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Company Name: INF Health Care
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 408-634-0065
Overall average rating of 5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 100 %
best customer service by prakash. He is the best person to talk to because he knows so much about insurance. Prakash stayed on phone with me for 40 minutes explaining each plan, and the role of insurance and risk we take. He suggested i get the Advantage plan, which i enrolled in. INF holds your hand during the purchasing process, and make sures your OK during the visitors stay. I reached out to him when i needed to use the insurance for my mother, and he told me where to go and what to do. Then, the staff helped me with claim
Had a great experience working with INF. They paid my mom's pharmacy Bill very fast they also provided coverage for her root canal I wish I had done in the US.
They're the only coverage for pre-existing conditions out of all of the other visitors insurance plans. The premiums are a bit pricey- but I would say it is worth it.
Claims were paid quickly and easily. At first, the health care provider who my mother went to the hospital with did not file the proper claim paperwork with the insurance company.So i was sent a bill for $3,000. I call INF office and they went on the phone with the hospital and explained how to bill insurance directly. They go above and beyond to help their members.
My claims were paid fast and to my expectation. I purchased the INF Advantage plan- which covered my aunts ankle injury while she was playing tennis. I had a bill of $5000 and INF paid for around $4000. Claims process was easy- they bill the insurance directly so I didn’t even have to pay out of pocket
I first bought an INF plans when they were a community organization back in the early 90s. I remember they used to be based out of Ohio- and I think they were actually one of the first people to offer acute onset- let alone full pre-existing coverage I love their customer service. The agents are very friendly and patient. The agent I spoke to gave me their direct cell line so I can reach them anytime I have any issues or need to use the insurance
My parents want to visit USA to spend sometime with my sister and her children. The only problem is their health not good. I am worried and my sister reassured that she got a great visitor health insurance. I asked her details and she provided web site and INF advantage plan that she took for their trip. As insurance professional in India, I reviewed the plan and it appears the best on this planet for the price and coverage. The policy give cover acute onset pre-existing and new problems, accidents, 24x7 doctor access. Overall, it is an american company underwritten policy with high ratings. During their first month in the USA, they got stomach ache and went to ER. The policy is a cashless and my parents got treated without any problem. My mom has a dental program and INF dental card, provided free for all by INF Plans has been very useful. The price charged was even lower that what we pay here in India with a good dentist. Overall great program and I am happy to share our experience.
I used INF when my grandparents were visiting from Shanghai. My grandfather had a mild heart attack last year so I wanted to make sure he was covered. I took the INF Elite Network plan- which is quite expensive. For 6 months it cost almost double his flight ticket. It was worth it because he had another cardiac event this past December. My bill came out to like, $18,000. The insurance took care of me & my family.
Peace of mind is what you get. I bought INF off the recommendation from a family friend. These guys have a reputation of being an honest company that pays claims. My experience has been pleasant... They hold your hand and give u the plan you need
Ive been using INF for the past 7 years. I found out about them from a family referral. I’ve used them for my in-laws, parents, aunt, and cousin so far. I haven’t filed many claims, but the ones which I have have been paid quite quickly. I really do think they have a great product. They dont put much into advertising- i guess because people like me recommend them!
They recently launched their new website and I think its much improved from kvrao’s old website. Although they say old is gold, I think the new website it a bit sleeker. That being said- there is still no other plan which covers pre-existing conditions as well as INF
I first heard of INF through a family friend who had bought it for many years. They have a really great and dedicated staff- Prakash helped me so much in finding the right plan. I chose the INF Advantage plan because my mom has mild diabetes but it’s been under control for a long time. The plan also came with dental, which we used because she hadn’t been to the dentist in quite some time. We saved around $200 with the dental card- and the premium cost a little over $200 per month. All in all, the plan works and pays benefits.
I’ve been a member of INF since about 1992 when I was studying for my MS at Purdue. They are a great organization and I do not have any complaints about them. I actually met my wife on one of their matrimonial boards back in 1996.
Prakash it was really helpful in helping me find the right travel insurance for my parents visiting from India. He was really helpful in pointing out all the different features of the plans, and explaining what will cover and what won't cover. All in all I've had a great experience with INF and their service as well
Prakash was super helpful in helping select the right plan. They don’t try to enroll you in the most expensive plan or something u don’t need. More than that- he holds ur hand and also gives his direct cell in case you have any questions or need any help with the policy.
I purchased the INF Standard plan back in December with the $150K policy max. My mom got a UTI during her travel to the states and was actually in the hospital for a few days after she arrived. I am thankful that the INF Standard covered that and paid claims with out issue, in total I think they paid around 27-28k. Definitely gave peace of mind knowing I’m not liable for a large bill
I had bought the INF advantage plan, and recently my mom started having knee issues. Although she’s 74 years old, she never had knee issues before this trip. I took her to a gp and he got an xray done. Then after- he said that we need a partial knee replacement. I spoke with Prakash over the phone who advised me on what to do & get the surgery . So we went ahead with the knee replacement & it was covered by the insurance. I was really thankfully for the coverage because I would be stuck with a bill of $38,745, and the insurance paid $30.996. Thank you INF!
INF helped us through a real tough time. My father passed away in September while he was visiting unexpectedly. INF arranged for not only the funeral to be paid for, but also arranged for the repatriation of the remains, along with the medical bills when my dad was in the hospital. Although it was not a good time for us, INF really stood by us, made sure everything was taken care of, and made follow up calls to make sure we had everything we needed. I really do appreciate the support & care INF has for its members.
Great experience working with INF. I know typically insurance companies dont like to talk to their customer to pay claims- but my eperience was worry free. Their help desk went out of the way to make sure my claim was handled correctly and paid. it's a great product- def recommended to all my friends & family
My claims issues were settled fast. I think one of these issues with health care providers is that they don’t know how to bill the insurance correctly. I called INF after I got a letter from my doctor saying I owed like $850- and the agent took it upon themselves to call the office with me on the line, explain to the doctor how to bill, and then followed up with me a few weeks later to ask if my claims went through properly.
I am definitely a risk taker but not once I came to know that my dad heart condition, I always love to have my dad around grand children but I am also worried about his health. Fortunately a friend of mine recommended INF health care policy that offer full pre-existing coverage. I immediately investigated and spoke with their rep who answered my questions. My Dad fortunately have uneventful trip and just returned home. Happy that it worked well and have the confidence to get from the folks when we need. I recommend this program with anyone with pre-existing conditions
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