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Company Name:
Formerly Named:
Address: 8100 SW 10th St, Suite 2000
City: Plantation
State/Province: FL
Postal Code: 33324
Country: United States
Phone: (844) 715-6228
Overall average rating of 4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 55 %
I have used this plan for several years and am satisfied. The dental fees that I had over the years has saved me money. I really appreciate using the dental plan and feel better that I have this plan. I get a discount on my cleaning and other dental procedures that I need.
I am quite pleased with the program. I had a procedure done and after the bill was prepared I asked if they had applied the discount. They had not and the difference was quite substantial. It reinforced that I made a good decision when I enrolled.
The plan is well worth the money. Last year I needed a tooth extracted and between seeing my regular dentist first and then the oral surgeon, I saved hundreds of dollars, which more than paid for my annual premium. There is a wide selection of providers and both my regular dentist and periodontist were on the plan.
We have had a family plan for more than five years and are always happy with the discount we receive and the efficiency of processing any paperwork related to this plan. The website is easy to navigate and the renewal process is simple. always keeps us updated and informed regarding tips and policies. Overall very helpful. Thanks!
This plan is very easy to use, and the people in the office you talk to are very polite and helpful on the phone. The dentists we've used from the plan are also very competent and personable. I just wish more services were covered and the payments were a little higher. Dental work is very expensive these days, and the amount covered is not significant to the total charged.
I have used this plan for dental and saved some money. However, the vision and prescription savings are not so saving even as an added inclusion. I just got a letter telling me my renewal would automatically renew. Not happy, about this because... if I signed up in March of 2018... please do not send a letter dated August 31 2018 stating that it is time to renew!!! It is not by the way and deciding for me as a customer and deciding to automatically renew is not actually your right as a company to do.I choose because it was my choice. Proactive as a company...but reckless with regard to my option to choose myself!!! I will have to call in because I’m not sure at all about renewing after this notice. Other than this particular business tactic... the 1st initial membership and saving was more than great in helping to save money on dental work.
I signed up for a plan for my daughter that supposedly had the dentist we wanted near her college but then after getting an appointment we found out the dentist was not located at that particular office and was in fact in the next town. Also the location we wanted did not accept discount dental plans. Today it took over 30 minutes to get through on DentalPlans customer service number and when they finally transferred me to the right department, "Ken" had an attitude. And they will deduct $20 as their "processing fee". Lots of wasted time, effort and money.
Dental plan Solstice plus 1 - So excellent. Needed major work. My dentist took plan and referred me to implant dentist who also took plan. Saved me about $2000. What's not to like? Low premium for excellent service.
Great savings for an affordable price. Never any problem at the dentist when using the plan. I have recommended the plan to friends and family. Customer care representatives are always pleasant and efficient when I call with any questions. Very satisfied with this discount plan.
Good to have the dental discount program. However it seems like the dentist increased his fees after getting the discount service. I was getting a senior discount before and so my fees were lower. The fees are higher now it appears. Otherwise glad to have the discount plan. Thanks for being there.
When I moved to Florida I was in need of new everything, be it doctors and dentists. When I went to the dentist it became apparent that I needed a tooth removed and a root canal performed. Unfortunately when I retired my dental coverage ended. Here I am now facing a couple of fairly large bills and my insurance gone. The receptionist told me about this company, not insurance, but providing discounts on dental work. I called them and it seemed to me that the cost of joining was very inexpensive. I joined, the discount was applied to my first visit, and had to see another dentist for the root canal. To make a long story short, when I was handed the bill for this dentist I found that the cost of the procedure was half of what I expected. These great results were made even better when one of the dentist did not take the coverage from the company I was assigned to. I simply called DentalPlans and they switched the coverage to another company that the dentist would accept on the spot. To me those kinds of things make the coverage a no-brainer.
My experience with the DentalPlans: I found a great dentist, ** Dr Hall DDS, that is under your plan. I have been treated like family with them. And the prices of the services are within my limits and I've had good results.
The plan was accepted by two of my dentists and I was pleasantly surprised at the discount allowed through the Dental Plans. I would highly recommend this plan to family, friends and neighbors. It is a savings that keeps your money in your budget. has helped considerably with what the dental offices charge. Without the added dental plan it would be a much more of out of pocket dollars for me. It is like an added insurance that benefits you especially if you are having extensive dental work to be done.
From the first day I bought into the plan, I couldn't have been happier with the service, customer care and efficiency of everyone at Unfortunately, the dentist who we started going to had their own discount plan so we didn't need anymore. I have told several people about and how wonderful their service is. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you. I highly recommend them!
DentalPlans is awesome. Dental insurance for the family through my employer is very expensive. The discounts that this plan provides on services is great. A nice low yearly fee and it saves a lot during the course of the year!! Saved me over $1500 on my son's braces!!!
