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Primerica Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Primerica
Company Type: Public
Ticker Symbol: PRI
Year Founded: 1977
Address: 3120 Breckinridge Blvd.
City: Duluth
State/Province: GA
Postal Code: 30099
Country: United States
Phone: (770) 381-1000
Overall average rating of 2.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 34 %
Don't let some bad reviews stop you from making the best decision of your life. I am a client of the company and have been for several years. Our financial adviser has properly protected our family and set up different accounts for retirement and our children's college savings. They are a blessing and should get so much more credit for their hard work and determination to help the middle class. I do see negative reviews about working with the company and I would suggest taking into consideration who is trying to recruit you.
My wife and I were sucked into one of these sales presentations because we were told it was training for our nephew. The guy showed us everything, and how Primerica can help us, which all sounds great. When we told him we could afford everything, and like what he was telling us, that all came to an end and all he kept doing is pressuring me into joining their team. He would not take no for an answer. We were never actually offered any products to invest in or purchase. Not really sure if they actually sell anything. Oh, and I can sell people stock in the tree in my backyard, doesn't mean it's not a scam.
I joined Primerica because a family member convinced me to. He showed me successful people, and when I met a guy making $1,000,000 per year, I really believed I could do it. I thought (right off the bat), that the concepts, and products were good. I did some homework, in credible places, and read books on personal finance. I found the concepts to be solid, and the products to be competitive. I made $2400 in my 1st 6 months - not very much, and not what I thought I would earn. After analyzing my activity, I realized that there were a lot of people around me making money, and helping families own the products. So, it had to be me. I submitted to intense training. I wanted to get better. The very next month, I made $3000. I continued to work hard, and in 5 years I made $100,000 in a 12 month period. I understand the feeling that people go through, and the frustrations, when you think you are doing everything right. The problem is - you don't know what you don't know. I really have to look at myself in the mirror, and take responsibility for my failures. Now I get to take responsibility for my successes. As someone else said - this business is not for everyone. It's not for quitters, whiners, blamers, cry babies, or wimps. It IS for people that have read a book on personal finance, and realize the concepts are sound. It IS for people that want to be in charge of their future, and take responsibility for their position in life. And, it is for people that don't want to struggle paycheck to paycheck. I don't want to get into a debate with a bunch of victims (of their own doing). But, maybe if the people spent as much time pursuing their goals, instead of formulating their exit plan, before even giving it their best, they would be successful. I just recently delivered a check to the widow of a friend of mine that just passed away. He had a London Life policy for $80,000 before I met with them. I replaced it with $480,000, 10 years ago. Thank you Primerica for giving me the opportunity to save a family with 3 children from financial ruin. I would recommend this company for a career, for their products, and for their training. It's a self development program, with a high compensation package attached to the back end. GAL 6:9.
I have nothing against insurance providers or services, at least when they deal their cards right. This one indeed is an MLM (though their crafty sales 'office managers' upright deny that) Hawking about completing a state licensing exam in order to peddle termed insurance to cold-call customers. And their obvious "bring in referrals who may be interested" and "setting up more and more offices in the area", to continue what they refer as "drill for skill" weekly sales training sessions. Their 'sign-up' fees slide between $99 and $250, depending (as they put it) season or quarterly specials. Which I did not buy into. The office manager had the nerve to become testy or impatient with me for apparently taking too long to get registered ($ in her pocket of course), because I was an undergrad student at the time, busily finishing my degree, with realistically no additional time to play their Drill for Skill or the weekend licensing exam (which was pocket cost on me). Big giant BOO for them.
The woman lied to me over the phone. Wanted me to come in wearing business attire and tried to sell me on their "financial services," but it's all a scam. They won't give you all of the information at first. They will be shady about what they are doing, and they will give you this story about how their company is better than everyone else, but they aren't. Don't pay any attention to any of it. If they don't give you all of the details, then you know it's Primerica, and you know it's a scam. I had an "interview" today with one of their people, and this was the second time they tried to "employ" me, but they wanted me to pay $99 for a background check! That's ridiculous, and it's not right! If it's Primerica, run away as fast as you can. It's a scam!
As many have said, I also felt for the "Job Interview" invitation. They said they were looking to hire and that was a good candidate. I went, and it was Primerica... I was upset as I attended a previous meeting before in a friend's house. They will PUSH you to provide names of friends and family. Do not give them these numbers. You are not licensed to sell and as such you cannot sell. They just want access to your warm market. Anyhow, Primerica uses MLM marketing similar to Amway, Herbalife, Nuvee, etc. Check Wikipedia: It clearly says they are MLM (some people deny it). According to their own financial reports, the average Salesperson makes about $6,000 a YEAR!Don't pay attention to Facebook Reviews, I complained and my account was blocked. Check Youtube and you will notice the vast majority of the videos (up to 95%) are about "Recruiting" or introduction to the business or "Success Stories" of how much money they are making. Very few videos about the real business they do, Term Life Insurance. They also claim you do not have to invest in inventory, BUT you have to pay $25.00 minimum for Primerica Online, their Web Application. Furthermore, you most likely feel force to buy their own Life Insurance which is rather overpriced compared to others. Ultimately, the decision to join is yours but if you decide to join, remember to keep the best contacts (family/friends) to yourself. Best wishes.
In 1985 I joined Primerica and applied their financial principles regarding my financial matters, but also became an agent. In a few years I was promoted to the coveted RVP position. In 1992 I quit after having an absolutely fun and fantastic time. I (We) helped so many people. It was truly magical. All my life people have walked up to me and remembered me having been to their homes and have always said positive things to me about the positive impact I (Primerica) had on their life. Now, I'm finished. Retired. I never really made "a lot" of money in my life but I can tell you this one thing. Using those principles I live in a $500K plus home that's completely paid for, own a home by the lake, have a home on the French border with Germany, have a few nice cars, sent the kids to college, have a great IRA withdrawal going, and don't owe anyone a nickel. Thank You Primerica. I'll tell you what that agent who recruited me back in 1985 said to me "Most people have two great opportunity presented to them in their life time. Is this the first time you have been offered an opportunity Mr Jon? Or is it the last one"? That really made me think hard. The Win-Win is that whether you become an agent, or a customer only, You Win!
I have read a lot of mixed reviews about Primerica after I joined. I have heard a lot of mixed reviews as well. It seems like a lot of issues isn't with what the company offers, but bad experiences with the recruiters. In any company, you have people with differing approaches and personalities. Since Primerica focuses on have your own branch/business, your upline will determine your training and the advice they give you.My recruiter was great. She was open and encouraged my questions and was frank every step of the way. With so many offices, it is inevitable that some people will do what they can to get guests, but at least in Jacksonville, under my RVP, the focus is helping people. I have never been forced to give numbers, or lied to about what I was getting into. I was met with encouragement and training. If you choose to join, keep in mind that different people represent Primerica, and your opinion is based on who brought you, and not what we do.
Well this primerica is located out in Texas. Well my manager approaches me on a Tuesday at work and asks me do I want to hang out with her after work. I'm thinking "yeah sure I don't have anything else to do". Well she comes to my apartment and she has her friend with her. So she drives about 30 minutes to Dallas, Texas. All the drive there she NEVER mentions what we are about to go do. That's my fault, because I am an adult and I should've asked. Well we get to this tall building and go up to this office space that's not too big at all. And we are about the 1st people there. So it starts to get crowded and the program starts. It starts off as showing someone how they can save money for retirement, etc. I thought that was interesting. THEN it takes a turn for the worst. The guy who is over the office starts talking about how we can make money, and how he went from poor to making over $400,000 A MONTH WITHOUT A DEGREE NOR WITHOUT INVENTING SOMETHING. I'm thinking to myself you're not Bill Gates or Warren Buffett. Cause if you DID make that amount, you would own your own building and expand it. So anyway I'm already calling bull crap on that and I stop paying attention. So he gives us a 5 MINUTE BREAK and I'm honestly looking at my manager like I'm ready to go. So she decides to get up and leave me there for her "friend that recruited her" to prey on me. He starts off by asking did I like the presentation, and I’m like "I only like the part about investing your money wisely." So he starts to try and recruit me. So I'm looking crazy like I KNOW he see my face. So he asks for my bank card (WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE GIVING A STRANGER MY BANK CARD???!!!) I ask why? and he says "it's to enroll you on our website and it's $99." I tell him I don't have my card on me (which I did). So after that my manager decides to bring her ** back over there. So fast forward she drops me off at home, but she also tries to recruit me on the drive home. So she says to just hear it out in depth over lunch tomorrow. So I agree, cause hey it's free food lol. We get to the restaurant and he unsuccessfully tries YET AGAIN. I flat out tell them I'm not interested for like the 5th time (they really don't take no for an answer). She asks why and I lie and say I don't have the $100 that they require, and get this, she OFFERS to pay the deposit!!!!!! I busted out laughing cause that's DESPERATE when you are willing to pay $100 for someone to "start a job". I don't know any company that will pay for you to join them, tf?! So she sees I'm annoyed and the waiter brings the check. Guys the check was $20 no lie. So her and her recruiter (the one who makes over $10,000 a month doing nothing for real, according to him) argue over how much money they both need to pay. I'm like, yeah I KNOW these people aren't making money like they claim. I let her drop me off and about 3 weeks later I moved outta state. My advice to anyone considering this place is this: NO COMPANY should have to HOUND you to join their team, NOR should "employees" be so willing to pay $100 to "help" you make money. Ya'll the people they get to sign up they get money!!! DON'T BE A FOOL!!!
I have had a wonderful experience with Primerica. Everything was based off my affordability level and what was best for my family and I at the time. I wasn't forced to sign on the dotted line for a policy that I knew wasn't affordable to me. Great representatives that actually value my needs. Big plus is that the reps call you periodically to make sure all is well. Big plus in my book.
I have been unemployed for about 3 months. I put my resume on all the major sites. I am appalled at how many vultures prey on those looking for work. I have had so many insurance companies do phone interviews and tell me I am exactly what they are looking for and want to meet with me and get the ball rolling. The day after I put my resume out on a certain site, Primerica called me. We were disconnected. She called again. Then another woman called and wanted me to come in ASAP. I set up an interview for the next day. In the meantime I researched the company and found pretty much the same thing that is on this site everywhere. I sent them an e-mail canceling my interview and told them why. They should be ashamed. All of them they make people think they may have a job then instead want to offer them a "business opportunity". Also to the person on this site that responded to the complaints and said it may be zealous agents. You go after desperate people and offer them hope. I had 3 calls from you within 12 hours of posting my resume. It seems to me the zealous agents are because of you.
Agents cannot keep appointments. They promise for an appointment, did not follow through, excuse was that they put the appointment on another date by mistake. No integrity! They make the process very difficult. Their agents do not know what the hell they're doing 90% of the time. They have many field agents, yet they make ME be the one to drive far and go to them for their convenience. Agents are not qualified to manage your money in that they don't even know anything about how the stock market works. They are very good in giving orders to sign this or do that but do not know how to walk you through the procedures. They just want your money, once you paid then they will not help you further. They just want a downline in their MLM, will not even be of good support to you. Beware of the group in the mission valley 92108 area. Very very horrible experiences with them!
On Monday I received a call from Chase stating that he had questions on my resume and he saw many good things. On Tuesday he called back stating he was from Primerica. He asked questions such as, "Are you employed or in transition? What are the duties of your current job?" He was not specific on what the job position was. He arranged a meeting for today at 10:30AM in HB. Also, he asked me to bring a paper copy of my resume. Why is a paper copy needed when he already has my resume? After researching this company online, I left a voicemail and canceled the appointment. From the beginning, my gut feeling was the whole thing was a sales pitch and scam.
I had been contacted by a Primerica representative about 4 times prior to actually going in to check out the business. As most posts on consumer affairs have mentioned there was a $99 application fee to start the business, which in most cases means run the other way. I would agree if it wasn't for the fact that they sell a legitimate product, require state and federal licenses to sell the products and are listed on the NYSE (PRI). The application fee pays for the federally mandated background check and state required pre-licensing class to start the business.After the fourth time being contacted I took a leap and joined the business. I have a degree in business management and have learned more from Primerica than the 4 years of college. Please do your research on reputable sources before concluding for yourself if Primerica is a scam or life changing opportunity. NYSE: PRI, AM Best rating system, BBB.
I was 49 when a customer of my wife's processing company ask for an appointment with her and I to explain his business to us. We learned more in 30 mins with him than we had in our entire life's about finances. We were in a pickle financially and by following his coaching tips and joining the company our lives are forever changed for the better. We qualified for the Regional Vice President's position in just 6 and now not only are we 6 figure income earners but our daughter and son in law are also 6 figure income earners. This company has delivered on every promises and more. But it is a real business. If you don't work it won't pay you like it has us. But know this, if you do it will pay you and give you freedom like most people only dream of.
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PRIMERICA!!!! I am going to tell everyone I know. We had an IRA and life insurance with Primerica. My wife works for a school where she only gets paid the months she work so 3 month in the summer we don't put anything to the IRA and for some reason they always just take the money out of our account anyway. After calling and making sure 4 to 5 times it is stolen from us. After only three week they will replace it. The most recent is the life insurance. We found a better rate from a more reputable company and dropped policies on my wife and daughter but because some health issues we had to leave my policy alone. This is too much for them to understand. They now have taken 2 payment out of our account at the amount for the policy with the 3 of us. Never let them have access to take money from your account. They will screw it up. In my opinion that Primerica has the worst customer service and products but sell you a complete line of B.S. Watch out.
