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Matrix Absence Management Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Matrix Absence Management
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 2 %
October 2017 I was diagnosed with cancer. My company uses Matrix as their STD and LTD. In 2018 I had to go on long term disability due to chemo side effects and surgery. This has been the worst company I have ever dealt with. They work against you not for you. They closed my claim 2 weeks after my second surgery claiming their “medical staff” deemed me able to return to work. They have failed in so many ways. Now to reopen my claim they need medical records. While all this was going on, I’ve had a 3rd surgery to remove part of my liver due to the cancer spreading. I have called and left messages for updates. Always get the voicemail. I’ve emailed the examiner. I’m lucky if he answers within 2 weeks. It’s always the same answer. Need more information. I do believe this stress is causing more medical problems.
At first I had no complaints about Matrix. They seemed to be on the ball than I had to be out longer than the two weeks. They had me guess I would be out when I was in my hospital bed. Now it is no phone calls or emails answered. I got diagnosed with diverticulitis and for the past month it has been dr visits and tests. So this paperwork runaround they put you on is really driving me nuts.
Following a MVA, I had to file for STD when my physician would not release me to work. It has now been almost a month, and I still have no money. After telling me that my physician would not send my records, I asked him in person, and he stated that of course Matrix would actually need to contact the Medical Records department to get medical records (Dr. Obvious to the rescue). He also expressed surprise that a company that manages disability would not know this (Dr. Obvious is obvious!). I am contemplating a food pantry trip despite my near 6-figure income. Unacceptable.
I had to take care of my 86 y.o dad with hx of herpes simplex encephalitis. This has left him extremely aphasic, and he has difficulty moving around. He had a uti in July which showed as increase confusion and decrease in mobility, incontinence all of which could have been a stroke or subdural hematoma from prior fall. I was denied a family leave because he didn't need my help. I wasn't necessary. The doctors filled out all the forms correctly (matrix had all the wrong fax numbers so don't rely on them getting any information) and his primary even wrote a note saying I should also get intermittent leave of absence. All denied. At open enrollment I c/o to the representative who said she would look into it and get back to me. Never did, didn't even return my calls. You have to be screened before you get a primary contact person. The screeners are 18-22 and don't have a clue re: what they are doing. They follow a script and if anything deviates they are lost. This has got to be the worst organization ever. I am continuing to complain to the union about this.
I have been with my employer 6 years, never been sick. Suffered a stroke in December which left me paralyzed on my left side, and unable to walk, talk, etc. Filed claim once I was released from the hospital. The next day someone called my phone. This was the exact exchange "Yeah why can't you go back to work on light duty." No hello, no greeting, nothing. I did not know what it even was. I'm like "who is this?" "So and so from matrix." Well I explained to her "I am a nurse so it isn't possible." She responded with "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh." I mean totally rude as hell. She approved my claim for 1 week! WTF! After having to have a attorney call the supervisor (what a joke) they approved me starting 1/2-1/25. Well I didn't get my check until 1/24/2015. I have filed my second claim, submitted all my physicians' paperwork and I have still not heard back from them or gotten a dime!!! My employer has done little when I have sought their assistance and I am broke. I am ready to quit my job and file for unemployment. I have a family to feed on top of being stressed to the max!!!
Like others I have seen on this site, I received LTD benefits only to get letters stating I have been overpaid. On both points that they say I am overpaid, there was a second review and Matrix agreed that they were wrong and that there is no overpayment. Well, not too long later, I receive letters stating again that I have been overpaid. I reviewed ERISA laws and found that when a decision is made/reversed and no new information has been received, this is a 'conflict'. I also found that the negative/rude treatment I have been receiving is what ERISA calls adversarial behavior. I have complained to the San Jose Better Business Bureau, Texas Insurance Commission, and California Insurance Commission. I have also filed an appeal and have requested my entire file as well as company policies that support reversals, rude treatment, and definitions to terms in the plan that they have interpreted inconsistently. Whether anything comes out of my appeal or not, I am determined to continue my fight with this horrible company even if I have to go to my Texas representative. I have also been thinking about flying to San Jose to meet with the CEO and COO. Crazy? Yep! But Matrix has made me that way.
My employer uses Matrix Absence Management to process their FMLA. They just started using them January 1, 2019. I requested intermittent FMLA due to an ongoing medical issue to preserve my job when I am ill or need to go to the doctors for treatment, etc. They are still looking for the exact cause. I go to monthly pain management appointments, I’ve been to a hematologist and now a GI doctor along with my family doctor. My family doctor suggested 6 months but I said no, only 3 months. Matrix is requiring me to go for a 2 hour second opinion for an unpaid intermittent FMLA claim. I might add, I am over 60 years old. It seems they are trying to find a reason to deny my request, then I will be put on corrective action or fired. Great way to weed us older employees out isn’t it. This is the stupidest thing ever. But after reading other reviews, they deny individuals with cancer, who have had surgeries, etc. It seems to me a class action lawsuit might be in order (others have mentioned this too.) Matrix works FOR the employers, they do not work the employee, I am sure they get paid to deny claims and I wonder if they have a bonus structure around this. If they do, then we know why so many claims are being denied. Of course they use doctors who are in their pockets and they don’t need to file claims with the insurance companies so they can set their rates. Hum, unscrupulous people working together to get around the law.
All I have to say: they get their paychecks, where's mine? I called my employer to complain about them. I was advised we are switching companies. Thank you Lord.
This company and its representatives lie, to try and keep from paying out the benefits that we as customers pay for. It's bad enough when you are injured and cannot work but even worse when the disability company cannot do their job. I did everything I was supposed to do on my end. I kept my claims examiner informed after every doctor's appointment and I stayed in contact with my Physician's assistant as to when she submitted my paperwork. Everything was done correctly and I have documentation to back this up. My claims examiner dragged her feet extending my leave therefore I was not paid on time. Kathly ** was my Matrix Claims Examiner. Even though you are holding proof of confirmation of faxes being received they will lie and say they don't have them. They will ignore phone calls and emails as well to keep from paying you. I have contacted this business every day except weekends and I am going on five weeks without receiving my benefits.
