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Health Net Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Health Net
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I had a motorcycle accident in April of 2014 and went to the emergency room. The hospital and attending doctors filed their claims with Health Net, all of which were denied as they should have been sent to my PPO. I have not figured out if the offices that filed the claims didn't know they were to send it to the PPO or if Health Net just has them do it this way so they can delay payment to the doctors and hospital. Then, as with others on here, my payment in April was not credited to my account yet the payment was cashed. Turned out that Health Net had a huge issue where thousands of payments went unaccounted for. However, this caused my account to be suspended and had to go to urgent care for follow up after my accident - twice. Each time I had to pay all costs up front and file a claim. I followed the directions on Health Net's website, filled out the form and sent it to Health Net as directed. 30 days later, I received a letter stating my claim was denied and a couple of codes as to why - one reason was because the claim is the responsibility of my PPO, and because a diagnosis was not included. What a joke. Finally last week I received my reimbursement check, almost 4 months later.
Be sure to video tape and record what the agent says your coverage is. Also they don't even honor their docs for how much my co payment is 10 bucks??? They have me paying full price for a generic prescription. Really??? Epic fail and they take 220 out of my checks for insurance. Why am I paying for this? It's even worse when you call the 800 number. They don't listen and they just talk down to you. I've called multiple times and they've hung up. I've looked for a sound answer. All I got was dead air nonsense from these people. I don't recommend them to anyone. I hope that Health Net gets shut down. They are horrible. They make it difficult for the working class to get affordable medications while the lazy bums get free medications. The ratings should be negative not on positive scale.
I have been with Healthnet for 9 months and have found the company to be nothing short of incompetent. The billing has not been correct since the first invoice requiring us to call monthly for correction. After being promised that the error is corrected, the same error still appears on the next statement (8 times now). They issued a letter cancelling the policy at the beginning of a month that we had already paid for. When we have used the policy we called to make sure that we understood our benefits and after taking our child to the doctor learned that those services were not covered at all and that they would have been if we went to a different doctor. This was the reason we called in the first place. I have absolutely nothing good to say about Healthnet and can't wait to be away from them.
I first went to the marketplace to get their insurance but cancelled before start (not before paying the first month). I then kept getting bills for months! Each time I would get the runaround from this company, having to call the marketplace who said they indeed cancel this with them..... Finally after five months wrote several letters, one to corporate who verified it was cancelled before start. Finally got my payment back SEVEN MONTHS LATER!!!!! Worse company ever and I hope Christine takes me off their mailing list as I never want to see any correspondence from this terrible company again, EVER!
Poorly Managed and serviced medicare advantage plan - Last year a lot of issues and complaints. No issue was resolved yet and this 2018 not even the member ID card is issued yet. Called many time, every time is a new excuse and no solution. I have to postpone my appointment because of no new member ID, and they don't care at all. But very active and regular to send notice for payments due. No respect to members at all...
I read some of the other reviews and I agreed with 98% of them, especially the ones about overcharging while getting bad services. I myself have been a victim of Health Net - representatives giving false or misleading information. In 2012 my doctor wrote a letter to my insurance, stating that my medication cannot be substituted. I've tried everything else, but only the brand works and it is imperative that I take this particular brand. However, January 2012, I was told by a Health Net rep that I had to pay a (one time) $100 deductible and I would only pay $25 copay thereafter.Recently, I went to pick up my prescription and my insurance was charging me $125. I was angry because they are pretending like last year's conversation never happened. They were rude to me on the phone and I requested for a supervisor to call me regarding this matter. Yes, they ignored my request. I'm on a fixed income and suffering without this medicine. My husband pays a lot for Health Net insurance (over 10 years) and it's appalling for customers to be treated this way.
I signed up for Health Net PPO minimum coverage Jan 2019 through Covered California as a downgrade from my more expensive previous medical insurance. I paid my first payment and made an account using my subscriber number, no red flags yet. Fast forward a couple weeks I receive my card in the mail. I notice it has a hospital listed on it as my main doctors, when I never chose a specific one, and I’ve never seen that listed before. I want to look for a doctor in my area so on the website I search very specific results 20 mi radius, my specific min coverage PPO plan through CC and I notice it says 3,500 doctors in my area (red flag) and I’m thinking there’s no way and every single one says accepting new patients. I try to sign it to look at the doctors more detailed and it couldn’t find my account, I tried using my subscriber number again and it said I wasn’t in the system, all of a sudden (red flag). I also notice a glitch on the top of their page too. I google Health Net and about 15 locations pop up in my radius, I question why would there be locations. I click on the links. Pictures pop up of blank buildings in office areas (red flag). I decide to good Health Net reviews and it led me to this website and I believe everyone on here. I don’t want to be with them no longer and I can’t believe they are a “major medical provider network” and act this sketchy.
With Tricare (military), and Health Net is the new contract (prior to '18; United Health). Prescription costs have risen; in one instance from $3 to $50. Co-pays have doubled at the hospital (learned this for an upcoming routine procedure). Dr visit co-pays have almost doubled. Since Jan; I've spent over 2 hours on hold for 3 different calls (before speaking to a live person). Still waiting for them (and United Health; who was the previous contractor) to "decide" who has a record of paid premiums for '17... United says all databases were sent to HN, HN says United has it. In the meantime; I need something more than a credit card statement as proof of payment for my last employer (who I also retired from), to reimburse my 2017 premium payments. Deadline is another 10 days; and no waivers of extensions; either I get the necessary documentation (like United provided for '16) or, I'm out 4,200 in premium costs (mine, and my daughter under Tricare for Young Adults). A lot of finger pointing going on as to who has the information; and a lot of lies from HN when they have said on 3 occasions in the past week and a half, that they'd have it resolved in 24 hours. Each time it took me calling them back. Earlier today, back to square one as HN basically has not been keeping records of the calls and is once again saying they have no information. Reading other complaints from those that have been with HN for a time now; I'm very concerned that the military has royally screwed up by not continuing the contract with United Health. A call back from HN (even if they were still committed to an answer of "We can't help", would have got them out of the 1 star "hole". The value and the coverage; well, costs have doubled and prescriptions have risen dramatically.
I am writing this to protect others. After not getting any help or clear answers from the 800 number, I called the Corp. Office to ask a very simple question. ** was truly a complete nut case. This is not a joke. She went on a rampage; while on her rampage, I put the phone down for 13 minutes; when I picked up the phone, she was still talking non-stop. I never got my question answered and we dropped our services with the company. She was very disrespectful, dim, and has some serious issues. I feel very bad for the CEO she represents. FYI: The conversation was recorded. I would advise not to do business with this company. Thanks and have a nice day!
I paid almost $700 a month for Health Net HMO coverage from July through November of last year. I have injuries from a fall that need addressed. But by the time I went to a PCP, got a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon, got a referral from him for an MRI, had the MRI, then got a referral to a neurologist, the neurologist could not see me until February of 2016, two months after my contract job would end and I wouldn't know if I'd have another job. It took me a month to see a specialist, then took a month for the MRI, then took a month to see my specialist again. The office staff for my specialist told me that they double book. The waiting room was always overflowing and I had to wait two hours each time I saw my specialist. Ridiculous. On top of that, Health Net now says I owe them for the 'grace period', even though I stated to HN customer service that I was not interested in keeping their insurance since I could not even get in to see a specialist until February of the next year, almost three months away. I was not worried about the 'grace period,' however. I moved here from Kansas in 2014, and healthcare recipients never pay for the grace period in Kansas. I had no clue laws were different in California. I only verbally notified Health Net that I wouldn't be paying for insurance in December. Now, they've sent it to collections - Capitol Recovery Corporation - without any warning and say I had to have put it in writing to have avoided paying for the 'grace period' payment. Funny that HN customer service never told me that I had to cancel my coverage in writing in order to avoid additional charges. I would NEVER use this company again and would highly recommend that no one else does, either. In addition, I was on auto-pay. I would have had to cancel the auto-pay in order to not have been charged again, which I did in October.
I have made numerous attempts to communicate and provide documentation on a bill that Health Net refuses to pay. The bill in question is for my aunt who is in an assisted living facility. She falls periodically and is taken to the hospital via ambulance to be checked. We have had numerous bills from the same ambulance company for the exact same reason, however, Health Net refuses to pay this one bill. I have attempted to call them numerous times on this matter with no results. I have contacted a supposed supervisor and he stated he would see what he could do. This was over a month ago and I have not received a call from him on the status. I have left several messages on his direct line voice mail without results. The ambulance company has submitted the claim many times with the same result, a rejection. They also are puzzled as to why Health Net will not pay this particular bill since it is the same as all of the others that they did pay. To date, neither the ambulance company nor I have received a reason for why they will not pay this bill. I have not received any written or verbal communications from Health Net. I would very much appreciate an explanation from Health Net or at least the courtesy of a phone call to explain their position. I have made many attempts to resolve this issue with no results. My only other option at this point is the legal system which I will now pursue.
I have no doctors in my area, call then and always refer me to the outdated list. Finally a representative took her time to find me a Nurse Practitioner as my primary Dr. She told me she was going to send me the new card. She never did, the N.P. is billing me because she is out of the network. I call and I call. Sign a grieving and they never call me... No solution...
Health Net changed my primary care Dr without my consent. I have tried for 7 weeks to get my Dr back and Health Net keeps lying to me. My card for my Dr says one name and on their computer verification system I have another Dr. I am paying $350 a month and cannot see a Dr because Health Net will not fix the problem. The Dr they assigned me is not taking new patients! This is the worst Health Ins company I have ever used. They are taking my money and getting away with keeping me out of having a Dr who can see me. Health Net This has got be illegal.
