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GEICO Renters Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: GEICO Renters Insurance
Year Founded: 1936
Address: 5260 Western Avenue
City: Chevy Chase
State/Province: MD
Postal Code: 20815
Country: United States
Phone: (918) 384-0707
Overall average rating of 3.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 25 %
I foolishly signed up for renter's insurance through GEICO- however I found out too late that the sales rep at GEICO had flip-flopped my coverage amounts for my Personal Property and Personal Liability. I made it clear 3+ times throughout the sales sign up process that I needed to protect the value of my storage unit and that I did NOT care about Personal Liability, ONLY PERSONAL PROPERTY. The sales rep probably misquoted and later on flip-flopped the coverage values to keep the price I was quoted, thinking I would never have to file a claim and therefore never find out.9/10 times this would probably be true, however last month I went to my storage and discovered a fire sprinkler head had burst and almost all of my contents were destroyed. After assessing it as a total loss, weeks later the claims adjuster is barely responding and dragging his feet with my claim, even though the claim is for A FRACTION of what it should be. Do NOT trust Homesite Insurance, or GEICO for that matter.
I'm happy with the company connected with Geico Auto Insurance but they couldn't tell me how much I would pay for flood insurance as we live very near a lake. Nevertheless, their prices are excellent.
Had a fire in my house. The renter's insurance will pay me for that. Since then I got kicked out. Love my rental. My storage unit got Loaded. My property got stolen because I couldn't pay my bills to get to a safer place and my car gets stolen. I can't get Geico to pay me anything for the renters insurance. They owe me more than $80,000. I want my money. I paid the premiums. I paid their bills and now they won't pay me and I'm homeless because of it. I'm a sick old man. Can barely walk and now I have no place to live bring them to justice.
I switch from one insurance to GEICO because they made me a better offer. The policy is simple. You can save yourself 50% by switching from one carrier to the next. And they are going to give you the best policy that fits your benefit. If it doesn't work for you, they will make sure that you're satisfied before you leave. There was a time when I was down and out and all I had to do was call on them and they took care everything from my service. The workers always keep a smile on my face and show that they care and want to help. Before everything was done, they made sure that I was satisfied and save me 15% on a lot of things. I recommend their coverage to anybody because their coverage rates overall with full benefits, full medical, insurance, and anything else that you need to be covered on. Their coverage will last you for at least 20 years if not more.
Please - I repeat - please do not get a renters policy with these people. After five weeks of battling behind a theft claim they denied me after I submit all my documents and police report.. they never had any plans on paying me. Be warned...
They are a fairly good company. I like the fact that when you call them, you get to talk to a real person instead of trying to do it automated. The service reps are nice and are very helpful. The claims process is easy and simple. No, it is not fun to file a claim because many people think that it will get declined and not go through. However, my claim went through and they called me often to give me the status. The options of the policy were generally good. I wish there were some more options, but for my purpose it was just ok. I like on their site how easy it is to see all the options available. The coverage was fantastic. It covered all of my needs. I did however, read the policy through to see what it did and did not cover at first just to be safe.
I am really impressed with the customer service experience. They are really helpful and friendly. Always ready to help and good advice. Very satisfied with the claim processing experience. They are ready to help me always. Never get disappointed. It has great options and easy to understand. It gives many options and easy to understand and keep it straight. I loved it's coverage part. I found it a lot of good value. I found it the best when I go online. So, I always wanted to choose it.
I had a mini fire at my place (was limited to just one room, and I was able to put it out fairly quickly) that ruined a very expensive couch (among other things). And GEICO paid out without making me jump through a ton of hoops. Please note, I did have a receipt for the couch and photos of the damage that clearly showed that same couch burnt to a crisp, which I'm sure helped. When it comes to insurance, I find that you get what you pay for. And I'd rather pay a few more bucks per month to actually get help when I need it.
Their customer service was decent, but wait times were very long and annoying to me. It took over 10 minutes to be put on hold and wait for a representative. Their claims processing is very good - they processed the claim very fast and efficiently and gave no problems regarding it to me in the end of it. They have a decent amount of policy options, although I wish they would have more flexible ones that are personalized to my personal needs. The coverage they offer is excellent - they offer a policy for everything of my needs and over multi range flexible coverage package that well suited my needs.
I was always able to reach customer service when I needed to, and they were responsive. I didn't have any problems they could not resolve. I did not have any claims processed by them while I was renting, but I do not think I would have had any trouble if I had. They were responsive to any calls I did make. This was quite a while ago when I had renters insurance, but my memory is that the coverage was more than adequate. I was satisfied with what I received.
