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Liberty Mutual - Disability Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Liberty Mutual
Year Founded: 1912
Address: 175 Berkeley Street
City: Boston
State/Province: MA
Postal Code: 02116
Country: United States
Phone: (888) 398-8924
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 1 %
Like many people here I have been paying my insurance premium for 10 yrs. I recently had a major heart attack which left me in Stage 3 CHF. I went on short term disability and it was paid. I then went on LTD and they paid for 6 months. At that time Social Security Disability accepted my claim. I am now receiving my disability benefits. However that leaves me 1400.00 a month short of when Liberty Mutual stopped making payments. Liberty Mutual demanded the retroactive money back. About 10K. Shortly after repaying them they stopped sending me my checks. They said I was OK to go back to work.I have filed a appeal with the Federal Courts. I have been told that due to the IRSA law that Liberty Mutual is allowed to stop payments. Even if Social Security Disability approves your claim as mine did. Liberty Mutual was still able to deny my payments. Liberty Mutual told me which jobs I was eligible to work such as a 911 operator or dispatch position. These positions at starting wage pay less than half of my last job. I am now trying to negotiate with Liberty Mutual for a settlement amount. According to my attorney. Since my cardio doctor stated that I could do sedimentary work the insurance will fight my claim. If I lose this because of the doctor's statement. Do I have a medical malpractice suit? Very frustrated.
Cut off long-term disability benefits while disabled - I was not released to return to work by my doctors and do not have any income now. Lies were told from their doctors in the denial letter I received. I filed a request to have their decision overturned. They sent it on to their appeals process. It will be no sooner than 45 days before I hear anything. It's been almost a month now with no pay. Dirty, rotten bastards.
Approval process experience for STD - in October of this year, my doctors, and my company all agreed I need to take time off because my mental health was negatively impacting my ability to perform my job responsibilities. My company has been paying into STD for the 23 years I have worked for them, and I have not needed to use it until now. My doctors have faxed all my medical records multiple times, I have also faxed them multiple times. I have called Liberty Mutual weekly and I am getting absolutely no resolution or response from them. I have a medical condition that requires me to take some time off, and the Liberty Mutual is NOT providing the coverage that was agreed to.
I have been off work since May 8th from back surgery. I take care of mentally challenged patients. Doctor has put me off with back brace and walked for 6 weeks after surgery, but put me off three weeks before surgery. Applied with HR help at work for my short term disability. Have not received one check. Not one phone call nor letter. Every time I call, it goes to voice mail that is full. HR has done more than her share to help me. So if anyone is going a lawsuit, I'm in. The is Liberty Mutual.
After two surgeries and diagnosed with a chronic illness, Liberty Mutual denied my claim and appeal. They left me sick, jobless, and homeless. Karma is a **.I HOPE THEY ALL END UP IN HELL FOR ETERNITY, WRITING APPEALS FOR THEIR SALVATION.
On October 23rd, I was 33 weeks pregnant, and while at work, I started to go into labor. I was rushed to the hospital and they were able to stop my contractions. But they weren't able to stabilize my blood pressure, so I was put on strict bed rest. On November 9th, I gave birth 5 weeks early because of hypertension. I had to see my OB several times after my delivery because my gestation hypertension still wasn't under control. On December 1st, my claims agent, Veronica **, called me and said since you had a vaginal birth, you have six weeks to return to work. I stated I was still under the care of my doctor and my doctor doesn't want me back until 1/2. She stated that that was not her concern, she only cared if it was a vaginal or C-section. I asked for her supervisor and she said the same. I got nowhere speaking to them. What I got was from her supervisor, Doreen, that she apologizes for the right questions not being asked to my doctor, and she'd speak to Veronica. Well, that did nothing. And now even submitting letters from my doctors, they are trying to say that letters are no good. They tried blaming my doctors for never sending over my file, but they never called to request the file. I believe my doctor's office is way before liberty mutual.
Last year in June I was injured on the job at the client's location in Michigan, so my never explained to me about Workers' Compensation, the only thing my job cared about was having me at work so I once it was time for me to get my stitches out and seek follow up care from a specialist my boss denied me from going and final in late September of last year I decided to seek other remedies. Not knowing that when I call to initiate the report I gave information that prove I was employed because my job made a claim concerning a car accident and found out recently that the claims adjuster Jennifer ** was paying out of an Auto claim which I was never in a car accident and the bill reflects that issue. Workers' Compensation is joke because of the process and they're formal adjusters themselves... As citizens who have rights I feel we all should do a class action lawsuit for all 50 states and let's completely exit out Liberty Mutual Group for all states because what they're doing is criminal.
I was placed on medical leave last September. As many have reported here, I kept hearing records not received. Took six months but finally was able to get that coordinated. Once again, like everyone else reporting my claim was denied. Try to disassociate yourself from the personal nature of the claim for a moment and evaluate your position. I went to the ADA and EEOC websites and sought out passages that were pertinent to my case. I also looked up case law, once again drilling down to a citation that back up my claim.I tried to retain an attorney but no one was interested if there was no lawsuit involved. I felt that it was too early in the process for that and I honestly needed the money for rent and food that otherwise would have gone for legal fees. So I wrote up my own appeal, citing case law and passages from the ADA and EEOC websites in support of my claim. I expected to get a response in a month or two but I received a phone call the same day they received my appeal. Anyway, try not to get frustrated. Try to keep your emotions in check and do the legwork or find somebody who can. Be persistent but professional.Another tip, from my understanding an appeal is limited to only the documentation supplied so I included every doctor's note in support of my claim, with my appeal. I do not think you get a second chance at this, so you are better off sending one too many documents than not enough. You folks here on the message board sound upfront and honest about your disabilities. But those trying to scam the system, don't bother. This is why they screen so hard. Yes, it makes it more frustrating and time-consuming for those of us suffering from real issues. The company seems to rightly be screening out the bs artists. It didn't get to this point but I'd also discovered that in many cases, the "case reviewer" is not necessarily a specialist and in many cases is not even a doctor. It sounds like they are employed strictly to scour our documents to find holes in our claims so they can be denied.One tip from an attorney was to ask for the credentials of the reviewer, which according to him, often times can tip the scales in your favor. Or at least get them to have a real medical professional review your case. Like I said, my case didn't come to that. But it was my next step. Hope everything works out for you. It's a long, hard journey but I wish everyone well.
Working for Magellan for over two yrs. Pay into my std and ltd even paying extra for 20% if something was to happen. Well along with my already genetic diseases, diabetes, hypertension, neuropathy, cholesterol and the list goes on now the nerves in my stomach don't work so now I'm constantly nauseous, vomiting, losing weight rapidly, stomach stay in pain. Well they denied me and said I can work under these conditions and I talk on the phone. I just would like to know how do I sue them.
If I had a selection of zero stars that would be my choice. In my opinion only my experience has been a total nightmare and I would have never purchased this insurance if I would have known how negatively they would have affected my life! Paid my premiums and had a severe spinal cord injury later and experiencing compounded grief by having to fight with this company for monthly payments which are past due... soon to lose everything with no income! Soon to seek attorney for litigation! Disgusted!
I went out with a torn ACL and meniscus in May of 2017. Had my FMLA and STD setup. Was told by LMI that my pay would be 500/week or 60% of my salary. Whichever is greater. My first check was more than 1k because I was paid for when I went out (May 9th). The checks after that was 395, 461, 295. Neither amount to 500, and called, called. Got the same msg as everyone else. Out my office or on the phone with a client. And I did the math and I'm still short 772.00 as to what I would've had if the checks were correct. And the checks be sent out with 3 days, 5 days, and or 2 days. You don't see the rest until the following week and it's short also. Had enough with this bull, and the sad part is the company you work for DONT follow up with the disability insurance company that they set out for the employees.
I filed a disability claim with BJ's Wholesale on 3/5/12. I had the doctor fill out all papers, filled out my section, and turned the papers into my workplace. Today, 4/10/12, I received a letter from BJ's Wholesale with Liberty Mutual requesting "their medical papers" to be completed. No one has sent my papers to the State of NJ Division for Temporary Disability. I have no money and need to pay my bills. Is this even legal?
In May 2013, was taken out of work for severe fatigue and pain in my legs. Two weeks after that had my third heart attack. Was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease in back and severe PAD in legs. Had been receiving benefits since August 2013, then on March 30, 2014, received letter benefits would be cancelled as of April 01, 2014. The reason for denial was their panel of doctors seen no reason why I could not return back to work full time/full duty. I have never seen or even talked to these doctors. My doctors do not agree with this and will not release me to go back to work. Liberty Mutual said that I could appeal but that would take 45 to 90 days for them to make a decision. It takes forever to get benefits started and now possibly looking at another 3 months without any benefits. The whole process is designed to force you back to work and off the insurance to save them money. If you want the security of this type of insurance, think twice before you invest in a Liberty Mutual policy.
I was injured at work in October of 2005. I fell downstairs and when my employer filed the claim Liberty Mutual (LM) declined the claim! WTF! I went to my primary care physician he sent for diagnostic examinations (x-rays, MRI, EMG, etc). The results were I fractured my hand, tore my rotator cuff, tore my knee, fractured a lumbar vertebrae, and cervical spine disc protrusion. After fighting with LM and paying out of pocket for tests and doctors bills, I hired a lawyer. Come the Winter of 2006, LM approved for my to have my shoulder surgery. Spring of 2008, approved my knee surgery. Fall of 2010, approved the lumbar surgery and cervical treatment. The trend with Liberty Mutual is not to do the right thing! They will make you wait and suffer in pain hoping you give up the fight and walk away! LM does not want to pay at all. They don't care about people!
In the top two poor customer service experiences for me in my life. Was on STD from Sept 2016 to 1/3/17. Just two examples, but Liberty caused 3 of my paychecks to be half of what they should have been. They did make them up later, but not without many calls, much dragging of feet, and subterfuge. I received a letter from Liberty on 10/22, dated 10/19. It said my STD had lapsed and could not be paid until they received more info from my doctor, and to please remit said info NLT 10/5. Didn't say what info, but asked me to send anyway. Many calls to get this resolved, but still screwed up two paychecks.On 12/12 my doctor and I were notified my STD had lapsed on 12/5. My doctor tried to fax records but apparently they did not get through. Many more calls, and then Liberty said they were not governed by HIPPA and thus could not send a compliant request? So I ended up going to medical records at my hospital to get my records so I could fax them myself (another paycheck already screwed up). When I called to get a good fax number they looked at my account and, lo and behold, the situation had been resolved without the additional records and my STD was extended to the proper date. Confirmed with my HR folks and am due to get paid on an upcoming paycheck.My case manager was most often unavailable or out of office and when she took time off around the holidays her voicemail gave me another manager to call. Very nice, except his voicemail said he was also out of the office until 1/3. Kind of felt like I needed to talk to the president of the company to get any satisfactory results. Am so glad I do not have to speak with you folks anymore. As an aside, the customer service phone answerers were always courteous and tried to help, but most often they couldn't do anything and I needed to talk to my case manager who was most often unavailable. Can't imagine that customers won't be lost if others are treated as I was, and it will be a cold day in hell before I would purchase any of their other products after this experience. I only talked to them this time because I had to (my health insurance provider contracts STD to Liberty I guess).
