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Progressive Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Progressive Homeowners Insurance
Year Founded: 1937
City: Mayfield
State/Province: OH
Country: United States
Phone: (855) 347-3939
Overall average rating of 3.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 21 %
Worst customer service I have ever experienced. Unfortunately. I had to file a claim due to a storm that hit my area on June 24, 2018. I had to call every day just to get information. I asked on several occasions to speak to a supervisor or manager and to date have yet received a call. I will NOT renew this policy and would not recommend them to anyone. Also, will not renew with Progressive.
Progressive is widely known. Their insurance was the most affordable at the time and consultant was very nice helping us along the way. They offered other services and bundled discounts that helped us make a decision on the company. They are friendly, honest, easy to reach and always available. They are quick to answer any initial claims. However, they raise rates often and sometimes large amounts at a time. Also, claims can be a hassle with homeowners with getting payments in a timely manner. Other than that they are a good company to work with on insurance needs.
Progressive was recommended to me by people that had a lot of experience with insurance companies in my state. Plus I had very positive experience through Progressive with a car I once owned before I became a homeowner. They are always very helpful when you have any questions about just about anything, as long as it is somewhat related to home or auto type subjects matter. The cost is too high, but then I think everything is too high. I can afford it, but have never made a claim. I am fortunate living in an area without such things as hurricanes or earthquakes.
This insurance is bundled with my auto and by having them as my provider, discounts both home and auto. Obtain perks for longevity, service, extra value items. It's a win-win. Other homes I had different providers and none compare to my current provider. Progressive is the best in the business to me. Everyone would want lower rates though.
Customer service is poor to mediocre. There appears to be no human involvement in the underwriting process. They create policies without accurate information (they didn't know what type of roof was even on my home, and I'd had the policy in place for nearly five years before I filed my first and only claim). They raise your rates every year and communicate this to you via letters in the mail that you're expected to comb through. You deal with three different companies if you have an issue with a claim - Progressive, Homesite and Wardlow. The term coverage is a stretch: I ended up spending $5,000 to have my roof replaced (and this was a 1,500 sq. ft. ranch-style home in Texas).
Progressive covers everything even if the sump pump dies. I am very pleased with their service coming from DuPont who covered nothing.
Switched to Progressive home and auto to save some money. Was never asked about my animals. One day at 1 pm one of their people decided to show up at my house. My dog did what he is supposed to do and barked and intimidated the hell out of the guy. Long story short, now Progressive won't insure my home because I have an "aggressive dog". My dog is an American Bulldog which is commonly mistaken for a Pitbull but either way, he did what he supposed to do. You would think I would get cheaper rates because absolutely nobody is coming into my house without my permission but Progressive has to deny us. I will gladly pay another 120/year to Travelers who know what kind of dog I have. This "dangerous dog" list is complete **!
I chose Progressive but then I switched to Esurance for better price. I chose Esurance only because I need home insurance for my mortgage approval. However, with Esurance I don't get the roof coverage as well as other company. The roof was only covered according the age of the roof even in the case of hail or wind damage. They cover as little as 20%. I find that is a bummer!!! I like Progressive a lot but I wish they had a better price quote for bundle than others so I can go with them - Bundle discount when I have both auto and home policy. It is nice to have a discount to save money when I could trust the company cover my car and home.
Used an insurance agency who recommended Progressive as being the best for me. I have recently considered moving to another that is quoting me less. I'm not sure they have as good a reputation though. Progressive is not too expensive. I hope to use it sometime in the future to replace my roof. I've had some leakage through it. I'm worried about some of the trees in the back also. I pay all my bills on time so if I ever have to use it I expect to get excellent service.
We chose to go with Progressive because they were the cheapest company. We may shop around in the future for better coverage but for right now we need the cheapest available. The coverage is not great but I suppose you get what you pay for and we aren't paying a ton for it. So for now it works for what we need but we will up our coverage at a later date. The customer service was decent and I liked that they didn't call me every two seconds after I requested a quote to get me to sign up with them.
To make a long story short, I was promised that my claim would be quickly handled several times. I was in a no fault accident, I provided everything they required and took extra steps to ensure things would be handled quickly. I was promised to my face 6 days after the accident that my check was in the mail, everything was settled, and I should be driving again no later than the weekend. Here I am, a month after everything, still paying for insurance while being ghosted by my claims agent, supervisors, even the agent who sold me my plan in the first place. Looks great on paper, but pray you never need them for anything but that.
