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J.D. Mellberg Financial Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: J.D. Mellberg Financial
Phone: 520-731-9000
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 82 %
Very professional and took there time to explain various plans at length and answer ANY question I had concerning my future income... I would recommend them to anyone having full confidence that they will do the same for them as they have done for me!!!!!
Retirement planning is critical and not a simple task. I completed extensive research and meetings with several professionals and their companies. My final decision lead me to Pat Ginefra and JDMellberg. Professional, Timely, and Communicative. I laugh, because I put them to task on Annuities. I ended by signing up with them and recommending their services to other friends. Today, as I look at the market I am thankful that I made my decision when I did and I am not watching my investment go down, but up. Pat was a trooper having to deal with my analytical self and he was successful because of his knowledge of the products and his making me feel he was part of my Team. Thanks Pat and JD Mellberg Harry
I called JD Mellberg for some Annunity education.I was very fortuate and was assigned Jeremy Mellberg.He was great to work with,very knowledgeable about Annuities and very patient,explaining all the options.Jeremy was always on time for our meeting and always returned my calls.We worked together in selecting the right Annunity that would fit our needs.I enjoyed my experience with JD Mellberg and would recommend them to anyone interested in Annunities.
Very good information.
We are impressed with education material provided and the concern the correct product is chosen for our particular situation. Marco really listened to our concerns for future events and then provided several companies that provided solutions to choose from. He made sure we understood each phase and was happy to take time to explain in a manner we could understand.
I couldn't have been more pleased with the representative J.D.Mellberg sent to my home and explain and discuss my financial situation and eventual purchase of an annuity. I feel so at ease now knowing that my money is working for me without the anxiety associated with the stock market. I would recommend J.D.Mellberg and especially the representative they sent me without hesitation. Steven R. French
Tina was outstanding explaining everything to us. She is extremely knowledgeable and presents well with no pressure. She answered all our questions and made us feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to all our associates.
Marc was able to take our retirement and put exactly where we needed it to be to make sure that we did not have to worry about our future or stress about money. Now we have the satisfaction of being able to be happy. JD Mellberg helped with everything
Our representative was very approachable, and listened attentively to our concerns. He was always available and presented the information and options clearly. It was good having the video conferencing as we felt we really got to know our representative in a personal manner. Would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable and intelligent solutions to retirement investments.
We worked with Jeff Byrd Financial in the Los Angeles area several times over the last three years. Jeff will come to our house so we do not have to drive to Pasadena to see him. Jeff is a great financial adviser and worked with us reinvesting our IRA's, life insurance and pension into some annuities that have great earning power, life time monthly payments and other nice riders. He was also able to get us some nice signing bonuses when we took them out to boot. I do not worry about our retirement income any longer after working with Jeff. I have recommended Jeff to some friends and they are very pleased with his guidance and investments choices.
Pleasant visit
Tom Stoltzman certainly went out of his way to travel to my home and to find an annuity suitable to my needs. He worked to get it set-up before a dead line for the one which suited me best. He was very patient in explaining annuities, types and purposes. I felt no pressure from him and appreciated his knowledge. He answered phone calls promptly and supplied answers and solutions to all problems which arose. Jorene Watson
have purchased a couple of annuities and on paper I am well satisfied but have no real time experience as of yet. If it pays out in reality as it is forcasted to do I will be extremely happy. Need a couple of years to know for sure how this plan is going to work.
Stephanie & Steve are the greatest. I've had 4-5 planners in the past 50 years and these folks are far and away the most trustworthy.
Many financial advisors main objective is to sell their clients a financial or retirement plan for the financial gains that they gain from it, even though the client does not fully understand the plan and how it will benefit them in future years. JD Mellberg Financial does the opposite by educating their clients to the point that they fully understand the benefits and features of a financial plan in layman's language. The financial literature and advice that they provide is outstanding.
I was very pleased with service provided by Shawn. He was very patient and provided me the information I needed to make investment decisions. Shawn made several trips to my house, reviewed multiple options with me and never pressured me into any decisions. I felt very good about the entire process.
I am 72, retired, and had a 401K with Vanguard Funds, worth about $250,000. I felt helpless as I watched the Market play with my funds and risk my financial security. The first time I sat with Rick, I immediately felt more secure. Now, with my retirement funds safe in Annuities, I can watch the financial turmoil in Greece, Europe, etc, with calm distraction. My retirement is guaranteed. Rick is a wonderful Consultant. He moved me to take action, and made the whole process smooth.