Not insurance, but additional discounts on top of insurance, and they keep on offering great discounts for early renewal. All my dentists, including specialists accept it and I'm glad I found this optional benefit. Check it out if you haven't.
I have been a customer of DentalPlans for five years. I've always been treated with respect and feel I'm a valued patient with the dentist I use that is a participant in the Plan. I've thus far saved approximately $1500 using DentalPlans. I've had two crowns and regular six month cleanings and x-rays when applicable. I would recommend DentalPlans to anyone who doesn't have dental insurance, but would like to save as much money as possible for their dental needs. I am very pleased with DentalPlans. Excellent Alternative to Dental Insurance.
As to experience: I get reduced rates at the dentist for cleanings and, if needed, other treatment. So far, you're doing better than me. What I pay you just equals what I spend at the dentist. No net gain at all.
I called to cancel my plan in December 2018. My plan still has about 11 months to go. I was expecting a prorated refund. Yet I was told that I had already used the plan more than 6 months, therefore, no refund will be given. She said I renewed my plan in April, 2018, that is why. I said that was because I responded to their early renewal promotional email from them at that time. My previous plan was not expired until October, 2018, only less than two months ago. My renewed plan only started in the same month in October 22, not April. They are using my early renewal date in April to claim that I have used the current plan for more than 6 months to reject my refund request.In short, I am not going to get anything back although the plan I renewed still has close to 11 months of coverage. She kept insisting her claim and then put me on hold. I hung up and called back. This time a man answered and with the SAME line of rejection. It was only after I spent some time tried to reason with him, and with his "supervisor”s approval that I got a promise to refund me some amount. I will see if they do refund me. Because now I saw complaints in the BBB website regarding problems with their refunds. Since both of them had the same line of talking points, I would not be surprised if I am not the first one that got this kind of rejection. They promote early renewal all the time; I hope no other people have been taken advantage of. It may come back to bite us. Be aware of this company!
Love this Dental Plan, no forms to fill out, accepted by numerous dentists and the cost is affordable. Although this is not dental insurance, I know it has saved me money for all of the dental work I have had done over the years since becoming a member.
I have always had a positive experience with the dentists that are with the Dental Plan network. I have had regular and affordable dental health care and was able to get a crown that was needed and the work the dentist performed was top notch.
DentalPlans is excellent in that there is no maximum for the year. Does provide savings with no hassle. Discount could be higher for routine care. Have had it for 2 years now. No pre authorization required. Recommend over dental insurance. Good plan.
The discount on Dental bills does help. I only wish that the amount an individual saves was larger. I realize that for the price of the policy I pay, the coverage is good. Maybe after this survey, with additional information, the coverage will get better.
I am on a fixed income and Medicare and my secondary insurance do not cover dental at all. I have very limited income but want to be vigilant about caring for my teeth. My dentist's office told me about DentalPlans and it has been a godsend for sure. Saves me money every visit.
It was very easy to use and the cards saved me money on my visit. It's well worth the fee for the ease of using it. The Dentist office are very easy to work with. They inform you of the charges and the amount you are saving by using the dental card.
I love the dentist. She does a great job cleaning the teeth. But I still find it expensive going 3 times a year. The office is very clean and the help is very nice. I always find the wait is never too long before I am seen.
As a 15-year member of this outfit, I have finally had enough! When you start out, for the first few years if memory serves, they give you discounts and 3 months for free. Now, I guess they assume you are 'hooked' and offer you nothing. But the most aggravating part of all is the PROCESSING FEE! $20, EVERY YEAR! When you ask for an explanation of this, all they will tell you is that it is a processing fee. I have dealt with thousands of companies over the years, I have never been asked for a processing fee! Especially after being a customer for 15 years, exactly what are you processing??? Well, I figured out a way to save the processing fee; CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!
Remember: This plan is not insurance -- it is an assurance that you will receive reasonable discounts to help cover dental expenses without an exorbitant premium to pay. The staff that handles your questions and concerns are well trained, pleasant to work with and do respond in a timely manner. Thanks for the great experiences -- long time customer.
I joined years ago. First, there were no reviews about the dentists on their plans. I chose a dentist. At first, I was happy. I went for cleanings, fillings, root canals and crowns. Everything went pretty well. Last January, I had a tooth break. Instead of just fixing that tooth, the dentist talked me into having teeth pulled and getting a partial denture because the fillings in 4 of my front teeth had become stained and the teeth were loose due to gum disease. My teeth were pulled and I received a partial denture which fit fantastic after a couple of minor adjustments. Everything went downhill after that. The next visit, he decided to replace an old crown and bridge it to another tooth with a crown. He also finished the broken front tooth. After putting temporary crowns on those teeth, the temporary denture did not fit correctly. He had a second temporary denture made which was worse than the first. There are gaps between the denture and my real teeth. The teeth are crooked, and that’s just for starters. Now because he can’t fix whatever he did wrong, he has concocted his idea of a solution. Some kind of a bridge of teeth. It’s not a denture and I would not classify it as a bridge. He’s going to make it at no additional cost to me. If his concoction breaks, no discount plan or insurance plan is going to cover whatever you want to call it. In the meantime, I have needed fillings replaced since last Spring and the dentist has not done a thing with them. I called and the representative’s response was to try another dentist. I don’t know what dentist is going to want to fix someone else’s mistakes. So much for saving money. It will probably cost me every penny I saved with DentalPlans plus to fix my problem.
