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Grundy Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Grundy Insurance
Overall average rating of 4.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 92 %
I've had Grundy for over 10 years and only one claim when a repair shop messed up and my hood opened up while on the highway. The claim process was completely painless and very quick I would highly recommend them to anyone with a classic car.
The folks at Grundy are professional and friendly. They respond quickly to my request. I have two classic vehicles insured with Grundy.
Great service and willing to help staff.
Never had a claim, but appreciate their policies and low premium!
Filed a claim due to damage on my 1969 Chevelle. Discussed with agent within 2 days adjuster was at my home so survey damage and approved claimed. No hassle.
Great rates and service for your classics
When I needed their help, Grundy was there for us.
Grundy is the besti
There a great company that I've been with for almost ten years. I've never put a claim in but I have a couple of friends who have and they were treated wonderful, no problems. Definitely five star in my book !
I think that it is a very good company
I've had Grundy for years with my classics and I would not go anywhere else.
I have been with Grundy for years. it takes one phone call and send them a few pictures of your vehicle. All their sales reps are very knowledgeable and very polite. They send your request to underwriting and usually I have had good results within 24 hours being excepted. In about for five days you receive your insurance cards and what you have been billed for.
Great service. I wish they would send proof of insurance to California so that I would not have to send in my registration renewal. Is it is now, I have to send a copy of the insurance proof along with my registration renewal
Great company. I have been a member for years.
Awesome coverage,
never a problem with a claim..
I am the President of a BMW Chapter. I have had a number of my classic cars both German ad British Insured with Grundy over the years. I have always been more than satisfied with your service and pricing. I have referred dozens of fellow classic car owners to your company. Keep up the good work.
Thank you very great rates and easy no headaches coverage! Tom '69 Caddy :O)
On questions over telephone responding staff is always, friendly, polite and helpful.
Each year at renewal, you say you will electronically send proof of insurance to CA DMV, and each year I send in my renewal, it comes back asking for proof of vehicle insurance. What say you?
Great Company. Have had Grundy for many years. I have not needed to use them but from ones that have you handled their claims and took care of them as if they were family.
Great service and excellent coverage. However, the name "international" is misleading. I called about insuring my car in Europe but was told Grundy only writes coverage in US?? Thanks Joe Schell
Have been insured with Grundy for about 8 years and have no complaints. I have not had to use my insurance, thankfully but customer service has always been friendly and helpful with any billing questions.
Easy, affordable, best for years.
I have been using Grundy for years never a problem and they have excellent customer service.
I have been very satisfied with Grundy so far !!!
Never had a claim, but feel safe with a large trustworthy company ! Hope I never have a claim!
Great product. Great service
Have no problem with Grundy, always nice on the phone!
5 star all the way.
i never filed a claim, and I have had them for years so on that part really don't know,
Only experience is I pay my premium and they insure my car.
great people good service
Affordable! Being a senior with multiple cars inherited from my late husband, the low cost is really important to me.
Everything you need to enjoy your classic car with peace of mind.
Fortunately, I have not had to call with a claim but I have called with questions about the policy and had a good experience on the phone. I would recommend Grundy to everyone! Friends that had claims have said that they had no problems getting satisfaction.
I've had many cars insured with Grundy since 2002. I have only had to file one claim in all that time. And Grundy handled the claim (claim totalled over $ 34,000 ) in a very professional, courteous and expedient manner.Based on my experience i would recommend Grundy to any car enthusiasts.
Always have had good service. Staff is friendly and helpful!
I’ve been with Grundy for several years and never had a problem. Service when changing cars is excellent. The owner is a genuine car enthusiast and collector as well as a lover of boating. The result is working with knowledge and understanding people.
Very timely!
Excellent service and great communication.
very good compney to be insured with.
I have necer had ro process any claims in 20 years having multiple vehicles on classic policy, but customer service, additions., changes and removals are painless
Best service, and coverage for the cost
We have no problems . We have had this insurance for many years.
Excellent company to do business with. Very easy to recommend to others.
Best deal overall, but recent paperwork and bill errors are a cause for concern going forward.
More than happy with Grundy, Tell people about Grundy
I have not had to use my insurance and I have not had any issue with Grundy.
There the best , there's no other
Great people to work with.
I have been with Grundy for 15 years and I recommend this Insurance company to all my car cruise buddies.
