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Dairyland Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Dairyland Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 19 %
I was quoted 1 price. Got charged twice that they was charging me for a wreck that wasn't my fault. Spent over a month trying to get it right. Had to pay for driving record to prove it wasn't my fault even though there was no ticket on my record for me causing any accident.
They are very wallet friendly and extremely simple to get set up and started. I had zero frustrations or problems getting insured. They also are super easy to make payments. They have really been great from start to finish for me, friendly employees, great prices and will work with you to help in any way they can. However, they don’t have any local branches to go in and speak with an agent. Sometimes over the phone just doesn't cut it and you need that face to face agent time.
Dairyland is cheap, reliable and good insurance company. It's what my company offered for bad credit so that's who I got. I just pay my bill and have my insurance. I'm happy with them and I won't switch from them.
I liked the company and it was close to home which was very convenient since I didn't want a insurance company that was very far away. It was the best price for the policy that covered my husband and myself. Customer service was great too and always answered any questions I had. They worked around my work hours so I could come in to do all the paperwork that I needed to do. The process of purchasing my auto policy were easy and informative. It also didn't take very long like other companies I've dealt with in the past. They were extremely efficient. However, I disliked the hours they held for the office and they cycled through staff extremely fast.
When I was telling my friend that I had State Farm and I was paying 200 a month, my friend then said I should change insurance company and ever since I have had Dairyland. The company offers really good prices compared to other company. Even with tickets I still pay a really cheap price for insurance which is good because as a mom to 3 I can't afford expensive insurance. Other company go up with every little defect of your driving record which is crazy if you ask me. The company meets my standards for insurance and I haven't crashed so I haven't tested it in that department yet but so far from the service it's offered me I am a happy customer.
I was in an accident last Thursday. It's now a week later and I have only talked to my claim adjuster once!! That is BS. What's the point of have their insurance if they make it so difficult to talk to me. As soon as this nightmare is over I am switching!!!!
I tried to cancel my policy on 14 and left message. They never called me back so I called again on 18th and finally got it cancelled. When I asked about a refund for remaining 2 weeks that I paid in advance they said they don't do refunds because I cancelled before the full policy was over, but it was a month to month so how does that work?? Seems like a rip off to me! Am I wrong???
My experience with your insurance has been horrible. I obtained a 6-month policy with Dairyland, then was hospitalized for 2 months. Having paid for had a year, my spouse and I didn't think to check the status of my policy. As it turns out my policy was canceled on August 14th. Dairyland somehow didn't receive my change of address so I didn't receive any mail from them. But at no point did they try and contact me via email or phone. Which had they, I would've responded immediately because I did have my phone in my hand almost 24/7.NOW, they want me to pay another deposit to keep my policy active. I just feel like the sense of individuality is gone, no room for circumstances or even admitting that they dropped the ball. I chose Dairyland because it seemed more personal small and that's what I look for these days. As it turns out I am just another number. The supervisor just kept saying she was sorry because of how much time had lapsed, but I was in the flipping hospital, so there's that. The supervisor insisted there was nothing she could do, which having been a supervisor in customer service, I know this is simply not true.I will not be continuing my policy with Dairyland and will go with a company that WILL call and/or email me when they don't hear back from me. Funny how if I owed them money, they would for sure spend a bit more time trying to get a hold of me. So annoyed. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone, simply because there is no sense of "I matter" in a world of us citizens being just numbers. So now I default to a huge company where I am just a policy number, because at least I know exactly what I'm getting myself into.
So I had been with Dairyland/Viking for a bit due to a prior accident. Always made my payments on a month to month basis even though they had me as a 6 month insurance. So the company that I was going through locally just took the payment for dairy land and wanted to switch me back to theirs when my accident fell off after so many years. Well it fell off and they said I can switch over to them for cheaper rates. Thing is I just made a $106 monthly payment on Jan 27th. Well I cancelled it on Feb 6th. And started my new policy paying $76/mo.Not even 2 weeks into the month after I was assured I WOULD get a refund. I assumed it would be a pro rated refund and be for 2 weeks and a partial. Well 3 weeks later I received a check for $18. So pretty much I was lied to about the refund and ended up paying the $106 + $76 that month. I mean what a joke. Then when I requested info as to why I was only given $18 back. They sent me a bunch of crap that only they knew the meaning to all the numbers.
