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Globe Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Globe Life Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
I haven't used it because I haven't had to. But I can tell you that it is a reasonable rate per month and I have had it for more than 15 years. And I have had no problem being a member.
I hear so many bad reviews on Globe Life not paying out claims. I must give credit when credit is due to a company. Life insurance was purchased on a love one in March 2017 and they passed unexpected July 2017. I assumed that Globe Life would give me a extremely hard time and not pay out the claim because the policy was only held for 4 months. My love one passed of a brain tumor that was never diagnosed, I sent all the medical records that I had obtained and sent them to Globe along with all their required forms. The policy was contestable and all the questions was answered honestly when the policy was issued. There was a delay in the death certificate, due to pending autopsy. Submitted all paperwork on 12/5/17 and Globe approved and paid out the claim January 16 without any issue. As long as you're honest, Globe Life is honest and will pay out the claim.
My Mother's burial has not been paid. My passed away November 17th, 2016 and this insurance company has not keep its word to pay the deceased policy. I have turn in all the necessary documents they said that they required in order for them to take care of it. At this point I have not heard anything from you. This bill has went against my credit and I would like to get this resolve as soon as possible.
My life insurance needs are quite simple. I actually believe a person only needs enough insurance to pay for their burial expenses. Term life insurance is the perfect fit for me. It is low cost and I can purchase the amount I feel I need. By today's standards and income levels, most employed individuals can afford this type of insurance.
This company doesn't deserve a star based on my recent experience. I have had a policy on each of my sons since 2015 with Globe Life. I recently noticed strange messages on one of the two accounts, so I gave them a call. One representative told me payments that I've been making have not been processed because I was making payments too quickly--really?? I make payments monthly and sometimes I make a 3 month payment via the app. Nevertheless, both accounts are current according to my bank statements. I receive confirmation notices from Globe Life and notice the payments documented on my bank statements for both policies. Most recently, one policy has gone into an inactive status while the other policy is in a paid to date status. I noticed last week that a message of "premium paying back" was attached to the status of one of the policies.This is ridiculous and so I called to find out what does the "premium paying back" mean. I got a seriously, clouded response about payments taking 5-7 days to process, I'm making payments too quickly, etc. I was told to wait for the payment status to update. I checked again today to see what was going on with the payment status for both policies. I got a different representative this week and listening to my explanation, the representative giggled at my frustration with the inaccurate information and poor service I've recently experienced. When I comment to her that this is nothing to giggle about; what if my son (family) were to suddenly need this coverage and the policy is erroneously in an inactive status which would leave us confused on top of devastated. She gave what I perceived to be a weak apology for her lack of professionalism. When I told them I sense a scam, her giggles went to professional mode. Now they have been giving both policies attention. One hour after hanging up with the representative and pulling out 6 months worth of bank statements to send to the accounting department, I see that payment due dates and the status of one policy has changed. From last week to today, one of my policies went from current to inactive.Why on earth would I pay one policy and not the other? On top of that, I was told last week that I didn't have the type of policies that would allow my sons to take out a loan because they would never have cash value, nor could the policies be transferred from whole to term life. Less than 5 days later, I'm being told the cash value to date for each policy and given an explanation about the maximum loan amount that could be requested if needed. Ridiculous that I've had the policies on my sons for about three years and the only cash value thus far is less than $200. I am seeking to dissolve these policies and go elsewhere. I am bothered because these folks have my bank account information for purpose of making payments. I wish I had found this website and reviews years ago before dealing with this mess. It took me several years before I actually checked in to Globe Life--should have followed my first mind.
I contacted Globe Life in January 2018 to cancel my policy with them, I was instructed by the first representative that I spoke with that I would need to send an email to a specific department to cancel it and for them to send me a check for the cash balance that had accrued on the account. So I sent the email and they stated up to 10 business days for my policy to be cancelled and for a check to be received in the mail. So I waited until the first week of February and called back, the next representative stated that there is no department that I could email it into and that the last representative did not know what they were talking about. So this representative instructed me to fax it in and put it to her attention and I could receive it in 10 business days. I went to my local Staples and faxed it in that day!! Twelve business days later I called back because I had not received the check yet and it was now showing on the website that the policy was surrendered. The next representative instructed me that it could take up to 30 days for me to receive the check in the mail and that if I don’t receive it by then I should call back. Another 20 days go by, I call back and the rep states that it was sent out a month ago!!! I informed her that I never received it (otherwise I wouldn’t be calling back), she states that she will put in another request for another check to be sent out and have a stop payment put on the previous check that was sent out. She stated that I should call back in a week or so to let them know that I received it in the mail. A week and a half goes by, I call to see when they sent it out. The current rep tells me that they didn’t send it out because the previous check was cashed!!! I AM FURIOUS!! How was a check cashed and I never received it?? And now they are saying that they have to do research to see who cashed the check and where it was cashed at. And I’m still sitting here 4 months later with nothing to show for this mess. Don’t do business with them, none of their reps know what they are doing and you will get a different answer every time you call. I’m so over them, it’s ridiculous!