I phoned Matrix Absence Management Inc. at 800-866-2301 several times to request if my disability check can be direct deposited. Kipp **, the rep and his supervisor Hackett ** definitely informed me I can't because my file is from the old number (whatever it means). I thoroughly explained to them that I have a brain aneurysm and cannot drive because of my illness and that there's no one to drive me to the bank and cash their disability check. I practically beg them because I could not pay my rent on time until someone can drive me to the bank to cash my disability check. I even suggested for them to mail it directly to my bank like a bill pay, but all they said to me was it can't be done. Why is it that the Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co., where my disability originated, terminate Matrix Absence Management as their administrator? It was such a big company but don't have the capabilities of direct deposit. The world is so high-tech nowadays, and Matrix Absence Management Co is so backward if they cannot offer direct deposit at the present time. I am so frustrated, and I just wish someone can help me with this problem.
I've read a lot of reviews... understandably they deal with monetary issues. My friend committed suicide, my mom got sick and my kitchen flooded badly all within 2 months. I'm still amazed that I didn't get electrocuted from the flood, it mainly pooled within my kitchen fluorescent light system and electrical appliances. I worked for an airline from home... I broke down. They were pushing more work on less people (like so many other companies). The stress was unbelievable. This was probably the 3rd request I'd made for FMLA but it was definitely the oddest. They asked my neighbor (who the airlines knew I was having huge dog barking issues with) to "watch" me as well as 2 other neighbors... which is so creepy. Who asks neighbors to spy? And how do I know this? The irony is, the gentleman who came to get the mold and asbestos readings after the flood from his little machine chatted with me while he collected the reading. I happened to mention Matrix and I can't tell you how wide his eyes became. He said he had worked for them for many years and his wife still does. He said he used to work in the "field", investigating the legitimacy of claims. He said with a mental breakdown, that it would be rare for my claim to be looked into. Well, apparently it wasn't that rare. To try to make a long story short, they somehow or someone was granted access inside my rental condominium. My journals were read, papers and receipts were gone through... photographs. I'm a female who lives alone and as crazy as this story sounds, it happened. They do it. That was absolutely confirmed to me. My car as well. I went to an AA meeting one time, was absolutely followed in, observed. He observed my car from peering inside the windows at the belongings inside. It absolutely happened and only once again reflects the strong prejudice of mental health issues and illnesses and how those people are treated so very menial by so many entities... from employers to agencies to well... morons like Matrix Absence Management. I am not trying to invoke worry in anyone, but some of these 'wish I were a sheriff'' investigators will go to great lengths to provide proof that your claim is fraudulent. I feel that they would be much more effective as a mall cop, chasing skate boarders out of the parking lot. Because let's face it that is pretty much the extent of their training and expertise. And in regards to money, I had some money saved and did not wish to be paid. I received a check for approximately 240 dollars and immediately called Matrix, telling them that since this was an extended FMLA, I didn't feel comfortable cashing it. She said I absolutely should. As soon as possible. Wish I wouldn't have. They obtained all my banking records from BOFA after that. I'm sure they were thrilled with my trips to Safeway, CVS or an occasional vegan burrito from Senor Taco. If I were nasty and classless, I would call them the nastiest name in the book, but I've let it go now. Sometimes (always) things happen for a reason. There is more to this story but hopefully you get the gist. They are creeps and any company that uses them should be aware of the problems by this point and, quite frankly, ashamed of themselves. And if that company employs a management company such as well for instance let's say Aon Hewitt to try to clean up their mess and the mess grows much bigger well, as a company I would rethink my choice of the company that oversees absence management as well as the management company that oversees HR and medical issues related to Matrix. It's called CYA tho and I think that would be a good acronym for many corporations (especially in the medical field) these days. When a previous employee of Matrix tells me about their shady tactics and why he chose a new profession... I tend to buy his story. Especially when I lived this nightmare (Nov 2014) to present day. And I'm not even employed with the airline anymore! I hope my post has emphasized the fact that they really will go to great lengths to investigate and insist negligent behavior to the point of complete harassment and privacy invasion. Good luck, everyone. They are truly rotten to the core.
I have been on medical leave since June 21, 2011. Tonja has refused time and again to pay me my disability. She is saying that she had no medical information from my doctor, or that the information was not sufficient. I also had the same person to deal with when I was out on medical leave in October 2010, with the same issues of non-payment. I am currently in the process of seeking legal action.
I began having to deal with Matrix back in October of 2017 when I started Short Term Disability. It's been a nightmare. Everything others have said in the reviews here are correct. They are extremely rude and unprofessional every single time you speak with someone. They are dishonest about receiving documents. They are extremely untimely in processing claims. They are dishonest about what information they tell you. They threaten to withhold benefits and discontinue benefits before your benefits ending date occurs. It's bad enough that you're out of work, stressing over your health and financial situation. Matrix just adds to your grief!!! They are awful.
In 2014 I lost my mom in May, my right leg in August and my beloved job in October. I was a nurse and the facility couldn't use a one-legged nurse. I have LTD through Matrix and I have not had any of the problems that others seem to have. It may be that my claims person, Camella, is just that good or since my claim goes through the New York office I don't know. There was one time that my check did not come and Camella overnighted my check to me. No problems, no hassles.
I have never been so disappointed. I have been unable to work due to a medical condition for more than 30 days. My STD has not been approved. Today I am returning to work and still waiting to hear from Matrix as to if and when I might be approved or better yet get a check. I have been lied to numerous time, phone calls not returned and it seems they always need more medical information. I have done my part and so has my MD by sending them ALL requested medical records.Matrix has continued to drag their feet and come up with excuse after excuse. Matrix is the master of stall tactics. I pay for this worthless benefit and so far that's all it been... worthless! I am still not 100 percent well but I am going back to work because I have to; otherwise I will have no money. Thanks to Matrix not only have I been sick, but they have added to my stress level and have put me and my family in a financial bind. Thanks for nothing!