I have been paying for coverage all year and the times I have needed to use this health insurance for myself or my kids I find out this plan is not accepted anywhere. Even by the Dr. (specialists) they send me to, after seeing the Dr. I receive a bill for services telling me they do not take my plan. Then sending me a bill later telling me they do not accept the plan. Now myself and my two boys are sick. After calling Health Net for a local urgent care 4 referrals called all 4. None of the urgent care facilities they sent myself and my boys to take the plan (I have silver 70, suppose to be taken everywhere). I called Health Net helpline and they were rude and unsympathetic to my situation Telling me the urgent cares take my plan. I call them while they were on the phone and was advised no the urgent cares (4) do not take my health net plan. Then the Health Net adviser then was surprised hearing it herself, she then looked into it and then confirmed that though I have and pay for insurance no one in my immediate area takes my plan. She then told me my only option is to go to a hospital emergency room. She then searched what hospital for me to go to and the closest one is a 60 mile drive (to and from). I live in a very populated area of Orange County, CA with Dr. and urgent cares all over the place within 2 miles of my home. I do not know how Health Net gets away with this, terrible service and no coverage but still takes my hard earned cash. Run far away from Health Net. In my opinion this is a fraud.
This company is the worst!!! They keep sending me the wrong ID cards and every time I call they say the new card is "in the mail". Every card I've received in the mail has the old information from last year. In addition, the cards I've received only has my son listed and not me (I am the primary policy holder, he's only 4 years old). I have also had to call about questions I had regarding my schedule of benefits. Everyone I speak with gives a different answer. Some tell me I need a referral to see a Specialist, others say I don't need a referral as long as the doctor is in network. Which one is it??? I also find it incredibly irritating that there are only two Pediatricians on my plan and neither is close to where I live. WTF? I do not at all feel confident about this insurance plan and strongly dissuade others from signing up with this horrid company.
I don't know where to start except the first appointment at a Primary which was easy to get. This started on January 13. I also has some x rays done that were so bad that the x ray tech asked me how I walk and that he had never seen a hand so messed up. My Primary is so piss-poor that they have not even requested the report from the Hospital. I called and told the office manager to get them for my specialist. You would think my Putz Primary Doctor would do follow up about his own request to do x rays so he can review them. Nope, Nothing. I have never seen more ** in my life. These people don't care. They just have a job. No Ethics and Lazy and uneducated as well. We are all going to die, very early with this deal to everything and do zip. Anyway My Primary referred me to a supposed member of my group for my hearing. I drove a long way to that one and was turned away even with a confirmed appointment from my Primary. They told me the Primary did not get an approval from Heath Net for a consultation, a consultation? That turned out to be a total lie. I really didn't know where to point the finger but I do now. Health Net. What a pathetic confused group of people who say yes and do nothing. I have has supervisors from Health Net tell me they were launching investigations and a lot more. They also told me numerous time they would call back. They know nothing and do nothing. They even screwed up everyone's billing. I have a crushed hand, 3 bad discs in my back. Now on top of it a groin pull that has messed up my knee. And I'm getting worse. It's like a Mexican stand off by all of the RW Doctors who opted out and the Health Net Insurance Company whom has listed every doctor on their provider sites without the doctors signing up. So here I set. No Doctor, my hand is starting to get deformed. I'm contacting a lawyer as I paid Premiums, I'm under their care and getting none. I cannot work as well. Don't sign up with these losers. All they do is collect premiums. WE are being played for fools. Time for a Lawyer.
Health Net discontinued my PPO on January 1st without giving me any notice, although they falsely claim to have sent notices. I only found out about the PPO ending when my secretary called to ask why we had not received their February bill. They received my January payment and said nothing, although apparently it was not deposited. I am now without coverage until a new plan can kick in on March 1st. Also, this company has terrible customer service. They have failed to send materials as requested, failed to process claims. Terrible experience for me.
Unlike many of the reviewers on this website, I do not have a specific medical concern or issue that has caused me to despise Health Net. My review is based on two years working with Health Net through CoveredCA. In every single aspect, Health Net is a sorry excuse for a company. Customer service is the worst I have experienced in about a decade. Each time I call Health Net, I am connected with one of two types of people: (1) a non-native English speaker who mispronounces so many important health-related words that it is nearly impossible to have a conversation, or (2) a native English speaker who is tired, frantic, nitpicky, and largely disengaged from the needs of me, their paying customer.A sorry excuse for a website. For example, Health Net contracts with a company called BillMatrix to handle billing. For a multimillion dollar company with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, this is an embarrassment. Billing and payments for Health Net should all be handled in-house. I should be able to pay my bill without leaving HN's website, and I should be able to immediately see on the site that my payment has gone through. Very frequent technical issues on the website or bill pay phone number that make it impossible for me to pay my bill. Dozens upon dozens of meaningless paper notifications (not bills) sent to my mailing address throughout the year. Such a waste of paper.Anytime Health Net calls and leaves an automated message, I know that I will receive between 2 and 4 phone calls from Health Net with the exact same automated message within the next 24 hours. Again, this is an embarrassment. The company needs to control its data so that it can control its customer communications and not send multiple messages with the same content to the same customer. I'm just glad I haven't had any health problems in the past 2 years. I can't imagine what it would be like to have to file a claim with them. The rest of the reviews on this site give a pretty clear picture, though.
First, they could not handle a simple address change. It took 4 phone calls to get it corrected. I had minor surgery done 5/15 and they incorrectly processed the same service 5 times!!! When I called claims to discuss the problem the CSR rep rudely informed me I needed to log on to my benefits page because I clearly didn't know my benefits. When I read my benefits page to her from the online site, she realized she had my information and group number wrong. She was looking at a different patient. All 5 EOB's showed a different out of pocket and deductible amount. My out of pocket ranged from 0-$4918. I have actually had the State of Arizona Insurance Commissioner open an investigation. The lack of competency with this company is shocking. Unfortunately, I am now looking at an added expense of an attorney. I will NEVER do business with this company ever again.
The only good thing I will say about Health Net is that when one of my family members needed intensive treatment for an eating disorder, Health Net gave us a single-case authorization for the best facility (that was out of network) and even covered residential treatment. On every other front, they have been absolutely awful. I was in an accident last October, and was referred for a CT scan. I waited 3 weeks for a prior authorization from Health Net for a CT scan, and it finally was allowed. But then they only paid the claim for the scans themselves, not the $78 bill from the doctor who read the scans! Four months later, I am still trying to get them to pay it, meanwhile pleading with the radiology lab not to send the bill to collections.I was also referred to another out-of-network specialist, and after waiting 3 weeks for authorization I finally had an appointment. What do you know, Health Net denied that claim as well! Everything is like that with them. I think their business model has been to stonewall and not pay for anything, so that they could show a higher profit and be bought out by a bigger firm. Lo and behold, I just read that they closed a merger deal with Centene in late March for $6 billion. Nice work if you can get it.
If I could give them a minus star rating I would. We had Health Net insurance for years in Lancaster, CA, and never had a problem with coverage or care, so when our retirement company offered it in Tulare County, we jumped at the chance. It was the worst mistake we have ever made. We filled out forms, chose a doctor from the HN Seniority Plus website, and were sent cards verifying our doctor and coverage. We went to the doctor and were quite pleased with her and the office staff. My husband got a referral to a cardiologist, and when we called our group to verify this coverage, we were told our PCP was not in Health Net Seniority Plus.Called Health Net and received a long-winded rambling explanation as to how HN services work. We are not idiots, we know how it works. When I finally got to speak, I was told to go back on the HN Seniority Plus site, choose another PCP, then call that doctor to verify he or she takes our plan. Why bother to have a website? Why should we have to try to verify each doctor we choose from their website? We save $200 a month for this coverage, but if we cannot use it, why bother with it. Feel trapped in hell until December when we can opt out.
After being a member with Health Net for over a year I was surprised. They changed their website billing page and now it's a total disaster. They can't seem to find payments made and even suspended my coverage after 5 days late on payment. Here is the kicker I MADE THE PAYMENT ON TIME. Their system just simply lost it. When I call the person or persons are incompetent and simply read a script. The worst service and not to mention hours on the phone with great stress, there goes my condition. With still nothing done or resolved. Save yourself the headache and USE another company.
I find myself driven to write a review like this for the first time as I sit through multiple holds/transfers going on and hour and ten minutes to resolve seeming simple issues. My online payment arrived a few days late due to an online bill paying error at my bank. The result: all access to the website cancelled because I was "no longer a subscriber". Payment was made and 2 months of subsequent payments received on time, but I am still barred from the website. Contacted customer service (in Asia with questionable English skills beyond reading a script) and was told, amazingly, that "sometimes the website doesn't correct itself". Even after two months?? I asked the rep to speak to a supervisor. She refused to get on the phone, but I could hear her in the background. Same message: "the website doesn't really work sometimes." Good to know.I also need information on how to access on the website data as to how much of the individual deductibles had been used up. Seems like basic info that should be available to any subscriber right? No way. You would think I was asking for the secret formula for Coca Cola. She hemmed and hawed and basically had to give up trying to find it after 20 minutes. She contacted another department, and they admitted they can't find it either! When I pointed out how ludicrous this was even she had to laugh! Glad we can have a sense of humor about utter incompetence! At this point she/they cobbled together a solution: they would type it up and send it to me in about 5-10 days. Muchas gracias, guys. I then asked her to help me determine the adjustment in premium if I were to eliminate my oldest son from coverage. Her answer: "probably not very much". Well, thank you for assisting me by pulling that out of your **. WORST INSURANCE ON THE PLANET.
The local VA had to outsource me to a local allergist. The process began on January 6th 2016 when I watched the VA doctor input his referral. He warned me to be patient, as the company which manages this outsourcing for the VA - Health Net - was notoriously incompetent. After a week, I called my local VA and was told I would be contacted by Health net. On January 26th, I called health net because I had heard nothing. I was told by "Elizabeth" that it would take another 5-7 days to schedule the appointment. On February 1st, I called Health net because I had not heard from them and was told I would be called within 3-5 days with an appointment. On February 12th, I called Health net again because no one called me back and was told that they just set up an appointment for me on February 29th with a local doctor. I called the local doctor to confirm the appointment and found Health net still had not faxed the required recommendation. I called back Health net and spoke to "Rhonda," who provided a host of excuses and claimed the referral would be sent at the top of the hour. So, after 36 days I still have no medical appointment. That's a nice thanks for my service to my country.
