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Delta Dental Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Delta Dental Plans Association
Overall average rating of 1.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I like the preventive full covered treatments each 6 months yearly check up. I did not liked the 6 month waiting period for full coverage that if you start with the plan it will not cover you for emergencies.
Delta Dental is ok as far as Dental Insurance is concerned. They have many different policies and so it is difficult to mark them up or down as their products differ. Example: I am the primary member and have $2,000 to spend each year but my husband only receives $1,000 in dental benefits. Personally I think he needs his teeth just as much as I need mine.
Recently Johns Hopkins went with Delta Dental. The selection of dentists is very poor. The dentist many employees have used for years will only accept the "premier" plan due to poor reimbursement and is only covered by 80% while this "premier plan" was touted as no deductible, 100% coverage for many procedures it only applies to the doctors on their list who are limited. Hopkins definitely made a poor choice going with Delta Dental.
We have had a terrible time dealing with Delta Dental. We have been given incorrect information during multiple calls, and conveniently, no notes were made in their system about the phone calls. We were clearly told that my daughter was covered under my plan, so her individual plan was not necessary. She went to the dentist and we received a bill months later because she did NOT have coverage. They have transferred us to supervisors and not explained the circumstances despite assuring us that they would, so we have had to explain the situation over and over again. They are not willing to help, but admit that the person was wrong about her being covered. They are awful!
I first entered DeltaCare (a Delta Dental product) through the Healthcare Exchange. I just went to one of their recommended dentists. Before I could be seen, I paid a $20 co-pay. Out of a $260 bill for a thorough cleaning and x-rays, the insurance paid $20! I've been referred to an endodontist for a root canal. When I called for the appointment, I was told they do not accept DeltaCare, only Delta Dental PPO. So I looked up endodontists on Delta Dental's website for their DeltaCare product. I live in a major city, and there are only 10 endodontists who accept DeltaCare -- and five of those are with "Dental Health Group" (which turns out to be Great Expressions Dental Centers). The reviews on many DeltaCare's endodontists are bad. And at least one reviewer reported that the office had to fight the insurance company for payment. I am now actually afraid to go to one of these doctors. I mean, how bad do they have to be to accept DeltaCare when the overwhelming majority of doctors in the city will not. I've been paying on a worthless product for over a year and a half!!! I should have saved the cash and saved it toward dental work. The premiums I've been paying were apparently a giveaway to a major insurance company. I hope they enjoyed the gift.
My employer decided to use Delta, I paid my monthly dues. I confirmed a dentist was in their system. After 10 painful office visits I discovered they billed my credit card 100% for items that should have been paid in part by Delta. This information was taken to my employer who referred it to Brown and Brown who were to address the issue with Delta. Months later I have received no reply from the dentist or Delta and the Dentist is still on their provider list.
I had a crown put in on Feb 5, 2018 and so far Delta Dental has not paid for their part of the crown procedure. I called Vienna Smiles which is where I go see my dentist and they told me that Delta Dental had not paid them their part of the expense for my crown. I left a message for Delta Dental to get back to me about this matter and they told me that the employees of Vienna Smiles never filed the claim. I think that this is very poor customer service.
My husband works for the state of Illinois for almost 30 years and retired five years ago. This is the first time that he has had to have any work done. He needs a crown. However AR dentist and Branson West Missouri Dr. ** and any other dentists are refusing to wait a year or more for their payment from Delta Dental of Illinois, therefore they're requesting that we pay upfront for any work done and then the check will be mailed to the dentist and the dentist will reimbursed us. Why should the check be sent to the dentist if we're paying it out of our own pocket. Is this the way that Delta Dental in the state of Illinois are keeping things off the books that there's trouble like if I did this I would be in prison for insurance fraud.They take money out of my husband's monthly retirement check for the dental insurance and Illinois is to pay their part. They want almost $1,000 upfront for this crown. We're on a fixed income and I am disabled so exactly how we supposed to come up with the money that the state of Illinois is supposed to be responsible for and why is the check being sent to the dentist and then we wait for the dentist to reimburse us $2,000. As far as I'm concerned the dentist hasn't anything to do with this since we're having to pay upfront because of this situation then Delta Dental should be sending us a check. Of course we'll be waiting almost 2 years just like everybody else. When is this going to stop. When is enough enough. We need someone to step in and represent us and stop this insurance fraud. Delta Dental of Missouri Illinois of the USA is the worst experience with dentist I've ever experienced in my life!!! First we were told by Delta Dental that the dentist could not request for us to pay that money upfront because they have a contract with the state of Illinois. Then we're told, "Oh yes" they can request it and if there's nothing we could do about it. So what's going on people. If we had $1,000 hanging around for crown, we sure wouldn't be adding this negative review.
Unfortunately our school district chose this company for the employees. I had to have three teeth extracted in order to save my gums. I could have paid more for dental implants that would not be covered or a bridge that was supposed to be covered. Of course I have the bridge. My DDS turned in the claim and after not hearing from Delta Dental for a few months they called to see what was going on. Delta Dental denied receiving the claim. (Of course.) NOW Delta Dental is refusing to pay the claim!! I already paid out of pocket $3,000+. Now they are asking for more x-rays PRE procedure. Like I am supposed to reenact this? If a bridge is considered 'cosmetic' I don't know what planet these people live on. Really???!!
Have been paying for a premium gold plan in order to continue to use my dentist. It was recommended that I have a bridge placed to replace teeth. Delta refuses saying if there is more than one solution, they pay for the cheapest. In other words instead of paying the benefit of $2,500, they will pay $500, but I can do whatever I want. My dentist has spoken with their consultant, who, by the way, is a part-time dentist who works only 4-5 hours a week reviewing all claims. Their response is I could get a removable partial for cheaper. They dictate the quality of life you will have by manipulation. Plus although schedule shows they pay a certain percentage -- they have a maximum they will pay, which is not to scale for the normal charge. I would recommend taking the money and placing it in an FSA plan to use for dental services. This is horrendous. Imagine having dental work done where you expect them to pay and you are told they'll pay 10% at most. They always have a reason, which is not provided even in fine print on the policy.
I have been a member of Delta Dental since July of 2010. I have never once been able to log into my account on their website without calling into customer service and having them help me. I have a file folder of 7 different user ids I have created over the past 4 + years with 7 different passwords. Customer service will get me set up and then a few months later I will try to access my account and cannot...just keeping getting invalid user id error messages. I am very internet savvy and have never had a problem with about 20 other websites that I have accounts on. Every time I call into their customer service, I get the same story..."oh we changed blah, blah, on our website and now you have to do this, etc. So just create another user id and password." It's quite frustrating!!! Tried to get into my account today & again got the error message...invalid user id!
I signed up for coverage and was told over the phone that I would be covered for half of $1500 in the year 2014. Still has not happened... Now I need to wait to Nov 2015 - not in this lifetime.
The absolute worst insurance scam out there. I can't even find a dentist that doesn't require me to pay first then wait for reimbursement from Delta Dental, which never comes. I am better off without it. All the dentists who take Delta Dental are just high priced dilettante dentists.
If I could choose again, I'd rather go without insurance at all. They are horrible with customer service, responding to issues in a timely manner or at all, & all they want to do is take your money. They had no problem taking my monthly payment without providing the services that I am entitled to all because of a 'system error.' For MONTHS I went paying my monthly premium but was denied the use of my policy. I spend months attempting to get it fixed, being on hold for over 45 minutes at a time, and somehow the supervisors were never available or they were the wrong team to handle my issue.After everything NOT being resolved, not getting any services, and continuously paying my premium, I decided to cancel my useless policy. Yet now after all these months of frustration, I get sent a bill for the months AFTER I canceled my policy. No representatives EVER followed up with my complaints, my concerns, or the ineffectiveness of their system. All they cared was getting their payment but not bothering to make sure their customers get what they paid for. I have already put in a complaint with the BBB, but honestly I wish I never got involved with DeltaCareUSA. I ended up paying for another dentist out of pocket in addition to the monthly premiums I paid and never used.