Liberty Mutual Ins since 1992 has paid for my Work Injury up until I settled in 2000. They gave me $$$$$ in 2000 and I left my Medical Open. I have been under doctors' care since 1992. I see my dr every six weeks and LM for many yrs was OK with my doctors. I have three drs... but in 2006 BIG INS Companies Like Liberty Mutual made a Deal with the Federal Government for a MEDICARE SET A SIDE....This one thing makes the Ins money by cleaning their BOOKS off, by moving Us Work/Comp Patients from them to MEDICARE or Tax Payers will pay for my Future Medical, NOT Liberty Mutual. Now in 2009, they started offering me MONEY ($54,000) for my future medical. I said NO, and every year they keep offering me LOW money, HOPING that I take it and then Medicare will have to pay my Medical or Tax Payers. I need 5 more disc Out of my back, I have had 3 taken and in the future Medical Report I need more surgeries that Tax Payers will come up with... Since I keep saying NO, LM stops paying. I then go to COURT and I get Paid, But NOT all go to Court to fight.... LM last offer was $428,000 in 2013 with only $75,000 in a Medicare Set a Side, and After all the Money is gone, Medicare pays... Or Tax Payers... But will this cover my Future Medical? NO. LM has paid $125,000 worth of teeth that was caused by my Work Injury with they put me On Rx Opiates that took 20 of my Teeth. LM keeps fighting me, all because I say NO. I took this INFO to my Federal Senator and they can't HELP me... even when Medicare will go broke from all these MEDICARE SET A SIDE that started in 2006. Now LM after W/C Court told them LM to pay me for my Medical, my two doctors' visits.... but NOW they have stopped my DDS for the damage to my teeth. I will go back to W/C Court and have the Judge tell them to.... Liberty Mutual believes they can just STOP paying when WE all have Ins from them. When we pay for Ins or your Work Does, we want what they said we would Get if & when we need to use It. This was a lie. They use DDD, Deny, Deny, DEATH.... Many patient die. I need Medical Care and Liberty Mutual is responsible since 1992, but they are FORCING me to take a settlement AND than Tax Payers or MEDICARE will have to pay for Us Patients on W/C.... Many Patients since 2006 have taken this. WHY DO YOU think Medicare is going broke? Liberty Mutual HAD no problem paying for **, Rx Opiates, but they will NOT pay for **. But SOON a New Medicine will be here called ** that is made with Cannabis. Liberty Mutual doesn't want this medicine for ME, it will cost MILLIONS for future Medicine. I got off of Rx ** and 13 other Rx's with only Cannabis. NOW a CANNABIS medicine will hit the Market Soon, they want me to take a LOW offer for what MY Doctors believe I will need 3 Million in Care or more but $75,000 will never allow me to have any Future surgeries. We that are disabled need NO to fight for what we are COVERED for, real Medical Ins Coverage..... NOT DDD, all because they FIGHT Us Patients to save MONEY for their Stock holders. Who will pay for my Future Medical? Liberty Mutual or Medicare Set A Side or TAX PAYERS???? Write your Federal Senators and tell them to STOP allowing Ins Co to keep forcing Us Patients to take it and Tax Payers fit the BILL. Since 2006 this is happening. MEDICARE is going broke from this ONE thing. Look it up, Liberty Mutual needs to pay my Future Medical, for this will HURT their Business with the WORLD being online now. I hope LM see this and response to these FACTS of my W/C Case.
I was recently ill with severe bronchitis and upper respiratory infection. Because I was contagious and so ill, my doctor had me stay off work. After a few weeks he said I could return part-time only so that I could build up my immunity and not relapse. I even went to a specialist for lungs who ordered cat scans of my lungs and sinuses. Liberty Mutual is consistently asking for more and more doctor records even though my doctors' office states they have given them everything. I recently found out my last CAT scans show I have emphysema from secondhand smoke which is why I became so sick. Liberty Mutual says I have to wait for a letter of rejection which was two weeks ago and still there’s no letter. I have called again requesting letter. This has been going on for 5 months.I've now lost all my vacations and owe the company a few thousand dollars in back pay. Meanwhile Liberty Mutual approved 7 work days but not the rest. Why would they approve part of it but not all of it? It makes no sense and no one can give me any answers. Meanwhile, I have a CPS child I'm supposed to take on vacation next week which I've already paid for so I won't be getting any paychecks from work. If this goes on much longer, I'll lose my house and be unable to pay my car. I'm so sick of this company. When I was submitting paperwork, they wouldn't tell me if it was what they wanted or not, it had to go to review. I think they know whether it's what they wanted or not. Why don't they just say what they want instead of having to make us guess? All I get is the same answer: Just submit it and we'll look at it. I'm thoroughly disgusted with them and have lost countless hours of sleep over this. It makes me depressed and I am getting sick again worrying over not being paid.
What is there to say after my wife was injured in 1998 and now 16 years later she was found in an AME to be 100% disabled for life and Liberty Mutual signed the Stipulation and Award. They now ignore the Judges, the AME doctor and The Laws of California. She is now ready to lose both of her legs, or the use of them permanently - No In home health care for life, handicapped accessibility, medications. Has Liberty Mutual taken over California's governor and 2 senators?
I am a cancer patient, off work, on long term disability. I hope this is my LAST experience with this company. First they let the claim sit for 3 weeks without any correspondence at all. When I called, I was given incorrect extensions. It took a supervisor to get to the right case manager. She swore she was trying to call me and left messages. She actually had an old number. And still no mailed correspondence. So... the next.
I filed a claim which in my handbook for work states I can file for in advance. I did because I knew I had test coming up such and deep ultrasound and CT scans. My case worker Francine was absolutely the worse person to deal with. Rude and condescending attitude and that holier than thou tone on the phone. If I called her she would call me back maybe and I do mean MAYBE within two or three days. I have asked for a new case manager with nothing being done. I have been declined once and my job is now on the line. I have doctor's notes for the entire time I have been out of work. They have been sent but have gotten little or no help. She even has a message on her phone that states "If you call me more than once it will take longer for me to contact you..." What the heck is that? I have found out I have liver cysts and I am IBS-C with extreme acid reflux which feel like a ton of cement bricks on your chest and it's scary. Don't know what to do.
This company preys upon disabled workers. They will happily cash your monthly premiums which gives you the false sense of security that you will have insurance coverage should the unthinkable happen to you. If you are the breadwinner of your family and have coverage through Liberty Mutual as part of your benefits package? Tell your employer to change companies. Get your own independent disability policy through your home or auto insurer. LIBERTY MUTUAL DISABILITY INSURANCE IS WORTHLESS.Their representatives on the phone are nice at first - they are lying to you. They will record every phone call and use it against you. YOU should record every phone call too; they will quickly become abusive in ways you can't imagine. I had heard this but I simply couldn't believe that a company would operate so immorally and unethically. But they do, and they will do it to you, too.They will deny your claim. It's not a matter of IF, but WHEN, and HOW OFTEN. They denied my claim because they said they didn't have medical records - which were sent, and re-sent, and finally sent registered mail/signature required and they STILL said they didn't have them (until the signature required proved otherwise). They hired private investigators to follow me - THEY ALWAYS DO - and the PI saw me doing nothing but staying home, or going to the doctor. So they lied and faked evidence. I hired and attorney and proved it, so they invented a new/third reason: they hired doctors on their payroll to lie about the records.DO NOT TRUST LIBERTY MUTUAL. If you have the misfortune to have a policy with them, then locate a good lawyer NOW because you will need them. And save your money because those lawyer fees cannot be reimbursed. When you are at your weakest, your health most frail, your finances at risk? That's when LIBERTY MUTUAL will target you and strike. Their very best hope is that you either die or become so desperate that you try to earn some money to keep your family afloat. And they don't care either way.
Filed a STD claim in September 2017 and it's been nothing but a hassle. It's nothing but fighting with them for months to get a single check and then it's back to fighting with them. My claim has been under review for over a month now. They can care less if you're unable to work and become homeless. Without receiving any checks, I'm close to losing my home as well as having all my utilities shut off in addition to losing my health insurance as I'm unable to pay my premiums. My family starves as I'm unable to provide food for us anymore as I have zero dollars to my name and it's been this way for over a month now.
I got hurt on the job in 2011 lifting a patient at a assisted living. Liberty Mutual sent me to their nurse and she wretched on my leg, said I was fine. Returned me back to work and put me on light duty. Well by the time I drove 20 miles back home my knee calf and foot was all swollen, the pain was unbearable. I took it upon myself to see my family doctor because something was clearly wrong. I was pissed as well after I waited and drove all that way I didn't get seen by a actual doctor. My doctor took me off work, put me in knee mobilizer and sent me to get X-rays and MRI done. He didn't mess around, he clearly seen something was wrong. I told my supervisor I had seen my own doctor and she yelled at me threaten to fire me. 10 mins. later Liberty Mutual calls and says that I am not covered anymore...Well told them clearly something's wrong and maybe they should have sent me to a doctor instead of a nurse. So they kept me on WC until I seen the doctor. Next day drove 20 miles back to same place, was seen by doctor, he did x-ray and came back, I had Baker's cyst. Well Liberty Mutual dropped me again. End of story there. Well fast forward I ended up quitting my job weeks later. I couldn't do the work anymore, long hours walking, standing and bending I end up getting a lawyer in 2012 because injury has not gotten any better. I end up having surgery in 2013. Torn meniscus, MCL, lateral patella was torn. Here it is 2016 still fighting to get $40,000 worth of hospital bills paid. I have not received a dime from these people. I have lost everything, brand new dodge truck $35,000, $140,000 house, EVERYTHING!So here I am last month doing research and find this site and I also found out what a Baker's cyst is caused from!!! Well a Baker's cyst is caused by drainage from a cartilage tear!!! WOW SO I WAS DROPPED BECAUSE THE DOCTOR DIDN'T KNOW WTH he was doing as well!!! This whole time I am kicking myself in the ass for not looking up "Baker's cyst" just when I was getting ready to give up on my case!!! They just added fuel to my fire!!! I do agree on whomever posted a class action lawsuit does need to happen here. So many of us have been hurt and not able to work and have lost everything because they can't step up to the plate. I am 26 years old this injury happened when I was 21!!! Every day I have had to live with pain. on top of pain WC don't cover pain either which is **. They do people so wrong... SMH class action lawsuit count me in. My leg, body will never be the same.