I do not feel that this annuity was explained well to us. We were given our policies at a dinner and had no opportunity to go over what we were getting or to ask questions. I'm very disappointed and wish that I had it to do all over.
My wife and I had numerous meetings with Jim Clifford and Jennifer Cushman regarding the purchase of annuitires with funds from our IRA accounts. We were satisfied with their explanation of minimizing the risk in exchange for a lesser return on our investments. We await our first anniversary statements in October to see the results of our first year with our new advisors. Daniel & Carol Ryan, Glenburn, Maine
I had a great experience and exchange of strategies with Joshua Schlinsky. He was able to guide me through al the material that was sent to me and at the end obtain that we believe the best Annuity for us.
I contacted JD Melberg for annuity edicational materials and a referral. They sent the material promptly and referred me to financial planner Lance Scott in Baltimore. Thanks to JD Melberg, I have found an excellent financial planner.
It was a very imformative meeting. Jim Leggot was very personable and well informed on the subject of retirement strategies for IRA's and I hope to have him present some options for me to shelter my retirement income.
I was looking to find more income from a pension that I was entitled to start receiving. Because the long term bonds produce such a paltry return, my joint lifetime benefit dropped by $50 per month. I investigated some other options and I also contacted JD Melberg. The put me in touch with a local agent who was very knowledgeable and we reviewed several options. The agent completely understood mu objectives and worked to provide me with two very good options.. I plan to exercise the lifetime income option of the annuity which should provide +$200 a month for me and my wife until we both die. The agent also provided me with a very interesting tactic. When the remaining investment value of the annuity is close to running out of money, convert the IRA that holds the annuity to a Roth Ira. The tax consequence should be the same for the year of the conversion, however, all future payments from the new Roth IRA will be tax free assuming the tax laws for Roth IRAs remain the same. If you are considering an annuity purchase, be sure to contact JD Melberg . You will get a knowledgeable agent who can guide you to the best available product available to meet YOUR needs. I highly recommend this company and its agents based on my completely satifactory experience.
We were so impressed with his knowledge, his approach and his personality. After the first meeting we did our homework and interviewed another financial adviser offering annuities. The other is very well known, a published author and radio personality. He was good but we knew we wanted to work with Josh. Second visit he recommended 3 annuities and we looked over all the info provided and decided to go with Josh and bought two annuities. He made us comfortable and confident we were making a good choice. Ruth Harman
We progressed exactly in the fashion I wished. Time and Quality. Greg was very knowledgeable and balanced in his approach.. I will use Greg again as the opportunity arises as I've met other with equally great offers but not the level of Quality Greg offers.....
Our first meeting with Rep from West Palm Beach Fl. was good and have another meeting for 7/7/17.
My wife and I recently sold our home, downsized and purchased an annunity through a Financial Advisory firm in Dallas recommended by Josh Mellberg and Associates. The firm is great!
I am very pleased with the retirement plan set up for my husband and myself. We worked with Cathy Mendall at Elevation Capital Strategies Medford, Oregon. I feel that Cathy knows her material and was very informative and helpful explaining options for us. .
Larry worked very hard to give me a variety of products, and when I asked him to consult with my ROTH administrator, he was pleased to do so; even though my advisor was upset and said some nasty things. He is giving me the time I need to make a good decision, and ask the tax questions I needed to make sure all would proceed well. We are still in the process, but I do believe Larry has my best interests at heart. Riana Milne
Bob, my financial adviser was very straight forward. He put my needs first, was really very friendly. He also made suggestions when I realized "why did I not think of that". He answered all my questions where I had some doubts and continue to do so. He explained the entire process as to safety of monies, the best time to start cash flow and guaranteed cash flow for life. Overall, it was a very pleasant and productive meeting and well worth all my time and effort.
First class!!!!
John helped me take my money and be able to accomplish what I needed for retirement. He made me feel comfortable with my choice.
