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Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 92 %
Ienjoyed me experience with
If I have known that I could save this much money on my car and home insurance, I would have done this a long time ago! This service has saved me hundreds of dollars, not yearly, but actually monthly!!! "Homeinsurance Now" has my seal of approval and their phone representative Sarah Hanson was the best! Thanks for helping me keep my hard earned money.
The agent (Arthur Evans) was knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly.
Thank you Mark Lawrence Zwieback for such great customer service! 14289667
Mike did a great job of finding me a lower cost solution for my auto, home, and umbrella insurance premiums. Mike saved me hundreds of dollars the first year.
I used because I didn't want to go through the hassle of calling up all of the different companies online. What is really awesome is that their rates were far better than what my local newspaper dug up as far as what could be insured in my area. I live in a flood plane. I also got a great rate on auto insurance! Overall I saved around $1500/yr!
The agent was able to save me over $1,300.00 a year over my old policy with a different company by combining my home and car insurance. I do not regret calling them.
I filled out some information online in order to get a quote on my auto insurance. I felt like I was overpaying and boy was I. Homeinsurance called me the same day and about 15 minutes later I had an "apples for apples" policy for hundreds less per year. They set it up to take it out on the day I chose and I haven't looked back.
The service I had today was very good. The agent asked many questions and wanted to get everything right to provide me with the most competitive investment property insuance policy. Thanks you very much for the service! My Confirmation # is: 14379150
Diane has a great deal of enthusiasm and projects that feeling in preforming her job as a very active agent. If there is a bonus for reacting to the client's needs when it comes to Home, Auto, Life or Umbrella Insurance, I'm positive that Diane ranks in the TOP TEN of the agency. She acts very professional and has a very good feel for what's right for the customer. When I need Insurance of any kind again, I'll speak with Diane FIRST.. Good Job!! You deserve a raise!! Confirmation # 14392020
My agent of record took the time to listen to my needs and adjusted the quote accordingly. He was able to save me $300 a year and get me better coverage with less of a deductible then I currently had.
This agent helped me cut the cost of my insurance and increased my coverage. He gave the opinion that he was giving me more coverage for less cost.
Great Customer Service. 13534217
I have found one of the best insurance companies. I recommend them to everyone you should give them a try. I had a friendly insurance agent Carlos. 14322961
Confirmation # is: 14253510 Josh was both professional and courteous. I will definitely contact him for other insurances.
I decided to shop our homeowners insurance and in my search came to this site. The agent that called was very knowledgeable, patient, thorough and pleasant. He ended up saving us $1000 a year.. We did not lose coverage, have the same deductible and even the earthquake insurance was still included. We were so impressed we had our auto checked and they saved us $200 a year on our auto insurance. I Loved the ease of setting up the accounts with the new companies and the ability to go online to pay the bill and check our coverage. Even more impressive was the fact that yearly inputs your current information and checks to be sure you are getting the best deal. Shopping insurance is no longer an issue. They do it for me!! Couldn't be happier!! Thanks for great service and especially thanks to our new agent, Kristofer Erickson.
this company found what I had to have and saved me money. check them out Bernie biagiano
The whole process was not that lengthy and was conducted expeditiously and professionally as to not inconvenience me. The agent took my interest into consideration all the time we were trying to get the quote finalized.
Ian was very helpful and most of all, understanding. He was knowlegeable and explained everything to me.
I was so sorry that I didn't call them sooner. They have saved me a ton of money on my home and auto - over $500 on the auto alone. My agent, Adam, was wonderful, informative and professional and made it all so very easy. Really, really glad I made the call. #14277090
Allstate raised my insurance rates for the 3rd year in a row for no reason and I finally had enough so I started shopping around. Dee at helped me look for something better. They are like Orbitz or Travelocity, but for insurance. They are able to compare rates across all the major insurance companies to find the best rate with just one phone call. You don't have to call all the different insurance companies yourself - a huge time saver. Dee was great - very knowledgeable and helped me get some extra discounts to put some money back in my pocket. The whole process took about 45 minutes to switch over my home and my cars. Definitely recommend them.
Overall experience was very professional and quick. I would recommend them to anyone.