I know a lot of people are pro Primerica and a lot are not. I will fill you in on what my experience was being a regional leader within the company and making a good income. 1st Primerica is a one size fits all policy - it is not customized to any individual. I am now in the brokerage end of the business and find Primerica prices to be very expensive. If you replace whole life and buy term (buy term and invest the difference) like Primerica agents teach then why not buy a very low cost term and invest more of the difference. If you are female and you look around you will find Primerica prices to be very expensive. Agents say "Don't buy any other term as they convert." Fact is if you buy term and invest the difference properly you shouldn't need the insurance past retirement so why not buy a lower cost term and invest more of the difference.2nd you do need to recruit to make good money and build your team. I did this and licensed a lot of agents and made just over 70,000 yearly but the second you stop recruiting you stop making that kind of money. Once I left the company I found that a new rep gets a 10% trailer and an rep gets a 35% trailer only to find a new rep can get 40%+ and a senior rep can be anywhere between 60%-80% trailers. Primerica is the lowest paying company in the industry.Now that I am truly independent and can shop for different policies for clients I can get exactly what the client needs and really develop a customized plan for them. The concepts Primerica teaches are great and I practice them, teach them and implement them daily. But when they say there is no one else out there taking care of clients like they do they are wrong. There are many people like myself that are teaching the Primerica concept of buy term and invest the difference. So for all you people in Primerica look outside the bubble like I did and don't believe everything your RVP tells you - it is not as bad as they make it out to be as long as you do what's right 100% of the time. There are company out there that will help you.
Good day. My comment on Energizer free gas credit card promotion is that it is not true. Why is this big company offering something they can't deliver? If they don't wish to offer the 5$ gas don't offer it! Thank you.
My father passed away on Nov. 14th and I began his death claim the following day. After calling in they advised me they will be sending out paperwork for me to complete. Well I then decided to contact my representative whom I purchased my father policy through and met with her to get the main paperwork completed and notarized. This was done on 11/17 and I was told it was faxed and FedEx priority to Lynda ** who was appointed to be our adjuster. Well the next week comes and still no paperwork from Primerica. I call them and they advised me they have not received anything from me nor was Lynda in the office for the week. Once again I contacted my insurance rep and she confirmed she spoke with Lynda herself and the paperwork was received. I gave my rep my father’s death certificate on 11/22 and was told that it will be faxed and shipped out the following day.Since it was a holiday week, I chose to be understanding and will resume the claim on 11/28. On that Monday, I finally received the paperwork that was supposed to be sent out on 11/15 which 2 sheets could've been given to me for my father's doctor to fill out when I originally met with my agent on 11/17. Now I had to chase down my father’s doctor and miss days of work when I had time off 2 weeks before. So my agent gave me a number to fax the paperwork to and I'm assuming it was directly to my adjuster but it went to her! I have yet to hear a single thing from Lynda **. So once again I try contacting Primerica to see where my claim stands and was given very minimal information but was advised I will be getting contacted by a third-party for an phone interview which is fine. My father’s policy was a little less than 2 years so I understand.All of this happened in a chain of events which threw my entire family off guard. I received that call on 12/1 and then received more paperwork on 12/5. As usual I promptly get all documents in. This is the 4th week of me running in circles with no answer in sight! My agent tells me this is common, but when it comes to someone wanting to put their loved one to rest, there needs to be a better system in hand. A link for all paperwork to be printed by clients, a list of important items to have ready and adjusters contacting and updating families. I am 9 months pregnant and am being as patient as possible but imagine having your father body sitting in a mortuary and your family under distress because he has yet to be laid to rest.
My husband had signed up for an account with our planner, but the funds were to be taken from my husband's account. We also wanted to begin a savings account for two young family members for them to use for college. We sent two checks, both of which were "misplaced." In January 2015, money was taken each month from my personal checking account, one that was not connected in any way to the account from which the funds were to have been taken. When I asked why the funds are being taken and where the money was going, no one at Primerica was able to tell us. Primerica has no record of any of these transactions and yet my bank statements clearly show that the money had been deducted by Primerica each month. I have sent Primerica all the documents they have requested, have had conference calls with my credit union multiple times, have spoken with representatives and supervisors, have written letters of complaint. And today, after 11 months, I received the following from POL Tech Support: "To cancel your Primerica Online Subscription, which had started when the initial $99 was paid to have an IBA submitted, you will have to send an email to [email protected] with your Solution ID included to get that processed for you. If wanting to speak with someone on the issue, you can call 888-737-2255 from 9 AM -- 8 PM, Monday -- Saturday EST to speak with a billing agent. The subsciption of Primerica Online was indeed approved with the submission of the IBA and your card information being used for it. The entire basis is covered in the IBA itself, and if it was overlooked, that does not prevent it from still holding true. Thank you." Our Primerica agent says, "We never submitted an IBA." Please counsel us as to what recourse we have with this company. I would be happy to supply copies of my bank statements if necessary.
I got recruited while I was working another sales job. I decided to give this one a shot. And it's borderline scam-ish. They actually charged me 99 dollars for a background check that was not even to go through till a month in, took out additional money without my permission, and now have my debit card number. Because of this, I will most likely have to cancel my debit card, which I've had for years! Once employed, as soon as I began going into their office, I noticed that they will want you to keep what goes on behind the curtains in this company quiet, they want you to only try to sell to your friends and family (and if you're young and your friends don't really need life insurance or debt management, you're **). I have been told that their product is barely an actual product - which would categorize them to be somewhat of a pyramid scheme. If it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. They require license training through ONLY THEM, even if you already have a license, but tell you that it is a state license. They try to tell you that the background check is through the FBI....which is BS because they also say that they only look for criminal records. An FBI check would involve way more than that. They act all nice to you, regardless of what you do. They are super fake, and you can always find their eyes glistening at the talk of money or clientele. They are desperate money-hoarders, you pay in to get into the company....former employees have reported that they got terminated for reasons they simply made-up. Primerica is not even supposed to terminate people! But they found a way around that. Just took their deposit money as well as many other things and sent 'em to the dogs, refusing to give them a refund.Don't apply for this company unless you're a multimillionare who has enough money to invest in it, preferably someone with a corporate background that can easily outsmart the RVPS. Even then, you'll have this on your conscience for the rest of your life - ruining families who are already in debt with ** products that cost way more than any of the other ones out there. Who are actually licensed and BBB approved. Primerica is not, from what I believe. They also get involved in a lot of political affairs and opinions - they try to show you a scheme to illuminate the financial system in America and conform to their ways. So this is either an anti-government conspiracy, or a government conspiracy. I'd say I'd go with the first.Either way, Primerica sucks. You'll lose over 600 dollars working with them for only a couple of months, and the fake pats to the ** stop after a while, and they suddenly get really abrasive with you.
Primerica is a business opportunity, if you ain't a boss you won't succeed, so I will post again 6 months from now on my progress. Best company I worked for and it's only been a week, the others in the company are so passionate on helping families gain knowledge and be properly protected. We teach about finances, and were on a crusade to get people out of the fantasy world and bring them to reality. "They say the truth will set you free - that's ** - the truth will get you mad. But you know what the truth hurts and it hurts so bad to the point where you do something about it and you take responsibility." I know my office is great. Great vibe. All entrepreneurs in the room, very loud people. The noise is kind of annoying because I get migraines because I get migraines otherwise the ** is ** awesome. I still enjoy. So you can say I got a job no scratch that I just opened up a business part time while I still work my 40 hour job hoping to make a big transition in a year. Sometimes I want to quit my job so I can have time to set more KTAS. I am so tempted but I can't take them types of risk - I'm a father. You have to remember if you ended up reading my article it was meant for you to give the company a shot, you can contact me - I'm a real agent that cares about his clients. It would be awesome for some feedback and help reach my goal to help people be financially independent. I'm a nerd that's probably why I love the free classes on....... so I'm writing this I guess because I really like Primerica and I want to defend the company from any haters or slanderers. Better Business Bureau creditable resource A+.
I've grown up in this business. I was three when my mom joined the company. This business has changed our lives and my children. I can't say enough good about this company and what it does for families.
Primerica at their discretion decided to renew a 20-year term life insurance policy increasing the premium from $80 per month to $404 per month. They said they tried to notify us by mail and indeed had a bad address but with the internet, we all know they could have contacted us. When you purchase a term policy, one does expect it to run the course and expire. We are now retired on fixed income, we knew what we were doing when we purchased it for the 20-year term. They canceled the policy and will return the funds in 20 days, 20 days on fixed income can be detrimental to us.
A few months ago, I was sitting at the mall eating lunch during the two-hour break I had in between classes. A guy from Primerica approached me "mistaking" me for a friend of his. (I put the word "mistaking" in quotations because I found out after I left that it was a tactic to persuade me to join.) He asked me if $2000-3000 would make a difference to me, and I said, "Yes." Now here's the thing, looking back on this in retrospect, this is shady. However, I'm a current undergraduate student who's been unemployed for almost 4 years. The job market is difficult and I was desperate enough to go with it just because I needed money. They decided to schedule an interview with me but they wouldn't tell me what the company's name was. I'm someone that doesn't like to beat around the bush so I didn't appreciate this at all. They even told me that they couldn't make any promises that they would take me on.Flash forward to interview day and I'm hanging out with my friends. I tell them about this opportunity and they're telling me companies like this are a scam, especially Primerica (I didn't know this was Primerica at the time though). Still, I was willing to give it a chance just because I had that "What have I got to lose?" mentality. They interview me and I give them honest answers saying I want money to be able to pay for tuition and so on. They like what they heard and then they invite me to their information session on Thursday and I go to it. Tell me, though, what's the point of telling they couldn't make any promises if they were going to take me on anyway?It's Thursday night and the information session seems great. Everyone seemed so friendly. I was very enthusiastic and engaged, but this was mainly because of desperation. Then they require me to pay $103.95 + $28.00 for the classes and licensing, but I didn't do that until Saturday because I needed my bills to be paid off. That was a big mistake on end of things. That same night too, they drive me home, and the guy who took me on gave me a hug saying, "Welcome to the team." Then he texts me asking me, "Did you get inside okay?" No offense, but that is kind of creepy. I'm not against kindness in any way but that was just super creepy and felt kind of fake to me.Saturday was when I decided to call it quits. I still went to the information session and I was again engaged and enthusiastic because of my financial desperation. However, what made me decide to call it quits was a number of things. One was that the session was supposed to be 2 hours and it went beyond that time frame. I missed nearly a whole day of studying because of this and then they ask for a list of people to try and recruit onto their team. I felt a bit uncomfortable doing that, but I kept the list for myself so they never got it. They were even saying things like how they're very genuine and that I am family. If you have to assure me that you're genuine, then I'm not going to believe you. Show me that you're genuine, and then I'll believe you. As for the family thing, how could you be calling me that when you just met me? If you're going to be my friend, then you have to deal with me at both my best and worst sides. They haven't even seen either of those things. They even had me follow a script on how to recruit people, and the first two people I wanted to recruit were my parents. I told them I could've asked them at home seeing as how I am very comfortable with talking to my parents, but they were so pushy about it that I had to go with the script and call in front of them. Then there was the fact that they wanted me to find people to recruit within a short amount of time. I have midterms and assignments due, and I have a trip coming up that I'm busy with planning for. Do you really think I would have time to do this? I think not. I was so overwhelmed and then thought back to what my friend was saying about how this was a scam. I read so many reviews about this place and decided that I'm done. There is no way I was going to exploit my friends for money. I'm not that kind of person.I told them the next day that I didn't want to be a part of Primerica anymore because it was going to interfere with my education. I didn't mention to them that I figured out they were a scam. Then I asked them to meet with me to discuss my termination the day after, and they failed to show up. So because enough was enough, I called them again that same day and told them that they are a scam. They tried to defend it by saying they are legally recognized by the NYSE. So what? There are charities recognized by the CRA and the IRS who do less than legal activities, and you're trying to convince that what you guys do is legal? I also heard that you don't even get paid the amount of money they promised. Thank god I dodged the bullet on this one and didn't stay with it for as I long did. It was honestly a terrible mistake; one that I will never make again.
My agent is very personable. He knows the business inside and out. Very helpful. If he is not available he will return calls promptly. He explained in terms for me to understand. What I like the most is that he checks in on me from time to time.
Scam huh? Anyone who would legitimately take the time to do their research will find that Primerica is a business like any other legal entity. My experience has been and I have been in the business for quite a number of years is that everyone who joins Primerica and pays attention to instruction will have the success that they are willing to work for. They will learn that at the end of the day, there are only a certain number of things they can control; more importantly, they should learn to control themselves.A person can join Primerica to learn how to get out of debt, so they can save and invest their money and build wealth. To do this, discipline and time are required. Some people get a little salty if they do not receive results instantly or within a time frame they have set for themselves. It takes time to undo the mess that most people have made in their finances, but they want to blame the company because they won't do the things they are being coached to do to get the results they want; so they walk away. What they don't realize is that they get to do this, along with their current job, which will speed up the paying off of their bills if they learn the skills necessary to earn the money. If they knew that without a doubt, they were guaranteed to receive a paycheck every day for their efforts, they would do what they are told instead of finding every reason not to. Let's face it, there was obviously something that drew them to this opportunity, which could be a business opportunity or just an opportunity to help them strengthen the resources they already have. Only that person knows why they got involved in the first place.No one at Primerica is going to get mad at you because you decide that your goals and dreams aren't worth fighting for. And you’re probably still fighting but to no avail; getting little results, if any. Your upline just sought to find someone who believed their dreams were worth fighting for. Primerica provides a resource that anyone can use if they just learn the fundamentals of the business and follow the process. Too many times we want to control the outcome and if we can’t, we conclude that it doesn’t work. Don’t you realize that is why systems and processes were designed? It is because they work. It’s like a recipe, if you follow the instructions, the cake will turn out great. However, if you decide to add salt in the recipe where it tells you to add sugar; your cake will taste quite different from one that was using sugar. Think about what you’re walking away from. Think. Think back when you were a little kid and your parents told you to do things you didn’t agree with, but they always tried to tell you what was best for you. Go ahead, I dare you to get disciplined about your finances and see if your life doesn’t change. You already have a job, right? And many of you have been earning money for quite some time and have no idea why your finances are out of control to the point you need 2 to 3 jobs to catch up. And this is all the time with some people. When are you going to get disciplined? Primerica can help you with that if you let them. The little bit of money you’re spending for a background check and/or a class is no more than what a security guard would pay for a security clearance or his uniform to start his security job. And if you don’t pay that fee, you can kiss that job goodbye too. Please, people spend more than $200 on junk that will never appreciate.I’ll leave you with this; scams get people put in jail. Ask yourself this, why isn’t your upline in jail or better yet, the other leaders? Just make sure that the people that are telling you that this is a scam and guarantee you that it won’t be a good resource for you, are providing you with an alternative that will. Make sure they are prepared to pay your bills or at least help you because you can’t pay your bills with their opinion, you can pay your bills with money. Can you go into work tomorrow and ask your boss for a raise, or for the extra $500 you’ll need to pay on your bills, because you got behind last month putting tires on your car?
