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GoMedigap Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: GoMedigap
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (866) 894-3258
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 92 %
I have been very apprehensive about enrolling in Medicare since I turned 62, knowing that the day would arrive sooner than I wanted. Though there is a large amount of information available, it is a bit overwhelming and intimidating trying to sort it all out and make the right decisions. So when I called Medigap I wasn't sure what to expect. But your representative Diane Roe immediately put my mind at ease. She was very professional, explaining all of my options and the different terms very patiently and clearly. I never once felt she was "talking down" to me, rather I felt like she was a friend as she talked me through the process. I never felt pressured to go with one company over another. If all of your employees are like her then you should never have any problems with customer service complaints. Thank you Diane.
Great experience provided by friendly, professional and knowledgeable staff, resulting in good coverage at a good price.
I like the way Wayne and staff are so caring and thorough. It's a tough job looking after us prime timers, but they know just what to say and when to laugh.
Ms Lerma was very informative, friendly and more then happy to answer any questions I Had.
Very helpful in obtaining medigap insurance.
Got the insurance I needed to supplement Medicare and got it for a great price. The customer service is what sold me. Patrica was very honest and very knowledgeable.
I had Jamie Wiley as my Medigap Consultant, Jamie was always on top of everything. She checked on me and the policy I had chosen to see if it fit my needs after the first company turned me down. We were both in awe about that. She was very attentive to any questions I had and answered them without any reservations. Was always very pleasant and acted as though I was her only customer. I would recommend her to anyone for assistance in her field. Thank you very much Jamie,
Like many others, I knew that in a few short months I would be eligible for Medicare and did not know where to begin. I asked friends what their experiences were, etc. etc., bought books, researched online and through researching online, I came across GoMediGap. I think I put my information in online and Teri Rank reached out to me via email - all of the other companies inundated my cell phone with phone calls. I returned Teri's email and we made a date for a telephone call. Am I glad that we did. She took time to explain everything, answered my questions, which were all over the place. Because of vacation, we made another telephone appointment and this time my husband participated and again, Teri was so helpful. Once we had all of the information on the different supplemental companies, we researched and made our decision. Again we reached out to Teri and within a very short time we had signed up. The whole process was simple and painless. The follow up was good and I have already received my insurance card for when my benefits begin next year. I would highly recommend GoMediGap and Teri in particular as well as her co-workers.
Sarah did a wonderful job is servicing my account with GoMed. Paul
Great Company Easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the insurance. The follow-up is great and they are very involved and considerate
Having so many insurance companies calling and sends you mail every day. You start to get overwhelmed your not sure what to do . I usually don't answer a number I don't no but that day I did told him I would get back with him the next day. I checked out his profile and the insurance ratings and decided to go with GoMed agap . Jason Hereford explained a cheaper route to go and was very helpful. Thanks again...
I emailed Teri at the start of enrollment season and she went through my info and gave me advice. A few days ago a representative called me to let me know that they were monitoring my expenses and no changes were needed. I appreciate the monitoring and knowing your company is watching out for my financial and health welfare.
Terri answered all my questions and handled everything very professionally!! Thanks
The representative was great.
Great Choice
Everyone was so helpful especially Demetrice.
Laura was great she stay on focus
Very helpful people, but not good at returning unsolicited calls for help.
This is one company that you can rely on for excellent and honest service. The service reps keep you informed of changes and are very courteous and friendly. Highly recommend using this company for finding a medigap policy.
My husband used your service last year, and so when I knew I was turning 65, it was an easy choice. Great personalized service. Thank you!!
Every thing was explained very well so I could understand
Thank you - Great service!
This group was very informative and helpful. They give you all the facts and you make an informed decision on which plan and supplement will best benefit you. Very pleased and they check with you every year to see if you can get a better deal.
Excellent service all the way around.