The agent was very friendly and not pushy. He took all my information and came back rather quickly with the information needed. Even though I had to go to class right in the end of our conversation he wasn't upset that he didn't "close" the deal. Instead he offered to call me back in an hour or so to finish up. When he called me back he had an outstanding quote and was ready to finish the policy! It was an outstanding savings on my part and so easy! #14314364
I'm a first time home buyer, I did the on-line request for Insurance quote, all came back with low rates until you call them. After answering the normal questions rates jumped up 100-150%. Unknown to me I googled home insurance this site popped up. I called gave my information and was hold for a quite some time, I know it's a Saturday busy for them, I hung up and called back 2 hours later talked to a rep. and informed her I called earlier was on hold for quite sometime had to hang up due to me at work, she promised me the next available agent will call me back, sure enough Chris called me back within 5 minutes. After answering the normal questions and what coverages I wanted, Chris called me back with a his quote my jaw dropped all I can say at that time let's get it done now. All I can say to anyone looking for coverage this is a one stop place to go to, WORTH THE WAIT!!!!!!!.
I highly recommend to anyone in need of homeowners insurance.
The representative Bill Haney is very nice, answers all my questions, and provide the best quote and we are very happy. Thanks. My confirmation number is 14355521.
Sarah Baker ! Wow ! She is a great to have on your team as an Agent ! She provided me with the very best of Customer Service I can say I ever received in any environment. Very professional, knew her business, and knew what I needed and what I was looking for. She went the extra mile on finding me the best price out there! With the economy the way it is and shopping for the best price I found Sarah on her end of the phone looking after me as though I was part of the family! I have never in my life experienced such personal service. You have a very special person in your business taking care of you and your customers I have to tell you she is a keeper and I am so glad I called today and she became my Agent. Thank you Very Much Sarah and I do wish you the very best . I will be referring you to family and friends with great compliments. My # is 14307650
My husband and I both worked with Diane on the phone to make a change in our present auto and home owners insurance to a new insurance company.. She was most patient with us and explained everything to the smallest detail. She is very knowledgeable about her business and relates that knowledge to the customer in a pleasant and accommodating way. She convinced us and we gave her our business.
Talked to a very knowledgeable rep who took my information and was able to quote competitive rates. Helped me find the best rate with a reputable company along with good coverage levels. An overall very good experience. Confirmation #: 14273366
The customer service was very easy and quick to deal with. Getting a quote was as easy as 1,2,3..... Also was a lot cheaper then my previous insurance company and I have a lot more coverage now then I did before.
Jeff was great and i could get the vibe that he was really trying to get me the best deal and coverage for my buck.14281156
I dont know how they got my # They called 6 times in 2 days, asking for a George T? I kept telling them they got a wrong phone#. I finally got pissed when they called at 6:05 am this morning and woke me up. Not cool! Here are all the numbers they called from; (877)379-7707 (877)928-5995 (855)721-6797
quick polite service and saved me $ 14390607
I was researching home, auto & boat insurance so I could renew my policies next month. Fortunately while shopping online I came across the site for Home Insurance. I asked to be contacted and was called quickly by a very knowledgeable agent named "Stephanie." She took my information, shopped for the best rates and came back with quotes from The Hartford that were very competitive. Out of the five agents I spoke with Stephanie was easily the best. This is the way to buy insurance in 2013. Home has a no-nonsense approach that gets you the coverage you need at the lowest rates. I highly recommend this company.
Smart and friendly service..great rates
I was contacted by a representative quickly and he was very easy to understand and friendly. He went through my current policy and my dwelling to make sure I had the proper coverage and even gave me a few different quote options based on my current coverage and increasing my coverage. He was very knowledgeable and easily answered all my questions. I also received a quote for auto insurance if I later decide to combine my policies. I would absolutely recommend this website and will most likely use them again in the future. Confirmation # is: 14292496
Nicole worked with us to make sure we had all of our questions answered. We got a great quote, our insurance has been set up and the company is working with our mortgage company to set up the escrows. There was no selling and we were done the same day. What a fantastic experience! Confirmation # 14360673
I needed immediate assistance with my homeowners insurance since the company I dealt with misunderstood my request to cancel and cancelled my policy immediately. I spoke with Sarah Hanson who quickly found coverage for both my home and automobiles at a substantial savings and was able to have the policies issued immediately. I was a little dubious of using an internet service of this type to shop for insurance, but I would now recommend this service to anyone. Signed, A Very Satisfied Customer
I was very pleased with how my call was answered. All my questions were answered accordingly. I saved money by calling, I recommend them 110%
This is a great company to work with. They were very prompt in contacting and responding to me, and were able to find a very good rate for me on home insurance. I would definitely recommend them to anyone shopping for insurance. Confirmation #14388585
My sisters and I shopped around for an affordable home insurance, we could not believe our good fortune when we receive the quote from Met Life. The customer service was excellent, (thank you Stephanie), and the price is unbeatable. I am now considering changing my insurance company. Thank You Met Life.