Even though they have been good about paying for medications, I definitely have a few complaints. I just found out that they denied a referral to a much-needed specialist appointment, for what seems to be baseless reasons. I see my PCP in a little over a week, and MAYBE based on getting a physical, and repeating an ultrasound, they will approve the referral. Also, a few times when I've called their customer service, I've gotten reps who don't seem to care all that much about my needs, or even get defensive with me when I complain about something Health Net has done. Last week, when I did an online request for verification that they'd received my premium payment, the email they sent me had a link; when I clicked on it, it just sent me to a blank screen, no matter which browser I used. Pretty disappointed for the most part with Health Net.
The only thing Health Net knew how to do correctly was deduct money from my bank account each month. I chose them as my insurer because it was the least expensive provider offered through Covered California. Big mistake. What I quickly learned is that every thing Health Net does is sloppy. Their website never worked so when I called to talk to somebody, whoever answered the phone knew nothing about their own company and couldn't care less, and I called many times and talked to many different people. I never write negative reviews but I am so irritated with Health Net, I really want people to know about the garbage service they provide. I am switching to a more expensive plan this year and I will never do business with Health Net again.
I have been blessed to have had decent insurance coverage for the past 30 years. Now that I had to retire due to health issues, I am forced to settle for crap coverage as I can't afford to pay a lot. I've been forced to have to call Health Net many times since coverage began in January 2015. I sit on hold for a minimum of 15 minutes listening to the most horrid music interspersed with reminders to get flu and "AMMONIA" shots. AMMONIA shots? I believe the disease is called PNEUMONIA. Today I called to get the name of a company to order Diabetic supplies. The first woman was shocked to know Byram Health Care stopped accepting Medicare in 2013, which my husband and I ordered our supplies. She put me on hold and, after 20 minutes of holding, I hung up. I then called back and spoke to another woman, after the obligatory 15 minutes on hold. She informed me I would need to order everything from our pharmacy. Why wasn't I informed of this from the first woman instead of her having her fit of incredulity at the news Byram Health Care no longer serviced Medicare members? I cannot wait for open season on supplemental insurance shopping. Health Net will not be considered.
Healthnet was recommended by my insurance agent. I never had health insurance before, so I decided to join. It's been 3 months since I joined them and EVERY MONTHS I have to waste my minutes at least 60 - 80 minutes just to call them to pay. So I decided to pay online for the month of April. I paid it online on March 31st, and even my Bank account reflected the payment has been done and sent to healthnet. Around mid April I received an email saying that I haven't paid for the month of April. To make long story short I called and called wasted my minutes just to talk to the customer support. They transferred me here and there with no results. They said my payment is lost. I even send an email. They say my payment is lost. In the end they said they will contact the billing department and will call me back again in 5 - 7 days. It's been 9th days still no call yet. Till now it hasn't been resolved yet.
Health Net took over as the military and military retirees' health insurer as of January 1st, 2018. We were under United Health Military and Retirees for the past two years. Under Health Net, our co-pays have risen from $12 to $30 per office visit, and from $30 to $60 per emergency room visit. AND, doctors are allowed to now bill additional $30 co-pays for diagnostic work they do without the patient present - not even an office visit! What?!! Our monthly premiums also increased. I served my country, in war, honorably for 24 years. My many years of service during wartime rendered me sick, injured, disabled and unable to work. I am living on a fixed, very low, E-7 enlisted retirement income. My income did not increase and will not increase over 200% to adjust for these increasing costs for military healthcare. So how does Health Net justify a 250% increase in our co-pays?When I signed up to serve my country in 1983, I was promised "free" healthcare for me and my dependents for life as long as I completed a full military career. I completed 4 years past the required 20 years. The government did not keep their promise. I've had to pay monthly premiums and co-pays since I retired in 2007. But initially they were $35/month and $10/office visit under TriWest. Then $45/month and $12/office visit under United Health. But now $30!? These costs are not commensurate with our retirement pay and not at all what we were guaranteed when we signed up to serve our country. Also, when I called Health Net today, there was a 30-minute wait time to speak to a human being. That's horrible customer service. Not everyone has unlimited calling or free minutes on their phone. It's no wonder why Health Net only has a 1-star rating. The government was wrong to contract with them.
In mid June, they increased my rates by 6% because my birthday is coming (happy birthday to you too, you've got my vote for socialized health care you rats!). Then at the end of July, they're increasing my premiums by 25.2%... because I'm getting older?That's a 31% increase in less than a month. These guys are unchecked, and while I hate the government, I would love to see the full power of the military unloaded on these **.
I applied for an individual insurance. I cancelled my coverage in May to be effective June 1. They never fulfilled my request. So when I got an outstanding bill, I called. I have sent numerous faxes, emails.. Never received, yet I have copies of the fax transmission reports stating they were received. I have called numerous times to be left on hold for 2 or more hours. This is the worst insurance out there. Unable to fulfill requests in a timely fashion and unable to satisfy customers. I suggest you pay a little more for better service.
This is the worst Tricare provider yet. Just last month, they informed me that my insurance was canceled retroactive to Jan 1, despite me paying all the premiums. Health Net is insane! Terrible customer service, terrible billing department. They are incapable of solving the smallest issue, except taking your money. Good luck getting them to cover anything. Wife's pregnancy related bills have been resubmitted multiple times, Health Net refuses to pay. Getting ready to go to collections, this is the worst insurance in the world. Prepping a lawsuit, the only way to fix this.
Since health insurance in the USA has become the same as buying auto insurance, our broker prices new policies every 2 years. That's how long we've had Health Net. Our broker has quit carrying them because, "They are the worse company of any kind that I've ever dealt with." I have their payment policy to include "losing paperwork", "not being able to read the paperwork" or simply paying 5-10% of the total bill. Their idea of caring customer service is to have minimum wage telemarketers call to remind you to schedule a yearly physical.
I signed up with Health Net in March of this year. I immediately made my first payment that same week. All of a sudden, the very next month, they sent me a bill for $500, whaaat!? My premium is only $190 and I had already paid for that month. I called and told them to correct the issue, and they said it would be taken care of within a few business days. Sure enough, they sent the bill again and an ADDITIONAL bill that again, I did not owe!!I called about 7 times and wrote 3 letters, and nothing got resolved. Their poor, pathetic customer service representatives kept telling me to call Covered California. So I did, and of course they told me that they are not in charge of billing. On top of that, they said that I WAS NOT EVEN COVERED THIS ENTIRE TIME!!! I am infuriated with Health Net and I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with an insurance company. Worst customer service EVER!! I have already reported them for fraud to the Better Business Bureau. STAY FAR AWAY!!
Had Obamacare and was glad to have it rather than having nothing, after a $50,000.00 hospital bill the year before! But Health Net became my worse nightmare and still is. I wish I knew about them before Signing up! Staying on the phone for 1 or 2 hours and the person finally comes on and has no idea if insurance will pay for what I am having done? "What" don't you work there? Then tells me to call back later to talk to supervisor. Is one not there? No! Ok give me a direct line. "I cannot do that." OMG really I must spend another 1 to 2 hours to reach her!!! And she might be on a call, can she call me back, No! This is awful service... It took 3 days to finally reach her and she did not know so I asked the doctor to call! OK so nowhere to turn I have 18 months before Medicare "oh yea" so a month before I call Health Net and cancel the insurance then. Now don't forget to do this people. I called Covered California and Cancelled. This was almost 2 years ago. Health Net has turned me over to collection saying I did not give 30 day notice! I even gave the name of the person I talk to but they say she does not work there! I don't care she work there then! It's a nightmare month after month these notice from collection. We have A+ credit. I am so angry... Health Net has so many complaints. Something should be done to them to help us... Where do we turn? I don't know my order number. It's been a long time ago...
Become a drug addict because I could not get physical therapy. Confusion we have to go thru Health Net is a nightmare. Call them 2 hours on phone several times, no good. Then they set me up with a non-participating provider, no good answers available. I told the same story to at least 5 people plus the VA hospital in Ann Arbor Mich. I dropped out, easier to wait the 90-day wait than to deal with Health Net. The government should look into this mess. Someone is making a lot of backroom money on this failed veterans choice program. Hope VFW helps us as I can find no answers as I suffer with pain.
I've paid thousands of dollars in premiums for me and my children since my employer went to Health Net. Recently, I had to take my daughter to the ER to treat an allergic reaction and I discovered that I will have to pay the entire $2,000 hospital bill because my horrible policy will not cover anything below the $3,000 deductible per person for the year. I have no idea what the point of having insurance is if it won't offset large expenses at the time of emergencies. I despise Health Net and am counting the days until I change policies to another company.
I had this insurance last year with no problems at all. This year I received two separate packets in the mail, each with new ID cards (with the same info) and benefit guides. I go through the proper steps to get a biopsy done, but my Dr's office is having trouble finding out if I need Prior Authorization. I myself have called at least 10 times, getting a different answer each time, several times being on hold for over an hour. I refused to give up. All in all after 2 WEEKS of this nonsense I finally get notice that I have the wrong member #. I can't get prior authorization till I have a PCP listed on my account - takes 3-5 business days for thatto show on my acct. I'm told my Dr. isn't listed as one of their providers (not true). My account has been suspended. I need to find out where to make a formal complaint.
Health Net has not been able to handle keeping information correct, and not taking care of appointments for veterans. When you try to call and get thing corrected they say that things are taken care of or you will get a callback. But you never get a callback, and things are never taken care of. To where appointments get cancelled because they will not get the correct information. This was suppose to help veterans but it has made matters worse. Health net need to be put out of business, before someone dies due to their incompetence. I will not rate them. They don't deserve to be rated at all.
The referral coordination received by HealthNet, Pacific Independent Physician Association, is very poor. I requested a referral for a specialist so that I can have an MRI done in November 2014. I did not receive authorization for this referral until March 2015 after I submitted a Grievance Complaint. This association has poor management in referral coordination. I am still waiting one more week before I see the specialist. Such poor attention to human healthcare needs is a human outcry.