I have two coverages, one for my business and one through my teaching job. Delta has repeatedly denied payment for cleanings and other services if I need more than one plan provider. However, they charge me the full premium for these services for which they are denying service. I see lots of complaints online about this company. I think that this is an improper business practice and I would very much like a refund for all denied services.
My dentist sent in a pre-authorization form so I can have dental work done, but the pre-authorization was sent to the wrong address I was told. So the pre-authorization was sent to the right address. She dental company in question is Delta Dental USA, so there was a delay in me getting treatment. I believe Delta Dental USA is deliberately having their mail sent to a different address because too many people have had this same problem, causing delays in dental treatment. I never got my dental treatment because by the time it finally got approved, it got canceled by Kaiser Permanente because Kaiser says I no longer qualify for dental work. RED FLAG. Someone is playing games with me. Hello, hello. Delta Dental USA does not care about your dental work as other people has stated.
Delta Dental of Pennsylvania - Hardly anyone takes the not so great coverage so I was having to cover a lot of out of pocket expenses. I’ve been waiting on a check they owe me for months. I was told it was mailed out on Feb 23 2018. It’s now March 7 2018 and still no check. I called and they said I’m not allowed to call back for 15 days. Please avoid these crooks if possible!!!
I paid one year premium in full, in Jan 2016. My agent told me there was a one month wait, before benefits kicked in. Today is July 26, 2016. I had my x-ray and teeth cleaned. No anaesthetic, no special tools. I was in the chair for under 2 hours, including x-ray. Delta refused to pay the dentist - they added a one year waiting period. Between a greedy dentist and an insurance scam, I paid nearly $2000.00 out of my pocket today. Thanks Delta! I hope your teeth fall out!!!
My daughter got the Delta Dental coverage specifically for her wisdom teeth extraction. She was told she had to be on a plan for over a year since she was over 18 years old. We did that and then moved her to a plan that covered the surgery. After waiting a LONG time for the preapproval it came back DENIED- Not Medically necessary. Her teeth are impacted with no room to come out so I am not sure how they can claim not medically necessary. I feel the company is a scam to get your monthly premiums and then not covering what they told you would be covered when you sign up. DO NOT purchase from this company!
Customer service is in the business of denying as many claims as possible, endless run around of forms, codes, etc.
Do not buy dental insurance with Delta Dental Insurance company. You will be sorry if you do because the insurance is worthless: I bought an individual dental insurance with Delta Dental Insurance. Policy name is Delta Dental PPO Individual. On their website they advertise that the policy I bought will pay 100% for General cleaning twice per year. That what I am looking for. My first cleaning happened on 4/20/18. This cleaning I have done for many years with the same dentist. My past Humana Medicare Advantage Insurance paid the full amount for this cleaning twice per year no problem.Today 4/30/18 Delta Dental insurance company sent me an email itemizing my cleaning bill. They agree to pay only $28.00 out of a total general cleaning charge of $134.00. They wrote that only one item in the general cleaning bill fall within my insurance coverage and there is a $50 deductible on that item. The rest is my responsibility. I end up responsible for $106.00 of the $134.00 total bill. They never disclose those limits on their website. The only thing they post on the policy that I bought is general cleaning will be covered 100% twice per year. Call them and I was putting on waiting and nobody ever answer the phone. After waiting for 20 minutes I hang up. I feel so embarrassed that I not only wasting my money but also my precious time to deal with this total worthless, dishonest company. It set up only to steal people money. Don't be a victim like I am.
We turned 65 last summer therefore we lost our dental insurance provided by the company we retired from. We were so pleased that we could get Dental coverage through our insurance benefits provided by Tri-Care For Life. Our pleasure has been short lived. We had dental coverage for 35 years through our employer and during this time had different carriers. No complaints on any of them. Since paying for Delta (which I don't know why since they pay for nothing!!) we have had nothing but headaches. I am under a periodontist care and have to visit them 2X times per year and as per the periodontist - visit my regular dentist 2 times per year also. Every plan we had via our employer paid for the periodontal visits plus the regular dentist cleaning. Not Delta. Also, Delta says on the EOB that the calendar year goes from January to Dec. 31. I went to the dentist last week and they will not pay for that cleaning since they paid for the first cleaning with this company in Sept. then another cleaning with the periodontist at the end of Dec. so they consider my start date in Sept. In other words, won't pay for another cleaning until September... Crazy. Don't know why something can't be done about this company. They pay for nothing!
This company is a scam. I signed up for insurance through the Marketplace Exchange back in 2015. I thoroughly reviewed all documentation about what procedures were covered and thought I got a good plan. Although some of the more serious procedures only covered 50% (Root Canals and Extractions), it did seem to cover about 80% of the other procedures. When I had to have 2 teeth removed last year, come to find out, they would not cover the extractions at all. There was a clause in my policy that stated they only covered extractions up until the age of 19! I'm a 40 year old man! At no point in my signing up with this policy did anyone even mention this nor did anyone catch the fact that this policy would be useless to me. When I had to have a root canal, the same age limit was in effect. I have cancelled my policy with these crooks and I would recommend to anyone NEVER to choose Delta Dental as their insurance provider.
I cancelled my dental insurance with these folks as I had moved to Fla and Humana has a much better deal. I was told that probably could not stop the automatic bank account withdrawal for the coming month but would send me a refund for payment on a cancellation of the account. The rep said I would have a check in three weeks or a credit to my account. That was December 26, 2017. Today, February 13, 2018, I called them to see where the money was and was told it would be 8-10 weeks. I was told the first rep was wrong. This rep was obstinate and arrogant to boot. I talked with bank and they said they have problems with Delta on numerous occasions. I think they believe most people forget. I don’t so will file a fraud complaint against them. Quick to take your funds but not quick to refund when they overcharge a customer. That’s obscene! Be aware when doing business with this outfit.
I took out a policy with Delta Dental over two years ago. I don't have issues with standard coverage. I read and understood what my coverage was. The problem and complaint that I have is with the coverage of a dental crown on a dental implant. My coverage was clear that they do not cover the cost of the implant but stated on my policy under limitation on Major Benefits - note 6. Delta Dental will not pay for implants (artificial teeth implanted into or on bone or gums), their removal or other associated procedures, but Delta Dental will credit the cost of a crown or standard complete or partial denture toward the cost of the implant associated appliance, I.e. the implant supported crown or denture. So they refused to pay on the crown that was added to the implant. I made four calls to Delta but had no help in understanding why they are stating they do but they will not pay. They said the clause doesn't mean implants in gum or bone. I am astounded that they are totally advertising and yet not paying. I have been with the company for three years at 32.00 per month. I am totally dissatisfied and feel this company misrepresented their policy. I have canceled and considering legal actions.
My top 2 front teeth began to break off in pieces this May 2017. Dentist said I'd need 3 crowns--2 for those teeth and one molar. I used to be bulimic. He could not bind them a 3rd time. X-rays were sent off; took a month to hear from Delta; they approved 1 root canal! Dentist tried again. Same **. The teeth break further, so he does the root canal last week. Tonight, I have a follow up appointment. Just brushed my teeth and saw that the filling/bonding he did is breaking off again. There's nothing there. He also said that because the teeth continued to fall apart, that he would submit x-rays and a treatment plan a 3rd time. If these near-useless cretins won't pay, what recourse do I have? They are almost useless.
I am writing this review as a warning to anyone considering a purchase of Delta Dental Insurance of New Jersey. I purchased a policy on 1/11/18, and decided to cancel it after learning that my dentist would work with me on the price of his services, which turned out to be lower than Delta Dental. I faxed a letter to Delta Dental requesting a cancellation of my policy on 1/30/18. I then received a letter from them explaining that my policy could NOT be cancelled until 1/31/19! So I have to keep paying $60.00 monthly for a policy I WILL NOT USE! I called customer service on 2/16/18, to dispute this, and was basically told that I am out of luck. I mentioned that I will be eligible for Medicare in May of this year, and then was told that that qualifies as a major life event, and THEN I can cancel the policy! So until then, I am out $240.00? What's up with that? How can they just take your money like that? I was told that they have a time limit of 10 days if someone decides they don't want a purchased policy, so I guess the 18 days I waited was too long to be considered. BUYER BEWARE!