Grundy Insurance is always easy to communicate with and has very fair premiums. I always feel safe and secure driving my '27 Model T.
Great Co. Paid for My Accident With out a Problem
No problems!
Love Grundy, Especially Bethanne and Sean. Great Underwriters!!
nice people to deal with, very easy to get info. great rates. no claims yet, thats good.
They exceed my expectations.
Love Grundy! Excellent pricing and protection for my 'baby'.
Have used Grundy Insurance for over 10 years for both classic boats and street rods. Never have had a problem with a claim or their customer service. Great company.
its the best ins. i ever had.and very good with accidents
While I’ve used their coverage and not had a claim I had a friend who was covered by them when his fan went through the radiator and hood. He called in a claim to cover the tow bill home. The Grundy staff asked why he needed a tow. When he told them they suggested he could be covered for the repairs and sent an adjuster out. He got paid for the damages. I thought it was really going the extra mile to show him where they could help.
always there for me fair pricing
Great company
I love the way this company allows us to set the value of our car before we set up our coverage..and if the car is in a bad accident for which the other driver is responsible, Grundy will give us the money the car is insured for...and collect from the responsible insurance party so we do not have to go to court to fight for the full value the car is insured for. G.Lesage
I have not put in any claims . So all I can say is Grundy works fine for me .
Other classic car companies would not insure my 77 CJ7 because it is a Jeep but Grundy did. Full coverage for a reasonable rate, too.
Good company
have been with grande for many years always have outstanding service have only had to make one claim and it was taken care of instantly
Great coverage for a low price and customer service is excellent.
All my collector cars are insured with Grundy. Wouldn't change.
Positive experience when making a towing claim, prompt reimbursement. Very negative experience when removing a vehicle from the policy and waiting over 2 months to receive the unearned premium. Seems like you like to live on the float.
I have never had an issue until this last year and am in the middle of getting my car fixed. So far so good!
Good solid company. Never have had a claim in many years of coverage. Would like the company to lower its rates for those who have not submitted a claim over the past 10 years
I will and I have already recommended to other card collectors the quality run the insurance nice to work with reasonable prices.
I have no reservations, the price is right I pay,they protect me just like the contract calls for .a few years ago I had a small claim and it was taken care of in a timely manner. Doesn't get any better Bill Dean
I am very happy with Grundy Insurance. I submitted a clam a few years back and it was handled quickly and painlessly. My only comment, and the reason for 4 stars, is that their insurance rates are increasing every years by substantial amounts. I drive the car infrequently and feel that the rates are at a max of what I am willing to pay.
I've had Grundy for many years and they are the best. Excellent service.
I have had one claim with Grundy. The estimate was very low but when I submitted the actual cost to Grundy they immediately sent a check to cover it no problems...the actual cost was about 4 times the estimate. The claims adjuster was inexperienced as to classic cars and kept pushing me to a relative who owned a repair shop. The lady at the Grundy office was especially nice and professional and explained that it was not uncommon for the first estimate to be low.
I believe Grundy to be the best company for me.
Friendly honest service.
great company to deal with, no problems, answered all my questions/ concerns. We highly recommend this company.
Great customer service and claims handling. Highly recommended to the classic car enthusiast to cares for their ride.
I have never had a incident where I needed to turn in a claim. I am just basing my opinion that I think they are a good value. Hopefully they will take care of everything to my satisfaction should I ever have a claim.
Would get 4 stars but have not had to make a claim as yet.
The best in the business!
Great price, service.
very easy to deal with
I gave a 5 star rating because I have no reason to rate lower. I (thankfully) haven't had the need to file any claims.
Although I’ve never been through the “claims” process, I’m very pleased with the annual renewal process and price of coverage...which certainly helps the cost of collector car ownership. Thanks Grundy! Randy
Never any problems. Always there if needed.
I've had 2 claims and Grundy's response could not have been better! Payout was fast and without any hassle. I'm still with Grundy and intend stay with them as long as they'll have me.
Never sent a renewal. Dropped my insurance. We have been clients for a few decades!!!
Never had a problem in all the years I've had my policy.
Grundy is a great partner allowing me to have many more great toys!
I have had my Ferrari 246 Dino insured with Grundy for the past 17 years and never had an issue with them, been very pleased the whole time.
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