Before deciding to engage Joe Casey to assist in my retirement planning, I looked at three options: My current broker, another recommended seller of annuities, and Joe Casey. While I was pleased with my current broker during my "wealth accumulation" phase, he seemed unable to provide a satisfactory plan for my retirement. The other person was very knowledgeable and demonstrated great integrity, but was limited in the products he could offer. Joe was able to put together a viable plan that maximized my Social Security return, included a solid annuity component and a comprehensive diversified stock portfolio which is professionally managed. While I have been with Joe Casey for less than a year, I find him very knowledgeable and he helped me through all the steps of moving my investments from a variety of other places. At the same time, I never had the impression that his primary goal was simply to "get all my money" under his control. I am very analytical and he took the time to address all of my questions over an evaluation period that extended over three to four months. I look forward to continuing to working with Joe Casey as I approach retrirement.
Was given some good options to consider with my retirement money.
No hype, just reliable information from a well educated Mellberg Associate. Complete analysis and follow up as we required.
Shawn walked us through each step to make sure that we were going to be safe and secure. He was so nice and made us feel comfortable.
It's great talking to Mr. Carenza. Look forward to next meeting with him.
Clay was courteous, persistent, but not pushy. Even when I became distracted, he patiently followed up until we got the deal done.
I am in the process of moving, so I have not had much time to review how well my annuity is performing, but I am sure if it is or is not doing well they would keep me informed!
I enjoyed talking with Kent Petticord as he explained how Security Benefit could help me with my Annuity situation. He helped me change over and enhanced the move with a 7% bonus.
Local agent/office was both informed & courteous. Most importantly, they helped us purchase to our needs that be sold what they wanted to sell us.
I received some money and had to do something meaningful with it, especially since I am an older person. My chances of earning more money at this point, is not hopeful. I kept seeing ads for J.D. Melberg, with good results being posted. I have in the past, lost a lot of money in the stock market, so stocks were not very high on my list of places to put my money. Kristine explained how your investments work, and that it was probably one of the best investments available, and that I could feel secure with j.D. Melberg Co. handling my investments. Traditionally, the returns have been very good, and I could feel safe with this company. I so appreciate her knowledge, and ability to communicate. She listened to me, and thoroughly explained the best pathway to meet and or exceed my goals. I very much appreciate Kristine.
I enjoyed meeting with your advisor. He understood my needs and is assisting me in reaching my goals.
I've been skepitcal about investments since 2008. But you hooked me up with Stephen Bishop and made me a believer. Myself and my wife talked with Stephen and he helped understand Annuities. He took his time explaining how they work. Answered all our questions and opened our eyes to the fact that there are people out there that won't take advantage of you. We feel as though we've been blessed.
Yarger, Flegal Investments are honest and sincere gentlemen that work hard for their clients to take great care of them to get the best return for your investment appetite and to meet their clients long term goals along with maintaining versatility. They constantly watch the market and different products to give your the best options available at the time.
John was very knowledgeable about his product and various options my wife and I might have. He took all the time we needed to help us understand our various options as we prepare for retirement. He also allowed us to make our own decision. The process took several appointments, some at our home and one at his office. All appointments were timely even with some pretty bad winter weather in our area. All in all, a very good experience and we believe an excellent product.
Current videos are informative but very general . Need specific examples of success stories
communicated the explanations everything from start to finish... not grinding you on costs..has been the best policy I have seen... looking forward to in the near future to finish up my financial planning... very trust worthy... only will sell me what I need... he will look after after my pocket not just his
I have been pleased from the time I responded to the video, and was contacted by a marketing person, who referred me to a Lincoln, NE local consultant, Alan Kuzma. Alan has patiently and personally taken the necessary time to explain the annuity process to us. I value his help, and trust that this investment will be one that works well for us. His assistance evaluating our retirement income situation and pointing out the details of my mutual fund account was appreciated. While I am not a "savvy" investor, I am a capable woman, and he respectfully treated me as a peer. I hope that this annuity fund will perform as described. Thank you!
Jim Heck came to my home to meet with me. He listened to my concerns and came back with several options from which I could choose what I thought best for me. His guidance was invaluable, and his patience in educating me and arranging for the transfer of funds were truly excellent.
Larry and I had considerable problems getting the 401k money into the annuity, but Larry stayed with me through it all, even some late night calling. The only bad experience I had with JD melberg was the number of planners that called upon me.
Very professional and along with a friendly experience.
The conversation was very relaxed and informative. I never felt a "high sales pressure" to "buy today". I look forward to my future meeting with John & Jim that is scheduled for next week.
