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InsureandGo USA Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: InsureandGo USA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-491-9596
Overall average rating of 4.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 81 %
While, fortunately, we have not had to use the travel insurance we purchased this year through Insureandgo, I have to say the process to get a quote and complete the insurance application was an absolute breeze. I relied on the reviews of travelers who have actually had to use their policies for cancelled travel, illness, etc., and all were very, very good. I have signed up with Insureandgo for two different big trips this year.
Much easier to navigate than other sites.
Just secured my 5th leisure trip insurance. Had to make a claim once and had NO issues. Will always use insureandgo. Competitive prices too.
I purchased a policy and had to cancel it. It was very easy any everyone was helpful in getting this done.
The online purchase procedure was easy, efficient and price competitive. We are frequent international travelers and we did have one international medical evacuation event (broken ankle) on a trip to Europe several years ago. At the time we had purchased insurance through Travel Insured and their service was horrible. We have since used CSA but this time we're going with InsureandGo because of the competitive pricing and the good reviews. However, the key is how do they perform in the event you need their services. Believe me, when an accident occurs the service provided by the insurer is worth it's weight in gold. Hopefully, we won't have an opportunity to find out on this trip.
When I called for some info the person was not so plesent
The process of signing up for InsureandGo USA was incredibly easy. The website is simple to navigate and the information requested is basic. The options are clearly spelled out making it a breeze to compare plans and make a choice. The rates were not just competitive but better than almost every other option I found. Of course, the true test of the quality of the company will be if I need to file a claim -- which, hopefully, will not be the case. I can, at least from a signing-up perspective, rate them as outstanding.
Hard to believe, but I had a "cardiac event" 2 weeks before we were to go to Italy on a cycling tour---in the mountains. Heart surgery ensued. No trip. Fortunately we were insured through InsureandGo. They acted responsibly and paid what they should have paid. We dealt with Mintsi Goyanes who at all times was professional and responsive. We will use them again if the proper circumstances present themselves.
Website was user friendly and response was quick and easy.
Purchasing travel insurance on-line can sometimes be tricky, but it couldn't have been easier than with Insure and Go . Their website was easy to navigate and their rates quite fair. Recommended!
I wish all purchases on the internet could be as efficient as I experienced on our purchase of travel insurance for our upcoming 50th Anniversary Cruise down the Romantic Danube. We now can enjoy the anticipation of this summer cruise without worry about all the little problems and what ifs that go with international travel. Thank you InsureAndGo! Especially, Miz Rice who handled our enrollment very professionally and with a sunny upbeat attitude!
Joss did a great job, patient, competent, and efficient. She was happy to give a sample of the policy to review. If found to be fully professional and complete, something I wanted to be sure of because I had never heard of this company before. We mainly wanted the insurance to cover emergency medical, so I paid close attention to the pre-existing condition clause covering conditions the policy would not cover. I found I-Go's to be the much more favorable to the insured than other policies. I urge anyone buying these policies to read the pre-existing clause carefully. As for actually paying claims, I have no experience, but Joss did describe in detail their resources for extracting me or my wife if needed in Australia.
The phones were answered quickly and being a travel agent this is important. Rice was very good and knew her information and was very informative! I hope I don't have to use the insurance but if I do I hope it is as good as it sounds.
Coverage options are good, but can't see the actual policy before I buy.
Cheapest insurance rates
Rice was helpful and answered questions clearly. The process was painless and quick.
I can't rate it yet because I have not used it. Customer service on the phone seems clear and pertinent.
Loved working with Tina,very knowledgable.
Had no problems whatsoever with this site las tyear, so I am using them again. Very easy to see the rates and conditions; I consider this a very accessible and user-friendly website and will use them again. Rates seem fair to me. I have not had to claim and hope not to have to in future! But I feel secure with this company.
Because of our ages, other travel ins. quotes were prohibitive. We were very comfortable with the product and the price offered by InsureandGo. Hopefully, we won't need it, but it will be there if we do! Already checking on another trip and will insure with InsureandGo.
Forms were easy and they made comparison of policies easy,.