I had Global Life for over 10 years. Payment was always made. I ran in some difficulty for a couple of months and they dropped me. I called and they wouldn't work with me. I wasted 10 years for nothing. Now I have no life insurance. I am disabled. I cant afford the prices now. Living on a fixed income. Maybe something will happen and they will understand how a person feels.
My call was handled in a very professional manner and very quickly. The customer service representative was speaking clearly and explained everything completely. I have dealt with Globe for many years with insurance on my grandchildren and have never had a bad experience. The cost for the amount of coverage is low and can be handled by people who are on a fixed income.
I've had Globe for over 10 years and I am satisfied that it is a good company. Sometimes I have to pay later than the due date and they are very cooperative. The monthly bill is affordable and I can increase or decrease coverage if I choose.
Globe Life was very professional and helpful when dealing with my claim. They helped me through the process at a hard time in my life. They explained what paperwork was necessary. I reported the death and then when the death certificate was available I turned that in with the other documents as requested. I received a check for the full amount within 10 days. I have been paying on this policy since 2013.
Tried to make a payment online, but system didn't respond. Called Customer Dis-Service but they don't work on weekends. Very odd business policy - they don't want your money unless you contact them during the week...
I just cancelled my term life insurance policy with Globe Life. I had only paid one premium and before the next premium was due I called to cancel and request my premium be returned. I was told that I could not get the premium returned because that had to be done within the first 30 days of the policy. I explained that it was within the 30 days since I paid the 1st premium. "Oh no," they said, "We paid $1.00 for the first month so your premium was for the 2nd month." I said that I didn't even get the policy and billing to read in the mail until after the 30 days paid for by their $1.00. I told them they were dishonest & the $1.00 was only to keep them from having to return a premium. They were so sorry I felt that way. Meanwhile I am out almost $40.00. Grrrrr.
I recommend NO ONE use this company. They steal your money! I am 24 years old and my grandmother purchased the $20,000 life insurance plan the day I was born. When I turned 18, I took over and continued paying. I called to purchase an additional $50,000 of accidental death coverage because I now have children and god forbid anything happen to me, I want my children to be taken care of. After paying THOUSANDS of dollars to this company I am informed that if I were to die tomorrow, my family would only get $318.96 because since I added the additional coverage, the premium anniversary date starts over and according to them, the cash value payout to the beneficiary is only $50,000 AFTER 20 years. So I’m supposed to prevent anything from happening to me for 20 years in order to make sure my family gets the money that is rightfully THEIRS!I can’t control life. People die accidentally every day. I can’t stop that. This was supposed to protect my family if anything were to happen. That’s the whole point of life insurance. Don’t throw your money away. This is a scam company. Read the fine print before signing up with them. There’s a lot of things they do not tell you. How am I supposed to sleep at night knowing that if I were to pass away my child would be well taken care of with $300!!? That’s not even enough to cover the funeral! SCAMMM!!!
I did a web search for life insurance. Received a call from Globe Life, rep offered $25000 of Whole Life Insurance for $24.30. Accepted and gave banking info for auto draft. Received paperwork in January 2018, notice upon review that a bad date of birth was listed. Called Globe on 1/11/18 to correct the date of birth, spoke to Victor who said the rate would increase but I could get $20000 for around $24. Victor said he would have to submit the correction for the DOB, and the corrected policy would be mailed to me. I called again on 1/20/18, spoke to Gene who said he would forward to a supervisor. I received a corrected policy on 2/12/18 stating that my rate will be $61.54. I call again, spoke to supervisor Ruben on 2/13/18 who said Globe will not honor their quotes.
My mother had medical supplemental insurance. All in all it worked fine for many years. I called to inform them she passed, but they took their monthly payment a week later anyway. This was December 26, 2019. It is now February 28 and they keep saying the reimbursement check is in the mail. Oh sure it is...