I have never had to use the insurance but it’s $100 lower than the other one I had so for that I give Progressive a 9. Thanks for the lower price, I can pay other bills.
They increased my rate during the same policy year without sending me any notification. The only update that I got that it changed was the notice my account was billed. Attempted to call to get more information and the automated system hung up on me twice, which just added to my frustration. It is a very bad sign when they do not want you to talk to a person. I think it is time to change providers since my policy is due for renewal soon.
I bundled home and auto insurance back in March 2018 (I thought). I cancelled my previous home insurance. Progressive then screwed up and never started my new home insurance with Homesite. So my mortgage company informed me I didn't have insurance on my home for 1+ months, and now they are charging me $570 for just the few weeks I was "without" insurance. Progressive and Homesite are completely UNWILLING to fix their mistake. They claim they can't retroactively start my insurance and they are unwilling to credit me for their mistake. Apparently their mistakes are not their problem. And they care so little about their customers they are willing to lose them for life. Don't get suckered into switching to progressive. Just a horrible, horrible company to deal with.
I know other homeowners who have Progressive. They were highly recommended. Rates are good too. They are easily accessible either through phone calls and/or internet and/or text messaging as well. Representatives are very nice, kind, knowledgeable, and understanding. Other than lowering their rates there is nothing I would like to see changed. They rank a 100 in my eyes. Very pleased with them.
Haven't had to file a claim with Progressive. The premium is lower than most for similar coverage. Progressive has an easy website to navigate and provides digital insurance cards which are very convenient.
I do like our insurance company. They are local and are always there when we need them. The only problem is how high the prices keep going up every year.
After a previous cancellation of our homeowner's policy due to a dilapidated swimming pool in 2014 we contacted Progressive for a homeowner's quote. We were upfront about the cancellation and the condition of property and pool. We provided extensive documentation including pictures of the condition of our home. We were assured there were no issues in covering our home for the upcoming year. After several months of coverage we were abruptly cancelled with no opportunity to address any issues underwriting had with our coverage. After this cancellation, I withheld the following months premium and was eventually reported to collections. I disputed the charge with the credit bureau (Transunion) and the claim against my credit was dismissed. Fast forward two years and the same collection agency progressive uses (CCS) is attempting to collect the same debt in my wife's name instead of mine. Progressive offers halfhearted coverage at average prices with no accountability on their part. Allow 3 years for hassle over any billing disputes you may encounter, and look forward to Credit Collection Services, a real treat.
I have been a longtime Progressive customer. I started when I was needing Renter's insurance and when I bought my house I had found it easier to stay with Progressive through the years. I am part of their loyalty program that allows me discounted rates. They have been progressive in every aspect of insurance coverage with me and my needs. Easy to contact and speak to if I need to amend or change items on my policy. Easy to do business with as well. They provide the coverage I am looking for with the pricing I am also looking for. I have them for my auto and motorcycle insurance as well.
I like that they keep things simple and yet are customer focused and give good rates. They have your back and are always available to speak with you and help. Progressive could stand to make their website a little better. It's very plain and not sophisticated at all - could have more resources on it. Nevertheless, I chose the company I did because they also hold my mortgage loan, so it seemed simpler that way. I have many other products with them.
Rates sounded great when getting a quote, with 500 deductible. Then to find out that it don't cover drains, does cover storms, unless it's Hail damage. It covers it but your deductible changes from 500 to 5000.00. Insurance companies are coming sneakier by the day in ways to charge you and not cover anything. I guess If my house burns down I'll be in great shape though!?!
I like how comprehensive their service is and how easy it is to do business with and I don't have to worry about anything doing business with them or with my policy. Also, I don't have to chase them to get an answer and the answer very quickly and readily.
Progressive sent me to Homesite, which turns out to be a non-accredited company according to Consumer Affairs. There was zero notification that I had been redirected to Homesite. I get to the page to bundle car and renter's insurance and it gives me the price and I think it's reasonable so I do it, giving them my debit card information. Then it says, "Congratulations on your renter's insurance, would you like to get car insurance now???" I'm like, "Where is my car insurance???"So I call Progressive for the next 3 hours (since they can't find me) until they finally give me the Homesite number. I call the Homesite number, following the prompts to the correct department, but for some reason the person who answers can't hear me. I do this three times. Finally I call the claims department and the girl who answers gives me the direct number to the department I need and finally someone can hear me. I explain and say, "I want a refund." She says, "No problem, we'll cancel your insurance tomorrow BUT it will take 15-20 business days to reimburse you!!!" So now I don't have insurance, don't have money on my card to buy insurance, and am in a real pickle. And don't know what I'm going to do. So, yeah, Progressive is complicit in this since they use this POS Homesite crap as one of their subsidiaries.
