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Mendota Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Mendota
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
I used to have insurance with Mendota in Las Vegas. Every time I had a question and called them at the customer service, they would either tell me to call my agent or just read the notices I was receiving. I went to my agent/broker and they would call and they (Mendota) would be rude to them! They would put it on speaker because I asked them to since I wanted to hear what they would say. All of the customer service people are rude! I'd rather call welfare! I would never recommend anyone!I spoke to a supervisor and she did not even apologize (she was nice). They make me feel like they are doing me a favor. Isn't customer service their job? They need to get a grip and fire all of them. There are thousands of people that are willing to do their job with a smile on their face.
This company takes my payment every month out of my account, and for the second time in a row, they have been dragging their feet with payments, decisions and the willingness to answer calls and questions. I cannot wait until I get an opportunity to change insurance companies. This has driven me crazy! It has been a month since the approval of repairs and the check still has not been sent. I am stuck paying for a rental car until someone answers a phone or a question. This is unbelievable the incompetence of this company. Please do yourself a favor and pay more if you have to. This company will drive you crazy and waste your time and money!
So I purchased a policy with Mendota and I pay for a full year. Anyways at the time of the purchase everything was great - I liked the price and the services didn't sound bad so I went ahead with it. It's been 3 months now and I ran into my first problem, at the time of the purchase I told the worker I needed an sr22 filed and they told me they were gonna take care of it so I didn't think much of it until my job informed me that my license had been suspended. So I had to get a hold of the DMV to find out why. Turns out these ** at Mendota never bothered to file the sr22 and didn't even realize it until I confronted them on it and I might add they're not gonna reimburse me for the license renewal fee I have to pay the state... ** right...So now on May 27 2015 I get a letter stating I owe 559.00 due to moving from home into my own. THIS IS A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT FOR AN ADDRESS CHANGE, and yet they won't allow me to change my address back to my parents... If I knew about their ridiculous scam charges I would have never trusted these people with my money, car and most importantly my FAMILY.
So I had Mendota for about two years with no problems. Last year I severely broke my leg and could not work or drive. My payments were on auto draft from my bank account so I immediately called and informed Mendota that I would no longer be needing their service. 03/2014 I spoke to 3 supervisors and nobody explained that I had to fax a cancellation. The next month I find out that they had been trying to take payments out of my account. I then again called and spoke to more supervisors again not mentioning anything about faxing the cancellation. Of course I purchased a new policy with a different insurance company 05/2014. Mendota has sent me inconsistent bills ranging from 100$ to 550$. I keep a log of all the calls I have had to make to get this resolved. 18 calls, I have spoke to 12 supervisors, and finally today 02/2015 they finally concluded I owed 101.59. They sent me to collections last year although I never owed them the amount of money they were billing. I feel I should not have to pay anything to this company but I am willing to do anything to get them to leave me alone.
Mendota Insurance needs to be reviewed by the Minnesota Better Business Bureau. On December 11, 2015 I had an auto accident with one of their insurers in San Diego, California. For weeks I tried to communicate with their claims adjuster Mark **. He never returned my calls. The person with whom I had the accident admitted guilt in causing the accident and said this to my insurance claim adjuster. Just today I got a notice that my claim for full reimbursement of my deductible was only going to be processed for 80% of my out of pocket costs. In looking at the other comments made on Mendota Auto Insurance in this link I see that there is a common thread to their business practices. They delay communication and do not support their claims as they should. Mark ** should be an embarrassment to the industry.
In April, my 2011 Toyota Camry accelerated when I tapped the brake. It was totaled. Thankfully I nor anyone else was seriously injured. I immediately called Mendota's claims department and reported the accident. The following day an adjuster called me but because I was driving I asked her to call me back. She never did. I called her several times and never got a response. No adjuster took my statement. When I finally reached a supervisor, I was informed that I had a different adjuster. When I talked to that incompetent, she told me that I caused the accident. Apparently she was reading from the police report (which was later discredited through my own efforts) because she certainly was not repeating what I reported on the night of the accident. She said, "You accidentally stepped on the gas instead of the brake". A court found me not guilty of reckless driving. Mendota is the worst. They said they would pay my sales tax on my new car, they haven't. They said they would send the plate from my Camry. They haven't. When I believed I had renter's insurance, I didn't. In fact I haven't heard from them in months. Then past week, I get a bill for a claim they should have paid, but haven't. I blame my insurance agent for suggesting them to me in the first place. But I have learned a very valuable lesson. I will definitely do my research before I bother with another class D insurer. There should be a class action suit against this company. I haven't heard one thing good about them.
