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Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance
Year Founded: 1983
Address: 695 Atlantic Ave.
City: Boston
State/Province: MA
Postal Code: 02111
Country: United States
Phone: (617) 720-1620
Overall average rating of 2.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 21 %
Great prices and really helpful customer service. Easy payment options, and they email you to remind you that a payment is due. I haven't had to call them for any other reason, as I haven't had an accident or any kind of claim to open.
I had gotten rid of them years ago when they deemed an accident that was clearly the other person's fault. It just happened to me again. I was clearly at a full stop waiting for another person to park when all of the sudden her alarm of her car goes off and she backed 5 or 6 spaces to my car. As I saw she wasn't stopping I then tried to get in a parking space but it evidently was too late. She hit me on the side of my car as I was going into parking space. I am sick of NJ with this no-fault accident policy. This has to go cause they used it to declare the accident no fault since the officer never took a statement from me. And charged it to me as the person who said I didn't see her when I never said anything.
I have had this insurance for 30 years. It was originally called Prudential. I have not had many issues but when I did I found that they were handled quickly and efficiently. The people are nice when I speak to them. I feel their cost is comparable to other insurance companies.
I've never never had an actual problem. I'm a pretty good driver, and I haven't been in any sort of accident since I've had this insurance. So never before have I really needed to really work with them on a personal level.
Good rates, ample coverage. No problems. No claim experience with my insurer. Good discount programs. Have a good reputation in this state. Have been insured for at least five years with my insurer.
My daughter was in a car accident 4 months ago in which her car was totaled and caused her medical expenses. The representative informed her that she needed to contact her employer, that she would not be able to do her job as a pool supervisor and that she would have to resign. She sent her letter of resignation on July 14, 2017 effective July 18, 2017. She informed her employer that she would need to apply for short-term disability benefits. She provided Plymouth Rock with the name, address and phone number of her health care provider treating her within 10 days of the first day she was unable to work, and the HIPAA form. She also provided the dates of any emergency/urgent care treatment or hospitalization, and completed the application for benefits form as requested.Her primary care physician completed information needed on the Physicians Statement when she applied for NJ Temporary disability on July 28, 2017. The representative told her that she wouldn't qualify for temporary disability but she had to follow the procedure and apply. This took 2 months. Her case was denied on September 27, 2017. She has lost her wages since the car accident on June 30, 2017. On September 27, 2017, she informed the representative of her denial letter. The representative stated that she now needed another doctors letter stating that she has a disability that enables me to work in order for her to receive any funds from my personal injury protection benefits.Until this day she has only received $300. Each time I call representing my daughter, I am given different information. Now I am being told that my daughter needs to have her doctor fill out more forms and give his notes from their visits. This information wasn't given prior to October 16, 2017. Remember, each time I call, I'm calling as my daughter and I'm writing down notes of the conversation. My daughter has now become the victim again of a hit and run insurance, which has left her very depressed and sad. I am extremely disappointed with this company, because, each time I call I get rudeness and attitude.
This company doesn’t put the client first. They will collect the premiums but not pay claims when you need them. It took the company 48 hours to respond to my first claim. It’s been over 2 weeks and no settlement in place.
Had a good price on insurance to start, then after a few months they said I didn’t pay my insurance which I had proof of and had my bank fax in. But they keep saying they never got it, so they continue to try to charge me every month, so I get late fees from my bank because I don’t keep money in it because they keep taking it out again. I’ve talked to servers customer service representatives, all are nice with a greeting and as soon as I say my problem they get an attitude right away and say “Since they haven’t got the money I will keep being charged” but deny they got the proof my bank faxed to them. I get nowhere with them, they no longer respond to my emails regarding this and are terrible to talk to on the phone. I would never get insurance through them again and never would have knowing this.
After 6 years with Plymouth Rock I change vehicles and my rate almost doubled. Went from a Cadillac to a Toyota. When I questioned the increase my agent checked with them and provided the following explanation. They based my rate on the vehicle price when it was "New" even though it is 5 years old. My Cadillac when it was "New" was 18k more than the Toyota, so this makes no sense. I was told that was the best they could do. Found a new insurance company right away and when comparing the policies I noticed that Plymouth Rock no longer gave me the SDIP credit which amounted to about $350 discount per year. After 20+ years with no accidents or violations, all of a sudden I don't qualify for any type of safe driver discount with them. But I did notice that since I am now retired, they list me as a "mature" driver. No discount for that though.
I like the prices in this company. And customer service is also good. I like the fact that they offer many services like road assistance and rental services if you lose your car. But they should improve more options for you to be able to do online. For example if for some reason you need to extend the day of your payment they can have the option for you to extended in which at the moment they don't provide that service. But I had a great experience with Plymouth. I was thinking in changing it but I didn't find no better deal than what this company is offering.