Progressive insurance the sub Homesite failed me my family. My son is sick 12. The apt I was in leaked through the ceiling big holes. They wanted me to get a plumber then said I had 10 days or I'm cancelling your claim. Progressive never said they were sub it. They deceived me. Lied. What can I do. There was a kid Jacob **. I just want to have his license pulled. I'm so furious.
Had an event last December that flooded the house. I am disabled and my wife was pregnant and they gave us a fraction of money to repair the damage and still have not paid us for our personal items which is over $80,000. They had the nerve to tell us to produce receipts for everything that was purchased even though that pictures and another insurance adjuster saw the items and the Damage they try not and will not pay out claims unless you sue them or get a public adjuster. The adjuster was very rude and disrespectful towards us and Progressive even only put the policy in my name and not my wife and they knew that I had health conditions and had a near-death event which would have left my family in Dire Straits had the event occurred a couple of months earlier. Then to add to injuries they increase my premium by 35% which raised up my mortgage.These people are absolute Crux and then there was another event while this event was being fixed by one of the companies where they ruined my driveway and Homesite sent us $500 and the job that two companies came and gave estimates on one was for $20,000 the other one was for 13000 and they said to send over the information which we did several times and they said they never got it a whole bunch of malarkey from this company. Then the owners of the companies actually spoken to Progressive Homesite and they sent their proposals through and then Homesite says that they never received anything from them. These people are complete these people are complete liar and are criminals and the people who work for them are carpetbaggers.The sad part is when I mention this whole situation without even mentioning Homesite Progressive people automatically say those words and so do business owners. They throw this clown flow out to do the commercials for this destructive scandalous insurance company that never pays you out but will take your money. The funny part is when Progressive called around the time I had to renew the policy a person from Progressive called saying that my premium was too high and I should drop that insurance company which was stupid because I was like you are the insurance company and I am trying to dump you guys then she informed me that we cannot shut out our policy without settling out the claims... Sounds like Hotel California to me. A trap that you can't leave. We will definitely bring a lawsuit against this company of Thieves.
Progressive gave me the cheapest quote of all of the other insurance companies that I checked on. I like how I can insure both my vehicles and my home and am always able to add on any other's vehicles that we might purchase. They have a great customer service and they are always there to answer my questions if I have any. I like being able to do all of my insurance needs online as opposed to have to go into an office. I like being able to call the 800 number should I need to do that too. But they been actively raising my insurance periodically and I don't have any coverage other than just liability that is required by law so I can't figure out why it keeps going up.
I like the simple policy that they offer, nothing confused, nothing hard to believe. Since long long time they have a very good program for their customers, and my family and friends recommended this insurance and company. Progressive offers what we need for homeowners insurance, and the other companies are too many complicated. And the best part of all of this... is the fees for the main insurance, is more attractive over the others in the market. I really like to improve the utility bill though, they have many items and we need something more simple. The minimum payout must to be lower too, because this insurance can be paid in the long term and more customers will be happy to be part of the company.
On July 21, 2018, a storm hit and burn out my AC/HEATING UNIT. I have no air in the house and it's been over 90 degree weather. I called and filed a claim, I asked to get place in a room or a coolant unit. They decline. Per my policy I have coverage. They told me since your house is still liveable we cannot provide room or cooling unit. How is a house still livable with the thermostat saying over 95 degrees in the house. When the HVAC company came to see about unit, The tech stated that I will need another unit and everything will need to be replaced from the outside and inside. When the tech turned in paperwork to my claim adjusted, he lied on the report and said something different. My adjuster told me that they will not be paying for any damages. I called and did a customer complaint on the tech cause he told me one thing and turn in something different.I got a second & third opinion from another Air company. They quoted that the whole unit would need to be replaced. I turned in other quotes from different companies. They reviewed it and stated that only can go by what the company they hired put in the paperwork. As of today August 5, 2018, I still have no air with elderly mom and 2 children in the home with 90 degree close to 100 degree weather.Progressive Homeowners insurance is the worst company you can ever have for homeowners insurance. They are not considerate of people well being. It's a shame they have bad companies that lie to keep them from paying for covered damages. I pay money every month to think I'm cover under a policy, but in reality, they ripping people off. I will be canceling my insurance and telling family members & friends they are the worst company to ever have. Something has to be done about this. 3 weeks with no air is ridiculous. It hurts my soul you have to argue and plea to the adjuster and they dont give a damn about you but want your money. Rating a double negative 0.