I've known Jason for over three years now and hired him for my financial advisor about a year ago. He is very knowledge about the annuity and investment business. One thing that impressed me about one of the first interviews we had was he showed me how he made his money off my investments. This was something that I was interested in and valued knowing. He showed me how much each company charges for my investment, an honest up front review of all the charges I could expect. A few months ago he also showed me how my Mom's investment company had been charging her with hidden fees that she didn't know about. The charges you read about after all the years you've been there. Jason is easy to talk with and have an enjoyable honest conversation about investments. His office help, Heather and Becky, are just great to work with and such a pleasure every visit I have with them. He has several office complexes he can set up meetings in or will meet you anywhere in the DFW metropolis if needed. Jason and his office works around my busy work schedule for me. I totally recommend Jason Frizzell for an investment advisor.
After rolling my employee savings plan over into an annuity, I was treated from beginning to completion with total respect. They made me feel at ease and presented their intentions plainly and completely.
My wife and are 66 years old and like many, we woke one morning to find that my 401K and her government TSP took a bath when the market took it's big hit. Since then I have been moving it around within the limits, both choices and amount of moves my company plan allowed, and slowly getting back to where it had been. My wife's came back a little quicker but was still in funds that could cause her to take big losses. Every morning I would log into my 401K, navigate to the balance sheet, hold my breath and hope I was either still moving forward or at least maintaining status quo. My wife's motto was if I don't look I won't get upset. We had already moved out retirement plans to the right and now wanted to retire in mid 2014. In March of 2013 I saw one of the JD Mellberg Financial ads talking about Senior Annuities and called. They put us in touch with Bob and Ian Woods of, Woods Financial in Chesapeake, Va. Even though Bob and Ian seemed very knowledge about their business, when they told me they could put our money into a modified Annuity plan than would protect it from loss, allow it to continue to grow, and allow that retirement to happen, I was skeptical. After awhile we agreed to have them prepare a plan for us to consider based on our existing assets. When we returned a few weeks later Bob and Ian blew us away with the plans they had laid out and helped us select the one that will allow 2014 to be our retirement year, Since we are both 66, we were able to cash out our 401K and TSP (not to zero as we continue to put the same amount of money in until we cash out in 2014) and invest the bulk of our assets in the plan Bob and Ian had helped us settle on. What's the difference you may ask, well in the plan we selected our money will continue to grow at a minimum rate of 7% (at first I didn't believe that either) and it's as safe from loss as if it were locked in my safe deposit box. Toooooo good to be true. That's what I said at first. But now I log on to my 401K and see the small amount of money I have in there still growing slowly through my contributions and a favorable market, but I don't have to stay awake at night wondering if I log in tomorrow and it's all gone what will I do. I'll be a little upset, sure will, but since my retirement is now secure, it would be nothing more than one of those little bumps in the road that life throws at you from time to time, not the potential retirement ender that had the bags under my eye getting ever bigger and bigger. . Is this plan fore everyone. Probably not. But it's certainly for us !! Tks Josh and a very special Tks to Bob and Ian Woods !! Sleep never felt so good !!! George and Rita
Mr. Schlinsky was generous with his time and helpful with his advice. I'd be happy to meet with him again in the future should the need arise.
John did a fantastic job of working with me and my wife. He made sure that we were well informed and provided us with lots of data so we could compare our options and make a good investment decision.
We started using Melberg in 2007. With the markets going up and down a lot, we feel we have been in the right investments to keep our money secure. After 6 years, we have seen his company grow, but we still feel like we have very personal service. Thank you so much.
I was worried about being able to retire financially. I seen this annuity pop-up on the computer and clicked on it. It showed Josh Mellberg explaining what annuities are about and how they can help you. I gave my information to receive free brochures and a call came right through that evening and I spoke with a rep from the company. I was asked what I was looking for and I asked about annuities. We spoke for about 10 minutes and if I wanted to speak to a financial person about my needs. I accepted and we set up a phone conversation date and I was given to brochure I was interested in which were "Is an Annuity Right for You?" and "How An Exciting Family of "Hybrid" Index Annuities Works." Great information I was scared ready about them and then became more comfortable about them as I read on. I wrote down some questions to ask during the phone consultation. My consultation time arrived and I spoke with a gentlemen and afterwards was asked if I wanted to meet with a representative from the Pittsburgh, Pa area. I was excited about this and met with my now financial advisor Beth Andrews. We met three times for about an hour each and we set up a retirement plan for me and I am now looking forward to retiring soon. Thanks to the video of Hybrid Index Annuities and Josh Mellberg. You owe it to yourself to look into this. You will have no regrets. Learn more from this company and live a carefree financial retirement.