Let's see... Where to begin... Not available or out of the office for weeks at a time (Any of 5 people who could have helped me), NEVER returned my voicemails, RARELY responded to my e-mails even with my attorney cc'd on the e-mails (smh), Always in so called "meetings" like they meet all day when at the office?? And the best one... Denying procedures requested by my neurologist based on the treatment records of a 39 year old female that they admitted to me verbally by saying, "Well that's not supposed to be in there. Would you like a reevaluation, sir?" No **, I want an attorney, I am a 49 year old MALE!!!Glad the lawsuit is over and I feel more than satisfied with the monies my attorneys were able to get for me to continue my treatment. One should not have to fight for care on a work related injury while employed by a Fortune 500 company, or ANY company. It's just not acceptable, life is too short already without your "so called" help, period. Again, glad to finally be rid of Liberty Mutual. And your commercials are lies in my opinion, the whole "We stand by you" BS. To quote a dear friend, "Ain't scared of y'all **." ~Bernie Mac R.I.P.~
After reading all of the other reviews, I realized my experience with Liberty Mutual was not unique. The complaints are all the same. They DO use the same excuse with everyone to STALL paying the benefits. Not getting the paperwork from the doctors, approving the claim for one and two weeks at a time and DEMANDING a return to work date. Harassing the doctors staff about needing MORE paperwork completed AFTER they have been given everything, and what is the deal with having to mail a paper check? Who does that these days? Direct Deposit. Duh. It’s just ANOTHER way to keep the money in THEIR account longer. Bottom line is... the LAST THING a person needs when trying to recover is the CONSTANT HARASSMENT, WORRY, AND STRESS that is DELIBERATELY inflicted by this company. CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT ANYONE? There is something to be said when people join together on a cause.
This company has single handedly won my unofficial award of the most suspicious and fraudulent company I have ever dealt with. Though I have mountains of medical transcripts that I have viewed with my own eyes and sent them to the company personally, though several doctors, nurses and therapists have stated I have a cognitive disability the company loves to take the premium but will not pay out as their documentation states it will. Someone needs to put an end to these crooks reign of deception. If many doctors say I am disabled, you (Liberty Mutual), don’t get to decide I am not just to save yourself money! Make good on your promises, you have compromised my financial situation as well as my credibility at work by blatantly disregarding competent doctor opinions as well as your own promises. BUYER BEWARE!!!
I have been working as the registered nurse since 1999 at a major hospital in Albany New York when I had a stroke in July of 2011. The stroke affected my speech, dominant hand, walking and memory. Liberty Mutual had been pushing me to get back to work. They stopped my short term claim December 13th, 2011 and would not give me an answer to my long disability claim. I called my case worker whom assured me that she would get back to me at the end of that day with an answer if not that day definitely by the end of the next day. I called to discover at the end of that day she wouldn't be back until after the holidays. She had no intentions on getting back to me. I left a message for her supervisor to call me instead her. My job has been discriminating against my disability, trying to prevent from coming back to work with reasonable accommodations. Liberty Mutual stopped my payments from short term disability and where very reluctant to give me an answer for long term in a reasonable time frame.
My husband had hip replacement surgery on April 2nd, 2018. He did all the prep paperwork before his surgery. He understood this to be enough to start his claim. A co-worker who had the same surgery told him he still had to call Liberty Mutual to start his claim. Unfortunately this was 2 1/2 weeks after his surgery so Liberty denied his claim for the first 2 1/2 weeks. We were told by his disability case manager Robert ** that we needed to file an appeal. We went on their website and did that. Weeks later we still hadn't heard back so we called them. Mr. ** claimed that he never got the appeal paperwork and that he had contacted my husband's doctor but they never called him back. Total **. Then they said they needed his doctor to fax them all the paperwork regarding his case. We faxed them 42 pages and it still wasn't enough info. This company should be ashamed of their conduct. They don't return phone calls, they lie about paperwork saying they never got it and then lie about getting it and forwarding it to the correct department. We have been fighting this for 7 months and the only reason we finally got a call from them is because I emailed their president and CEO and told him that I wouldn't deal with Liberty Mutual if they were the last insurance company on earth and that he really should Google his company's reviews and get his head out of the sand. Even then when they called they still denied ever receiving my husband's appeal for short term disability. And they said it wasn't them who denied the appeal but my husband's employer. Really - how does a company this awful even stay in business?
I am ready to file a class action lawsuit against Liberty Mutual. I'm going to lose everything. They say their personal nurse reviewed my claim and it's denied because the doctors don't have a diagnosis. I've been getting tests done and following orders for three months. I paid in for years to this company and expected it to be ok. Getting 60% of my pay is not good but at least I would have been able to juggle my bills. At this point three months later finally getting an answer and it's the run around. I only get to talk to my claim examiner if I threaten to go over her head. Now she said they don't have supporting documentation to show that I am sick. WELLLLL...the doctor would not have taken me out of work if it wasn't mandatory for me to be in bed! I'm so angry and distraught. I may go to the hospital now for anxiety attack. If you want to join me in this lawsuit email me. I'm ready to fight their company over this.
I have been paying payroll deducted dues to Liberty Mutual Insurance company's long-term disability coverage for to be fair four years, but could be five? Anyway over eight weeks ago I was diagnosed with level 4 bladder cancer as per my health care provider. Which I underwent surgery to remove my bladder and prostate gland 10/28/16. I'm undergoing chemotherapy treatment from 12/08/16 - 04/20/17. With side-effects from the chemo I'm not allowed to fulfill my safety-sensitive obligations as a school bus driver. Before surgery I applied for my long-term disability coverage with Liberty Mutual but there has been one ludicrous excuse after another to hold up processing my claim. The first excuse is that my health care provider is slow to respond to LM's repeated requests for my medical records. The second is that even after spending $44.00 to email corroborating paperwork required of me by LM at a FedEx store, and securing a "fax received" receipt from FedEx, sent to two different LM fax numbers, LM can't seem to find my paperwork! And though at least 6 weeks have passed since I sent it, they've no clue where the paperwork is. I simply don't believe LM's childish tales and believe their goal is to drag feet in hopes of discouraging the claimant, resulting in giving them an avenue of escape from paying claims. My advice? If you have the opportunity of long-term health or any form of insurance either privately chosen or offered through an employer, pick any insurance company you desire, even if relatively unknown. Because they can't be any slower, any less efficient, any less customer-friendly, any less clumsy than Liberty Mutual..
Liberty Mutual is a company that is considered a third party vendor for the company that I work for. They are horrible. I was put on leave of absence on March 30th by my doctor. I called Liberty Mutual and let them know on the 3rd what was going on on the third Liberty Mutual contact in my doctor's office. My doctor's office gave them the necessary information to know why they were placing me on a leave of absence. As of today April 16 2018, they call me and tell me it was denied because my doctor didn't put enough information, that's BS, if my doctor says I need to be off I need to be off. I haven't heard anything from them besides me calling them. They care nothing about me only their pocket. When I call my HR department they say it's OUT of their hands. How convenient is that? Liberty Mutual Liberty does not give a fart about anybody but themselves. I think there should be a class a lawsuit against LIBERTY MUTUAL AS someone else in these complaints have stated.
My first experience with Liberty Mutual STD was in June 2012. I suffered heat exhaustion. At the same time, my new psychiatrist changed my antidepressants. This combination of issues along with stress and depression resulted in a major flair up of my IBS. My second GI doctor did not know what to do to help as I am hypersensitive to antidiarrheal and other medications. Most of the medications that both doctors prescribed actually caused additional problems. The GI doctor referred me to her college professor who has much more experience and knowledge. After examination and many questions for me to answer, he advised me I was in this small percentage of people with IBS who are hypersensitive to medicines to help with the diarrhea or constipation. So, I will have to take medication when cramps are extreme and try relaxation techniques. I was out for six weeks. They denied my claim except for 18 hours. I was out 240 hours.Second experience I am into now. I also suffer from COPD, severe anxiety, bipolar, depression, severe pain in my hips, knees, shoulders and legs. I filed in late August for short-term disability. As far as I know, they received all information before the end of September. I received the same answer I have been getting for quite a while now when I called Friday - it is in review. I did get a final review answer today, but I can't get a definition of what that actually means. I also called my case manager to let her know I had new information from my pain management doctor and my information of the outpatient program I am enrolled in. She said she didn't need it. How can they not need it. It is pertinent to my STD.So, by this time next week, I won't have gas and electric and by the week after that, no water. I have sold some furniture and gold (most of my gold). I received money in exchange for my keepsakes; it was hard to do. It hurt especially when I had to take my chain and cross off to sell it. It looks like my case is in "pending" still. Gee, that helps a lot with the bills. Of course, the medications I need I don't have the money to purchase. I keep running out dog food and was denied food stamps when I have check stubs that say 0 gross income.Ok, I would like to thank you for letting me vent in this forum. I want to find out how to get a petition going against the procedures and policies of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. I sign them for the causes I believe in. I think this issue would open up a lot more claims being denied or shortened, all without proper legal practices in my opinion. Thanks again, and I truly hope some of the people here get some sort of relief.
I went from short term disability to LTD, and like so many others, I paid my premiums monthly, via payroll deduction. They needed a "Benefit Award Statement" from Social Security. Fine, we did that, returned it to them in THEIR prepaid envelope, and "they didn't receive it". However, I don't know if the guy at Liberty had an epiphany, or just good old ESP, but he called to tell me that "the first check will be there next week" but the direct deposit that I'm sending you will be effective the next month. Fine, except three weeks check. The other female rep (actual point person) goes on to tell me that I could be subject to 20% withholding if I don't replace the SS award letter that they "lost." I told her that on the benefit portion in question (which is $3000/mo.), her point is moot. This is the supplemental benefit that I pay for, not my employer and is 100% free of tax to me.These claims guys are the same guys who show up to work on roller skates, sit there and read "The Ladies Home Journal" whilst sipping their "Lipton Iced Tea." I worked next to a claims guy while in graduate school, and he never honored any claim the first time... Or the second... But usually on the third, and then giggle about it. He got "atta boy(s)" from management. The insurance company was also named Liberty but maybe not the same company. Monday, I'm calling the State of Florida Financial Services Division. They are excellent, and "rattle the sword." They get one star because no stars is not a choice.