This insurance company is the worst. My advice to anyone, do not get this company. Cheap is not always the answer because with this company you don't have insurance anyway, just a paper policy to show coverage. But really when it's time to put a claim in get a lawyer and then call the better business bureau next, cause Mendota will take you to hell and back before they pay.
I recently sign up with Mendota Insurance on August 19, 2013. Unfortunately, I was in a minor accident on August 25, 2013. When I sign up for insurance, I did it through an agency. Big Mistake!!!!! I called Mendota, made my claim and wanted to get a rental due to my accident. They stated to me that I did not have rental reimbursement. I stated to the claim adjuster that the company I went through made a mistake and I had proof that I had rental reimbursement on my policy. After proving that I had rental reimbursement, which it took about a week just to get them to recognize I had it. I waited for the adjuster to call me back due to they were waiting for the underwriters to make the adjustment and retroactive it back to the 19th of August. Long story short, here it is Sept 3 and I have no rental yet. I get excuse after excuse... Run the other way when this insurance company tries to solicit you or if any third party insurance companies try to refer you to them. They have terrible business sense. Can't believe they are still in business.
Mendota provided my required insurance sufficiently. The only contact I initiated was when my rates actually increased after my policy renewed several times. I was not happy with the increase at all.
I was hit by a Mendota insured person. They sent a claim adjuster within days, rude but he showed. I have been trying to reach their claims adjuster for almost a month. Dalwin ** has not returned a call. I do not want too much time to lapse. Mendota sucks. All I want is for them to get my vehicle fixed. I do not have any interest in being a client of theirs.
I work for a car dealership. My customer was in an accident 2 weeks after purchasing a car. His adjuster seems to be everyone's adjuster **. Who is never available, never answers her phone and does not call people back. I have emailed, faxed and left messages on her phone trying to assist my customer with his claim. I have yet to ever speak to ** who works 6:00 am-2:30 pm PST, weird hours for an adjuster. Either way it has been since 04/16/2015 as the date of the accident and nothing has been done. My customer has given up because he has no hope with ** or Mendota insurance. As a finance manager and a car dealership employee I would strongly urge people to get any insurance that has good customer service and is at least reachable not only during a sign up but also during a claim and basic customer service skills. I am not even a customer and my experience has been horrible. This company needs to shut down since they can't operate properly. I have yet to see one positive review in the past.
We needed updated coverage to qualify for a new car loan. They had the best reputation with the dealership. Everything runs smoothly every month. When we needed to add our teenage driver our rates did not skyrocket. Each and every interaction we have had with customer service has been both pleasant and helpful. They do direct billing from our checking and have never made a mistake. We are very happy customers!
First day started out trying to get my windshield replaced. Not a simple task with Mendota. They have you on hold for a very long time just to say you have to wait for an adjuster. Never had to go through an adjuster to get a windshield fixed. I have had no other claims. I was an easy $2k for them in my premium. While I was waiting for their adjuster to contact me, someone had broken my back windshield. (I couldn't believe it!!) Anyway now I couldn't drive my car at all. Tried to call Mendota again with not a response except that I have to wait for the adjuster.Second day (got a friend to drive me to work) I am patiently waiting for adjuster. I get a hold of a local windshield replacement company that is able and willing to replace. But need Mendota give the go. It is 2 pm with three calls into the adjuster "Tony" from myself and the windshield company. Finally I call again and state that I will be needing a rental. Now they get to Tony. He was a fast talking rude, pushy. He insisted we use his windshield company and put them on the phone while I was still discussing my claim. Then Tony did not want to get my front windshield replaced, just the back and only wanted to pay for 2 days of a rental. 2 days would have been fine if he would have gotten my car fixed within 2 days! I told Tony that I was not happy over how this was being handled. His reply was that what else could I expect? He felt that I was getting my needs met and that I would be at work anyway and didn't need my car. That is not even the point. I explained to him that my son had a dentist appointment the next day, that I do travel for work...and then I just got angry because here I was explaining myself when I didn't need to explain anything! UHGG very frustrating. So I will be getting my windshield fixed by the company Tony wanted tomorrow between 12 and 5 pm. 4 days without a vehicle! I have never had such a bad experience with an insurance company. Will be changing asap!
