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Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
While this business is a numbers game, the numbers at NetQuotes don't justify the cost. For the same money, I would have been better off doing a mass mailing. I did NetQuotes for several months, for life insurance leads, continuously getting very bad leads. By bad leads, I mean people who are uninsurable, thought they were going to win something, or people who had been overwhelmed by the onslaught of calls that ultimately drove them mad and frustrated. The few truly interested prospects, mostly high risk clients, wanted a lot of insurance for a little bit of monthly premiums and were quite dismayed to learn that they might have to pay more. I started using a different service that assured me they were not associated with Bankrate, the NetQuotes parent company, and started getting the exact same leads, only five minutes after the other service sent them.
I am a new agent and out of desperation to get leads and I signed up with In two days I got 5 “live leads” and four of the leads, were not able to talk with the clients. was able to connect me with one potential client. During the call transfer, the client refused to talk about insurance needs because “he is finishing up his lunch”. I tried to call him numerous times and he did not answer. I was able to connect with that client the next day, but he said that “he already got insurance from his friend”. I called and requested for a credit. I was told “As long as the clients filled out the form and the information was proven to be correct, even bad leads, I must pay because I am not fast enough to call the clients”. I talked to their supervisor and he repeated the same. I then received a call back from another person and I told him what happened, and he repeated the same again. I threatened to raise this unethical practice to Federal Trade Commission; they just laughed at me and said “you have signed up the agreement”. Since this is a very poor business practice, therefore please be very careful to sign up with They only interested in charging you and not providing you with reliable leads.
The site presents itself as though you'll get quotes online. That is a lie. You will fill out your personal information and it will be sent to several insurance companies who will then call you. NetQuote's business model is NOT to quote you on the net (as its name implies), but rather to sell your information to insurance companies as a lead-gen site. Zero stars for being a deceptive, shady company. Infuriating waste of time.
Netquote's service and business practices are abusive with agents' money, time and trust. They sell recycled leads, fake leads and abused my finances. I have had a relationship with this company for over 9 years, and since they were bought out by 'Bankrate' they have been extremely abusive with agents and unsuspecting consumers that never requested quotes or requested a quote months prior. The quality of leads has diminished since 2007 possibly because of the industry and economy, but much of the quality has been because of unethical business practices by company executives and service staff.I have had several conversations with supposed potential customers wanting quotes. Most would say they receive between 1 and 30 calls from different agencies both in and out of the State of Oregon; some international from a handful of people. The premise of Netquote's promise to agents that they only sell the leads to a maximum of 8 agents but mostly 4 agents will actually receive the same leads. Nevertheless, on average I have yet to see only 4 agents getting one lead, and in fact I would say because 'Bankrate' purchased "Insurme and AgentInsider" they actually have the same leads getting sold to all 3 companies, which demonstrates to me these leads are actually getting sold a minimum of 24xs (8x 3 companies) to be fair, which aligns with customer complaints when an agent calls.I know that Bankrate is selling one lead to all 3 companies, because I have been with all 3 companies and checked with at least a couple of friends who were shocked to notice I received the same lead they had received when they purchased from 'Netquote' and I purchase from 'Insurme.' When you call the company because either the prospective client stated they didn't want to be called anymore because of constant calls, or because they never requested a quote or had requested a quote sometime ago and have since then found insurance elsewhere; the service staff is verbally abusive to various degrees. They tend to acknowledge you as either being a liar or an idiot, and they speak down to you constantly either way. 3 Names that stick out are "Sarah, Melissa and Verna." In all my years of being involved in business I have never felt like my clients owed me anything nor would I ever talk to them with an undermining tone if I disagreed with them. However the service staff has gotten really good at calling agents out, disrespecting them and their management. "Verna" does the same. No one listens to the individuals paying the company hard-earned cash. My biggest issue with this company I have referred this company to other agents--and I hear the same complaints over and over again; then they more or less steal my money by being unethical with how the company conducts business. Just recently they took $400 from my bankcards then the next day closed my account with them. For no reason they just stole my money--never returned my money or even apologize for taking my money. Yet their service reps think you should tolerate the abuse. I have never seen such a shady operation in my entire life. I think with all the money and scamming that is going on with this company I am going to make it my goal to expose them. What is irritating most is that they are in bed with other internet lead providers from what I've understood listening to their staff--Quote Wizard, Insurance Leads or Allwebleads and a couple of other vendors. Their service reps say that they sometimes get leads from these other vendors, which obviously sell the same leads to their own agents. What a scam!!!
