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Insureon Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Insureon
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 688-1984
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 78 %
After submitting my application online, I had a phone call the next morning from my agent. She was very professional and answered a number of questions about the amount and type of insurance I needed for my small business. She even made some suggestions on negotiations with my client that saved me money.
Corina was very professional, always available, and provided me with fast and accurate quotes. The rates were very competitive and they were able to get me started same day. I highly recommend them.
It's my first time getting this type of insurance. Got overwhelmed quickly, but marivel was great! She was patient with me and waited till I was ready. Thank you marivel!
Just shopping around for general liability and workers comp insurance for my company. This company was the only company to look at my website and pick a few words out of a few words out of a sentence and say "sorry we cant offer you insurance because you offer training in xyz" no reason, no explanation, no questions. Deffinetly not a company you want to deal with if they start playing words in the beginning stage of business. What would happen if you had to file a claim?
Carrie was very kind and helpful. I love that I was able to go online and get my quote without the pressure of sales people. & when I needed help Carrie was excellent. Thanks
Very happy with the service I received. All my questions were answered thoroughly and in a timely manner. Would readily recommend this company to others.
The agent was patient and understanding when I originally called to get a quote only as I am a new business owner in 2016. He explained in detail the difference between the policies and listened to my business needs.
The best experience we insurance companies i love insureon the best costumer service
Company is prompt. . Would recommend to a client
Awesome! Quick! Always ready to answer questions. Great overall Experience :-) Very Satisfied Wish all customer service would be as good or at least a fraction of what these people are..
My experience with Insureon was very good because when I contacted Insureon the gave me prompt service.
These guys were great. They paid attention to what I needed, gave me only the coverage I required, and were meticulous in their attention to detail. A breath of fresh air compared to some of the other insurance agents I have dealt with. Also, highly professional, and got me by far the best price. Highly recommend.
I have received great customer service with this customer. While utilizing technology i.e. (email) instead of traditional methods. I will recommend this company moving forward.
I think there is very good costumer service in English. But what about the costumer who speaking in Spanish, and want to be understood in their own language.
The agent did an awesome job and was there to answer my many questions and once I got the paperwork rolling the actual cost was less than my quote!!! All of this took less than an hour and was one of the more easy tasks I had that day! I had a Certificate of Liability to land a nice contract within the hour! Thank You Marivel and Insureon.
Amazing service! Extremely helpful! Great rates!
The process was quick, easy and very efficient.
I will highly recommend to anyone that asks and certainly plan to have a relationship for the long term!
Quick to response and provided pertinent honest feedback.
I cannot express my gratitude towards Insureon through this experience. The service was excellent, no waiting and right to the point. It wasn't painful. If you want your business to start on the right foot, make sure you have Insureon with you from the start
Your company is fortunate that it is being represented by such a friendly and efficient agent. She responded with incredible efficiency and accuracy. She was also available at both early in the morning and late in the evening. An unbelievably pleasant experience. You can count on repeat business!
It was very difficult to get someone to provide an initial quote. I had to be very persistent. Once I was able to get the information and demand that we move forward it was very easy to get everything finalized. Not sure if they are too busy or if they didn't consider our business a priority prospect....
I am happy with the quick and efficient service I received with Insureon. This is a good indication that if I ever have a claim, the customer service will be quick and efficient as well. Hopefully this is the case! So far so good, and they found me a great, affordable rate.
Applying for a quote online was easy. Within a day I received a call with follow up questions and was insured within the week. When I had issues with my coverage I was able to talk to someone the same day and resolve them. Highly recommend
No issues in obtaining the coverage I needed for my business. Easy and affordable.
Needed General liability. They set me up quickly, and hassle free.
Terrible communication! Horrible Experience! Don't ever do business with this company!!! Valeria Medellin, our agent, was always rude to us and not willing to help!
Being in a new industry I had a good experience communicating with the sales rep. Quotes were fast and reasonable.