I shopped around a lot for travel insurance and InsureandGo USA offered the best package suited to my needs, more geared towards emergency medical coverage than reimbursement for trip cancellation/interruption costs. I like that the site allows you to adjust different factors to view various cost options, and it was easy to purchase. After 20 years of heavy travel for both work and leisure, this is the first time I've purchased travel insurance and hopefully will not need it, but it's good to know that I'm covered if I do.
I looked at several options for Travel Insurance and this company/site was easy to read yet had comprehensive alternatives. We picked the plan that met our needs and received prompt feedback on our purchase. Very satisfied!
easy to buy, just 5 minutes
I had to call and change a date to a day earlier. Raice was very accomodating. I hope not to have any claims, but so far I trust this company
The customer service rep, Mintsi, was awesome. She was fast, friendly and very knowledgeable. I had never purchased travel insurance before but I am so thankful we did. Our flights were cancelled for our vacation, and we ended up driving to Colorado instead. The insurance covered the home rental for one night as well as some of the rental van we had to rent. I will definitely purchase this insurance again!
Your insurance sight was easy to work with and if I had problems you provided a phone number to clarify and problems I had. It was a pleasure working with you.
Check out for the best rates on travel insurance.
I contacted InsureandGo USA regarding a travel insurance policy I had purchased for two of us traveling together. I realized after speaking with Daniel, in Sales & Service that since my traveling companion and I reside in different U.S. states, we had to have two separate policies instead of one joint policy. Daniel provided excellent service in cancelling the joint policy and re-issuing two separate policies.
Sasha was wonderful when purchasing a land, air and cruise policy. She was patient and answered all of my questions. While I hope to not have to use the policy, if I do, I hope to have the same great experience.
I checked with several companies before purchasing for InsureandgoUSA. They had the best price by far and coverage was comparable with all the other companies. Two days later realized I had already purchased travel protection for our cruise with the cruise line so didn't need that part covered on my policy with Insureandgo. I called and spoke with a very pleasant agent. No problem. Just cancelled my original policy and re-booked just to cover the airfare. Couldn't have been easier.
Customer Service was extremely helpful when I was having trouble purchasing insurance on line.
Service was good
Friendly, informative, helpful, and best of all great prices!
Booking the insurance was easy...and easy to understand....great prices now hope I do not need it....
Just made my first travel insurance purchase and was very pleased with the assistance and knowledge of the agent.
Purchase of policy was simple, easy to follow instructions with follow up printing of the policy. Cost was reasonable. The brief telephone contact answered my issue.
Melissa was incredibly helpful and nice --so was Cristina. They clarified every and any doubt. I am very happy I found insuremytrip on the web. The product was comprehensive and very inexpensve. Thank you.
I looked at multiple sites and InsureandGo USA had the best value for the price paid. One thing to compare with travel insurance is the medical expenses section. Most cover as secondary whereas my policy here was primary coverage. Very pleased with this company so far and I would use them again.
It was my first experience working with this company. I have become a number one fan. I will surely use them again.
The title of this review tells you what I think of the service. I am really quite positive about Insureandgo USA. My only issues are that I am being billed for "Assistance Services" and I don't know what this is. Also, I only really want to cover myself for medical expenses overseas but it seems I have to buy several other coverages too.
Okay very okay
We dealt with Rice for purchasing our insurance and she was awesome. Very patient, kind and helpful. She helped reassure us and was a large portion of the reason we ended up going with InsureandGo.
I shopped around to many companies, but I found that Insureand go gave the same coverage for less money than all of the other insurance companies that I contadted. The company representative was extemely kind and courteous and transacted the business in a professional manner.
The online purchase experience was very easy. I had a follow-up question to my online purchase and spoke with Bre, Customer Service Supervisor. She answered my question in detail and was very helpful, courteous, and professional.
Best price for coverage we require.
I am buying the insurance for my 7 days cruise, and was very easy and clear instructions. Took me only 5 minutes to get it. I had a question and the
I will provide my opinion after the trip
Evaluation of options and policy details was very straightforward. On-line chat with agent to answer some of my questions was quick and very helpful. Overall purchase experience was excellent. No basis for any opinion on claims services at this time. Hopefully there will be no need for any claims.
This is my first venture in travel insurance. It was pleasant and if all goes well, I will purchase travel policies for all my future trips.
i went on your web site and everything nwas well explained and easy to proceed to purchase your travel insurance.i am very pleased with everything.than ks.
