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Petplan Pet Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Petplan Pet Insurance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-467-3875
Overall average rating of 4.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
I don't know why this company got 5 stars??? I have been with them over 2 years, recently my pet got urine blockage and spent $7000 but this company refused the claims because we didn't do check up every year as the reason they told which I didn't get any mentioned before as their term and policy (Hidden clause). I told them even we do check up every year won't find out urine blockage which happened as emergency and we insured over 2 years. but they still refuse to pay . I think they only want collect money won't want to pay. STAY AWAY
I have five stray dogs and they all have Pet insurance thru Petplan.I have made claims from $200 up to over $5,000 and never had a problem with them paying. I found them in Pet Talk magazine and signed up the next day. They are the best.
Terrible customer service from PetPlan - don't advise when claims are rejected. Then won't work with you to let you know what information is required around the claim to be processed. There are plenty of other pet insurance companies to choose from now.
We have had PetPlan for several years with several Goldens. There have been numerous surgeries, for ingested objects as well as having a rear leg completely removed and turned straight with a titanium plate. He is a rescue and spent so much time pacing he literally twisted the bone. Now we are fighting uveitus, a nasty eye problem which most companies do not cover, and PetPlan is covering it. We are big fans of PetPlan and suggest them to anyone. They have saved us a fortune!
Kane was amazing and helped me get my claim processed in time for the holidays
We have been Pet Plan members for the past 6 years. Sometime after joining we learned that our 2 year old Australian Shepard Coco was born with hip dysplasia. He had stem cell therapy and 3 years later it stopped working and he had a total hip replacement. Two years after that and his left hip got to the point that it was painful for him and he had another total hip replacement, he has 2 more months of recovery. His brother, Shadow, is 8 years old and never used the policy until now. He just started limping and will see Coco’s doctor today. For the past 6 years I have been more than grateful that we got pet insurance and that we picked Pet Plan. They have paid every claim in a timely manner without issue, they have pre authorized the surgeries so there were no additional worries for us, and they even paid the vet the insurance portion directly so we did not suffer the financial burden. In the spirit of saving the best for last I will now speak to the customer service department. I do not know where they find their employees but they are among the most caring, kindest and empathetic on the planet. A shining star in my life is Jessica Kramer. She has been right alongside of us as we have gone through all of this and always more than helpful. She, along with all of the reps, always asks how Coco is and she even had me send her pictures of Coco and Shadow. I am truly grateful to have Jessica to rely on and knowing that Pet Plan is there so we can care for our fuzzy little angels.
I have had an excellent experience with PetPlan. Gina has been an excellent resource and has helped answer all of my questions. Cannot say enough great things about PetPlan or Gina!!!
PetPlan has proven themselves to me. My beloved Boxer Cassius passed away from cancer 18 months ago and our relationship with PetPlan was more then just business. This great company was there every step of the way for us. The claims we submitted were reimbursed within days. They understood our situation and were so compassionate. There Customer care folks actually called and emailed us. They truely care. So my problem child Duke ,(yes another Boxer of course), introduced himself to a porcupine. It wasn't a cordial meeting. We took Duke to our local emergency facility and all is currently well. The bill was a staggering 615 dollars... we received a reimbursement check in less then a week. Please consider Pet Insurance for your babies. Do your research.... I worry about many things in life but something I don't worry about is how I'm going to pay if my beloved boy Duke requires medical attention. PetPlan has our back..
Mine and my husband's dog, MInnie, has been the light of our life for the last eight years. Our little ten year old Terrier-Poodle is a rough and tumble gal, who loves the outdoors and has no fear, often to the chagrin of Mommy (me). For the past eight years anytime Minnie has needed the Vet's services for her charge ahead personality, or new, severe chronic conditions, Petlan has always been there! The new underwriters in 2016 are frustrating, and it did increase cost of coverage, but the staff keeps me coming back for Minnie's insurance needs. Taylor Bell-Branchcomb was nothing less than amazing with our latest claim for our little Minnie Bear. The exceptional customer service Taylor and her fellow associates provide is, again, one of the main reasons we have stuck with Petplan. Taylor cared about Minnie and made sure to help us in every capacity with Minnie's latest problem. Thank you Petplan and thank you Taylor!! Kelsey
I called Pet Plan to get some additional information. I spoke with Regina Blair who was very knowledgeable and helpful. She was patient and explained everything in detail. I was extremely pleased with her service! Thank you so much for your assistance. It is greatly appreciated!
I must say I was very skeptical about the idea of pet insurance. I figured there would be hidden costs involved. I called today and spoke to Gina. She was wonderful! Not only did she answer all of my questions (and I had a lot) but she also cared about my dog. She was so sweet and helpful. Thanks again, Gina!
I can't say enough good things about PetPlan! My three year old Carolina Dog has had a lot of Ortho issues and they have been there to support me every step of the way. Their customer service is always on point! I spoke to an amazing rep by the name of Kane who was super helpful and took care of an invoice issue in no time. I highly recommend PetPlan to any pet parent!
PetPlan has been such a positive experience so far. Every time I get Katee not only does she ask about my pup but she also takes every question and claim seriously. She does everything she can to make sure I have a positive experience. So I can worry about buying my boy toys and not worry about my claims getting lost in the sauce. ❤️
Excellent Customer Service by Jordyn S. I had a question regarding my online account that needed to be researched by customer service, specifically a young woman by the name of Jordyn S. She promised to find an answer and get back to me. And she did just that! So many times, customer service reps never call you back. She provided me a detailed explanation regarding my issue and it was resolved to my satisfaction.