If I could give it 0 stars I would give it 1 million "0" stars because they deserve it. If you need to be referred to a specialist don't count on seeing the specialist anytime soon. They take about 2 weeks to process your authorization (They say 5-7 days, however that is business days and even then they take longer to process it). Once you have the specialist authorization approved you are lucky to have an appointment scheduled within a month. And oh... If you try calling the medical group to find the status of your authorization be ready to wait for at least one hour due to heavy volume calls. This is an unacceptable form of treatment to any human being especially if you are in a debilitating state of pain. I urge you to please select any other health insurance to prevent this happening to you. And yes I am a real human being not a robot.
This company Health Net is the WORST I have ever had to talk to. They changed some dates on coverage and when told about it, they kept saying it was discontinued yet they (Health Net) kept sending letters stating that there was coverage. The left hand didn't know that the right was doing. So glad that we changed health coverage...
Horrible, absolutely horrible service. They received an order for an MRI two months before my wife was to have this procedure and got a call the evening before that her procedure had been denied; this is a follow-up to make sure her chondrosarcoma has not returned. I spent five (5) hours on the phone trying to straighten out their denial with no resolution. I got so fed up, I cancelled the policy and will never, ever deal with this abominable company ever again. Don't do it!
Each and every time I've tried to use Health Net's website to find a new physician for my son, all I find is very outdated information! Either the doctors listed on their site are no longer in the network, even though the site says that they are, or are they aren't taking any new patients, even though the website says that they are. I've also called Health Net and have spoken with their reps and all I can say is, the reps must have the exact same outdated information that we, the public have because the doctor that I inquired about yeah well, the rep told me he was accepting new patients and he wasn't! Time wasted on both accounts!Needless to say, I'm on hold right now with a rep. She's going to call the doctor's office for me to be sure that they are within the network AND accepting new patients. I will say that I had to insist that she do this as she just wanted to email me a copy of the list of providers which won't do me a darn bit of good because she ALSO has outdated information!
Called and tried to ask about information on a bill for my father. First time I waited 5 minutes on hold and then finally got to talk to a representative. She said I was supposed to get my father's social security number and that she will hold. I'm at work, so I called my father and got him on the phone, got his social security number and she hung up on me. Second time I called back, waited 10 minutes. Another lady answered, told me that I needed my father's medical card number that I needed to call back. I specifically asked the lady on the phone, "What else do you need because I don't want to have to call back again." She said, "All we need is just the ID number and the bill that you are referring to." Called back the third time, waited for 15 minutes and finally another lady answered. She's now telling me I needed to put my father on the phone. I understand that you can't give out privacy information without my father's authorization but why would you not tell me that the second time that I called and asked you specifically what else do you need. When I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, this stupid lady hangs up on me instead. This is very annoying and why would you hire people who are not even knowledgeable enough to tell me that the second time that I called. This is unacceptable to be hanging up on customers. Your customer service really sucked.
I needed to consult with a specialist and there was no in-network specialist in my town. The specialist told me she would like to sign a contract with Health Net. Both me and the specialist contacted Health Net several times but their customer service reps either didn't know how to process the request or they gave us wrong phone numbers. I even sent them written email hoping they can read and understand the situation and as expected, I didn't get an answer from them.SO IF YOU ARE THINKING OF JOINING HEALTH NET, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY HERE AND DON'T RISK YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH.
I recently submitted my own claim, Health Net LOST it, then - when I sent it certified mail - denied it because the form was supposed to typed out, but their PDF is not fillable. Clear handwriting is evidently NOT okay, and I will be resubmitting this claim again after filling that form out in Photoshop. This is really stupid and seems to be designed to make you give up.
Health Net is incompetent. You know what happens to incompetent businesses, they fail. I plead with the rest of the United States, DO NOT PURCHASE HEALTH NET. If you don't buy, they go under and leave us alone. Do what I did, get another health insurance company (pick any other one). Next year, I am purchasing health insurance directly from the provider. I don't like government in my business or my health care, do you? Look at the current political climate... do you want any of these morons choosing the hospital, the doctor, the scalpel? I bet you they don't have a health degree, or even care for your health!!!
I've have only had this insurance in 2014. I broke my toe a month ago. First they give me referral for a doctor whom does not handle this. Then I get another referral for a doctor's office only to be told if I make a appointment I would have to wait 4 hours before I'm seen, so that didn't work. Then they called my job at about 1:30 pm telling me they made me an appointment to see a doctor in Simi Valley at 2:30. What kind of window is that, I did not have transportation to get there for one and my job is not one that you could come and go as you please. So I tried calling them. I was put on hold for about an hour. I called again. I was basically laughed at and hung up on. What kind of people is this, no professionalism what so ever. Need I say I am a diabetic on top of it all. Oh I'm very sure I will not be giving them my monthly payments in 2015. I still to this day have not seen a doctor to correct my broken toe.
If there was a way to give a Zero star or negative stars, I would do that. There is no positive experience dealing with Health Net as an insurance company. Providers who hold contracts with Health Net are good. But Health Net treats its paying customers like dirt. All I wanted to do was to cancel my insurance with this company ( for my Dental and Vision care and the cancellation process is not existent, not explained to customers, and extremely complicated to get out of. You can check in any time you want, but just cant ever leave."Relax," said the Health Net Insurance Representative /Customer service, "We are programmed to receive (your premiums every month). You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!" Very very bad experience. Unless management policies change, they are going to lose customers and market share because their customers experience with Health Net customer service is horrible. Something that can be done very easily to way too complicated.
Let's just put it like this. My mom has been with Health Net most of her life. Her doctors were treating her for something she probably never even had. The medication only made her symptoms worse. They didn't listen. It took a surgery from a specialist to tell her she has a liver disease. She has been in and out of the emergency room for some time now and every time a doctor from the ER contacts my mom's primary doctor, he says she not his patient yet he prescribes medication and signs off on refills and she sees him every couple of months or so, instead of directing her to someone who can help her or giving other doctors permission to treat her for what she has or even filling out forms other doctors need. It's so upsetting when my mom asks him, he says it done. We wait, receive call from other doctors saying they never received anything. And it's an ongoing fight to get the simplest of things done. She's taking a medication the requires a blood test done monthly due to her liver conditions we never even knew until someone from Health Net came to our house to do a yearly review and explained what each med was for and what should be done with each one. My mom is getting no help with her condition from her doctor and he won't do anything to help her. The guy said he'd have someone call within a week so she can be switched to someone who is willing to help "build a team" is what he called it. It's been a month and nothing. We've tried switching to another insurance so she could be seen at UC Davis. The process is taking forever. Meanwhile, my mom goes days without eating due to pain and every now and then, we go to the ER to see how her liver is doing. I don't know what I can do anymore. It hurts to see her in pain, to see her hungry, and when she eats, the little that she does, she throws it up. And no one will help. Maybe not all of Health Net's doctors are this worthless but this one I feel shouldn't even be treating people.
By no means am I knocking President Obama and what he is trying to do for our country. I am simply stating facts from previous experiences when paying for Dr. or hospital visits. My biggest complaint is that if you carry insurance your bill is extremely higher than if you do not have insurance. Now this is the same procedure done so why should it be twice and sometimes more expensive? If clinics and hospitals are charging insurance companies so much more that kind of explains why insurance prices are sky high and not affordable for so many people. I make good money, so they want $600 to $1000 per month with still a high deductible. I may go to the Dr once a year if that and if I do my bill is considerably lower without insurance! Why would I pay those ridiculous premiums when I can pay the hospital or clinic monthly payments way lower than the monthly payments to an insurance company, and still have to pay an outrageous deductible?So I will continue to be penalized on my tax return, and still come out way better than paying an insurance company. In fact I just returned from Argentina and for $3000 I had the stem cell replacement procedure done and it will take care of what's wrong in my body. It's like a fountain of youth, and I didn't need insurance. This will soon be available in the US I'm sure, because stem cell clinics are starting to pop up for bone problems. Could you even imagine what an insurance company would have to pay for such a procedure? Please fix this problem so insurance can really be affordable for everyone for this is not the case at the present time.
Health Net discriminates against and punishes patients and pharmacist for not using their Mail Order Pharmacy or CVS. I have had Mail Order Pharmacy with Group Health. There was constant problems. Ranging from medication errors to meds stolen off the front porch. Health Net requires its patients to use only their Mail Order or CVS pharmacies to receive a 3 month fill/refill of medications. If not a patient can only receive 1 month at a time of medication. I have over a dozen medications which means multiple trips a month to my local pharmacy. They have removed the role of the pharmacist from the patient health care team. I and my family have devoted our lives and careers to Teaching Hospitals and Emergency Medical Care. I am disgusted at the money grubbing insurance and pharmaceutical companies and the ** of health care!
Paid premium online. The emailed receipt stated that my sign-on had been updated. "If you did not request a change, to please call the number on back of my card immediately." Fearing that my account had been hacked, I called their 800 number. First got sent to an offshore, poorly connected female voice. Given the poor connection, and difficulty understanding, I decided to hang up and call again and hope for better results. This time, I got a guy (Alan?) who sounded helpful, but had never heard of this happening, so left me on hold (approx 15 minutes) while he "researched." Came back and instructed me to contact an "ISP Billing Specialist" and gave me the number for that specialist -- which was the same general number where I reached him!! NOT HELPFUL. But I called again.. This time some gal who I could barely hear had no idea what I was referring to, and she hung up on me. I took out a Health Net Individual PPO policy when my Cobra account ended this past May. Based on today's experience, and a previous attempt to talk to a service rep at Health Net for rather inconsequential matters, I am very concerned about what type of care I'll get when I do need them to pay a claim. Based on the reviews here and other sites -- I can only say I hope I don't get sick. I pay nearly $1200/month for really terrible service. I'll be looking for another health insurance company -- one that actually trains its reps who speak clear English and can provide solid helpful answers for its customers.