ARRP Delta Dental allows 3 cleanings per year, probably because of the link between. Oral health and heart disease. Permits flexible scheduling, you see a dentist on half of the hygienist appointments. Premium have options.
Do not waste your money on this plan (DeltaCare USA). I have never been so disappointed with an insurance plan. It is horrible. It only covers the worst facilities and doctors and most do not perform specialty work like root canals on your molars. And the ones that do, have horrendous reviews and we're miles from my residence. At the end of the day it really only covers decent dentists to get my teeth cleaned. You can pay less out of pocket to go get your teeth clean than the premiums. Hope this helps someone looking to make the right choice on dental insurance.
They are not covering a claim for a dental procedure I had on Aug. 29th. I have spoke to 2 associates from Delta Dental that said originally it looked like I hadn't paid monthly, but that they were looking at an old Delta Dental account I had. They were able to see that I was up to date with all of my payments. They both (one associate) another a manager - said they would correct the info and resubmit the claim. I was told by the manager that nobody had scanned in my claim and submitted the info. Recently, I received a letter saying that I was denied again because lack of payment. Apparently no one corrected my account. I have paid for all of the months that I had coverage. I have made numerous phone calls and spent countless hours trying to get this corrected. My dentist said that they want me to pay out of pocket ASAP. I am getting very frustrated trying to get someone to correctly take care of this.
The worst insurance company I have ever dealt with. I accidentally signed up for the HMO instead of the PPO. It was the biggest nightmare. My son is 8 and they assigned him the same dentist as myself, I am 32. When I asked why he was not assigned to a pediatric dentist they told me their insurance policy considers children over the age of 7 to be an adult and do not need to see a pediatric dentist! I was floored, since when is an 8 year old an adult. So I made the appointment with the dentist they assigned him to. I was told they could give me a referral to a pediatric dentist. Which they did, however, the HMO doesn't cover any pediatric dentists in the area. Not even the pediatric dentist that is in the same company/network as the one he was assigned to. Again I make another appointment as Delta Dental tells me again, he must go to the assigned dentist. At this appointment they are supposed to fill a cavity and he is turned away because he needs to go to a pediatric dentist. If you are counting that is 3 times I had to take off work and to take him to a dentist. Could Delta Dental make this any harder. Now my child has still not been treated by a dentist and Delta Dental still gets paid out of my paycheck every other week! Worst insurance ever!!! Do not use them! Save yourself the headache!
Because my husband was laid off and we needed dental insurance, I very stupidly signed up with Delta Care USA, which is part of Delta Dental. It should have been a warning when I had so much trouble signing up. I filled out my form and sent it to the address on their site. When I never heard from them, I called and they said I sent it to the wrong address for new accounts. I then asked them to refund the money which they did by check, and I paid for the insurance by credit card over the phone. Unknown to me, one of their idiot employees created two separate accounts for me, one from the check they claimed they refunded, and then a second one when I paid by credit card. Because of this, and because they never corrected this and merged the accounts, anytime we had service done and it was sent to the original account, it showed that we never paid our premium, but that was because the premium (credit card payment) was made to the second acct.It has been a year now and I am STILL trying to get them to pay a $170.00 dental bill! Every time I call I get a new story; first it was that their computers were being redone, then it was that I didn't follow proper procedure (my dentist says we did), and now the latest one is that the bills keep going to the old account. I already told my credit card company that if they try billing my card for the next years' renewal, that it is fraud (I wouldn't put it past them to try that). So now, with my husband out of work for 2 years, how do I pay this bill when we are barely making utility bills?
Signed up for VA dental insurance through Delta Dental, 16.59/mo. (must sign up for a year) - limited coverage for the 1st year, then coverage is supposed to improve after that. They are raising their rates by 26% after the 1st year. So much for improving the coverage. You pay for it!!!! Trying to get customer service is almost impossible if you have a need that is anything except to enroll. It takes forever to talk to someone, and once you do, that person can't answer any of your questions. Leave your name and number and someone will call you back... maybe next month!!!!
6/26/18 received tooth implant, as per the Delta PDF bylaws they will pay either the cheaper of two options (bridge, or denture). Well they paid 0, and I'm stuck with $2,774 bill. They further stated in their denial letter "AN IMPLANT PROSTHESIS IS COVERED ONLY IF THE EXISTING PROSTHESIS WAS PLACED AT LEAST 5 YEARS PRIOR TO REPLACEMENT." I lost a tooth from a cracked root that needed replacement, my Dentist and Oral Surgeon can't believe the denied claim. What I also noted on their denial statement they don't include their phone number. I guess they just want are premium and when they deny coverage they don't want to hear back from us. I am intending on pursuing this matter to the attorney general's office as well.
I just found out Delta Dental sends insured members a check for past dental work. I didn't know that so every time I received correspondence it went in the trash can because I thought it was just a statement. Now they can't tell me if I can get those checks reissued. Also, I just tried calling customer support. After going through all of the various frustrating menus and giving all of my information, the automated voice said, “We are experiencing technical difficulties” and hung up on me. Couldn't they have told me that upfront? Frustrated.
Came home from work this evening and found several notices referencing dental visits going back to 2014 through May 2016 requesting payment of almost $1600 by 11/22/16. The notices are titled "submission error". Of course I will be following up but this is a nasty surprise. Delta Dental has refused to pay the dentist directly so I always have to process the check through my account as the checks are payable to me, then write a check to the dentist. Hopefully this is all this is... no further information provided. Terrible customer experience - a nice billing bombshell!
Delta, through AARP, is a good company but I just wish they'd cover certain tooth implants which would last me my lifetime. Other than that, I'm happy with this company.
When I retired I signed up for Delta Dental coverage through AARP. My wife continued on Cobra coverage for 18 months. When her Cobra coverage was about to run out, I requested what her premium would be if she had the same coverage as myself. I did not specify annual premium, but that is what I expected. They quoted me a price which I thought to be a reasonable annual premium, so she was added to my account in August 2013. Then I found out that the price quoted was just for the remainder of my term. I then cancel her coverage in November. When I got my bill for 2014/2015 coverage it was basically double the previous year. I called customer service many times over several months and was told that customer service could see the cancellation but that my account had been lock in November and only someone from billing could access my account and correct the billing. I was also told to wait for the corrected billing before making my payment. However, I continued to get the incorrect higher billing and then threatening notice that my account would be canceled. Customer service was able to tell me what my bill should be, so I sent in a payment for that amount with a note. Then my dentist office calls to tell me that my coverage for a normal cleaning was denied without explanation. After more calls I finally talked to someone with enough authority and smarts to find out that instead of canceling my wife, she was actually added on again as a dependent. She was able to straighten my account out and I actually had a credit due. That was another issue. You would expect that issuing a credit would be automatic. Not so. More calls and a letter from me did not get immediate results. Finally was told that I would be sent a check, but that it could take another four to six weeks. So they have two different policies from when you pay them and when they pay you. I received a check almost nine months after cancelling my wife from the policy.
Paid premiums and never received a policy. Tried to call them to confer but my call was dropped off hold after 40 minutes. Tried again and recording told of a 1.5 to 2 hour wait. I sent them a cancellation notice and asked for a refund but received none.
I signed up for Delta Dental after talking to sales reps who said there is a 6-month waiting period. Ordered insurance Jan 1st 2017, went to the dentist in June 2017. Got a full bill for $500 saying didn't complete waiting period. It's actually 1 year, except in certain cases in certain states if you can find and read all the fine print. While it is an insurance company, and we all know we're going to get ripped off to pay their executives and shareholders, they actively in the business of tricking you. If you choose to go with Delta Dental of Colorado, make sure you do your own research, get everything in writing, note the people you talk to (they always conveniently forget to record those conversations on the phone) and when. Not a transparent or necessarily trustworthy insurance company (no surprises).
Terrible for how much I paid each month. Not good coverage. I really like Physicians Mutual for dental. You have to be with Delta Dental for about more than a year before they cover certain procedures okay.