You know when a bad time to find out that your PetPlan insurance has expired? When you are anxiously sitting at the Vet after having agreed to a bunch of tests for your poor cat who has been peeing outside of his litter box..that's when. But you know what? Thanks to the absolutely caring, and helpful folks at PetPlan this seemingly stressful situation was immediately diffused. Despite not having automatically renewed my Cats pet insurance in November when it expired due to my credit card expiring AND the fact that I switched states (apparently you need to get new coverage when this happens) the awesome folks at PetPlan reinstated my policy like it never happened, and covered the visit. I would like to specifically call out Georgia, whose title I just found out is "happiness manager" for her amazing service. She worked with me over the course of what felt like hours but turned out to only be 18 minutes. She waited patiently as I put her on hold to talk to my vet, and look up details of my policy. She was extremely thoughtful and kind. Listen - pets do crazy things. They get sick, they can't communicate what's wrong and you inevitably end up at the vet. Get insurance for your pet, and get it from these guys because they are awesome.
I called on May 19, 2015 wondering why my payment didn't come out of my checking account. I was greeted by Jenna Thiel who was kind and gracious in finding out what happened to my account. She is a great asset to your company. Thank you so much for caring about the animals that we love. Pam Abraham
First it was the arthritis and the lifetime medication for my retriever. To help with the pain and inflammation the cold laser therapy followed. All approved and paid for within a few weeks. Then he started to limp and could put no weight on his leg. Torn acl and tore his meniscus. $4200.00 and we haven’t factored in the therapy. It was preapproved and would have been paid quickly if the hospital had sent the records as requested. Carly helped the entire way and I could not be happier and relieved with the customer service
At an early age, my dog suffered symptoms that I would not have expected. I was scared for my baby, my world was turned upside down, and I had to come up with nearly $5,000 just for the diagnosis. Thankfully, I have PetPlan Insurance. I was able to charge the necessary treatment to my credit card, and I followed up with Jennifer Grasso. I had an upcoming vacation, and wanted to have my refund back in time for me to blow it on the cruise. She was extremely helpful in helping me make sure I had all of the right documents, and followed up with the claims department for me. This is outside of the scope of her duties, and she really went above and beyond. She took ownership of my problem, and did everything within her power to help me. She was also very calming in speaking with me about the issues my dog was having, and by the way she came through the phone, it was clearly that she is a friendly, warm, loving person who also has dogs at home that are her babies. The checks arrived 2 days before I left for my vacation. Thank you very much Jennifer!!!!!
Kane Daly is a miracle worker! In less than a day he was able to provide me a turn-around on my claim and get me the reimbursement on my dog’s surgery I had been looking for. His level of customer service restored my faith in pet insurance. I’m am so grateful PetPlan has some amazing people working for them.
Petplan is the pet best insurance for your fur babies!!!! My wife and I have several dogs, including Lola, our precious 4 year old Yorkie. Recently, she became quite ill from an auto immune disease. One can imagine how sad we became to see our little bundle of joy go from running and barking in her yard to being immobile and unable to move. We took her to several doctors, and yes, the vet bills were quite expensive, nearly $8,500. But after all, Lola is family and our focus was making sure she got the best care. Needless to say, we found excellent doctors and Lola is on the road to recovery. Petplan reimbursed us nearly $8,000 so far for her care. Lola will be on medication the rest of her life, but my wife and I are grateful to Petplan for standing by us and enabling us to get the best treatment for our fur baby, Lola. Thank you Petplan!!!!! You are the best!!!! Char and Mike Shifrin
They are doing everything to avoid paying you. Dishonest business. My vet sent them the documents they asked 4 times. I know that because they've also sent a copy to me. When they finally acknowledged receipt, they had closed my claim because they "can't keep it open forever". They then requested a letter from my vet which they received the same day. 10 days later and my claim is still closed. When I called, I was told that yes they've received it but "it has just been sitting there for some reason, maybe the claims assessor is away". Avoid!
Jake was very quick and helpful with explaining my coverage! I always recommend Petplan to my friends.
I have been absolutely thrilled with Petplan since I first purchased policies for my two cats. I liked having that safety net for them, but luckily I never had to use it. When I adopted my dog, Olive, I purchased another policy. The premiums are very reasonably priced, and the coverage is unlike other pet insurance plans on the market. It is a very expansive plan with different levels/options, which I appreciate. Unfortunately, Olive was diagnosed with lymphona shortly thereafter. Having Petplan has been invaluable during her treatments. I've called a few times with questions, and the customer service has been excellent. Filing a claim is incredibly easy with Petplan's smartphone app, and the turnaround on claims is very fast. I submitted a preapproval for a lymphoma vaccine, and it was approved within the promised number of days. Whenever I call or receive an email from Petplan, they always ask about Olive's treatment too -- it feels like we are in this fight together! I don't think I could have managed Olive's diagnosis without Petplan. This has been, by far, the best investment I've ever made. Because of Petplan, Olive has been able to live a longer and healthier life.
When looking for an affordable insurance plan for our trusty and reliable family member (the dog) Pet Plan was on of the first that we considered. Katee helped us to review rates and policies that would best meet the needs of our dog, while also staying within our budget. Just like any insurance plan, there are many different plans that can be tailored to meet the needs of your family's best friend. Katee emphasized to us the importance to us of ensuring that we have a plan in place before our dog becomes older and has health concerns that may be unexpected. We would definitely recommend Pet Plan to other pet owners who want to keep their pets healthy, and their wallets full.
My golden retriever, Whiskey, is aging faster than I'd like. Since I can't stop time I decided to look into purchasing pet insurance for her to help with any medical bills that will undoubtedly arise as she ages. I got the chance to speak with Katee at Petplan and was happy to learn of coverage options to help me as I take my golden girl into her golden years.
