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Gerber Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Gerber Life Insurance
Year Founded: 1967
Address: 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue, Ste 350
City: White Plains
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10605
Country: United States
Phone: 8007042180
Overall average rating of 3.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 59 %
I got the Grow Up Plan and the College Plan from Gerber. Then recently, I got a Full Term Life policy from them and I've had it for a year now. My daughter has that kind of plan and I wanted to keep it all together. I used to have that policy with another insurance company but I left them and went to Gerber Life. I had a bit more coverage with the other company but their insurance man was harassing me with texts when I got behind for a month. Gerber's customer service reps were also more professional and their application process was real nice. The cost is a little high which is $66 a month but the lady told me that it was a good plan. Gerber's been around a long time and they got good coverage. I would recommend them, especially to people who have kids since they ought to get a plan for their child's college. Overall, it was a very good experience.
Gerber Life Insurance was offered to me at the hospital and I thought it was a good deal so I got their Grow-Up plan. I’ve had it for three years now. The application was easy and it didn’t take too long to process. The minimum payment for the plan was okay although I just changed it, but it was a good deal. Overall, I had a good experience.
My mother died June 2017 and I contacted the agent that issued my mom's life insurance policy. He stated he started a claim on my behalf. The agent provided the wrong name and address when filing the claim. I contact Gerber to correct the issue and I was told they had corrected their records. I am still receiving mail from Gerber stating they are unable to process my claim and it still has the incorrect name on the correspondence. When you call the wait time is 22 minutes. I have never experienced such incompetence with a business ever.
Gerber Life is a great insurance company to be with versus all the other ones out there. I have the Adult term for myself and the Grow-Up plan for my son for when he has to go to college. My son's insurance was the easiest to get but mine took a little longer than expected. They were checking on my background and were looking to see if I have any more policies. But, it's a great value. I can afford it and it's not over $100 each month. Plus, I've got the accidental plan with that. I will recommend it.
My kids got an insurance with Gerber Life and I also had Term life insurance which was purchased many years ago. I've been paying on it but I haven't heard anything and I don't know whether or not my year is up. But the application process went smoothly 'cause I've been with them for a while. I ended the service for a minute and then I reopened it so it's been easy. The reps have been able to assist me with all of my questions and answered to the best of their ability. But when I tried to get a loan on the insurance policy, the cost was high and the stipulation for me to borrow the money was very expensive. It was crazy. I didn't agree with that and that's the reason why I didn't go through with it. Other than that, it's okay. It's a good policy to start the kids having it.
I usually do not complain but THIS TIME I have to. My father died so I call Gerber Life since I purchased a policy on my Dad back when he was 60 years old (23 years ago). I called and waited 4 times to be called back. 27 min; 24 min; 32 min and finally 45 min and no callback. So I called and waited 18 min to speak to a person. They wouldn't tell me anything even though I'm the policy owner. Not to mention I paid them $10K ++ since 1993 for a measly $5K policy. That is sad in and of itself. First person said I have to have my father's death certificate, makes sense, my mother's death certificate... makes sense since I made her beneficiary in the application and a copy of the cremation certificate to prove he's really deceased and he is who he is. REALLY???So I call back today and was told, "ohhh, you don't need that (cremation cert) - you need a letter stating you're the administrator of the estate." My father has no estate. He's indigent. Someone else has always helped to take care of him as he was not able to by himself. He died with nothing. Zero. They said, "Sorry. We cannot legally release the money to you." And NOW I have to pay the state of MD a fee to APPLY to be the administrator of an ESTATE that DOES NOT exist and a policy that will only partially reimburse me for the money it has cost me to take care of his final expenses!! REALLY?? Why didn't you tell me that LAST WEEK???I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY OR THEIR PRODUCTS. IT'S A RIP-OFF SCAM. INVEST $38 a month in a mutual fund or gold for the next 25 years and see how much cash you have in hand. Trust me - it won't be $5K. That's what they made on MY money all these years. I was foolish to buy it. Admitted. SELF INSURE, SELF INSURE, SELF INSURE. Otherwise only buy TERM insurance.
I thought that getting a Grow Up plan from Gerber Life Insurance for my grandson was a good idea as the money doubles and he can collect that money if he wants when he turns 18. The application took a month and I did mostly everything online so it was easy. I've had it for four years now and I wish they would stop sending me mail asking me to enroll. They waste a lot of paper for nothing and I've already told them that.
It was very easy to sign up. It is extremely affordable with several payment options. Great customer service. I have definitely recommended this company to several friends and family members.
