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Progressive Renters Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive Renters Insurance
Year Founded: 1937
Address: 6300 Wilson Mills Rd.
City: Mayfield Village
State/Province: OH
Postal Code: 44143
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 776-4737
Overall average rating of 2.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 14 %
They were easy to reach. They answered my questions. The website was easy to navigate and to accomplish my goals. I always felt that I was protected and secure. I never had to use it but when I read the reviews the customers are satisfied and said that the processing is very smooth and trustworthy. Felt that I had a great selection to pick products that fit my budget as well as my needs for protection limits that I could afford and feel that it is satisfactory for my needs. Felt that the coverage was adequate to protect my belongings and replace them if needed. Felt that it was satisfactory for my level of desired protection.
I have been a Progressive customer for over 3 years. I can’t believe the horrendous experience we just had with them. 3 tornadoes ripped through the county I live in late Tuesday afternoon, which is in N.Y. We lost power for almost 3 days, no water, totally unlivable conditions. One would think that if you have home/renters insurance that the company would help you out. We were sadly mistaken. Not only was the woman Gabrielle one of their adjusters rude, but she said that since we were not the only ones who lost power they wouldn’t cover our hotel stay, not to mention they wouldn’t cover the loss in food since there was a $250 minimum deductible we would have to pay. Which none of these things were disclosed when we signed up, nor can we find it on our insurance binder. We will definitely be switching companies after this review is posted. I can’t believe they would leave their customers stranded like this. Then again I should have switched when I was hit in a parking lot and they did nothing to help me. After they found the recording the woman who hit me said she hit my car. And I had to have a damaged car and no one did anything to actually help me.
I up my renter's insurance. They did not tell me that they took 16% for my new payment going around when I renew it. And then I got a letter saying that I agreed that they could take $95 out of my checking and I did not I didn't know anything about it. I didn't budget the 95 bill for it which would have been fine. I would have known to plan for it. All they had to do is tell me. Something I changed it back to where I had and they didn't credit me for what I have before. Just very unsatisfied. Looking for new insurance companies for renters insurance and Auto.
We have Progressive renters insurance for 5 plus years and had renters policy with another provider until last year when we moved our renters insurance to Progressive Home insurance. We had a recent situation in which we had water issue at home because of a major waterline broke. I wasn’t sure whether we can claim that so I called the insurance company twice to confirm that we can raise and so I did put in a claim and later the adjuster says that it is not covered. And the strange part is there is NO system to put in a complaint/concern as well.First of all we were given wrong information – not only once, but twice and then adjusted, don’t return the call and when finally we call they say it is not covered. I don’t understand why they can’t tell that first point so that we could have done many other alternatives! Very much disappointed at this point and I would definitely want to escalate which they don’t even have the courtesy to do. Will never take this insurance again as my first claim itself went crazy!
When I first took out my renters insurance policy, I was assured that my 8x12 shed and my aluminum carport would be covered. Well, I just did file a claim because a big blob of snow fell out of the tree beside my carport and collapsed it on top of my Isuzu Trooper (which I have insured with Nationwide, great company). At first, the claims guy I spoke with told me I was covered, with a $250 deductible, I just had to send in a picture of it and a receipt showing proof of purchase. I just received a call back this morning informing me that they were not going to honor my claim, "Because collapse is not covered", so it says in some sentence under some paragraph under some section of the policy, even though I was assured by the guy that underwrote my policy that it would be covered.. If I ever have the opportunity to stick it to them or cost them in any way whatsoever, you best believe I most certainly will.
I chose this company because of a cousin who had this insurance and had such a positive experience with claim processing that he recommended progressive for me when we were looking for renters insurance. The coverage options were plentiful and met all of the requirements and then some for what we were looking to get for our rental situation. Prompt service when issues arose, was able to get a hold of a live representative in a reasonable amount of time. We never had to file a claim but the standard service was good. Never had to file a claim but the standard service was good. There are a lot of policy options available for renters of all types but the representative was able to help guide us to a plan that was right for us.