I joined the company and really liked it at first. I passed my life insurance exam fairly quickly because there was a promotion going on where if you passed the exam, they would give you an $100 bonus. I passed it within the specified time frame and never received anything. Following that, I submitted a life insurance policy of $300,000 for which I should have gotten paid more than $500 and never received more than $20 after 6 months. I then proceeded to terminate my solution number believing that they work like every other company and pay off what they owed me for the business I put in. I called home office and they said they would not be paying me anything. SO MUCH FOR A COMPANY THAT IS KNOWN FOR PAYING THEIR EMPLOYEES WHAT THEY DESERVE.
I was contacted at work by someone claiming to be interested in giving me a job. He said he was a customer and was impressed by my professionalism. After somewhat shadily asking me to talk privately and that he didn't want to discuss anything over the phone, I greed. After a little skepticism, I agreed to try working part-time. I paid $50 for a licensing fee and was told if I didn't pass the background check or changed my mind, I could get it back.
I am a student and was looking for a part-time flexible opportunity to bring in supplemental income. My roommate had just joined Primerica and I appeared to be going ok for him because he quit his job and went full time. At the "presentation" I was told I would be responsible for a one time fee of $99 and the company pays to get me licensed both life and series 6, then once they got my payment the opportunity changed. Now I had to pay an appointment fee $90 and a recurring $25 for online access. To get my series six I would have to pay for fingerprinting ($50*) and had to have full access on POL to get the free training @ $25. So all in all I'm out of pocket $200 to date, 4 months in, and I have zero returns. Now, I was told you will get a bonus of $500 if you get your Series 6 and it's all paid for. I did my own research and come to find out its first come first serve was for only the first 500 people in the country to get the bonus, and you will have to have had at least $1000 in investments in 30 days to be eligible. There is a serious gap between the company's programs and what the agents are selling you. They are only interested in their own targets to make their own bonuses, i.e., number of recruits and number of policies sold. Beware of these agents. They are tarnishing a possibly good mission for the everyday American because of their personal agendas. I learned the hard way and $200 less for an already broke student.
After 29 yrs as a chef, I was let go because of financial problems the company was having. Working for a company 50 to 60 hours a week. If it wasn't for Dave Ramsey earlier to show me how to get out of debt I would have been financially devastated. I would tell them about his book. Then I met a friend that show me this business while working for a school that paid me half what I was making. I had no experience in the financial field, but I looked at this business (Primerica) and all I had on my mind was to help families. I got off to a slow start in this company (most people would of quit) because I told my friends the company's name and I sell life insurance. They ran from me, because they looked at these websites which I did, but looked at all the complaints where people that read these websites and quit because they did not know how to get in business for themselves (That is why they don't tell you because when you see it you can make a decision for yourself). When I saw it I asked myself why would a company be a scam and you get licences from the State and Federal government? Why would top financial companies do business with Primerica, even be trading on the NY Stock Market under PRI? I am in the company for a year and half. Last month I made more than I make at the school in a month. The company is awesome, but it is also the people you work with, because this is a people business. The people I work with is the best. They want you to succeed!!! You have to work this business and on yourself. It's part time and you don't have to stress of leaving your job. It's a business not a job. Recruiting (better than being recruited) all companies recruit. Helps families. Only cost $99 (refund around $60 if you quit before scheduling your licence) for your cost of a background check. $25 a month for top-notch website to help you with your business and does all the work for you. No inventory and no overhead. They pay for all licences (Life and Securities). More million dollar and hundred thousand dollar earners than any company out there. Unlimited income (that is up to you). All businesses are pyramids: Owner or GM or President, then VPs, then middle management, then workers. Now ask yourself. Who gets paid the most? And who gets paid the least? Are you living the dream life? Can you go to the top? What you are doing now? Can you ask for a raise and get it? Do you have a plan B? Nothing easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it. I'm doing this business to help families and to help my family!
Primerica has made a huge impact in my life. Their term life insurance is unmatched in the industry for the value of the product as well as the payout time for claims. Their agents though not perfect generally take an educational approach to the business. It makes me laugh when people call it a pyramid scheme where all the money is at the top.... Hello, the CEO, management and your boss Mr. blog writer make more than you and yes they are at the top of the pyramid. The difference is in Primerica you are promoted to broker to make the big contract based on your own production instead of the opinion of your boss. All in all, Primerica is not for everyone. If you are not able to do 5th grade math, have a felony or are lazy then blog away about how PRI doesn't work. It will not work for you.
I will never go there again. Found out my friend gets $25 for every person she brings to a meeting. They booted us in a separate room and got the whole speech. It's a total pyramid scheme. They sign you up and three more friends of yours to work under you. Then I step outside to get fresh air. I see the three top people high giving each other saying, (got another one). Most uncomfortable experience ever.
I am still recovering from what happened today. I had an interview today. Not really even know what it was for. I was stupid in a way not telling from their job ad what this was really about. I was told to come in and ask for a woman whose name I will not disclose here. There was a woman in the front who I found out was the lady I was supposedly meeting with! She didn't even introduce herself once I told her who I was. Bizarre and unprofessional.. I met with a man (not even sure what his name was). He pulls me into the room for our "interview". He asks me what I do for a living. He then starts bashing what I do for a living very lightly. He starts asking me what my dream house and dream car are. Again, I should have known right off something was very shady. I gave him some answers after feeling under extreme pressure. He then gets a catalog and begins explaining to me about investments and life insurance. So there you go. I am going to be selling insurance products to people. I'm assuming they are cold calls or whatever. Here's the worst part. He then asks me for 10 people names and numbers!!! I can see right through the **!! He wants to get sales of course! Scumbag. I give him one name and number and then I finally tell him "look, I'm not interested in this. Have a good day, goodbye. Oh, and don't call her please." He tells me to not call back. "Trust me pal, I won't." The other thing that bothers me is they have my information which I know legally they can't do anything with. I'm sure their products work for some people who are looking into retirement or investing or something. I am begging job seekers, please be careful. That is all.
When I applied for life insurance with prime america in December 2012 a co worker told me that it's affordable and the rates stays as is (being he works with them). I believed him. Should've known better. Now going on my second year my rate change twice. I explain to them my situation in the beginning of being a single mom to three boys and living on a fix income. I was told my rate will stay the same when I first sign up. Then when I made my first year it increase a few more dollars. I called to asked why. When I was told it wouldn't the rep told me a bunch of BS but again told me she will put a stop on increase for future payment and if I want I can downsize and add more benefit to my policy which doesn't make sense when I was complaining about the increase. Now I'm going on my second year and again they increase it more. I wouldn't recommend this insurance to anyone because all they care about is the money not policy of people trying to have life insurance. When you call to cancel they try their best to keep you with them but not this year. I definitely will be canceling my policy this year. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!
I became a Primerica client 4 years ago, and I just love its financial plan. I was also recruited, but never really committed to work with them because I was going to college to became a teacher. I graduated but since finding a teaching job is not as easy as they tell you in college I recruited myself again into Primerica. Meanwhile I founded a job. Months went by and I couldn't find a teaching job, but I ended falling in love for what I do for my clients because I really feel I educate them about their finances. Besides educating is my profession. Yes you have to recruit but in our office we don't force anyone. We actually just offer the opportunity to the ones that say yes without second thoughts.The company is great and its services even better but all at depends in the office you end up. Our RVP or uplines actually make us read and educate ourselves about our products. We take it very seriously especially because most of us are unemployed college graduates that preferred to stay with Primerica. I just love reading bad comments because they motivate me more. I am sorry for those that ended in the wrong office and to those who didn't stay - it's Normal to quit something that is not easy. Many of my college freshman classmates didn't made it to graduation because it was intense.. Ps. Excuse my grammar but I made it quick in my phone.
This so called insurance is a nothing but fake. They will take your money and tell you it's safe when in reality they're using YOUR money for THEIR personal needs. I had an interview and they made ME and potential employee, put down $100. I ended up not going through with it because when I confronted them with the bad reviews that I read before, they just said it was their rival insurances giving them those reviews. Do not trust!
I am not just angry, I am furious. My boyfriend and I went to a Primerica meeting as an invitation from a friend's brother. We enjoyed the presentation, and told them we were interested in joining the company. We are young, in college, and thought, "hey, a cool job offer!" They were extremely, unnaturally excited for us to join. This is because by manipulating us and convincing us to work for the company, they got promoted. Basically, the people they hire are not employees, they are just young adults who they require convince their family and friends to use Primerica. By doing so, they get a sale, and the people who hire you get promoted. You are nothing to them. You are just another sale. So, after realizing this after the FIRST ORIENTATION, we told them we were no longer interested and went on our way. However, it turns out that they have been calling our employee references (which they required TEN personal references) behind our backs, saying that we personally recommended them for Primerica. What a great company. Way to take advantage of two 19 year olds. You go.
I made a large investment with Primerica 2007. The funds came a corporation where I was a director. This was retirement funds. My husband and I were estranged and to be divorced in the near future. My ex husband at that time, now we are divorced. But anyhow I over rode his thoughts about Primerica. I felt it was a good company. The advisor came to become close friends. She was a confident, listened to my woes regarding my recent break up, was very consoling etc. My ex-husband agreed in the investment. He was away on a holiday in Europe when I confronted him with the investment. He agreed with the investment.When I got off the phone the advisor advised me to put the funds into my personal name and make the investment joint because we going to get divorced and the property would be divided equally. She advised with not paying off 3 mortgages - one held a very high interest rate. This mortgage had to do with a business we had and needed the cash flow at that time. The three mortgages equaled to nearly 800,000.00. She said not to payoff off the mortgages due to high penalties with early payoffs. She then did a evaluation of the income that needed to maintain the mortgages. First major mistake.She then returns 2 weeks later looking for another investment I had equipment of course in the corporation's name. I told her I had an interested party I have a deposit and he was going to come up with the rest of the cash the following week. She said "you should do the investment". I went along with it but then I gave it some thought and wanted to change my mind. I tried telling her I was not comfortable with it and wanted to cancel. She said it was too late that the investment was on route to head office. She also said "Let it go through." Ok. The sale fell through the cheques went NSF. Then my investments were taking a nosedive the economy went down - this was 2008. The high interest mortgage owner kept on renewing my mortgage with administrative fees. Long and short she said to consolidate the 3 mortgages was unable to do that. I decided to pay off the mortgage which left the investments at 0 now.Now I couldn't afford to live in my current house - had to take out another 2nd mortgage for cash flow while the house sold. She referred me to a mortgage broker told the mortgage broker get her a mortgage "she has lots of money". Ok so the house sold had a recreational property in another province moved there for the interim. Prior to moving I got advice from a lawyer that what she did was negligent and for the benefit for herself and PFSL, tax consequences. Further the payoff of the mortgage was after tax dollars more losses. Then when I was reviewing my statements I came across some redemptions I was unfamiliar with. Called the investment companies "They came back with they have letters of direction with signatures confirming them to remove funds for the losses of the previous investment where the cheques became NSF." I asked for the letters of direction. I received them the signatures were not ours.I called the policy, did a complaint. They confirmed it was definitely not our signatures but couldn't confirm that it's the advisor's. Prior to when I made the initial investments earlier on the other account holder was away on holidays the application needed to be signed. I told her I have the other account holder's stamp and was authorized to use it. She said it can't be used. She progressed with signing the application, in other words forged his signature. She did that with the 2nd application as well. Back to the lawyer he said that I should do a statement of claim - I did. I also complained to PFSL. She denied all allegations that the complaint department said I was making these claims because of the losses of my investments. So in other words forget about going to the securities board they look after their own (and the lawyer also said that as well).So we are at the process of questioning. She doesn't remember a lot of things. She had notes that didn't coincide with documents I had. So now we're preparing to go to court. Lawyers for PFSL come up with an application for security of costs meaning I have to come up more money. In the event I lose their costs would be cover. Let me tell you they came up with high costs so in other words they're trying to costs this claim so I couldn't afford to continue. By this time I am penniless. my estranged won't help he says it's my action I have to fix it. So in the end I couldn't come up with the security costs. They made an application for dismissal of the claim plus high costs for the actions. At one time they wanted double costs the master said no. They requested for the dismissal of statement of claim based on the order to read a dismissal as if that there was a trial and dismissed.So in the end here is the conclusion: PFSL does/helps with the advisor with cover ups with documents. The advisor gets off scot-free. They pocketed commission based on the investments. I am broke lost the 1.200,000.00 investment. Was forced to sell my house here and was forced to sell the recreational property. CCRA had writs against me for the transfer of the funds into my personal name. The writs were more or less taken made from my portion of the property. My ex-husband says the writs are in my name I am responsible. He gets off scot-free. In the end a claim that was based on what the advisor said I should do get off and I have no money. I have rheumatoid arthritis - can't work and am now on social security. I suppose within Primerica they might be some honest advisors but I picked the one that stopped at nothing to get my money.Most of the advisors lack financial education are educated with whatever PFSL has offered and are called professionals in their field. This one called herself a financial advisor without the letters. My ex-husband and were self-employed for 20 years gathered up the money and retire with some comfort. So the bottom line is this always have an accredited professional advice you with your investments such as accountants, financial advisors or lawyers. Think about what is the best strategy. Do not become buddies as she said we were friends. Friendship and money don't work. I went to their meetings - a lot of excitement, cheering. They say the banks are your enemies you pay high taxes (I wonder what they did). They try to recruit you. I tried the recruitment thing. I hated it.PFSL is not a good company, untrustworthy. I wouldn't trust them especially if they know your assets and cash available, and you're in a low point in your life. On occasions I wanted to go to her supervisor with problems. She would say "No don't do that." That should have been a clue. I caution anybody who thinks of investing with them. When your money is gone so are they. They cover up mistakes with documents altering. I caution doing business with them. Incidentally if you're from Calgary this is where I'm from and found this lovely person.