I was going to be a grandmother then and people said that Gerber Life was a good insurance plan to get, so I bought the Grow-Up plan for my grandson. He just turned seven, so I've had that policy for seven years now. I applied online for the insurance plan and I received it within a couple of weeks. You can't beat the cost of the premium and I'm perfectly satisfied. I've recommended Gerber Life to every grandmother and parent that I know.
I have three Grow-Up policies with Gerber Life for my three kids. One of my kids is 18 now and I had his policy for 16 years. My daughter is about to turn 16 and I had hers since she was born and it's the same for my other daughter who just turned 12. A person came to my home and it was easy setting up the policy. He was like one, two, three, and it was it. We've owned the polices all those years and it's a great value. The price of the premium hasn't changed and I got a good deal. It’s the best thing I ever did. Thank you for a great service.
My Grandma set it up for me when I was little and I still have it at age 25. And it is awesome and I love it. I really really recommend it because it's really good.
I bought 3 policies, one for me, my wife and grand-daughter. When calling to inquire - they answer the phone right away and can quickly process your 'new sale'. However, later I found a better deal (name withheld so not to appear to be a plug for another company) and called to cancel. First attempt and getting to 'press X to cancel your policy' was met with 'we're unable to take your call at this time, please try again later'. So I emailed them and got the cancellation forms and faxed them to the number indicated. Still nothing, so I finally emailed the same form. They just today refunded the cheapest one for grand-daughter but the 2 more expensive policies are not only NOT refunded yet - but they've hit my bank twice on 2 premiums on one of the policies. I'm currently 'on hold' and it has been 47 minutes and still waiting. Good luck to anyone that chooses them.
I purchased the Adult Term policy for me and Whole Life for the kids. During the application process, I didn’t understand some of the questions when I got the forms. So, I just called and their customer service representatives helped me with them. Overall, everything’s fine.
I provided the paperwork/death certificate as required noting to return the death certificate to me. The representative told me the death certificate would be returned to me in a couple of days and the check would take 7 to 10 business days. Gerber Life received the 2nd day delivery of this paperwork on 12/17/2018. After checking with them to make sure of receipt, I was again told the check would be sent in 7 to 10 business days but the accounting staff would not be working on 12/24, 12/25, 12/31, or 1/1/2019. On my 3rd (third) request, I was told the death certificate had already been mailed back and must be delayed due to the holiday mail. I was also told at that time it take 10-14 business days for the check and that the accounting department only worked 1/2 day on 12/24, out 12/25, only worked 1/2 day on 12/31 and out on 1/1/2019. When I advised the rep that I had been told 7 to 10 business days, she told me that I was not told that and that it was in the record I was told 10-14 days. When I told her I was given that information on two occasions, she told me that wasn't what was on record. At that point I asked to speak with a supervisor and a young man spoke to me and apologized for any inconvenience, that everything had been received/approved, and the check may go out on 1/4/2019. As of tonight, 1/10/2019, I have not received the check and the death certificate was returned date stamped by the post office on 12/31/2018. Although some of the representatives were very polite, information provided varied and it appears Gerber Life is in no hurry to pay claims in a timely fashion.
I had a whole life insurance on my mom that was suppose to kick in after two years. I put my payment on auto pay quarterly. About 5 months to when the coverage would kick in, they suddenly said that the payment did not go through and I had no knowledge of it and my credit card denied declining it. I agreed to make the payment ASAP and they agreed but later refused and said I have to apply for reinstatement. I answered all the unending applications and sent 4 months payment in addition to the payment that I missed. They would not still reinstate it and stop picking my calls unless I call with a strange number then they would pick. I contacted Dept of Insurance and the process was not progressing as I would want and decided to forget the policy. All the money that I paid before the two years was wasted cos they said it lost cash value because of the missed payment. Life Insurance policy is out for me; I will never go for it anymore; especially with Gerber. Maybe they are good with kid insurance but with adult insurance, Please do not have anything to do with Gerber.
Never finished, I was told by your recording that all agents are on the line, and I should call back later. What a joke! I am going to cancel my policy. I could not even log in, I was asked for my e-mail address (which I have used for the last 6 years) and my policy # which I had next to me, but a prompt came up stating that the e-mail address and the policy# did not match your records.
Gerber Life is a good choice over other insurance providers. I got a plan for a kid with them. It's important and good for my kids when they grow up. I really like everything about Gerber because they always answer me.