I suffered a TBI in 2009. I had several doctors diagnose me with TBI and yet Liberty Mutual denied paying for my pain medication and therapy, and I was forced to hire an attorney to get the treatment needed for me to recover. My attorney set up hearings to get my medications paid by them and on the day before the hearing, they would pay. Liberty Mutual delayed and denied the treatment that has made my recovery impossible. I was suffering from disabled visual disorders, horrible headaches, cognitive problems, fatigue, and depression.
July of this year I had to stop working because of experiencing severe depression, and soon after, severe anxiety that turned me into a shut-in. I was having frequent panic attacks and barely left my bed except for my counseling visits and OBGYN appointments (I was a little over 20 weeks pregnant), and even attending those was a chore. My employment was completely supportive and gave me my leave of absence, and told me to submit my claim to Liberty Mutual. Ok, no problem, talked to my counselor and her and my case handler corresponded which took weeks. Liberty wanted my session notes which my counselor denied them access to because of privacy issues, but she did agree to give them a written report of my symptoms and diagnoses and correspond directly with their physicians if they had questions.Weeks later: denied. Apparently I was not "labile" enough (my doctor's words for my behavior) because doctor phrased my limitations to care of myself and my son. If I can care for my son I must be fine, never mind my husband was helping me full time. Oh and my severe panics at any obligations was not under any official diagnoses (uuum, generalized and social anxiety?). Ok, let's do a more detailed description of my home life and fill in the blanks, extremely upsetting but no problem. At this point I was so shook up even more by the entire process that I would have been hospitalized if not for my mom stepping in to take care of me full time, and my doctor indicated as much in both a letter and a new detailed document updating them on my progress. I felt pretty confident my claim would be accepted because how am I supposed to work when I can do the bare minimum to care for myself.No. Liberty continues to pick apart my case, saying my OBGYN never commented on my emotional state in their notes (they saw my emotional state but because they already made note I was receiving treatment from a psychiatrist they didn't address it further in my file!), and somehow they decided to completely ignore all my social limitations this time and say that because I still shower myself I must be Ok to work. The whole process has been completely ridiculous and a crock. I don't understand how they can legally claim to provide services that they don't intend to provide for and I wish our legal system would catch up. I'm in the process of getting my complete file and contacting a lawyer, but I will never speak well of Liberty Mutual.
In Dec. of 2011, I left work on a short-term disability claim for anxiety and depression. In June of 2012, I was granted my SSI and went to long-term disability. During short term, I sought counseling form anxiety and depression and in Jan. of 2012, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and was told a huge factor in my previous symptoms. Liberty started with the harassment on Jan. 27th, 2012, not approving additional leave, taking weeks to reach determinations while holding checks, calling me asking if I can go back to work yet, holding approvals due to no paper work from doctors and psychologist. In all instances, the doctors had sent the information requested, was never contacted for the information or Liberty would not pay to pick up doctors notes from third party vendor. I received threatening letters from Liberty stating they requested doctor notes and if I do not get them from them, they will cancel claim. Again, doctors had sent the notes and had supporting documentation. They are requesting information and then going on vacation while leaving no one to cover cases. I have been made to feel like there is no support and that every small thing that Liberty can use they harass me and cause my symptoms to be exacerbated. This is an insurance that I paid into for years and am treated so horribly. I have now had four different claim managers and am going through yet another review which I'm sure will be long lasting.
A double fusion to lumbar, double fusion to cervical, bulging discs above and below each fusion site. Spinal stenosis, constant pain in thighs and buttocks, along with shooting leg pain. Both right and left hips replaced. Left knee partial replacement. The replacements came from working for over 25 yrs. with the lumbar fusion/fusions. It changes your gait, which in turn ruins the joints below the lumbar fusion/fusions.Worked 35 yrs. on the books. Worked for decades with the above mentioned issues. Finally at 52 yrs. of age, I had to say I cannot work anymore. Dr's have told me for past decade I should be out. Liberty approved the STD, then they approved the LTD. Was collecting the LTD along with SSDI for past 2 yrs. only to have Liberty deny my claim. This denial will be causing our family to lose our home of 14 yrs. It will also limit how much help I may provide my three children with their college education. This denial will affect what we eat, what we do, and how we live. They have all the documentation of my conditions, medication, and limits. But still they deny us. Why? I should mention that I even paid in extra $$ for 20 yrs. to have LTDII.Updated on 07/23/2015: This is an update from my last post about Liberty dumping LTD claims at the 2-year mark. WOW, have I received an education as to how they (Liberty and other Insurance Company's) deceive and screw you at the 2 year mark. 1st: The paperwork they send to your physician to be filled out WILL be used against you at 2 years. They only give the Dr. 3 choices to pick from: Sedentary / Light Duty / Full Duty. So Dr. checks Sedentary as it's the "least" activity they offer. Now when they dump you at 2 yrs. they will tell you that even though you cannot perform your old job, you can do "some type" or "any type" of desk or sit down work. Even though you can't. And Dr. even states in writing you can't perform sit down or sedentary work.2nd: My suggestion to ANYBODY who knows they are not going to be able to work, and as soon as you start getting STD to contact a reputable Disability Lawyer. I know... I despise them too, but you will need one. It will be WELL worth the money you pay them. You will need your Family Dr. and your surgeon both on board with your inability to perform any type of work. You will need a F.C.E. (Functionality Certification Exam) performed by most Physical Therapy Groups. My suggestion is to have your Lawyer "refer" you to one he has dealt with during his years working Disability claims. You will also have to write a lengthy and detailed "Personal Statement Letter" stating why you can no longer perform ANY type of work.UPDATE: After going through all the above and 10 months later I have been awarded my LTD benefits back. I received my back pay and that month's pay on a Tuesday, on Wednesday they sent me a stack of paperwork to fill out, like I was just starting LTD. The week prior they had all my medical info, both Dr's statements, FCE results stating I was at a less than sedentary level. But still sent me their ** like paperwork asking how often you bath, who shops, who mows, how long I can sit, how long I can ride in a car, etc, etc, etc. No worries for me, as my Lawyer will complete this paperwork for lifetime of LTD benefits. Number one thing to do? Hire a disability lawyer.
After being in a car accident and not able to return from work, I thought I was safe and protected because I had paid for short term and long term disability benefits through my work. I received the short term benefits with the added headache of constantly having to supply documentation that was sent multiple times via my doctor's office and would be approved for short periods of times and then it would start all over. When the short term disability ran out and it was switched to long term, I was denied because LM “medical review staff” stated I was able to go back to work and that the medications that I am on have no side effects that would prevent me from performing my job. First of all, my doctors had advised time and time again that I was not able to do my job and provided the information regarding the effects from these medication. If I would have driven and gotten pulled over on them, I would be in jail right now. They are a controlled substance for a reason yet not to LM. Now I’m waiting to find out what my next step is since they denied my appeal. I haven’t been paid what is owed to me since June 2017 and have been fighting with them this entire time. I keep getting “we never received the information”, and when I speak to my doctor's offices, they have the confirmation information that proves the fax/email went through every time they sent it. If I have to get an attorney for this and add another headache to my life on top of my disability, I will. I don’t think I have another choice.
When I filed for short term disability with Liberty Mutual, I had had 3 grand mal seizures within 2 weeks. During that time, I was also treating anxiety and depression. The recent increase of the anti-depressant medication made my anti-convulsant medication work less. In an effort to find the right "cocktail" of medications to treat both disorders, I requested 3 months off. This would give both my neurologist and psychiatrist time to work together to figure out what meds will control what I have successfully. After 2 months, they were still working on my claim. The HR department where I work had not issued a paycheck during this time as I was still not approved. So 2 months with seizure activity and no money... not doing so well. They have declined my claim as of Friday. That night, due to stress, I had another grand mal. I will be returning to work next week. I have had 6 grand mal seizures in the past 2 months and countless petit mal seizures. Neither my anti-depression/anxiety is controlled nor my seizures at this time, but Liberty Mutual has deemed me fit to work due to lack of medical records. They requested a letter from my neurologist stating I'm having uncontrolled seizure activity and what their plan of action is, along with a recommendation not to work until ___ date. My neurologist provided this and I have still been declined. I'm frustrated that I will have to return to work and have seizures while working, AND the only reason I'm returning is because I'm forced to due to financial concerns. Thank you Liberty Mutual claims for wrecking my chance of stabilizing my health. I wish people understood epilepsy better. Just because you can't see it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week doesn't mean that I'm not affected on a daily basis. You have given me no faith in the system and now anytime in the future I need short term disability, I will most likely not take it due to this experience with the company.