My son who has given me permission to speak for him bought a brand new car. He had an accident where the car was totaled and may I add that it was not his fault. The other individual admitted he was at fault. We thought the agent (Charles **) was handling everything and we come to find out that he was not. He had handed it over to the total loss agent (Matthew **). He told us he had sent papers out over a week ago which we never got. Several calls to him and we find out that they submitted the claim to the finance company and told us to call them. We called them and they said my son has to continue paying for a car he doesn't even have anymore because they haven't gotten all their money. They said we had to call the GAP policy and the dealership which nobody from this insurance company told us we had to do. We call the GAP Insurance and find out they canceled our policy when the car was totaled and now they have to reinstate it. This guy Matthew ** cannot answer any questions when you talk to him and doesn't know anything. Meanwhile my son needs a car to go back and forth to work and he can't get one because of this insurance company's inability to do their job. I am at a point where we are going to seek a lawyer to recoup our losses.
The customer service is friendly and helpful and the coverage is very good. Representatives made it easy to sign up for the coverage, make any changes to the coverage, and pay for the premiums. They took the time to explain coverages and answer any questions that I had. Prior to a trip, I called Plymouth Rock to ask questions concerning coverage when leasing a car. The agent carefully and thoroughly explained the procedure and what I needed to do to be covered during my car rental.
When I had an accident, they were extremely helpful. I had no trouble reaching someone on the phone. They dealt with the other driver's insurance company for me and ultimately my claim was settled to my satisfaction. I appreciated their help and would definitely recommend them to others.
Never left a bad review before, but, Plymouth Rock is the worst car insurer (what is an "assurance company?" ) I've insured many cars with them over the last 22 years. A friend visiting us borrowed my car to go to the supermarket. She accidentally slightly tapped the front corner of another car with no damage to mine. After 22 years with absolutely no claims or tickets at all, they refused to renew my policy because they claimed she lived with me, (that would be news to my wife)! Their premiums are cheap, but BUYER BEWARE. Best to go to Progressive or maybe. NJ CURE. There is enough to worry about daily, not to have to worry about your car insurance. I need some piece of mind, don't you? I will obviously be entering a claim with the state insurance board.
This is worst insurance company and I do not recommend my friends and family to choose. The story is following: My car and auto were insured by Liberty Mutual for more than 10 years. I was periodically contacted by email and phone call from the Plymouth Rock agents for switching over. Finally in April 2017, Plymouth Rock agents convinced me to switch over from Liberty Mutual by offering discounted rate for both car and home. The important thing is overall premium for both car and home was minimal ($100), therefore I did not have much advantage. Nevertheless, for a change and comparison of service, I have decided to switch over.After 2-months, Plymouth Rock sends cancellation letter of the policy stating that they cannot insure my home. I was travelling overseas on business trips, did not know the reason for the cancellation. After lot of understanding I understood that this is a planned game from Plymouth Rock, first convince to switch over and then cancel the policy so that one has to pay higher premium after the cancellation of the policy. Beware of Plymouth Rock, worst insurance company.
The representative listened to my details and processed my claim in a professional and timely manner. In my opinion, they are always very helpful and eager to work with me on different issue like payments and financial advice. I have been with this company for 20 years now. They build relationships with their customers. I have had 3 claims in the past and all my medical was paid, my car was repaired quickly and when I was not able to make a payment, they worked with me to ensure that my insurance was not cancelled. Priceless. I have referred several people to them and they are very pleased to this day. In conclusion, I would never leave this company because of their outstanding service.
I have had a very positive experience with Plymouth Rock. Their customer service has been exceptional and price has been the best I have found over the past several years. Premiums had only slightly increased unlike my previous insurance company. They have always felt promptly with any issue and I would not consider changing insurance companies anytime soon.
I was comparison shopping and this policy was cheaper than what I previously had. Previously, I had Progressive. Progressive could not give me a better premium, and I made the switched. The service has been excellent and that is why I stayed. However, I would like deductible reduction for every 6 months I am accident free and eventually eliminating the deductible all together. This way, I may have a chance to eventually be able to eliminate my deductible all together.
Refer to the picture attached, this is a Volkswagen CC 2012, the right front part was damaged when the car hit a deer. The insurance company PLYMOUTH ROCK said the car was not repairable and could only be totaled for approximately $8500. I did the maintenance with the car dealer. The car is in a great condition and all wheels are new. Totaling a car in good condition at a low price is the way PLYMOUTH ROCK used to avoid its responsibility! The attitude of the contact person in PLYMOUTH ROCK totality Department (A lady) was so poor. She was yelling at me and told me totality at their price was my only choice. Because of her poor attitude, I felt ill and had to ask her to send me email instead of yelling at me. What does insurance mean??? PLYMOUTH ROCK's insurance is to force customers to sell their car at a low price and avoid the insurance responsibility.
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