Mr Yancey is very informative & considerate. We greatly appreciate the time which he has spent w/ us.
When I was confused on my annuity account, Hillard Rest visited me several times to explain all the features of complicated annuity contract. After his through review of my contract, I was able to understand the terms and conditions of my annuity contract. I am very grateful to Hillard Rest for his willingness to help me out.
Felt staff was very professional and personable. Staff did not 'push' any investment or available services, but tried working with client on the best approach to meet individual goals. Would certainly recommend to others considering various investments.
My appointment was quick, pleasant and informative. the young man who came here makes Mellberg look good. now i will go to the next step appointment for hiring your company to make the most of my little pile of money.
My experience with Senior Annuity Alert was a positive one. It was very educational, and their products were thoroughly explained with no sales pressure. They were able to set me up in three hybrid annuities and set up an Schwab IRA stock and cash account. In the Schwab account they purchased many dividend bearing stocks to supplement my annuities. So far I am pleased with the performance of these stocks, as the account is growing steadily. Currently I have not withdrawn any of proceeds from the annuities or the dividend stocks, but will in the not too distance future. Based on my experiences with Senior Annuity Alert, I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone already retired or nearing retirement.
informative easy to understand for novice
Larry is the best!!
We found E. Wayne Sutton to be professional, knowledgeable, and a fountain of wisdom. He positively reflected J. D. Mellberg in the most trust worthy way. He clarified our situation and we left the session with the feeling we had truly met an intelligent man dedicated to his clients best interest. He gave us even more than the allotted 30 minutes and we are grateful for having met Mr. Sutton. After only one session, we grasped the fact that Mr. Sutton is a man of high integrity and deserving of clients trust.
Joseph and his associates are the kind of people you can trust with your investments. They give an honest review of what to expect with their company and knowledge. Their are there for you any step of the way, weather it be answering questions or advise, you can count on them. I highly recomend them to all investors.
Informative, took the time to answer all of my questions, listened and was prepared.
I am most grateful to Jessica Cervinski for the help provided with my "hosh posh" of accounts upon my retirement. She was patient and reassuring, never in a hurry, taking time to explain each and every transaction. Besides giving me a good education on the accounts she has put my mind at ease regarding my financial future. Thank you Jessica!
Although the cycle to decision was extended I felt comfortable that Jason Frizzell kept our needs clear and simple to align against delivered results
Meeting went fine. Randy Jones is a professional and easy to work with. Can not say the same about an person named Leon Clark. Called and was totally dissatisfied with this individual, talk to Mick Burton and complained ask Mick to review the tape of the phone call and take appropriate action. Randy Collins
Brent Matthews work diligently to ensure that we were able to create an investment portfolio that met our retirement needs. His assistant, David, went above and beyond more than once, by bringing paperwork to our home, since we are quite a distance from the home office. Thank you, gentlemen!
Jason completely explained the plan in terms that I could understand. He asked the right questions about my financial needs so he could tailor make a plan to fit my financial goal.
Linwood Hamilton was very helpful in making an annuity investment. He took his time explaining everything, and I feel very good about the investment I made. He was friendly and there was no high pressure sales pitch.
Both J.D. Mellberg customer service and their Atlanta representative Randal Salay, of Bottom Line Insurance, could not have been more professional and helpful in establishing our annunity. The entire process was very educational and without any sales pressure. They only wanted to help us anyway they could. Great people. I highly recommend they all.
Easy to deal with. Almost everyone was Knowlegable (if they weren't, they found someone who was) They responded to questions promptly.When my wife retires,I will contact them again.
on time and professional
Good but still waiting for 3 possible products to get
I was very concerned about having enough income to last my entire life. Having the Lifetime Income Rider on the Security Benefit Annuity has made all the difference in my confidence to retire with peace of mind. I just passed my first year with one of my 2 Security Benefit Annuities and reviewed the status on their website. I could find no reference to the Lifetime Income amount at all. I received a statement in the mail and the information was on that document. I was surprised by the 1% administration fee thus reducing the annuity interest amount from 3% to 2%. That seems excessive. However, since it doesn't affect my Lifetime Income value I "guess" it doesn't really matter much. I would acquire these annuities again if I had it to do over and I look forward to taking the Lifetime Income amount in a few years when it will be the appropriate time. Art Hatfield-Mihelic
Jeff Byrd is their representative in Los Angeles, he was a great help and his easy manner and understanding was paramount for me to sign up for the Annuity. Very personalized service and always ready to clear any questions.