My wife and I signed up for a silver plan with HealthNet in December. On the website, they listed the deductible and maximum out-of-pocket "per individual" at half the amounts for "family." Four months in, with my wife having run out the "per individual" deductible amount and making a pretty good run at the maximum out-of-pocket "per individual", HealthNet said if just one person is incurring the expenses, she still has to run out the entire "family" amounts - in other words, that the plan we ended up with does not have individual deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums. We filed a complaint with the AZ state department of insurance, consumer affairs, and within just a few days they got HealthNet to admit their published info had been misleading. So for this year only, they are going to start reimbursing us based on the "per individual" deductible and out-of-pocket amounts. They are revising their explanation of coverage documents. But we are the squeaky wheel. Anyone else who runs into this problem may have to pursue their own complaints.
This company has one of the worst customer service in the country. I had to wait 45 minutes today before I could talk to a person today. My prescription did not go through at Walgreens and after talking to an agent I find out that they have issued us a new subscriber number beginning January 1 and it is almost the end of the month and we still have not received our new cards. She gave me the number over the phone. Another claim from October 2017 that is unresolved has disappeared from their system. In my line of work I have dealt with the IRS, FTB, Social Security Administration and other government agencies and even though they are underfunded and have lot more work I have received much, much better customer service from them. People blame government agencies for poor service and praise the private sector. Well this is exactly the opposite.
I have treatment-resistant depression and, although I've tried most of the common SSRI and SNRI medications over the past 15 years, I continue to have recurring bouts of depression that disrupt my life. Despite these difficulties, I am now a graduate student at a major research university and began consulting with a physician who specializes in treatment-resistant forms of depression after another bout of depression. Many of the newest medications that have been used to treat resistant forms of depression are medications that were originally intended to treat other neurological diseases, but they have shown great promise in treating even the most difficult cases of depression - cases that respond to few other medications.I began using one such medication and it substantially improved my depression. I began feeling hopeful that, finally, I had found a medication that works for me. Unfortunately, HealthNet refuses to cover the cost of this medication because it was not originally intended for the treatment of depression, despite published data from numerous clinical studies that indicate its effectiveness in treating the more resistant forms of depression, despite the fact that there are currently many people safely using this medication to treat their depression, despite my physician's repeated pleas, and despite the fact that it works for me. Additionally, there are numerous other medications my physician had hoped to consider for my treatment that HealthNet has also stated they will not cover. I have contacted the pharmaceutical company, but they do not offer assistance for patients any longer. I have contacted other prescription assistance programs and they have indicated that, in order to enroll, I must be without health insurance. I also considered prescription discount plans, but the greatest discount I can find is 10% off of a medication that costs about $29,000 a year, out of pocket. Needless to say, I cannot afford the cost. So I am now going off of the medication and the options I have available to me in terms of medications have been severely restricted by my health insurance company. I foolishly assumed that health insurance was intended to help people treat their illnesses so that they can return to a normal, productive life, instead of continuing to require further treatment, therefore incurring future costs for the health insurance company.HealthNet seems to be very short-sighted. By refusing to cover the cost of my medication at this time, I risk future episodes of depression and further disruptions to my life - as well as further treatment, for which I will be billing HealthNet. Where is the logic in this? Why save a little money now only to potentially spend much more down the road? And this says nothing about the impact that this may have upon my life and my future. Disappointment is too kind a word to describe the way I feel about HealthNet and their policies.
Ever since we signed up with Health-net my family has had a domino effect of disasters. I am just going to mention one of the several problems. I had just changed my plan from HMO to PPO in the Healthnet plan so they would cover my 5 year old son's surgery. Otherwise, they weren't willing. They actually told me my doctor was not included in their plan and called up the Doctors network that I belonged to prove it but the Dr. network argued with them for me saying he was approved. I being a 3rd party listening to them argue back and forth was weird... awkward. So, I switched to a PPO network and then after the surgery went back to my HMO plan. It was fine and dandy until I went to pay the premium that next month. The automated payment line gave me a different amount that sounded a little less than I usually pay. I paid it but it bothered me so I called up customer service to make sure. The customer service agent assured me that that was the full amount. Then a few weeks later we got a letter saying I didn't make my premium that month. I called back (note to self: calling is no picnic with the wait time up to 25 minutes and a couple times I got dropped after waiting that long, because the line went dead). Then I finally got someone who acted as if I was the one that caused the problem by paying only part of the premium when that was the only choice I had been given through the automated payment. She asked me to pay the difference and I was of course willing to settle it. Was it settled no, of course not. The next month I went to pay my premium--the customer service person said that my Insurance was in danger of being cut off because I had not made the full payment for the month that I had paid for in parts. WHhhhhaaaaaat? I then explained the situation in which they had to search literally 30 minutes to find the truth that they had in fact had received the 2 partial payments but that they were still missing one of the month's premiums. I asked them why they hadn't mentioned that the last time I made up the difference. The customer representative said she would call me back.A week later she told me she did all the math by hand and that I still was missing a premium payment even though I had my own records of paying every month. That one automated payment haunted me with the fact that they made me pay an extra month that didn't even exist, nor could they explain exactly which month I was actually missing a premium from. So I paid the extra 300 dollars, even though none of it sounded right and they had no answers on why that deficient came up even after they accounted for my two partial payments from the month before... It was the mystery month that doesn't exist?? Okay so now you see why I have a fear of Automated payments so now I try and call in my payment with a real person and they won't let me because they want permission every time for me to use my husbands' checking account. EVERYTIME??? Yet I can use the automated payment without any proof that the account belongs to me. So that is your security plan Healthnet... Healthnet... I am going to ask if you can book me into the next Psych ward but I will tell the Dr. there as he straps up my white straitjacket that I am crazy because you're CRAZY!!!
Community care is a new plan from Health Net.. Aka Medicaid - which most people don't know. Most places do not take Medicaid because they pay crap or refuse to pay. It's a cheap insurance plan which sounds great since insurance is a requirement now due to Obama care. Something is very unsettling with this specific plan. At my Dr's office we easily get 10 calls a day from PTs with this plan. We are not contracted with them yet our name is on their list of contracted providers. Mistakes happen though I get that. It's been 10 months and we are still on their list. We've tried contacting them so many times to be taken off. THE MAJOR issue I have is... Getting phone calls from established patients crying saying this is the 3rd or 4th office they've called on their list of contracted providers that are NOT actually contracted. Fraud!! I also get calls from Health Net with patients on the phone because Health Net is trying to prove that we are contracted... Something very strange is going on. People have severe medical issues and they chose this plan because it was cheap and they were lied to regarding who takes that insurance. It's disgustingly upsetting. The only Health Net plan that has never had an issue is the Health Net PPO plan. I'm saying this so you know I'm not prejudice against Health Net. I don't know what's going on with this community care plan.. It's sad. Also they've come out with other plans that have caused problems for our office.. Which is also frustrating.. But nothing like this community care plan. It's sad to see someone standing in front of you with cancer and you have to tell them that their insurance is wrong and they would have to pay out of pocket to be seen.
Every single exchange with them is awful. Every operator will give you a different answer. They don't recognize their mistake!!! I would strongly suggest you to ask for the interaction number every time you speak with someone and also their name... Even for the more simple task.... You probably gonna need it when you'll spend hours on the phone with them and you'll hear "I understand you but that's the only answer I can give you." They do not care!!! They lie! And they tell you you're the liar. I would never be fooled by their attractive price!!! They don't even stick to the cost you can find for medication on their website!!! And of course it CVS fault.
My mother signed up for coverage with the HealthNet HMO Medicare plan. She has poor circulation and has had numerous problems with her legs. She has a primary care provider in Hemet Ca who has continually delayed treatment causing reoccurrance of painful venous stasis ulcers. These have been treated with antibiotics, home health and wound care at his direction. When I was visiting from out of state we were to meet the doctor at his office in Hemet. Instead we were called by a Dr. Win his partner. We drove to the office and she met us in the parking lot, looked at the wound with my mother in the car seat and her leg out the open door. She took the dressing off and put it on the ground, advised us to go home and mix table salt and water and use it to clean the wound everyday. She then picked up the dirty dressing and put it back on the wound. What a great example of HealthNet health care. We have asked for vascular referals and were seen by "In Network" doctors who were unable to help or were coached in the need for denials. She had a wound on her achilles tendon which is 3X4 cm and deeper than the tendon. She was seen by an in network doctor for this on July 1. They made an appointment for 5 weeks later for a recheck. No prescription for antibiotics or wound care at home. She lives alone, has poor vision and this causes her great pain. I brought her to Arizona on July 4th to spend a couple of weeks with our family. On the morning of the 4th of July I asked if she wanted me to help change the dressing. Her wound was infected, with cellulitis up to her knee, and yellow and green exudate from the wound. I took her to the emergency room and they admitted her for antibiotic therapy and she was seen by a vascular surgeon who did an angiogram and found the leg could be saved by opening the arteries with a balloon. They also found an area in the right groin that needed repaired. She was in the hospital for several days trying to get the infection under control. She came home and was to return to have the balloon done to open the arteries to save her legs. HEALTHNET DENIED THE PROCEDURE BECAUSE SHE IS OUT OF HER AREA OF COVERAGE!
Over and over I have sought a provider on the website who will accept the HealthNet Marketplace plan "Open Access-Gold" I have been paying for for 8 months.I call to make an appointment and verify my plan and I am told by everyone that they do not accept the insurance. I have spent up to 3 hours on hold with HealthNet's customer service only to be told I had the wrong number. I have written to their online contact number with no response.
I have been a member of HealthNet since January 2014. Each month my premium is sent by my bank (epayment), and each month it is posted to my account except for May. In May, HealthNet cashed my payment on 5-5-14 and as of today (6-5-14), they have not posted my payment. Called 8 times. Each time, I speak with a different person who knows nothing. Today, I am told that they need one more day. Last week, I was told they needed 72 hours. Hours on hold with no results. Training is so poor, their people have to ask someone else what to do.
This company keeps calling multiple times a day even after we have told them to stop and block every number they call from. I have even called corporate to complain and got the whole I'll send a notice. Next step is a lawyer for harassment.