Tucker you worked hard to find a policy to meet my needs and that is appreciated. You were a little pushy during our initial conversation. I do look forward to a to doing business with you in the future. Thanks, Jim
the csr was a very good guy who cares about his customers and want to make them happy. I am very pleased to say that he saved me hundreds of dollars a year thanks again!
thank you so much nicole I do appreciate everything you did for me and treating me as if we have been friends which seems like forever. You treated me and talked to me with respect and answered all of my questions, I would recommend you to anyone looking for insurance.
The company service saved my time as well as dollars. Confirmation #: 14268840
Excellent customer service! The insurance consultant, Claudie Johnson, assisted me in finding the best rate and coverage offered in my area for homeowners insurance. By the time I finished a single phone call I had a new policy with better coverage and at half the cost I was paying. 14264526
The agent was very helpful in finding me the a good insurance quote almost half what my previous insurance charge for the SAME COVERAGE . Guess who is the old insurance ( BOA affiliated) The agent was very professional and helpful in identifying possible deductions. Great Service Thank you Mrs. Sabrina Jarman My Confirmation # is: 14299329
The hassle free way to get the quote you want is with! Confirmation #14406548
I have used in the past and due to the positive experience I used them again when shopping for new insurance. I was very pleased with the process and my agent was very helpful in explaining coverage.
Great customer service. Love the savings. 14346080
Jeff was a big help and made my husband and I feel comfortable in switching insurance companies. He said if we have any questions feel free to call and believe me will call (LOL). Jeff was able to save us money and I will refer him to friends and family. Thanks Jeff and keep up good work.
Pleasant discussion of our circumstances and insurance needs and imminent changes upon entering retirement that suggested a need to review our insurance needs and costs led to conclusion to change our insurance carrier for both auto and home insurance with significant savings. Very helpful in explaining various alternatives for our consideration.
Wonderful experience speaking with Adam. He understood my needs and kept the process short and sweet. I was never made to feel like I was getting a sales pitch thrown at me. Thank you for this, and helping me to save some money! Patty
After spending two (2) days trying to find a well put together Home Owners Policy at an affordable price, I made contact with Andrew Young, who worked with me for quite some time until he could put together an acceptable policy for an acceptable price. He was so professional and did everything possible to accommodate me. I had already talked to at least seven seven other companies before Andrew and I was getting frustrated. I have to say that he was very easy going and never tried to use "High Pressure" sales tactics, I felt quite comfortable throughout my entire experience. I highly recommend ASI and Progressive Home Advantage. F. Janson Pennsylvania
This was a great experience for me JESSE TAYLOR did a great job taking care of me . He save me a lot of money and explained everything very clear to me . He went the extra mile you might say. Very professional!!! 15570518
Drum Daniels was a perfect example of what a customer service rep SHOULD be. Courteous, friendly, patient, and very helpful. I didn't buy my insurance because of the company that Drum is representing but because how easy it was to deal with this gentleman. Thanks for your time and your help. Much appreciated!
Josh was EXCELLENT in addressing what our families needs were. Was VERY professional and definitely prompt when he said he would contact me first thing at 8am the next day. Exactly that time, the phone rang, and it was Josh. Very impressed with that, and his knowledge, courteous manner and patience! It was very reassuring to know that an experienced individual was taking care and addressing everything that we needed - and he did!! We got a fantastic deal on both our home and auto insurance needs. Definitely am going to refer his services to family and friends. VERY glad I google searched insurance companies and found you guys. Josh is definitely an asset to your company! Thanks again Josh for your help and expertise! :)
Was searching around trying to find a better deal on our homeowners insurance, as well as our car insurance. found me a great deal that saved me hundreds. I came back months later when we were buying our new home, and once again they found me a great deal. I'd recommend them to anyone!
The agent, Sarah Baker, was businesslike, friendly, competent, helpful and effective. I received the information, service and insurance products I needed at a reasonable cost. Confirmation # is: 13569173.