I thought that ,Raice, was among the best qualified insurance agents I had ever spoken with. Congratulations for having her. Roy Miller
The agent on the phone was very helpful explaining all of the different options that they have for travel insurance. She emailed me some information so that I could choose the right plan. It was affordable and covered both of the travelers - I actually saved more than 50% buying this insurance rather than going with the Viking River Cruise insurance - plus it covers more and pays cash, not just future travel.
Insureandgousa was highly recommended to me by a long time friend of mine, and we just purchased a policy from them. We leave for China this coming week, and we feel quite comfortable and happy to undertake this tour without any fear. Be assured we will always call insureandgousa for our future needs. We will also recommend their services to our friends. The CSA who handled our coverage was very courtious.
It was a good layout of information and easy to decide which plan I wanted. I didn't have to go from site to site to see what they offered. I will buy from them again.
Excellent site, easy to read, use and navigate....corrections, when needed, appeared right away. Earlier phone conversation detailing particulars was very helpful. Good value for seniors.
I received your check in the mail today. Because of your prompt and helpful service I will use your services for any future trips that I may take. Have a wonderful summer.
The average cost of the others was about $700 more for generally less coverage. So, based on the policy inclusions compared to the cost, there was no question. Therefore, I opted for INSUREANDGO. Our trip does not occur until May-June, 2014.
Their website was easy to use and I found that their pricing was very competitive. I liked the fact that I was able to choose a "cruise" instead of having to name one place I am traveling to. They sent a confirmation email along with a link to the policy and a printable card that I can carry on how to reach someone at the insurance company while traveling. Hope I do not NEED the insurance, but a relief to have "just in case". I will use this site again for future trips.
This is the first time I purchased insurance with this company, so I don't feel capable of rating them.
Bought my policy online. It was all pretty much straightforward with no help required. Policy was sent within the hour and task all finished. Didn't need to use the insurance while I was away which was even better!
This was my first time looking into travel insurance as will be traveling out of the USA other than Canada, and Mexico. I looked into a few recommended websites I didn’t feel they were that friendly, so when I came across this website on Google I felt comfortable with the site and it was so friendly and easy. I will be recommending this site to my friends.
It's hard to rate something that you only will need in an emergency, but I can tell you the signing up process on-line was clear and concise.
Tina was efficient, professional and pleasant! What more could you ask for?
I am glad that I read the policy. Even though it is long, it does spell out clearly what it covers and what it does not cover
I had a confused issue regarding my Travel Insurance and needed a great deal of assistance to get thru the maze. Joss a member of Insure & Go's customer service Team held my hand throughout the entire time while working towards a solution to the problem. The "Powers that be" must be very special as well since that found a way to work out all the issues to my satisfaction. Insure & Go is now "my" Tavel Insurance Company!!!! I can't wait to tell my fiends and family of the positive results I received from what I consider the #1 Travel Insurance Company. Thank you Joss & Insure & Go for a job well done. You can be proud of your customer service! DLR 6/9/2016
The policy required an adjustment and InsureandGo handled it very quickly and professionally.
Great experience, wish I found you sooner.
Katherine with InsureandGo USA did an excellent job in assisting us in obtaining the right travel insurance plan for my son and me.
My contact with Raicelyn was most pleasant. She was courteous and very patient as she answered my detailed questions.
It was a snap to review their policies and to decide on which one to buy. When we had to delay our trip by a year, they were quick to look over our materials and paid us the full amount that we sought without any delays or red tape. Very happy with them!
We needed coverage recently on a last-minute basis and InsureandGo USA came through for us. We did not have a claim of any sort but feel that InsureandGo would have helped us and met their contractural agreement if we had. Thank you, InsureandGo for peace of mind when we enjoyed a wonderful week at the beach. Jean Murphree
It was a very pleasant experience dealing with InsureandGo. The lady that helped me was one of the best that I have dealt with on the phone. Her name is Raice, she was very helpful and answered all my questions fully. I would use them again.
I have researched several travel insurance companies and Insure and Go was the best in customer service and competitive pricing.