I am required by law to have SR-22 insurance in order to keep my license valid in AL. Because of this if my policy cancels my insurance is automatically suspended and it costs $150 to reinstate every time. Which is why I make sure I pay my bill on time every month. I was having mail at my AL address stolen so was forwarding it all the at GA my friend resides at to avoid being robbed of my important mail any further and bc of this Dairyland Auto canceled my policy AFTER I PAID A MONTH IN ADVANCE and bc I live with my mother in AL and had no bills in my name they told me to bring in a piece of mail with my name and AL address. I did this and they told me first my policy could be reinstated with no lapse so I would not have to pay $150 to reinstate then turned around and said they couldn't reinstate my policy but write a new one which means making another down payment and $150 to reinstate my license!!! How can you write a new policy but not reinstate the original one!?! This company makes you sign a waiver before insuring you saying you cannot sue them and it's things like this that are the reason why they have this clause! Do not trust this company with your money for anything. They will ** you for all they can and then some!
I put in a claim with them several months ago when my car was hit by another person and I am beyond disappointed with how it was handled. I gave information to them and expected them to do their job, but instead I ended up doing majority of the work and being dismissed rudely the times that I was able to contact my claims specialist. After being told that "we don't need your information" I decided to wait on her. She never called me to inform me on where the process was at, the fact that I could have been able to get my car fixed with the coverage that I'm paying for, nothing. I finally called today as it's been almost 4 months and all she had to say was "oh I closed that like a month ago". So you can send letters out to let individuals know that the case is still open (which I received about two weeks after my case opened), but 3 more months into it and you can't even make a simple call or letter to inform me its not even open anymore. Here I was sitting around waiting to hear what they will be able to do with my coverage when the case was closed. Afterwards I asked to speak to the claim specialist manager, who answered but all he had to say was "she probably just came off to you in the wrong way" and dismissed the entire issue. So rude. I truly can't wait for this policy to end so that I am able to switch over to an insurance that is actually willing to do the work that I am paying to be done.
I'm a delivery driver, meaning I require a car every day. One of their clients ran a light and hit me, flipping my 2014 chevrolet volt (book value of $25,000) and totaling it. I've been dealing with this stupid company for a month and a half now and the highest they're willing to pay for the car and my medical bills is only $5,000. They keep telling me that's the value of my car and wont budge on that. They didn't give me a rental car either, so I'm out a month and a half's worth of work while I try to find a car to scrape by with. Looks like I'll be heading to court.
They send out cancellation notices with your monthly bill even though you have automatic payments set up. It’s like they are expecting you to not pay. It takes days to get a response and you have to give them a written request every time. Of all the auto insurance companies I have dealt with they are by far the worst.
My month bill is $193.00 a month. I cancelled my policy halfway through the billing cycle and got a 7.07 refund for the other half. When I called asking why the refund was only 7.07 they told me it’s because I got charged a penalty for canceling. They also make you send in a written notice to cancel. They are the worse company to deal with for insurance.
Rear-ended by their driver. After multiple ineffective and without results or resolution, and almost a week later I still haven't heard from their adjuster or gotten the promised link where I have to send pictures of the damage to my car. Meanwhile my bumper is now beginning to fall off because of the damage causing more stress. Then told that I was rude because I attempted to hold the claims agent accountable to her failure to do her job. Word to the wise, avoid rolling dents on four wheels at all costs... they're probably insured by Dairyland.
Still battling with the over settlement of our totaled car. I have gotten multiple numbers from him that don't match the valuation report he sent me. He tells me and my wife that he took off $400 for prior damage, then denies that he said that in the same conversation. The comparable cars on the report are all almost $1000 more than his offer, but between prior damage adjustments of $800 it reduced the value far below market value.
It is reliable and dependable coverage. Tow in is a bit more to have extra a month but is worth it for emergencies. I like the liability coverage and it is inexpensive for families like mine on a budget and gives me the minimum state law required insurance, and that gives me peace of mind. I like the tow in feature but it requires me to pay out of pocket when I need to use it. This is an inconvenience to me because I don't always have that kind of money and it should just be covered instantly.
On 03/04/2014 my girlfriend was hit from behind by a car insured by Dairyland/Sentry in front of fireman and police officers and this company is still saying it's an ongoing investigation and they haven't sent no appraisal out or anything and they keep trying to make me pay for my own repairs.
I like how well maintained Dairyland Auto Insurance is! Awesome customer service and super friendly! Also fair prices! However, I would like them to improve on their accident forgiveness! I don't like how short of time you have to report and get everything in on time! Also maybe offer some more offers. But I loved how easy it was to sign up! They pretty much did everything super quick! They also didn't make me pay a back balance I had previous so that was pretty nice of them to do!
