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Foremost Homeowners Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Foremost Homeowners
Year Founded: 1952
Address: 5600 Beechtree Ln SE
City: Caledonia
State/Province: MI
Postal Code: 49316
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 532-4221
Overall average rating of 1.7 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
After hurricane Mathew hit our home in North Carolina, we promptly had an inspection done on our roof after our tenants noticed water running down the walls of the home. We were informed that a few shingles were missing, there was a hole in the plywood, and that the sand on the shingles was off. Foy's Roofing Company explained that it looked more like hail damage than wind damage, however the shingles that were missing was from the hurricane. He also explained that the holes in the roof was more than likely made by the hail caused the water to run inside and damage the walls inside the home. We them proceeded to call and make a claim with Foremost, and received a quick response.After the adjustor went out and looked at the damage, and made the call that the roof was completely destroyed, but we were not going to like the news. He then proceeded to tell us that Foremost will not pay but a small portion to have it fixed, and also explained that they will not pay for the inside for the house because it was hurricane related and the roof was from a previous hailstorm. We could make two claims if we choose. My husband tried to explain that even though there was no shingles missing from the valley that it was leaking from, that the hail could have possible cracked the flashing underneath, he was not listen to that claim.At this time we were under the impression that our deductible was 500 dollars as stated on our policy. This obvious was not the case, and we were told there was changes done to our policy (that was in small print) that we now owed a percentage. Our deductible went from $500 to $5300, that was just for the roof to get fixed, and we were told that Foremost was taking their portion, deducting the depreciation cost, and the $5300 from their estimate they come up with then we would receive a check. A total replacement of the just the roof will cost us $9800 Foremost has given us $1598 for the repair of the whole roof, and the inside will cost us out of pocket at $3000. We are so disgusted and disappointed by Foremost, and believe we have certainly been taken advance of by this company.I believe this insurance fraud at it finest, and at a time like this it makes it even harder to fathom there is people out there that would intentionally steal people's money. We are former military, and have several friends getting ready to rent their homes out, I have given them different companies other than Foremost, Farmers and Nationwide, to use for insurance to keep them from getting take advantage of.
I moved from Michigan in 2009 and turned my former home into a rental property. An agent from Farmers Insurance, the parent company referred me to Foremost which handled landlord properties for them. In 2012, the renter called and said most of the siding had been ripped off one side of the home in a storm. He said he would do whatever he could but I should call the insurance company because it was severe. I pay $872.00 for my policy and have had it for nearly nine years. I live in Arizona so I rely on this company to keep my home from damages. They came out, took some pictures, and said there wasn't anything wrong with the house. The renter had tacked the paneling back up the best that he could but the underlying damage was never fixed. It has come off several times since 2012 and the renter would try to put it back in place. Recently he said that he couldn't get it to stay on anymore and that I better call the insurance again.I made another claim online and they sent a claims adjustor out a few days later. They have never called me but I received a letter today denying my claim since they say the damage has occurred over the last five years since making the first claim. My house is small, only about a thousand feet and I estimated the cost of materials to fix it, excluding the labor, at about a thousand dollars total. I conservatively priced the cost of house wrap, plywood, lumber, vinyl siding, and drywall generously computing more material than needed. Just one insurance payment would have covered the cost of materials and they turned me down. It doesn't make sense to me but after seeing all the bad reviews, I can see why this company is getting extremely low ratings. They seem to place a higher priority on profit than customer relations.I've already paid for another full year but you can rest assured that I will not be renewing. Let this be a warning to other Landlords if you have Foremost right now or may become a landlord. This company will not pay claims and their insurance is high compared to most other homeowner's policies. Why pay the big price when they avoid servicing claims? If you have this insurance right now, I would be very careful about considering a renewal.
They come with different ideas, every billing cycle, to steal more money from you. If you are late one minute before paying, they will raise your rate, and keep it there forever. If you move, they charge you around $70, just because they can. And by the way, the new charge become due after you pay your bill, just in case that you may think that the rate is still the same, so you pay your insurance bill, then boom, there comes the second bill with the new charges. Just stay away from them and you will save yourself, and your wallet, a big headache.
Want 2K deduction for claims. I got Foremost after I made 2 claims with Pekin Insurance over an 8 year period. They canceled me and I had to get new insurance.
Had Homeowners insurance for 9 months. No claims ever filed. Our mortgage company called and stated our Insurance was going from $2400 a year to $5900. I am thankful for Quicken Loans giving us heads up. They asked if we had filed claims and we had not filed even one. I can't get anyone from Foremost to respond on why this has happened. Outrageous. Shopping elsewhere and thankful once I find another company Quicken Loans will not pay them one more dime.