I had the best experience with the company. I signed up for life insurance for my mom, and, unfortunately and unexpectedly, she passed away really quick... I was charged $1 for the 1st month, was really devastated, and didn't care about any money. The company kept sending me letters pushing me to send a claim, and I finally sent it on the last day. I didn't even check my mail after that because as I said, I was very upset, and because I just got the insurance and paid $1 for it. They kept in touch all the time sending me letters explaining the process of the investigation as my mom died within first 2 years. It wasn't that long that I received a check for 10,000. And you know, what else? At the very end of the letter it was a line which touched me more than anything: "If we can help you in any other way, please, let us know..."
I applied for $10000 in life insurance based on the premium being $26.99 a month for my age bracket (it was a term life policy). I received my policy and the premium was $38.72. I called them immediately and was informed that because of prescriptions I take the underwriter decided I have to pay a higher premium!!! First of all I'd like to know who gave them that information without my consent!!! Second of all I am not on any medication for a life threatening illness. This company is very deceptive and they false advertisement!!! Needless to say I'm going elsewhere for my life insurance!!!
Globe Life Insurance would not even give me a five thousand dollar life insurance policy. I'm 58, with wife and a teenage son. They will only accept you if you are in perfect health, God forbid if you have a congenital issue. I suppose they know more than my doctors. Stay clear, I'm going over to Gerber!
My mother had Alzheimer's. The health questionnaire did not ask if Alzheimer's was a determining factor. Mom passed within 2 year. The disease accelerated in the last year. Globe Life denied the $10,000 claim. The amount wasn't enough. They raise rate every "anniversary date". I hope your company burns in hell.
I just talked with the rudest customer service rep, named Roy. She needs to listen to a tape of her calls. I came here to post a review and saw all the nightmarish reviews placed for this company. It sounds awful and I will be canceling my son's life insurance at first chance I can get. Too many wonderful companies out there to have to deal with a company like this.
The rates were affordable for me. This company does send a lot of mail other than the premium statement though. Luckily, I have not had to use this yet. I also like the fact that this company is right here in my home state.
I wanted to cancel! I tried to call for 3 days with no answer. I finally smashed button for a quote and got an answer immediately. She helped me get to the person I needed. I paid it for a year so I should get half the cash back BUT YOU DO NOT GET THAT BACK!!! Please be aware of this. If you cancel you should get the months of payment you don't use back. They are wrong for this. There is no other way to put it. So I will never use them and I should have read their reviews so I take responsibility for my mistake???
Globe has unrightfully denied my mother's life insurance claim. She died less than two years after the policy was purchased. They allege the application questions were not answered properly, but they were honest and correct. I now am not only grieving her untimely death, I am also dealing with fighting them. Shame on them for putting people through this.
I was so pleased with the help I received over the phone. A very knowledgable person and took a huge amount of time with me to answer my questions. She gave me all the options and prices. What I personally liked the most was I didn't feel pressured to buy anything. Just a great experience with the Globe Life representative.
Globe Life is a scam. I took out a policy on both my parents. I answered six questions that were answered no. I get a denial letter in the mail with the same questions. One of the questions was checked yes. Which was incorrect. They told me I have to send a letter to their underwriting department, which will take 30 days for them to reply back to me. I already made the first month payment with my card. I told them I want my money back. I'm still waiting for my money back.
My parents paid on policy for almost all my life and I'm 41 years old. After mom passed dad wasn't doing as well emotionally as he portrayed so things didn't get handled like this company getting ownership changed to his name but kept taking payments. Mail got misplaced. When I discovered what really was going on I contacted Globe Life and after speaking with several people was reassured the situation was rectified when it wasn't. Diabetes had caused dementia. So now they're telling when there's nothing they can do for me when in fact they wasn't even supposed to talk to me because my name wasn't on that policy and I think that's one of their restrictions. I don't think it's right they can just not pay the money my mom and dad work their ** off to pay them all their life when the money was in the bank to pay them and they never did get the ownership switched to daddy's name and reevaluated the price of the monthly bill but they still kept taking the money. I quit my job 2 months before my dad died to take care of him and I just got left out to dry. Last family member left. Sincerely please help.