I started an account with them and told them I just wanted 10 names per month to see how it worked. They then proceeded to send me more names than I requested, while charging my card for more than I agreed to. 10 names per month was supposed to be $100.00 per month but instead they would send me 10 names in a week and then charge my card again so they would get up to $200.00 - $300.00 per month out of my card. They are lying ** that are trying to rob hardworking people. The worst kind of scum. Tell anyone you know that may need to use this sort of service. Hardworking people need to save each other from these rotten scum bag con artists.
The website states it can provide immediate quotes, which is not true. I gave my information via a form, and then I was asked to click the providers for a side by side comparison and it takes you to the actual website for the insurance company and you must then complete the same information. NetQuote appears to lure you in for your information. It does not provide any quotes immediately, nor is there any quotes sent to your email account. I rate them a ZERO. Shame on you parent company Bankrate for allowing this company to participate in such unethical practices, especially for Errors and Omissions coverage!!!
Not worth the money... They charged me 200 in one day when I had a cap on my account. They capture information so people that aren't interested in quotes or never pick up the phone so that you can’t verify that they're real people seeking quotes...
I cancelled after receiving the 15 free leads, and now they are harassing me to pay over $400.00. The leads received were bogus, and most had not requested a call, and the others were poor phone numbers and emails. They now have a lawyer contacting me.
I was sold a program that included 15 free leads and then $15/lead. Two out of the first 10 were bad with bad information with one and the second lead was bogus with the lady saying she never filled out anything anywhere online. Well, you have to believe her, she was yelling at me to take her off the list. I contacted NetQuote and the member services dept. said they were free and could not be credited. I said that was part of the program and they were legit bad leads. Who would not say who he was or anything about anybody else? I hung up and will contact the President shortly.
I attempted to get a free quote for health insurance online. Within seconds of hitting the submit button, I received a phone call. I proceeded to get 25 phone calls in one day from various people trying to sell me insurance. The worst was a company called AHB Sales, LLC. They called me 16 times yesterday, were argumentative, rude, and refused to allow me to speak with a supervisor. So far today, I have had 7 calls from people trying to sell me insurance despite me telling them all to put me on their "do not call" list. Every one of these 32 calls in a day and a half have come from feeding them my number.
Unsolicited calls for fake insurance: is selling my information to other insurance agencies. This is a matter of privacy. I am registered to No Call list. Several calls were telling me that I had wanted a "quote" for insurance. No such thing.
For the record, I am a veteran insurance agent with over 32 years of experience. I started as a one man shop in 1987 but grew my agency over 20 years to be very large and successful with 12 office locations and 140 employees that I sold several years ago. Unlike most insurance agents, I spent money to make money when it comes to advertising and making the phone ring. Therefore I’m not a penny pincher if something works. I quickly became bored with my retirement after selling my large operation and opened up a local agency to give me something to do. Although I had read the bad reviews about NetQuote leads, I reluctantly tried it because a few agents I know said the HO leads were okay some of the time. NetQuote had a promo going with leads at half price through the end of the year. My first red flag after I signed up was that they charged me full price out of the gate until I called them to remind them of their own half price promo. After approximately 1 month and spending over $1,000 on the Preferred Auto and HO leads, I can tell you that NONE were any good. That is correct, not one lead was of any value and not one sale was ever completed from these lousy leads. Now NetQuote will tell you the key to making the sale is getting back to the person as soon as you get the lead. That advice is actually the precursor for blaming you for the zero results and not the quality of the lead itself. ‘You see, you’re just not fast enough’. Oh yeah? I can tell you that we jumped on every lead within seconds if we received it when we were awake and in the office. I stay awake and in the office because the timing of many leads were a joke. We received many of our leads anywhere from 3:00AM to 6:00AM when an instantaneous response call from us was impossible. But when we could immediately call a customer many said, “Oh I already talked to St Farm”. Talked to St Farm?!?! How could you have talked to St Farm and hung up the phone when I just got your lead two seconds ago? It certainly isn’t the customer’s fault. Could it be that the