We had a very bad wind storm and I had some shingles blown off my roof and the skirting on my home was blown loose. I knew when I saw them in my yard. I called Foremost, and asked Bessie what to do and can they send someone out. She said for me to take pictures with my phone and send them to her. I tried, but my roof is black so nothing would show up. So I call Bessie again. Now she says for me to have someone come out and give me an estimate. I did, and the contractor sent them a bid. Next thing I know, now they can send a live person out to look at my roof (which was what I asked for in the FIRST PLACE). So Steve the "live" adjuster says since I had some seals repaired on my roof, they will pay NOTHING for my roof. Did not even address the skirting issue. I have been with this company for 29 years and this was my second claim. ** poor treatment was given to me all the way around. Now I want to change companies but they've reported me to a homeowner's database, making it hard for me to find a new carrier. If a class action for Missouri starts I will help get it going!!!
I had a fire on 4/24/2017. My home was totally unlivable. Foremost sent Service Masters out that day to explain the "process" of drying out the water damage & cleaning and packing anything salvageable. SOUNDS GREAT HUH. Well Foremost paid this wonderful process out of my $30k contents coverage which maxed it out. So I don't get reimbursed for most of my contents. The adjusters and higher ups have been EXTREMELY RUDE. The $20k additional living expense was cut off on June 17. ALTHOUGH they did pay 4 months on an RV that is parked in my driveway. I live 12 miles out in the country with 6 dogs, two cats, and livestock. THEY said I was being unreasonable because I refused to have my animals boarded. So no additional living expenses for eating out, laundry, the extra trips I have to make to town because the RV has a tiny fridge.BTW the insurance company also had a dry cleaner come and pick up anything cleanable. BOTH cleaning companies required me to sign an assignment of benefits that the insurance company would pay them direct. Foremost said that was a contract between me & the cleaners. However, the bills were sent directly to the insurance company without me having any idea how much they charged. The adjuster said they would review and pay what was allowed. A total of almost $40k. They paid $6300 for having $3000 worth of "cleanables" cleaned??? My entire pantry was burned out and those items were depreciated 50%. Everything else was depreciated 30%. Due to their creative accounting that depreciation is not recoverable.I have $100k on my home but am using some of my savings trying to get everything back together. The contractor is progress billing me but Foremost is yet to make any additional payments. I hung up on the adjuster after five weeks when he continued to be rude and not allow me to speak. The adjuster's boss immediately called me back and I told him I was too angry to talk. Of course he wanted to TALK, I told him I was so angry I would drive 60 miles and beat the crap out of his adjuster if he didn't just let me cool off. My policy has been cancelled and now I can only talk to their attorney.Foremost is owned by Farmers Group. If your insurance has FARM in it anywhere it's probably owned by Farmers. BEWARE if you have a significant loss... YOU WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED as you would expect to be. IF I had a mortgage on my home I probably would have received better compensation and treatment. It's unfortunate that BIG COMPANIES are so willing to take your money but they don't stand by you when the chips are down.
The ONLY thing I can say about this Company is they are SORRY and WORTHLESS!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!! YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF AND NOT EVEN HAVE INSURANCE!!! Their employees should be ashamed to work for them!! WE have been a customer for 15 years and this was our first claim ever!!! My shower/garden tub was leaking underneath both of them and caused SEVERE BLACK MOLD!! They denied it and said it was a hairline crack from the tile in the shower!! So after they denied the Claim they dropped our insurance!! We have had an inspector come out for another opinion and he said, "How in the heck did they deny this claim and drop you!!!" But it is ok. We have a new insurance company and A LAWYER!!!
Constant rate increases no claims. Always excuses as to why. Supposed to be affordable but not. Never send bill on time and don't post payments timely. I wouldn't recommend.
On September 27, we had a fire in our laundry area. The entire mobile home sustained fire damage. It took five days for the first adjustor to come out. He was at the house four hours then told us he couldn't handle the claim because it was a large loss claim. So I don't know why they sent him out and what he did for four hours if he wasn't even qualified to be there. He also brought along an Origin of Fire expert who was also there four hours and said the fire started in my washing machine motor. Nothing at all for another week when they sent out a large claim adjustor. He spent about five hours in the home. He also brought along an engineer and the Origin of fire expert again. The two of them were there about five hours, moved the washer and dryer back into the house to take pictures then took them with them when they left. That was Monday and now here it is another week and still nothing.Every time I call they say they are still investigating. It's been three weeks and I'm tired and stressed out. They did put us up in a hotel but it is no vacation. Our dogs who we love dearly are in a kennel which is breaking my heart. It just feels like they are trying to drag it out until they can find a reason not to pay the claim. Meanwhile, I have sent them receipts for 21 days of meals, replacement clothing, toiletries, etc. and I have gotten back $43. One receipt from October 6. This company is the biggest joke I've ever seen.We've had homeowners insurance for over 30 years and prior to this filed one claim for tornado damage that was settled within a week. We had to switch to Foremost five years ago when we bought a mobile home in the country and they were the only company that would cover it. We purchased our policy through AARP/Foremost. I am just so disappointed in Foremost. They should have had a qualified adjustor at our property the day after the fire, not five days later, then another seven days to get someone qualified out there. They just keep dragging their feet. I have spent the past three days crying and no one at Foremost seems to care.
It took me over 1.5 years to get a refund for my premium after I canceled the policy (months before it renewed and they charged me regardless). I wrote to them repeatedly. If they treat you this crappily when you pay them I can only imagine the nightmare of trying to get them to pay out a claim. Utter garbage company, avoid at all costs. If I could leave fewer stars I would.