As of this year my company chose Matrix to handle our FMLA and disability claims. I have had to deal with them now 2 times for medical reasons and both times it was the most horrible experience. The automated messages back to back, the inability to get a hold of examiners, their lack of compassion for the individual, it is all just very upsetting and disappointing. I spoke with a supervisor who claimed she was going to get to the bottom of things but when it was all said and done information she gave us was not true at all. I don't know how I'm going to deal with them this go round but I am determined not to let it stress me out so thank you for this forum to express how I feel, I wish you all the best.
This company is stealing money from those companies who hire them. They ask for information in medical then deny on information they never asked for. Companies like Whirlpool offer this benefit to employees without disclosing that they will fight any to claim presented to them especially anything over 3 months... This should be illegal to take the people's paid policy money and deny deny deny!!! Awful this happens!
I have been suffering from an "unknown" condition- many tests, lots of waiting, tons of specialists, and finally a year and a half later I am closer than ever to a diagnosis. My relationship with Matrix has disappointed me beyond explanation. When my claims examiner needed any important or timed documents she failed to ensure we communicated regarding her needs. Ultimately my employer informed me of their needs, leading to write ups and near termination. When I questioned my examiner she became defensive & placed blame on me. It would be my hope that an absence management company had compassion toward the people they served.
I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (Depression/Panic attacks) shortly after my employment began in 2008. I was on leave of absence for approximately 4 months in 2009. Due to a stressful situation at work, the symptoms returned and was again placed on leave in June 2013, and because of the severity of the symptoms, I was hospitalized in a behavioral clinic due to my mental state. I had a great rep at Matrix. His name was Eric. He communicated with me on a regular basis. Eric made sure that I had the necessary paperwork to bring to my doctor every time I had an appointment and ensure that I kept the company informed on the progress of my condition.Two weeks after I was released from the hospital, and during a doctor's visit, a rep identified as Grace from Matrix called and left a message asking for my return date to work. I immediately called Grace back, left a message letting her know that the doctor had extended my leave, but that I couldn't remember the date that he had given me but that it was sometime in September. The next day Grace called me back and indicated that she was going to reach out the doctor's office to request the information at which time I provided her with the Dr.'s name and phone number.After calling the doctor's office daily, I learned that Grace never reached out the doctor's office or reached back to me. Instead I received a letter from my employer asking for the ADA documentation regarding my disability. Furthermore my employer threatened me by demanding I return to work August 21, 2013, or I was going to be "subject to corrective action up to and including an administrative termination".I have left so many messages for Grace to no avail. September 4, 2013 was the last time I contacted Matrix through my employer's Employee Service Center. This time I requested to talk to a supervisor where I specifically stated that I wanted to escalate my concerns to a supervisor. Melissa,the person who answered the phone indicated that Grace was in the office and that she was going to transfer the call to Grace, and totally disregarded my requestI am scheduled to go back to work September 30, 2013, and Matrix, specifically Grace, has not made any attempts to request any health updates from my doctors or the hospital. In the meantime, my STD has been stopped. Matrix totally disregards the pain and suffering of people that are going through physical pain because of the health conditions they suffer, but also the emotional distress of having to deal with more inept people like all the Graces and Melissas of the world.
I received excellent customer support from Long Term Disability (LTD) Claims Department Representative James **. I recently started receiving my LTD monthly payment after an extended hospital stay involving multiple open heart surgeries. Matrix sent me information on applying for Social Security Disability (SSD), and if I did not that it could result in a reduction in my monthly LTD Benefit. Unfortunately, I never received this correspondence because of my extended stay in the hospital recovering from these operations.I contacted James **, and James took immediate action. He looked into my case, and agreed that because I was still in the Hospital, a Hardship Case was warranted. He took care of all of the paperwork, and was able to restore my monthly LTD Benefit until I was approved for my Social Security Disability Benefit. Thank you James for the excellent customer support, and removing the stress of this potential financial burden to my family! That was Excellent Customer Support!
On 2/22/2008, I had a stroke while I was at a highly induced stressful job (manager). When I first started at my employer, I signed up for all benefits as employee only including STD and LTD in 2005 not expecting to ever have to use it. Matrix Absence Management, who is affiliated with Reliance Standard in PA, handled my STD and LTD. I didn't get on LTD until after other employer pay and STD expired in August 2008. As a benefit, I was getting $2009.00 a month which is 60% of my salary I believe on LTD. I followed the proper procedures and ensured I got progress reports from my doctors to Matrix to keep communication valid as I received LTD. It was suggested to me to apply for social security benefits to have instead of LTD by Matrix. I did and it took 3 years of struggle, attorneys, and being degraded at the hearing level. However, my fight was won in 2011. I no longer went for LTD because I was now awarded social security and I let Matrix, Velna **, know this had happened. Yesterday, 10/25, I got two letters from Matrix. One was asking for a progress report. The other noted I now owed them just over $53,000 and 48 cents. They are noting that I owe them as well as my five year old son, who wasn't even on my LTD policy to begin with. If I would have known they wanted to take all of my back pay from waiting for a decision from social security, I would not have applied for this benefit at my employer, DeVry, Incorporated. I am a disabled single mother with a son who was recently diagnosed with behavioral ADHD and Autism. How can I owe them when I was under the impression that it was a benefit? No one totally communicated with me. In fact it was difficult to ever get a live person to talk to. Please help me or guide me for relief from this unwarranted debt that I did not know would be. Thank you
Well, first off, I want to compliment my SSD case worker. She was wonderful to deal with and kept the line of communication open and was very nice to deal with. Thank you, Eve. Then SSD ran out and went into LTD. Needless to say, I have a new case worker that is a lying **. I cringe every time I talk to her. She tells me about my doctor notes and says she doesn't need any and my case will run smoothly. Well, the same day she requested doctor notes. Two days later, after I asked her about the notes, she sent me a letter saying they needed notes from July to Aug. My doctor sent them that day. I called Laura several times. My case was being reviewed by a medical examiner. Two weeks pass, the same thing was stated. I checked with my doctor and they never requested notes. I told them to send them asap.The case worker stated a check would be cut the 22nd, but I have yet to receive any check. This lady, Laura, is a liar and will now have to deal with my attorney. All I can say is keep on top of them and if you get the runaround, seek an attorney. Don't play their game. I hope this company goes straight to hell!