As a physician as well as owner of a surgery center, I give this company the lowest of grades when it comes to their preparedness in taking over the Tricare contract. We are unable to get a solid answer as to covered benefits for the patient on all fronts and therefore can not provide the necessary services. This is very bad for active duty personnel and their families. Shameful!
Firstly, I was excited to finally have insurance through my work. I have had a recurring problem with sinuses, and I have an ingrown toe-nail that got infected. My initial attempt to see my primary physician was a joke. The doctor had two different girls answering his phone, and they sounded like they were prepubescent children who were annoyed to be doing the job. After being on hold for 10 minutes in an attempt to schedule an appointment, I was greeted with a vacant voice of a girl who had no idea who I was. I switched primary physicians to a woman who works 8 hours a week, 8-12 on Wed., and Sat. She saw no need for me to see an ear nose and throat person, despite having had bronchitis for 5 weeks, and the fact that this happens to me annually. She recommended drugs for the toe. I asked about the effects to my liver, to which she was dismissive, and seemed to care only about the ascetics. But this is only the start of the nightmare. I contacted Health Net (minimum of 40 minutes on hold every ** time) and asked for a podiatrist. They gave me the run-around, and needed authorization from my primary physician. I insisted that the doctor had acknowledged my infection, to which they reluctantly gave me a name. I went to that doctor, only to find out that they had no record of me, and that I could pay them $80, and 'try' to get reimbursed, but they wouldn't recommend it. I now had to call them again, and got one name, one name only in my area... I live in Los Angeles, you know, a small town. Anyway, I insist on a second one in case, I looked on Yelp and found the horrendous reviews that most of their physicians have. They fought me, I insisted on speaking to a higher up, they gave me a second name. Lucky, I thought, because I twice contacted their first person, to which I got instant voice mail during regular business hours, and no returned call, despite expressing pain, and infection. I called the 2nd one, and I felt so lucky, they picked up their phone. I made an appointment. I then followed up by calling Health Net to confirm that I was good to go, they gave me clearance; great! Now I call the doctor back to get their Fax number, and they informed me that they hadn't been with Health Net for 2 years... I now got to spend another 40 minutes on hold to explain. They seemed perplexed and wanted a higher up to call me on Monday, I refused, and said that was not going to fly. I needed to have an appointment with a different doctor, and confirmed today. Btw, I feel so badly for people who have any optimism and sweetness in them, for they would get strung along even worse than I. Long story short, I have an appointment with a doctor in Redondo Beach on Monday. For those of you unfamiliar with L.A., that is almost 30 miles from where I live, which btw, is a joke. There are easily 500 podiatrists within a 30-mile radius of Hollywood, CA, and I'm going to have to drive to Redondo Beach, and hopefully, there won't be another glitch. I'm done with these bastards after I get this procedure done, I wouldn't wish them on my worst enemy. I'm writing this after a long work day, in prayer that I save one person the plight I experienced.
My daughter, 19 years old, high school student and marathon runner, has submitted an application with Health Net and got declined. The reason as stated on the denial letter is "history of treatment for excessive sweating." She uses prescription antiperspirant Hypercare with aluminum chloride for about two years, less than once a week. Is sweating a medical condition? Could it become preexisting condition soon? In order to get health insurance in California, you do not have to sweat.
Today, 10/01/2015, is the third time I called Health Net about my medical group change and it's still can be resolved. I called in mid-August to change to a new medical group, St Joseph Med. I was told it can be changed to but if he changed at that time, it would become effective on beginning of September which I did not want. So I was advised to call back sometime in September. I confirmed with the Health Net gentlemen to see if St Joseph Med is the one I can actually change to. He said YES for sure.I called back on the beginning of September, talking to a lady and asking her to change to St Joseph Med. After working on computer on a while, asking for PCP I wanted to change to, etc, she said everything was good and it would be effective on Oct 1, 2015. Until now, I have not received a new ID card that reflects the medical group change. I called in today again and was told that the change was not successful because it was not applicable. Why??? I asked for more details about it and she said that the system was down that she can't do anything much. She asked me to call back in one hour. I don't know if Health Net representatives are incompetent or the system is not effective but with a simple thing like changing medical group which turns out a big project for both the staff and consumer like this is definitely not good.
Health Net is a terrible company for someone seeking individual health insurance. I could never recommend them. I have been paying over $800/month for an individual policy since they moved their plans to ACA. I cannot reach them on the phone (several hours spent on hold each time I call); dropped calls are never returned. Staff are misleading, and they have regularly miskeyed or misfiled information related to either my account or claims. A horrible company.
We recently enrolled with Health Net. They made several errors (my DOB, my last name, primary care physician) in my enrollment. I am unable to reach them to correct these simple errors. I have been on the phone for more than 1 hour and no one is answering the phones. There are online forms which do not work - I fill them up but when I submit, it shows up an error. Is this insurance company even concerned about its customers? Do they even check whether their websites are working? I am really frustrated and am thinking about changing my insurance to another company.
Oh my what a racket! Enrolled in a plan for 1 particular Dr. His name was on this plan. Health Net changed our plan after we enrolled and told us to read disclosure. It states they CAN change your plan at any time! Paying 100.00 a week and still paying every time full price of Dr. THEY SUCK! Will be cancelling!!!
Provider trying to get claims information - This is the worst company I have had the pleasure of working with. Customer service is non existent. Spent 4 hours on the phone on hold yesterday only to be cut off when someone finally picked up. When you do finally get through after hours of being on hold, they can only help you with 2 patients maximum. They are a typical government run agency and that is not a compliment.
I switched from Kaiser to Health Net and so far it has been horrible. Customer service is HORRIBLE. The people on the phone have no idea what they are talking about. I just want to see a doctor. I hate the US and its insurance policies. Too expensive and terrible service. What a great combo.
We've recently had our services terminated by HealthNet. It was our accounting mistake, that's not the issue. The issue we have with them is that it took 4 to 5 calls to find out what was going on and each call we encountered extremely rude call center reps. It seemed as if each person had no idea what internal policy was nor did they take the time to read our account notes. Just now we called collections to find out when our money would be coming back to us. Now I'm not sure if I happened to catch "Mary" on a bad day but good lord was she bothered with my questions. HN's policy is to wait until the month is up and require you to call back to REQUEST the money owed back to you. Uh, what? In this case, "she went ahead and had all that expedited and we should see our refund in 2 weeks." When I asked if they could provide a detail of the funds coming back, she fired off something like, 'Well I have no idea. I don't work in refunds. I've already gone above and beyond and all of this is outside what we're required to do." Mind you, I was pissed but not expressing that to "Mary" at all. I was correctly countering her discussion in the manner in which an adult would. It's my honest opinion that HealthNet's customer service is one of the worst I've ever encountered. Please do everyone a favor and spend your insurance money elsewhere. WOW!
Began this horrible journey with Health Net on January 1st, 2015. Was admitted to the hospital at the end of the month for thyroid storm. I went to multiple doctor visits throughout february for the issue and was able to use my health net insurance card. I even changed my primary care doctor with them (which ONLY took 7 calls ... and 4 hours on the phone, good job healthnet...).Three months later I get a notice from the hospital that Health Net has refused to pay my claim. After explaining it to one rep, I was transferred to the billing department. Turns out, some idiot who activated my account on January 1st, also cancelled my account on January 1st. guys never told me that when I was on the phone with you guys multiple times throughout January and February. Also you didn't seem to mind that I paid my monthly bill to you guys either in January and February. Also for some reason all my doctors took my health insurance card with you and I was able to pay the copay with them throughout January.Funny because the card that Health Net sent me has the Effective date of 1-01-2015 and issue date of 01-29-15. So in short, they billed me, I paid the bill, had my online log in, had my insurance card, even changed my insurance card and got a new one. And some how my account has been canceled this whole time??? What?Anyway so 5 months later here I am writing this review while I'm on hold with Health Net again for the (12th time btw). There are no direct numbers so I have to waste 45 minutes explaining to someone over and over again what the ** is going on. I get transferred around for another 30 minutes...and here I am just waiting since every single person needs to read this 30 page file that I now have.So just got off the phone, and they said they're going to do what they did the last 6 times...which is resend the bill through and escalate it. "Oh i'm sorry it looks like you were a member". Yeah, no **. Well this is going to be the 6th time you send in my claim and escalate it. I'm literally going to get a lawyer if I need to call this ** company again.
This is the worst health care provider that I have ever used. When you need help with insurance questions they are not open, and when they are open, the computers are down and they can't help you. They switched doctors on me and I went to my appt to find out that I wasn't covered by Health Net anymore and can't receive a referral. I have been lied to by the phone operators on multiple occasions. The frustration is not worth the price of the cheap insurance. Stay away!!!
This contractor is a disgrace to our veterans and families. Active duty service members go to military clinics so they may not be as affected by TRICARE Prime outside of the facilities. But our veterans and families are! Worst contractor yet. Provider directories are very inaccurate. Most doctors within the directory don’t exist or don’t even accept Tricare. Also, if you do happen to find a provider you realize that they are very incompetent and don’t even know how Tricare works. I haven’t had care in a long time, due to these issues. It’s almost like I don’t have insurance at all. I can’t even imagine how many other families are affected by this. I really hope something changes because having this type of substandard insurance for another 5 years is just inconceivable.