Stay away from these guys. Crooks. Filed a claim. The adjusters came out said he didn't see anything wrong but seen shingles replaced and water damage inside. This insurance company are crooked. Note people work hard for their money and don't want to messed over. So to make it simple and short if you can't honor what is rendered and due don't (BS) us the people.
We were insured by Farmers then turned over to the flunkies, Foremost. Had no warning of transfer. Have had Foremost for about 2 years, since I moved back to AZ to keep my house out of foreclosure, which was in Oct 2018, they have approved and canceled my policy 3 times. Every time it was something else that had to be done. I know when I came back, the outside was a mess, that has been totally cleaned up, not good enough. Then an incompetent inspector, reported that I have a garage door missing and has to be replaced, I don't and never had a garage. Then I have to replace the roof on my PATIO, my patio does not have a roof. The roof they took a picture of is over a sun porch and another room, it has rolled roofing on it. The rest of the house has shingles. Then another boo boo was that there was some toys in the yard (two children live here), I really don't know where these idiots are from. We have had insurance with the 2 of them over 35 years, one claim, circuit breaker hit by lightning. Our payments have always been on time even when they increase price, for them doing nothing. Now my family of six is in a house without insurance. I am so glad others have had bad issues with this company also.
Foremost is a pretty good insurance. We been with them for a very long time. We only had to use the insurance one time so far. We had to put a new roof on. Call them and it wasn't too long after we call they sent us a check in the mail to put on a new roof. I would kind of recommend them. They are for mobile home trailers.
Auto Insurance - Foremost County Mutual Insurance Company and affiliate of 21st Century Insurance company opened a false claim someone place on July 14, 2014 against me (claim # **), although my wife and I refuted the claim and proved that this was false and I was not even in town during the reported accident. A representative to company sent an email stating they agreed that the claim was false and not paid but this information is still being pulled up by different companies as a claim on my husband's record (it is now showing twice as two claims). My wife and I have been fighting this for two years and thought it was cleared up until recently when I attempted to get a quote from another insurance company. At this point I am getting desperate since this has caused my insurance premiums to skyrocket.
Foremost Insurance Company was introduce to me by Pearl Carroll & Associates LLC a broker who deals with my Union to provide a variety of insurance policies. I recently purchased a new vehicle and the insurance company I initially contracted was high. I wanted something more affordable. Pearl Carroll & Associates representative presented to me, after getting all of my insurance, personal information a deal far less than what I was paying. After confirming with them regarding price and assurance from them that this was the price $456, I signed the contract.A month of after Foremost started asking me to provide them with pictures for car, which I went to Carauco to have taken and faxed them the number that revealed it was done and the pictures will be coming thereafter from Carauco. Nevertheless they cancelled the collision on my car. When I called them they stated that it takes time for them to process their faxes and then confirmed that they did get it and would be putting my collision back on my vehicle.However the price of insurance went down that went up to approximately $500 and they said there was nothing they could do to correct. There after they began to ask for declaration pages from prior insurance carriers, items such as ABS, Anti-theft, defensive driving certificate. Information that they was fully aware of at the beginning, nevertheless everything they asked for I provided. Yet they still hiked up my insurance from $456 to $680 stated I changed insurance carriers which they were fully aware of before they quoted the initially price. Maybe for some that price gauge is okay but it totally caused havoc to my life and to Peter. You know Peter is the other bills I had to take money from in order to pay Paul since it is illegally to drive without insurance. It was to be for 6 mos. and I did not change insurance companies so that I did not give the future insurance carrier reason to rob me.An accident occurred and the collision place. Checked my insurance to ensure rental coverage which there were and set up a rental with Enterprise car rental which the car they gave broke down and after asking for another rental they instead sent Triple A which jumped the car and the car broke down again. After I called my insurance explained this to them which they did nothing. I called again and explained this to them again and asked them to setup a rental with another car rental company such as Avis or Hertz. Again they did nothing.I had to set up a rental myself and pay for it with my credit card. How is it right to pay so much money for car insurance yet when the service that they are suppose to provide is not being provided. I did not rate my experience with this company because it was HORRIBLE. I would not recommend them to a friend; I would not even recommend them to an enemy. If I could find a lawyer in my area that deals in breach of contract I would take the money that I barely have to pay this insurance company and give it to the lawyer to sue them.
I actually have a mobile home and I obtained Foremost Homeowners Insurance through AARP. They are very easy to work with and offer affordable payments. I have not had any claims so I cannot speak to that. I was able to obtain immediate coverage over the phone. Because I went through AARP I also go a discount.
Pay our bill on time. Every month we are charged a late fee by our mortgage company. At the beginning of the year we always get our insurance dropped notice by our mortgage company because they are late with their payment.
I live in a hurricane zone in Louisiana, and a lot of insurance companies choose not to take people in our area on. Foremost has done so, and not at a crazy rate. The one time we did have to make a claim, they were very accommodating and really reached out to make sure we were comfortable until our home was fixed.
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