Got coverage through market place, then cancelled after reading horrible reviews and looking into my plan in more detail. Received letter from Delta Dental stating they confirmed my cancellation and that I will be refunded because it was within the 10-day "free look" period. Fine. Then I get bill with a "balance forward" on it totaling $41.06... Called to verify my cancellation, was told to ignore bill notices until system catches up. Fine. Got up to one letter EVERY week for one month until they did the same thing for the next month. Now we are up to $61.59... Called again and was told that the 1st person didn't really do anything, just basically assumed the problem would take care of itself since I cancelled. THIS time she says, they are sending an email to the billing department directly. Because of course the billing department and the customer service department have to be completely BLIND to what each is seeing on their screens right? Fine. Since they effectively said, "the problem is on their end", and I asked if I could get their email myself so that I would no longer need to call customer service for a problem they can't fix, they said it was only for internal purposes... Fine. Got another bill. We are now up to $82.12 folks. Two months after signing up and cancelling. Absolute worst ** experience over a cancelled service I have ever had. Will update this after I call tomorrow. At this point I think they ought to pay ME for over 2+ hours of dealing with this and having to keep a folder record just for this issue. Yes if anyone sues them I want in.
Delta Dental has denied almost every claim submitted. Many of my co-workers report the same. I am dropping and will find a better plan.
I got a bill from my dentist for 3 fillings that I believed would be covered, at least in part, by the Delta dental plan had had and not used for the previous 10 months I had it and was paying for it. Nope. Not covered because there was a 1 yr waiting period for anything besides cleanings and exams! Is there any point in paying an entire year for something you can't use? I hate being swindled and Delta is a master at taking your money for nothing.
The company has never disputed a bill and payment is made sufficiently to the doctor's office. Premiums are reasonably low and % rates are pretty high.
I was thrilled when Kaiser started offering dental insurance for my CalPers medicare advantage plan. I signed up immediately and paid $14 a month for several months, then I found out what a fraud is. It is not insurance. DeltaCare is just a dental discount plan. They offer you free exam, x-rays and cleaning and then there is a 'discounted list' for other benefits, but the dentists on their list are all corporate chains and they will not do the free cleaning. They want to upsell you to a $1,000 periodontal cleaning and DeltaCare doesn't care one bit. They get their premium so they don't care how badly these dentists rip you off.My premium is twice what Costco charges for a virtually identical plan. It's less than $80 a year through Costco and close to $180 for the Kaiser plan. Neither plan is worth even $50 a year. It's just an invitation to getting ripped off badly by these shyster dentists. Don't waste your money or your time with these plans. If you see 'DeltaCare' run away as fast as you can.
I cancelled my personal plan with Delta Dental (through the marketplace) in January. I continued my plan for my husband. They billed my checking too early, Feb 4th for my cancelled plan and Feb 5th for my husband's account which should have been billed mid Feb so caused issues in my account. They show they never received payment for either of our accounts in Feb so double billed each of our plans for March causing more NSF fees. Then in April billed my account for 3 payments because they "never received payments" for the 3 previous months. When I call to get refunded they give me the run around, ask for bank statements (I've sent them to ** never gets back to me) and apparently they're not in the system. I ask how they can do this, they blame the marketplace and yet they still continue taking money and not returning any funds, saying they need proof. I have given proof. I have called the marketplace. They sent in the cancellation order for Jan and yet Delta Dental does nothing to rectify the issue.
My coverage is through the (so-called) Kaiser Senior Advantage health plan for those with Medicare. But, dental fees are still outrageous, particularly for those on a limited income. Also, customer service at both the corporate level and in individual offices often leaves much to be desired.
Do not use this insurance company. It is the worst I've ever had. You have to wait 6 months to use the service! I was told over the phone it would take 30 days. I was lied to! BEWARE!!! NO REFUNDS AT ALL!
This is scam. I paid for a year and received ZERO out of it. Every claim from my dentist was denied. I have been trying for months to cancel the policy, and they said it was canceled, but keep charging my checking account every month. -- I suspect I will have find out who the top manager is and name him in a small claims lawsuit to get my money back. It's a criminal operation that no one should engage.
I had a root canal performed on 6/14. I have primary dental coverage through former employer with BCBS, and secondary dental coverage with current employer through Delta Dental. Claim was first filed with BCBS. The endodontist's office then filed with Delta, providing them with the claim statement showing what Blue Cross reimbursed for the root canal. Delta received the claim on July 12. As it appeared to still be "in process," I called Delta asking about the claim. I paid out of pocket for the services when they were performed (almost $1600). I was advised that it can take up to 30 days to process a claim. I then spoke to someone at Delta on July 26 who indicated they needed the date the BC policy became effective (over 10 years ago). I sent that info immediately. They still denied the claim and have now restarted the processing time to allow yet another 30 days. BCBS paid my claim within 72 hours via direct deposit. What is wrong with these people that it takes a month (or two) to process a claim. They made no effort to contact me to request additional information, so the claim would have just simply been denied. It's off because I had a crown done on July 17, and that was prior to them requesting additional information yet they processed that claim. They are snappy and rude on the phone. If the rude customer service people were out of pocket $1600 for a dental procedure, I'm sure they would like to get their money back in a reasonable amount of time. What's difficult to understand about that? That's what I pay for insurance for. These people are rude, inept and not worth the money paid in premiums. Buyer beware.
I lived in Florida in 2014 and had Delta Dental through my employer. Our benefits had a $1000.00 for orthodontics. I got Invisalign for my daughter and recently I called her orthodontist who we actually still commute to Florida to finish her service. They said Delta Dental only paid $500.00. I called Delta Dental and was told they only pay $500.00 then the next year they pay the other $500.00. So since I had moved before the second year of service, even though we had the coverage at the time she got the Invisalign, they refuse to pay the other $500.00. It is a total ripoff. None of us employees were told this nor was it in our benefit package.
I'm on Medicare and needed to apply for an individual dental insurance plan. I applied to Delta Dental. First, I printed out the application form by hand (it includes personal ID info of SS and DOB) and mailed it, certified mail, to Delta Dental on August 11, 2017. As of September 8 received no response, so called my local post office to track delivery. They said it had been delivered to Delta on August 14. So I called customer service on Sept. 8 and the rep told me he'd check with the enrollment dept. to see if they'd received it but not yet entered it. Gave him my cell phone number.No response back so I called again on September 13 and enrolled by phone, once again giving out my PII. Once again, no response. So I called again on October 5 and spoke to a rep; She said if I'd enrolled by phone it should be in the system. She put me on hold and then said she'd put me in touch with a 'team coordinator' and we hung up. About 20 minutes later she called me back to ask what plan I wanted to enroll in. She read me the communication she'd send to the supervisor, and she did take down my comments accurately. But as of 10/20 no communication, so today I enrolled online with a Delta competitor and was able to get the transaction done in less than a half hour without putting my PII at risk.
My son's dad works for a large global corporation. The company just changed to Delta Dental the first of this year (2016). In the meantime, our 14 year old just got his braces off last month after having them on for 2 years. He was born missing his adult upper incisors which means he has his 2 front teeth and no teeth on either side. The braces have served their purpose of providing adequate space for placing some sort of artificial teeth until his bones have matured for implants. The dentist sent in for pre-authorization of MD bridges and it was sent back denied because of his age. I understand there are guidelines which need to be followed, but there also has to be exceptions to those guidelines because not everyone develops at the same rate, nor is every situation textbook.I called the ins. co and they suggested the dentist send in an appeal because the 2nd time it is submitted, it will then be reviewed by a "dental consultant". So we sent in the appeal explaining that his teeth are congenitally missing and needs them to be able to function properly. Again, it was denied because he is not 16. Now, I'm not sure why he would have to wait until he is 16 to be allowed to function properly, but I was very disheartened by this. So, I called Delta again and again was told to file a 2nd appeal within 60 days of the first one. The cost for the bridges is $5,000 and who really can afford that? I am not asking for anything fancy or upscale, just simply something that can be placed in the spaces so the $4,000 spent on braces is for nothing due to the spaces closing. Besides the fact he is 14 and has 2 years to wait before he is "of age" to be allowed to function normally.I will be sending complaints into his dad's company headquarters and whoever else needs to see this in hopes that they will drop Delta as their Dental insurance. It's sad that I am reading all the bad reviews and seeing what this is doing to many people. shows Delta of Virginia as having less than 200 employees and a revenue of $0.16M. What is this telling us?