It took a couple of tries but I finally found a great dentist who took my plan. Very happy with both the dentist and plan. It was one the plan recommended to me and he was in my local vicinity so I did have to travel far to see the dentist I wanted and who accepted my plan.
We have been members for over 10 years and have been very satisfied. We believe we have saved thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, we will NOT be renewing our membership. Over the years, we have had to change dentists many times because the dentists keep dropping the plan, not just our plan (Aetna Dental Access) but ALL discount plans. It has become very difficult to find dentists still on the plan. The dentist list on your website is outdated and lists dentists who have not been on the plan for at least TEN years. We have made many phone calls to local dentists only to discover that they do not take ANY discount plans even though they are listed on your website.. It's too bad because we really enjoyed the plan.
I have had two different dental offices tell me that the pricing contained in the dental plans is excellent. I have been very pleased with the costs that I have paid for several procedures. Plus the cost of the dental plan is superior to that of standard dental plans.
Since I don't have dental insurance and feel that it is too expensive for older people like myself, I have confidence that I am saving money using DentalPlans. I usually save enough at one appointment (2X yearly exam and teeth cleaning) to pay my annual premium. In my opinion, it is a win-win proposition for me! I will definitely continue to renew my coverage annually.
The plan works as advertised, pays for itself with just the 4 cleanings I have a year, and saves even more when I need a crown, etc. I like the dental discount plans far better than the dental insurance with its $1000 or $1500 annual caps I used to have.
Good plan but it would be helpful to see the actual savings after each dental visit in a drop down box on the website. This could be used to track dental expenses annually and and for tax purposes. Thank you.
I love my dental plan. It has paid for itself several times over just by the savings I get when I visit the dentist. It is better than regular dental insurance since there is no cap on how much it pays out.
I signed up with DentalPlans in 1/17. Was advised by staff to go with a particular plan as it was considered one of the better plans. After having difficulty finding a doctor for my needs, I was advised by another staff person to switch plans (more expensive) and did so. I made appointments and upon arrival at several dentist office on the list sent by DentalPlans, I was told they were not with DentalPlans. While at the last dentist office, I called in (pissed and 5 months in) was told by a rep, I could again switch to a plan in which that dentist was registered (an immediate emergency switch). I gave the phone to the office staff for confirmation, she received the reps name, my member i.d.#/ group# for verification of coverage under the new plan. Six months later my dentist informed me that they've been attempting to get paid for services rendered, but was told I wasn't covered. I first spoke with support staff who confirmed notes in the file that corroborated my story but wasn't sure why the rep never changed the plan as written. I spoke to 2 supervisors who indicated they would review notes/recordings, I've never heard back. I'm now responsible for the entire bill. I will pursue this aggressively by any means necessary as I'm certain this happens all the time and this company is making millions annually in doing so as most people don't follow through with complaints/lawsuits.
Every dentist I've tried to contact that is listed on their site as being part of the discount plan has informed me that they do not in fact honor the discount. The plan is completely useless to me and there is no way for me to cancel the plan via their website. I have to go through various levels of customer retention. I'm going to be disputing the charge with my credit card company.
I have had a plan with DentalPlans for years. It makes it easy to go to dentist and get discounts on procedures. The price of Plans for individual or family are affordable. It is not an insurance plan so no claim forms or deductibles to deal with.
This program is just a ruse. Beware! There are no contractual requirements on the doctors, and there are loopholes in the contract (the "membership agreement" that you must accept to move forward with your "plan"). There is no obligation on anyone, except YOU - to pay for the plan and pay your doctor whatever he/she want to bill you for. My doctor said "yes we participate" and "we'll take care of you," then billed me the cash price saying that my health insurance doesn't coordinate with, so you are stuck paying full price. I called and they told me, "your agreement clearly states that the doctor can rescind the discount any time they wish". Thanks for nothing
I took a chance in trying out one of your discount plans. My dentist took the plan and I received discounts immediately. The following year I had extensive work done and that's when I really appreciated the discounts I received on each procedure. Your plans are great for people like me who don't have dental insurance. It's just as good if not better! Also extremely helpful is your website that gives you a list of the dentist that do accept your dental plans with location and telephone numbers so that you can verify.
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