My Uncle passed away October 26th of 2017. After receiving Death Certificates I faxed all paperwork and certificates to Globe Life in middle of November 2017. Second week of January I hadn't received anything in the mail. I call Globe and find out that the Check was sent to the wrong address as of December 8th 2017 and my name was misspelled. I was told that the check was going to have a stop payment applied to it, and "if by any chance I did received it", to rip it up because, it would not be valid and another one would be issued out. I actually did receive the check later that week and ripped it up because I was told to!! Called about 4 days ago, and spoke to Joy and was told that she would call me back and assured me she would find out what was happening with the check. It is now February 1st and just called again and spoke to Kimberly, and she talks with her supervisor Julie, who says a stop payment was never applied to the first check and a stop payment will "now be applied" to the check. It will now take 4 days for a stop payment to go through and then another check will be expedited. When I spoke with Joy she said that her supervisor Julie would request that the check be overnighted to me since, I have been waiting sooo long!!! Joy never did call me back even though she assured me she would be in the next day and call me back. When I brought that to Kimberly's attention, she told me that maybe Joy hadn't heard from payment processing and then put me on hold. Kimberly then came back on the phone and told me that joy had been out sick for a week due to the flu. Even though when I first called, and told Kimberly the situation, she said to me that Joy was there two desks away from her and that they had the same supervisor. How could Joy be out for a whole week if she "is there today"!!! Lies, lies, lies... I am now being told that they will expedite the check. It's so sad, if Globe is a really good company, the people working for them, make them look like crap!! I will not give them my business ever!!
I signed up because the life insurance at my job was ending. I responded to one of their ads via post mail. They were pretty competitive in their pricing for the plan. My grandparents had died a few months before I got the policy. One grandparent didn't have any life insurance but most of her bills were paid. The other grandparents had it and it made things very easy as everything got paid. I knew it was important to get insurance. Globe Life is a well known company. Unfortunately, since I did everything through the mail (and also online), I didn't really have any personal interaction with their employees. I have never had to call with an issue nor have had to call to cancel the policy.
I've had Juvenile/Child insurance for over 40 years and paying premiums on time until recently (May 2018) 1 of my payment was denied from my bank. So I ask Globe to investigate why and until today I have not received a clear answer. I've called, emailed, wrote letters and not had a legitimate answer as to why? They say they're still looking into it. Then I keep getting solicitation mails and policy premium lapse letters and still have not resolve my original complaint. Very frustrated policyholder.
I submitted a policy for surrender and payment on October 6, 2017. I was told it would take approximately four weeks for payment. It is now January 9, 2018 and I still haven't received a check. I've heard every excuse imaginable. "We tried to reach you" (They didn't). "A check is being processed". (It wasn't) "We can overnight it" (Didn't happen). I have filed a complaint with the Texas Department of Insurance but at this point, I am considering a lawsuit for fraud. EVERY SINGLE TIME a Globe employee said they would do something, it didn’t happen. At some point, you realize no company is that incompetent. It is intentional and it is criminal.
I would strongly recommend people reconsider doing business with this life insurance company. My father was the beneficiary on a child's life insurance policy and when he died, I tried for a year to get them to change the beneficiary. They refused, claiming each time they didn't have the right paperwork that I twice sent by email and once by postal mail. Then they started calling for overdue premium payments. By then I had decided to just let the policy lapse since the beneficiary was deceased and I wasn't getting any resolution. The mailings and calls did not stop until a mentally ill sibling one day answered the phone and believed bad things would happen if the premium wasn't paid. The results of that call were disastrous for our family (The agent on the phone wouldn't have known my sister was suicidal, but they would know she was not involved in the policy in any manner).It's been a year and the issue isn't resolved. Each time I email or call, I get the same canned response. My case may be an exception, but given the company routinely deals with people in very difficult situations, I would have expected much better customer service. And, given they are in a heavily regulated industry, I am shocked at their poor data retention/security practices. I rarely write reviews because everyone's situation differs, but I hope to prevent someone else undergoing hardship from having to go through what my family has as a direct result of Globe Insurance's business practices.
I bought my wife's life insurance policy in 2013. Sadly she got very ill in 2014 and passed away 7/1/17. The company paid the claim in 15 business days. I read the complaints and can't help but think that maybe people think they can get insurance after they discover they or their family member have a terminal illness. It just can't work that way.