I have been out of work (Feb.) from a broken ankle & partially torn rotator cuff (due to black ice in an employee parking lot) for 8 months. After surgery my doctor, Liberty Mutual's choice, had to be reminded (by me) to see me while I was experiencing draining sensations under my cast. The same doctor told me the discoloration in my foot was nothing and seemed not to hear (during an abrupt visit) that I was having burning on that same foot resulting in me going another month (until next visit) in pain. I then received a medicine that was merely for tingling, not for what I needed which was burning. As a result I took this medicine for months with no major results. This same doctor ordered a stability cast for my ankle with willy-nilly instructions as to true usage. The cast or shoes could not stay on long due to the painful burning so no true results could be seen immediately. I start questioning the doctor about his "help" & dismissive nature and we had an exchange of words which finally resulted in a referral to a pain doctor. After sharing my dismay about this doctor with a case manager it was apparently documented as "complaining". Wrong meds, dismissive behavior and false notes resulted in an unnecessarily prolonged recovery and created a negative view and environment for me as a patient and worker. I repeatedly was reminded by many that I should have been healed, that WC didn't pay forever or that I should have been back to work. This made for uncomfortable doc visit, gave me anxiety & a hostile environment overall.During all this I still had not seen a doctor for my shoulder. This had to be inquired about and this horrible process starts all over again. Yet, the next doctor insinuates that my use of a cane was a ruse, raises his tone to explain that most WC people lose their homes, cars & jobs due to trying to stay out of work. Many times I have left a doctor visit in tears. Upon returning to this doc I had to argue for a MRI only to find torn tissue (needing surgery) and that my pain was genuine. I decided to record the unbelievable rants and upon a phone call to a case mngr told her my reasoning, she told me that I had complained about another doc. I received a new doc who says that no surgery was needed. Return to work and take a cortisone shot! At no point were any doctors held accountable or their decisions reviewed. The doctors send what they want in notes, exaggerate their work and label patients as difficult, with no recourse. Liberty Mutual's choices, practices and treatments leave a worker to feel abused, tormented & having no voice.I have documented my pain and visits in a journal. This WC/Liberty Mutual experience has been that the doctors are on a time frame to return workers to the employer, the patient is "labeled", they are patched up, that the patient is to just take who Liberty Mutual decides, that the patient is the problem and that the patient is a leech or faking. Liberty Mutual has repeatedly stacked the deck in their favor and made workers feel dehumanized, low and denied proper treatment in anticipation of the worker being in dire straits. This behavior and tactics call for true action and a revamping of their business practices. Audits of the case worker, huge fines and a class action suit should befall Liberty Mutual quickly, as they appear to have gone unchecked for too long. Alone in NJ.
My only question is how are these crooks not in jail? They did according to Fortune 500 38.3 Billion last year. They have had a 96% increase in profits since 2015. Because they simply DONT PAY CLAIMS. They will use any and every excuse in the book to delay processing, or turn you down for the smallest of reasons. I had a rupture of my patellar tendon after a toe amputation. I have never injured my knees in my life. They were perfect. According to their doctor who has never seen me or examined me. I somehow managed to tear one of the strongest toughest to tear tendons in the human body because of a toe amputation. Their reason was I fell off balance causing it to rupture. That is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever heard. They then used the an existing condition caused it to rupture. I would like to know from them in writing from their doctor how often a amputated toe can cause such an injury. Cause I can't find one single case of it ever happening. My doctor who performed the surgery on my knee made no such statement gave no such determination designated to that injury being caused by a amputated toe.So now I got to go through this long procedure to prove them wrong. In which case I will fight them to the death.But aside from that here is what I have learned. These doctors they use and the insurance company itself face no disciplinary consequences for their being outright thieves. And causing the destruction of lives that they are paid to insure. They take the money from companies by offering them lower premiums because they have no intention on paying the claims. It's nothing but straight profit. They often deny LTD claims. This is about as criminal as it gets. My company has already paid for the policy so they take the money then deny you.That's how it works. It's designed for you to give up go back to work albeit mad but what do. They care, they got paid and didn't have to pay out anything. Other than short term which is basically paid by the company. They face no repercussions on any level for these gross acts of neglect. They need to be sued and not just them. The sleazy doctors they use as well should have their licenses pulled and revoked for straight lying for profit. I will be putting up a page on Facebook as soon as I can figure out how to do it for a petition against them and their practices. Which is called bad faith practices. I will call for reputable companies not use their services.I am looking to start a class action lawsuit against them. I'm going to make a video and place it on Facebook. We need to get the word out to as many people as we can and have them sign. Then we can get a law firm to go after them. They are common criminals dressed in suits. And worst yet they are destroying the very live they are paid to help. So let's not let them get away with it. Ill fight them myself if I have to. But they need to be held accountable. Period. And together we can do it. So get the word out. I will be on Facebook to try and build a page for the petition. I may get back on here and share the necessary information. I have lost everything.
I worked for my employer (Home Depot) for 6 years. Last year on 11/09/12 I was in a car accident that left me unable to work. When I started with my employer, I signed up for short term and long term disability. Upon being injured, I called them to find out if I was eligible for disability payments. They had me fill out paperwork. I did as they asked and they approved me for payments. Since I've been paying in for 6 years every week from every check. In June of 2013, their disability provider Liberty Mutual tells me I'm no longer eligible for disability because my doctor's office notes don't specifically say I'm disabled. But I do fax them a disability certificate from my doctor after every visit. Needless to say they tell me to file an appeal. I file an appeal and submit all my doctor's records along with my MRI results. A doctor from Liberty Mutual who never examined me states I only had whiplash and should have returned to work 3 weeks after my accident. Meanwhile my MRI results so several bulging disc and herniated disc in my neck and back along with another test I took that shows I have pinched nerves. I am 38, in constant pain. I have had several injections in back and I walk with a cane. Now Liberty Mutual has a lien on my settlement, to recoup the monies paid to me while on disability. My lawyer asked them to lift the lien b/c without this money I may lose everything I have. I have applied for disability through the government and I am waiting on a hearing. I have had to apply for social services but that is a process. My lawyer has reached out to Liberty Mutual and their attorney and they have been anything but helpful. I even went so far as to email the CEO of Home Depot and call the corporate office and all I get is the run around. No one seems to care that I could end up homeless.
The games these people play are horrible... case managers who claim they will contact you back no later than 24 hours and not returning your calls at all is fraud. Their plan is to starve you out. Make life more difficult. What type people are these people? Who treats already hurting people like this and how on earth do any of these people sleep at night? My guess is because they get their paycheck on time right away.If their paycheck was late they would be down to accounting faster than their two feet could carry them. We cannot just do that we have to wait or get attorneys involved. People truly struggling while the CEO makes millions a year. It is sad to see good people struggling from the hands of grubby nasty people. It's been 3 days now I have called and called my case manager without reply. So much for the no later than 24 hours. Sad place indeed.
I have paid FOR LTD insurance for the last 12 yrs I worked. When I had to use it I didn't have any trouble getting it. I should've known there a reason for that. LM required that me to apply for Social Security Disability. I had to apply, file 2 appeals, and finally go to court, where it was granted. Less than a month later I got a letter saying that I had to repay LM in the amount of $27,000+. I had no idea that my long term disability insurance from Liberty Mutual was not actual insurance but a loan that accumulated until I got approved for SSD. Now they are suing me for the disability money that they gave me.
Since January of this year, I have had three back surgeries. The first didn't work, so I went in for the second and consequently ended up with a staph infection in my spine. I just started back to work this week and haven't even had a chance to talk to Liberty Mutual but as of last Thursday, they said no other checks are expected. What is so bad about this is I have to continually call them and find out where my check is. Why should we have to renew this every three weeks in order to remain on disability? I guess I have used up all my money even though I have worked for the same company for years and have paid into Liberty Mutual without using it! Thank God, I am going to be able to go back to work. I would hate to have to deal with them all the time.
My son got hurt at my place of employment while working as Summer Help during college. Liberty Mutual is the workman's comp insurance for the company. They paid most of the claims from the surgery he needed but not one from a local pathologist. After repeated attempts to have them pay a claim to a pathologist which they denied, my son's bill was sent to a collection agency. I sent the letter to the insurance and the HR dept. They sat on it for an additional 3 months. When the second notice came, I immediately contacted our HR dept to see what was going on. Liberty Mutual stated that they sent payment to the pathologist. Now it is 3 months later and I have received the third notice from a collection agency. I contacted my HR and the representative from Liberty Mutual. I was told that it was paid even though I had contacted the pathologist and they still hadn't received any payment nor had the collection agency. I am sending payment in myself and hoping that I can be reimbursed later but it is not worth risking my son's credit rating. I will never intentionally have Liberty Mutual as an insurance company and I will tell anyone that is looking for insurance to steer clear of such a dishonest company.
From the start, when you're out of work due to health, illness, injury or mental illness, Liberty Mutual IS NOT what they claim to be. They will make every aspect of getting your claim approved an absolute nightmare. I swear they hold meetings to advise your case manager to lie and forget your information so they can keep pushing you to the side hoping you'll forget them and get pissed and tired of their ** excuses and demands and walk away. How about 40 pages faxed from my doctor that somehow got lost and then the same 40 pages from myself that then mysteriously got received. Then it's "oh did you see this doctor as well. Ok well we need those documents as well." It's a joke. When you're out and have verifiable proof, come on. This is complete ** now. No money in over a month. Thank god I'm back to work now. Just have to wait for the pay to cycle around. Liberty Mutual is a joke.
I was injured at work and was receiving STD benefits from Liberty Mutual which turned into LTD benefits in December 2012. My treating physician continues to state I am unable to work indefinitely due to the weakness and pain in my arms and hands. Liberty Mutual called to inform me that due to surveillance video showing me grocery shopping and the results of my most recent tests (I am diagnosed with a chronic condition that my physician says may or may not improve), they see no medical reason for continuing benefits. I told them I wanted to appeal the decision and I was told the letter they were sending me would explain how to do this. After reading about this process, is it worth it or will I be spinning my wheels? Seems the law protects the insurance company and not the patient.
I recently went out on short term disability. I have major depression and anxiety. I also have Crohn's Disease. When my depression/anxiety get bad it exacerbates my Crohn's, which if you know about Crohn's it can get bad. I went out in June after recently coming back from the same issues. I knew I should have stayed out instead of coming and having the chance of me going back out again. I felt pressured to go back to work. Anyways they told me the claim would still be issued under the old one. I had all of my Dr's notes sent over to Liberty. They denied my claim just a little over a week ago. I find it funny how it takes them over a month to finally make a decision. I was denied saying I didn't have a serious health or mental conditions. I was thinking are these people for real? So I haven't been paid for over a month and my bank account is low on funds. I filed an appeal to their decision so I had to resend all the information that was previously. I was told I would get an answer to my appeal within 45 days. I have bills to pay and no money coming in. Now I was sent paperwork from my employer stating since I haven't gotten paid my benefits have not been taken out. So I have to pay out of my own pocket to keep the benefits. I feel again I am being forced to go back to work when I'm not ready. I know I will end up losing my job if I go back and I'm not medically cleared to. I've been thinking of hiring a lawyer but with hardly any money how can I do that? I've been reading these reviews and my anxiety and depression have risen even more.