Let's not talk about why my Health Insurance went from a $168 monthly PPO with a reputable insurance company prior to Obamacare to $265 monthly with the most G-d awful HMO Health Insurance Company I have ever worked with in my life; Health Net. I have been calling them since my effective date in February of 2015 in regards to updating my last name, mailing address (after I moved), to bring up the concern of getting cancellation notices monthly for coverage I do pay for every single month. Also, I was double insured since April of 2015, but talking to Health Net is like talking to a brick wall!!! I can't afford my coverage, and they failed to inform me I was approved with the State version of Health Net since two months ago! I have been racking up credit cards to pay for coverage I can't afford and they are taking advantage of people. What they are doing is illegal! They are getting paid by the Government and stealing money from innocent people who are unable to afford their coverage.Since I did see doctors on my private - off exchange coverage, I didn't want to make a big deal about it. All I asked them was to issue a refund of $265 for the month of June with a cancellation date of June 1st since I did not utilize my coverage AND I was already insured through Health Net Medi-Cal. I spoke with at least 10 incompetent Customer Services reps that were unable to resolve my issue and kept transferring me from Customer Service to Billing, to Claims in Arizona, then back to California because Arizona does not deal with California Cases. Not that I have anything against accents, but seriously...the level of their comprehension in the English language was beyond frustrating. I have over 10 years of customer service experience and I never thought I was ever going to need to be that mean/nasty customer on the other line...but G-d help me...they have the worst staff I have ever dealt with in my life.From day one, I was having issues with finding in network doctors. As a majority of the providers I contacted through their portal online, stopped accepting the off exchange (private) HMO Health Net Insurance I paid for because Health Net was NOT PAYING their doctors!!! Doctors started dropping them and denied me service. There was nothing I could do unfortunately. I am locked in to this awful insurance company where no-one seems to be able to provide normal assistance. I unfortunately had to process my very first chargeback with my bank. I tried to avoid doing it because I think every company should have a chance to reclaim itself. Not this one...not this one. Health Net! You have made my life miserable and broke the past 4 months. This is NOT how you treat clients nor provide customer service. Shame on you!
I had to change to Health Net in 6/2011. I needed to have my insulin refilled by July 2011 and the strips for my glucose meter. You should also know my doctor of 17 years suddenly was no longer on the plan for new patients. So I had a new doctor, who was okay but didn't have a history with me and didn't care to really fight for me. Health Net declined to cover my insulin and made me switch to another brand just because and they did that with my glucose meter/strips too. The new strips and meter are ** and I had problems with the quality of them within 48 hours of changing over. Apparently, if you don't close/seal the bottle of strips, they become inactive. With my old strips, I never closed the bottle and just stored it safely away. But the real problem was the new insulin due to Health Net arbitrary games. Be aware that I have contacted Health Net directly. Yes Corbin, you have been contacted and it is two months after I called you everyday for help and I still haven't heard from you. I gave up. I tried to get them to fix the insulin issue because even before the oral problems, I knew it was affecting me "strangely". I tried to see what I could do to get back to my doctor, others in the plan that were with the company longer were grandfathered in so it wasn't a problem for them. I stopped calling daily in October.
The worst Ins. company I have ever had. They deny all your medications, and do not pay them. They pay anything they like and want you to switch your medications with whatever they think is ok with their budget. I will drop this Insurance. Please reconsider to go with this ins co. They are scam.
I have been with Health Net for two and half years, and if you don't have anything urgent this could be a fine plan for you however if you by chance have an accident and need immediate treatment you can't count on Health Net. Every time I called I was given different information by the staff which delayed getting a referral approval. Too many employees who don't keep their word and follow up. I spoke with someone who sound so efficient and said he was calling my provider and call me back by end of day, nope never happened. But even worse I called the next day and they tried to connect me to this person and had me on hold and said I guess he isn't at his desk and the person on the phone couldn't help me since he had the keys to the file. I called again the next day, same thing happened, he wasn't at his desk and not available. Okay, so he is not available when I call but at least give me the courtesy of calling me back, nope never happened. I finally get a call the following week by a different department and have to start the filing process all over again. Meanwhile my injury is getting worse. I have changed Dr.'s, looking at changing the network and will definitely change insurance when I get the opportunity. Filing something urgent is supposed to take 3 days, it's been 12 days now and again the three day period started all over this past Monday. I am frustrated with the incompetent service I have received, each person from Health Net gave me different information.
My father-in-law, who speaks limited English, asked me to call his insurance company to verify coverage. I spent over 45 minutes of my lunch hour going through a tree trying to get someone to just verify that he has coverage, so I could possibly take him to a doctor this afternoon. He has been ill for 2 days and has missed work and my concern has grown tremendously. I do not want his job going in jeopardy; therefore, we thought it is important to see the doctor at least now, since he has insurance. I was asked to verify his DOB and I did not know the correct year off the top of my head, before I could even respond to this guy, who was very unprofessional in terms of helping me, he said he could not help me. Before I could ask him to use other information that could possibly use as a verification; but he said I was violating HIPPA. How dare he say something like that. What if something happens between now and the time I am able to get the information. I think he was being unfair and uncaring. I am totally dissatisfied. It amazes me to have to experience this because I have always heard bad information about their customer service, but now I know why people thought this. They really need to step up in to some sort of customer satisfaction and how to handle complex situations like this. I will not recommend HealthNet to anyone and for my parents who have HealthNet, I will tell them to make sure they change insurance carriers.
My daughter called to change her address with Health Net so her premiums could be sent to her place of work. She was on the line for 30 minutes so the rep could get all her information. She called a month later to find out why she didn't receive her premium in the mail to her new address. She spoke to another rep who she again was on the phone for another 30 minutes giving them her address. When she still didn't get her premium in the mail to her new address she called up to find out why. They informed her that the address that was input was incorrect. She gave them her address again and again she was wasting her time talking with someone again. When she called back to find out why her premium wasn't sent to her, she was informed that her Health Net was cancelled because of non-payment. She had been with Health Net for over 10 years always paid her premiums on time each month. When she tried to explain the situation to the rep, they told her sorry but there was nothing they could do. She would have to start up a new Health Net enrollment and then her premiums would be higher! I would like to see this resolved ASAP!
I have been experiencing multiple issues with Health Net concerning coverage of benefits. Two main issues I feel need to be addressed. First, their maximum out of pocket amount is misleading. All material that was explained during open enrollment and their summary of benefits explanation failed to mention medical expenses paid for and that count towards the annual deductible, do not count towards the maximum out of pocket limit. This is extremely misleading and only explained in their 108 page cover Certificate of Insurance. This information should be explained or at the very least denoted during their verbal explanation or on their summary of benefits. If one has to pay a deductible of $1500 and then an additional $5000, then the maximum out of pocket should state $6500 and not the stated $5000.Second, I had an emergency appendectomy. Prior to going to the ER, I verified online that St. Joseph in Orange County was an in-network ER. Upon my arrival, I was immediately admitted due to the severity of the appendix. The attending physician for the ER during my admittance was a physician that was contracted by the hospital and apparently not part of Health Net’s preferred provider list. I have already reached my deductible limit of $1500 and my "out of pocket maximum" of $5000 due to this procedure, and I have received an additional bill for an amount of $462.14 for the ER services. I contacted Health Net regarding the additional bill. Health Net refused to pay the additional amount even though this exceeds the maximum out of pocket. I filed an appeal with Health Net, only to have them pay for an additional $76.71 and informing me that I am responsible for the remaining balance due to the attending ER physician being a non-contracted provider.I understand that there are guideline that need to be followed and if I were choosing a doctor, I need to choose someone in-network. What I do not understand is how when I choose an in-network facility for an emergency procedure, why all charges corresponding to the procedure would not be covered by my insurance policy. I did not have a choice of the attending physician, only the facility. I feel that I did my due diligence by seeking out an in-network facility and I feel that it should be Health Net’s responsibility to verify if any 3rd party contracts or non-Health Net contract providers service areas such as ERs. Had I known prior, I would have sought out a different ER. I urge everyone file a complaint with the Department on Insurance.
We have Health Net Health Insurance through Covered California. The specific plan is called Hill Physicians Enhancedcare PPO. My husband severely injured his lower back on August 28, 2018. He went to his primary care physician who ordered an X-ray to determine extent of the cause. The X-ray showed severe damage to his lower spinal discs. The PCP referred him to 4 different spine specialists who ended up not taking our insurance. We found out that there is not a specialist in Sacramento who will take the type of insurance we have. There was one specialist who did see my husband and recommended an MRI, but could not see him anymore after it was determined that their practice does not take our insurance. That wasted 8 weeks of time that my husband was in severe pain and unable to work with no income. Then 2 weeks later my husband's PCP ordered the MRI. The pre-authorization has been denied twice even though 2 doctors highly recommended it. Health Net uses an outside source to do their pre-authorization called National Imaging Associations who is not governed by any agency so they cannot be held accountable. When I contacted Health Net to appeal the decision, I was told that it had to be done through National Imaging Associations. When I contacted National Imaging Associations, I was told that I had to file the appeal through Health Net.
I enrolled in Health Net in 2014. My initial PCP decided that after making me wait two months, that he wasn't seeing any more patients at that time. Contacting Health Net in vain, I was directed to go online and choose another PCP. That led to several "someone will contact you to schedule an appointment" messages. Fast forward Feb 13th 2015, I was injured in an auto accident. Upon going to fill my prescription I was told my insurance card was invalid. I contacted Health Net, I was told that I had been dropped by Covered California. I contacted Covered California and was told they can't dropped me, only Health Net can do that. The following day Feb 18th 2015, I received a letter from Health Net stating they dropped me 11/30/2014. Yet they continued to take my payments through Feb 2015. Aside from that, I had still never received a PCP. I feel that their fraudulent practices not only cheat the consumer, but steal monies from the government as well. I am sure there will be many more complaints filed against them as a result of this. But how many more of us (consumers) will have to pay? In closing I would like to add two words "Class-Action", stay tuned.
Where can I begin? From day one, when after hours of trying to speak to a human, and being transferred and disconnected over and over, brothers and sisters I knew we were in trouble. I have been trying to figure out my co-pay costs and whatever else I owe since an epidural over a month ago. My doc said it may be months until Health Net figures it out. The Tricare contract with Health Net is a disgrace and betrayal for all of us who served.
Ambetter commits fraud regularly. First, they decided that $8,900 is less money than our $3,000 deductible so we owe everything. They don't comply with federal regulations to provide breast pumps to mothers. They then reprocess your claims to put some money toward co-insurance instead of the deductible so you owe more money and they owe nothing. This isn't how insurance works. They work the Better Business Bureau automated system, saying they're looking into it and then because you don't respond BBB closes the complain. They claimed because my deductible changed after my son was born that his deductible wasn't met. This doesn't even make sense. Ambetter scams health care providers, too, so it's difficult to find one that even accepts Ambetter.