At the time I couldn't get a regular life insurance policy but I was qualified for the Gerber accident policy plan where it’s $10 a month and $100,000 in the case of death and I took that. It was nice to know at least if it was an accident I would be taken care of. So, if I lose a hand or a foot, they'll make some payment to me. I had been thinking of getting life insurance but that was the closest. I didn't want to spend a lot and the application and payment weren't too bad. It's an automatic withdrawal of $9.59 from my account and they've been very nice because if I know I'm not going to have the funds I call a week or so in advance and they change the date for me.However, I spend nearly $120 a year on something that never really materially helps me. I live by myself and I just wanted a little protection. Nonetheless, the policy will help to finalize my affairs, pay my debts, get me cremated if I get into an accident, which I hope I won’t. If I died by a disease, I'd have to find some other way. It's a valuable plan to have if you're concerned that you might be hurt and need the money or want to cover debt.
Gerber Life Insurance is excellent. Adds up over the years and pay little per month. Also excellent loan rates and payback as low as one dollar a month. Highly recommend.
I'm a retired insurance agent and I thought that Gerber had a fine product. I bought their Grow Up plan for the child because they're a very dependable company. The application process was very good. I would definitely recommend Gerber. It's a very good value.
I've got a $10,000 plan with Gerber Life because of direct mail advertising. I've also got a $5,000 Grow-Up Plan on my great granddaughter which was a really good deal. Considering that I'm about to turn 81, I probably won't be here by the time she is ready for college. I wanted to make sure she's taken care of. The application process has been fine. Gerber is a well-known and well respected old company, and though my interactions with their reps have been occasional, they've all been very positive. I do appreciate occasionally when I had overlooked getting the payment in that they had called.
You never know what’s going to happen to your children so I purchased The Grow-Up Plan from Gerber Life. It’s nice to have when you have money saved. Filling out the application was good. I did everything when it was offered at the hospital. Now, my daughter is 20 and my son is 14. Overall, my experience with Gerber Life Insurance was good and I’ve told everybody about them.
I took some life insurance out for my grandchildren from Gerber Life. The advertisements were good and I could start them out. And then as they get older, if they want to, I could increase their insurance policy. The application process was simple and easy. It was also quick. So far, Gerber Life has been competent and fair with me and I would tell friends that they are a good company to use.
I am very happy to have Gerber Life. They allowed me to reinstate my grandkids. I purchased Grow Up plans for my grandkids so that if something happens to them I'd be able to bury them. The oldest policy I have with them was nearly 12 years now, while the other two was added when my other grandkids came into the world. I used to have a burial plan plus a life insurance, but I realized that I don’t need the burial plan. I’m glad to have the life insurance, so I’d keep up with the payments for security and the cost is good as well. The only thing that I regret is with my insurance on my two children. They're now in their 30's and when they were younger I didn't increase it. I should have increased theirs by the time they’re teenagers because now it costs an arm and a leg to have insurance for older people. I would recommend Gerber Life to anybody. I’ve also told my lady friends who I work with to join Gerber Life or AARP for their grandbabies.
A lot of times, parents don’t think until the last minute to start preparing their children's college fund and sometimes the kids can’t go to the specific college that they want to go to because the parents can’t afford it. So it's a great idea to start now when they're younger and it will be less stress on the parents as the child begins to enter college. We got the college plan for our six-year-old from Gerber and their application process was easy. Every time I call or if I have questions, somebody was always helpful and went over the application with me. They answered all the questions to their best ability and if they couldn’t help me with that sort of question, they will get me to another representative. Everyone seemed to be really nice, polite and patient. I like Gerber's college plan. It’s a good thing to invest in and I have told all my friends that got younger kids about it. I’ve also told my cousins that they should start the plan and when they asked me what they have to do to start theirs, I gave them Gerber's number. I also like the fact that I can borrow from it when I have an emergency. I have borrowed some money and taken my son to Disney, and it was convenient to do that. I’ll pay it back when I get my taxes.
I have two Grow-Up plans from Gerber Life plans for my granddaughters. It seemed like a good investment for them. Once they are of age, it will be very beneficial to them. I trust the Gerber name, and I liked what I read when I was researching the policy and it was worth it. Also, applying for it online was fairly easy.
I got a Grow-Up plan from Gerber for my goddaughter so that I can afford and help her out when she gets older. Their application process was excellent. They talked with me and let me know what it was all about. It was wonderful because other insurance companies will give you the runaround but Gerber didn't. I also liked their pricing. I paid $11.32 a month and I can afford that. I loved my experience and I’ve been telling people about Gerber. I was talking to a girl friend of mine yesterday and she’s going to get her grandkids on it too. She also said she used to have it years ago when her kids were younger.
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