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Pets Best Pet Health Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Pets Best Pet Health Insurance
Phone: 1-877-738-7237
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 87 %
Filed our first claim with Pets Best Pet Health Insurance. The process was so slick and easy. Logged into the app on my iPad, answered a few simple questions, snapped a picture of my detailed receipt and less than five minutes later the claim was on its way. In just a few short days my claim has been processed and the funds will be directly deposited into my bank account. So happy we chose Best Pet as our trusted partner for insuring our darling doggy..
My wife and I have 3 cats and they are all currently 3 years old or younger. They have a good health history, but I'm so thankful to have Pets Best policy because 2 of our 3 cats recently had UTIs, 1 had an abscess, and 1 was recently neutered. Our policy significantly helped with all these cases and it was simple to file the claims as well as explain what happened. Before choosing Pets Best, I called 4 pet insurance company, and I really believe this company is called the best for a reason! Their customer care, communication, service, and coverage is unparalleled in my experience so far.
Pets Best has been amazing! The ap is easy to use and claims are paid in just a few days. I highly recommend Pets Best.
So far....we haven't use it for anything major...thank goodness, but reassurance knowing we have it to help our dog in the best care we can afford.
I just went through a very difficult experience with my dog. However, Pet's Best reimbursed me very quickly so that I could pay the bills when they came due. I am very happy about their response during this hard time.
I am so thankful for the excellent service that I received from Pets Best . They treated me with so much empathy and kindness in a time just after my labradoodle had a knee operation. I will forever be thankful and will always insure my pets with them.
WOW! I am impressed! I submitted my first claim over the holiday week and figured it would take a while to process due to it being the holiday and being the first claim that I have submitted for. It took only a week for them to retrieve the medical history and process the claim! This is awesome, I appreciate this so much because this is the last thing I needed to worry about due to an accident. Thank you, Thank you PetsBest!
My 1st pet claim! It was handled quickly & efficiently. I am very satisfied and glad that I chose Pets Best- they are the BEST!
Pets Best was the best decision we made for our new puppy!
We recently had to use our Pets Best insurance that we had on our dog after she was attacked by another dog. Thankfully everything was ok with her after being checked out at the local emergency hospital. The next day we submitted our insurance claim on her via e-mail. It was so easy to do so and we heard that next day that the claim was being processed. Within 3 days we were told a check was being mailed. Couldn't be happier if our experience with Pets Best Insurance.
I feel better knowing my puppy is covered from accidents, but I also included the wellness package to help with vaccines & neuter costs. I'm happy to report the cost is affordable and submitting a claim vis my iPhone was so easy! I also set up for direct deposit reimbursement and payments which just makes everything that much easier! I would recommend this company to any pet parent!
Extremely pleased with Pet Best Insurance. Thankfully this was the first time I have had to file a claim. From the first call to customer service to the direct deposit of benefits everything was exactly what was explained to me. I will never go without having Pets Best for my Hemi. Oh did I mention they reimbursed all but my deductible and my 10% no other company I have used prior has done that. Thank you to all of you at Pets Best your are the BEST!!! Maria and Hemi
Definitely the BEST in Pet Insurance!! They have never given me a hard time paying a claim.
Quick, professional service! 100% pleased!
Very happy with everything, would recommend to anyone. And best of all in my opinion, when you call you get a live person right away. .. no pressing 5 buttons first AND everyone is very knowledgeable.
Customer since 2008, very upset shopping for new insurance.
I love this insurance because it has a Wellness Plan along with emergency care and I got to select exactly what I wanted on it what my deductible was going to be. I found it had more than a lot of others that also offer Wellness Plans that were considerably more expensive. Another thing that I like about it is my doctor's office fills out the forms and sends them in for me on me. This company makes it easier to get your claims back or find information out on a previous claim they work with you and a very understanding and caring about your four-legged fur babies
Very happy with pets best insurance . Used this company with my first dog . So glad I had it. Unfortunately my first dog had many issues . Don't know what I would of done if didn't have this . My dog Ellie now has allergies. Claims are handled very fast . Have told many friends to use this company.