Our broker recommended this company for health coverage. In October 2013, we received notice they would not renew due to Obama care. On October 27th, 2014, I wrote them a letter requesting flat cancel and that we had no losses or claims. We wanted the insurance stopped, period. Not a single word from them to us till January 22, 2014, informing us they were taking us to collections for an unpaid amount due for November 2013.During our short stint with this self proclaimed health insurance company we had nothing but trouble with their billing. Many a time sending us bills 2 weeks after we had paid them already. An account was set up to have the amount taken out via auto pay from our bank... but good God that was always a mess on Health Net side. All we wanted was a flat cancel. I am a broker, and the normal procedure is if it is required to have the client - Us, be sent an LPR requesting a flat cancel. We received nothing but a notice to sue and also a referral to a collection agency in February 20th, 2014. On February 21, we referred this to our company attorney and he notified the CA Dept of Insurance and the BBB as well as this action with Consumer Affairs.My strong recommendation is that you do not go with this company for any reason. Telephone waiting time to even talk a single human being is over 4 hrs. And they state this while you are on hold. My issue is not resolved and will not be for several months with a collection action in progress due to this company's gross incompetence. Please do not for your sake ever do business with these people. No customer service and ability to talk with them on the phone.We have demanded from our broker and Health Net the diary of communication between us and them and also between the Agency we dealt with and Health Net as well. No answer even to our attorney to date, February 24, 2014. Strongly suggest you always notify the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and also the Dept. of Insurance in California for any issues with this company. Read all the reviews on the web before you spend a dime in premium... I hope this experience may be unique and an error was made in our case. If that is the case I will write Consumer Affairs and any other public domain to rectify this letter, complaint. But if Not, and this is not rectified by Health Net to your satisfaction then we will be posting communicating to the rest of the public on this matter weekly. This company needs to start handling business correct and ethically.PS. When I tried to find the name and direct contact info for the CEO of this company I was refused and I was hang up on me by the telephone customer service rep after waiting for hrs on the line.
My former Dr couldn't tell me whether or not they accept PPO plan - too confusing to them!!! Advised to go to website which was not working. Spent over an hour with someone in the Philippines. My own Dr is out of network, yet I am paying more in monthly premiums. What an inept mess and scam by our government. Not able to discover MDs accepting of this until after I signed up. Disgusting nightmare!!!
It's a long story but the gist of it is that I showed up for an appt. when I needed health care and I was denied service. I filed a grievance with my health insurance company, Health Net, and that is pretty much a joke. Though it is not completed yet it appears the misinformation the doctor's husband, James, who is also the office manager has told Health Net that I refused treatment. This is at best misinformation but closer to an out and out lie.
I am thoroughly dismayed at the incompetency of Member Services, and Health Net Sales agents.1) I enrolled in an "enhanced care" PPO plan with a hidden "secondary" network (separate from the main PPO network). My doctors ended up not being "in network" despite reassurances they would be; I was unable to disenroll & reenroll in another plan. 2) The premium situation never gets straightened out: was assigned 2 different start dates!! How is that possible?? I am constantly "owing" premiums to them, despite being caught up. 3) There is no form for reporting any secondary insurance to Health Net, whereas every other insurer has one; thus, "coordination of benefits" is a tricky issue with Health Net. Overall, D minus for totally "dumbfounded". A bad policy.
This website made me rate my experience, with at least one star, but I say, NO STARS. My wife enrolled for healthcare coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act on We paid the first few months' premiums on the phone or Health Net website, but the wait on the phone was at least 45 minutes each time, and the website barely worked. So I made the May and June payments online through my bank bill pay service. The bank mailed Health Net checks, which Health Net cashed, before the due date of the monthly premium in each case.We received no notice that the payments had not been processed. Since the checks had been cashed, I did not worry about it. In June we received notice that my wife's policy had been cancelled due to non-payment. No warnings, no reminders, no grace period, just cancelled. I have been trying for weeks to get her re-instated, but the customer service reps on the phone just transfer me, promise that it has all been taken care of, or soon will be. In the meanwhile, prescriptions are not covered, and we are worried Health Net will recharge us for doctor’s visits that were already taken care of, once their system catches the "non-coverage". Health Net will not refund our money, and will not reinstate her coverage. Class action lawsuit, anyone?
These problems with Healthnet are in NO WAY related to any fault of The Insurance Marketplace. In Dec 2013, I purchased a Silver Level health care policy with Healthnet. (Arizona) The policy sounded too good to be true: $0 deductible, $3 PCP copay, $5 specialist copay and $25 out of pocket max and only $68 per month premium!! I should have known better!!! I paid the premium and went online to choose a Doctor. Healthnet's "provider search" was so awful the closest M.D. I could get was 32 miles away. I also needed to look for a specialist ASAP since I had to have an out patient procedure performed. I quickly realized that the number of specialized providers that I required was limited to only 5 doctors in the whole Phoenix metro area which is over 100 miles wide. I live NW of Phoenix and was 60-80 miles away from any of the specialists. It was only a few days after my coverage began, (Jan 1 2014) and Healthnet had already rec'd my first months premium. It was obvious that I had been assigned the wrong policy due to my location. I called Healthnet to try and get a different policy. They refused, saying I would have to keep the policy until the end of 2014, then I could change. I paid for Jan-Feb then gave up and unfortunately decided to wait til March when I am on Medicare to get the badly needed procedure done. How many other people got sucked in by the $0 deductible and are stuck with insurance they can't use? At least I had to only wait til March; I bet thousands are waiting til the end of the year! Healthnet is a BIG, BIG rip off. I will never deal with them again.
Apology emails from Health Net informed me that my coverage was dropped in the "mix-up", they informed me I would have to reapply. I did and got a confirmation saying I was insured. But another "mix-up" happened and now I am without coverage, my family is without coverage and it was a total shock to us. I'm 24 minutes into my second call of the day, classical music blaring continuously. I even offered to pay ahead of time, do whatever it takes to get my daughter's ER visit covered, but NOTHING. I'm ashamed of the state of things with that company. Shame on them.
I am a Medicare Health Net subscriber on their HMO Plan. I get denied with everything from this "Junk" Medical Plan from medications to facilities. They will do nothing to really help you or see that you get the proper medical care you need. My last denial was to see a facility for a procedure of which is on their plan and list but not in my area. I live in Central CA and wanted to go to a facility that I have been to in the past and feel more comfortable with. I have been treated and visited all Health Net's doctors and facilities in my area and two of them actually worsened my condition. Since the facility is on their plan I did not see a problem here but I forgot I am dealing with Health Net and this "Junk" HMO! I will not be renewing my Health Net HMO plan this year and recommend to anyone thinking of using this plan beware and do not sign up for this "Junk"! You will regret it!
Healthnet California PPO - family plan - I've had private health insurance for 30+ years and without a doubt Health Net has been the worst insurer ever. The year started badly enough - website crashes, member ID that didn't work for most providers (I've been told the member ID was changing, but still can't get a member card with the "new" member-ID). However, the biggest issue by far is that several of my doctors are apparently not on the plan, despite the fact that Health Net's website says they are and the doctors say that my plan is included.The service is just horrible, every phone call takes a good hour because you are on hold forever, often they have to transfer you to someone else and the go to response is, "Yeah, that seems like a problem," they then resubmit the claim and it's 45 days until you end up in the same spot, have to escalate to a supervisor and they insist the doctor is not on the plan and "our website has a bunch of issues on who is covered", you can file a grievance or appeal and that takes 30 days. Emails I sent in January have not yet been answered. I could go on and on, my advice is avoid Health Net, they are clearly the worst choice among many mediocre choices.
I would never ever anyone sign up for this insurance company. I have been dealing with them since 2014. I went into the hospital with a heart attack. I did not have insurance at the time so I went through the market place and they gave me H.N. as a provider. I sign up. All was fine until I was picked up with ACCCHS here in Arizona. As soon as I was I called to canceled my insurance with this company thinking it was all taken care of but they never followed through with it. It was such a mess. All my bills were being denied by ACCCHS because they said I was covered with Health Net when I had my surgeries. I had surgery for breast cancer August 19th 2014 so none of the bills were getting paid. I've went back and forth with this company, never once getting the problem solved by them. Finally I was told to submit the bills to Health Net they would denied them for payment and then ACCHS would pick them up. What a mess I had to go through for not having insurance with them at the time of my mastectomy. Now I received a bill the other day for the time period that ACCHS is saying I was covered with H.N. which I was not. I called them and asked for them to please send me a letter showing that I was not covered with them. That was on 12/14/15. I have faxed them all the information that the billing agent asked for, still waiting. No call now 4 days later. This company is the worse. Run and run fast. Don't sign up with this horrible company.
HealthNet has been nothing but AWFUL since I enrolled in December 2014. My issues stem mainly with billing - I was drafted 3 months premium; January, February, and March all in a span of 2 days. Getting this fixed has been a nightmare. From reps not being consistent in telling me what the status of my account is, to reps being downright rude and not helpful and hanging up on me, HealthNet has absolutely lost any trust I had with them. I refuse to enroll in automatic billing because I do not want them to keep my credit card info. Other people in my office have had no problem with HealthNet, but judging by the amount of complaints on here, it would seem they are in the 1% of people never having issues with this carrier. STAY AWAY IF YOU CAN! Next year open enrollment I am going to beg my boss to let me change carriers. They are absolutely horrible.
In 2018 I was in California, out-of-network, and broke a rib. Went to ER to be treated. Claim was sent to Arizona Priority Care as requested on the back of the insurance card. Turns out APC doesn't handle out-of-network so it should be sent to Health Net/Allwell for them to handle. Hospital had to search for the correct address and resubmit the claim. HealthNet denied it, no reason. Every time you call to get the reason you get another agent that only can take notes and forward them. Can never talk to a person that can give an answer. Now I'm afraid they will eventually deny it due to time limit exceeded. If you signed up with them for 2019 you have my sympathy. If you have to go out-of-network be sure to stay in close contact with the doctor/hospital to keep on top. No Star! One star because I have to.
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