I had to start a claim back in March and I was off work for medical issues and I was suppose to get paid every week and I waiting almost 2 month before my first paycheck. I been paid twice and I am fighting them for my last paycheck. They say waiting on documentation from my doc so I can get my last paycheck. It was back and forth... I went back to work July 9th 2018 and my last paycheck I got was on May 21st. And I'm still waiting to see if I'm going to get my last paycheck. It is so hard to know if I'm going to get it or not because it is really really hard to get someone on the phone... Matrix is absolutely a joke!!!
Been on leave since 9-21-18. All I get is deny or they did not receive it. Please don't use this company for anything. They just take your $$$ and that's it. The case worker Zack, was polite, but the service sucks! Waste of time and money. My company was good, until they let Matrix run our benefits. I see my job being sold or closing down in the future.
At every turn, I was belittled, spoken rudely to, and fought for everything. They kept saying my paperwork was not received, or was misplaced. I was switched back and forth to two different people, When They Were There! I got a couple checks, extremely late, and then block wall after block wall. I'm owed a lot of money, My Money I Contributed To! I really wish there was a lawyer I could get help from, or a Class Action Lawsuit against this company so I could get the money I'm due. I've been disabled since 2013, I was told if I was completely disabled my benefits would continue for two years, so much for that.
I was in a car accident April of 2017. I suffer from a neck and spine injury. They approved my STD but denied my LTD. It shows on my MRI that I needed neck surgery and I had spine surgery. Matrix said it wasn't severe enough to approve my LTD and never trust Matrix physician. They use their own physician to denied your claim and pay them to denied you. What makes matters worse is that the physician they use never seen me in person. They are scammers. I repeat. Never never ever use this company. They don't care if you paid into the system.
I initially submitted claim for a surgical procedure in June 2018. They initially needed documentation but failed to let me know that further documentation was needed. Instead it took another 4 weeks before I received a check. I am currently waiting for a decision because my doctor says I need to stay out until at least until my next appointment which is on the 18th. This has been the most stressful situation I have ever experienced. And it is so wrong on all levels for any company to put any person through this when they are recovering medically. I still have not been paid for over 2 weeks so far. I have placed in complaints at my HR department at my employment.
I requested intermittent FMLA as suggested by my HR department due to a serious aortic dissection I suffered in 2008, which limits my ability to take medication for common illnesses such as sinus headache and cold/flu. My doctor noted in her paperwork that I suffer from chronic aortic dissection which caused me to miss work occasionally due to inability to treat these common illnesses. However, when asked how often I saw her and if she prescribed medication for the illnesses, she said no (because that is the reason for missing work, I cannot take medication that elevates my blood pressure without the risk of death). Matrix bothered to read that part of the paperwork, did not talk to me or my doctor, and did not even bother to call me to tell me it was denied at a number I could reach to discuss with them - they just denied the claim saying it was not related to a serious health condition. Believe me, an aortic dissection is very serious. It changes your entire life, I nearly died from mine. When I called them, very angry, they simply said they did not have to talk to me, they had no reason to talk to me. They made no effort to read the paperwork, nor to try and help a client. They simply do not care. I am not sure what they get paid for. They are lazy and stupid.
I get short term long term disability through my work and I have recently had to go on medical leave for short term disability. Contact Matrix absence management in September. It is now November and I still haven't received anything because they keep saying that the doctor's office is not sending the fax or they just haven't received any emails or fax and the doctor's office has repeatedly sent these emails and fax to the point they are so aggravated and I am too. I'm a single mother and this is how they treat their customers. It's ridiculous.
I have been on Workers Comp since October 25, 2010. The prior claims examiner never called me or returned any calls. I filed a complaint with them and my employer and then received Porchia. She has refused, time and again, to pay me my disability. She is saying that she had no medical information from my doctor or that the information was not sufficient. I told her that they must back up my claim to when my WC stopped paying me, which was on January 28, 2011. Then, my employer would not file my STD and sent me wrong forms to file LTD. Now, I update my address one more time with Porchia, and she claims that I have a check coming out to me soon, but will not tell me when or how much. My attorney has sent her paperwork, showing I am represented by them, but she claims again that she never received it and they have proof that it went through to her 2 times in 1 month. I cannot sign into the online account for me as they say, I must talk with her. So, to me, I think it sucks to buy insurance from this company! She also claims that she can only back and pay me from March 28, 2011 forward as that was when they received my application. I have contacted the FEDS about this abuse and they claim that they only have 90 days to make a decision. Every time it gets down to that time frame, Porchia claims that I am not responding or cooperating with them and she closes my case! Why is this legally happening to me and how many more? This is Insurance Fraud and Abuse! I paid for this insurance and should be allowed to use it. I'm currently in the process of seeking legal action.
I just want to agree all the others that have had such a problem with Matrix. I've been off work due to a car accident where my car was totaled from back and front. I lost my job, everything. All I have is problems getting money myself or my company paid for through my job! I am so tried to do everything they have asked me to do. My pain management doctor is so tired of Matrix they don't even want to send them anything anymore. They said I quit my job when I never said I quit my job. I just couldn't do my job and since my accident which was August of 2014 I am still going months and months with no money!!! I don't know what else to do.