My agent was very friendly and personalized the services we needed for our family. Our family got the coverage we needed without paying an arm and a leg!
I've read a few negative reviews about Primerica but after looking closely, I can't see any fundamental issues with the company itself. I see a lot of complaints about the policy writers, but few about the company. We all know that pushy salespeople exist, it doesn't matter what company you are with. Apple, Google, Verizon, Amazon, and Cisco. These are all successful companies that are doing well and provide good products and services. But guess what, people will have a bad experience from time to time because of a few bad apples in the bunch. When it comes to MLM companies like Primerica, those bad apples own their own businesses and it's hard to prevent those ** from being **. It's THEIR business. My policy writer was genuinely transparent, not pushy and very friendly. I may not become a policy writer but because he was actually helpful and again, transparent, I will gladly recommend him to my friends and family.
I have my policy with this company for the past 6 and a half years. My wife was a client of them for even longer and was unfortunate to have lost her previous husband. This company delivered for her. This life insurance company offers more features and benefits than anyone else. It is the best value for money. They pay their claims quickly and has the best renewable options available. You get personalized service from knowledgeable reps. They have a long track record of success, and has been working to help people understand the need for life insurance and how it actually works. They never raised rates and has in fact reduced rates 12 times. They have no war exclusion, and policies are guaranteed renewable at the end of the term without proving health.
In December 2016, signed up for Primerica when I was unemployed and was fully committed to selling insurance. I was so impressed with the company I bought an life insurance policy as well. In January 2017, I was hired full time and stopped working with Primerica due to a lack of time. In March 2017, I noticed a two reoccurring charges (POL business account and Primerica Life insurance Policy) from Primerica and immediately cancelled my POL business account online before the next billing cycle.In December 2018 I noticed that I was still being charged for my POL business account even though it was cancelled in March. When I contacted Primerica they gave me the runaround claiming my account was never charged then claiming they never received my request. I am truly disgusted with the way Primerica has handled my refund request. They have been extremely rude to someone who is an Licensed Insurance agent and was planning to renew his account.
I did read most of the comments made about and the one universal comment most made were they describe the business opportunity as a job. It is not a job. Most also describe it as a "scam", a "pyramids scam". Have you ever heard anyone say "I went to college and it was not good so I quit", "They worked for-XYZ Company for 30 to 40 years and all they gave me was a gold watch". Or they will say "I went to college for 4 years and now I work at McDonald's or Wal-Mart because I can't find a job as a lawyer", so now I work as a doorman at some high riser. Where you work now, is not a "pyramid"?. The JOB is making money and they are paying you what they feel you are worth, you don't decide. Primerica give you the opportunity to do better and it is yours if you do the work. The Insurance Industry/State in whatever line of work, requirement is you must have a license to provide the services that Primerica market. FINRA demands you are license to offer Securities, and Primerica pays for all your license, if you do the work. The companies incentive/trips, to 5 star resorts, are all paid for by the company, and all your business expenses are tax deductible like in any business. Where can you open and operate a business for $99 and perform any license transaction for $25/month. Just do the work. You can do it all yourself and get 100% return on your efforts, or you can build you business with 10+ reps and get 1/10% for all and make more $$$. If you do it yourself, you must do it every day, and then how much can you do everyday. With the turn over most companies have, including Uncle Sam Armed Services is always recruiting, and they don't treat you any better. I guess the vaseline they use is better, because that is what you deserve. The "Commission Pay" business may not be for you, as with being a police or a President or an Emergency room nurse, but somewhere out there you will need a Primerica Rep to help you build your "Goals and Dreams", so you can enjoy a happy retirement.
Senior Exploitation. My 79 year old mother was pressured by a Primerica NJ Reg Vice-President, Dorana Brunhammer. Her recommendations were unsuitable for a woman of my mother's age. The Primerica culture may be aggressive however her tactics, one of which included accompanying my mother to the bank to obtain a cashier's check from the proceeds of her condo sale, were totally inappropriate. All of this and more occurred unbeknownst to the rest of the family. In addition, there was no benefit to 1035 her current annuities except for the sake of commissions. As a result she lost her lifetime benefits.Once my mother expressed her desire to take advantage of her Look Back, Dorana obfuscated the situation. It wasn't until my brother and I were made aware of the situation and became involved that my mother was able to cancel liquidation and contract exchanges which was not an easy process and cost her administrative fees. My hope is that this review will prevent this from happening to another family in the future.
I think there is a great deal of confusion about the difference between pyramid scams and network marketing. PRIMERICA is based on network marketing where agents can earn a good to great salary based on the amount of work each is willing to put forth. Our experience with PRIMERICA has saved us a great deal of money and after listening to the presentation, has led us to become licensed agents so we too can help others like we were helped. If you need financial guidance, PRIMERICA is your company. If you are desiring a better income and are not afraid to work then PRIMERICA is your vehicle to a better life.
I went into this life insurance gig 2 months ago. I went in fully educated so I knew what I was doing. I am a person that generally understands that sales can be overwhelming and stressful as I did it for 4 years. The agent I had was absolutely horrible. He came to my house and half-assedly filled out the paperwork for my policy. I found this out by the lack of funds that were "supposed" to be drawn from my account, but never were. I called the agent to tell him this. He sent me a form to sign and send back, then the funds were withdrawn. Next month....same payment made. Now the scary part.....I had to schedule my own medical exam and the medical exam practitioner wanted to come to my house at 4 am on Saturday. After going round and round with that part, I finally got the exam. Now for my wife's policy...not so easy. She did not require an exam; however she needed a statement from her doctor. The Primerica agent repeatedly told me that all the paperwork had been faxed to her...and it never was. So I called the doctor 3 times.... After each time the insurance rep had told me that he faxed everything to her and it would be taken care of. Long story short here....I have been the middle man in this whole fiasco for 2 months. I finally got tired of it right before I wrote this review and cancelled the policy. The one good thing I can say about the policy is that it was straightforward and easy to understand.... The customer service was absolutely horrible. The agent that I worked with was what seemed half-hearted in his work and the sense I gained was that he never faxed any of the paperwork that needed to get filled out. I will warn you.....if you do extremely cautious of your agent. The first red flag I should have noticed was that Primerica is "closed" for lunch from 1230-100 pm. Complete horrible customer service........
While I don't think they are a scam, I don't think they are an honest company. If they are so legitimate and a real career opportunity, then why are so many stories the same? Like so many others, I received a call about a job. Some VP was given my resume and Janelle was given my name. She was very vague on the job and company, but she said it was an educational company making me think more the lines of Sylvan Learning Centers. She could squeeze me in the next day at 3.I had my interview today. She didn't have my resume and I had to provide her one. I had to fill out an application and I am sorry, when someone uses the words unlimited income opportunities, I grow very suspicious. Ding #2. Ding #3, 10 references? Really? The questions sounded more like a sales pitch than a job. Do I want my kids to be proud of me? I am child-free. I don't have kids. Something that was brought up repeatedly. I sat for an hour listening to Janelle go on and on about this company. Finally, this was the conversation: "Sorry for interrupting but for an hour I have heard about the company. Is this a job interview or sales pitch? I am here to find about a job and we have not mentioned the position."
"Well you need to find out about our company to make an informed decision.""Well if this is what I think it is, then I want to hear about the job. Then if I like what I hear, you can tell me about the company."When she told me I was providing financial security to a family who really needed my services, so it is sales? Commission only? No, if you go out and spend 4 hours at a client's home and they buy, then we reward you. So commission only. I worked as a travel agent for 12 years and made the same about of commission, had a salary and all my expenses paid for me. So what is it going to cost me to work here? Only the $99 that is required for your licenses and $72 for a background check (I have never paid for my own background check). I also did not like the fact that she asked me for full disclosure on my background despite the fact that they only wanted to know if you have a felony or were a registered sex offender.I know people who do this for other companies and they all are struggling and have to have 2nd and 3rd jobs to pay to work for these companies. They have to pay for gas and other expenses even if they don't sell a thing. They also told me they wanted me to own my own office sometime. I have no desire to own my own business. I personally do not feel comfortable going into someone else's home that I do not know. I told her that I had no desire to sell insurance and work for commission only. Then she had the gall to ask me if I was interested in their service. I told her I wasn't giving her company a dime. She asked if I mind if she contacted my references to see if they were interested in working for them. I told her hell no and they would all be given her name and number so they could avoid her call. I came home and told all 700 friends on my Facebook list and the 1,000 on my fiancee's and have asked people to share so no one is sucked in by the company.
I've seen some people on here had negative experiences with these guys customer service wise. Well it's my understanding they have over 100 000 licensed independent reps... what some of them do hardly reflects the integrity of the company. I was very pleased with the company's educational approach and how the products that I found were ALL BACKED BY 3RD PARTY CONSUMER GROUPS.
There is something wrong with this company. Today the 4th recruiter from Primerica called me about working for them in the last 3 months. I had to pry just to find out what the position was. I know who they are as I am a seasoned finance professional and I was once a licensed insurance agent. The gentleman (and I say that loosely) refused to tell me what the position was. He repeatedly told me I will have to come to their office if I wanted to know. I have been contacted by dozens of companies about future employment and no reputable company forces a potential candidate to beg for information. He wouldn't tell me the title of the position. He wouldn't tell me what the job responsibilities were and he wouldn't tell me if it was a commission based position. He insisted I would have to come in to find out those key facts. I told him 3 times, "Thank you for contacting me", but I wasn't interested. He eventually just hung up on me.I have been in the business world for 40+ years, and I have never seen such unprofessional behavior in my life except by scam artists. I have written directly to Primerica and advised what has transpired. I told them not only would I not buy their products, I would not work for a company that has no respect for potential candidates or customers. I will also spread this information by word of mouth and I know 100s of people. I also told them to immediately remove me from their call list. I advised that if they did not stop, I would file a harassment complaint, starting with the phone company. Reverse phone number look up gave me their carrier and address. Good luck to anyone that is lured into the Primerica dark hole!
I got my life insurance policy 6 month ago. I am very happy with my agent and with the service and product. It was clear and professional. I truly recommend the company. Buy term and invest. The difference is the best option for a financial plan.
I canceled my policy and I don't know how they took money out of my friend son's account. This money has to be paid back. I call customer service and they can't answer me. Your consumer affairs handle it. Your company is a bunch liars and thieves. Nobody should get your insurance. Why should I have to check a star.
From start to finish I spent 4 or 5 months in two different offices. I gave it my 110%. I was in a real financial mess. I'm giving them one star because they did have some really good debt management help. I studied really hard. The exams were brutal. Apparently they are in Ontario now. I passed on the first try. I went with two offices. The second one being one that was really successful. Or so I thought. I trained with more than one person. I did about 3? sales.I did not get paid on my own life insurance. I did not get paid on the seg fund I sold because apparently it's not enough to get paid on I was told. I didn't get paid on the other 2 because I wasn't licensed for mutual funds. I didn't get paid because I'm so low on totem pole. I don't get paid. It's not worth it to cut me a cheque for 5 bucks a month. You are expected to go to consortiums, conferences, events. Wherever you are told they are. No matter how long it is. If it's a weekend in another country or a week, you cover all of your own expenses. All it is is people talking about how rich they are and the audience yelling amen! Like... a cult. Overall they tell everyone that they would make great agents. They totally have amazing personalities and they can see success in their future. They will make RVP. They pay you some attention too in the beginning. Really make you feel like you belong. They will tell you how much they love your children and how special they are and how much they want you to succeed. Then when they see that you have run out of contacts and they don't like your ideas to generate business. They start to ignore you. I pushed it and said I want to be successful. I got yelled at and told off. I got told they didn't care about anything except making money. I did call the head office. I got told that nobody has time to micromanage someone who has no confidence.I was so just done after this. I took a breath and I did 2 interviews with two other insurance companies. I wanted to know what the difference was and why Primerica trashes the first one I went to. I had to go through 2 interviews at each one and fill out a really long personality questionnaire. The first one turned me down. The second one thought I was great. This was a job interview I had to go through.Primerica is great to get your license. It's a really cheap way to do it. Their products are legit. Maybe expensive but they are legit. That's where it ends. They changed the LLQP because of Primerica. They mass recruit and tell everyone they are great when they aren't and then it wasn't too hard to pass the exams. Now the exams are really hard so it puts a damper on what Primerica does.I really wanted to believe in the company but I can't. If you go to a few interviews with different companies you will see a big difference in the professionalism in the agents. They dress more professionally. They drive better cars. I was training with a guy who had been there for over 7 years and drove a crappy old car. How come after that much time you aren't making big bucks? I think if you want to get licensed through them it's great! I'd leave right after. It's next to impossible to make any money. Their failure rate is unbelievably high. I can only get a job in the industry because I already have a license if I didn't I probably wouldn't. So if you are serious I would recommend Primerica just to get a license then leave quickly! Don't look back!
