Protect My Car on a Tuesday then took my car to the dealership for service on Thursday and found out that I needed some gaskets for an oil leak, the dealership called PMC and then PMC called me and I paid by credit card my portion of the repairs (deductible) and they took care off everything, they negotiated the cost with the dealership and kept me updated with the process. Now its July and I take my car back to the dealership for the same problem they "so called fixed" in January and turns out now I need another engine. The dealership calls PMC and then I get a call from PMC, and I think that they're going to say your car is too old for us to replace the engine, no instead I get a call stating what my deductible will be. I paid my deductible and the engine will be replaced next week. I'm very happy to have my warranty with this company and I will continue this relationship with PMC. If you want a great warranty company then PMC is the company for you. Everyone that I have spoken too have been respectful, helpful and has treated me as a valued customer even though I've only been a member for six months. Thank you Protect My Car for taking care of my car.
Best Warranty I have had on my vehicle. Havent had a problem with them paying at all and the cost is reaaonable ... Love it !!! Would recommend Protect My Car to anyone ...
Simply bad service not going into details
I really love Protect My Car. They give great customer service and they warranty is guaranteed.
They keep taking money off my card for monthly charges but I haven't gotten any service from them.
I paid $8k for my warranty, and they still pick and choose what they will assist with, and they attempted to put used parts (from a junk yard) in my $80k car. Would have been better off getting the dealer extended warranty! I usually have to close the gap of what they will fund, and the actual costs of new parts. I was led to believe all mechanical parts of my car are covered, which is why I selected to go with the company. My Turbo boosters went out, and they refuse to assist. Even though the warranty comparable to the one I purchased, on their website, specifically states Turbo Boosters are covered. I specifically asked about the mechanical parts of a BMW 750 Li Xdrive...and if they would be covered, I was told yes. I'm not an engineer, nor am I an auto mechanic, so I assumed this would include something functional to the car, such as turbo boosters. Anyone with a BMW knows that the turbo charge is a standard as the engine.
Got the policy thinking it would cover everything. It did not cover to have the boot cover replaced. Disappointed. Policy said " bumper to bumper". I should have read everything first.
I feel the response time is to long. I was never contacted By anyone about the repair are that it was not fully covered due to missing a transmission flush.
I love this company it does what it said it would do
After paying for a service for four years that was never used til now. My mechanic and myself had to be aggressive and argue with representatives to approve services and parts that was clearly covered under my warranty. It was a very exhausting and disappointing situation. I will not recommend this company to anyone for their advertisement is false.
Protect My Car seems to back up their word and offers good customer support when assistance is required for car repairs.
so far I haven't had a claim, but I contacted via telephone a couple of times and they were very helpful.
Easy to use, fast claims and affordable service.
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