I had surgery 5/8/13, was on STD, had a second surgery 10/3/13, STD ended, Nov 4, 2013. I had all my paper work in to Matrix, before my STD was up, had no problems, with them paying, STD. I have been lay too many times. I have no income at all coming in because they do not want to pay up. I have been told, by Justin **, that I had been approved for $1,800 a month. I even have it on voice mail and I should have my money in 5 days OR SO.... over 10 days ago.It's 5 days before Christmas, and I have shut off notice because I cannot pay my bills. Just don't understand why this company does not want to pay up. I have called my union, they have file grieves, for my employer, using a company that does not want to pay up, in a timely matter. If I don't get a check today, I will contact my lawyer!!!!!! I cannot pay my rent due on the first of the month. My son and I will be in the street and be homeless. Something has to happen with this company, how can they get away with this!!!!!!
My husband's company, Ace Hardware, outsourced a number of HR responsibilities including FMLA, STD and LTD to Matrix Absence Management. We have a unique situation with three adults living in the household: my husband, myself and his mother. We have intermittent FMLA for myself and his mother due to disabilities and severe medical issues. He has been denied days as well as told how many hours or days he's ALLOWED to take in a month! Then Matrix will claim that it's because of what the doctor wrote on the medical certification. Most recently, on 12/3, my husband's doctor took him out of work due to severe sleep problems and wanted to run more tests on him. Since the tests were scheduled two weeks apart with a follow-up three weeks later, his company suggested FMLA and STD (which he opted in at the beginning of the year). Normally, this would be a great solution to this situation but alas there has been many issues with Matrix. My husband called them 12/3 after his appointment and went through all the information with them. A week later we hadn't heard anything from them, by phone or mail, so he called the person assigned to the case. No answer so he left a message. Another week went by with the same results. The following week he finally got a hold of the person who told him that he wasn't even in their system for a claim! Not only that but that she only deals with FMLA and there is someone else for the STD part he has to talk to. So after getting the other person on the phone, she tells him that she can't do anything until she gets the finalized FMLA approval which will take a few days. Fast forward to 1/6 and we finally receive a check, for one week, and then after he talked to the STD person, he was told that he might not receive another one for while! According to them, he returned to work on 12/23 and were surprised that he doesn't have the follow-up appointment until the 15th and may not be released even then. He was told that more paperwork had to be completed and approved before any more money is released because there is too much time in between his doctor appointments. In the meantime, we've had hundreds in overdraft bank fees, forfeited our vehicle for two weeks, canceled doctor's appointments for myself and his mother, had our phones suspended, received notifications of gas and electric disconnections and have begged and borrowed to get money for food and rent.This company is not there to help employees and their families, it's there to make it easier and cheaper for employers to wash their hands of HR issues. We are filing complaints with the Department of Labor Wage and Hour division, his company's corporate offices, and the state of NY. I urge anyone who has had issues with them to file a complaint. This is the only way to make a change for the better.
I went on long-term disability, I receive 1 payment, sent to an address I have not lived at for 7 years (they had current address). It has been a fight to get them to pay, they have lied so much, I don't believe they know the truth. I am hoping to set up a lawsuit against them and others that have paid into this company for years only to be denied because the reps lie, lose information, twist information. If you have had problems we need to get together for justice.
I had two miscarriages within a 3 month period last year. When I contacted Matrix to see what my options were regarding taking some time to heal the examiner was incredibly rude and demeaning. I get it - you're a man and think that I should just get over it. But it's not for you to judge me or treat my case according to your "opinion" of my situation. It's difficult to get a call back from them, even after leaving multiple messages. They are so unprofessional and uncaring. I hate that have to use this service for my maternity leave this year.
My name is Daniel! I work for Owens-Illinois that hired Matrix to handle short term disabilities! I have been off work for six months! I have got two checks -- one was for two weeks the next one was for two months! The company has refused to pay the remaining three and half months unless I release all my medical records! I have seen a total of six doctors and they all agree on diagnosis and that I should be off work! After investigating company I found out they also handle workman's comp. They want my medical records to build a case against paying workman's comp! The company is a total joke and if I could give them minus star rating I would!
Don't waste your time with these incompetent, money hungry idiots! GET AN ATTORNEY! I relate to many of you. Believe me. Despite complying with the barrage of paperwork they sent me, there was always something mysteriously missing, something else required of me; in addition to Matrix saying my doctors never sent documents, so I missed deadlines. Which was a lie! I called all 10 of my physicians to verify. How is it statistically possible to have 10 doctors IGNORE request to submit (any) medical records to this unethical/poor business practice: RELIANCE / MATRIX?They denied my LTD compensation for severe, life-threatening/chronic illness, ignore all of my physicians' diagnoses/prognoses. They don't return phone calls (FYI: do not call - email EVERYTHING so you have proof/documentation of communications, requests, questions, concerns, etc!); they don't return e-mails. Their goal = continue making $, having total disregard for those whom are severely ill/disabled and have lost everything - career, enjoyment of life (and income)!
My company switched from Aon Hewitt for handling their FMLA claims and I had to deal with them and I thought they were awful. This company tells you one thing such as when I returned to work and management felt like I needed more time. I called my case worker ** and she told me to just have doctor’s office fax the extended dates. So they did this. Almost three weeks go by and on payday I don't get a check. So called my HR and they said they didn't receive any fax from doctor’s office. Luckily the doctor’s office gave me the fax confirmation letter that it went through ok. I then scanned it and emailed it to her. Then she says she now needs the doctor’s notes. I call doctor’ office and the nurse faxed them to her and I also sent an email to ** to fax over request to medical records who would fax back what they needed. So far no luck. This company is awful. Why does the government who created the FMLA so it would cut out stress in an already stressful time do anything to govern this company?
My STD claim was wrongfully denied because Kelly **, who is dumber than a tree, stated that I had a preexisting condition. Kelly works at Matrix Absence Management who actually processes all the paperwork and does all the busy work for Reliance Standard Insurance. In fact, I did not have a preexisting condition, period. The medical doctors and nurses who have been seeing me were more than outraged when I told them what had happened. They know I did not have a preexisting condition and have already written letters and are willing to back me 100%. If Kelly and Matrix and the Insurance company want to play games, I will play games with them. The legal process is getting started. Lawsuit is underway as I will not back down and take the rude treatment given to me by Kelly who will have to answer to a Judge for her actions. It is clear as can be that my claim was unjustly denied and that my condition was not preexisting.