Their a great company that gives great rates to their contractors
Quick Knowledgeable Hassle Free
When I needed liability insurance, Insureon was quick to find a great policy at a great price!
I need to be Bonded, do you take care of this too ?
Insureon set me up with the coverage I needed with no delay. I had to call back in a few days and make adjustments and they, again, quickly processed my request and generated the documents that I needed. Thank you.
My own insurance company (State Farm) was utterly useless for this effort. I found InsureOn via Google search and Robin worked with me to get the insurance my business needed to satisfy client demands required for a contract. Without her there would be no contract.
It was smooth and easy, with friendly service
Insureon's online service was fast and quick. When I replied back via email and phone to the agent, service was non-existent for the most part. I had to call back a second time to reach the person live and the initial two emails were never answered. Only after completing purchase did I get an actual email reply. So good on online service. But still needs work on live agent work.
I've been in business for over 40 years and Insureon has by far surpassed all other insurance companies that I've worked with. They take the initiative to communicate with me, immediate response time, instantaneous project certs and last but not least - low rates. Keep up the great work Insureon!
As a new small business owner, I found Insureon extremely helpful and responsive as I searched for insurance. I highly recommend.
My experience dealing with agent Adriana was fantastic. She was very professional and helpful. Unfortunately, I had to cancel the policy as it did not cover miscellaneous rented equipment. Renting camera equipment for shoots is such a normal part of a photography business that I was shocked that the policy did not cover it. Maybe in small markets, I can see photographers needing to own all their gears but not in large markets such as LA, NYC, etc. The policy simply does not reflect the needs of a pro photographer without such coverage.
I received excellent service. It was fast and convenient!
Never needed a phone call, all online and via email, bound coverage instantly!
Working with Insureon was a pleasure and help me from beginning to end. Highly recommend.
My experience with Insureon was outstanding. Marivel's replies were so prompt, it was as if we were sitting in the same room. She responded to my calls after hours when most companies would have you listen to the "8 to 5 business hours" recording. I would definitely use this company again and refer friends.
This was a hassle free quote and the lowest in the industry . After looking around insureon was the lowest compared to the rest. My business is now insured and I am happy with the out come .Thanks Insureon!
From the first minute on the website until the survey phone call this Insurance co is Top Shelf when it comes to Cudtomer Service and competitive prices. I have already sent three new customers to them for insurance. Thank you
My experience was pleasant using Insureon as my choice for my Janitorial cleaning business. I needed to begin business but since my cash was low paying upfront was not an option. Insureon has payment options and for this reason I can operate professionally. Thank you.
Nicole did an excellent job,she answered all questions with no problem,great experience .i would recommend Insureon
After failed attempts by other companies, I contacted Insureon, Stephanie Williams provided excellent Customer Service and got our company a great quote on a good policy very quickly. I am very impressed at the level of efficiency and service and the prompt accessibility of Stephanie, to each and everyone of my calls and her ability to take effective action.
I have no complaints insureon is the way to go. Angie Ondrik is who helps me and at every step of the way getting ahold of her was very easy and prompt. was great to work with
Review of renewal started out well with Hiscox advisor, we discussed adding coverage at renewal, instead he cancelled current policy and made new policy effective 13 days early causing me to pay duplicate coverage on another policy and lose money on current policy with Hiscox by canceling it early. When I asked him to fix it he said he would that day, this was 30 days ago and it still hasn't been done.
Excellent service and very easy to obtain the right amount of coverage for my small company.
Sean was great and very helpful in getting my policy rolling
Great customer service, really easy to use.
Wondering we know the insureon company with very great customer services Rita Christmas and her great services We glad met and communication with her and she very helpful and patient to find our need for insurance In fact, we really satisfaction about her great services Once again, very thank you for your business
I was thoroughly impressed at the level of knowledge of the insurance agent I worked with. She was very knowledgeable and professional in answering all my questions in detail. This was a very straightforward and painless process to get required insurances I needed to conduct business.