lead was in fact not fresh and just a regurgitated one being bled dry for its fee potential by NetQuote? I already talked to St Farm, was only some of the results we encountered. There were many, many leads with bogus info. But the kicker was that the majority said they never asked for a quote or could not remember filling out a quote request. How could you not remember filling out a quote request when NetQuote is telling me you just did it a few seconds ago and that speed is everything? Others said that they had been inundated with calls from other agents and therefore not thrilled to hear from us. How could these people been inundated with calls from agents when NetQuote tells me I’m just one of a few agents who gets the lead from a specific zip code? When asked, NetQuotes response was, “they can lie to you”. Having NetQuote accusing the leads as possible liars is somewhat like the pot calling the kettle black. So much for lead freshness and quality. We also received leads that contained info for people who had died, not recently but up to a year ago. We were also the lucky recipient of a lead from Canada. NetQuote could have caught that one by the phone number. But apparently it was our job to catch it after we had been charged. We had one lead allegedly from a woman in our town (Eastern Time Zone) who was so upset that we had her info that she called her husband on a business trip in California. He called us directly at 9:00AM our time/6:00AM his time demanding the name of someone he could talk to about how their information was obtained. I told him that we were trying out NetQuote and were equally upset about the bogus acquisition of people’s personal information. He turned out to be a nice guy once I explained that we were unwitting victims as well of NetQuote practices. I gave him NetQuote’s phone number and wished him luck. I called NetQuote on numerous occasions to explain what we were encountering and to question the lead quality. No explanation from NetQuote provided any clarity for our dilemma. They did confess that they buy leads from other sources (partners) who may obtain a person’s info that thinks they are entering a free drawing. Gee, I can open up a phone book and get leads of that quality for free by cold calling. NetQuote also stated that their lead partners may provide lesser quality leads than the ones they supposedly generate but that they monitor it to minimize the bad ones. Judging from our experience, quality control is non-existent. But why bother with quality when NetQuote apparently does just fine selling anything as a lead to agents hanging onto the hope that one might actually be a good one?Insurance regulations are heavy handed when it comes to agents misrepresenting or concealing material facts. Funny how a racket like NetQuote does not operate by the same standards that we have to live by. Needless to say, NetQuote has been fired from this agency for those very reasons. Buyer beware to those agents considering NetQuote. The facts speak for themselves.P.S. Those positive reviews that show up on other websites are suspicious at best when you aren’t allowed to post your own experience. My guess is that it’s just another website controlled by NetQuote to counter the bad reviews that are the actual truth. Clever people, aren’t they?
I have recently been getting many phone calls from auto insurance companies telling me that they have gotten a lead to me from Netquotes. The person at last company that called said the lead was that I was inquiring about additional insurance for my Lotus. Yeah, I wish! (I have a 2003 Civic). I have never gone online to Netquotes and I cannot reach them via their "Contact Us" tab on a Google search. I do not understand how this company (or any company, for that matter) can bypass the Do Not Call lists I am on for both my landline and cell phone numbers. These recent calls are not to my business, nor are they from charities, etc., but from companies that want to sell me something. Why is Netquotes allowed to stay in business if they do stuff like this?
I began getting emails from home insurance providers responding to my 'quote request for home insurance'. I contacted the agents, asking where they got my information. One of the agents kindly forwarded an email that she had received from NetQuote with my contact information. Here's the thing. I never visited that website, I am not a homeowner, the address listed was not current, the phone number provided is no longer in service, and none of the information about the house was correct. To top it all off, the contact info said I was male (wrong!). Essentially, it looked like some bot filled in the request form using a name, address, email, and phone number that had been bought of some spam service and randomly filled in the information about the house.When I called NetQuote to get my name off their list, I asked the woman if it was a common occurrence for people to have their email addresses submitted fraudulently. Her response was "It does happen.” As a random person, this is a hassle. If I was an insurance agent paying for their services, I'd be pissed. Don't use this service. I can tell you first hand that they do not get their leads from real people!