They make it easy to insure many different things together in a home of many people. We switched from our previous insurance company to Geico and have been satisfied ever since. We have, fortunately, not had a reason to file claims as of yet, but what I've heard about the company leads me to believe that it would be an easy process. It offers many different policies with many different payment options. They have the option to chose from many different policies and combine insurance for many different things. The coverage is good and accounts for most things that could be a problem. It leads me to believe we have made a good choice in provider.
I love working with them a lot and so far they have been very helpful. I'd recommend to a friend. I hope I can continue to work with them in the future and use GEICO more. They have been extremely fair with me and I love it so far... I would not change a thing. They have helped me insure my car when it got totaled years ago.
STAY AWAY!!! Their Insurance is CHEAP for a Reason, They don't pay anyone to actually call you back when you need to make a claim. Fire took my entire house and everything I own Sunday 08/05/18 - called and filed claim same day. They refused to respond or call back until Wednesday 8/7/18, not even a manager cared. Still unable to remove any of my items - and they are rotting under 6 inches of water and soot and ash. Restoration guy said nothing will be salvable now that everything has sat in the water and been stormed on. In the time of need, they don't give a ** about you. I will never use them again and everyone I know will not use them either, as it will be a life goal to have them switch from this Terrible company.
My customer service experience with Geico is the best. They really care for their customers and are there all the way and help you no matter what until you are happy. Geico claim processing is fast and the easiest to deal with. All you have to do is either call or take pictures and they do everything else. Geico has so many policy options. They can fit into anyone's budget. You can get basic to the best and it's all very affordable for anyone on their budget. Geico's coverage is the best. They offer basic coverage to the best coverage. It just all depends on what you have and want to be covered and of course where you live.
On Saturday, I asked for a quote on renters insurance to see how it compared with my current policy. I DIDN'T BUY the policy because it was higher priced and to pay month by month, they charge convenience fee of $5. I was clear when I said I didn't want it. I never received anything saying I bought it, but Geico took out an entire years worth of premium, $383, out of my checking account. I wish I had looked at these reviews before even getting a quote. Come hell or high water, I will be getting my money back.
You Gotta love the little Geico scooter Insurance get saving money. The coverage is a pretty good deal and they got Good customer service, too. I've been getting good people. I would definitely recommend it to anybody to do it or get it. You guys should try it.
At first I was leery of using GEICO because I believed that their claims were most likely exaggerated and that I would be paying a high premium to obtain my renter's insurance through them. However I was pleasantly surprised that they offered a very competitive rate of coverage and had a very extensive amount of coverage for my apartment. I would definitely recommend them to friends or family who are looking to get similar coverage for their housing units. It is a simple process to make my payments and although I have not yet had to make a claim I know if I do, I will be satisfied with my deductible and the amount of coverage that they will provide. I am happy to be a GEICO customer and look forward to doing business with them in the future.
We had a renter's policy with GEICO (Stillwater) for about 4 years, never used it once. Not a single time. Had our policy on autopay, never missed a payment. Had my wife's engagement and wedding ring insured and paid the extra premium. Last year I purchased a rather expensive watch and needed it insured as well. Provided the receipt and asked for it to be added to the policy. Refused to insure without an appraisal, that's like getting an appraisal for a Honda or Audi... it's brand. After shopping around for 3 months I finally find a jeweler who agrees to appraise the watch taking into account the cost I paid for the item and what it would cost to replace it. Send in the appraisal and get it added at long last.Get a call about 4 days later from some guy in GEICO stating that the portion of the policy covering jewelry is being canceled because I filed a claim in February when my laptop was stolen from me at the airport. So in essence, I paid for 4 years straight into a policy I never used, I use it once and they cancel it. Shady and not worth the trouble. They want you premiums but God forbid you use the policy for what it's meant for. They don't want to cover anything of value. Lesson learned.
When I walked in the door everyone said, "Hello." Right then I knew I was at the right place. I have a brand new ruby red Mustang 3.0. I knew the insurance would be expensive. I gave the insurance agent my information that he needed which was a lot, like my name, telephone number, address, driver's license number, and a whole lot more. I believe the whole thing took about 15 min and beyond my belief it was cheaper than I thought it was going to be. It was actually reasonable and I could afford it on my salary. I felt good that I finally an insurance company who has insurance that I can afford.