I worked for the Home Depot. About two and a half years ago now, I started having episodes where I felt dizzy, light-headed and sometimes disoriented. I began to have constant pain in my hands, feet and neck. There are a lot of other symptoms I won't get into at this point. In March of 2012, my symptoms started getting more severe and the episodes as stated previously began to be more frequent. I was going to my doctor regularly and on Friday, May 25th, 2012, I was in his office for a checkup. He decided to send me to a Neurologist. But first he was going to schedule an MRI. He was going to let me work until the MRI was done. I was so stressed because I was terrified of going back to work. I had an episode right in front of him. After viewing this, he immediately took me out of work. I had to have a friend come and take me home. I notified the store management. I was told to contact Liberty Mutual. I did and at first, my case manager seemed very empathetic. After my MRI came back and no tumors or abnormalities were found on my head, neck or spine, then things started to change. I went to the Neurologist with the MRI results so he could go over them. I had so many symptoms he decided to do all of the electrical tests on my brain and nervous system. The result is that I have neuropathy in my right leg. What they used to call tennis elbow in both arms. My case manager did all the things everyone else is complaining about saying I didn't get the requested information from the doctor (an outright lie), stopping my payments and then catching them up and then in September denying me any more short term benefits. I had to appeal and just like everyone else that dragged on until February of this year. Then they denied my long term disability payments. I had to start the appeal all over again. Now it is June and I'm still in the first appeal of my long term disability claim. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as the other physical disabilities I have. What does Liberty Mutual do but send me for a memory test. My doctor just told me that my memory is within the standards for my age. I have a deficiency when it comes to recognizing symbols and colors though. It showed I have some depression. They jumped right on that when they talked to my doctor. So far, they have not told me if I am denied still or not. My doctor said he is not surprised that I'm depressed. I have all these physical impairments plus I have depleted my savings and am borrowing from my sister to pay my expenses. I have to deal with the emotional stress Liberty Mutual is putting me through with their lies and deceptions. Everyone who works for them must have a psychopathic personality. I can only pray that God will punish them for all they have put all of us through.
I worked for a company for 30 years that has long term disability insurance through Liberty Mutual. In June 2014 I had to leave my job due to severe chronic back pain & failed spinal fusion surgery. In addition I have peripheral neuropathy, osteoarthritis, stage 3 kidney failure, degenerative disk disease & fibromyalgia.The pain was so bad I could not walk without a cane or walker. I was an inventory control accountant. I was on pain meds daily several times a day. Found it very difficult to concentrate on my duties & was reprimanded several times because my employer felt I was not doing my job based on previous performance reviews which were excellent prior to my injury.When I left the company I filed a claim for long term disability with my my employer's insurance company. I was initially denied. I hired an Erisa attorney to help. After 12 months the claim was approved & I received a back pay check in October 2015. Two months later December 2015 they closed my claim saying I could go back to work. My attorney filed an appeal with additional information. Again LM overturned their ruling & reopened my claim issuing another back pay check for 7 months in July 2016. I received my monthly payments for August & September. Then my attorney informed me Liberty Mutual was closing my claim again after seeing their sports medicine dr for 20 minutes & no testing or looking at my medical records.Now we have to appeal this again. My drs & vocational therapists have stated that I cannot work. I am getting Social Security disability Thank God! My medical issues have gotten worse & my pain is worse. The neuropathy is spreading to my hands now & my back pain has moved up my back to my shoulder blades in my cervical area. I have numbness in my fingers also. Liberty Mutual is a thief! They make you jump through hoops only to pull you back & put you through stressful fighting for legitimate disability claims. Someone needs to pull their license to do business! The government has seen fit that I am disabled. My drs who know my history & issues say I am disabled. Why then can't Liberty Mutual pay my claim & be done with it instead of this push me pull me scenario??? This is serious...but they treat it like a joke & make you out to be a criminal when in fact they are the criminal!!!
I am a 41-year-old adjuster. My job description is a field claims adjuster. This requires me to drive from customer to customer to assess collision damage. I am required to spend 6 1/2 to 7 hrs. a day sitting in my car processing paperwork. Over time, the driver's seat cushion broke down and my posture became compromised. I started to get lower back pains at first. Then, it evolved into my back cramping causing my upper back muscles to pull on my neck. This resulted in pounding headaches. Over a period of time, the pain relievers were not working. I was in constant pain. I went out on Workmans Comp claiming my back, headaches, and stress. I did not have any prior injuries. I had short term disability insurance from Liberty Mutual. They denied my claim because I did not submit my documents on time, within "30-day period". I appealed the decision. Bonnie stated there is not enough evidence from my doctor's notes to support that my back and headaches prevent me from performing my job. My company will not make 'any' accommodations for me. They refused to change my broken car seat. Workmans Comp denied my claim based on their doctor's 'visual' inspection of me. I am currently going through the QME process. I need help.
I became disable Aug 4, 2014. it took liberty 3 weeks to send a check then on top that they stop my benefits until i get more paper from my doctor, his secretary faxed the paper work two days later. i kept calling to see if had been received by the person who handling my claim, always got the voice mail never got a call back. I'm going in for surgery Oct 22, 2014, my claims end on that day. i told claim person "why you stopping my benefits?”. She said “more paper work from your doctor to see how the surgery went." I get papers saying if we don’t have the papers my claim will be denied. my doctor’s office is very efficient when come to paperwork, i can go on how they harass. his secretary called me furious.
I went on vacation on December 15, 2011. On December 19, 2011, I went to a local ER for pain in my right side abdomen. It was my appendix. I had emergency surgery on December 20th, to remove it. At that point, I also had a heart issue. They found out after my surgery, which complicated my procedure. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days, before I could go home to recover. On January 19th, I called to check on my claim. I was told that it was closed on January 15th, and I did not need the six weeks minimum required by my doctor to recover. The claims person said their panel of people said that 4 weeks was enough to stop/close my claim. Today, January 23rd, I am still appealing, and fighting to get my pay from January 15th, until I go back to work on Jan 30th. My doctor will not allow me to return, or release me to return, and the claims department says it's not their problem, and asked me to file an appeal for review. Again, I have filed an appeal. I just don't think it should be my place to have to fight for what I pay for, to cover me in first place. This is hard, when I have to pull money out of my savings, to cover my bills, and care for my family. It's unacceptable! Someday, you may be in my shoes, and you will understand how it feels. I am angry and dissatisfied, but I'm still fighting.
I had long term disability through where I worked and it was noted on my policy that Liberty would pay 50% of my pay if I had to use my LTD. I had heart surgery July 2016 and was unable to continue to work because of complications. I had short term disability till Jan 2017. I then started my LTD. I signed up for social security disability while I was waiting for a decision. Liberty paid my LTD. I just got my social security disability a few week ago. It took me 21 months for this decision and now Liberty tells me I owe them all my back pay. My beef is what happened to the 50% they were suppose to pay me of my work pay? If they take all my back pay they are out nothing. I understand I should only owe them 50% of my back pay. That sounds crooked to me.
The company I am employed with uses Liberty Mutual as our short and long-term disability insurance. The first year I applied for coverage, I was told that I was not covered because I did not turn in the Evidence of Insurability form, which I did. So a year later, I reapplied again only to be turned down again due to my weight (300 lbs.). The letter I was sent informed me that I had to maintain a weight of 250 lbs. So this year, I reapplied again and was once again turned down saying I have to maintain a weight of at least 208 lbs.! I do not understand the logic in the decision. I will be calling after the holidays to gain further understanding. This is very ridiculous!
Stopped. Whoever is considering filing a class action suit against them please advise. I am tired of not getting paid because they don't get just the right documentation. I have had 4 doctors tell me that Liberty Mutual requests more information than anyone including SSI. If they dont get it in on time I miss a check. Try eating with no money and they are making my disease worse. They need to be stopped. Someone on this thread was so right - they are dragging their feet so hard in hopes you quit and go away. I'm filing a complaint with the EEOC as well as looking into a lawyer. I have done everything I can to be responsible and staying in communication with them. An FYI when LMI sent out an employee survey on their employee like the company to work for.. only 34% said they did and even less said they would recommend to anyone one working there. Sad isn't it.Updated on 02/02/2017: I have been trying to return to work since November of 2016 from an ADA absence. Many delays thanks to medication issues have happened. I had this happen once before in which HR was compassionate and didn't cause any more stress than what STD department does, first incident I didn't have to check in every day, paperwork and recommendations were promptly agreed to and I was able to return, doing so improved my performance considerably. Promoted, merit increase and many positive comments made. I had to go out again as there was an undiscovered underlying condition that needed treatment. This time let's say was the opposite of the treatment I received before. STD was more detailed. And I was watched more carefully. But was most deplorable is the flagrant disregard of the Federal ADA Title 1 regulation on HR's end.The pressure of the new position brought out the new condition and as soon I discovered this I asked to go back to my prior position when it was shown that I could. I was told maybe... then left hanging. As if I would just quit. When I pushed back the HR people advised what my doctor as far as needing time off wasn't something the HR could do. My doctor listed "As needed" HR didn't like this. They wanted a specific number of days. The first one I had on file offered 2 days a week. I think I used this once, I make my appointments on my days off. But in the state I was in adding a 4th medication as well as coping with the new disorder as needed was what the doctor recommended. HR didn't care. They pushed.When I was out on my first leave the HR reps were focused on my well being, advising I didn't have to call in every day, if there was a setback with a new medication (Lucky me if there was a side effect to any medication I will get it, then it's the matter of if I can tolerate it or we need to change) and the reactions were bad I had to switch and it out back my expected time of return all I need to is explain to my direct supervisor and it was ok.Now... HR does not want to accept the doctor's recommendations, has dragged their feet authorizing a step back in position (I told them I didn't even care if it was a pay cut as long as it didn't take my hard-earned merit raise), when I did get that accommodation basically it was presented as if I was lucky to get it, and I asked for additional training to help me do my job. HR has brow beaten me from day one. I was getting tag teamed with two HR conference calling me at home confusing and upsetting me so bad I was in bed crying and shaking for hours. When I contacted STD they pointed me to HR, HR would point me back to STD. My emotional stressed increased. Then when I had to change medications again... this one causing bad vertigo I advised I wouldn't make the date I anticipated. I was very dizzy and often had to have help to keep me from falling.The HR department gave me a bad time. Now what person in their right mind forces someone to come to work knowing that they not only could injure themselves by falling (Workmans Comp Claim) could also take a well meaning employee trying to catch them with. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Knowing the responses I have had to their "conference calls" she insisted on doing another. I advised I wanted to return to work the day of the call and pointed out the outcome of two other calls as well as advised the mental state I was in and what my concerns were. And her response "IF you make it to work we can have a private room for you". The last two times I was in bed shaking and crying uncontrollably. What makes her think that I couldn't be found in that private room in a corner a emotional mess. Imagine my humiliation not to mention the disruption to the entire company.This is how these people of LMI treat valuable employees with ADA issues. All of my requests have been under the ADA as reasonable and in a company of over 45,000 it will be hard pressed to prove these requests are undue financial hardship. I wrote to head office yesterday. We will see. For your own protection document everything. IF THEY CALL YOU SEND THEM AN EMAIL RECAPPING THE CONVERSATION WITH ADVISE THAT IF ANYTHING IS INCORRECT please reply by the end of the day. Do not trust them to keep documentation. Every item will back you in a court/ADA case. Is it a pain, yes... is it worth protecting yourself, Oh yes.
