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People's Trust Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: People's Trust Insurance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (888) 364-8557
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 85 %
A reliable company with one of the best customer service in this industry
So far I've had great experience with people's trust insurance.
every one was great
The quote in town is the best
People’s trust was extremely helpful and quick to my hurricane damage. I could not have been more pleased.
My experience was an excellent experience that made me more comfortable with my homeowners insurance with People Trust. I was happy with the customer service that I received when inquiring about homeowners insurance. Anytime I was contacted by People's Trust, the customer service was excellent. Thanks to everyone.
Recently had my first claim. The process was quick, easy and fair. Very happy with my experience.
Had a inspection done on my house and they're very helpful. Everyone I spoke with was very nice and knew what I need to get me the best deal.
Always ready to help or advise how to avoid problems or danger during storms or any other situation
Peoples Trust has the best rates year after year hands down. You can tailor policy to your budget, the agents will make sure it is not missing coverage you need and even make suggestions to coverage you may need that will not increase your policy. I praise them and thank them! I Just love Peoples Trust! With 2 homes insured by them I am working on my third now. I look forward to the many years of low cost coverage, Keep up the Great work everyone at Peoples Trust!
Great company easy to deal with.
Don't process policies on time!!!
after hurricane IRMA one call to PEOPLES TRUST done it all fast , prompt , excellant
Francine is the BEST! She was very informative and knowledgeable of making my decision. She has great passion for what she does!.....Thank you Francine.
Ruben was great follow up and giving info
A1 very happy with you you are the best
Very helpful and courtousiouse.recomendid.
The agents I spoke with were extremely helpful and nice.
Service was good and the employees were very nice.
Very satisfied with service
Excellent customer services and price. I would recommend to anyone!!!
This is not our first rodeo in the home insurance arena, as we have had many homes. But People's Trust has been the best! Always quick to respond, very courteous and fair.
The company has worked with me to resolve my claim and ensure I am kept involved.
And easy to work with good ratings they have service
We had damage from a roof leak. Peoples Trust was very responsive, sending an adjustor over quickly. He offered to write a check or have their own company do the repairs. I decided on the latter, which was a good thing, as the workmen discovered additional damage, all of which they fixed. They were thorough, and all I had to do was write a check for the deductible.
Very favorable
Excellent A+++
My previous insurance company was raising my premium every year, to the point that was crazy expensive when I bought the house I paid 1200.00 per year, they were increasing a bit more every year but this year was insane (3900.00) and I haven’t had any claims so a friend recommended People Trust and they gave me a good price and I’m happy to have them as an insurance company
Best service and best prices. Very happy as a customer!
I am new...check back with me after renewal!
Had a small claim - Handled well. Price could always be better. Cost. service good.
Your rates are out of control, but so far no issues with anything else.
Professional...great experience!!
The expert was really helpful and explained everything.
Very helpful, polite people. Fast response.
Excellent customer service. Competitive pricing and fast handling of claims. Very efficient company.
I had a plumbing issue and their staff handled everything well and a I had no problem taking care of everything
everything was great,i was quoted a very fast insurance for my new home.i asked to pay it and i could pay immediately by phone and before 10 days i had my policy by mail.
Very good company reasonable and efficient
Great service and follow through.
we have been with PEOPLES for 5 years and all correspondence has been polite, professional and confidence inspiring
Is a great experience to know peoples trust ins those agents I spoke they were excellent Diana is and Johnangel very professional and explain everything very clear to me thanks
Hounest Business
Great and fast responce to our claim.
Great Insurance Company. Reasonable price. Employees are nice and helpful. God blessed all.
I don’t feel I can give an accurate global review at this time because I have just signed up. At this point all Peoples have done for me is sign me up and take my money, the easy part. So far so good. I have not had the experience of a claim. (I hope I never do.) The real proof of an insurance company is how they perform in the event of a loss. So far I have received excellent customer service. Please send this review form to everyone who recently settled a claim and see what they have to say. Those will be important reviews. Thank you.
Had no problem with this company, quick and easy!!
Great company great price
Very professional company, all personnel I spoke with was always very knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend People’s Trust Insurance Company.
Great company as long as you never have any real problems that would cause more than one claim
I have been with people trust for years great service great prices
Quick, efficient, and most of all affordable. I highly recommend this company for your home insurance needs.
PTI is the best insurance by far! They are significantly cheaper than any insurance I've ever had and we had to file a claim this year and they settled it on the spot the first day that the adjuster came out. It honestly seemed too good to be true and I was expecting a significant rate increase or for them to drop us altogether (as is common in S. Florida) but we just renewed our policy with no increase. I recommend PTI to everyone I know.
I got a quote based on the fact that my property had previously been insured by Peoples Trust; however once I had accepted this quote and made payments I got correspondence to this effect: your home does not qualify for the quoted price because of the type of construction. They decided the house is wood frame when in fact it is of CBS. In spite of evidence gleamed from Broward County Property Appraiser and my city they have continued to insist that the approximately $460 added to my original quote will not be waived. I have also asked for a copy of the company's inspector report but told by their representative that customer's cannot have access to that. Awful company!
WE reced. very good service from peoples and hope to continue service from them
I had my insurance rate tripled because of some kind of snafu with flood insurance after the hurricane in 2016. I just got a new policy that's priced in line with the original one - but no clear reason as to why any of this actually happened in the first place. I also needed to get an umbrella policy in order to complete a solar installation at my house. A rep told me that they sold that at PTI, but I needed to call in the next day because they were closing. I called the next day and I was told that PTI does not sell umbrella policies. I also found out that a lot of insurers will not work with PTI, which meant that I had to find an agent to help me find a policy, and it even took him several weeks. I'm not happy at all with any of this and plan to have my new agent find me something different when it comes time for renewal.
I haven’t been with them long enough to have an opinion. So far very efficient and professional.
Very easy to work with with the best price I found.
Quick to the jump with our pipe break, quickly processed our claim. Everything resolved and paid in 2 weeks. Truly outstanding!
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