It's the cheapest in this area and I like that I can pay monthly makes it very convenient. They know their stuff and not afraid to dig a little deeper to get a better quote and all things that are needed. I didn't like the fact with having a freezer break down, they needed a bunch of info from a fix it guy first and that was going to cost more money than replacing the food in the freezer so I lost out on the food but it's the breaks of life. The staff is very friendly and they know a person by name when you walk in the office. I've dealt with them for numerous years and will continue with them until I can't any longer.
My husband and I are using the company prior to purchasing a home to cover our car insurance. This company seems to have good rapport with people. It is in good standing with people. It seemed to provide good customer service and I have not had any issues with company.
Easy doing business with Progressive without any complicating issues. I have peace of mind. I would improve Progressive's website features. The pages tend to load a bit slowly and are not very engaging. It is a boring website. But other than that, Progressive is an established company with positive reviews and word of mouth recommendation. This homeowner insurance policy was recommended by a trusted member of my immediate family. Recommendations by a trusted person always has positive effect and reason to pause.
We have had to make no claims, but so far we are pleased. Progressive was recommended to us by our son. It was a very reasonable amount for quite good coverage, and we are able to pay it online which is a big plus.
They offered a good deal and I already had car insurance with the company. They are innovative and helpful. Progressive protects the most important aspects of my life. It is useful and needed. Great job on offering personalized accounts. It is a great experience.
My sister has insurance with this company, and after moving to Jacksonville Florida for Miami I was looking for a new insurance company. I need a good insurance company to protect my new house and my family. And thanks to my sister I have a great insurance company and I can go to bed every night and feel very secure. If I have a problem or a emergency like when my roof was damage because hurricane Irma they took care of the payment very fast and I was very happy with the job. They improve my roof so much. Now my house looks great.Sometimes insurance company they changed lots of money for their service, and something they take forever to fix the problem and something you have to pay for emergency services for your home. And then you have to fight with some insurance company so you can get your money back and they take forever to fix or get your money back. Lucky I don't have this problem with my insurance company.
Well last week I went to bundle my insurance with Progressive. BIG mistake. They charge my account $750.00 x 3 = $2,250.00 so I called. They said I would have a check for $1,500 next day. Did not happen, or the day after, and the day after. I have been put on hold for hours. Still have not gotten my refund. And what about my checking account. They don't care that they have put me so far in the red I can't get out. I canceled the homeowner's insurance now. They told me I have had it for 4 days. I won't get it all back, REALLY!!! I don't have a clue what to do to get this paid back. Any ideas?
They do a great job in all aspects. I love that they make it so simple. My initial visit with the company was just for a quote online. I went further as to speak with an insurance salesperson. They laid everything out for me. They also helped me in choosing what would be best for my property as to its location and the chances of different things being able to damage it. I also love that they bundle all of my insurance needs in order to save me money. With Progressive, I get all of what other companies offered me for the lowest price. I feel I have the best company so far. Due to this I will stay with them. They gave me flood, and theft included. When they put it together with insurance on my boat, car, and motorcycle they really do have the best prices. I'm sure in time other companies will follow them. I have been checking periodically to see if I can find a better rate but to no avail.
I have been a customer of Progressive Insurance (both home and auto) since 2005 but they no longer have my business. They left me without homeowners insurance and failed to provide notification that this would occur. The business relationship between Progressive and Ameriprise was dissolved at the end of August 2018, which resulted in my insurance being discontinued. Neither company would take responsibility for the situation. Progressive forwarded a copy of an email that they claimed to have emailed me but there is absolutely no record of me receiving such an email. They also claim to have called but there were no missed calls on the date they claim to have done so. My phone number and email were all verified to be correct in their records. These claimed attempts to notify me seem rather lame when so much is at stake for the customer.I was informed of this situation by my mortgage company (who had been notified by the insurance company). This news came 2 days before a major hurricane was set to make landfall on the NC coast. I spent 5 hours on the phone attempting to acquire homeowners insurance before I was successful. Most companies were uninterested as soon as they obtained my zip code due to the impending storm. I finally got insurance but it was expensive, I am paying an additional premium due to the gap that now exists in my insurance and also paid over $400 to the mortgage company for the gap insurance to cover the 10-day gap. Just because you have been a customer for a long time, don't expect them to care... Those days are long gone.