Dental expenses are just as bad as all other medical expenses and our teeth are No exception to what is important to us. With this in mind, there are some of us who have dental problems that stemmed from childbirth. My family members have had dental problems most of their lives and I am following them with this problem. My teeth are bad, I have lost nearly half of them and when it comes to eating meals, it takes me twice as long as others as I have no chewing teeth at all. Delta Dental says it will cover only $1000.00 per year for our dental needs when some of our needs costs are insanely high.For example, I had an examination a week ago and the end results were enough to make me sit down and take note. I need four implants, four crowns and two teeth pulled. The end bill for all of this work, over a period of time, totaled a whopping $24,087.00!!! The write off was a few thousand dollars and in the end, I would have to pay around $19,000.00 when all was said and done. And, this did not include any molar implants which normally are not done. Delta Dental only pays $1000.00?? They gladly take our money on a monthly basis but they are acutely reluctant to offer any respectable assistance to such bills as what I mentioned above. What good is this insurance company if it can't help their policyholders? Delta Dental is worthless, they are a Rip Off and should be put out of business.Our medical insurance is great, it covers 80 percent of our medical needs and therefore, Delta Dental should follow their lead, at least to a respectable level. If not, they should be shut down completely!!! Dental care is NOT as expensive as serious medical issues and our mouths are extremely important to our health. We Need to be able to Eat!!! If I can't find a resolve, I will have no teeth left at all in five years. This is the diagnosis of my dental conditions from the professionals. I can NOT afford such dental restructuring such as those who are in, at least, the upper middle class to the wealthy. Why is the cost for dental so insanely high when there is so little to be done?? For what I need, I can go out and purchase a new vehicle for what I would have to pay for my needs.
Paid for 2018 dental coverage as addition to UCare for Seniors. In searching for a provider, have found the list of providers is padded. For instance, a dentist in Minneapolis Downtown Skyway only accepts those "grandfathered in." Woman who answered the phone at a popular clinic on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul said no longer accept Civic Smiles, & was so upset at the thought of the plan that she then abruptly hung up. Worst of all, found that Hennepin County Medical Center Dental for years has only pulled teeth, & only for very poor patients. Appears as deliberate fraud to list them as a clinic for UCare subscribers to have check-ups, cleanings, fillings & oral surgery. UCare takes no responsibility, as they've contracted-out to Delta. Forget about appealing to Delta. How did they pull-off an A+ rating with the MN BBB?
Recently I contacted Delta Dental and asked them to please cancel my policy because the plan was costing me more than they were paying. I pay $45.16 a month for coverage. My last dental bill was $285.00, Delta Dental paid $104.00. If you take the $181.00 that I paid, and add 6 months at $45.16 (because you're only allowed a cleaning every 6 months), that comes to $451.96. Without coverage through Delta Dental I would have saved $166.96. It is costing me more to have Delta Dental, thus my asking for them to cancel my policy. I emailed them 2 different times and each time it was denied my request stating my policy will be canceled Nov. 30th. That is another $180.64 from now. Does anyone know if my credit rating would be affected if I canceled the monthly payment to my debit card? I have an excellent rating and don't want to compromise that. The stop fee is a one time of $35.00. The last line of the last denial was, "We value your business and look forward to assisting you with your oral health needs." Form letter or what.
My dental plan covers 100% of preventative care, and 60% of other dental work, such as a crown. The patient pays 40%, which is a little high, and that's why I didn't think it's a great value, but it's not bad.
Worst dental insurance. The only doctors considered providers are almost working in clinics, and I have a PPO... They barely cover anything. I hadn't been to the dentist in a year and they covered only 52.80 out of 482.00 worth of services. Ugh! They only pay for X-rays every 5 years. I'm not sure what they pay for. My husband's insurance is ten times better, Guardian. Delta is a waste of money.
My family of three has had Delta Dental (NE & MA) through employer for over 10 years. When my COBRA ran out in October 2014 I chose to purchase a policy from Delta Dental of Illinois for about the same price as my COBRA with added cost of $50 annual deductible for each family member. One day after I enrolled I emailed over a pdf showing documentation of over 10 years continuous DDIL dental insurance for my family with coverage at least as good (in fact much better) than the new policy. Days later I got an email from DDIL that based on previous coverage, waiting periods for all three member were waived. Fast forward 5 weeks and my son has a filling fall out. It gets repaired by our dentist (DDIL Premier provider btw) and he submits bill. 45 day after the service (and only after dentist resubmitted the bill) I get an EOB providing a $45 discount but denying the remaining $245 due to not fulfilling 6-month waiting period. Call DDIL and they find the email that I sent and apologize. It is now February 2015 and the dentist has not received a dime and a new EOB has not been sent.In December and early January 2015 all three of us go to our dentist for regular 6-month exams, cleaning and it was time for xrays. February 7, 2015 EOBs for the three visits come via email and web providing only $140 of coverage while we are stuck with $360 bill payable our dentist- for preventative treatment that was supposed to be covered 100% after the $150 total family deductible. And if DDIL had properly taken care of the bill for my son's filling in November, his $50 deductible should already be paid for. And after all this, our dentist has not received a dime from DDIL though website says paid for all claims.Now that I actually have EOBs it appears that the 100% preventative care coverage after $50 deductible only applies to work done by a DDIL PPO provider and that if you use an other provider including a DD Premier, the plan only pays 100% of the amount that the PPO allows. You are stuck with remainder. So we get a bill for $360 for three cleanings, exams, and xrays. Our dentist would gladly accept this in cash without insurance! Total in only 5 months of coverage including premiums, one filling and three preventative visits have cost us the grand total of $1232! For 12 months, adding only three more preventative visits, this project's out to $2260! Needless to say, I will be cancelling policy Monday morning (already talked to Discover Card and they will NOT pay any further monthly payments without my authorization! ) and will purchase a new policy from Cigna for $30 less a month and guaranteed 100% no deductible preventative coverage!
Let's face it. Insurance, especially dental, is a scam. We've all been tricked into believing it's a necessity so that we can slack off and avoid actually managing our finances. It's pretty simple. Insurance companies make a business of paying out less than what people pay in. American Society acted crazy when Amazon bought a grocery store for $13 Billion, but nobody bats an eye when AETNA was sold last year for $69 billion. It was barely even news. That said, I work in a family dental practice that has been in business for 30+ years. Insurance payments make up 90% of our revenue, and Delta Dental is the biggest player in the game. We dislike dealing with insurance vampires so much that we have removed our practice from every PPO... except Delta Dental. Most government or public employers use Delta Dental. So it would be business suicide to not be linked to them.Our fees are some of the lowest in the city, but Delta Dental still generally requires us to adjust 30-60% off most treatment plans. Even so, it's EXTREMELY RARE that Delta Dental will cover 100% of a patient's costs (outside of basic cleanings), especially if the plan is provided by an employer. We see about 12 Delta Dental patients a day, and usually only 6 people a year have their full amount paid for by their insurance. These people have purchased their own high-dollar plans for this benefit.If your employer does not offer insurance and you are considering Delta Dental, may I suggest just creating your own savings account? Put your insurance premiums in there instead. You could even safely invest it so it generates a return. That's what insurance companies are doing with YOUR money. Berkshire Hathaway owns Geico, which has helped Warren Buffet become the wealthiest investor the world has ever seen!Afraid of runaway costs? Find a small dental practice and talk to them about financial arrangements. If paying cash, our office would gladly adjust the fees for you. I'd gladly even make the same adjustments Delta Dental would require, so you pay less. Then get Care Credit or set up a monthly payment plan. - It's win win. The patient pays less than what they would pay in overall premiums to Delta Dental, and the dental office actually gets paid without having to fight any vampires. Just a thought...
We found that the premium to coverage ratio for our Delta Dental of Wisconsin policy was very poor at best. When I attempted to cancel the policy, I was informed that it had automatically renewed and that I was therefore obligated to pay premiums for the next year.