My kidneys went out in March 2007. The employer I worked for was Maverick Tube (now known as Tenaris). The health insurance they offered came through Matrix Absence Management. My benefits started in 2007 with the short term then a six month wait with no benefits until in my long term kicked in then finally total disability started. My complaint is that I have received the same pay for eight (8) years without any cost of living increase or earnings. Everything goes up daily; food, clothes, gas, personal items, cable bill, rent, etc. How does a person suppose to make it when everything is going up and people working getting minimum wages at least get a cost of living increase yearly. M A M states that the employer sets up the policy but eight years of receiving the same exact little monthly income should be against the law.
My last day worked was 10/27/17 and I had to fight with them and threaten to get the labor board involved after 6 weeks of no pay. Then they acted like they were doing me a favor by "rushing my claim" to get me a check before Christmas. The "nurse" that called me to review my claim was very difficult to understand, as she did not speak English very well. Communication was terrible, my examiner suddenly disappeared and I ended up working with someone else. Currently (January) I am still off work and they closed my claim because I worked a couple hours, so I am currently not even receiving short-term disability. Again no pay for a month.
Matrix was always on time with their monthly electronic deposits in my checking account. The problems with late payments began in January 2012 (7 months ago). Since that time, all deposits have been late anywhere from 1 to 4 days. I am going to call them tomorrow (Monday) to see what is happening, since that will be three days late at that point. Maybe this is regular procedure, but they have insisted I go on Social Security Disability if I wanted to keep getting payments (adjusted for the Social Security amount). I wasn't moving at what was considered adequate speed and then last month, I received about half of what I normally receive (adjusted for anticipated amount from Social Security). Fortunately, I had completed a deliverable in the few days prior and after I called them, they sent the balance of the usual amount. I live in constant fear that suddenly, they will stop payments completely without warning. Every month, I get very anxious around the time I am supposed to get paid. If there was a consistent day each month that the payment would actually and dependably arrive, this anxiety would at least be lessened. I just changed auto/home insurance companies and I asked them to automatically take the monthly premiums out of my checking account on the 22nd of each month, allowing a couple of buffer days. Since today (Sunday) is the 22nd, I will have to call the bank first thing tomorrow morning and see if I can borrow enough money to put into my checking account to avoid an NSF fee. I will then call my insurance agent and ask that the payments come out on the 25th or 26th to avoid this problem in the future. If only people would follow up and honor the commitments they make, then the world would be efficient and less stressful.
I have never felt so disrespected in my life. This is the worst company to have disability insurance with. They are rude, manipulative, and tell a bunch of lies. I pray God will have mercy on their souls for the way they treat customers. The things that they have you do when you are sick in your bed. They speak to you as if you need them and they don't need you. I have filed a complaint with my company letting them know they do not give good service and should be replaced with another company. My doctor said that he has never had so many forms to fill out for a company but not only that, to question his treatment and care. I pray God allows me to have a full recovery one day so I do not have to deal with such ignorance.
I have been on STD since April due to a breakdown because someone threatened to kill my mother. I am in intensive therapy weekly and I send over my paperwork diligently. This company has added to my stress by acting like they aren't receiving my Dr notes etc. Even my doctor noted that he has never seen anything like this. I don't understand why they just won't cut my check and do what's right.
I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and put onto a new medication. Well the problem was my blood glucose was hanging out into the 300 range. Normal blood sugar is supposed to be between 70 - 180. Well my levels were so high I was having some health problems and I needed to go onto STD while the medication I was given helped to normalize my levels. Anthony with Matrix never mailed me anything or emailed me any information about needing to fill out additional paperwork. The only reason I found out is because I checked the website to see what was going on since I hadn't heard from them at all since starting my claim. I opened my claim on July 8th and did not even get a phone call until I called him on the 19th at which point he informed me the FMLA was denied, but STD was still in process and still no answers about the paperwork packet that was showing needed to be done on the website. I had to go to the library and print out this packet because it was never mailed to me and it was a huge packet. I barely got the paperwork in by the deadline because I was never told about it. Fast forward a little they get verbal confirmation from my doctor and the paperwork I signed. They approved the claim at that point. Shortly after that they back pedal and say that my doctor's information isn't sufficient enough because my appointment wasn't specifically for diabetes, even though it was explained I had an appointment with the specialist but they were scheduled over a month out. My doctor writes a letter that says he recommended I take the time off work due to my health issues, but Anthony says that it might not be enough.Well fast forward I had my primary care release me back to work since my levels were better and I got bills to pay. I emailed Anthony from my work email and cc my HR manager and he starts back pedaling saying he did contact me and mailed the paper work. I offered to give him a copy of my phone records and the folder of paperwork which contains all of 2 letters one from the FMLA denial and one approving the claim initially. He has since stopped responding to my emails that I have my HR manager cc'd in. These guys are the worst company ever. They have no communication and purposely set you up to be denied.
2nd time I used them for a car accident I was in the claim was approved. Three days later it was denied - THEY DIDN'T AGREE WITH MY DOCTOR. Now the days I missed are being counted against me and I'm being fired. I'm contacting an atty.
I've had the misfortune of having to deal with Matrix. What a nightmare! I took a month off work for stress and then I had to deal with these people. I have been back at work for two weeks and still no money has come in. I would call Matrix and leave a message, because the answer machine always said, "I _______am out of the office today, and I will return on the next business day.", then later on that day she would call back, leave me a message, I call her back immediately and get the same recording, day after day. The few times I actually did get to speak to her she would always tell me that the doctors office did not fax the proper papers back to her even though they had a confirmation fax. The whole process is awful! Matrix needs to be invested. A class action lawsuit should be filed. They deliberately deny claims and say that the doctors office have not faxed documents to them yet. I was also told by the girl at Matrix that if I did not get the doctors office to fax the papers by Christmas Eve that I would be denied. This was on the Friday before and they closed at noon and did not open again till December 26th, so I just called my Human Resource Representative and had her get involved because I did not need this added stress. Does their fax even work??? I have been employed at my job for 37 years and have never needed Matrix before and hope I never need them again. This was a horrible experience.