Wayne was great!! He answered every question I had completely. And he continued to keep in touch throughout the entire process to make sure things were going well. I've already given his name/contact information to a couple of friends with glowing references! My husband had chosen a plan after many hours of research on his own and Wayne spoke with him about some "hidden" issues with that plan and my husband changed his plan. We are moving to PA and Wayne covered everything we needed to know. Totally happy with our experiences with Go-Medigap!
I was very happy with the process of listening and understanding my needs from the rep. Wayne and he put me in a situation with the coverage that I am happy with.
Super customer service! Could not find a easier company to help me understand the best plan for me. Five stars !
We, like so many, thought Medicare, supplements, etc. were a clear-as-mud minefield that we needed some expert help to navigate. For those of you who have looked into it at all, you know what I mean. Our rep. at Gomedigap helped us understand the pros and cons of EVERYTHING that is involved, and believe me, what we see in most literature is just the tip of the iceberg. He helped us understand exactly how Medicare really works; that NOT everything is covered (unless you take the Advantage plan which has many drawbacks that are not published), and gave us all the information (via easily understood comparison charts) we needed to choose the plan that was best for us. We wanted supplements so we could be protected in the event of a catastrophic event. Medicare only pays 80%, and if you incur a high expense item without a supplement, you can be impacted for life with the cost. He took our health information, and based on the different requirements by each company, He drew up charts of the top several for each of us, with ratings for each, and his personal thoughts on which would be best for us and why. Bottom line, our rep. provided us with priceless EXCELLENT information, but left the choice up to us, which is exactly what we were looking for. The Medicare program can be a great benefit, but making the wrong choices can be VERY expensive later on. My husband & I can't say enough good things about this company. They even keep track of rate changes in your supplemental policies and advise you when they are about to happen so you can decide if you want to stay with the one you have or change to another. fyi, some supplemental companies will notify you of rate changes before they happen and some will not. It so happens ours does not, and if Medigap had not contacted me, I would have just discovered it when it happened, instead of having the choice of changing to a different one before my next increased premium was due. By they way, all of this is at NO cost to you. I can't recommend them highly enough, and believe me, I am one of the most careful, detailed, and objective shoppers you will ever meet. Ask anyone who knows me! :-)
Working with Annalin Bryant and the pros at GoMedigap was a lot of fun. I'm an old guy - and over the years, I've grown weary of dealing with those who have little expertise, knowledge or experience. You won't find that with Annalin or anyone else at GoMedigap. If you need additional insurance, you'll be surprised at how competitive it is - and how much you've missed. They will help you. Seriously.
Wayne from GoMedigap was very clear in explaining the increase in my med. supplement and telling me about other plans in case I may need one in the future. RM$#7621BD"
Thank you Laura Tocci for making it so easy to turn 65.
fast, friendly and efficient, well satisfied
Excellent service by Mitch who was personable, understandable (no foreign accent) and efficient. Since I knew about insurance, coverage and plans, he did not talk down to me or have a set spiel to blurt out, but listened. Great!
They provide excellent information
I could not have asked for better service. I was very pleased with everyone I talked with and the quick response I received. I will be happy to recommend Gomedigap to anyone.
Everything was explained completely and thoroughly. All options were explored as was a cost analysis of each. Agent was extremely knowledgeable, polite and very well spoken. Both my wife and I look forward to having Mr. T. Eby as our agent.
Excellent - I would recommend this company to anyone, Professional and thorough in presenting and reviewing options.
Nicole was such a great help, I was completely lost as to what to do, and she guided me right thru it. Thank you Nicole!
Very helpful and friendly service. People there know what they are doing. I am very satisfied.
I have experienced the best customer service skills and wish other companies would would do the same.
Teri and staff were excellent and couldn't be more helpful.