I pay $20.37 a month for this insurance, and only found out after signing that it is only preventive coverage. My daughter needs her wisdom teeth pulled - and they won't pay anything. If I had known that I would have added her to my insurance. Don't waste your money, get a real insurance.
I have received dental coverage through my employer. Recently had a bridge done. An estimate was given as usual. This time however they denied my claim because apparently I now have a "poor prognosis" so I get a bill for over 14 hundred dollars. I've already paid over 3 thousand out of pocket. What's the point of having insurance if they don't cover anything. Stay clear of them.
I have Delta Dental through Kaiser of Southern California. The level of Delta I'm provided pays so low and the dentist that accept this level of Delta are so limited.I'm a senior on a fixed income and have to pay full price for any dental procedure I have performed. It's as if I have no insurance at all.
So I am new to the plan this year. Prior to enrolling I checked for the closest provider, which is 15 miles away. Unhappy with the distance, but still wanting coverage, I accepted the plan through my employer. Yesterday I called the provider to set up a screening... Turns out you must be Native American to be seen there. My next closest option is over an hour away. Since this an employer offered plan I am stuck with it until 2017... Making an almost $1,000 to Delta Dental, with no coverage within an hour.
In January of 2013 Delta Dental faxed my Orthodontist an explanation of coverage for treatment. Delta Dental stated I was eligible for $1,500 in orthodontic treatment. I entered a legal contract with my orthodontist under the understanding that I would be legally and financially responsible for any amount exceeding $1,500. After Delta Dental's multiple denials to honor claim submitted by my orthodontist, I decided to contact Delta Dental myself.Five months into treatment, May of 2013, Delta Dental confirmed via telephone that I was eligible for $1,500 in orthodontic treatment. Within an hour the same Delta Dental employee returns my call and state she made an error and I was not covered for orthodontic treatment under my insurance plan. I asked to speak to a Supervisor who advised me it was ultimately my responsibility and I was financially responsible. Supervisor explained my only option was to file a grievance on Delta Dental's website. This is a huge mistake committed by Delta Dental NOT my orthodontist or me.Shortly after my grievance was denied and I was forced to involve my husband's employer. After a year Delta Dental reviewed telephone conversations and determined it was a glitch in their system. My husband's employer notified me I would be receiving reimbursement shortly. It is now February 28, 2014 and I have yet to receive ANY official statement from Delta Dental claiming responsibility nor any reimbursement. I am alarmed by Delta Dental's ethics and conduct while handling this matter. Most importantly it's disturbing and irresponsible for Delta Dental to attempt to, and in some cases, defraud their consumers.To conclude, all insurance companies will attempt to deny payment for services. It's up to the consumer to verify denial is accurate and always request a response in writing. In addition, it appears Delta Dental believes their consumers should spend valuable time away from their families to perform the duties of their employees. A very shady individual once told me, "Always get it in writing!".
Delta Dental gave me a fax back saying a patient was eligible for her insurance and we did not collect her money upfront because she was eligible, then 2 months went by and we contacted Delta Dental asking why they did not pay for this claim? They said she was not covered on the date of service because she had not paid her monthly premium. THIS IS JUST WRONG!!! We as providers do everything we can to get paid by this big money making insurance company and they do everything to make it hard on the providers. Delta should be having to chase down the patient for the money that they told us we would get paid for, not me!!! Insurance companies has a racket going on and small businesses are suffering for their negligence. You made the error but they are passing the buck to the provider to make up for their mistakes. SHAME ON YOU!!!
Denied coverage for my 4 wisdom teeth to be surgically removed in the hospital. One month later, they "decide" I need it in the hospital. The oral surgeon tried it in the office in January or December and my body literally had a sort of seizure. I'm a 22-year old who has Asperger's. I NEED it to be done in the hospital. They didn't even pay the oral surgeon for the attempt in the dental office.
Delta Dental Insurance refuses to correct miscoded claim of a partial denture although they are aware that this code is incorrect and the Dentist office admitted on April 3, 2018 that they did not give me the more expensive metal frame partial that was coded. The miscode is to Delta Dental’s advantage because it prevents me from getting any other service to the upper arch.Bay Ridge Management Corp., Cosmetic & Implant center, ** located at 7708nFourth Ave., Brooklyn NY 11209 sent Delta Dental Insurance claim#** using code D5213 on 9/08/2014. Maxillary partial denture- cast metal framework with resin denture bases (including any conventional clasps, rests and teeth). ** knows that this does not describe my partial. Mine has no metal and seems to be made entirely of nylon or acrylic-vinyl material made for only one side of the arch. My current dentist states the partial ** made for teeth 3,4,5 is a Nesbit. The correct code for the Nesbit provided me by Cosmetic & Implant Center is D1520 (space maintainer- removable – unilateral) only on one side of the arch.Delta Dental states that they already paid ** of Bay Ridge Management Corporation $750. July 28, 2017 I received a letter from Delta Dental states I had to ask the dentist to correct the code. I requested them to change it to the correct code a year ago. On April 3, 2018, they finally answered my BBB complaint stating that they gave me a more conservative less expensive partial with no metal (The Nesbit).I was not aware of the problem with the code until on or about June 1 2017, when I received a pretreatment denial Claim ** for my damaged bridge for teeth 12,3,14 on the opposite side of the arch. Which says I am responsible for the entire $2250 instead of %50 or $1125. I have been fighting this decision ever since. I had to pay the entire balance of the $2250 for replacement of the damaged bridge on teeth 12, 13, 14 which was completed Oct 20, 2017. Cosmetic & Implant center, **, D.D.S & Associates or Delta Dental Insurance Company need to correct the code so Delta Dental Ins can approve the claim and reimburse me $1125 paid by me that should have been paid by Delta Dental.DELTA DENTAL DENTIST HANDBOOK states under Prosthodontics- Removable codes (D5000-D5899) 19: Placement of a removable partial denture and a fixed bridge for the same arch will not be considered for benefit allowance. Use of a code using these numbers is the problem. Its use will cause me not to be able to file a future or current claim on the same arch. I believe this is the reason Delta Dental will not change the code to the correct code of D1520.After my present dentist sent in claim for my bridge on teeth 12,13,&14, I once again requested Delta Dental to pay that claim. Claim ** for the completed bridge was denied. I received a letter from Delta Dental dated June 1, 2018 telling me they have no jurisdiction over Dr. ** of Bay Ridge Management Corporation because they are a non-member. (Even though they corrected other issues and gone after other money owed by this company when it’s in their favor.) **, who is a member, is the original dentist that was working on this partial. He made such a mass ordering a horrible partial with the metal that would not fit my mouth instead of the Nesbit I had originally asked for.
For a time, I privately purchased my own dental insurance through Delta Dental. I didn't have occasion to use it so I can't speak to that, but when my employer provided a service and I tried to cancel Delta Dental, I was blocked from doing so entirely. There's no automated option on their phone line to cancel. All attempts to reach a representative end in a disconnected call. The website came up blank after I registered so I couldn't do it that way. In the end I had to call my bank and pay a $35 fee to block all future withdraws from Delta Dental from my bank account. Horrible customer service, people shouldn't be trapped into keeping them via blocking exits.
I am under my wife's plan. I called in to switch to my dentist instead of hers...and they made it exceedingly difficult even though both dentists take their insurance. I had to be on hold for 30 minutes. This is the slowest customer service I have ever had to endure. It is unacceptable to treat customers this way, so disrespectful of our time.
Short and sweet, these guys suck. Multiples Delta Dental offices in every state make things confusing. I had these yahoos on the phone with my dentist's billing department twice and they couldn't figure out how to verify my information. It took 5 months for a payment to be made, for a tooth cleaning. I'm embarrassed when I go to the dentist because of what a pain in the neck these guys were. My dentist deals with billing insurance companies and they'd never had such a hard time with anyone else, ever. I filed a grievance and they answered it by claiming to have addressed the made up claims I filed. Do whatever you can to NOT work these jerks and losers.