Well at the surface I believe Primerica has good intentions they are really shady. What the offer in terms of life insurance and savings is great but their business model is flawed. For one they try and claim to be on the doorstep of an amazing breakthrough that is set to become the next Facebook, Google, or Apple. That doesn’t add up since they got started in 1977 which is nearly 40 years ago. We all know FB, Google, and Apple were major success almost overnight and anyone and everyone knows who and what they are, large parts of America still wouldn’t know what Primerica is without someone explaining it to them. Two, if they were as great as they say you would be able to use the Primerica name alone to sell insurance to people, just like if someone were to say I have a position for you at Google or Apple where you can potential make millions they wouldn’t hesitate.However, Primerica has a bad rep and they earn it. They're pushy most of the time insensitive and do whatever it takes to get you involved with their business. If Primerica was actually as awesome as they try and make themselves out to be then their name would speak for itself especially after 40 years. They tell you when you're selling and trying to get sales reps under you that it’s not sales and to not tell people that it’s for OR that you're with Primerica. That alone is shady and proves that they need to work on their image and name credibility more than anything else. I have been approached three different times to be a part of this business and each time I have turned it down. You say things to their reps and literally see them the next day and they don’t remember things you said.While that can be a personal problem the larger overarching problem is that it shows that they're not paying attention 'cause they only care about the bottom line which is money. I think Primerica is great in terms of what they sell. Their life insurance is pretty awesome but their approach to business and sales is not healthy. They would be better off becoming a more traditional company like a bank than sending people through the ringer in a very similar fashion that Pyramid schemes do. If you want to be sales don’t care about losing friends and you have zero other passions than just making money and helping other people do okay in life savings then so be it. It’s for you. It is not for people that spent years in school for whatever their passion is that want to have a career in their area of study. Go do you went to school for. Don’t get roped into something that isn’t for you because of the shiny penny on the other side.
I think it's stupid how you have to pay 99$ for a credit check and leave out the tiny detail that each month they will deduct 25$ from your credit card!!!! I told my upline what that was about and acted like she didn't know how it happened, said their system is dumb and that she had to make a phone call.. I would've been ok if they were upfront about the fees, but to just take it without permission... How sneaky of them. Just should've been honest.
What I see from this site is that there are a lot of opinions about Primerica. Fact is Primerica is a top rated company in the financial services industry and a top rated insurance company. Love the fact that they treat me well and provide the opportunity to go on luxurious trips every 6 months! If you work, it works! If you're expecting to receive a paycheck for just not doing anything and wasting time like you do at a job then DO NOT DO IT! You will fail and you're going to justify a reason in why Primerica doesn't work.
Fist off the company will twist words into your mouth to get you to sign up under a class program that you are required to pay for and attend to get your license and that you have to give up two to three days to take this class which is around $125.00. Next they require you to pay a $25 / month membership fee just to use the stupid pointless app to access your client information on your mobile device. Total bogus stunt that charges you every month until you look at your bank account and realize that you have been paying for this app you hardly ever use... Be prepared to call customer service a few times, or possibly three to four times until you get your point across that you do not wish to be charged the $25/ month any longer. Complete scam that doesn't supply you with anything. You are putting your money into the pockets of word wizards that will silver tongue their way into your life and ruin it when you're dead.
First of all let's be honest there are bad apples in everything. You can't do drugs in the military but people do. There are a lot of people dogging this company out just because they experienced a bad apple, not everyone in this company is bad. They have an awesome opportunity and great products that really help people so please do not base an opinion on this company because you had an bad apple. Not once have I been duped by this company or my RVP. If you are not getting the answers you want call the home office in Georgia and I am sure you will get your answer. The biggest problem is everyone wants fame Now!! This is not a get rich quick thing, it takes time and hard work. If it is not for you then it's not but please stop bashing this Company and if you are reading this stuff contact your local rep or the home office to get your answers....... NOT this site.
I have been working part time with Primerica for about 8 years. The best reason to work there is you will learn how money works so you can benefit. A lot of you ask why talk to my family, here is a reason. I learned my sister had lots of credit card debt and found out she would be in debt for the next 20 years. After I helped her she will be DEBT FREE in 4 years. By the way I helped her save over 200 dollars a month by doing this. So if you know someone struggling with debt talk to them.Next I had insurance from that big rock company. They used to have lots of tv ads. I was paying 800 dollars a year for 100000 dollars of life insurance. After I switched to Primerica I pay 600 Dollars a year for 490000 dollars of insurance. So I benefit from the insurance. Saving money. Here are the people we are NOT looking for: someone who wants to earn 40 000 dollars a year for 40 hours a week for 40 years, and be broke at retirement. Here is who we are looking for: people who want a better life.By the way if you have a JOB, and you train your replacement (that young kid who you are training who works for half the money you make)... When the company lays off someone, who do you think it will be - the cheap kid or expensive YOU?Primerica is a business. The start up cost is 99 dollars. I did real estate before Primerica. The tax lien course cost 1650, and the house cost 2000 dollars. A friend of mine paid 6000 dollars to learn real estate boot camp. A Mcdonald's franchise costs over 500000 dollars. By the way college (no job guaranteed) cost over 20000 dollars a year. I know doctors who paid 250000 dollars to get their medical license. So if you are complaining about a 99 start up cost, then do not try real estate, any franchise, or college.
I have been a client for 8 years and love what the company does. I also would never have been able to find an opportunity like this, best decision I have made in my financial life. I would not hesitate to do this again and the education I've received is invaluable.
I had a Roth IRA and Traditional IRA for many years at Primerica. I was ok with a $25 fee charged to one of the accounts. But about 2 or 3 years ago, they started to charge $25 per IRA account. So that's $50 in annual fees, which is totally unreasonable. Recently I transfer my Traditional IRA assets to another company. Primerica charged another $25 fee plus $30 termination fee. $55 to close an account? What a ripoff! If you want to invest, there are far better options out there that doesn't charge annual fees. If you use Quicken, you won't be able to download the data from Primerica.
I can relate to many of the fears and doubts some consumers have posted here. In 2013 my daughter was invited to an opportunity meeting and I was invited to come with her. It started at 7:30pm. I thought it was so strange to have a meeting for work at night. But I wanted to support my daughter so I went. The information that was presented was life changing. I had a 401K at work but I had no idea how it worked or how any of my investments and life insurance worked. I signed up with the company to get the education. I had a good stable job at the time so I was not looking for another job.I went home that night and I "Googled" Primerica just like most of you because I had never heard about the company. I did see a lot of negative comments saying that it was a scam and pyramid, and I ALMOST quit before giving this opportunity a chance. I was ready to call and cancel my application. THANK GOD I did not. I started thinking that the negative comments online were probably from lazy people with no hopes and ambitions of something better in life, and didn't give themselves the opportunity to learn and get licensed. By them saying that it didn't work for them, they were in essence telling me that they were better than me. And that if it did not work for them, it was not going to work for me either. Thank God I had common sense to do my own credible research and not rely on the negative comments of strangers online.If this were a Scam or Pyramid, why is it a REQUIREMENT to have a State and Federal Investment License? Why do we need to have clean background records? Why do we need to be legal in the United States? Also, why does the company have an A+ on the Better Business Bureau? Also, Scam and Pyramids do not publicly trade on the New York Stock Exchange (PRI) which is a highly, highly regulated industry. I thank God every day for giving me the common sense to do CREDIBLE research for myself. And yes the people that are in the business are excited, happy and energized because of what we do for families. We get them out of debt, get them out of bad insurance plans and help them have more money for retirement. Please use your common sense when looking into this business and any other business.And by the way, when people say that we are a "Pyramid", it just shows their lack of understanding of how a business model works. Picture this at your "JOB", is there an Owner or CEO at the top running the company? Is there Managers or Supervisors under them? Is there Administrative and Accounting Personnel under them? Are there laborers / field people under them? See, this looks like a Pyramid but it's a business model. I hope this has been helpful. Please DON'T LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR DREAMS. And if you're really interested in credible research, Forbes Magazine just came out with the "Top 50 Most Trustworthy Companies", we got the highest rating possible. Look it up.Primerica is a Company for people with big goals and dreams and the desire to help others in the process while reaching financial freedom. If that is you, then give yourself the opportunity to really learn how amazing this business is. If this were a scam or pyramid the last thing we would want is for you to join our business and expose us. Seriously guys, do your due diligence and don't let anyone rob you of the opportunity that will change your life. God Bless you all.
Before I decided to write this, I was browsing through the comments others have written. I was just shaking my head in amazement at how messed up some people are. Sorry of the problems you have encountered with representatives of Primerica. But every company has people who are not the best at what they do. You could search the internet for complaints against many Fortune 500 companies and find pages of complaints. That does not mean the company is bad. The same is true with Primerica. I ran into a Primerica agent about 15 years ago at a State Fair booth in Arizona. I had just recently been married and thought it would be a good idea to consider having some life insurance so I made an appointment. Prior to my appointment I did a little research and made a few comparisons. I listened to their presentation and what they had to offer, after which I told them I needed to think about it. She asked me if 30 days was enough time to think about it. I told her sure. She explained to me that there was a 30-day cancellation policy and all I had to do was pay the first months premium of about $70 for $300,000 coverage on me and $200,000 on my wife and $25,000 on each of our 6 kids, and we would be fully covered immediately as long as there were no medical issues found during underwriting. So we signed up and now 15 years later we are still insured.I had read a comment from a person who had Primerica insurance paying $75-80 a month for 20 years then cancelled the policy saying the premiums were going up. I suspect you have no idea how insurance works. You should compare Whole Life insurance costs vs Term and then see how much you would have paid for the same or less coverage. Primerica teaches buy term and invest the difference. If you do that there is NO Whole Life insurance Policy on the planet that will put more money in your pocket.After I purchased my Term policy with Primerica, I compared a similar coverage policy with a few other companies. 1 company selling Term and 2 selling Whole Life. The Term policy was similar but the Whole life offered half the coverage for much more money. And the BS of have cash value is just that BS if you die, you don't get the cash value, you only get the coverage amount. If you borrow the Cash Value from the policy they actually charge you interest until you pay it back. The Whole Life / Universal Life setup is a total RIPOFF.After having Primerica Insurance for a while, I took them up on their opportunity to make some extra money on the side helping others gain a better understanding on finances. I spent 6-8 years helping others on a part-time basis. I had a good job at the time. I learned a great deal about finances that has changed my life forever.For you people who think that Primerica is a scam. Well I am sorry to burst your bubble but they are a very legitimate company who have helped and continues to help thousands of Americans in a non-traditional way. They have stood up against the insurance giants to change the landscape of the insurance market in America. In the late 70's when Art Williams created this company they had to fight tooth and nail against the big insurance companies who were trying to shut them down. Today, the smart money is on term insurance and invest the difference.I thank Primerica for the education I received about financial matters and as opposed to the lack of education about finances in our school system. I am now a business owner and have my own company. I attribute a portion of my success to what I learned in the years I spent with Primerica. I highly recommend Primerica Term Insurance and even if you never have a desire to work for them, you could gain a great financial education simply by attending some of their training classes. Wishing you all much Success.
I was contacted by one of their reps wanting me to work for them, I was told they were an educational company teaching people how to handle their money, that they did seminars. At first I was not interested but later saw a job posting on craigslist and decided to look into it - in neither contact did they say the name of the company so I could not check them out ahead of time. I had to drive a very long way for the appointment, after the fact when I knew their name I found out there was an office just a couple of miles from me. Not nice to make people waste their expensive gas but once I knew their game plan I knew that this person was trying to collect people for their particular office so they never would have divulged if there was an office closer to me anyway.The moment they started the presentation I knew I had been misinformed and was not happy, and I called the agent on that baloney right off the bat - they are not an educational company giving seminars to teach people how to manage their money, they are a financial services company and you only go to talk to people, give presentations, to try to sell to them. You are not paid to educate people in any way whatsoever. She lamely said, "We do give presentations." Yeah, to try and get clients - no one learns anything and again you do not get paid to do it anyway - not an educational company at all. Reading other people's complaints about how they were ripped off for classes etc. I want to say to anyone who really does want to work for an insurance/investment company on commission, no one will charge you for your training or for a background check.Really legit companies, and I have been approached by some of the best, give you your training and help you get certified. NO FEES!!! NOT EVER!!! Someone starts talking fees and you have to pay for your classes or anything else head for the door, hang up the phone. If a good company wants to hire you, if you pass their application process, they take care of you and do everything they can for you because they want you to succeed. They will never take a dime from you. It may not be illegal for Primerica to charge people for things but again the best companies will not do that. A company who does that does not have faith in you. If it doesn't work out they don't care that much because they have already made money off of you even without a sale. If you are working on commission why should you ever pay for anything the company is supposed to provide? Think about it.I wasn't ripped off because I was informed about how these things are supposed to be handled and I also am not seeking a commission job. They just wasted my time and gas by not being honest or giving me the company name so I could check them out ahead of time. If I had I would have cancelled the appointment. Them telling me they were an educational company that does seminars to help people manage their money was just a lie. For such a job if hired I had expected to receive training to give real seminars that people pay to attend.I decided to do this posting because today I received an email from one of their reps to call them about a possible job - this time however, they gave the company name and I have declined. If they hadn't given the name I would have insisted on it before further discussion. Primerica and marketing companies have been the only ones who have not been honest in their dealings with me as a possible applicant. Needless to say I also avoid every marketing company in my job hunting process.