We have submitted several claims for our dog Toby. The process and payment response has been awesome. Thank you Pets Best
We have a Goldendoodle puppy and we decided that getting insurance on him was a must. After reviewing other pet insurance companies we decided on Pets Best. It was the perfect decision. We have been reimbursed on any claims within a few days. We are beyond impressed, and would highly recommend this company. Thank you Robert & Tracy Pena
A very pain-free and quick claims process!
Thank you pets best
Very easy to work with. Claims quickly processed and reimbursements sent in a timely manner as well.
Very reliable and fast service
Recently, my Border Collie experienced a severe allergic reaction to something following a brief visit to California. She was losing hair in clumps and scratching continuously. It was not cheap getting her cured, and Pet's Best was fair in their reimbursement of those expenses. Not only are they fair, they are fast. In less than a week, the payment was deposited to my account,
Great company, fast payment!
Thank you Pet's Best! Our office dog, George Green, comes to work every day and officially greets our clients. Many of them have come to expect that George will be ready at the front door when they arrive and they are very disappointed when he's out of the office. We need to keep George healthy so that he can enjoy and long and productive career. You help us do this by quickly and efficiently processing his claims. We would recommend your company to our friends, family, and clients. Thank you again for your service, Susan Polk Insurance Agency, Inc. and George Green
Of all the Pet Insurance Plans on the market today Pet's Best rates the highest with us as continue to have the best pet insurance plan with the easiest claim process in the business today
I am so happy we purchase pet insurance for our animals from Pets best. It is a relief knowing they are there to cover vet bills when it is necessary to take them to the vet. Petsbest is efficient with the turn around times for claims. Thanks Petsbest for making it possible for my pets to have happy, healthy lives.
We have had great, timely response when processing claims for our golden retriever..
I had a few questions about my policy the other day. I sent an email that evening and the next day I received a call with the representative ready to help and provide answers to my questions. Very kind and helpful.
The PetsBest plan not only gives me peace of mind for caring for my pet, it is also a very attentive and professional service. We get prompt service
Absolutely I would recommend Pet's Best. I am very impressed with the claims process; the claim form already has all the information about our pet so all I have t do is give reason for vet visit, sign and date. Thank you for that. We receive all eligible claim reimbursement in a very timely manner. Any time I have to call for help or information I always receive the most friendly voice on the other end and they are very caring.
This company is the best. They are so easy to deal with and so fair in evaluating claims and handling them quickly. We have a rescue dog with arthritis issues and Pets Best makes it easy to get him the best treatment. Highly recommended!!
Our Dog had needed a Cranial Cruciate and Medial Patellar Luxation Repair Surgery and Pets Best paid for her repair up to the maxinum of $2,500 on our policy. That certainly helped us with the surgery bill. Thanks Pets Best Insurance.
In Feb of 2017 I lost a dog to pulmonary hypertension causing us to really decide what was best for her care based on money. That was the last day any of my pets were without insurance. I will never be put in that position again! I researched pet insurance for days and found PetsBest to be most compatible for our needs and desires in insurance. I signed up my other dog THAT day. I since, have adopted 2 more rescues and have signed them up for insurance on the day of adoption. Although one of them is healthy, my female has had several life threatening diseases diagnosed since adopting her, most recently cancer. I am beyond thankful and blessed that I have PetsBest. A $5K surgery they reimbursed in 4 days. And all others in less than 48 hours. The last 2 claims they reimbursed the next day (less than 24 hours). I have called in only a couple times to confirm coverage and the person on the other end is kind and sympathetic and very informative. I HIGHLY recommend PetsBest! If you do your homework properly, you will see that there is no better coverage than the options PetsBest gives you. I am a lifetime client and happy that I found them!