Like me, you might assume a customer service company would be available to help their customers... I was painfully wrong. After a bit of research, I decided to go with Progressive for renter's insurance because of the low cost. Once I completed the enrollment steps, I tried to log in online to view my account. It gave me an error telling me my personal information was incorrect. I knew it wasn't. At this point I called the phone number on the account confirmation PDF. After going through multiple menu items, I waited on the phone for about a half an hour (Not an exaggeration on time). Long story short, I waited on hold for over three hours. I tried multiple menu items to simply reach a person. I even tried numbers from and but was quickly transferred back to the black hole number. I decided if they have such a difficult time picking up the phone to simply help me with my account, why in the world would I trust them to answer when I actually need insurance help? I immediately looked for another insurance company. Hopefully I'll get through to cancel my account.
I went through Progressive to get renters insurance and they automatically pass you through to another company called Homesite Insurance, this is the first step in distancing themselves from any accountability. After many months of dealing with mold in my apartment, I eventually had to move out. I provided all corresponding emails and documents to prove that the mold was caused from a water leak and the claims adjuster, Eder ** told me that he would help me receive the money to replace some of the tens of thousands of dollars of damaged clothing and furniture to which I am still trying to track down anyone with accountability that can make this reasonable reimbursement happen.It is very important to note that RENTERS INSURANCE MOLD CLAIMS MUST BE TIED TO A PROVEN WATER LEAK OTHERWISE THEY WILL NOT COVER ANYTHING. I highly recommend going with any other provider of renters insurance and making sure the loopholes that these scumbag insurance companies use to avoid accountability are as small as possible so you can recoup a portion of your lost investments.
Progressive is billing me as if I was at an old address when I told them that I moved. The funny thing is that they are billing me in a place that I don’t even live, they are saying live at a place I lived two apartments ago, was told to send in a bill showing my current address to keep my rate before a certain date, or my insurance would be 3x higher. I did what was asked, and customer service said everything was fine. I called to see if my proof of residency was received, now they are saying that I need 2 utility bills with my name on it. And that credit card statements, cable bills didn’t count. I have them my electric bill and pay stubs. And still.
Progressive have a great coverage plan but I think it can be better because they really don't have that many options in that department and they can look on better thing to show people and change some things up. However, they make sure you get the best plan for your money and show you how it works. They very helpful and they don't keep you on hold for a long time and they open all times of the night. They there for you when you need them and they always have the best options to help you with your problems. Plus, the claims is easy to file. They have your problem solved in 2 weeks and they call you so you don't have to call them. They keep you updated with the claims and they tell you what going to happen and how it's going to go down.
I had a personal insurance agent that I loved. He was very helpful and made sure I was taken care of. He made sure I got the best monthly cost for my premiums and was always a phone call or text away if I had a quick questions. I never had a claim to file but if I did I am sure it would have been easy and well taken care of. The policy seem very fitted to what I was looking for and were easy to add and custom to my changing needs as life moves. I felt better covered than I had with another insurance agency that I had had for years and always felt like I got what I got with them.
I never really had any issues that needed to be addressed but if I ever had a question or concern, I always knew that they would be helpful and accommodating. Thankfully I never had to file any claims. However the instructions and guidelines for doing so were quite clear. Furthermore, because I knew that their customer service representatives were friendly and helpful, I trusted that if I ever had an issue, it would be addressed fairly. I didn't need anything super long term or fancy. But there was still a policy for me to choose from. I wasn't locked in forever and there was room for me to adjust my policy as the need arose. I always felt secure with my policy. I knew that everything was covered and I didn't have to worry about something going wrong and my policy not being able to cover the damage or solve the issue.
They were just ok when I had them but I had to switch because of high rates and they will drop you after a accident. I guess they are good but just not for me. The claim department is good. They do good policy options but once again it is just not for me because of the high rates and high premiums so I had to switch to another company that offers great rates. They do have good coverages I guess but you do have to pay out of your nose for the good coverages. Prices are on the higher side.
I have had zero issues. I have just paid my bill in a timely fashion and if I needed customer service I know that they will be available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week on their hotline. They had enough policy options to select from on any income level making renters insurance affordable for all. They weren't too expensive, I get plenty of coverage for what I pay. Making that the reason I went with this company and this exact policy. You can change your policy at any time without penalty. You are not stuck with the coverage you originally chose.
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