Went to make my last payment of $170+ for final payment on my insurance. It's almost time for a new policy so it had another option to pay last payment and renew at the same time at $345.00. Well I picked just current bill payment. It had the $345 in a grey area making it look like it wasn't picked but the current payment was in bold black. I said pay and instead of it saying, "Are you sure you want to pay $170" it just said paid $345. So now I'm out that extra money that wouldn't have come out until the end of July. My husband was injured on the job a year ago so money is tight. So beware of the greyed out area when making a payment.
I was in a small fender bender, which damaged/dented the driver side. The front left tire took the brunt of the damage by bending the front axle, damaging the transmission, rotor, brake assembly, plus body damage down the entire left side of my SUV. Mendota refused to pay any of the $3800.00 for the internal damage. They have told several lies, plus they sent their accident investigator to my mechanic’s place and told my mechanic that I am a liar, 3 different times, & they also reported my car to CARFAX with bogus information. I’m scared to get the body worked on for fear they're going to not pay that either, & I will be stuck with that bill too, which I can’t pay on disability income! My experience has been horrible & this company is what they call a "cut-rate" company. I strongly advise: do not trust or use this company for your vehicle insurance!
When I went in they were friendly, didn't make me wait, asked me a minimum number of questions before they found the insurance that was just right for me. Then they helped me find the best price suitable to my needs. I was in and out of their office in less than twenty minutes of my time.
I haven’t been with Mendota Auto Insurance that long. We pay our insurance through an agent friend of ours. And when we do talk to them they’re rude. They never are willing to explain or discuss anything we ask. This company has major issues in its staff. I would say go to another place. Everything about this company screams, “We don’t care. Just pay us and shut up.” The guy way overcharged us then when we called him on it he called my wife a liar. So we showed him the proof and he said it was our fault. I don’t like Mendota, every time we talk to them it’s always "you’re wrong we’re right. Now shut up and move on." They totally suck.
I was rear ended and Mendota insurance was hard to contact. They never returned calls and did not pay for the damage to my vehicle due to some snag in the other driver's coverage. They took four weeks to let me know that they weren't paying. I was stuck with repairs. Awful company. I would never deal with them.
I had a 1999 Corvette and was involved in an accident with a Mendota customer. I had the car for 3 days and it is now totaled. They not only drag their feet, but carried minimum insurance and I along with the other victim had to have my insurance take care of everything as this company does just about nothing to resolve their claims. Their license should be pulled along with all these "cut rate" companies as the only service they provide is "we have car insurance" when in fact, when responsible for a claim, they pay nothing.
My car was sideswiped while it was parked outside my house during a snowstorm in the early morning hours about 2:00 am. When I called Mendota to report the claim, I was still waiting to hear back from someone on another claim that happened a month or so prior to the sideswipe. I was not really too worried about the situation before because it was only a $268 claim to replace my back window (but a phone call would have been nice just to know they care about their customers). Anyway, when I finally did get someone on the phone, he was near impossible to work with. He didn't want to help me get into a rental and said I didn't have rental insurance.Then after he was finally convinced, he told me I had to rent the car with my own money and the company would reimburse me. It took them four days to send someone out to look at my car and another six days to finally tell me the car is a total loss. So when I heard of the amount of the settlement, I got rather upset because they are offering me almost $3,000 below Blue Book Value. When I questioned the agent about the amount, she had a very bad attitude and told me I'm more than welcome to hire my own company to appraise the car but they will not pay for my car rental past the 28th of this month and it is now the 25th. I am a single mother with a 3-year-old son so being that I am 22 years old and don't have much money to work with, I feel like I have no other choice but to take their offer.It is really a sad situation and I feel they are taking advantage of me because they know I don't have a lot of money! I believe Mendota should be put out of business! I would much rather pay a little bit more money to have a more customer friendly insurance company than to be taken advantage of and treated like I've done something wrong!
Never use Mendota Insurance. I have filed a claim due to hail damage. It took them over 2 weeks to get an adjuster to come out and look at my car. And after everything was said and done, it's been over 3 weeks since the check was supposedly sent to me... Had to have them issue a new one and overnight it. I'm not holding my breath on that... I'm calling A.M. Best Company and "DORA" Division of Insurance and the Better Business Bureau | US and Ripoff Report. ** this company. They are so quick to add fees and jack up my rates but when it's their turn to pay, they never do... They are a ripoff. NEVER use this company... Looks like I'm not the only one that thinks so!!!!!