I have been off work since 3/9/18 from a work-related injury and their adjusters never send my weekly benefits as they're supposed to. Took them four months to send me my first check and it wasn't even the right amount owed to me and now they wanna play around and still not send me my weekly earnings nor reply back to my lawyer's emails or phone calls. They get every document and updated status of my wellbeing and dr. visits and yet still cold-hearted. They seriously need to get the act together and stop being so damn big headed.
I got hurt at The Pantry Dec. 30,1996. I filed suit and we settled. Part of the settlement was for them to pay all related medical. It has been a fight ever since. They sued me last year not wanting to pay for epidurals. I had been receiving for over 6 years. Now the are suing for prescription medicine they don't want to pay for anymore, some I have been on almost the whole time. This time my lawyer has retired and I don't know how to defend myself in court.
My husband passed away 4 days after being diagnosed with cancer. I have never dealt with the issues that come with dying, such as funerals, cremation, etc. He had made me his beneficiary on an annuity that he was getting through Liberty Mutual insurance company. He had been hurt on the job (Boston Pet Supply). He was receiving a monthly annuity check of 528.00 and when he died I was to receive 285,000. At the time of his death, we were living in a motel and because he died, my daughter and I were thrown out on the streets, due to losing his income. I had to live on the streets with my daughter and it ended with me losing all of our belongings in storage. That's where the paperwork was with the beneficiary details. Liberty Mutual Insurance company (his agent's name was P.J.) told me I was only entitled to 528.00 for 18 months. Because I didn't have the paperwork, I had no leg to stand on. So as the months passed by, I lost my storage, my sanity, my car, and even my daughter. 528 did not even cover 2 weeks of rent in a motel. 18 months at 528 is 9504. I was left 285,000 which still leaves 275,496.00. Where is that money? My husband passed away thinking my daughter and I would have no worries and would be taken care of. He is rolling over in his grave knowing that our lives went to hell. I hope that me submitting this will start an investigation and perhaps even maybe eventually I will receive the money my husband left me.
What's so sad about this company. They don't ever live up to nothing they say. I had surgery on 6/23/17. I'm expected to be out of work 6 to 8 weeks. Give them everything from doctor and even doctors said they gave them all the paperwork they needed. I was told only gonna get paid for 4weeks. Then they gotta get more paperwork then get first check wasn't right amount and it came late. Called them, said it would be corrected and that my next check would be sent out Tuesday July 11th. Well here it is today the 15th and no check when it only takes 3 days to get to me. I'm so sick of this company. I had bills due today that I can't pay and one getting shut off because I had it extended til today and cannot pay. This company is full of BS.
Liberty Mutual, I am sure you are well aware of your practices. It's very sad that your company has taken the position of hurting so many ill people. I especially feel sorry for your employees who feel they have to follow your practices. You have denied my STD claim without following up with my appropriate doctors. I will be appealing the decision and I am confident the decision will be overturned. What I don't understand after reading all of the similar stories like mine is how you can have this type of business practice. It will catch up with you. I have a legitimate illness that has been diagnosed by several doctors throughout the years. Most days I can force myself to function, but some days I just can't get out of bed to take care of myself or work. When I have to deal with an unethical company like yours, it's simply overwhelming. I believe I currently have other insurance policies with your company. I am going to check and if I do have policies with you, I plan on canceling them immediately. I encourage others to do the same. I'm not asking for a handout. I have a chronic, well diagnosed illness that I have been dealing with for years. I have had several surgeries and at times I have to take very strong painkillers. For your company to deny my claim without doing a thorough investigation is a shame. Your questionable business practice will catch up with you. I hope a whistle blower or someone in your company does the right thing and exposes any wrong business practices.
After 13 years of working in EMS on an ambulance, I injured my back on the job on August 20, 2016. My employer initially sent me to the ER, then to the Working Well clinic. I was put on light duty with restrictions: no sitting, walking or standing for more than 20 minutes, no climbing and no lifting or carrying more than 20 pounds. In Indiana, there is a 7 day waiting period. On Sept 13, I was to continue with light duty with restrictions and Liberty Mutual approved 12 physical therapy sessions. I was released to full duty with no restrictions on Sept 28, 2016.Today is Nov 17, 2016, and I still haven't received any compensation for my lost wages. For weeks, my phone calls and emails were not returned by them or my employer. Finally, today I received a call from my case manager at Liberty. She stated that I did not qualify for compensation, yet they paid my medical bills and sent me a prescription card 6 weeks after my injury. She stated that according to the paperwork that she received from Working Well, I was returned to full duty with restrictions on Sept 13 but refused. That is a blatant lie which leads me to believe they altered the paperwork. I have the same documentation but it states to continue with light duty with the same restrictions. How on earth am I supposed to go back to full duty, climbing stairs, lifting a hydraulic stretcher or lifting and moving patients? I would be in violation of my restrictions. They also stated that I didn't lose any wages, based on my wage history they received from my employer. I don't know whose pay stubs they were looking at, but I have 3 that show I received half of what my normal salary would have been had I not been injured. I work 48 scheduled hours per week (two 24 hour shifts) and was working less than 30 while on light duty. And if I supposedly refused to work, how did I get paid without losing wages? Something is fishy. Like two of my coworkers, I am forced to file a dispute and report them to the state. I will also have to retain an attorney. Save everything... voicemails, emails and all documentation. It has been an absolutely awful experience having to deal with this company and it's not over yet.
I was injured in a work related explosion on Nov. 24th, 1992, which left with several injuries, and paralyzed with a spinal cord injury. The W/C insurance my employer was insured with at the time was Indiana Insurance. I'm coming up on 21 years post injury, and Liberty Mutual is the 3rd insurance company I have had to deal with! All 3 ins. companies have pretty much been the same, disgusting to pathetic! Every time I jump through the hoops and get the care I need, they change adjusters and/or bounce me to another office in another state! In 20 years, I have found that the ins. company pretty much deny everything in the hopes that the insured don't take the time to appeal. Yes, they use doctors from other states that have never seen or examined the patient. Sometimes I wonder if these supposed doctors even exist! I feel for all the individuals that have had negative experiences. I could fill volumes with all the hassles I've had to deal with these past 20 years, and am continuing to deal with! I would reopen my case, but my accident happened in KY, and I live in CA now. Plus, when I did talk to a work/comp lawyer in KY, he wanted a 5,000.00 retainer just to file! We, the insured, need to start doing more than just vent on this type of form!
In January 2013 my boss and coworker at Walmart's Apparel QA Department at the Home Office in Bentonville, AR purposely drove me to a nervous breakdown. My supervisor, Cynthia **, and my coworker, Steve **, had noted I suffer from anxiety attacks. My boss piled work on me and Mr. **, her friend of many years, pretended to befriend me, and began passing information to Cynthia about my mental state. Together they set up a plan to have Mr. ** harass me starting in November and ending in December. In November Ms. ** threatened my job. Christmas Eve of 2012 he screamed at me all day, called me crazy, etc. By the week after New Year's, I was a basket case. It was then that Cynthia ** began noting my mistakes in emails, etc. stating she had trained me and I could not "anticipate her needs." She also told me she "did not wish to converse" with me any longer, not to speak to her at all. HR would not give me ADA paperwork to file for accommodation for my anxiety disorder. I went on paid FMLA. Then I contacted Liberty Mutual. Oh. My. God. The first case manager, Vera **, was an all-out bully. She'd threaten to cut off my benefits, claim she had lost paperwork the doctor had faxed. I routinely contacted my doctor and found they had faxed the documents requested and had fax confirmation sheets. Then I'd call Ms. **. Oops. Found it. In the meantime Ms. ** would call at least once per week to "ensure I was under a doctor's care and following my treatment plan." She about came apart when my psychiatrist closed her practice and there was a waiting period before I could start seeing a new psychiatrist. Ms. ** then began contacting my therapist. I am now seeing a psychiatrist at a teaching hospital. I have a diagnosis. Now I'm at the second year of my claim. This means I must prove I can't do any work. I HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR SSDI. They don't give that out like Monopoly money! But according to the Walmart policy, that's not enough. There are "additional requirements." NO ONE WILL TELL ME WHAT THOSE ARE. I went for testing 3 hours from my home. I had three days' notice to get a house sitter and make myself ready for the test. When I arrived at the consultant's office, the doctor did not have my records, did not know who sent me, did not know what tests were required. I called Liberty Mutual at lunch and they made sure the records were sent. The doctor administered memory tests, pattern recognition tests, some sort of test where I had to replicate pictures using blocks and the MMPI-2 which has been discredited and revised! Now there's a mysterious second test no one has scheduled. Kerry **, my case manager and her supervisor don't know what this testing is, when and where it will take place, etc. I have had to accept a reduction in monthly benefits due to an overpayment that exceeded my SSDI back pay. I had to answer questions from Karen ** of Liberty Mutual about how I'd spent the money from my settlement. Umm ... house payment, paying past due winter heating, paying past due car payments, paying past due everything. These people are horrible. Absolutely horrible.
I work as a miner and been out of work since April and provided all the paperwork along with both my medical and specialist. They keep saying they never received paperwork even though my work, Drs. and myself faxed them and have faxed confirmation. Then they said it won appeal and now it's under medical review.. This company needs closed down!! I lost my truck and home 6 months later.
First sign up for liberty mutual I thought it was a good deal. Not even a week into transfer insurance liberty mutual took money out of my bank without me knowing and made me wait 14 days for them to give me back the money they had no permission to take from my account, by them doing that it made my bank fee me every day and till the money was put back. Every time you call to speak to someone everyone gives you a different answer.
2 Drs, x-rays/MRIs, approved for benefits with the state AND SSDI... But Liberty Mutual stalls for 6 months, then denies! I pay every month for insurance with Liberty. They stall by claiming they didn't receive the Dr's reports (LIES), they couldn't reach the Dr by phone (REALLY?). Liberty Mutual is nothing but a SCAM!! Lots of lawyers out here want my case, making my decision today on which one to choose! No charge unless we win and every lawyer says Liberty will pay!