Unlike the reviews below, I have had a great overall experience with Primerica. I am a manager who currently works 9-5. I was approached by a representative who asked me if I was keeping my options open. I am so I said yes. After meeting with the representative, he was very straightforward about the company. I compared my current situation to his proposed plan and am now a happy client for my insurance and retirement. I have decided to move forward and help other families in the same ways that I was helped. This is a great company with integrity and always does the right thing. I do not agree with most if not all the reviews on this page. I am looking forward to working with this company and helping others at the same time.
My daughter got kill and Primerica Insurance only pay for her basic insurance I had on her. But my agent told me that they was waiting on what police report said and they should pay me accidental death. Then weeks later told me my check was in and that Primerica doesn't do accidental death. What insurance that does not pay accidental death insurance.
My husband and I purchased our policy many, many years ago from his brother in good faith and have been paying quarterly payments of $186.85 (faithfully). We just received a notice in the mail that our quarterly payments will increase to $772/qtr (from (186.85). Are you kidding? Unfortunately, this company recruits/recruited people who sell their product/s to family and friends without knowing what's to come. Had we known what the increase would be so substantial, we would NEVER had signed on to this plan. We have paid probably $15,000 for nothing. I DO BELIEVE THIS WAS A SCAM. Unfortunately, it cost us a great deal financially and now I hold my relative responsible for misguiding us. SHAME ON YOU, PRIMERICA.
This company has changed my life. Not only did they educate me about how money works, but they showed me how to get out of debt. This company is doing what is right for Main Street Families. I no longer have to live paycheck to paycheck. Primerica gave me the opportunity to run my own business. If you have an entrepreneur mindset, the sky is the limit with this company.
Let me start by saying I own my own business. I was interested in investing into something different. At the time, my brother-in-law had been going to some business meetings with his girlfriend. He was very happy about all he was learning and has a very positive attitude about the whole Primerica thing. My brother-in-law took me to the meeting. I have to say I liked the positive atmosphere and the many powerful self-esteem attitudes I encountered. They gave me the pitch and I bought in to it just to see how great it was. I got to give them a list they said of people I knew, specially family and close friends. I came home happy and energized about the whole positive thing! So the wife told me to do some research. I disagreed with her and kept going blindfolded, saying to myself, "This is it, I'm going to make it to the millions!" From that list, the good thing I did was give them a very well-educated list. A lawyer, an MBA business manager and a business owner. The MBA business manager (my buddy) came to my house, so the Primerica recruiters came and were trying to recruit him more than offering him their services. Big mistake. My buddy held them for almost 4 hours. Yeah, he knew his business and made them all look silly. Then the lawyer (my neighbor and friend), the RVP from Primerica came to this presentation offering them like insurance. So the lawyer said, "No thanks, we are all set. We have all we need - a very good life insurance and I have a good job. Thanks, but no thanks." The RVP got very feisty and made her feel very dumb. So right after we left, the lawyer texted me and said, "He was very rude and unprofessional. I was biting my tongue not to say anything unintelligent and rude to him." I was embarrassed and felt like a ** for bringing this man to her house. That was it for me with Primerica. The only people they get easily are the very low, uneducated, low class. My goals and dreams are bigger than selling insurance to people who do not know what they are getting themselves into. Follow your dreams, not others.
This company is an absolute scam. The recruiter signed me up and withheld important information that there would be more than just a 99 dollar fee. I later found out doing my taxes 7 months later that they have been taking 25 dollars a month in addition to the 99 dollar fee that was supposed to be refunded to me the day after I was signed up and practically lied to. This Steven character is full of ** to put it nicely and his sole interest is scamming and making himself money. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL. He tried to tell me by signing up with only 99 dollars I would take a test to become a financial advisor with just as much credentials as our family friend who has been a Wells Fargo advisor for years. I spoke with our family friend and he advised me to beware of this company and the next day I quickly told Steven I wanted nothing to do with his company. He promised a refund of my 99 dollars and I took his word. Later like I said 7 months have gone by and I see that charge of 99 dollars wasn't refunded and there was 25 dollar fees each month that was never explained. They are professional hustlers. BEWARE!!! I am trying to obtain my STOLEN funds and I'm having zero luck. They have stopped answering my calls and emails, and Customer Service is a train wreck. STAY AWAY!
The company sent me a private email asking for the agent who upset me. I said I didn't want to reveal this information as the agent was a friend/family member. (They prey on the warm market of people close to the agent). So then they asked for my private data to put me on a no-call list. Yea, right. How stupid do they think I am? I want my data expunged from this company.
I love working with Primerica both as a client and as a representative. I left the company to make more free time in my life. I made good money for helping middle-class people understand their products. Yes, it seems like a "multi-level marketing scheme," but, really, it’s the same as any other job. At a normal job you have multi-levels of wages and positions. Meaning, you have a boss. Then your boss has a boss and so on and so forth. Some agents are a little pushy and aggressive during the recruitment process. Let me ask you this, have you ever dealt with a product in a time where people resent those services and products in general? Are you looking to punch a clock and then punch out and that’s it? This company requires lots of work and lots of studying. These agents in general have the same tests to pass as the broker at your bank, your investment firm, and your insurance firm. For those people who have problems with the direct withdrawals from you bank account, follow the instruction you have been given. To cancel you Primerica online, call the number in your help desk menu. To stop your IBA, which is the digital or paper form to start, call the home office. To stop your direct withdraw for your life insurance, which I do not recommend, first call the client help line in your policy book. Then, pay your premium for the year. This will then start a quarterly, bi-annual or annual option much like your auto insurance. This company requires you to work, study and master your trade. This industry requires you to have a thick skin and a thin skull. Primerica is not for everyone, but every one needs Primerica. They've helped me and several friends and family get on the path of debt freedom and financial independence. I challenge all you naysayers to name another company that has your best interests in mind. They helped my investments, my mortgage and my life insurance. Many of the agents I worked with became some of my best friends. Do not let a few incorrect, irresponsible agents obscure the truth. Don’t let a disgruntled "former" representative twist the facts.
I have been with Primerica for about a year. I worked for another large Insurance/Financial company prior to Primerica. I found that every large company recruits, helps get people licensed and field trains - No different than Primerica. The only difference is that Primerica allows for each employee to recruit, train and build their own team. Like a real estate broker builds a house for residual income, so can I. When I worked with the other company, I would REFER someone to my manager who would hire them. Then once they were trained, they became my competition. I love how Primerica is demonized for wanting to offer an opportunity to someone who could use extra cash. I never say to anyone "This is a job" or "This is an interview". I give people an option if they want to help others get out of debt, become protected and plan for their retirement. Just like I did when I was with this other LARGE Financial company. YES, it is only commission. YES, I can do it part time and earn extra cash. YES, we only offer Term insurance. A concept that Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman both believe in, buy term and invest the difference. But why am I wasting my time? People with think what they want. I know I feel great when I leave a home, knowing I helped a family get protected in the event something happens and their debt is taken care of and helped them plan for retirement. Not everyone is a recruit. Oh by the way, Forbes in 2015 just named Primerica as one of fifty most trustworthy companies.
Not all Primerica Offices are the same!!! I have read a lot of complaints and I am concerned from what I have read! I want to share my experience and opinion for anyone that reads this. I was a Police Officer for 12 years (retired), barely making enough money, living pay check to pay check! I served my community with dignity and honor. That is when I had a Primerica Rep sit down with my wife and I. Long story short, it changed our financial life. I did become a part-time rep, learning, getting my licenses and earning some money. My experience was totally different than what I have read. I was never pressured, never promised anything and made my decision without anyone's manipulation. Just like in Law Enforcement, it only takes a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. I apologize for those who were mislead or misinformed. I have been with the company for nearly a year and I am blessed. Key to this, find an office that does it the right way. No pressure, no BS and the desire to SERVE THE CONSUMER.
I've been with Primerica for a few months now and I am so thankful I decided to take a chance. I was initially approached with the opportunity in 2008, but declined. It seemed like a pyramid scheme to me at that time. Little did I know that Primerica is the largest financial services company in North America. I also didn't realize what a WONDERFUL & PRESTIGOUS company it really is. I was approached with the business opportunity at the beginning of this year and decided the only thing I had to lose was $99. I truly believe it was God sent and I would not change my decision for the world. I've found that Primerica not only has delivered on every promise they made, they also have allowed me to do GOOD for others and WELL for myself at the same time - as opposed to serving others and living in poverty while doing so. I am getting complete fulfillment in Primerica and I am doing so many wonderful things for the families I'm helping/serving - which is primarily middle class America. I now have a platform and I'm using it to do the work I have always wanted to do - help others... And even though I've done if for free, I'm able to get compensated very well.Primerica is not for everyone, but it is definitely for individuals who think on an entrepreneurial and ownership perspective. It's for individuals who truly believe "why not me". It's especially for individuals who know what it means to put in the work, sweat, and dedication required to own your own business.In terms of the company's credibility, go search what people like Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey have to say about it. It's truly a great company and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting those people who have already been successful in the business, who are now coaching and teaching me how to do what they have already done. Keep this in mind... If someone has the blueprint and the desire to help pull you where they already are and beyond, what do you have to lose or better yet... What do you have to gain?
Ten years ago when my wife and I were first married we met with a Primerica representative that helped us with our financial goals. The education they provided us helped us to get and stay out of debt. We did not join Primerica at the time, but remained as clients. Many of the complaints I see are people's own fears about making a bad decision. I have worked for a restaurant for a number of years and I watch people from kids to adults sit on the clock and put in minimal effort only to complain about minimum wage not being higher. Primerica's business model is one that rewards the productive person. After sitting on the fence for a number of years about it, I decided to join Primerica. They only want you to succeed. What other business can you start for only $99? The products are genuine, and the company has a history of integrity. Similar to inquiring about the quality of a University, you would respect the advice of a graduate of the school over that of a dropout. Get your advice from a successful Primerica representative. Warning: they are serial optimists!
My wife and I were asked by a friend trying to get into a new "career" to have a financial planner create a report for us. We agreed to meet with the "planner" and the friend at our house. The planner barely spoke English and it was obvious she was new to the US. She showed us a report on our finances and how ending our mortgage and taking a personal loan with them would save us "big" money, and then we could use that money to buy life insurance from them. The planner kept complimenting us on our "lovely" home, bs... It is a 2 br split level in a lower middle neighborhood, not much lovely about it. I was intrigued where this was going so when we were invited to a "Financial Conference" to discuss how we could make lots of money in our off hours, I had to attend.The event was held at the regional training center, everyone there were young, mainly married couples, who were not making more than $30k a yr, most were poorly educated, with dreams of grandeur in their heads. Our "planner" kept telling me what a smart guy I was, she didn't know how correct she was, I had years of education in business, was a former real estate agent and have a 140+ IQ.I wasn't buying this ploy. They spoke about financial independence, huge homes and fast cars, these "kids" were drooling, eager to get started. After the talk, the "planner" asked us to join her in a meeting room. We started discussing our "financial plan" again with the twist of us becoming part-time salespeople for them. When I began questioning how she was able to sell insurance and financial securities without a state license, she insisted she wasn't selling insurance or financial services, when I pressed her she went and retrieved her husband who also worked for Primerica as a recruitment manager. I posed the same questions to him, he stated that they didn't need licenses because they weren't actually selling anything except for the services of Primerica and they had licensed underwriters and PC's to do the paperwork. I told them I wasn't interested and felt they were skirting the state and federal laws on insurance and securities, they acted insulted but quickly allowed us to leave as they wanted to keep us as far away from the inductees as possible.Is it a "scam" not in the context that you are swindled without receipt of anything, what they are is an insurance company masquerading as a financial services and consulting company. Everyone can and should obtain good financial planning advice from someone who is truly educated in all aspects of securities, savings, loans/mortgages, tax code and yes insurance, that is free and unbiased as possible from individual companies products, but Primerica is a poor substitute for a true licensed PC/financial planner.
After four years of paying, I did not receive another bill for my life insurance. So it relapsed because I did not pay! If only, I had a bill sent to me for a reminder! Now I am out of a couple of thousand of dollars! PS. I have never ever heard of an insurance company not sending out bills! Is Primerica a scam or what?
I am a little annoyed when my friend kept inviting me to this meeting and I finally came. The music is so loud and I can't understand what my friend was telling me. Then the mtg start with video, the host was talking about how Primerica changed his life and how he started as part time, quit his job and went fulltime after few years, etc. Too good to be true, maybe works for him. I guess. In the middle of the meeting we went to a different conference room where they explain how money works, the opportunity. Interesting and very informative. I can use it in my daily life actually. I do need it but I don't want to join. It kind of help knowing the opportunity they offer but I don't think I can do it. I went and research about the Primerica, not just the review I read from different people who have a bad reviews but both and also read the Wikipedia and how long it has been and the history, multiple changes and how it become established. It seems legit company. Not really a scam as what other people say it was. I guess you really have to do a true research to say it is a scam. I don't think my friend who is smart would already know it. She seems pretty honest to what she does. I saw their Corporate Office in GA when I visited my friend and watch Concert at Duluth, GA. - pretty impressively huge. I don't know if I will join though. I rather work fulltime and make money steady than make a commission, I guess. I will say not for me, but I am interested in their free offer class to learn about Investment. I might consider it in the future when I change a career, when I grow up, who knows. Only for those that are so ambitious in owning their business I guess. I like when someone tells me what to do and follows it :-D. I don't have time to take care for others so not gonna join.