It went had some dental work done, and my dental office gave me a specific quote from Delta Dental that they received. I agreed to that balance and then Delta dental comes back and pays $300 less than what the original quote was given. Where is the disconnect with this company? I work in billing and coding and if my insurances that I work with give me a quote that is the amount they pay they can’t make up the rules as they play the game. Delta Dental is truly a waste of time. I’m going to request that my company start looking for other dental coverage. They should be required to pay what they say they will when they give the quote over the phone. And doctors and dentists can’t understand why we don’t come in regularly. Well maybe because we can't afford both the cost of the insurance and ridiculous amounts we have to pay!
Horrible company! Would not stop charging my account after repeatedly asking them to do so... Did not cover one red cent of any dental or vision work. They make claims their insurance will cover procedures when in actuality it will not. Protect yourself and loved ones, do NOT do business with this company!!!
I have never experienced anything like this in my life. I had an extraction done and Delta Dental denied the claim with the reason that I was to old for the procedure... WHAT! That doesn't make any sense considering that I am 48 years old. They are currently automatically deducting the monthly premium from my account when I am not setup for automatic withdrawal. They are taking it without my authorization. I have tried calling about this only to be told that their systems are down, they cannot help me and that I should keep trying to call back to see if it's back up. No offer to call back when it's working. This insurance company is a joke and I advise EVERYONE to stay away. Wish I could give it -50 stars.
In 2016 I've been to two Delta Care DD's who refuse to put in two $120 crowns. They both refuse to work on me because they're "buddies" who don't work on each other's patients. They will however let me spend $850 per crown if I agree to crowning 30 teeth ($25k). I finally confirmed Dentist #1 after visiting the University of Washington School of Dentistry who confirmed there are no $129 crowns available in dusty wide. So I played along with Dentist #1 who then claimed he would pull the top teeth and put my in dentures. The denture specialist he sent me to claims I only need 2 crowns... period, nor a candidate for dentures. Next, Dentist #1 gouged me for $1100 for something I've never paid out of pocket for and received a letter booting me from his business. I've already signed up for a 3rd Delta Care Dentist. There's a pattern here, FRAUD!
If I could mark no stars I would. This insurance has been an absolute nightmare! Since day 1 I had issue with the billing. They cancelled my policy twice for no reason when they received payments. They missed sending me at least 3 invoices because of computer glitches (thank god my payments are automatic). No one in customer service ever seems to be able to help you. My account manager never gets back to me. They denied claims for no reason. Customer service hangs up on you. And now yesterday I was on hold for 1 1/12 hours with no answer and today for 1 hour and 47 minutes with no answer. I asked to cancel my plan when I went through the eligibility phone number since nobody answered the billing line and my account rep does not respond and I was told they can't do it there nor can they transfer me or give me the number to the correct department. I finally had to call my health insurance and get an email address in order to cancel my plan, which was done today. Let's see how that turns out. Absolute WORST dental plan EVER!!!
I am shocked when I read these reviews. Is there another Delta Dental? My husband works for Sunoco and this is the dental insurance and we have had them for years. I have had many a procedure including crowns and root canals and we couldn't ask for better insurance. They pay 80% for the procedures I have mentioned. My dental office could not believe it. They said they have never seen anything like it. Most plans don't cover what ours does. There is of course a cap each yr but my goodness I have had a lot of work done. My dentist is excellent so I think the problem these people are having are their dentists not the plan. My husband just got a bridge done as well along with a crown. Again it has to be the dentist. I even got money back last yr from my dentist.
If I could have chosen zero stars for this company, I would have. My husband and I signed up for dental coverage with Delta Dental. We paid about $75 a month ($864/yr) for both policies. In the year that we have had that coverage, DD paid $236 in benefits and we ended up paying over $1400.00 for things like check-ups, and fillings. Please, please, please think twice before you sign up for dental coverage through this company.
I decided at age 67 it was time to get some dental coverage as I was needing more work done. I purchased the AARP Delta Dental plan effective 12/01/2017. Well they sure know how to collect the premium every month but after 10 phone calls and trying to work with my dental office, I have not had a claim paid. Why? Every time my dentist submits a claim, they deny it because I have no coverage. The stress and phone calls of trying to straighten this out has been one of unbelievable frustration. Two weeks ago they promised to call my dentist office and today when I talked to them- they had never called. I wish I had read these reviews before I purchased this insurance. And today I got a letter stating the premium is going up from $25 month to $41 per month. Terminating!!!
After many attempts to set-up an online account with Delta Dental of Iowa, my HR had Delta Dental contact me. Delta Dental sent me a "how to set-up an account" video which did not help of course. I finally reached Delta Dental by phone and was told that their computer system was down so they could not assist me. I called again which resulted in them telling me to call their Texas division to cancel a log-in that I had with a former employer. I am still trying to fix this myself. Delta Dental is worthless!
My employer and I paid into Delta Dental for the year of 2018, and finally in December I had to schedule an emergency dental appointment. They did not process my initial claim from the dentist on 12/10 until March of 2019. When I reviewed the claim, none of the numbers made any sense and it looks as if I'm going to owe the dentist even more, regardless of the fact that the office staff was supposed to have been able to calculate my out of pocket expenses. It appears they pick arbitrary numbers based on some profit margin they expect to make.
Delta Dental is a great insurance company and has amazing customer service. They cover copays and other services and products, too.
I am retired and submitted a $3000+ claim for dental work for my husband, who has had Parkinson's for over 15 years. I first mailed all of the necessary forms and information to DELTA DENTAL - the address in Wisc. They never received it! I then sent additional copies, Return Receipt Requested. I received the green postcard back, with an illegible signature. Guess what, when I called Delta Dental they have no record of my claim! Of course I'm talking to someone in Customer Service in Mass. so she can't begin to guess who signed for the envelope in Milwaukee, Wisc. She then provided a number to fax all of the paperwork to - I have to drive to FEDEX, pay for parking and the $11.65 to fax the info - you guessed it - THEY NEVER RECEIVED IT! Customer Service once again provides ANOTHER number to FEDEX the information too! She then informs me that they may have to speak to my husband and if I have to speak for him they need a form authorizing me to do so!
Signed up with Delta Dental of Pa with Obamacare, read all I could find on the Delta Dental website, but the website had unclear info about deductible. Said to call an 800 number with any questions. Called the 800 number, first person said no, I could not sign up for that plan, Individual and Family. What? I called back, got another person who said yes, I could. Classic incompetent phone center. I then asked about the deductible. Question was... is the deductible waived for preventative and diagnostic? Answer: yes, it is waived. Paid my first premium, went to dentists, had PREVENTATIVE and DIAGNOSTIC. Cleaning and exam. Get the bill. You guessed it. Not covered. I had to pay for it all except $17 that Delta paid. At least they paid something. Wow. Called up Delta to complain, got nice treatment from a couple very nice girls, and thought I was going to get justice. Nothing happened for a few weeks. Called back, nice girls were gone, just rude condescending scumbags saying they made a mistake telling me the prev and diag would be covered, and all I could do was write a letter of appeal. Tired of the **. I'm just going to stop paying the premiums. No appeal for the scumbags to deny. Except for a couple nice girls on the phone, Delta Dental appears to be a bait and switch pit of scumbags rolling around in their own offal, ripping off all the new Obamacare people who think they are getting cheap dental insurance. "Hi Welcome to Delta Dental. How may we mislead you today?"
This company is one of the best examples as to why the Insurance Industry is rated lower than Used Car Salesmen. I can only pray that our new President can find a way to fix this Industry as a whole. DD's 'fine print' excludes items that most dentists will perform as part of your routine dental health. This results in getting bills after the fact for things that should have been covered by the insurance. I can see I am in good company as every other rating for DD is one star like mine for the same reason. It is as low as you can go and still give a rating.