Out of frustration today, I called the main number and spoke with a lovely person (Michele Kowalski) who immediately found my account, contacted my "agent", and had my issue resolved. And kept me in the loop on correspondence. Kudos to Ms. Kowalski....she understands customer concerns. Prior review: My agent (Willis in Massachusetts) who I have been with for well over a decade was merged with Insureon this year. Insureon notified me with a "To Whom it May Concern" letter from a Peter Breitstone, VP. When my commercial policy came due for renewal in the fall, I was sent a multi page questionnaire to complete. When I called and questioned why, I was told that they were going to find me a different insurance company. I couldn't understand why so they kept the same company. However, despite communication from me and from my bank, Insureon will not forward a copy of the renewed insurance binder to my bank's agent. Now my bank wants to take out a policy and charge me because of no response from Insureon. It is a shame after all the years of having a responsive local agent that I now have to consider a change. Insureon don't seem to have interest in this customer. Maybe because I'm not in their area. Disappointing.....and yes, I've called and left voice mail with my new "agent."
I did my first review and it was easy to navigate the website. I returned to it the next day and called with exceptional and helpful customer service. I completed the application and payment. I received my confirmation within seconds. Very happy with the experience.
Service in top notch, and immediate. Finds me my corporate insurances at reasonable prices and always follows up to ensure service was in line with what I needed. Makes running a small business much easier. Pat
Was so professional and easy to insure my business with insureon, I highly recommend any small business owners out there to give them a try, you gonna love it!
Pretty straightforward. The whole process was relatively easy. The guy I had as my rep (Drew) was great. The website has a little ways to go to be brought up to 2015 standards, but I was able to transact easy enough. The companies with which they do business are reputable and tend to be top of class. Overall I'm pleased and have already recommended them to two other business owners (one is my wife, so that says something).
It took some time to gather the information I needed but once I did, I got a fast quote which was lower than others I got.
Kevin gave great customer service. Any delays were on our side, not his!
Worked with Holly at Insureon. She got me a quote and responded to all my emails within 30m. Eventually we had to cancel part of insurance and she handled that too, even taking care of an extra bill that wasn't supposed to come. Very happy.
Easy & Reasonable Cost
We just signed up with insureon and the process couldn’t have been easier. One stop shop for all our business needs! Joe and Bryan are both great at responding, if I had a question I heard back within a matter of minutes!!!! Also the day I asked for a quote I got a response back- other companies took a week or more to respond. I’m very pleased with the service I have received thru insureon insurance!
My guy Kevin Klein was very through and great to deal with.
The help me to get my business up and running
My experience working with agent Marivel Alvariez was informative and effortless. Marivel clearly had an excellent grasp of her product and her professionalism made the experience seamless..
The people I worked with were very friendly and patient with my questions. Anytime I asked for something, they got it for me in a timely manner and efficiently.
Very comprehensive and worked well with my unique situation
First I was reaching out to two brokers. One of them that I have been working with for years for obtaining a quote. They said that normally it took a week to get a quote from a carrier. With many phone calls and follow up emails between the two brokers in the 10 days period, I was unable to get a quote from them. With all frustration, then I went on line. I found Insureon. It took a few minutes completed a form. I was able to obtain a quote within a minute after I submitted a form via the internet. Then, Kevin Drews called me on the next business day. He was very patience and professional. He walked me through the entire process all the way through processing payment over the phone. Within an hour, I received my Professional Liability Insurance policy. Shortly after, a Certificate of Insurance was sent to me including a holder named on the Certificate of Insurance. All together from completing the form to getting the Certificate of Insurance, it took about two hours. Overall, I was very happy with their services. I would recommend this company to anyone. 8/21/2015.
great service,very professional !
Great Service/response
I have been in the construction / remodeling Business for about 10 years and have changed insurance several times. This has been hands down the best experience, It has been so easy to get the proper insurance, bonds and additionally insured certificates. Marivel Alvarez my agent is really the reason for such a great experience. She has been very knowledgeable and helpful as well as very pleasant to talk to. I feel as if she takes my needs seriously and gives them her full attention. Being able to create my own certificates on line is also a very nice feature.