I was sold a Primerica Life Insurance Policy when I was around 25 years old. I paid $17.29 a month. I was under the impression that that amount would never change as I got older. I had this policy for 20 years with no problems. As soon as I turned 45 in late 2010 my premium more than tripled. It went up to $59 a month with no explanation. I was in good health. I had no major health problems. No one I spoke to could give me a reasonable explanation for the large increase of my premium. I decided to cancel the policy as I cannot afford to pay that much every month. I got nothing back for it. Not a penny. All the money I paid for the policy over 20 years and nothing to show for it.
The dream job and your dream vacation and all the easy money in promises, because depend on you and blah, blah, blah... THEY are very good to open your mind, and your wallet. When you are inside and they have all your information and your friends and family information also... be ready or enjoy all the nice talking and smiles. Later you WILL BE just another number in their accounts.
Monthly rate increased from 56.00 to 216.00 without any notice.
I believed in the message and purpose of Primerica. But they drive their agents for sales and returns so hard that it's not what is best. I supported my (once upon a time) husband in his pursuit of success in Primerica, and invested much time and money into it, only to him bailing on me when I questioned when I'd get a return on the "investment." I made in him and his business. As a spouse to anyone considering this business, don't do it. It really is cultish and surreal. Yes there are "potentially" big rewards to "build your own business", but not worth it if you have to sacrifice your marriage, family, and friends. They'll tell you this is normal. It's not. It's never as good as they promise.
I had a son with special needs. I originally had insurance through American Family Insurance for $15,000 which was all that they could approve for him with his condition. That was fine, I would've had what I needed to bury him. I met an agent while working that told me he could get me more for my son because he was a Vice President and at a lower rate. I let him take care of the paperwork which he said he would and my stupid butt let him. He lied on the application about my son's condition so of course the insured amount increased. And of course when everything settled I got denied because the company said he was never eligible for the insurance so they weren't paying out.I will not be doing business with Primerica ever again. Apparently after reading reviews they do whatever is possible not to pay out... My recommendation is to keep at least $10,000 in a savings account so your friends and family can bury you. Life insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. I had my other life insurance for 2 years before I cancelled it and they knew everything. Do not trust these agents. They do what they need to do to make the commission... POINT BLANK. PERIOD.
Very happy with Primerica's ability to customize life insurance policies and investing. Bigger companies laughed at my tiny $15k I wanted to invest. Primerica treats a client with $100 the same as someone with $5 million. Everything is customized to fit your income, expenses, goals and needs for retirement. Pretty cool stuff.
A coworker introduced me to a Primerica rep who was going to help me get debt free. He moved over my rif but did not take the taxes off. In the end I had to pay the government almost 3400.00 in taxes because of it. He gave me the pros but not the cons. When I made a complaint the investigator said "no comment". Stay away from primerica.
My brother was interested to get life insurance for him & his wife at 2012, while he was in total 100% health condition. While he was meeting different agents, he figured out my cousin's daughter is working for Primerica & after hearing her non-stop advertisement he made his final decision to get covered by them. At this time he went to hospital of appendix rupture. It was his first visit of hospital during his 40 years of age. When he was released from hospital, he got contacted again with the agent & got terms life insurance for himself and his wife. They sold him the life insurance after doing all the medical tests. 2 MONTHS after this, doctors relived through colonoscopy that my brother has colon cancer. To be short after diagnose he went through surgeries and passed away on January 2015. While his family apply for the life insurance money, Primerica denied the case because according to them my brother got the life insurance because he knew he had cancer. This is a total ripoff. Come on people, doctors knew about his cancer, 2 months later and how he knew about it when he was signing the contract with you. Who in the right mind will wait 2 months then go do colonoscopy, if there is a cancer case?!! Their story gets more funnier, when the agent said, "If he would die after 2 years of signing the contract, it was ok, we would pay the insured amount." They are just bunch of liars, stay away from them. Unfortunately I am not the beneficiary, so I can not complain about this company and my sister-in-law takes everything very easy and think if they are life insurance company, nobody can fight with them. But please stay away from these liars.
I am a very happy customer. Primerica is the best thing that could have happened to me financially. They taught me the rules of the money game when no one else would. They were able to take my small amount of money and invest it properly and now I have more money than my parents saved for retirement and I am only in my 30s. I would highly recommend them as a company.
Well, when I received the phone call I was under the impression that it was for a new job position. I was told about the middle class drowning, and how I could help in getting them out of debt sooner, wise investing & students going to college without taking out an abundance of Student Loans. Sounded good as I have a passion to help/serve and advocate. I was told I would teach more than anything else, that this was a financial agency in existence for 39 years with 10 local offices. I immediately asked where their office was located & had to decline because it was a bit too far and was immediately told "you won't have to come into the office". I pushed back with other objections but was told to just come in to see what they do and then make my decision from there. I was given the website and said to myself woah this was the Network Marketing Company that my brother tried to get me to join over 10 years ago! I wonder if they added another segment where we take calls from clients to assist them... Hmm.So, the day comes where I drive to their location. I was immediately given an application to fill out that I thought was too personal for me to, "Just see what they do" as I was told previously. I then got up before completing it and asked the rep. about that "just seeing what they do" and she said if I like it I won't have to fill it out later on, but if I don't she would rip the application up... Hmm... Kinda backwards to me, but I finished it and thank God I didn't print my resume out because she asked for that too.Went in a conference room and was asked was I married, did I have any children and did I have any relatives there (Charlotte). My answer was "No ma'am" to all 3 (seriously), told her I was waiting on my husband to have children. I have NEVER been asked such questions for an interview, now I know this was how they find out how they can market products to you. Then got into what I like to do and why, the middle class, about the company in the Stock-Market, how they help the clients, how I can actually work part-time or full-time, having a mentor so I'm never by myself, training, licensing (testing cost $1500, but I only pay $100), Series 6 & 63, POL for $25, etc. I asked for a detailed breakdown of the steps needed so I would know what to do and in what order. She then began talking about going to (I went there prior to meeting her and it didn't address any specific concerns). Ten minutes later before leaving I asked about the detailed list of steps and she comes back with a 2 page brochure "About Primerica" - "Primerica in The Press". Still not what I asked for... Anywho I am now asked to come back and meet with the RVP tomorrow. Since I will be out of town this weekend, cannot do so. So I'm then told to call him Monday because I will have a lot of questions - I said if I don't have any questions no need to waste his time. She still encouraged me to call him and wrote his name & number on the brochure.My experience wasn't as bad as others since I heard of the company, nor did I fork over any monies, just name of referrals on the application because I thought it was a real application. Oh yeah, when I asked about the clients she said they start with the ones on my application. WHAT?!?! I will not put my family, friends or associates through this!!! I thought I would be assisting the general public - those coming to me/us for assistance. I would advise to please finish reading through these experiences though.
Okay so I got recruited while on my way to an interview at the mall, young sharp looking man approached me and my sister and told us about a job opportunity. I was hesitant to give my number to a complete stranger but I took a chance. The next day we set an appointment to meet up. It wasn't at their office because the office was in Burbank, not close to where I live. I was sketchy on everything but then we met, they did charge a fee of $100 for background check and etc. I was still very undecided about staying and moreover I was scared because I had filled a application with lots of personal info. So I had them meet with my parents and they loved them. Im so glad my parents met them because it relieved stress of doing things on my own. I went to the meetings and training and it was interesting :) Yesterday I just finished the state license schooling, 32 hrs requirement. Met a lot of other primerica agents and we all supported each other. Made great friends, we all graduated and now will prepare for the state exam. This showed me that everything is strict. PYRAMID SCHEMES are illegal there's.. and in school they very well explain why people misinterpret the company. Overall I'm excited to work for primerica, I do it for the experience and I don't care if I don't get paid by the hour because it's based on my schedule and unlike a lot of people that put these complaints... they SPEAK NONSENSE AND BLINDLY. They never went passed the orientations which is why they talk so much.. you got to work for what you want. So don't let the comments give you second thoughts. ATLEAST TRY IT AND LEARN SOMETHING!!! Guarantee you the experience is like nothing else.
I was very skeptical when I first joined back in July of 2014. Yes, I did pay my $99 and then I drag my feet on taking the class and taking my exam. I'm now kicking myself in the butt for taking so long as I didn't get serious until the end of September. Once I finally got serious, I started making money. It helped me to step out of my shell and become more outspoken because now I speak to everyone I see.November was a hard month, but I still hit my numbers and was the number 1 agent in our office with how much premium I brought in. I will admit, recruiting people to work with me is TOUGH, and it's not my favorite part of the business. You just do what you have to do. It's only hard because people who didn't make money or quit before they even started put that nasty bug in other people's ears and it soils the reputation for everyone. Then we have people who want an instant pay check without putting in the work.I hate hearing the phrase "pyramid scheme". Think about this, the job you go to every day is a pyramid scheme also, just in reverse. Look around you and see how many co-workers you have. Probably several, then look at your manager, then look at your manager’s manager, and so forth until you get to the top, who's there? The president or owner of the company. You work 40 + hours a week for what? Sometimes $7.25 an hour, maybe more if you're lucky. Just think, that someone telling you that 1 hour of your time is only worth that. Yeah, you may make more than minimum wage, but just think about all the work you put in and what your take home is. Then think about how much work the president/owner puts in and how much money he's taking home. You'd be lucky to even make 1% of his take home. So before you call it a scheme, give it a chance. I'm sure 98% of these reviews on this page are because they came in under the wrong person. I was approached 3 times before I actually said yes.
After a good year of being pressured by a "friend" to work with them, I finally accepted to give it a try. I didn't NEED this job. I already had 2, but why not give the place a try, right? ...WRONG! $99 were deducted from my bank account for a background check and I was to complete a course in order to be reimbursed... But before reimbursement, I had to give a list to my "friend" of all the people on my phone who I thought would want to buy their services. After giving him a list, he demanded I'd harass them to make appointments. I felt uncomfortable bothering them but I was able to set up an appointment with one. After I heard my "friend" selling to my acquaintance, I realized this company is complete bull!! They are so FAKE! Promising too much and talking bad about other companies. I also attended one of their "meetings" and they are all robots that do and say whatever the VPs make them. Needless to say, I was done with that place! I was a sales person around that time and I know a SCAM when I see one. This company is one! I now work at a financial office that helps people come out of debts and I have heard of a few complaints from Primerica from our clients, WHAT A COINCIDENCE!! I hardly speak to this person anymore, and I figured if he was really a friend, he wouldn't be trying to scam his own people! If you want to work here or consume their products, YOU WILL BE LOSING TIME AND MONEY!!!!!!
The seller was very young, and a bit pushy. Every time my husband said "no, thank you", the guy kept coming up with different things. We explained we are on one income, I have double policies in and outside of work, and can't afford their policy due to my husband no income at all - the guy goes on to say "Well, with your policy if you commit suicide your beneficiary don't get money. But with OUR policy, all you have to do is have the policy for 2 years, then 2 years and one day after if you decide to god forbid commit suicide, your family gets all the money" (I was shocked by that statement, are you that desperate to sell insurance to say that to people, what if you said that to someone mentally unstable and that would plant a seed in their mind, ok all I have to do is wait 2 years and 1 day to kill myself to take care of my family.) Then he went on to invite my husband to the "event" where he could also be a rep if he qualifies. My husband said "well, why wouldn't I qualify", the guy said, "I dont know sir. We do background checks, lab work, we test your blood you know, it could be many reasons why you would not be accepted say if you were a felon or something"... with that my husband told him the meeting was over. The guy wanted to still look over my policies, I told him, "I work for the government, my family and I are taken care of". My husband got up and opened the front door, very said that Primerica goes to such lengths to get your money. Its a good package, but the sales tactics are too harsh. The girl that was with him said she would call me in a few days to see if she can go over my policy with me. When she does I am going to ask for the full name to give him a "accommodation"... yeah right, letter going to Primerica corporate on that visit indeed! Know your policies, know your coverage. They try to make you feel inadequate but my husband and I were very knowledgeable on coverage we have...
Unfortunately, both my sister and I have had a bad experience with Primerica. My father purchased a paid in full, paid-up policy with Primerica, where my sister and I were the beneficiaries. My stepmother provided us with the policy documents after my father's death. We contacted Primerica within 2 weeks of my father's death and was told that the benefits were not paid out as they should, but rather rolled into a policy of our own. What a rip-off. What is the point of paying your hard-earned money for a life insurance policy for your spouse or children, only to have the life insurance company attempt to find a loophole to get out of paying as they should and to find a way to, in the end, keep the monies to themselves.
First of all, I will say it's a waste of time. I recently move to Florida and as you can imagine, I'm looking for a job. Someone gave my mom a card about a new company starting and she asked if they needed people. The person response was yes, that they are looking for people who have customer service, leadership skills, etc. So she gave him my name and number. My mom told me what happen and she gave me the card the person gave to her. I was a little edgy on the business card because it didn't had a company logo on it. Weeks later, I got a called about if I'm looking for a job and I responded of course. The individual told me the requirements of the so-called job and I say, "Sure, I think I qualify." The individual ask me if I have management skills and I responded with a no. The individual then continues saying, "That's okay, we will train you anyway." So that was another red flag. The individual scheduled a date for our so-called interview and I told that individual that I have several appointment that day and I may not be able to make it for that time. I was told if I won't be able to, just to call to reschedule. I was like, "Wow, they must really need people." Then I was asked to bring a reference list with 5 contacts. I then began to think to myself how can you schedule an interview if I never applied for. Eventually I reschedule my so-call interview two days later. I was given the location of the meeting point, it was an business complex. What surprised me was that there weren't any logo of the business at the door. Then I saw another door and I said, "Oh wait, may this is the place because the person told me the name of the business," and I searched online looking for the business. Didn't find no such thing and I was like, "Oh I perhaps heard wrong and maybe misspelled the name." So I was like, "Okay this is company." I went on the day of the interview and my instincts was right, it was the door without any logo. When I entered what hit me was the presentation of the place. I was then asked to take a seat and to filled out a form so they could know more about me. At first I thought it was an application, then I was like, "okay what is this." Anyways the person then move me to a room and began the presentation. As soon as the presentation began, I finally knew what was it. Why I have fallen victim to other pyramid schemes before. They all work the same, you invest money to a so-called business and only those who are already at the top benefit from it, and you are simply the workhorse. You have to work for it and if you don't do anything, you don't make any money. I was even told I have to go to classes to obtain two state license and it would cost 1800, that primerica would pay most of it. All I have to pay is 99 dollars. I knowing what the business wouldn't want to waste more money because of my past experience. I'm not gonna lie the info that the reps gave me was very interesting and I will do my own research on saving toward my retirement and I'm only 22. So thanks for the heads up. But as for joining, I'm not falling for that trick again. According to the reps, they want to be like Mcdonald, the largest financial service in america. Again those on the top, benefit from those like us on the bottom and those who have been in this business for year without a lot of us knowing about it only until now, are living extravagant lives and we will be adding to it.