When adopting a 10 week old abandoned puppy from a shelter, we were unsure what health conditions we would be faced with but knew we needed a dependable insurance. Unfortunately in the short year we have had our rescue, we had to use Pet Plan twice for emergency surgeries. In both cases, Pet Plan reimbursed us for the maximum amount per our policy in less than a month (the last one we received the check in less than 2 weeks). We did a lot of research prior to picking an insurance company for our rescue and know we made the best decision. It is hard enough being a pet parent, Pet Plan has allowed us to make the best decision without having to worry about the financial aspect. I recommend this insurance to all pet parents
Pet Plan has been great! I've not had any other pet insurances but they've done a great job and I haven't gotten push-back on my pets conditions when filing claims like I would have expected. Kane in customer service was great and authentically happy to help. Definitely recommend this service.
Absolutely amazing product! My four-month-old puppy broke his leg and we had over $5,000 in vet bills. I ended up only having to pay about 10%, it really saved my dog, he wouldn't have been able to save my puppy if I didn't have this insurance in place. Petplan even sent the payment directly to the vet, so I didn't have to front the money. Thank you Pet Plan!!!! I cannot recommend more.
I submitted my claims online and then called customer service two days later. Emily Briggs was absolutely amazing and such a wonderful help. She helped expedite Tucker's claims and I could not be happier with her professionalism and friendliness. She was a pleasure to speak with and I am so happy you have such caring service reps who truly care about our pets. A++++++++
I have had great experiences with claims, even though one of my dogs is a klutz of sorts. Very good customer service and efficient handling of business. Thanks!
I am new to being a pet owner, my first dog has been quite a trip already. He needs a hip surgery and I was scared that it wouldn't be covered. so I called in to check benefits and also to get a little peace of mind as I am new to having dogs, I am not so familiar with the terms many people use or the vets. I talked to a really nice girl named Kimberly, she not only explained my claim benefits and that the surgery would be covered, but she also made me feel at ease about the whole process. Being able to calm down a nervous pet owner is a great skill, and I hope if I ever call back again I have someone just as nice to help me through a bad situation.
Kane went above and beyond, it was like having a really good friend at a very big company
I worked with John M. from the chat team the other night when I was looking at renewing my plans for my four dogs, and found out the prices had increased dramatically. He was able to answer my questions, and informed me that I may be able to adjust to an annual deductible instead of a per incident deductible. He promptly put in a request for review for my dogs that had claims the previous year, and emailed me directly as soon as that request was approved.
Awesome company to deal with. Kim was so helpful throughout my claim process! So glad I opted for PetPlan!
I like that pet plan allows you to tweak the plan to suit you. You choose the deductible, you choose if you want 80 or 90% coverage. You choose how much to be covered for per year. It allows you to choose an amount within your budget. I like that it covers exam fees. And I like that it is an annual amount and isn't per incident. But the reason I am happiest is because i got the insurance for my puppy in November, and two months later, my dog got very very ill. The vet fees were astronomical. And even though I had made only two payments on the plan, it was all covered. Had I not had insurance, I would have had to put him down.
I spoke with Gina.B she was very helpful and amazing i will tell all my and friends about my experiance with her. She new all she was talking about and help me understand thank you
PetPlan was so helpful and quick with the claims process. They are true to their policy and all staff memebers I have dealt with have been very knowledgeable and helpful!
I can honestly say that working with PetPlan is always a great experience. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of their representatives today. His name was Kane, and he was fantastic. My questions were answered promptly, his demeanor was fantastic, and I got off the phone confident that my needs as a customer were met by someone that really knew what they were talking about. Thanks so much! -David
She was excellent- answered all my question on Easter Sunday
Dear Pet Plan I again want to congratulate you on having Taylor -Bell Branchcomb as a customer service person. She is wonderful , helpful ,empathetic and goes out of her way to correct my frustrations. I have had Pet plan for 3-4 years on my Boxers. I have always been impressed by the quality of your phone Representatives. They have always helped me navigate your system. BUT Taylor goes far beyond that in helping me find a solution soothing my ruffled feathers. Thank you for your training and orientation if your employees..... But I feel Taylor really represents what you and customers really want and need.!!! Thank you again Maribess Johnson Shelterwood Boxers Sent from my iPhone
We got Petplan for our two rescue dogs about 6 years ago. We knew we never wanted to make a decision about how or if to treat our dogs if they became seriously injured or ill based on money. We’ve used it for minor things here and there over the years. Some years we would ask ourselves if it was worth the cost but we kept it, just in case, and I’m so glad we did. Last month our dog was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. In about a month we have had about $15,000 in vet bills! And she will need pricey ongoing treatment and rechecks for the rest of her life, as long as she is comfortable. I can’t imagine going through this already traumatic experience AND having to worry about how we will pay for everything. Thanks to Petplan we have been able to focus on our dog and her well being, not how we will afford her treatments. Without Petplan we would have to either blow our savings, go into debt or ask friends and family to help or some combination of the three. Petplan has been great to work with, making a claim through the app or online is super easy and reimbursements are quick. I highly recommend getting your pet protected through Petplan.
As long as I have pets, I will never be without Pet Plan. This Thanksgiving Pet Plan was mentioned in our traditional blessing before dinner, our family and two fur babies are truly blessed to have pet insurance with Pet Plan, the best Pet Insurance Company in the Nation! Pet Plan helped us save the lives of two beautiful GSD dogs, they celebrated Thanksgiving with us this year, and because of Pet Plan they will hopefully celebrate many more. 2014 was not a good year for our dogs, we did not miss a month without being at the Vet, and most always it was something quite serious, and expensive! We shall never forget how kind and considerate all the people at Pet Plan have been to us, they truly care about your pets. We would not have been able to afford to do what was needed for our dogs without our Pet Plan Insurance. I will never consider having another Pet without Pet Plan Insurance, they come thru for you in your time of need, and help pay the bills and in a timely manner. Thank You Pet Plan, you are truly the best Pet Insurance Company! Also, a special Thank You to all Customer Service employees, they actually email to see how the dogs are doing, does not get any better than that... Bless you all and Happy Holidays!! Sue in California
I called and spoke with Gina B about my dogs current conditions to see if it would be worth getting a policy. She sent me a very helpful chart that sealed the deal. Thanks for ur help Gina. I'm so excited to start my policy.