Progressive has the lowest rates and best coverage and I have had experience with them in the past with other properties. I like the cost, coverage, ease of communicating with my representative. They are nearby and always available for my questions or concerns. They have been great all the time and I would not consider leaving them at this point. I am very satisfied!!!
I also use Progressive for Auto insurance and it is easy to sign up, get a quote, and make my monthly payments. I have not ever had to file a claim, but feel like if I did, they would be helpful and easy to work with.
I have been with them for a while now & I feel as though they know what my wants & needs are. If I need to change something up, they usually make it very simple and just ask a few questions. Most of the time I can make the needed changes via phone or email. Whenever I have to file a claim, they make it easy for me. I don't have to go through a lot of red tape each time I need to file a claim. They explained to me the coverage I have on my home very well. But they should have more detailed information about the coverage of pets & personal property, I am not 100% certain how all this is covered. Do my items get replaced at 100% value or is there a lesser value if they are older. Do I need to have special insurance if I get a pet and if so, what does that cover?
I change my homeowner insurance from State Farm to get insurance bundle discount from Progressive. Biggest mistake in my life. We have a few monsoon here in Phoenix and now my roof is leaking and I contact Homesite and the adjuster show up 1 day late to check my roof and the leak inside and say is gonna try to help me. 2 days later they get back to me with $3000 to fix my leak and fix the roof and they told me they recommend to find someone to fixed for cheap. That way I can keep some extra money. They refuse to pay for my roof. Worst insurance company.
I went on Google search, and found some reviews from current Progressive customers. In addition, I looked at each company's pricing and their coverage. Progressive has a very reasonable premium cost. It covers a lot of the important things that I care about and doesn't force me to overpay. I have yet to make a claim on the policy. Hopefully, they will honor it. Overall, pretty satisfactory.
Progressive has great pricing and great customer service whenever I call or email. They are always friendly and willing to help with any issues or questions that I may have. I had previous experience with their auto insurance coverage so I was familiar with the company, their policies, customer service and their pricing and I knew they would be right for my homeowner's insurance policy as well.
Progressive insurance is a very poorly organized company that will lead to a frustrating problem. I insured my home and paid in full. Two months later, I got a telephone message stating that they looked me up on social media and found pictures of a dog that is not allowed on the policy and thus, policy was pending cancellation. I have a Scottish Terrier. Perhaps they saw pictures of dogs that I liked on pinterest? Regardless, they informed me that I have 30 days until cancellation. I got a new insurance, again, paid in full, now waiting for my refund from Progressive. The problem now is, when I call, they will not speak to me. They informed me that "whoever wrote up my policy, did not put my name on it, it was under another name that they cannot disclose." Maybe that "other" policyholder has dogs? I told them that I set up the policy and that the payment was drafted from my personal bank account, but it did not matter. I am forced to suffer from their error without remedy. So now, I wait and hope that they refund me. I also had a auto insurance policy, the premiums significantly jumped, the reason? When I called they told me that there was an increase in accidents "in my zip code." My driving history is spotless, my premiums went up because of my zip code.
Progressive's premium is low and half the premium of my previous insurance, yet it covers the same thing and the same value. However, Progressive needs to do something like that one insurance does if you have no accident and lower the price on the insurance the longer you have it and don't use it. That would be a good incentive for their customers and would keep more of them too. Insurance must be a good business to own because there's very few homes that burn or flood. Progressive could also reduce the deductible.
Friends had used Progressive with good results and they had recommended them to us, and we had a positive experience, too. They are very good at what they do, and very helpful. Their advisors and staff are very friendly and pleasant. They are always accessible, any time, and they explain things well, breaking them down in understandable, clear terms. There are no hassles at all with them. Also, my policy is flexible. I hope they make prices lower and possibly have more payment options and methods. Also, they should make pricing options more clear, and spend time addressing costs only, or have a separate category for this.
I like that you can pick and choose options in order to pay what you want to pay within reason and you can fit your policy in your budget. Most companies do not offer that or anything like it. Very easy and comfortable overall.
This homeowners company has given us the best rates for what we needed. While researching it had the best reviews from the companies we were considering. My family has liked their customer support for any interactions we have had with them and the options they offer us for our policy.
I like Progressive. I was able to bundle my home owner's insurance with my car insurance and that made it cheaper than getting them individually. It's also easier to make one low payment each month to cover both of the policies. I wish they offered more levels of the insurance though because I live in a smallish condominium. My condo is not going to be a place of great expense and I was hoping to get more of a break on the cost.