Called the claims department of Dairyland Auto, my son recently totaled his truck. I spoke with Anna, couldn’t believe how rude this lady was! She was apparently having a bad day but, that’s not fair to treat me that way. The helplessness I felt when I ask for her supervisor and she refused to pass me on is something I hope no one else goes through with this lady. Anna put me on hold until I calmed down... lol really. About 5 min later I hung up, I didn’t call back because I realized I had no chance of getting anything done. Since my wife’s name is on the policy I wanted to find out if I would be responsible for any damages, my wife works past the hours Dairyland is open so she can’t call to get the information. My son has called and left several messages for Anna with no return. This is the kind of service you my be facing if you choose this insurance carrier. Not worth it!!!
Dairyland is a great place and it helped me out so much. I don't know what I would have done without them. I didn't have any thought to how to even get started but they helped me when I walked in. They set me up on a plan and it was so easy to add my boyfriend when I needed to and help get something off his driver's record that shouldn't have been there in the first place. She put my info and I paid the down payment and I was good to go. It was awesome.
I had a motorcycle insured thru them and when I cancelled they tacked on hidden costs. They said they gave me a discount for having a year contract with them and they took their discounts back when I cancelled. It equated to 2 months' worth of insurance when I was more than paid up. RIP OFFS ---- CHEAP CRAPPY INSURANCE COMPANY. STAY AWAY!
I can honestly say I have no problems with my auto insurance, my agent is fast and I have been with them on and off for many years. The price is low, and it was the lowest cost I could find. The location to make payments is near my home. The only thing I can say is I wish I was not forced to have auto insurance at all as my house struggles with the basics but it's state-required insurance.
We switched from Progressive when our agent convinced us to. We told them, through e-mail that we had 2 leased vehicles and needed full coverage on both of them. We even sent our old declarations pages from Progressive showing the coverage we needed. They gave us a price of $600 per month on 2 new vehicles. My husband hit a deer about a month ago. We called to make a claim. They told us we only had full coverage on the other vehicle, liability on the vehicle in question. Both vehicles were 2013 and were required to have maximum coverage.We sent them all emails and proof of the coverage requested and paid for. They denied our claim. We switched to Allstate with definite full coverage on both vehicles for $378 per month. This company is a scam artist, out to get you. NEVER pay the claims that they owe. They will tell you that you are 20% or 50% at fault (for waking up that morning and driving your vehicle). Do not use this company for ANY insurance, and get ready if someone happens to hit you and this is what they have.
I called and cancelled my policy and I received my cancellation notice, had no problems...then I GOT A BILL!!! They are billing for a discount (I didn't even know I was getting) for having a year term insurance and apparently I was getting a monthly discount. Hmm, I was? Now they want to back-bill for a discount I didn't know I was getting...NOT COOL!!! Think twice before going to this company!!
A Dairyland Insured trespassed on our property while purchasing a boat from a neighbor. He hit our well head while trying to hook up. He chose to not use the entire field belonging to the neighbor. The company initially chose to not cover the accident citing the late payment of the insured, but the policy was not canceled. They agreed to repair and now are not paying the reimbursements for expenses. I purposely kept expenses lower to help out. I should have made them pay for my motel room, boarding for animals, landscaper for newly planted plants or a water truck (which they refused). The initial person told me I didn't need special water for an animal recovering from surgery because she could replace our much loved pet with one of her several barn cats. Don't buy this insurance because the people you damage, will sue you! People involved in my situation employed by Dairyland are Shelly **, Ford **, Randy **, as well as several others. The insured continues to harass us because he feels the well damage was over exaggerated. People can't live without water and lower quality water makes my property worthless. Dairyland is dishonest, deceitful and disgusting! Don't use them!
I'm really satisfied with Dairyland. The whole process of purchasing our policy was really easy. We were able to do it all over the phone. And when I need new insurance cards or binder they mail it to me. It's all really carefree in my part. And I like their rates the most and how easy it is to make a payment over the phone. I also like their customer service and how they always look to see if I'm getting the most coverage for the best rate. Sometimes I have to wait on hold while they pull up my information but that's really not a problem. I would and have recommended them.
They do not want to help or make anything easy. They say it's cheap but I pay 120+ for premium which gives me no health coverage or anything but liability. People pay less for full coverage. Do not sign with Dairyland. I will be switching as soon as my policy ends!!!