Kane was of excellent service and really brightened my day with his sense of humor
My dog Memphis suffered for years with allergies. Every vet that saw her said it was seasonal. When she stopped eating and had to be hospitalized they said she was depressed and she was put on antidepressants and Xanax.(1 night stay $2000.00 which petplan covered at 90%) Finally a vet suggested I have her allergy tested. So far the testing and meds have cost over $2000.00 pet plan deducted my deducible and reimbursed me at 90% all this is less than 10 days. Memphis is a new dog. She now plays like a puppy, likes having her belly rubbed can be found wherever the other dogs or I am. Previously she would spend all of her days hiding under a piano. The terrible yeasty smell she had is gone. I am so grateful for petplan. Without them I would never be able to afford Memphis care. There customer service team is a delight to work with. Big shout out to Katie H. who has been wonderful. I now have her email and phone number for any questions or future claims. Thanks PetPlan YOU GUYS ROCK
We have had Petplan for several years now. You hope you don't ever need it but we have - for two Shelties both of which contracted cancer. Out experience has been awesome with the updated webpage, submissions via phone app, and speed of which we have been repaid. We can't thanks Petplan enough for being there when we needed them! It was a great choice for us.
This is the only insurance company that actually keeps up their end of the bargain! PetPlan gives us the ability to make choices for our pets based on what is best for them and not on cost. Working in a veterinary office I sadly see animals euthanized due to lack of savings for expensive but necessary treatment. We have had pet plan for 5 years with 3 dogs and a cat and I can say without pet plan they none of them would be with us today. Thomas the cat developed urinary obstruction and was saved with an emergency procedure on a Saturday morning and we paid only $50, instead of over $1000. Gracie a playful mixed breed has torn her ACL, and narrowly survived a strange lymphoma type illness after weeks of hospitalization. Sweetie the Dachshund was patched back together after being attacked by a loose dog on a walk. Angel our 12 year old sweet mixed breed has been fighting cancer for the past year. She was in remission for several months and has already lived 9 months longer than originally expected and is still being treated with chemo and feeling great. Her treatment has been thousands of dollars and we never would have been able to do this for her with out pet plan. I keep track and Pet plan pays exactly their share every time, and there is no extra fees or raising your premiums so high you cant afford it when your pet gets sick. We tried another pet insurance company before pet plan and the first time we sent a claim in after years of premiums they denied and said it might have been related to a preexisting condition.
over the last eight years, i've had ten cats insured through petplan. when one has gotten sick (lymphomas, pancreatic cancer, urinary tract issues, etc.), petplan has been there for each of them covering their illnesses and doing so promptly and without hassle. petplan has exceeded every expectation i have had for pet insurance (contrasting starkly, by the way, with my own medical insurance (through oxford), which is marred by constant stress, obfuscation, and denial--and i'm very healthy). i've recommended petplan to everyone i know who has a furry friend, saying "just get it!" i would never, ever leave a pet uninsured again. everything about petplan EXCEEDS FIVE STARS.
Our little Havanese has had a series of unexpected and serious medical problems over the years. Filing claims with Petplan is simple, they are handled promptly, and invariably reimbursed. Petplan insurance is the best investment I have ever made.
We have been with Pet Plan for several years now. We have three pets that are insured and have had pets insured before the current ones. I have been dealing with Heather McAlea almost exclusively. We had a very serious incident happen to our 4 year Husky recently and her kindness and compassion through this difficult recovery time has been amazing. She gives new meaning to customer service and we want to thank her for that service. The only improvement I would like to see is in the coverage offered by Pet Plan. There are many holistic remedies and acupuncture treatments that the plan should cover and many of the other insurers do cover these types of treatments and procedures. The pet care industry is huge and Pet Plan is behind the times on some of the services and medical treatments that they should be covering but don't. For this reason I give them an overall rating of four stars, for customer service Heather receives five!
If you’re thinking about using Petplan…STEER CLEAR. If your experience is anything like mine, you’ll faithfully pay your premiums only to be denied when you submit your claim. Here’s my story: My dog had surgery, which was around $1,000. I told Petplan before the surgery the name of the clinic and the date that my dog (Champ) was having surgery. After about a month, I didn’t hear anything from Petplan, so I called them to see what was going on. They told me that I needed to contact the clinic and request the records. I thought it was strange that they didn’t do that themselves or inform me that they need additional information. So I thought, no big deal. Maybe it was an oversight. So, I called the clinic and asked them to send the records to Petplan. When I called Petplan back to ensure that they had received Champ’s surgery records, I was then told that they would need his medical records for the past two years. Once again, that was something I felt Petplan should be requesting, not me. So I had to take more time out of my schedule to call the clinic again and request the additional records. I made sure that the clinic had sent the records to Petplan. After going several days without hearing anything from Petplan, I called them again. At that point, I learned that Petplan had denied my claim because of “pre-existing” conditions. I looked through the records and the “pre-existing” conditions that they claim were not anywhere to be found. The reason I purchased the policy was to protect Champ from any medical issues that might arise. However, the exact opposite happened. Petplan has not only asserted that they will not cover Champ’s surgery, but they have also given me the run-around throughout the process. I wasted my time following up and collecting medical records. And I wasted my money by paying premiums, only to be denied. So I have a $1,000 surgery that not covered and I’m further in the hole for the hundreds of dollars I paid to Petplan. I cancelled my Petplan “insurance policy” that day. I would advise anyone that’s reading this to NEVER use Petplan. I don’t want you to go through the same experience that I had.