Corbin has been very helpful in guiding me through the process of selecting the most appropriate type of annuity for me and my wife . He was extremely thorough in explaining the advantages and disadvantages in depth, and was able to answer any and all of my questions. I was very happy with the way he made sure that I fully understood what I was entering into.
Should have gone with you and Beau but wanted to stay in Sacramento. I GET NOTHING FROM MY ADVISOR HERE. !!!! MY GF GETS A CHRISTMAS WREATH AND A BASEBALL GAME WITH FOOD EVERY YEAR!!!
Total spam scam. do not trust this company. I have asked to be removed from both their email and telemarketing list multiple times and you will notice they hide the Facebook reviews and show these ones cause they have control over trust pilot reviews but not their google or actual facebook reviews... so you may . not want to trust their reviews either.
I give Dan Yancy , OKC a 5 Star rating for having a good experience thru the intire process of learning and purchasing our retirment annuity. His professional presence was consistant thru the intire time of working with us, and he showed great patience in the learning process. His teaching methods were easy to follow and retain, which was very helpful in reviewing all the various options that the annuity had to offer. We would reqomend Dans services to everyone.
Got the info I was promised
Doug Warren is dependable, makes his appointments on time, is very patient, if he doesn't have the answer he will find it and get back to you, takes notes, answers emails expediciously, does not pressure a client to make a decision, redas the contract word for word and explains it. He has a whole lot of experience.
I saw a video presentation by JD Melberg Financial online. Their concept of providing guaranteed income for life with hybrid annuities without the worry of market volatility intrigued me so I gave them a call. JD Melberg Financial put me in contact with one of their retirement planning affiliates in my local area. The service I received has been great. About 55% of my 401k money was used to purchase a hybrid annuity that will grow substantially until we start collecting income in about 9 years. The remainder is invested in conservative funds that are expected to yield good returns and provide other income options and flexibility. They also referred us to an estate planning attorney at discounted rates to complete all our estate documents.
Working with Doug Warren was really easy, he was very helpful, he understood what I was looking for, found an annuity that was perfect for me, can't say enough about how helpful and professional he was. Thanks, Bill Jones
jim was very knowledgable and forthright. he was very pleasant and took the time to explain everything in detail.
My agent was quite informative, thoughtful and honest ! No agent of different companies have taught me nearly as much !!
Great to deal with explains the options and listens to what you say and builds a portfolio to accomplish your goal. No pressure sales; presents options for your selection. Keeps me informed on trends and corresponds regularly. Has numbers to reach and staff is always willing to assist when I call. Doesn't rush when he visits and tells me that he is available to answer questions that arise. Makes appointments at my convenience. So far have no regrets for allowing this company to handle my retirement money. Appears to have my and my wife's best interest in meeting our retirement date with money enough to secure our future without running out of funds even through changes in the market.
I called the advertized number for J.D. Mellberg Annuities and was put in contact with Hal Hammond Asset Mgt. He called made an appointment to my home and in three meetings finalized my purchace and selection of what vehicle would be best for my goals. Hal and I hit it off very well as he acknowledged my 50 years if investing in the market and my knowledge of such. So it went smooth and easy as all my intricate questions were answered and Hal was informative but not pushy and seemed to understand my goals and what I wanted from the investment vehicle. I'm very satisfied with everything and now the test of time will further assure me that I made a wise choice in this particular allocation of certain assets.
we were reviewing what to do with retirement funds term coming due and nothing looked too promising. plus we do not like risk . the info and video were exceptional anyone could understand the terminology.Jim heck is so thorough and knowledgeable. Plus no pressure. we decide what or if we want to do anything.and he showed us all our options. we have already referred friends.
Honest down to earth took as much time as needed......highly recommend!
I am happy with the program sold to me. Most times the slaesman was on time and was to answer my questions about the program I purchased. I am still waiting to see what to do with my husband's "program" I was told they would get back to me.
I would highly recommend Carl Yarger. He is caring, understanding and patient. The staff is friendly and courteous. He answers all of my questions and eased my stress of worrying about my investments. Finally, i can get a good nights sleep knowing everything is taken care of. Thank you! Elaine Leininger Archbold, Ohio
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