I am very pleased with my experience with Pet's Best insurance. They helped ease the financilal burden during a very painful time. We lost our sweet dog at 4 years old to cancer. I highly recommend Pet's Best and will be sure to insure every pet that I own now and in the future.
I have been a Pets Best customer since 2003, with my previous pet, and since 2014 with my current pet. Recently, I had to submit a claim and to my pleasant surprise, the claim was settled within 8 days. I have always received prompt and professional service with this company and recommend them to any pet owner.
I woke up with tears of joy today...Our new dog Lola has proven to be unique and more to handle than any of my other dogs. She is only 10 months old tomorrow and has been to the ER 3 times for various reasons. Right after Christmas she had to have surgery and I feared she wasn't going to make it. I also stressed out about the mounting credit card charges I was having accrue for her. Pets Best has been a blessing for us and I couldn't be more thankful I selected them over the other companies. I have referred them out and will continue to do so. Thank you for being our dogs insurance company, for being understanding with our new puppy and for giving us the benefit of the doubt!
Pets Best has been great! They allow you to purchase a plan that works for you and so far I have not had any issues with filing claims. The claims are processed quickly and if they are delayed they let you know. No complaints from me and my dog.
Great customer service; prompt payment; no hassles!
This insurance coverage has been just amazing and ensures my beloved bulldog Ava gets the care she needs to stay healthy and live a long and happy life. Thank you Pet's Best.
I have had Pets Best insurance for 5 years. Fortunately for me my dog has been healthy. I have been very satisfied with my coverage and customer service. I would recommend company to anyone.
Amazing experience. Quick reimbursement and ease of customer service with first accident claim made when my chocolate lab puppy swallowed a rock on a walk!
Prt’s best insurance is always the best bet. They are very quick and efficient when making reimbursements or explanat.
Great insurance! I have the insurance for 6 months & filed 3 claims. Very easy process. If you have pets this is a very good company to work with.
You processed my claim in under a week. You are always very prompt in your response to my claims.
Excellent and timely service!
We recently had the misfortune of our standard poodle experiencing some severe problems. This resulted in some extensive vet work. Pet's Best handled our claim with professional and in a timely manor. They more than met our expectations. We would highly recommend Pet's Best to any pet owner. They are the real thing!
They would not cover the type of dewormer my vet administered at time of vet visit even though policy states that they should. Also alliance for vet visit is not enough. My vet charges $12 more than the allowed benefit. The alliances are not up to date with the cost of living.
The customer service is great, prices are fantastic. I shopped around for pet insurance and I got the best
I have a few other health Insurance on my other dog as they have evolved throughout the years. I like what I read on Pet's Best back in 2017 and adding my new rescue in April 2017 then in 2018 I added another rescue to Pet's Best. Within 2 months my new rescue dog had an emergency obstruction surgery, Pet's Best handled this claim with NO issues what so ever! I highly recommend them! Thank you Pet's Best!
Easy claim process. Have had this insurance since dog as 9 eeeks old.
Great company to work with. Easy to submit claims and payment is quick. They were there when one of my dogs was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and my other dog needed surgery for a benign tumor on her muzzle. Having excellent insurance gives me peace of mind. I tell everybody that has pets to get petsbest. Best decision ever.
Pets Best is there when you need them! I have had this insurance for over 3 years and never had any problems. They are extremely helpful and easy to talk to. Their Customer service is fantastic and always very courteous! Their turn around time for reimbursement is fast! Claim forms are very easy to fill out. THANK YOU PETS BEST!!
I've trusted Pets Best for insurance for almost 10 years for my pets. Great coverage, easy claim submission, quick claim processing. You never know what is going to happen....I wouldn't have a pet without Pets Best.
I submitted my first claim to PetsBest, and I was pleased with the response from them. My boy had an ear infection, and it was processed very quickly. They paid the expenses very quickly. The customer service representatives are all very professional and kind. I would recommend PetsBest.