After many expenses I had with past pets I decided pet insurance is a must for all pet owners. I am so happy I decided, after research, to purchase Pet Plan policies for my two beagles. My experience with Petplan has exceeded any expectations I had. Not only do they pay the bills but they REALLY CARE ! Their customer service is what sets them apart, particularly one of their representatives Jessica who helped me through a very tragic event. My beagle Joy was suddenly paralyzed late one Sunday night. The way she looked at me broke my heart. We rushed her to the emergency clinic, where they did an MRI and discovered several ruptured disks in her back. The decision was to put her down or try to save her with surgery. Without Petplan the outcome would have been far different as the surgery was expensive. We had the surgery and with in two days Joy was moving her legs! This was her second back surgery in one year. Petplan had covered the first and my Silver Policy was running low on funds. I called Jessica at Petplan and she said I had the option to upgrade immediately to a Gold Plan. By doing that Joy's bills were completely covered. I don't know any other Company that would allow that when it would cost them money. Joy is my baby and because of that surgery she is walking and wagging her tail! Her prognosis is excellent. On that awful night my husband was also admitted to the hospital and it was a holiday weekend. Petplan even on the holiday was there to help us. That is what I mean by excellent Customer Service. If you are considering pet insurance purchase Petplan. It saved my dog's life! Any pet I ever have will be insured with Petplan!
Once again I must thank everyone at Petplan that was involved with my recent claims for Bear. Within one month my always healthy 5 1/2 year old mix Bear managed to incur over $6000.00 in medical fees. From pre authorization to updates on how claims were being processed Petplan employees were always patient, polite,friendly and very helpful. Special thanks to Jordyn S. and Ana T So good to deal with a company that still believes in good customer service.
i was having difficulty getting a claim approved and Kane made the process so easy and took care of all the heavy lifting. Kane at GOPETPLAN.COM is the best
I have been paying for 3 years an insurance policy with petplan for my 2 cats, never had a claim. My cats have been followed by a vet since day 1. Recently one of the cats got into a fight with another one and needed treatment following infection. I filed a claim with petplan, attached all the required docs, even attached the medical history of my 2 cats as I was fearing my vet would not be prompt in sending the required docs. Well, they claimed I missed the 2012 history... Not sure how this affects my cat's recent fight but they never honored the claim, so I did not renew, because if they are making such a fuss about a small $300 claim, I am sure it will be hell if I really need them for a serious condition. It is impossible to talk to them except when you want to sign up or pay. Do not recommend at all!!!
I highly recommend petplan insurance. The employees are extremely informative, highly experienced and exceptionally helpful. The claim turnaround time has been superb. Unfortunately, I’ve had to submit a few claims for my beloved dog and petplan has promptly sent a check each time. I will never have a pet again without petplan insurance
Jordan provided excellent customer service. It wasn't her fault that it took a long time for the claim to be resolved but instead she promised to expedite it and within two days the problem was solved. She promised to follow up with me today and sure enough- she did it! Pet Plan definitely needs more excellent employees like her!
Excellent customer service. I spoke to Gina yesterday when I called in for information on starting a policy for my new puppy. I called in with very little knowledge I am afraid, but Gina walked me through the plan and answered all my guestions (and there were a lot). Gina was very informative and super friendly. Thanks pet plan and Gina, I will be calling back ASAP to sign up my fur baby.
Without Petplan (and our wonderful team of Vets) we wouldn't have Nick, who is one of our golden retrievers, with us today. On November 1, 2014 Nick had his first bleed from Cardiac Hemangiosarcoma. On November 4th he had his second bleed and we would have lost him had we not been at our oncologist's office. Pet plan was with us right from the beginning. They have covered all of Nick's chemotherapy, ultrasounds, lab work, emergency clinic stays, acupuncture, chinese herbs and supportive treatments. They have been truly amazing! We selected the 80% coverage and a $200 deductible per illness. We have all four of our golden retrievers covered by Petplan. They have been the most wonderful people to deal with. Our claims are processed quickly and reimbursement is also very quick. I refer all of our puppy families to Petplan. Other insurances charge more and cover less -- some charge an additional premium for therapies like acupuncture and chiropractic. Some even have an additional charge for cancer coverage -- NOT Petplan. Without Petplan we would not have been able to afford Nick's treatment. He is doing great and we consider Petplan to be an integral part of Nick's care team!
I had the pleasure of talking to Kim, Happiness Manager, a couple days ago on how to sort out a policy transfer. Kim was knowledgeable, clearly describing how the process worked, while at the same time, she was funny and kind. The folks at PetPlan make it easy with their mobile platform that has allowed me to file claims really easily, but the real measure of customer service comes when you need to speak with someone, and that someone is very good at what they do. I could not be happier with PetPlan and the excellent staff the employ. Kim, thank you again for your help!
I spoke with Georgia about a claim that I had submitted and was very happy with the customer service that she provided. She was polite, friendly and knowledgeable and went out of her way to provide the answers that I was looking for. Petplan in general offers good products but above all else presents a caring company that understands that our pets are family members and treats its clients accordingly.
Excellent. Also, I love that I can change my policies just by chatting with a representative and they are always super helpful and friendly. I just talked to Mark Flaherty and he was the best! Thanks Mark!
After spending thousands on my previous Rocky, I knew I would need help this time around. AARP sent me information on Pet Plan. I called and got insurance for my Rocky Deuce! I hope I don't need to use it but nice to have in my pocket.