I have been on leave twice and both times, it has taken over 4 months to get payment from them. They never answer the phone and the people within the company don't even communicate with each. All they do is have me chase my tail and send my stress level through the roof! I truly believe they are encouraged to delay payment and close claims. I spoke to the business office for my Dr, and they said that Matrix is one of the worst companies that they have to deal with.
I wrote a review several months ago about this company when they were handling my Short Term Disability. Now the very same company is in charge of my Long Term Disability (sending me countless letters demanding the very same information I provided to them ever since April 2015). I worked so hard my employer (PHH Mortgage) only to be released 1 day before I had back surgery. I am Perm disabled and have not been paid since October. Both companies are disgraceful.
In Late 2013, I began experiencing pain and numbness in my neck that would radiate down my right arm and into my fingers. I went to my primary doctor who in turn sent me to a Neurosurgeon. I was taken off because the job I held required me to constantly look up and aggravated the problem. I immediately applied for Short-term disability after exhausting vacation and any other time that was able to me. I have been dealing with Matrix for well over a year now and like all the others that have listed a complaint about them on this website, I was treated like crap. I have had nothing but problems which causes stress which amplifies the pain from my conditions. From slow to no responses, to lies about not getting paperwork, paperwork not followed out completely/correctly, or not getting it on time. Lies about checks being sent or having to pay for them to be sent express because bills need to be paid, rent is overdue, or just to be able to get gas to make it to doctor's appointments.Virtually everyone you talk to at this company has bad attitudes or work ethics, the only thing you get from them constantly is the covering of each other’s back when there is a complaint or problem with whoever you deal with, which changes, it seems, daily. Management/Supervisors are absolutely useless and upper management is no better. Tried emailing someone at the top and immediately got a return email stating that they would be out of the office until the beginning of the following week (it was Wednesday) and gave someone else's email to contact in his absence. I didn't bother because am almost certain that that individual would have been unavailable as well not to mention that I just could not add another person to the long list of individual that DID NOT HELP.This company is getting a way with morally repugnant behavior. People are going bankrupt or putting their health (or a loved ones) on the line by going back to work because they have to be able to eat, live and/or take their loved ones. I agree with the individual who wanted to know who wanted to get in on a class action lawsuit. I am looking it too myself. Something has to be done, my story is a lot worst than the brief description I've given but it would take more time and space that is available.
My fiance was injured at home early in the year. It was several breaks in his leg. Because of location of the break, it was 12 weeks off work, as long as surgery wasn't required. If surgery had to happen, it was 36 weeks minimum. From the get-go, it was hassle after hassle. It was things like "your doctor failed to send the required documents." LIES!!! I watched the person at the orthopedic office fax the information to my Matrix consultant. I held copies of confirmation numbers FROM Matrix verifying that those documents had been received. Yet Nicole "rude attitude" ** was denying they had been sent. I don't know how many times, little nit-picky things like that was the reason we went without basics like food and water and electricity.Not to mention that the 70% of our salary we are supposed to be getting is actually more like 30% of our salary. It's actually 20% of his monthly income (after taxes; net not gross). I don't know if anyone else got this impression, but I felt as if the Matrix employees were getting an incentive for finding reasons to deny claims. Considering it's a customer service industry, I never felt any empathy from a single Matrix "CSR". ANYTHING BUT CONCERN ACTUALLY. I felt like I was an inconvenient nuisance, when, in fact, my money, pays them for a service, and pays them to provide it. I'm not expecting them to lick my boots, but is it too much to ask for them to do the service that should be required considering the position they hold in that industry? And to do it with a little compassion? That money is automatically withdrawn from OUR paychecks. The vast majority of the time they get paid. Now, they have to put all these stumbling blocks in the paths of the people who earns the money that's withdrawn automatically to them, when they need the help that withdrawn money should be paying for?
Brief introduction. Healthy 65 year old male, with no history of work absence. While reviewing my employee health care coverage options for the coming year 2013, I elected to include short term disability protection, primarily due age. The bi-weekly cost was reasonable. On December 18 2013 I experienced a heart attack that required bypass surgery. I went home December 23rd. I faced a long health recovery, but at least I had the security of health coverage. I called my employer, LKQ corp, to relate my recovery condition and probable length of recovery before deemed work ready. Approximately one week after surgery I received notification from my employer that I had been assigned to FMLA administered thru Matrix Absence Management, effective December 18th 2013. A case confirmation number and contact information for Matrix Management was included in letter. A week passed and I had not been contacted by Matrix. I called their contact #, introduced myself with name, confirmation number, SS information etc. Surprise #1, I was not in the claim system. No claim had been submitted. Well OK, this will be easy. I submitted the claim, received a new confirmation number, and was assigned to a Matrix rep, complete with name and contact extension. A the three week time frame being home from surgery, I contacted my Matrix rep for progress of my FMLA claim. Surprise #2, my claim had been denied. My rep would mail a informational packet documenting hospital surgeon, primary care physician, pharmacy prescription information, all medical history dated three months prior to initial health care coverage of January 1 2013. I visited with all above mentioned. Surgeons, hospitals, primary care Dr., pharmacies, home health care providers all faxed that needed information to Nick my Matrix rep. I retained most copies for my records. After another week end, and still no new contact with Nick, I called his extension. Surprise #3. He had not received all the needed information, could I fax him that needed documentation. DONE via my home fax directly to the fax extension given to me. Surprise #4. The fax did not come through. Fax information does not go directly to each rep, they all go to a central location in PA, my rep is in NY. He would receive an e-mail confirmation after fax was received and processed. Another week end, another NO check from Matrix. Nick informed me that he would be out of the office on Monday MLK day. I contacted him on Tuesday following the Monday holiday. He had received e-mail confirmation of all faxed documentation that was needed. Now the "Nurses" review process would begin! Another few days of NO contact. Surprise #5. The documentation from my primary care physician had not been received. Another visit to my Dr. office. Another form filled out, signed and faxed to Nick. It is now Feb 2 2014, six plus weeks removed from heart surgery. My rep was not taking calls on Friday. Probable long weekend of Super Bowl mania. During this nightmare of customer service I've asked to speak with Nick's supervisor. Oh gosh he is in a meeting, therefore unavailable. Could he call me when available? He probably could, but the resulting questions answered would be the same. It's the PROCESS. The PROCESS takes time, the review system takes time. My heart surgery may be linked to pre-existing medical condition!I now convinced Matrix/Reliance FMLA insurance hopes my condition continues to fail, that I expire from this earth, leaving those claimed $ to stay unpaid, to be spent more wisely to commissions and profits. I urge all who have Reliance Insurance coverage for short term disability to check into the administration process. If Matrix Absent Management is involved be wary. When, and if my health recovery is complete, I will drop Reliance insurance coverage options immediately!