Expensive. After hurricane Irma this year. Out of 10 questions to rep, 10 answers were No... Nothing is covered... These guys take your money all year and won't even pay you for lost food in the refrigerator. Before the storm even hit--they put a disclaimer under claims--wide-spread power outages due to hurricanes not covered. Hopeful that food was the only thing I lost, but glad I experienced with Assurant before something bad actually happens and you need them. Get Out!!! If you have a policy.
While it is easy to get a representative on the line without much of a wait, I find that the representatives themselves are sometimes a bit unresponsive to questions and requests that need solutions as soon as possible. It took way too long to be transferred to a claims processor and then have to wait and be out on hold numerous times as they went back and forth checking policies and procedures for the type of claim I had. I don't believe that they have the best options as my apartment is small and does not have a lot of things in it yet they price way too high. I think they cover more in the price than necessary for someone such as myself. I have minimal items and not very expensive and yet they did not give me the choice for a lower coverage.
This insurance is a must if you have rental property to protect you and others. So far I haven't had to file any claims. I am sure that when I do file a claim it will be handled in a timely manner to my satisfaction. The policy has different deductible options that you can get. Personally I took out the lowest deductible since I bundled all my insurance needs. There is three deductible options with the option of other extras if needed. I bundled all my insurances with the same provider to save money and pay one bill instead of different bills.
Works well in any situation with its customers, gets the job done fast and accurately, is very affordable for single or multiple plans and never once had an issue in any claims or situation I've dealt with with them. Works with you to get the problems solved, over compensation for my claims most of the time. Never once had any issues with any associates either, very well mannered staff. They got me the quote I most desired for the coverage I wanted initially and have never raised my rates due to any claims either. Worked to keep my payments to a minimum after any claim. Coverage was just what I needed. No more or less than I wanted, didn't over charge for the coverage I requested and worked with me to get the service I desired. Didn't try to over sell anything or push products and service either.
Answered all our questions politely and within a timely fashion. Were respectful of our time and priorities and were not a nuisance or hassle at any time. Claims were processed in a timely fashion. The company was on top of everything and made the process as smooth as possible. No issues here. Many different options to fit your needs. All options were explained clearly and concisely, and I did not feel pressured at any time to make a decision in a rush. Coverage was thorough and no issues came up throughout the duration that renters insurance was used. Very easy company to work with, would definitely recommend.
Every time I had to call customer service regarding any kind of questions, like billing, etc., they have been very helpful. I have not filed a renters insurance claim, but the process seems easy, fast and clear enough and the representatives seem nice and professional. They have a wide range of available options. Their prices are not the highest or the lowest, but they are fair, good value for the service provided. They have a wide range of options, so you can choose the coverage level that meets your needs. Coverage, service and overall value are high.
It has been helpful when I Need it to be there. Have been absolutely no issues with Geico as an insurance company. I have been happy. I have been a customer of them for a few years at least. The claims procedures have been useful. They have been doing a lot of things. They usually have a good time period. They get issues resolved for the claim. It is a quick process. They have an adequate amount of policy options. They have a good amount of helpful personnel. They are always helpful. The policy is always good. There are no issues with it. The policy is put through quickly. The coverage is good. I have not had an issue with it. The coverage covers a lot. They help with the options for accidents easy. They help the customer figure out what kind of coverage they are needing.
Ironic that CA offers the title above to select. I am seriously disappointed in Geico. I had auto insurance with them for years and decided to look into renters insurance. I called Geico and was told to get the quote through the Geico website. I filled out the online form and then called to clarify the details. I was referred back to the online quote which was not specific in the first place and when I did it was no longer accessible. I requested the quote in writing and was told that was not possible. Because I trusted Geico I used my primary email for the quote and it was the only site I went to. Since then I have been attacked with intrusive insurance advertisement phishing emails that take over and freeze my PC when attempting to unsubscribe. GEICO IS A NAME I NO LONGER TRUST!
My husband and I live in Texas and Tropical storm Cindy was on the way and we were expected to get 15" of rain. We called Geico immediately and specified the reason for our call. THE STORM COMING. We asked and verified over the phone that it covered flood. Come to find out, Harvey comes in late August and when we go to file a claim we got a denial letter. We have went round and round and got nowhere. They even said that we verbally denied flood insurance, which is in no way true. IT WAS THE WHOLE REASON FOR US CALLING!We have called Geico to try and receive a taping of the phone call recording. To no avail. We tried to cancel and they said to keep it for a few more days so that they can look into it and we would get a return phone call in 2-3 business days. More than a week later, no call back and now I've been waiting on the phone for 15 minutes to try and cancel. I feel as if our agent was just trying to sell a policy. I will NEVER use Geico again for my home needs. PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE!!
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