As a consumer comparing rates for homeowners insurance, I expected to give my information in exchange for receiving quotes. Instead, I instantly have insurance agents calling me to verify every bit of information I already provided. If you're an insurance agent thinking about signing up for this or a consumer comparing rates, consider this: Q: Why am I (the consumer) using a site like this? A: Because I want to compare multiple rates easily and save time, NOT because I want to spend a bunch of time talking to many agents over the phone interrupting my work day. This experience was bad enough that I created a membership on this Consumer Affairs website just to write this review. Don't waste your time with Quote Wizard!
My agency is offered ad-aid through my direct carrier. Once the ad-aid term was completed, Net Quote continued to charge me for overpriced leads, after 3 different persons from my agency called to cancel the service. I would avoid this lead service.
I began doing business with NetQuote a few months ago. They put me on their automatic billing program and I began using their service. After calling to ask simple questions like "how can I import my leads?" but being on hold for over 10 minutes each time, I resorted to using the internal contact form that is built in to my individual account. To this day, NO ONE has replied to any of my emails that I have ever remitted. The earliest one was a week ago. When I called today to make sure it was cancelled, the automated system let me know that I was next in line so I held. Then the system proceeded to say "There are 0 callers in front of you." I still waited almost 5 more minutes before anyone came on the line. I explained my dissatisfaction to the rep, who then informed that only one person is answering the emails and there is a "considerable backlog." Seriously... one person? Even if they had to temporarily bring in some folks to at least clean out the email that would just be smart business sense. Anyways, the rep then sent me over to another department where "Greg" helped me cancel the account and refund out my balance. The leads are okay but the customer service issues are going to hurt this company in the end.
Our office currently is using Netquote, Quote Wizard and iLeads. Netquote by far has the worst customer service. They also do not give as much credit for bad leads as other vendors. They only give you a 10-day window to request credit. If you get a wrong # and they are unable to make contact with that wrong #, you will not receive credit. They recycle leads as well. I would not suggest them and I am trying to convince our agent here to drop Netquote.
I have never signed up with NetQuote nor have I requested auto insurance quotes. I am getting harassed daily by all sorts of auto insurance companies via phone, email and mail because they took my old information from somewhere and sold it as new. I don't even live in the state where these insurance agents are located. If I were a business owner paying for these quotes, I would be livid! As it is, I'm ticked off that I am being bothered all day long! I can tell you that I will never do business via NetQuote or their associates.
Around two years ago, I completed a NetQuote quote request form via Facebook. Shortly thereafter, I received the expected tidal wave of calls, emails, and physical mailings from agents at various insurance companies. I quickly found the rates I was looking for and signed up with the agencies that made the most sense for me. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of what has become a quarterly cycle in which I am repeatedly contacted by agents from various companies.Every three months since I submitted my quote request, I am again contacted numerous times by numerous agents from numerous insurance companies. The first couple of times this happened, I just shrugged it off and assumed that my contact information would "age out" of your database after another cycle or two. But since it has happened approximately ten times now, it's clear that unless specific and decisive action is taken, I will continue to be harassed every three months for the rest of my life.Without exception, every agent whose call I have answered tells me that NetQuote sold them my contact information. Thus, it is readily apparent that NetQuote is recycling and reselling that information on a quarterly basis, thereby wasting not only my time but NetQuote's insurance agency clients' money. With that in mind, I have demanded several times that NetQuote remove my contact information (name, email address, telephone number, and physical mailing address) from their database immediately and take whatever measures are necessary to prevent my information from being returned to that database moving forward.Every time I've actually spoken with someone at NetQuote, they've told me that someone resubmitted a new quote request online within the preceding week, but they are unable to tell me the specific source of that alleged new request (i.e., the website from which it was submitted). This is utter nonsense. If this quarterly cycle of NetQuote reselling my contact information continues, I'm going to have to spend money to enlist the assistance of my attorney, as well as the state and federal agencies responsible for regulating their business. What a horrible, capricious scam.
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