People at this insurance company are not good with customer service. I asked if they was BBB accredited they lied and told me no so I wouldn't leave a bad review. As a owner of a business owner I am very disappointed in the lack of respect and care for their own company. They work for and not caring for their boss in this situation because I'm sure if their boss knew how rude and short they would certainly not have a job.
This is the worst insurance company I have ever had to deal with. First, their driver hit me. I waited to be contacted by a rep. After 2 months of being ignored by Mendota after sending several emails I finally had my truck fixed and paid for the repairs myself. The accident happened in September of 2015 and today is February 29th 2016. I sent the receipts from the Auto repair company 3 different times to my contact at Mendota. Each time she says she lost them. On the 4th time I refused to send them to her and told her to check her email. This went on for months. She did find my emails after weeks of being Radio Silent but now we have another hurdle. They are now requesting that the auto repair company send a receipt from their supplier showing what they paid for the bumper. My repair guy has sent the information which has been lost by Mendota.We are now on 6 months for a claim less than $800. Mendota representatives must get bonuses for every time they "kick the can" down the road. If my employees treated people like this I would fire them. I don't know who runs the organization but he/she is either a crook or incompetent. Neither an admirable trait. If you get involved with this group put the pressure on immediately and call your District attorney and State insurance board right away. They will string you out for months hoping you disappear.
Let’s see where should I start. So I was covered my Mendota full coverage for both my vehicles. I got rear ended. I thought great at least I have insurance... wrong. I tried calling their 24 hour line and got nothing but the welcome message. I tried for hours to make a claim! So I waited till the morning to call. Well to my surprise I call the next morning to get told that my policy was cancelled due to non-payment. Never got a notice until it was too late. So I start going through my bank account. It was taken out. Now here is the funny thing I have a payment receipt. How is it right as I go to file a claim that very day my insurance got cancelled? I tried talking to the company and they were very rude about the whole situation. It looks like I am out that payment. This company has very poor customer service. They will cancel your policy as soon as someone hits you. I don't recommend anyone use them. They are a scam.
My car had an incident, the company provided a towing car. They said that they would call for fees informations and where the car would be. After 15 days I've got and letter saying that I owe them 368,00 Dollars for storage get and services. And the company wouldn't pay for it. I have called them more than 4 times and leaving messages and they don't respond to my calls. And the bill keeps rising. Who is responsible for that? You'll be the judge.
I recently was told by "Just Auto Ins.", a broker for "Mendota", that they had a better deal for me with another insurance company. So I was interested in the savings and said go ahead and hook me up. Well, they never did and I ended up somehow paying more for the same insurance I already had. So I told them I wanted to cancel my policy. They said okay and would send off the paper work to "Mendota". Well, I never heard anything from them. It’s been more than 2 weeks for them to send me a cancellation on my insurance. I just found out that they still took this month’s payment from my account. That’s probably why they've been stalling. I feel that they were dishonest and misleading over the whole thing. Watch what they tell you and believe none of it. They just want the sale. "Just Auto and Mendota" Insurance are corrupted and should not be in business.
I went backwards and hit a Mercedes on the bumper. Owner took it to Mercedes dealer to get it fixed. Charged $1600 plus. My insurance is going up over $60 per month so I am switching to Progressive.