I truly hope Matrix gets shut down. This is the worst experience I've ever had trying to get a few days off for FMLA. First they claim to fax paperwork to my doctor’s office when they never did just to stall the process. Next my doctor’s office faxed the paperwork back (right in front of me) and they now Matrix claims they never received it. You can't get a hold of anyone to help with the claim and they are always late at getting back to you. I wish my company did not deal with these people because all they care about is stalling people and making sure you don't get the hard earned leave you deserve.
This is the absolute hardest company I have ever had to deal with. They are extremely difficult to get a hold of. Every time I call, I have a different claims examiner. I have had to leave a message every time, and they rarely even call back. The first time someone called back was after I filled out a bad survey online. The second was after I went on and filed a new claim because my existing claim was supposed to have been extended but hadn't been a month later. They keep claiming they are not receiving faxes from my doctor when I have seen the doctor's fax confirmations. Then once they finally receive them, they always ask for more information. I am out for maternity leave and complications both before and after pregnancy. Working in the healthcare field I feel that it should be a simple case. It is terrible to think that we pay money for short term disability and they obviously try every way possible to get out of giving you your money. It has now been almost 2 months that my claim was supposed to have been extended and I haven't received a check in that time.
There is reason to believe this business deals in dishonesty. They are rude, difficult to contact, do what they can to stall a leave request, blame the doctor for not submitting paperwork to Matrix and there is reason to believe Matrix changes the parameters of the doctor's orders to benefit Matrix and the employer they represent. All of the leave papers are typed with no handwritten signature from the doctor. How does one know who even typed the doctor's name on the signature line? Matrix seems as if they're in business to hurt already suffering people. Where are their medical professionals? Why does a claimant have to deal with general office workers who may know little to nothing about medical conditions? They don't even have the demographic information correct on the new form submitted several says ago. It's just astounding how one calls the intake center, provides updated information during the process only to have a document with old and inaccurate information on the form sent out. It is a sacrilege the way claimants are treated by Matrix and the claimant's employer! How do these people sleep at night?
Post surg 6 months for Cancer related side effects, still waiting after 3 months for any claim resolution. Worked for company and paid premiums 25 years. All paperwork was submitted as required, they always find a way to put you off. Is anyone interested in a class action suit? Contact me at Facebook. Let's talk.
Matrix and its representatives need training. No one at the company knows what they are doing starting with Bill ** ext **. Totally good for nothing, he never answers his phone and refuses to confirm receipt of even basic documents.
My last day to work was 8/23/2017. I have Parkinson's. I filed a claim for Short Term Disability (STD) and it was approved so I got paid for about 12 weeks and should have been 26 weeks, Matrix denied my claim after those 12 weeks’ pay telling me that they did not get proper documentation from my Neurologist. My Dr. office said they sent them all the info they needed so this went on for a few weeks and Matrix finally denied my claim and will not pay my other 14 weeks. I am entitled to 6 months STD thru my employer, I have since been approved for SSDI benefits so I can’t get STD for Nov but they owe me for part of August and all of Sept and Oct. Do I have any recourse to get this money that I am owed?
I have been out of work Since April. I have contacted my claims examiner several times and all I keep getting is my doctor's office hasn't faxed my forms and I have confirmation that my paperwork was faxed back to her. (Kaitlyn). I have emailed her several times and she has yet to email me back. I spoke with her almost 3 weeks ago and she told me she was waiting on me to fax documents and my pay would get started, I have yet seen any pay. This is not your money people. I will be contacting me a lawyer. It's lie after lie with her.
I needed to be out from mid-July until Sept. 1st. Andrea Fuentes stated numerous times she didn’t receive paperwork from my doctor, even though my doctor assured me they’d faxed it. Once they finally decided to acknowledge receipt (on the last possible day I had to get it to them) she said she’d contact me by Friday to let me know of their “determination.” Friday came with zero communication, so I called her directly and got a voicemail that she was “out of the office.” Basically she just didn’t do her job by the time she said she would and wasn’t there on Friday to be held accountable for as much. So I left a voicemail and I get a call back on Monday (yesterday) advising me that my claim for disability required further investigation and OH BY THE WAY my first day back at work is today (the day I called).When I explained this was absurdly short notice, she lied that she’d tried to reach me the prior week but my voicemail had not been set up. What an oddly convenient excuse considering I’d gotten numerous voicemails from everyone else that couldn’t reach me directly that week and even have a voicemail from her dating back to when I first called Matrix. Simply put, she just didn’t want to do her job and told a lie to get out of being held accountable. When I called her out for being dishonest she attempted to be condescending and rude by telling me I needed to contact my phone service provider. Unfortunately for her, condescension requires a modicum of intelligence and she’s in short supply of that, so she just came off like a lying child. Fortunately I’ve contacted my work and the adults have sorted everything out, Andrea. My condolences to anyone who ever has to deal with Matrix.
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