Denial of Claim by Delta Dental of Missouri for crowns on front lower anterior teeth per a posterior x-ray. Denied as attrition. When in fact both upper and lower teeth were fractured and broken because of blunt force trauma. Delta Dental had no problem in providing veneers for upper anterior teeth not once but twice, yet even after pictures of the lower anterior front teeth clearly indicate fracture as the fracture lines on each of the three teeth in question are on different angles and planes. Fracture of upper and lower anterior incisors happened by way of blunt force trauma as a metal rack fell from a high shelf and struck and fractured both upper four and lower five front anterior teeth in the mid 1970's. Composite material was applied and shaped to upper and lower teeth by Dr Joseph ** in the late 1970's and early 1980's. On or around mid 1980's Dr Mark ** DDS addressed the upper teeth because the composite material was breaking off. He applied veneers to the four upper teeth. The lower teeth had composite and held up better than the upper teeth therefore dental treatment was not needed at the time. In the mid 2000's Dr. ** had to replace the old upper veneers that Dr Mark had installed. The composite on the lower teeth was coming off yet I had no pain. It was not until 2014 and 2015 that I noted that all the composite had disappeared and I had dentin exposure. In late 2015 the dentin exposure caused me to have pain to heat, cold, and chemical's i.e. vinegar's and citrus. I am filing this grievance because I fractured my teeth. If in fact this was attrition as Delta Dental of Missouri claims there would most certainly be a pattern of wear around the radius of the front anterior teeth. I sent pictures to Delta Dental of my lower front anterior teeth as evidence that in fact my teeth were fractured as the broken fracture lines were different with each tooth and clearly did not follow a wear pattern that indicated attrition. Please note Delta Dental initially would not cover any of my lower anterior teeth. They re-reviewed the posterior x-rays and then decided to cover two of the five fractured teeth yet denied the three remaining teeth. After that denial is when I sent in three photo's of my lower teeth and my four veneers that included my bite showing that my lower teeth do not even make contact with my upper teeth. I pay premium for this insurance and I expect all of my lower teeth to be addressed with the application of crowns on all five lower anterior teeth.
I am so frustrated with Delta Dental I could scream! Maryland discontinued their dental insurance so you have to buy straight through Delta Dental. I called them, the rep told me no problem. I have never missed a payment, this is important because if you miss payment during a year, they don't pay 50% for fillings/crowns etc. I make my dentist appointment, turns out I don't have dental insurance. I spend all day with Delta sending me back to the Maryland exchange, literally hours. Finally a guy named ** tells me Maryland discontinued the dental plan. He sends me an email so I can purchase it again. I think I am done. I pay 2 months in advance. He tells me to call back in a week to pay for the month they screwed up on so that there isn't a lapse in coverage. I do and I'm told to call back in a week for some reason it hasn't gone through.I call again 2 weeks later and then I'm told something is wrong with their computer system, they are trying to fix it. I ask when will I get a call? I am so sick and effing tired of explaining this situation to everyone. The rep tells me she will make a note but to call back in 3 business days. Meanwhile I get a letter in the mail saying they have received my cancellation and will be sending my refund because I voluntarily cancelled my plan. Are you kidding me? Are you freaking kidding me? If it wasn't for this year I had paid for I'd be done with them already. I'm so sick of them, so so so sick of these people.
I am covered by Delta Dental of California under my wife's plan. I have also taken a supplemental Delta Dental plan through AARP. Per the rules for coinsurance, the coverage through the AARP plan is primary, and Delta Dental of California is secondary. Nevertheless, although Delta Dental of California is secondary, I am always charged the amount allowed by them for every service I receive, instead of being charged the amount allowed by my primary insurance, Delta Dental AARP. Therefore, the notice from AARP telling me how much I owe my provider for a given service -- after they have kicked in what they pay -- is always null and void. The Secondary Insurer determines how much I owe my provider, and their amount is much higher than the primary insurer. Also, in the matter of cleanings, I am allowed two cleanings by the primary and two by the secondary. Two plus two equals four, right? Wrong! Two plus two equals two. Even though I am co-insured by different plans, each of which allows two cleanings annually. After I have received two cleanings neither plan kicks in anything -- and (once again!) the secondary insurer, Delta Dental of California determines how much I owe the dentist: 99% of what he bills!
According to our policy, we are supposed to get $1,000 per kid for orthodontics, but Delta is extremely fond of our money and has gone out of their way to convolute the process as much as possible to ensure that we never see a dime. Long story short, I have submitted claims twice, was told by a rep a few months ago that my orthodontist needed to have some sort of number which he does not. They then contacted my orthodontist directly. I called Delta today, and guess what? They now have NO CLAIM ON FILE. It is as if I never submitted anything. To say that I am furious is an understatement. Thieves and false advertising. I am going to try calling again to see if a different rep might be more helpful and will most likely try submitting a claim a third time but I am not hopeful. They did the same thing to me with the last kid and I just gave up the last time.
After more than 10 years with Delta Dental, we received a notice from their contractor (CVT) that we now have to prove that we really are married. Two pieces of proof are "REQUIRED" one of which must be a certified copy of our marriage certificate. Certified copied now cost $60 and take several weeks to process. After more than 40 years of marriage, why does some sick twit clerk at a marketing company need me to prove I'm married? Not as if they did not already have much too much personal information on file.
I have no experience personally with claims as my insurance is so expensive that I can't afford to go to the doctor or dentist anyway (crazy, huh?). However, I would like to warn you NOT to sign up for Delta Dental's auto draft from your account. This is a company that is best to handle the old fashioned paper bill way. I signed up for auto draft and within less than a month and a half (Jan 5th-Feb 15th), they took THREE months of premium payments! Too dangerous to let them have your account information. It should be criminal to draft from someone's account before a payment is due. Honestly, that's theft! For now, I've let them know it's wrong and I've gone back to paper billing.
Delta Dental as with other insurances seems to always have a "way out" of paying for something that appears to be covered according to their paperwork. They take a long time when they make a payment to my dentist and it embarrasses me that my dental provider has to wait so long for payment on services he provided me quickly (if I needed it).
Delta may have been the best dental carrier around but they were purchased by Horizon and now they come up with any reason not to pay. I needed a re-treatment (not uncommon) and they refused to pay my dentist for no reason. In fact, they tried to blame him for the re-treatment which could not be further from the truth. Be careful with them. They will not pay if there is any way they can point to a policy clause anywhere even it is of no relevance and refuse to pay. Be careful... Do not trust ever.
My family has had Delta for years and every single time I have filed a claim, they have been unsupportive or stated that I have no coverage. Do not trust this company! If you want to fight tooth and nail for your coverage every time you have a cleaning, then Delta is right up your alley, otherwise no insurance is better than Delta coverage.
They denied every single claim even for routine cleanings every 6 months which are covered procedures under this plan. I have a formal insurance department complaint against them and am pursuing legal action to pursue the damages for breach of contract. Stay away from Delta Dental!
I signed up to Delta dental PPO plan under the New York State of Health website back in Feb 10, 2014, for the coverage to be effective on April 1, 2014. However, I was NEVER enrolled until August 2014. When I was finally enrolled, Delta Dental enrolled me to the HMO plan, instead of a PPO plan. The only reason why I paid for the PPO plan is my dentist only accept PPO, but NOT HMO. Liz ** was the agent from Delta Dental was the contact that I got from NY State of Health, who has been helping me on this. But does not seems to go anywhere.
Delta Dental is an unexisting service and not recommended. I called two different customer service number for Delta Dental and I have not been able to speak to an actual person. The service is frustrating, giving just basic information and no option to speak to a representative. I have not been able to retrieve/change my provider. We are now approaching the end of the first quarter of 2017 and I still haven't been able to get the service. Moreover, I also sent a message through the website's Customer Service Section more than a week ago. I have not even gotten one reply. The website crashes often and does not show any information about my provider or even lets me do anything about it. This is unacceptable. I should not have to be going through all this trouble just to talk to someone and have my situation fixed. I cannot believe that I have tried to get help through 3 outlets (telephone, e-mail and website) and I still have no response. If this does not resolve soon I will move on to another insurance. I will not recommend anyone to this insurer OR ever re-enroll with this company again. As mentioned before, this is unacceptable.
What I cannot understand is the insurance will happily pay for a plate to replace missing teeth, but refuses to give any allowances at all for implants. Plates are bad for the existing teeth that they attach to and slowly ruin them also causing these teeth to be pulled and thus a larger plate made and more teeth ruined and pulled, until eventually the patient is wearing dentures. In the long run that costs more than just replacing the original lost or pulled tooth with an implant. Less money and pain and suffering for the patient, their client. No one wins.
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