I obtained Mendota Insurance through an insurance broker in September of 2014. I wish I had done my research before obtaining a policy with them because I would have definitely NOT done business with this company had I known the nightmare it causes its customers. In March of this year my 2007 Chevy Equinox was stolen from my home. I made a police report with Chandler Police & filed the claim with Mendota & hoped for the best. It was found a few days later by Phoenix Police in a bad neighborhood. Unfortunately I was never notified by the police & instead was eventually informed by my lien holder of the discovery & whereabouts of my car in mid-April.I went to get my car from the tow yard, but it was soo badly damaged (missing parts, broken windows, slashed seats & paint poured all over the interior) I couldn't drive it in the condition it was in. Also, the tow yard charges had incurred to almost $900 (which I couldn't afford) since the police had failed to contact me immediately when they had found it. I notified my adjuster by the name of Ashley ** of this information. At some point Mendota went to recover the vehicle & assess the damages. I didn't receive any follow up despite leaving messages with the adjuster. I eventually received a call in mid-May from an investigator by the name of Rob ** out of Colorado. He stated he was in town for the day & needed to obtain an in person statement from me. Since I had no prior notice of this, I was unable to meet with him due to my work schedule that day.I found it very strange that he hadn't called to set up an appointment prior to his trip. He said he would let Mendota know & someone would be in contact with me within a few days. A few days turned into a week & I again called & left a message with the adjuster. She finally called me back a few days later stating she had mailed me a Reservation of Rights letter & that I needed to schedule an in person statement with their investigator. I was already aware of this information.I finally met with this investigator in the beginning of June & gave him this in person statement, which was the same information I had already given to the adjuster when my car was stolen. The only difference was this man said the claim was suspicious & accused me of being involved with the theft & damage to my car & even accused the other adults in our home as well! He claimed to be an un-bias party in the matter & also that his recommendation would have no influence in the insurance company making their decision for my claim. I call bs! We are now in July & I received another Reservation of Rights letter. This time Mendota is going to have their attorneys contact me for an under oath examination.I'm now in the process of hiring my own lawyer to help me with this nightmare claim! I'm the victim & yet I'm being interrogated & treated like a criminal! I'm 4 months pregnant & this entire process has caused me undue stress! It seems to me this rinky dink joke of an insurance company treats all of their insured customers the same. My advice to anyone shopping for insurance: STAY AWAY FROM MENDOTA! They don't want to pay on their claims & if you're the unfortunate victim of a car theft/vandalism, you will be accused of being involved, interrogated by their investigators, their attorneys & ultimately accused of insurance fraud!
I was the victim of a hit and run. I had to deal with a Sarah **, who the whole time acted as if she was doing me a favor and paying out of her pocket.. Two weeks have gone by and I'm just now hearing from her and she still has a nasty attitude... It sure felt good to save on a low monthly quote but God forgive you should need them to repair your car. Just go with a name brand if you can or be ready not to have any accidents. THE WORST insurance I've ever had to deal with....
Literally, the biggest joke of an insurance company ever. They must hire any idiot off the street. A girl hit my parked car and unfortunately had this incompetent insurance. It took over a week for them to even contact my insurance who hounded them all week when the girl was clearly liable (then didn't contact my adjuster like they should have but said they spoke to a random person with Mercury which is my insurance). Finally, my insurance waived my deductible so I could get my repair process started and said they would continue to try to reach them and make them pay for it. Most frustrating company ever to deal with and their supervisor is rude and totally unprofessional. It is not rocket science. You hit a parked car, you are liable. Instead, they told the girl to not speak to my insurance when one simple voicemail admitting liability would have helped me get my repair process under way. Beware of these scam artists.
I was in an accident and so far 6 days later an adjuster has yet to call me. I keep being told one will call me in 24 hours but nobody ever does. Meanwhile I'm out of a car, and can't put it in the shop. I have yet to receive any info on a rental. Basically my full coverage feels like I have liability with boo boo insurance. This company is a joke and does not care about their clients.
Mendota is the worst company I have ever dealt with. My car has been "in the shop" for three months now because Mendota absolutely refuses to answer phone calls. When I got home today, I had a letter in the mail from a collections agency trying to sue me for the damage done to the other vehicle involved in the accident! I called the number on the letter, and they said they were suing me because they couldn't get in touch with Mendota!!! I've called Mendota 4-7 times a week since the accident happened with no response. I'M NOT SURE THEY'RE A REAL COMPANY.