Excellent customer support. We had an issue with records being sent and Mark Flaherty was instrumental in keeping us in the loop and helping on getting information that was needed. He knew the hold up we were going through and when all information was received he expedited the process for us. We are very grateful for his help. Sincerely, Jay Imler
Caitlin W. and the rest of the staff at Petplan were so helpful and made the process of my claim easy to understand. She worked in a timely manner and called me back to give me timely updates. It is because of her and Petplan I was able to focus on my dog's post-surgery care and know that the insurance was being handled!
My Tinny (cat ) needed oral surgery recently. Naturally I was very concerned about the operation on my boy. Fortunately, I have carried PetPlan Gold for Tinny since 2008. I have utilized PetPlan coverage several times over the years for fairly expensive treatments, so I knew cost was their area of responsibility, leaving me free to concentrate solely on his treatment and recovery. Two days ago I received a check for more than $500, the correct amount contractually promised to the penny. As per usual, the processing of the claim went smoothly and quickly. ANY surgery is important and worrisome when your furry family member is the patient. KNOWING bills will be taken care of provides peace of mind during troubling times. PetPlan always comes through for my VERY important buddy.
We were so lucky to have had Pet Plan for our chihuahua, Bebop, who was recently diagnosed with a really rare disease called Penniculitis (our vet hadn't seen a case in over 20 years!). Because it's so rare, testing and treatments were extensive! Thank you Pet Plan for making it so we didn't have to choose between our savings and our beloved Bebop!
After two months of frustration trying to get clarification and answers regarding dental coverage for my dog and how her past periodontal disease would impact future coverage...KANE DALY got me real answers! That said, the FIVE stars is for him alone. I had gone back and forth with the medical review team for months after being transferred to them no avail. I finally decided I would try calling in once more and hope I would get lucky with a representative that could really help me. Kane Daly was that rep! He listened carefully to my situation, questions and after conferring with his supervisor as well he got me the answers I had waited months about 5 minutes! Thank you Kane! Side note: we have a pup we rescued...upon her first vet exam it was determined she had periodontal disease and later a fractured tooth. She has been treated for both. For anyone else in this situation, these treatments were not covered as they were considered pre-existing. So for future coverage, as long as our pup has routine dental cleanings/care (annual) and stays clear for periodontal disease/dental problems for the first two years...she will be covered by the policy for non-routine dental in the third year. Hope this info helps others as the policy verbiage is quite confusing. ;)
I am so glad I chose Pet Plan for my fur baby. They have been ever so accessible. The customer service is also outstanding. The last representative I spoke with, Stacey Johnson, was very helpful and outgoing.
Petplan is horrible. After spending weeks collecting documents from EVERY vet office our dog visited, our claim was denied due to a pre-existing condition. The pre-existing condition was that our dog had some watering out of her eye as a puppy prior to purchasing coverage and the vet attributed it to allergies. Be warned, if you have ever brought up ANY concern about your dog prior to buying coverage then they can use it as a reason not to pay a claim. I should have taken the $65/month premium and thrown it in the trash because that is where it went.
My dog Sofia Marie is a Cocker Spaniel puppy, She has started having seizures at 8 months old , and without having Pet Plan for our Insurance, I would be out thousands of dollars from blood work, to liver testing, to MRI's. Everyone at Pet Plan insurance has been GREAT !!!!! When you submit a claim they reimburse you very quickly, as to some other pet insurances out there you could wait about a month to be reimbursed. Some people think that I was crazy to get pet Insurance for a puppy. And I asked them "do you have car Insurance" and there response was" yes" and I said and how often do you use that. I feel the same way about pet insurance It doesn't cost that much and you never know at any age what can happen to your pet just as you never know when you will need you car insurance! I can NOT say enough about Pet Plan Insurance!!!
When I got pet insurance for my Golden, Brody, I never expected to have to use it. I knew we were both going to be active hiking and training in agility so I wanted a safety net to rely on in the event anything major happened. Plus, with Golden's being prone to cancer I don't want to be in a position that I can't offer him the best care. Little did I know, about a year ago I would find out that Brody tore his right should requiring 2 procedures and weekly physical therapy sessions. We had used our policy a couple of times prior for an illness and a toe sprain but all minor compared to the shoulder. We are still looking at weekly physical therapy session with laser and water treatment but every week I get to experience Brody get stronger. It’s nice to know that our insurance has been there to help ease the costs of the bills. It’s certainly in the thousands and will continue to increase until he is close to 100%. We are also fortunate to live in an area that has a specialist and physical therapy facility. PetPlan has been great to work with and I receive my return within a timely manner. I did consider switching when the company switched and changed their policy but I am happy I stuck it out. Idk if another company would have covered what we are going through, especially with his past injuries. It was well worth the investment and certainly can be easier to understand then human insurance.