I am currently out of work on STD and have been since Sept 26, 2016. Liberty Mutual had incorrect information as to my dates being out. They had my psychiatric note confused with my therapist notes. They denied my claim stating it wasn't enough clinical information to validate why I couldn't work after being diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, panic attacks, constant breakdowns of crying, loss of focus, suicidal ideation, which then aggravates and onsets my migraines, nausea, cyclic vomiting (vomiting in cycles) when I'm missing 3-4 days of work. I appealed and they said these diagnosis don't constitute a disability!!! I'm now speaking with an attorney but, in the mean time I have no income coming in as a single mother of 3 girls and Christmas is coming and I have nothing and I’m in jeopardy of being evicted. I'm now speaking with an attorney to see if I have a case but, if anyone does a class action suit I am definitely interested!!!
I wanted to add I am almost 56 and have been in Telecom for 38 years. I had worked for another large phone company for many years and will receive a pension at 65. If approved for SSD, which the attorney said doesn't seem to be an issue since I have 6 factors instead of 1 qualifying factor, I know this will reduce what Liberty has to pay me, but it's still about half of what I am use to. I'm lucky I have all my SS quarters in. But the fact of having major surgery, major doctors bills, and I found that if approved as a Workers Comp, that they will have to reimburse me and pay for testing and any future hip replacement. But I should have some recourse that some lady at a desk and a nurse practitioner made the decision to deny me STD? based on having the wrong job description that they pulled. They didn't include it in the denial. You have to read closely for that one line that says I sit at a desk all day, with a headset doing data entry? I walked miles a day. We are the highest paid. So after finding the appeal was denied for the same job description and not my real job description, I am angry. I have no life, no career and constant pain and a permanent disability because 2 people made the wrong decision. I went back and looked at the other 3 this case worker denied. I was always freaked because I had days to return or lose my job. I never realized they had pulled the wrong job description, so it goes back a couple years. I would like to know the recourse I have. I am metal on metal, lost several inches of my thigh bone, medal socket and joint, and a 10-inch rod down my thigh. I can't even bend over or get on my knees, and I was very active before this. I am not overweight at all. I was in great physical shape. I climbed poles for years as a tech and I am now reduced to this little old lady with no life and sitting on a couch waiting for her days to end... Liberty did this to me and I want to make sure this lady loses her job. I'm just lucky I have sons who help pay the mortgage, and I have no other bills or I would have lost everything. That two people can make the decision on my life, my health and my pain, my future and were wrong? If a doctor had reviewed the letter, and results, the tests, no way would he have turned me down. My surgeon said it would be malpractice and they are floored. Liberty did this and think that's why they are being nice to me now. Having been dropped by my large Cable company as a provider, they have to continue mine since we had them when I was out, that they are hoping I don't catch on, and I want to make sure I file something. I had surgery in Feb 2013, the denial was June 2012, so do I have a statue of limitations I need to be concerned about?
I have CPTSD and an ADA accommodation for my Job. PNC I was out on STD and was injured requiring surgery. To date they have not paid out on my claim. Paperwork for someone who is unable to write or think straight is ridiculous. Why should I need to pay an attorney to make them pay out what my employer and I pay for? I can't write. Live in a situation where I have to beg for daily needs. I'M DISABLED AND LOSING EVERYTHING.
Quick initial approval and then denial - The initial application resulted in a quick review and approval. After 3 months, I came up for renewal and they consulted with my GP (who I had not seen for 4 months, before disability) but not my Lyme doctor. They proceeded to deny despite having positive lab results for Lyme disease that matches the CDC criteria. Just before the renewal review (that took 5 weeks to complete), they sent out a Disability Claim Survey - hoping to get all thumbs up before they did a denial.
I have been on FMLA intermittent leave for the past 4 years now. I am sent a re-certification request by Liberty Mutual every 12 months around Sept. In February of this year, I was getting sick causing me to go over the amount of days covered in my FMLA benefits. I called Liberty Mutual and asked them that I needed to revise the days needed for my FMLA benefits and they sent me a claim form. It turned out that I didn't end up needing the additional time so we left it at that. It is now July and my manager at work took me to Human Resources for a meeting to inform me that my FMLA status has been cancelled as of April 9th which caused me to have back dated occurrences which has now put me in termination status! As of right now, HR is holding back because I showed them the approval letter I received from Liberty Mutual after the re-certification was submitted. It clearly states that the approval was covering me from 9/28/2011 to 9/27/2012. I don't know who messed up at Liberty Mutual, but I guess since the request to revise the dates was not completed, they considered that my re-certification period? I just don't understand! If I did not need the additional days and I was already approved until Sept of 2012, how can they cancel my FMLA status as of April 9th? The funniest thing is that we just received this info from Liberty Mutual today and the letter states that I can appeal the decision but even if it is overturned, they can only back date 30 days? So, I am still in danger of losing my job because 30 days back only covers the time taken in June but the dates in May would not be counted, also putting me in termination status in relation to occurrences due to calling out sick and not being covered by FMLA. If I lose this job, I lose my health benefits and I am the sole provider for my family. I have Lupus which affects my kidneys and without my meds, it will not be controlled and I will be back in and out of the hospital for months at a time! Because of some error made by Liberty Mutual, I am about to lose everything. My life will be ruined! I cannot believe this is happening to me! It is so not fair!
Denial of my claim after 3 years - I was approved for disability through social security, a company retirement disability and through Liberty Mutual. The surveillance took over a year to get 1 hour of footage. Come on, this showed only good days and not any times of me going to the doctor or days using my cane or walker. This showed 5 episodes of my life over one year... Not reasonable. I had four doctors indicating my disability plus a psychiatrist so how many docs' opinions do I need. Falling is bad but falling at work is really bad. The process of fighting them is cumbersome plus the every other month documentation is so unreasonable and if your docs don't respond within 30 days, it is on you to get within a reasonable period of time or your case is closed. The agents are obnoxious and take great pride when they make you cry or to the point of committing suicide. Wish I knew then...
Long story short, my husband took FMLA. They were supposed to cover up to 12 weeks. Took a full month before they paid anything then they refused to pay remaining 2 weeks. They said not enough evidence from Dr. that he needed to be off work. WHAT? The Dr. Kept him off work, what more do they want? Horrible Company! Looking into Lawyers for sure!
Please if you are considering getting insurance with Liberty Mutual, please please please do not do so. They take your premium payments and then lie, delay, deny anything to force you back to work because they know the average person cannot live past one or two paychecks. I went out on STD and was paid for two months and then denied as they said I did not continue my doctor appointments and I had notified them by fax and voice message with the names of new doctors I had to see because I moved.They sent me a denial letter stating that I was denied because I had not continued my treatments. I did the appeal based on their denial reason of stopping appointments when in fact there was no break in appointments, just went to different doctors. So I did the appeal based on that denial reason and gave proof that I had made and attended doctor appointments but they then sent me an appeal denial letter and denied my claim for another reason and then in the letter stating no more appeals. I checked on a lawsuit and found that if the courts go in Liberty's favor that not only would I have a huge legal bill but might even be forced to pay Liberty's attorney fees. So nope I don't have the money for that so I will be forced back to work to keep from losing my house. I hope there is a hell as the people at the top that run this company need to end up there for all the people there are hurting.
Liberty Mutual, those 2 words bring me lots of anger! I am tired of working with incompetent people!!! Had my thumb operated on last year and had nothing but trouble with them making up their own release dates so they can interrupt your pay!! Now this year same **! Don't even have direct deposit! They tell you it takes 7 to 10 days to mail your check. Yeah if it's coming by horse!!! I'm in the middle of my leave and was just informed I wouldn't get paid this week!!! They don't care they will eat this week but because of their incompetence I won't be!!! Two years ago I had knee surgery and our company had the Hartford and they were excellent, direct deposited all my checks was always in contact letting me know what was going on. It was a well oiled machine!!! Liberty Mutual is the car on blocks in the backyard! I'm so mad right now, I suppose to healing up, but instead I'm dealing Massive amounts of incompetence with no money to buy groceries!! Hopefully they will go out of business!
I have just been cut off from disability with NO notice after only 4 months, when my dr. says I am unable to maintain a work schedule due to major depression and fibromyalgia. They hired 3rd-party "experts" who unilaterally "reviewed" my case (without any input from my dr. or me) nor were there any additional exams, to decide I was magically able to work. After a few minutes of trying to be calm and reasonable, I went hysterical and all they did was tell me sorry they didn't bother to notify me and would get out the letter and then I can appeal the decision. In the meantime, this will cost me my hugely expensive COBRA insurance, which is still better for the price than anything available now, thanks to Obamacare. I jumped through all their hoops and this is what they call responsibility - clearly NOT their policy!
All the complaints I have read ring true. Liberty Mutual denies getting correct paperwork 4 times now. I have had my medical provider fax them my authorization form to consent to release of information. I sent out the first authorization paperwork in September. I was out for 6 weeks on FMLA due to mental illness diagnosed as bipolar. Both doctors I had seen faxed their paperwork promptly and in a timely manner. I was contacted by Liberty Mutual on 11/6/2014 and told they had not received paperwork from my medical provider. I immediately got on the phone with Highmark my provider and had no problems with them faxing over the authorization. I then called Liberty Mutual to notify them that the paperwork had been faxed and to let me know if had not been received. My claim was to be opened until 11/14/2014, I heard nothing. Seemed to me that they got my message and everything was okay. WRONG! On December 15 I had received a call from Liberty Mutual saying that my claim had been open too long and that I was being denied. I replied "For what reason?" Their reply was that they had not received paperwork and were not able to get a hold of my provider. Again I immediately called Highmark and had them fax the authorization again!!! Of which Highmark had fax logs dating back to September showing that they had faxed that information. I called Liberty Mutual again stating the paperwork was being faxed promptly and to return my call to let me know they had received that paperwork along with my letter of appeal. I left a message with my disability claims manager's manager. Today 12/19/2014 I get a call at 530pm from my disability claims manager stating again that they had received the paperwork from my provider but it was just the authorization form I said so give them a call and get that information. Her reply "At this point your claim has been open too long, and that is up to you." REALLY!!!!! Stalling and Stalling complete sham of a company and of course my provider was closed for the day and now I have to wait till Monday the 22nd of December. How do you start a class action suit because at this point I am really considering hiring an attorney.
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