Love my Pets Best insurance. Made the mistake of changing and changed back as soon as I could!!!
Excellent service. I get refunds right away.
Less then a week after my dogs accident i got the email the claim is approved and the check will be mailed
Pet's Best is the best! Their website is easy to submit a claim and fast turnaround for reimbursement! Pet's Best takes the stress away for costly vet visits. I would highly recommend Pet's Best!
Pets Best insurance has been great. They have answered all my questions and processed my claim for an emergency visit very quickly. Thank you all for being so professional! I would recommend this insurance to anyone. Gina
So far Ive never had a problem. Covered everything so far that plan says covers with no issue. Reimbursements are fairly quick. Only thing is its pricey to have but other than that I have nothing bad to say. Highly recommended!!
Very reliable insurance. Excellent customer service. Pays very quickly directly to my account. Never have to go back and nag!
It gives you peace of mind that your beloved pet is protected just like any other family member.
My wife and I have owned 3 dogs (babies) since we have been together. We have never purchased pet insurance prior to our present baby, Emmie, a Cairn Terrier. After shopping other carriers, we decided to purchase from Pets Best. We love our Emmie and take her to her doctor every time we feel something is wrong. Pets Best has never hesitated about paying any claim we have submitted. The $5000.00 annual reimbursement is awesome! We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND PETS BEST to any pet owner.
I have been very pleased with this Pet Insurance which I began coverage with this spring. They have been very efficient and I feel comfortable with the coverage.
This insurance has been excellent, fast and efficient service
They respond immediately and give you a breakdown of what they cover.
The speed in processing our claims is wonderful, I just got reimbursed for a prescription I needed to get from pharmacy, before my vet even sent in the claim for their visit!
Great Expreience! I was surprised that my claim was approved the same day that I submitted it. I am also surprised that it was paid as my policy stated. I have had trouble with previous companies not paying what they said that they would.
pays on time no questions asked if proper information is forwarded with claim.
knowing you can worry about getting your pet well and not all the financial costs of it is worth it . PetsBest gives you peace of mind with all the vet costs by covering a lot of the vet fees
Pets Best customer service could not be better. We received a reimbursement for our claim very quickly. It gives us peace of mind to know if we have an emergency with our Leite we can count on them.
I've had Pets Best insurance for my dogs for almost three years. My girl Jazz was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in May of this year. Thankfully, she's doing well so far, but her medical bills have exceeded $5000, with more to come. Pets Best has paid every claim promptly and without question, which has made a frightening situation considerably less stressful.
Great insurance company. Quick turn around for insurance refund. Terrific employees who are professional and caring.
Their claim review is easy to do, they are fast and fair. All excellent
Very pleased with Pets Best Health Insurance. They do a great job provided top customer service and they do flexible pricing based on the customers needs, and not standardized plans that are fixed that you have to be forced into choosing.
very good
1* for My Negative/friction with them. My pup had a cherry eye incident that was recurring, when it came back the third time, the suggestion from the Vet was surgery. Pet's Best did not cover it because it was considered preexisting, even though I was using preventive medicine trying to avoid surgery with the treatment that stopped working. That is my Negative... 5***** for Refunds - fax bills or email screen shot and your check is in the mail.
My dog had a tumor that needed to be removed immediately. I am impressed with how quicky Pests Best processed my claim and sent me my reimbursement. They were also most helpful and professional when I contacted them by phone. I would highly recommend Pets Best.
I am happy I chose pest best it's all in the name. You have always been there for Maddie and I Refunds are fast and come in a timely manor. Thank you Verna and Maddie
I’ve insured my Yorkie with Pet’s Best for many years and have had only great experiences. The coverage options are robust, and customer service reps will take you through the best plan based on your pet and needs. Claim review and processing is timely. Direct deposit for reimbursement is fast.
Professional, prompt, easy to work with.
Pets Best has always come through with almost every claim I've submitted.