PET PLAN was recommended to me by a neighbor. It sounded SO good that I quickly chose the $100 a month policy. I received no warning about any fine print or exceptions when I called, but they happily took my credit card and started billing me and sending me their newsletter. When five months later, my dog had knee problems, I called to see if the therapy and acupuncture I chose as a care plan would be covered, they said INDEED. So as required, I sent in the bills for vet and surgeon exams and therapy. After $2,000 in bills had been accumulated and we found out that surgery was probably the best option - PET PLAN wrote and said "Sorry but our policies don't cover knee issues for the first SIX MONTHS.' When I explained how upset I was, they said I could get a letter from my vet saying there were no knee problems when I signed up FIVE MONTHS before. Our family vet was happy to do that, since it was absolutely true. We sent the letter in, waiting for a positive response. FORGET IT - they took a month for their "Board of Vets' to review - translation: dig for an excuse NOT to pay. They read the specialists notes that said "bilateral tear vs chronic" and wrote to me and said -- SEE it's a CHRONIC so it was preexisting. We won't pay." I called the specialist surgeon that my vet sent me to and she said "I put tear vs chronic - we weren't saying which, could be either - they should pay at least half! So now that I've paid $1,100 for PET PLAN and $2,000 out of my pocket and the surgery my sweet boxer needs is $7,000 - PET PLAN can offer me NOTHING? They wrote the second letter saying "We are not without compassion in this case." REALLY??? What a cheap lie. They are in business to find their way OUT of paying their clients. Why else wouldn't they encourage their new clients to get a "thirty day knee health certificate" when they sign up? Disgusting!!! THEY NEED TO MAKE IT RIGHT. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS COMAPNY
Having been with PetPlan for several years with multiple pets I can tell you first had that the folks at PetPlan provide superior customer service. Claims are processed promptly and if questions do arise a customer service agent is easily available. All of the agents I have worked with have been excellent but I would be remiss if I did not point out that Amy Bellingrath, with whom I have worked with over the past several years, has been particularly outstanding. The peace of mind provided by PetPlan is invaluable.
I called to get information on insurance for my new dog, I spoke with Gina B, she was soooo helpful, friendly, & patient with me with all of my questions regarding the insurance and policies!
Petplan is a FANTASTIC plan. They have, once again, come through for us. I recommend this plan 110%. They are responsive, fast processing and great communicators. Don’t wait, sign-up NOW; you never know when your beloved fur baby will need treatment.
always had pet insurance for piece of be honest wish i didnt need to use it.however,this past month has been a nerve racking to say the least.petplan was able to contact my vet office about records they needed sent to them.which was very helpful.every time i called pet plan up.wether it was late at night or wee hours of the morning.anyone who answered the phone was friendly in a time were i just needed someone to listen to me.for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart.they went out of there way to make me feel secure and most important they not only asked about my cat but asked how i was holding up.wonderful group.
Heather was absolutely AMAZING!!! She answered every single one of my questions with such enthusiasm no matter how many I asked!! By far the best customer service I have received. Thank you so much!!!
I love Petplan! They have such good coverage, and at a very reasonable price. I got a request for additional information and had to call them. I got a very nice customer service representative, Taylor Bell-Branchomb, who was very accommodating. He took my information and forwarded it to the claims department, then checked to make sure they got it and notified me that he had verified that they had it. I could not ask for better!
Kudos to Emily and Petplan for their handling of new policy options. Courteous, responsive, and knowledgeable! Highly recommended!
My little Frenchie, Fiona was so sick twice in one month, and Petplan Pet Insurance - North America pulled through for us to help cover her medical expenses. We have had 3 dogs on Petplan and they have never let us down. It is a great investment for your dog and security for those unexpected incidents that can really hit your pocket when your pet is ill.
Jordan S helped me with a small problem merging two accounts into one email address. She was pleasant and very prompt in correcting the problem. Many thanks
Hello, On 4/28/17, my 7 year old English cocker spaniel, Zoey, had to have surgery to remove a cyst on her ear. The operation went smoothly. And so did my experience with PetPlan. I spoke with Ms. Emily Briggs, who helped me acquire the needed paperwork from my vet. Shortly after, I received an email from her informing me the claim was approved and my refund was on the way. Emily's communication and patience while working with me on the phone was comforting, especially after my dog's surgery. She is a professional and represents the PetPlan family well. I thank you and so does "Zoey".~ Herman
Spoke with Jordan S today about procedures for acquiring our rescue dog's history and subsequent submission of any claims. She was knowledgeable,super helpful, and very patient, never losing her cheerful tone. We adopted Cassius two months ago and have decided to go with Petplan rather than our previous insurance company. Clearly, a wise move on our part!
After months of premium payments and no issues, my poor pup developed an aversion to touch to much so that she winces in pain if you touch her. I took her to a vet who suggested a neurology work up was in order to rule out brain lesions or disc issues. I called Pet Plan to make sure my animals bills would be covered ($3700.00) and they said they would. After all work had been done I submitted my claim and was denied because my dog had been seen for anxiety months before. Despite being sent a letter from my vet stating the two conditions were unrelated, Pet Plan still did their job as an insurance company and denied my pets claim. We still have no answers as to why my dog is in pain and now cannot afford to see any more specialists. This company is garbage. Way to stand behind your customers.
I wouldn't think to partner anywhere else! In my two years as a partner with Petplan for my crazy pup, it has been a pleasure to work with them! I highly recommend this team of fun, caring and professional people. They make the difficult pet management matters a breeze! Thank you to all and, specifically Kane today!
My dog was injured by another dog over three years before I filed a claim. I kept hoping the other party (a part time resident) would pick up the expenses for the damage inflicted, but, by the time I realized it was a lost cause, the statute of limitations expired for this kind of claim in my locality. I checked with petplan when I called on another issue and to my amazement they suggested I file a claim which I did...and which they paid! I am truly grateful for their tolerance in my slow action to file, but this reinforces the high esteem I hold them in. Thanks again.
Pet Plan was the only company that would take our 2 older cats who were over 10 when enrolled. As it turns out it was our youngest cat who developed cancer and tragically died this year despite every effort with surgery and chemo. Pet Plan covered her treatment at our 80% level and helped ease the stress of the financial aspect, though nothing can heal our hearts. We get our reimbursement checks in 2-4 weeks after the claim is received. It's definitely paid for itself, and we will continue to insure our pets with Pet Plan.