I found this company quite by accident. The lady that I dealt with was Teri Rank. She is very knowledgeable and helpful I purchased supplemental coverage from her. I have recommended her to my friends
Sarah did a great job getting us set up in a Medgap plan-She also did a great job with follow up
I have to say I was extremely pleased with the quick action by Jacob Hinojosa. I wanted to change my medicare supplement policy before the next payment date and he made that possible. Many thanks. Patricia Sellazzo (a new "goMedigap" customer
This is a 1st class company, they are attentive to your needs and care greatly about the correct information provided and also are knowledgeable about the numerous policies which they offer. I have never had to be put on hold by the representatives to ask questions, they always have the answers to your questions. Follow thru and Follow-up is one of there many strong qualities as well. I have recommended them to several of my friends who are and will be needing insurance. I will be a long term client as they have maintained the highest standards of any company I know.
Very happy with the service that I have received through this company. I would highly recommend it to my friends when the opportunity would present itself...
Not pushy and they respect your time. They know I have things I must do so I told them email works best and I would call on their hours if I need to. It works for me and that is why I use them. They knew their products. Thanks
Competent, helpful, responsive staff!
Good experience, helpful.
Representatives were very knowledgeable and helpful. Diana Roe and Julie Lara.
I have recommended this company to a cousin who lives in another state. Christa was excellent!
Customer Service is unbelievably superb!!
Jamie Wiley made it very easy. She was helpful answered every question made sure we understood everything about the supplements that were out there. Gave us the choice and did not pressure us to make a decision. We stay a customer and you can call them at anytime to ask questions they do not just sign you up and then leave you on your own. They are there to help always
I just received approval for my supplemental insurance, and the experience couldn't have been easier. I shopped around quite a bit before settling on, because when I received a simple, non-sales pushy phone call followed by a similar email from Sean @ Gomedigap, I knew he'd be easy to work with. And he was - we accomplished everything I needed done in a day or so, and he got me the best rate out there - better than I was finding on my own.
Having made the decision to go to original medicare, instead of an Advantage Plan, I had to start from scratch. I got the name of this company from a friend who had an excellent experience, so I called GoMedigap. Andy was superb to work with: professional, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. He was able to get me the best rates, and directed me to the right Part D coverage, and we were able to get everything done early in the enrollment period. The staff was excellent in assisting with my application, and answering my questions. I can only concur with my friend's recommendation, and will highly recommend GoMedigap to any of my friends.
Very knowledgable and professional. A pleasure to work with
Most helpful and very well educated on the different plans. Guided us into a good and competitive plan.
I got it because the agent was so very knowledgeable.
I appreciate the phone call to alert us to a chance to save on my monthly premiums. We saved almost $400. On the ball, up-to-date, & helpful.
My sister had recommended your representative, Teri, I found Teri to be cordial and knowledgeable of the products available. She explained the choices and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I got the paperwork in a few days and have gotten on with life out of the workplace grind.
I was provided excellent informed service in a timely manner from a informed and friendly representative.
Covered everything thoroughly and answered all questions to my complete satisfaction! My agent was kind and genuine. Not pushy. Put me at ease.
While END RESULT EXCELLENT, the initial contact person gave us incorrect information, even arguing with me as she indicated a wrong insurer (Mutual of Omaha wrong - Continental - right). This caused a loss of confidence. In time situation corrected. To out pleasure, same clerk suggested a cost saving ALTERNATE PLAN, and made us aware of a possible dental insurer or us.
The GoMedicap team made my choices simple. I thank them for a most pleasant experience.
I have found the personnel of GoMedigap to be diligent in their pursuit to ensure that those entering retirement receive insurance based on their needs.
Wayne Coates did a great job in explaining Medicap and helping me choose a plan. He was very timely in responding to my e-mail messages and telephone calls. I look forward to working with him.
Explains everything thoroughly and help with your needs
Appreciate your aide in helping journey through the difficult task of making sure proper coverage and the right prices have been accomplished.
Wayne Coates from GoMediGap is sincere,patient and prompt in answering all our questions. We had a great experience having him as our representative. Peter and Jean
Very friendly and pprofessionl, answered all my concerns and questions
Not only did Gomedigap help us save hundreds of dollars on our Medicare Supplement Plan, but the process was actually enjoyable. The agents at Gomedigap are extremely knowledgeable and very personable. Thank you Gomedigap!