I like having multiple insurances with this company and it gave me a low rate. Not the lowest but the coverage was better than others. The customer service is very good and I like that I can add or change my coverage at any time just by going online. I had car insurance with them already. The bundle rate was better and it would be too much of a hassle to switch and go with someone else. They were very easy to deal with when buying our home and the whole process was seamless. I have not had any issues with this company and when we made claims they were handled professionally and quickly. They explained everything it detailed and answered all of my questions. They were responsive and understanding of the situation.
Having Progressive homeowners insurance means so much to me because I know if I need to use it my agent is as close as a phone call. I also know that if the need arises they won't cancel because of a claim! It just made sense to have 1 place for insurance Vehicle & home! It just works good for me! The premiums are reasonable & competitive! I am happy with my Progressive insurance & the only thing I could ask for would be if the premiums were free. I have had Progressive insurance for over 15 years. I get a discount because my Jeep is also with Progressive & I am confident any claim on my house would be as expedient as the claim I had to have on my Jeep 4 years ago!
Hurricane Matthew hit N.C. hard in Oct. 2016. Our yard was flooded up to our front steps (we had our house built up because of the potential of flooding in our area). Almost a week later, the water had subsided enough for us to check for any damage due to the wind and high waters. Other than a few shingles and outdoor items blown away or ruined we felt blessed. Then we checked our backyard! Our inground fiber glass pool was almost drained and had our lawn chairs and an anti mosquito bowl (about 20 pds.) were inside the pool. We immediately entered the pool and removed the items and were sick to see a crack in the bottom of the pool.We filed a claim for the damage. To date we have received some 20+ letters from the insurance company, many were duplicates. We had an adjuster come out, a nice young man who almost immediately said "I don't know what to do about this, I've never worked with fiber glass pools this big". One would assume that he was very inexperienced after that remark. After another 7 letters or so just repeating the same thing "we are processing your claim", we were told to get a "professional" fiber glass company to come out and write out his/her findings. (at a cost of $100.00).Their opinion was that the items in the pool had caused the crack and drained the pool, causing the pool to slant inward. A coverable offense. Within a week or so, we received word from the insurance company denying our claim. It seems their claims adjuster (remember the one who said he didn't know what to do?) felt that the problem wasn't weather related but was due to earth settlement/ground movement. We didn't have a tornado, it was announced by the weather channel as a hurricane!!This has been all time most stressful experience I can ever remember. The staff all "seem" to have no knowledge of anything and getting any of them on the phone or call backs is nigh on to impossible. I found their attitudes to be lazy and hum drum. They refuse to let you speak to upper management (although that would probably be useless) by saying "all" management are in meetings. DO NOT BUY PROGRESSIVE HOMEOWNERS even if Flo is adorable.
Progressive was suggested by my mortgage company when I bought my house. I like the fact that I can bundle my car insurance and my home insurance and receive a multi-car discount. I like that it's bundle in with my house payment as well. However, they are a little more high priced than other insurance companies. Also there is not an agent's office that close to my home. When something happens I like to talk with my agent in person.
I like that I can pick and choose how I want to insure my home and that I can bundle with my car insurance. I also like that there is low rates, and as time goes on the rates become cheaper. I chose Progressive because of the awesome coverage I had with my vehicle, it just made sense to keep with the same company. I also got very good recommendations for other people that it is an honest provider to go thru. Others have had trouble with the claims they have submitted taking too long, but this has not been the issue for me.
They are a good company however when a Hurricane Sandy ripped thru my yard taking one of the largest trees on the block down, they did not inform me that since it fell into my neighbor’s yard that they needed to call and put a claim on their policy. I went ahead and had paid someone to remove and take tree away all to find out that my policy would not cover this. It's important for insurance companies to explain perils and what is and is not covered!
I never had to make a claim so I really don't know how their service would be other than the fact that I have and have used their auto insurance and they are wonderful.
The policy covers all of my needs and the company has great customer service I feel I can rely on. Other policies I looked at also cost more and didn't cover all of my needs. Anytime I have had to contact Progressive they have been very helpful and knowledgeable. Any time I have dealt with them they have been very courteous and also helped deal with my problem in a timely manner.
I was referred to by a friend, and I was quoted the cheapest deal with the option of bundling my vehicles and boat as well which saved me even more money. I have been able to bundle other insurance with my homeowner's insurance to get a better deal and I always receive good service when I have called or received a call from my agent. They need to keep me more up to date with what new things or deals or savings are available though.
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