The process to get to my rep was tedious and frustrating. Was transferred around a few times and was annoyed by that. It took longer than expected, much longer.... They couldn't access my current policy info which I thought was odd and again annoying..... I don't fault the customer rep for this bit the process and tools available to there disposal, safe co needs to fix this.... Diane was extremely helpful, courteous, polite and very friendly. By the time I was done I felt better and she had an uphill battle. Hats off too her....
Working with Sarah was a breeze. She is knowledgeable, efficient, quick and right on target with her information. She works diligently to get the best policy coverage for the best price. I'm a returning customer and would recommend them to anyone.
I have been looking around and pricing; Brittany made me very comfortable and she explained it all in detail. I went with her even though it was slightly hirer than what I have been quoted. I also felt she was telling me the truth about the coverage, because I have no idea about insurance.
HomeInsurance was a quick and easy process that saved me hundreds of dollars on my home insurance. Adam, the agent who helped me, was friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. Highly Recommended. 14337964
It was very nice to talk to Julio Monterrey .
Anderson was a pleasure to work with. He made me feel 100% confident in his interest in taking the best possible care of my individual needs, specifically meeting my desired goals in regards to coverage and premiums. It is very nice to be treated like a person, not a number. I would highly recommend ASI to others. My confirmation # is: 14292269 Thank you. P.S. I am waiting for the AGENT of RECORD CHANGE e-mail. Thank you for calling me about this. You can forward it to me at [email protected]
I was so pleased to have made that call and i got a great insurance and the agent stayed with me til i got what i was looking for. I will recommend the service to all my friends. Thank you so much and please continue to do the same.
I was very leery at entering in my phone number and email address at first, who isn't with the internet promising everything these days. Anyhow, I almost got an instantaneous call telling me they would save me money. I came prepared, I had the best HO insurance quote I myself could get after a weeks worth of searching. After I had given them the information about my home and answering very detailed questions I got a quote that exceeded my expectations. They beat my best quote I could find by 20%! I was floored at the service and time they took to make sure everything was covered. I'm very glad I chose to ask for their help. They are a real company with real people who care. I got my finished paperwork in less than 24hrs. This is great! Tell all your friends! #14375391
This company was very good in finding me an inexpensive homeowner's insurance I felt I could depend on. Low cost, no frills, which is what I was looking for. Who needs $85,000 to put you up while you wait for another home or to have yours fixed (loss of use), with a year's limit. If i couldn't live for less than that in a year I would be embarrassed. Thanks for the savings. And what a friendly agent! I would recommend Brittany to anyone.
Mr. Evans was awesome ...he answered all my questions with no run arounds and provided me with the best quote by far! This was indeed quality customer service and I am very pleased with Homeinsurance.
I received a great price for my home insurance, saving me a minimum of $100 to the next closest competitor, and as much as $400 a year to many others....and getting HIGHER coverage limits to boot!!
My husband and I were in search of a new homeowners insurance policy after more than thirty years with State Farm. We found that we were not getting any services along with a tremendous increase in costs. We contacted through an easy internet search. We thought that we might as well try that route since we were not getting anywhere with local agents. We called the number listed and were connected to Kristofer Erickson and could not have been more delighted with an agent who knew exactly where we lived and what we were experiencing. He did a complete and thorough survey of our needs and asked us quite clear questions that were pertinent to our situation. He was able to find the same coverage with a much lower deductible and much lower costs. This all took place in less than an hour and we were on our way to a new relationship with a new carrier that is available to us 24/7.
I was waiting on the phone to speak with someone for 15 minutes. Once someone answered, they immediately put me on hold without asking me for another 5 minutes. When the phone rang again they answered and immediately hung up on me. This is extremely unprofessional and unacceptable for anyone providing service.
Lonnie was extremely helpful and found me the best insurance coverage at the best value. TC
Good experience while shopping for home insurance. Thanks.
Diane was very helpful as well as knowledgeable as she helped me get a great price on comparable insurance at a fantastic savings. Diane was patient with me ( I was trying to speed the process along since I was at work) and completed everything in a minimal amount of time. 14302564
Conf # 14387529 Fantastic service along with unbelieveable saving
My Husband and I are purchasing our first home, which some of you may know requires alot of work! I called and was asked a few questions before being connected to my Insurance Specialist Jeff. He was very knowledgable about the product and services and got me all set up with my new insurance policy in minutes. I didn't have to do all the leg work of shopping around and was able to move on to other important details of our purchase.
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