In the small town of Arcadia, Florida there was an accident on Sunday, March 24, 2013 morning that involved two parked vehicles in the owner's driveway, covered to protect from damage from the elements of nature, and a 1990 Jeep Cherokee. Let us start at the beginning. The owner of the Jeep is the daughter of the driver. The driver had recently been released from the Desoto County Memorial Hospital due to neck surgery. The Jeep was in a drainage ditch across from a 1980 V8, 4 speed, 350 engine, power everything, burglar alarm, manual transmission, glass top classic Chevy Corvette, and a 1998 Ford Mustang that was parked alongside the Corvette.Margarita sat behind the wheel of the Jeep; knowing full well she has no driver's license, she started the Jeep, placed the Jeep in drive, and pressed her foot on the gas pedal with the intention to attempt to remove the Jeep from the ditch. As Margarita floored the gas pedal of the vehicle, her own daughter was standing in front of the Jeep. The jeep flew out of the ditch going airborne, just missing and knocking her down to the ground causing her to black out for a brief moment, leaving just bruises. Next, the jeep flew over the road (Hickory St., N.E. Arcadia, Florida) never touching the pavement; Margarita did not attempt to stop the vehicle presumably due to panic, until it had rested on top of the Corvette and Mustang against a large tree forcing it to prevent the Jeep from continuing on into another neighbor's home.The Arcadia police were called to the scene, patrolman Matthew **, badge **, never questioned the residents who witnessed the ordeal. The driver of the Jeep was transported to the Desoto County Hospital, and released not too long after. Patrolman ** assessed the scene of the accident, 1 wrecker and also one flatbed arrived to the scene by Darrel's Road and Wrecker Service (663 S. Brevard Ave. Arcadia Florida 34266). The driver claims there were issues with the brakes and the accelerator of the 1990 Jeep Cherokee, but Road and Wrecker being highly experienced certified mechanics said the Jeep Cherokee had nothing wrong with either the brakes or the gas pedal and that the Jeep has to be in park to be able to start the Jeep. This verified that the driver falsely stated the Jeep had mechanical issues to the patrolman.The driver had struck the Mustang first hitting it so hard it knocked the muffler right off, yet lacking the attempt to stop yet, then driving on top of the Corvette parked alongside the Mustang and damaging a large tree. Again reminding that the driver has no driver's license, she had only received a ticket for reckless driving, and driving while license is suspended/revoked. The patrolman brought it upon himself to give estimates of damage to the Corvette at $2000, and the Ford Mustang at $3000. Now the last I knew for insurance to process any claims, the estimates must come from a Certified Mechanic/Auto body repair shop. Also last I knew, when a person drives without a driver's license, especially when wrecking into other vehicles, and putting pedestrians' lives at risk, they are taken to jail. Being the driver has a family member on the Arcadia Law Enforcement as a detective, and being transported to the hospital for an examination, she was released from the rightful consequences. The driver was obviously not in any way hurt because when she had returned home Sunday. She was seen going in and out of her home as though nothing was wrong with her and continues to drive without a driver's license.The owner of the Jeep has Mendota Insurance, as we had called to report our claim. It took a week to get an insurance adjuster to assess the damage of the parked, badly damaged vehicles. Here it is June 13, 2013. After several months of trying to contact Mendota and getting only voice mails with no return calls, to this day, no settlement has been made yet. I have called, spoken once or twice to a secretary letting her know I am to the point of calling an attorney due to the neglect of this company to uphold their responsibilities toward the client. I am tired of getting the runaround, and being ignored. This insurance company collects money from its clients and refuses to pay for the damages done by their clients.I agree with others that this company is fraudulent and needs to be not only put out of business but also investigated and prosecuted for the frauds they have done. I can produce photos and factual claims as to what I am saying are true. I hope that everyone reading this does not waste their money investing in this company. Maybe when they lose enough customers, they will be forced into bankruptcy.
I was in an accident on 02/15/16 and failed a claim. I was told after filing that I would be contacted within 2 days by an adjuster to go over details. It is now 03/01/16, and I have not once spoken to the adjuster assigned to me. I received a dumb email stating the name of the adjuster and a phone number to contact her, but I've never been contacted by Yoselin. I called her twice last week, and twice this week and have not heard anything. I finally got fed up and called their CSR department and asked to speak to their supervisor. They connect me with a supervisor, Tim, who's not even in the same office as Yoselin. He proceeds to take all my information over again and said that I will receive a text about some app where I could submit photos of the damages to my car. I haven't even received that text yet!!! I said that my frustration is that I was told that I was going to speak to an adjuster and nothing.In an email, I was told that I was going to get my car inspected and NOTHING. Basically, by sending me this information about an app, then I would speed about the process for them. So as a policyholder for them, I'm doing their job for them??? This is so freaking ridiculous, and it's so embarrassing. The damages to both vehicles are minor, so I don't understand why they're dragging their feet. The faster they fix it, the faster I'm out of their hair. Tim said that once I upload these photos, then I would hear something within 2-3 days, but how the ** am I supposed to upload these photos when he gave me NO instructions? This is beyond ridiculous. Definitely planning on leaving ASAP. It's cheap insurance but you will end up with a bigger loss if something happens to you. They're going to run this business to the ground.