Kevin was very helpful and very responsive. He made the experience simple and efficient. Great customer service (it still exists!). And competitive too!
Exceptionally well. Response was quick.
Very efficient, friendly, and helpful. It didn't take a lot of time.
They were able to get me up and running very quickly, responded to my request for certificate of insurance promptly, and helped me navigate my contract negotiations to my advantage.
I have always received excellent customer service from Insureon. My latest insurance scenario with Insureon involved changing from one policy/carrier to another. Kelly Kammerdiener, account manager at Insureon, was very helpful and provided the insurance certificates that I needed very promptly.
My broker (Robin) was very responsive to my initial enquires, needs and also to my follow up questions once the policy was secured.
The staff at Insureon worked diligently to get my small catering company insured and it feels wonderful to know that they are backed by a well-known and highly reputable firm such as The Hartford. I will definitely recommend Insureon to anyone trying to ensure their business.
Raynaldo was pleasant, professional and quickly secured the insurance I requested
This is the most horrible experience I have ever had with an insurance company. I applied for insurance quotes at the beginning of this well on Thursday I called and reached out to them and was told someone would reach out to me by the end of the day. A straight up lie. Not only that yet today its Sunday and no one has reached out to me. Having excelled in sales all of my life I see why this companies reviews are trash.
The complete process was very fast. I just started a business, submitted my application, got a quote, spoke with a rep who changes my quote and had my certificates of insurance within 24 hours. The price was excellent as well. Awesome for helping my small business
Terrible customer service. We are trying to fix incorrect policy name for almost a month and they are not responding. Sent several emails and left message for atleast 3 employees and no one is taking the responsibility. Also billing was wrongly and no fix for it yet.
Easy to work with, Great service, competitive pricing. Cant ask for more.
No one called. I still need workmans comp in Ohio as an add on to my Intuit Full Service Payroll. It's been well over 48 hours. It's more like 7 days.
I appreciated havong 1 representative during my process She was very good. I had questins Robin answered every one we worked as a team. My business is imsured.
Very prompt and knowledgeable. Very helpful finding exactly what I needed.
The customer service was great and professional. Everything was smooth sailing once I contacted Insureon. I will recommend you guys as the #1 company to get insured with!
Insureon came through with coverage for our business in a pinch for us and their Florida rep - Robin Gottschalk was just outstanding in helping us get our policy completed and approved.
Quick, reachable, courteous, listens, prompt respones via phone and email. I highly recommend Insureon! Jamil Riley, Partner, CEO Essie B's Commercial & Residential Cleaning Service
Well I have gotten the insurance and I have not gotten any paperwork on it . I am not happy about it .
Thank you guys, great service and help, I would definitely recommend this to family and friends
I was able to be insured the same day, good service and fast, I ll keep buying them safer
Never got an actual call. Just an email saying sorry but we can't offer you anything at this time. A new, 4 person consulting business. Not exactly hard to insure I would think. If there was something making it difficult, perhaps a phone call to clarify the situation would be in order? There were many questions that I had to guess on as there was no advice offered during the on-line request process.
I was having so much trouble fink ding a great fit for my company and understanding the process but Jerry made sure to make it so smooth for me. He made it enjoyable for me. Honestly before i contacted the company I had already reached out to 6 other companies for insurance for my company but none of them could help me. Thank you guys so much, I am more than happy and satisfied. Thank you Jerry you are the best.
I couldn't believe the excellent service as well as the speed of getting an insurance policy set in place . The agent was very clear and precise in her directions regarding getting my commercial insurance policy for me. I would highly recommend this site to anyone in need of insurance .
Less than 2 hours for online application, processing, and approval of General Liability Insurance for a professional services LLC firm. Fair pricing, clearly defined menu of insurance options, and effective support provided by designated agent. Recommended for cost, quality, and delivery of requested policy.
I was not happy with your services. period!
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