I really found the Customer Support person helpful in sorting out some questions I had when answers could not be found on the website. She was extremely informative and valid her input.
Simple and Affordable - what's most important - great coverage!
The web site was easy to get around and clear and precise. Now lets hope I do not need the insurance. My trip is in August of 2014. In comparing the other sites of insurance, this one had the best price.
Travel insurance seems to be the same from many insurance companies. I bought the insurance based upon the price and past experience. Hope I never have to collect on a claim.
Insure and Go policies offer excellent coverages for the risk of high cost medical treatment outside the United States. is a fantastic place to go and get trip insurance. This policy in particular was not the most expensive, but was lacking in some basic coverages (like trip delay and terrorism cancelation or delay). Just trying to get a quick policy before the trip.
Had a difficult time hearing the person. It is your phone system. It was fine before I was transferred.
Raice was very helpful when I was purchasing the insurance policy. I will recommend this company to my friends.
Your site was extremely easy to access . This is my second time to insure through the site. So far so good.
I would let all our friends know that it was so easy apply for the trip insurance.
Everything worked out very well. Your system handled my needs very well. Thank you.
Your' agent "Rice" was extremely helpful and patient. She answered all my questions , and the whole thing turned out to be a very enjoyable and straight forward exchange. Thanks very much, William Robertson
I have a trip planned in December, and thought it would be a good idea to have trip insurance, I checked out the coverage and costs with Insure And Go, and found they offered a reasonably priced package for us.
I've used Insureand Go USA three times now. During mine and my daughter's last trip to Punta Cana, her luggage got misdirected to Baltimore the day before Christmas Eve and we had to purchase clothing, shoes and other necessities so that she had what she needed for a couple of days - to include Christmas Eve. Her luggage showed up Christmas Eve day but Punta Cana celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve so her luggage was not brought to our room until the next day. As soon as we returned home, we gathered the receipts from what she had to purchase until the luggage arrived, the airlines and hotels verifications of delayed luggage, and filled out the claim form and mailed it off to InsureandGo. They process the reimbursement payment within the 30 days that they said they would do and it was mailed to us. Unfortunately, the check got lost in transit, but a phone call to InsureandGo got that check cancelled and they immediately over-nighted another check which was received the next day. Thank you InsureandGo!
I was very disappointed that when we decided to extend our trip, they would not let me extend the insurance for the remainder of our time away. I was willing to pay for a new policy, but the agent I was email with refused. Luckily I did not need it, but I was a bit uneasy with an infant and no insurance....
The phone experience was very good, explaining all my questions. After that, the online experience was very clear. Looking forward to a great trip, without having to use my insurance! :)
Very quick, no headache, well explained
I checked another company first. I saved 35% by checking out Insure and Go. It was both faster and less expensive for the same coverage.
rice was good for what was offered and a nice agent to work with.
We have bought travel insurance for years and this is the worst company ever!! My husband and I rented a house for Jan. and Feb. and bought travel insurance with InsureandGo. In Feb. my 93yr. old mother-in-law was put in the hospital back home with pneumonia. My husband is an only child and POA for his mother's health care. We had driven down with our dog and needed to find out what our options were to get him home. I called the emergency number and was told they could tell me nothing and just open a claim. I asked if they could email me a copy of the policy so we could make a good decision. They told me no. This was on a Sat. night and they said because it was Presidents Day on Monday I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone until Tuesday. There was a winter storm that weekend in the midwest so we felt it would be dangerous to drive home and we had to make the decision for him to fly home. During my frustration trying to find out information from InsureandGo I found a different number to call which brought me back to the guy who would not help. When I told him my story he said he had talked to me already and hung up on me. We opened a claim and it has gone down hill since. When you call all you get is a recording and they do not return messages! Insuremytrip had an advocate try to help us and now InsureandGo says nobody talked to me. I sent a copy of my phone bill showing there were 8 phone calls to them and they still deny talking to me. This has been the worst experience I have ever had. No wonder they have a bad rating from the Better Business Bureau!! I would never use this company and feel the need to warn others.
Very helpful and reasonable
I found the person that helped me on the phone to be very congenial, knowledgeable and helpful and yet not pushy. I felt like I was in good hands.
I would not hesitate to buy this policy.
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