When we got our two dogs, the one thing I said I must have was pet insurance. A lot of people said it was a waste of money and I was crazy for doing it. I didn’t care. I never wanted to choose between my families financial health and the life of a family member (our dogs). Going with PetPlan has been the best decision as both dogs have suffered costly injuries such as a luxating patella ($1,000), two canine crucible ruptured ($10,000), back nerve pain ($500), emergency visits for fluid in lungs ($500), and other visits. The most costly has been the CCL tears and because of PetPlan, I was able to give Charlie the best treatment, gold standard operations, rehab, medicine, and much more. Every time I met with the vet, they tried to warn me about the cost. It was great being able to say “I don’t care, I have pet insurance.” The claims process is easy and the PetPlan team is AMAZING. Hands down AMAZING. You get personal attention, and they even called after major surgeries to check on Charlie after I’ve filed the claim. I mean my own insurance company doesn’t do that for me...just saying. The one thing I’ll say, don’t wait to get it. Get it as soon as possible. We got it for them when they were puppies and it has been very affordable, but knowing what I know now...I would still get it even if it was a little more costly.
We recently lost Toby, our lovely fox terrier, aged 13.5yrs, who we got as a 3yr old rescue and petplan were fantastic with his ill-health in his latter years. Potted history: Good general health until 4yrs ago he was diagnosed with kidney failure and put on a not inexpensive pill a day for it. 2yrs ago he suffered from a lump in his back passage which led to bleeding when passing faeces and had it surgically removed but it soon grew back. After a second op where a biopsy showed it to be benein he was put on expensive pills used in chemo to stop it growing back. In May this year his liver started failing and he went in a further 2 expensive pills until his death in November. Toby was a happy, fun loving little chap almost to the end but his surgeries and pills in the last few years cost thousands and PP paid up without without a query or question. They may not be the cheapest but IMHO they are far and away the best. Thanks Petplan for allowing our old chap to enjoy his later life without us having to worry about the cost.
Petplan has saved me a lot of money over the past two years. Mark Flaherty, has been a big help. He is always so friendly and helps me with anything and everything! Thanks Mark! :)
Petplan is the best pet insurance coverage in the industry and their customer service is amazing. My dog was recently diagnosed with anxiety and a broken tooth; everything was covered at 90% minus my deductible, and Sara Konnecke helped to expedite all my claims so I was reimbursed within a week. Highly recommend!
My cat Nimmi just had an i131 infusion for Hyperthyroidism and part of her claim was incorrectly denied due to a pre-existing heart murmur condition. Pet Plan can sometimes feel like any other insurance company until you speak with employee Kane Daly. This man is an efficient, knowledgeable, and compassionate customer representative for Pet Plan Insurance. He speaks to you with understanding while clearly stating policy and options for your claim if denied. The man goes above and beyond to get you the answers you are seeking while making sure your case doesn't fall through the cracks. You will not feel like just a number when talking with Kane, and this company should be proud to have him representing their brand. I've spoken with other customer services reps for this company and others, and I have never felt like I was being assisted and communicated with as much as I have with Kane. I cannot say enough about the wonderful service I've been provided by this individual, he deserves a $194304905 raise! :)
Petplan has been an amazing company to work with! My rescue dog has had many issues that have led to expensive testing and surgeries. Petplan has helped me provide the best care for my best friend! The "happiness managers" are always knowledgeable and cheerful. It was a pleasure to speak with Jordyn S today, as she was able to help me update my payment information in a flash! I'm always smiling after a conversation with the caring people at Petplan!
I can't compare them to any other pet insurance companies because I never had a reason to look any further than petplan. Always terrific and simple. I saw a review about them denying a claim because the owners didn't take the dog for yearly check ups. That should be something that does not to be explained to an animal owner. Great people answering the phones there also.
Every time I need to speak with someone from Customer Service they are always extremely nice and helpful.
I've had Petplan for my dog for a little more than 3 years now & just filed my first claim. Everything was really straight forward & we are being reimbursed everything that we expected! I did forget to update my mailing address, so Mark from customer service helped me via the online chat. He was super helpful & answered all my questions & fixed everything for me! I would definitely recommend Petplan to anyone looking for pet insurance!
I'm very happy to choose Petplan for our new pup Shelby! My husband and I had been shopping around and were so relieved when we stumbled upon Petplan. The customer service was excellent, and the chat was fantastic! Mark in particular was able to really help us out and answered every question we had.
A few years ago, I made a decision to purchase pet insurance for our dogs and cats. I did a lot of research and compared prices charged and types of coverage offered by multiple companies, and ultimately decided upon insuring them with Petplan. This decision proved to be one of the smartest that I have ever made. In November of 2013, our cat, Buddy, became ill, and was diagnosed with intestinal Lymphoma. Arriving at this diagnosis involved multiple examinations, hospitalizations, tests, endoscopy, and biopsies, all of which were performed over a period of several weeks. The total cost of these procedures was in the thousands of dollars, and Petplan was there for us every step of the way. Claims were processed quickly, and we were reimbursed for our expenses within seven to ten days of claim submission. I am happy to report that today, more than one year after his diagnosis, Buddy is doing very well, and showing no outward signs of his disease. He will have to be on a regimen of chemotherapy drugs and steroids for the rest of his life to control his disease, and he must be examined and have blood tests performed every three months to monitor the effectiveness of his current treatment protocol. His insurance coverage through Petplan has allowed us to obtain the best veterinary care available for Buddy without any financial concerns. He, and the rest of our pets, will continue to be insured through Petplan for the rest of their lives. This company excels in providing outstanding coverage and customer service which is affordable and provided by people who truly care about pets.
Mark provided great customer service to me. He worked crazy hard to solve a billing error that someone else had made, and provided me all the information to make me very comfortable it wouldn't happen again. Didn't stop until the problem was solved and I was totally satisfied.
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