We've had life insurance on our two children since they were under 5 years old. Two years ago our son died suddenly and Globe Life Insurance true to their promise made to us over 40 years ago, paid the policy that we had on Christopher. Seeing that our granddaughter doesn't have life insurance we took out a policy for her. Hopefully we will not need to use it and that she can at some time in the future keep it or cash it in for financial needs. We are grateful for the inexpensive but necessary, products that Globe Life offers and that they were there for us when we needed them.
Service reps were courteous and quick but to me too quick, no questions, take my debit information and, "We will send you a policy in the mail..." So I was just a little concerned by how quick and no questions obligations other than, "We will send you your policy" and I enrolled in auto-pay. That is it.
I've been with Globe Life for about 2 years. This company right here is a terrible company to have insurance any life insurance with. The customer service don't know what they doing. They quick to take your money. They transfer you to other people that don't know what they doing with their job. They always passing you along for no reason. I had life insurance with them with seven different people. What I did is I took the adults and went to another company better than Globe Life insurance. I kept the kids with Globe Life because they had a better rate and whole life insurance they have rates never go up. The reason why I'm leaving them because it's all about the respecting the customer and catering to the customer who's paying life insurance. They rather collect the money and don't care how customers feel.My problem was I made the payment for three policy for my kids. They went to my account three different transaction. I understand it's three different policy. My bank charge me overdraft fees for each transaction Globe Life Insurance rather not give me the $87 overdraft fee. If their CEO would know that they lost a customer for only $87 they would have said, "You should have kept this customer." I cancel my insurance policy. Now they giving me a hard time to cancel. I'm just asking for the 11 months. Globe Life Insurance basically telling me Oh I have to write a letter saying I want my refund, I want my money back and also the state that I resign. I cannot get refund back. Does that make any sense...Globe Life is a greedy company. Their whole life insurance policies will expire when the person turn 99 years old. All that's a waste of money... It's 2018. These days you see people making it to 110 years old... I need an insurance company that's going to have my back until life. My insurance company that I currently have is the best Forester life insurance!!?? When I look at those complaints in a reviews for Globe Life Insurance they are terrible. I understand why people canceled. Leave this company. Globe Life Insurance customer service is terrible. The business is terrible. They greedy money hungry greedy...
MY child's mother & my ex fiancee passed away unexpectedly of heart attack, never any history of heart problems, but in short eventually Globe Life denied the 2 claims I was beneficiary of for care of our child etc. The 2 policies were just over a year old so anything less than 2 they will challenge or "look into" automatically. So 1 policy was for 50k & the other 100, which is important to note, & the reason they said for the denials was they said she had not answered correctly on those 2 apps (basically said she had lied) because in short she had been in the hospital about 5 months prior to filling these out and was there like 2 months. And so they said she had answered no on all app questions so the questions about if in last 3 yrs have you been hospitalized or treat for any chronic diseases or illnesses. So to check no would be wrong they said, & so I guess to prove to me as beneficiary that she had checked no on all the boxes for both apps, they sent me the supposed copies of her 2 apps... & thank the good Lord they did because without those copies it would be a my word vs. Theirs and as beneficiary I'd have something to gain they could say because apparently they just assumed she filled them out on her own like probably most do but not this person because she was never good with those things & always asked for my help mostly like with the apps, basically she spoke & I wrote. She then signed. And so I know without any question that she did mark yes because it was just 5 months earlier she was there and we both assumed they check all these things prior to approval as they pretty much say they do on the apps. They said if she had checked yes they wouldn't have approved her too in their denial letter which also contradict their statements, but anyways as I said My kid & I would be screwed if not for them sending copies to prove because she checked yes & even gave a brief rundown in her own simple words as to the nature of her hospital visit as she believed it to be. She had no "chronic" illnesses treated then anyways and there's no medical proof she ever had any serious problems regardless. But the copies you ask, well they are altered, doctored, made up or however you chose to say it and it's blatantly obvious because whoever did it did not pay attention to details, again probably assuming I was not with her during apps & would see their so called proof & say, "Wow. They're right." Oh well but I automatically knew they were wrong & you need not look too hard to see they don't match up side to side. Things are in different locations in side by side comparison and you can see lines that shouldn't be there or that are etc. But here's the final tally. ... both apps have all the amount boxes at top right as to the amount you are requesting: 5000, 10, 20, etc. up to 200 and both apps are clearly checked for the 100 amount!!! Remember the actual policy amounts I shared earlier. Yes 1 was for 50 & the other a 100 so no matter what excuse they can try to put to why everything else looks Weird on app, there's no possible defense in how the policy amounts are wrong! Funny thing too is the first app was with the 1st month is a dollar promo that they send all time and they ONLY GOT 50K and when paying a premium at some time I had inquired as to how one can apply for a higher policy amount and so they send that app that goes up to 100. That's what's really going on behind the scenes over there. Gave them a letter with option to rectify things with me rather than me getting a lawyer because they'll be paying way more once he's involve, that and there's no argument to be had by them with the proof/ being supplied by them clear as a sunny day. But as dumb as they were to think they could get away with it strangely enough they're even dumber to have ignored me totally and my generous offer to negotiate things personally to save them money and embarrassment in a quiet way despite them trying to steal from my family. Therefore the hammer shall fall in every way I can think of to share this sad fact of their fine company!