Great company. Promptly pays, easy to contact and discuss items, friendly and very customer ordientated
I have nothing but the best to say about Pets Best Pet Health Insurance! I've only called a few times, but each time whomever I talked to was very knowledgeable & polite. When it came time to file the claim after surgery, I was notified when Pets Best received the claim & it was processed in a very timely fashion. I am so thankful I have their insurance!
We wanted to get a pet insurance that could take care of an scenario. Our dogs are our family and we want the best for them! After plenty of research our best option was Pets Best. Easy to file a claim, access to a 24/7 hotline, prompt with refunds. I recommend it to all my friends and family!
We have been customers of Pets Best Insurance for 10 years and unfortunately my dog has been unwell for many of those years. Pet's Best will do everything they can to raise our rates and avoid payment for illnesses that cannot be 100% traced back to an illness. I have had over 90 claims (many of which were denied payment) in 10 years and when it really counts, they refuse to pay for anything else because in their words, every condition the dog now has can be traced back to his diabetes, which he got AFTER we purchased pet insurance. If you are looking for a pet insurance company that will not dupe you when it is truly needed and when a pet is truly ill, look elsewhere. There are other companies that do not have maximum payouts - when a pet gets sick the whole point of insurance is to help pay for the illness. Pet's Best (at least when I signed up) never intended to pay beyond the first couple of thousand of dollars even though my premium went from $30 per month to over $90 per month when i finally had enough. They refuse to cover anything else yet charge more and more for coverage. It truly is a shame that they really don’t care about an animals well being they only care about coming out ahead.
I have never had Pet Insurance before. Then we got Jackson. We got into Dock Diving, Disc, Fast Cat, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunt. Our Dock Diving coach recommended I get pet insurance for Jackson. She has Pets Best & recommended them. Getting Pets Best insurance is one of the best decisions I have made. So far this year Jackson has run up over $4000 in Vet Bills. After my deductible Pets Best has paid 90% of all bills. Pets Best has not declined 1 bill..I usually have my reimbursement in 7 days deposited directly to my Bank account..If it wasn't for Pets Best I am not sure what decision I would have to make on if I should take Jackson to vet or not. THANK YOU PETS BEST FOR KEEPING MY DOG HEALTHY...YOU ARE AWESOME..
I like Pets Best. They're very efficient. And I always get my phone conversations answered. Thanks again!
Quick processing of claims. Easy claim entry via web site. Convenient premium payment options.
first and only claim handled quickly
Excellent coverage, great service, supremely helpful after an emotionally and financially devastating (and entirely unexpected) routine procedure turned into much more than routine. I am so glad we had Pets Best in our corner to help support us.
I filed a claim for the first time on a routine visit for my puppy, Prince. My visit was October 2, 2017 and I received notice on October 10, 2017 that benefits were approved and will be placed in my bank account. His total visit was $134.02 and benefits were paid to me in the amount of $102.30. I can't say how please I am and how comforted I am that Prince will receive good health care due to having insurance. Thank you Pets Best Health Insurance!!!!! Terri Coates Monroe, LA
Super easy claims and fast returns.
I looked at a lot of companies before choosing Pets Best. I just submitted my first well care claim and it was quickly approved at close to the cost I paid. The Pets Best rates are excellent, the range of covered services is extensive, and customer service is great. I feel very good about the choice I made!
No problems at all with Pets Best Fast and efficient
My 1st time using pet insurance...... 100% satisfied..... easy to submit a claim and took just a few days to have it processed.
Stay away from these people; the lie to get your credit card information and have terrible customer service. They care very little about their clients and the need of your pet. We are now going with healthy paws much better company. As to the response below; Like I said, these people lie to just get your money. They should be NOT be allowed to do business Just an update 9-4-18; these criminals charge my card again about a week after I closed the account. Icontacted my credit card company and the charges were reversed. Do you not trust these liars and cheats; stay away from them and their website.
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