I have had Mendota Auto Insurance for 3 years and the overall experience is good. They have good customer service and answer the phone calls in a reasonable time. They send me my statements on time every single month. I like how in general the rates are reasonable. But I dislike how my rates have been changing every 6 months. I don’t understand how if I live in the same city and same town that I did 6 months ago but my rates change without even being in an accident or any type of involvement.
I recently used Mendota when purchasing my used vehicle. It's an older model - no need to go super expensive. At $197 a month, I received the worst service I have ever encountered. For one, I switched bank accounts and they continued to charge the account that is closed month after month and giving me harassing calls that my payments did not clear. I come to find out they never save this information in the system after they process a payment. Second issue, after cancelling service, it has been nearly two months and I still have not received my refund payment. I called them to find out the broker who handles their account in Las Vegas does not follow up with them once changes are made. They do not know of any change unless they contact them directly or go into their system to make an update. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Don't do business here!
Well I have a car accident in April 21th and just to make large history short they resolve my case until September 19th, they take 5 months to resolve it!!! And they only call me one time, one time in 5 months, I try almost every ** day to contact them and don't even answer the phone, it was a really nightmare, stay away from this "car insurance".
I started out with another B rated insurance company to lower my insurance bill. Within a month they transferred me to Mendota Insurance. No bother to me, I didn't care. My monthly payment was $70.00 which was a lot lower than the previous carrier. I get an email to call them. They need to update my insurance information, so after 6 calls to Ashley leaving voice messages with no response, I demanded to talk to someone. A long story short... I ended up with some yohoo guy who was very unprofessional, rude and had no people skills. He started to argue with me over nothing and this feeling came over me that this crowd sounds like they are conducting business out of someone's garage. So I told them I wanted to cancel and send me what I owed them. Six months later I get letter from a collection company demanding $30.00 (for what???). Mendota had all my contact information but for spite they turned me in. I went back to Geico for peace of mind and my premium each month is $103.00... So beware of B rated insurance companies. In the long run, you lose.
On 02/25/11, my insurance policy was increased for initial payment of $120.69. The company did not notify me of increase in policy. And there was no signed agreement to this effect. I signed up with GEICO on 02/27/11. And I cancelled with Mendota on 02/28/11. The $120.69 charged on 02/25/2011 was meant for period of 02/25/11 to 03/24/11. However, because I was not formally informed of increase in policy, I had my insurance cancelled with Mendota on 02/28/2011.I later received a renewal notice on 03/05/11, after the cancellation request was processed. I contacted Mendota to receive a refund from period of 02/28/2011 through 03/24/11. To my surprise, out of $120.69, which was charged for a whole month period of 02/25/11 through 03/24/2011, a refund check of $45.18 was issued to me (check was not cashed). In anger and frustration, I contacted Mendota to inquire why I was given only $45.18 out of $120.69. They claimed there was a $60 fee which is not refundable.I took the claim up with my bank. The charge was refunded. Mendota's claim that I should show a proof that I obtained insurance from another insurance is not valid due to the following reasons: I was not notified in writing of increase in policy, nor there was any agreement signed for consent. I was not aware of an increase in policy before renewal. I had no reason to sign up with another company since I was not aware of an increase in my policy, and I was not notified. Mendota claimed there is $60 fee charged because I cancelled after renewal. However, I did not receive renewal or increase in policy notice until 03/05/11, after I have called to cancel my policy. This makes the claim $60.00 fee invalid.
My parked vehicle was seriously damaged by a Mendota insure. Step one, wait, step 2 wait, step 3 initiate contact repeatedly so that you may given instructions on how to prepare your own claim i.e. get a password, a phone app, submit pictures to a third party company, wait, step 4 beg for an estimate, step 5 beg for details pertaining to rental, step 6 beg to not have to be out of pocket for rental, step 7, deal with the low ball estimate. I'm currently stuck at this point. How long will this company be an ongoing concern? Having to slide in and out of my truck for over a month has been nightmarish. They want me to be out of pocket for rental and then review rental costs for reimbursement? Hmmm. A true spectacle for a regulatory review board.
On September 10, 2015, I stop at agent office and request cancel policy on my car due to sale of my car. Agent lie to me and did not send cancellation to stinker Mendota company that going without customer permission in bank and stealing money. Mendota hiding their phone number and tells you to contact agent at **. Agent hanging phone on you and don't answer question. This company sounds like set up by illegal Mexicans and should be under investigation! It must be out of business ASAP!
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