The people who helped me pick out my policies not only were they very informative but they were also very concerned and very nice and they help me find the best policy to fit in a financial situation. And I am very very very pleased and I would highly recommend.
I have been calling them for the last 8 months begging and pleading for them to remove my deceased relative's name and address from their system. Each time I was told it was done & I would never see another thing from them again, but apparently that was a bold face lie, as we still continue to get this junk mail every month. I was lied to by each representative telling me they removed his name and address from their system, when in fact they did nothing. It was when I stated I would submit a formal complaint to the BBB, that I was put in touch with a "supervisor" who said that she did not see anything removed from their system and that she just removed them, but that I will continue to receive their sales junk mail for another 3 months. My relative never asked for this information AND did not start receiving this until AFTER they died, so unsure where they fished their information from.
The company called to ask some questions and I was not at home so there was something I needed to be home for. They were pleasant and called me at a comfortable time. I was able to give them the info they needed. It was okay.
My mom was interested in purchasing my son life insurance and they turned him away. They don't do physical examinations, but because my son was born a month early. They shooed him away and would not give him full coverage. My doctor said he came out at the right time. OBGYNs do not know when babies will be due. But I'm HIGHLY UPSET because my son cannot get life insurance, but my daughter can have it.
Well Globe is a great life insurance company, if you fall behind on your premium they will help you so your policy don't collapse and all you do is call customer service and let them know that you are having trouble making your premiums.
I have 5 different insurance policies with Globe Life on loved ones dating back to 2010. Never had a problem until I purchased a policy on my sister in 2015 for $5000. This is all that they would cover her for because of preexisting conditions. The policy had a clause that it would only pay back premiums if the insured died in the first 2 years of the policy. I have been having problems paying this policy online since 2016. I pay all my policies once a year online. For some reason, just this particular policy has been blocked and highlighted in red on 'special pay.' No one at the company has been able to explain why. Finally, in January 2018, I was told it was because the policy had been overpaid, they had received 2 payments from me in 2017. The problem then became getting them to post this overpayment to my account so that my February 2018 payment could be paid. I have been being told for the past 2 months that they have an overpayment from me of $172.12 that would be credited to my account. I was told 4 weeks ago that they were behind on crediting payments and to give it a few more days. Well, today is 3/21/2018 and my policy premium was due on 2/22/2018. Not only have they not credited the extra payment, I was informed today that I didn't make an extra payment, even though their records show that I did. So when I ask the rep if I can make a payment over the phone, she says they cannot accept a payment because the credit department has to take the hold off of the account. It has been 2 months now and the credit department hasn't lifted the hold yet. I have never heard of being penalized for making a payment on an account too early. Steer clear.
When we found out my mother had Alzheimer's, we were unaware she hadn't paid her life insurance for 3 months, but paid since 2011. They declined payment. Now we are emptying all our credit cards scrambling to pay to bury my mother. We should of received notification the payments lapsed!!! Horrible company. Please spread the word. Don't they have a beneficiary or next of kin or any other number to let SOMEONE know?? Thieves, they hope this happens and steal millions from the grieving. I didn't want to give them a one but you can't submit with a -0.
I have a basic or standard plan because I don't have kids or a significant other so it will only cover the cost of burial of death expenses should I die.
I been playing PCH sweepstakes online then Global Life Insurance pop up. Get free quotes. Just sign up. Won’t charge your credit card. Then I notice that I been billed from February to July without my knowledge or consent. So I called to tell them. They told me, "Sorry can’t get your money back." So I told them, "Why not. Never gave you guys permission to take money out of my account." I told them never wanted their insurance and to take me off. Then she said it takes about six months. What kind of ** is that scammers.
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