After trying for a month to by a Medigap policy through AARP, I contacted gomedigap. I had my policy confirmation & packet within 3 days and saved &10/month.
I feel like Gomedigap's employees are looking out for the best rate for me. So far, I am happy with their service. Thanks.
my medigap rep. made the process easy; everything was explained to me and I feel confident In the choices I made with his advice.
Your folks were terrific!
I was so thrilled to get to speak with Molly Elliott about what I needed. She was very knowledgeable & very pleasant to speak with. There was also Tracy Patterson who helped with the paperwork when I decided what I needed. I am so thrilled that AARP United Health Care accepted my application. Molly spoke with me about about all the choices & helped me with the decision that was best for me. Your web site has so much information that really helps when everything is so confusing.
The person who helped me was Tyler Eby and he was very knowledgeable and helpful and I feel helped me find the best option that fit me.
good company. They did a great job helping with all the problems I had. They went out of there way to make it right.
Very helpful, easy to enroll, agent very personable.
I received courteous, informative and professional help in selecting a supplemental insurance. Julie and Sean continued to follow up until everything I needed was received and the transaction was complete.
GoMedigap provided simple info on Medicare and supplemental insurance without sales pressure for any particular company. They patiently explain in plain English what is covered and what all the terms mean. They make the experience of identifying your own personal plan simple and quick and get the best price available in your area. The whole thing was painless and after hours of trying to decipher info from the internet and government websites, it was quite a relief!
Much easier than I expected. Patricia Lewis did an excellent job of explaining the various plans to me. She also did a good job of setting my wife at ease about this big change. We had been with our old insurance company for more than 20 years and this was a bit intimidating at first. Thanks to Patricia we both feel comfortable now.
Thanks to Sarah and Julie, I had an amazing and rewarding insurance procurement experience. At the suggestion of Sarah, I chose an insurance product that saved me many dollars per month, which is important to folks like me who are on a limited fixed income. Sara and Julie were both professional in their service and warm and friendly in their manner. Thank you ladies for a wonderful insurance purchasing experience.
Wayne Coats took care of your questions and needs quickly and completely
The process of changing my Supplemental F plan was done in a very efficient way. The service I received was A+ and I would recommend the personnel very highly.
Having never used or applied for medigap insurance before I am usually a bit skeptical. I was treated professionally and the rep (Sean) was very pleasant to work with. As I told him, I found myself putting a great deal of trust in him and his company. I will have to wait to see if my trust was warranted. So far so good!
Spent a lot of time explaining every thing in detail.
Very friendly and professional.I couldn’ t have ask for better.Many thanks to Ashley.
Very honest, took time to explain everything clearly. Went over things several times until I understood.
I was nervous about choosing the right secondary policy but Chad was so helpful. He explained everything and answered my many questions. Chad worked around my crazy work schedule to talk to me. He contacted me right away and even on sat morning. I would recommend Chad and Medii gap to every one.
I would use medigap again. Chad was very helpful and spent significant time to educate me concerning supplemental insurance.
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Andy Gossett. He was very informative and not pushy at all. He answered all my questions and really understands all this confusing Medicare supplement stuff. I would recommend him to anyone that is turning 65 and starting the process of finding out about Medicare and its supplements.
I've had great service from your representative Diana Roe& would recommend you to anyone that needed it.
Wayne is super to deal with
The two representatives I had worked for me to get me the best policy were great. I would most certainly recommend this company to anyone.
Awesome service.Friendly & very Cooperative
Jane and Tammy made the process stress free. Both made it easy to understand my choices and it took very little time. They were the best.
I have used Go Medigap for several years and have always found their staff to be knowledgably, friendly, helpful, will take whatever time is necessary to make sure you get the best policy for your needs. They have a large number of top rated companies they work with. The application process is simple and can be signed via FAX machine to speed the application process along. I highly recommend anyone to try them.
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