I have been with Primerica for the past 5 years. First here's what I don't like: 1. The negative comments and attitude people have towards the company.
2. My RVP (Regional Vice President) and I see things much differently at times.
3. Training can sometimes be repetitious.
4. They don't just give you success, you have to work for it.5. Many people will recruit anyone, as long as they can pass a background check.Now here's what I like about it: (and why I've been an active part timers for 5 years) 1. Earn extra money part time, without a boss. No one tells me I have to go on an appointment when I don't want to.
2. An opportunity to own something rather than work for someone else, costing me $99 (a business license in my state is more than that).
3. A dedicated support staff that have a financial interest in me winning vs a boss that has a financial interest in me not getting a raise.
4. No ceiling on my income or potential.
5. No quotas forcing me to be pushy with people. I've had months where I didn't help any clients and my coach still makes me feel good.
6. When I make money, I know I've helped someone. It's always a win-win situation.
7. Highly rated products and companies to work with., A.M. Best, Dalbar to name a few 3rd party rating companies that give favorable ratings for Primerica.
8. The financial education I've received. I have a bachelor's degree in business with a minor in Accounting. I didn't learn half the things I've learned since being in Primerica.
9. A family-oriented environment, they wanted my wife's participation vs my job where they request my family doesn't come. Family get-togethers are reserved for holidays, if at all.
10. Freedom to work how, when, and with whom I want.
11. They give me all the resources I need to learn, grow, and develop into whatever I want to be.12. Everyone is welcome. They let anyone join as long as you are over 18 and don't have a felon.Now I know Primerica is not for everyone. It takes effort that many people don't have. I've seen a lot of people come and go in my career. They all have their various reasons why they quit. If you're considering the opportunity to join Primerica, give it some serious thought. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a pyramid scheme, or anything like that. It's a business that allow you the opportunity to own your own business within it. If the person you met with in Primerica isn't professional or "rubs you the wrong way", talk to someone else. Don't just assume everyone in Primerica is some pushy sales person. With almost 100,000 licensed reps, and many more not licensed, there's bound to be some bad fruit. I've seen people that aren't professional get terminated from the company so I know the company stands behind a good set of values.
I'm very disappointed with this company. I should have done my homework and check first. I paid the "overcharged" $99 fee for the background check plus $25.00 monthly fee. I went to their meetings twice a week. No sales. My friends were not interested. My closest family too old. We went to the malls, train station, etc. Nothing. And it was not just me. My colleagues too. I listened to their Earnings Release for March 2017 and it says on the presentation that the average Sales Agent sell 0.20 policy a month!!! And that is before taxes. I should have checked their financial reports first. Primerica may have been good at some point but not anymore. I encourage you to check their financial reports and see the section about the salesforce. On these previous year our of 108,000 they added just about 11,000 new recruits! Not even 1 per agent in a year. These are facts!
Primerica literally saved my life. I was a broke, depressed college student that thought all that was left to life was to go tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get a degree, qualify for a job that I was probably going to hate, and spend the next 50 years working my tail off with nothing to show for it. I am so grateful someone presented this to me. Within 1 month of starting Primerica as an agent, my depression was gone. I quit school and decided to go full time. I have not been this happy in years. The atmosphere is so incredible and positive, and I have fallen in love with the company and what it does for people. I am Primerica forever.This company is not for people who want a get-rich-quick-scheme. This company is not for whiners. This company is not for negative people or people who thrive off of criticism and cynicism. This company exists for people like me who just wanted a shot and didn't know where to find it. People like me who just want to be somebody. To retire my parents. To give back to my community. If this sounds like you, you would be a fool to not check it out.
I joined Primerica because they were the first and only people to actually care enough to TEACH me how money works and other imperative concepts I did not learn in school or anywhere else. They have NEVER pressured me into anything. They say knowledge is power, but APPLIED knowledge is power. If you learn and do nothing with that information there is no progress and that is all a personal decision. The rich stay rich and poor stay poor based on ill-informed sales, greed, keeping people in debt playing on their lack of knowledge in this area, and selling products with no education behind them other than personal gain. The rule of 72, the harm in waiting to plan and invest, the importance of life insurance to protect family and assets, making sure to always read contracts and policies thoroughly, and being given the education to be able to make decisions based on knowledge, values, and options not just money is beneficial REGARDLESS of who you do it through or for. I was shocked that as an educated woman I had no prior honest experience or information in these areas.Some of the reviews of this company are based entirely on the MONEY you can or cannot make, and speaks NOTHING to the immense moral value the company places on education. FREE EDUCATION. When I invite people to the overview it is ALWAYS in good faith because my peers, family, community, etc. NEED this information. It is never with the intention to solely recruit them but to expose them to something positive and if it resonates with them - give them the option to move forward with a free FNA, potential part-time/full-time business opportunity, referrals, or just to have learned something new. NO PRESSURE. I also attend class FOR FREE every Saturday on numerous areas of finance and education. The company, its environment, its outlook, its mission statement, and my RVP is all FOR THE PEOPLE and the ONLY company genuinely concerned with providing options and education to the middle class. Exposing injustices, and correcting horrible wrongs whole life insurance has done to people for years is not a scam, its a good thing!Seems to me like many of the people with negative reviews on the business side of the company have the same selfish and SCHEMED mindset on wanting to get rich quick, making high commissions by any means necessary whether it is right or wrong for people, wanting to sell products AGAIN providing no education on how they work, etc. which is why it WASN'T FOR YOU. Furthermore, all of the people complaining about the $99 fee that pays for a background check and pre-licensing?! Ninety-nine dollars!? You guys are talking money, money, money yet complaining about a hundred dollars, and an OPTIONAL $25/month to access all of their helping tools, self-improvement audio and books, training material for licensing, videos to help guide your business, a turn-key and streamlined portal to input and execute business, and comprehensive factual answers that debunk all of your false theories. I was given a clear picture of how everything works on a business and personal side with no smoke screens or facades. I did NOT have to move forward on the business side, but I did because of what we do for families. I got FIELD EXPERIENCE prior to moving forward and took as long as I needed to realize how genuine they are. I am now licensed, and aware that I get paid based on the work I do. Some reviews complain about our Term Life policies being overpriced, yet also speak of the turnover rate and how 'little' people make in the business. Those don't correlate. But considering that perspective, I would conclude that is because for MOST in the company it is not JUST about a dollar amount. If it is just about the money for you and others reading this, you would probably best fit with a company of greed. Term Insurance pays the lowest individual commissions out of all types of life insurance yet we are able to get people proper coverage based on what they NEED not how much they can afford (how most companies start the conversation) because we don't mask it by being tied as an 'investment'. Life insurance is NOT an investment. The money you make in the company is stack-able and revolving, and it takes GRIND and HUSTLE to do it both of which MOST DON'T HAVE. There is big money to be made with the company, IF you put in the work, and I was made well aware that most DON'T make it because people don't have the capacity to want to grow, stretch, or change. You get paid what you're worth, for the amount of work you do, and for doing THE RIGHT THING. THAT is amazing. Unfortunately we live in a world where that is usually too good to be true, all so used to being taken advantage of with money and products, that people are now making blind determinations about this company as well. I am 25 years old and now have proper coverage for myself and child (didn't just go with what I was told researched other options on my own as well), have multiple investments for retirement - short term and long term better than ANY bank would offer, and emergency funds. I now feel confident in my financial picture, am almost completely debt free, and based on what PRIMERICA has taught me and others - everything I do and every decision I make is entirely knowledge based.We are ALL (or should be) smart enough to know that there are bad seeds in any situation, some utilizing this platform for personal gain and that is unfair. It is also unfortunate that some of your bad experiences, for whatever reason, lead you to judge an entire company and spread misrepresentation. I invited two good friends (or so I thought) to an overview JUST for them to learn the financial concepts listed above and they in turn decided I was part of a scam, a pyramid scheme, that I was being taken advantage of and trying to game them, condemned my character and good judgment, made a statement about me as a person and a mother, and LEFT BEFORE IT STARTED. I had never felt so belittled in my life! Come to find out, they got ALL of their information from A BLOG and this site. They made a complete and utter judgment of my intentions from skewed reviews. From people that have no field experience with the company, who never even got licensed, who sites ** as the number one source of proof. How uninformed and mislead. Some speak of the fact that we don't disclose the name of the company to trick people, however look at the false information they will find if they do, before even seeing how much good we do. People NEED assistance, need advocates, need someone showing them their options and the ins and outs of their current situation and how to better it. If someone is pressuring and forcing this transaction, THEY have their own motives. NOT the entire company. Primerica has been the odd balls of the financial world for 40 years because they have been fighting for the RIGHT thing, for PEOPLE, for education, and for a voice. Throughout history, anyone or thing that revolutionizes something that goes against the money and greed focused way of the world is always condemned, and you are helping that. You say you do all this research? Research the history of the company, how they were founded and what they went through to do what's right. The people involved with PRIMERICA for the right reasons, the reasons it was intended and thrived for, market and sell EDUCATION, and if someone then takes that knowledge and applies it by putting a beneficial product in place for them and their family, that's how we get paid. PERIOD. I encourage everyone who read this blog and the OPINIONS expressed, to take MY EXPERIENCE to heart and see for yourself objectively. I would love an analytical and impartial response back. Thanks.
A couple of weeks ago, my really good friend asked me if she could give my phone number to her friend who had a job offer. My FIRST reaction was,"Whoa, no, don't give out my phone number!" But at the time, I was really miserable at my job and looking around so then I thought, "Sure, why not!"So I got a call from the friend of my friend and she left a voice mail on my phone saying that her business was looking to open new branches all over my city and they were having a hiring frenzy. THAT was the second red flag. In my opinion, something is off if you're chasing people down to work for you instead of people vying for your attention. Also, anytime I hear the words "residual", I am immediately suspicious (third red flag). But she sounded so nice and passionate that I decided to schedule an interview. BUT THEN SHE TEXTED ME (fourth red flag). I don't think that's professional AT ALL!So on the day of my first interview, I wasn't feeling well so I TEXTED her asking her to reschedule for the NEXT WEEK and she said,"I strongly recommend that you keep your appointment." (Fifth red flag) That felt threatening! And, if you're an in-demand business, shouldn't you automatically cross me off the list as an unprofessional waste of time? YES! But instead she asked me to come in on Saturday (even though I had asked to reschedule for next week) and since I felt bad and didn't want word to get back to my friend, I said yes.So today was the interview. The building was really suspicious. It was hidden behind a bank (that she didn't even know the name to) and it wasn't near any real city- kind of in between towns (sixth red flag). When I entered, I couldn't find the office, it wasn't numbered (seventh red flag)! When I found the office, there were only two people in there (eighth red flag). It all seemed very...shallow and hardly lived/worked in (ninth red flag). Shouldn't there have been more financial education stuff?So I meet the Vice President of that office and he asks me what I'm looking for. Then he spends the next half-hour basically selling the company to me, which, he shouldn't have had to do (tenth red flag). At one point he said he could tell that I was very personable and that I'd be good for the job, even though I'd hardly said 3 things (eleventh red flag). The whole time the girl was just sitting next to me nodding her head (twelfth red flag). And all the while he's trying to sell the company to me, I'm not learning anything. I wanted to hear new financial terms and he was so vague (thirteenth red flag). It all sounds too good to be true. He said all the client are recommended so we wouldn't have to chase anyone down. He wrote out how the training schedule would work. I would follow someone to the clients' houses and help them, and every client I got, I would make $1,000 every month from them. And there are meeting/classes on Wednesday nights and conference calls on Sundays. So for 7-10 hours a week I could make $3,000 a month. He told me about the $99 for the background check and something else- I can't remember (when I left I remember thinking that I'd never had to pay for my own background check before - fourteenth red flag). Then he told me about all the paid vacations he gets and showed me the pictures on the walls of them.That's what did it for me because it all seems so showy - but it felt like it had no substance. I hadn't learned ANYTHING. He didn't INTERVIEW me, he was SELLING ME THE JOB. Shouldn't I have been convincing him on why he should hire me? He gave me his cell phone too and they both told me how precious their time was so not to waste it. Also, the friend of my friend didn't walk me out. She just left me at the door. It was very impersonal. I thought we'd talk about our mutual friend at least for a quick second!I already had a feeling this job is really a Pyramid Scheme. I don't trust it. I regret giving out my phone number. It all seemed backwards and I'm glad I haven't yet given the $99 and I would've been APPALLED to try to recruit my family/friends. I'd love to find a job to help people and make money and make my own schedule but...this is not it.
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