Helpful reminders about paying insurance so it doesn’t expire, great rates. I haven’t had to file a claim so I don’t know how fast or competent they are. But they offer everything I need. The whole family uses them.
Dairyland's insurance isn't the most protected insurance, but you pay a lot less than your main brand auto insurance companies. That's what I needed most, so it keeps me there. The policy isn't terrible either. I had accidentally left money out of the bank account, and when it refused to draw and end my policy, someone had contacted me and helped me get a new policy (the same I had) with no trouble. But it is difficult to end your policy with them, should you choose to. They should make that easier instead of making you jump multiple ropes to get your policy cancelled.
I was with this company for few months. When I first took policy, they charged me double the price for what I have to pay. When I asked them why I have to pay extra, they don't have any particular reason ("They say that Initially when you take a policy our company charges"). They increased my insurance policy price without any particular reason and when I call customer care, they say they don't know. And when I try to cancel my policy after two days of the payment, they didn't refund my money back even though I am a month-on-month policy holder. Very poor customer service. I honestly can give a rating less than 1.
THE worst insurance company EVER! Filed a claim with Dairyland FOUR MONTHS ago and it's still hasn't been resolved. I have been without a vehicle for four months. They finally agreed to pay for a rental for one month but it wasn't until one month after I filed my claim. Each time I've called in during those four months, to as where they were at in the claims process, they were ALWAYS very rude and ALWAYS gave me answers like, "it will take as long as it takes".After the 3rd month, I asked to speak to a supervisor and the claims adjuster refused to let me speak to a supervisor. After my 4th call asking to speak to a supervisor, the adjuster (Theresa **) put me on hold for 11 minutes and when she returned she asked me, "have you calmed down yet?". It's month 4 with no resolve in sight, no vehicle, and no answers from Dairyland/Sentry/Viking, how calm can I remain? I will NEVER use these guys again and I would not recommend them to my worst enemy!! If I could rate them at less than 1 star, I WOULD!
I purchased auto insurance through Dairyland, I paid for a 6-month policy. I received a letter saying my discounts had been rejected & homeowner, *bill $11.62* no explanation as to what they needed. Well on 2/14/2018 my policy was cancelled. This was due to them not receiving proof of ownership, which I did email them proof of ownership 2 weeks after I started my policy. (Today 6 mos) I was told policy was to be in place from 8/22/17----2/22/17 they cancelled it two weeks before my policy end date due to a $5.43 charge for I'm still unsure what that was for. My DL was suspended due to no SR-22 from the 14-22. Today I paid a reinstatement fee & found out due to these flakes at Dairyland I now have to start my SR-22 for another 39 mos. Which would have been dropped on May 2018. This company (Dairyland) has cost me more than just the $. They have cost me 36 most of SR-22 + a suspension on my DL. This is highway robbery, in more ways than one!!! I sure wish I would have known all this before I started a new policy with them! I can tell you this when this 6 mos are up I will never ever do business with Dairyland again & will recommend them to no one!!!
I had this insurance before. Canceled my policy and rejoined with my fiancee. I went through a third party who found me the lowest rates possible. Every search brought up Dairyland Insurance and made the experience very easy and helpful. They have great customer service. I had one problem with them but they acted swiftly in resolving the issue. They even called the DMV to have the issue fixed and went the extra mile by having the DMV refund my money. The overall experience was great.
I was reared end by their policyholder. I have a one car taxi business. They are trying to screw me over in every way. If I settle, I'll be out of business. I haven't been able to work for over 2 weeks. My savings is almost gone. Heartless people.
One of Dairyland's Insured just rear ended my Mercedes brand new. They threaten me if I don't sign that I will accept aftermarket parts. They won't pay my rental or process my claim. Told me to go ahead and get an attorney or go through my own insurance. I was sitting at a red light and their insured was on her phone and nailed me in the rear end. Clearly her fault. And they want me to accept repairing my NEW vehicle with faulty parts. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. WORST INSURANCE COMPANY EVER. BEWARE THEY ARE FRAUDS! They will try and cheat you!! I will be filing a complaint with the Ohio Dept of Insurance.
This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with in my life. I was rear-ended by a woman who was on her cell phone over 4 months ago. Still no payment to the autobody shop for the repairs. No adjuster ever came out, they made me download an app and take pictures of my entire truck (even the sides with no damage) and complained that one side was too dark (in the freezing cold). I had to take pictures of the mileage and type it in, VIN number and type it in, take a video of the damage, just to be told that by the man sitting on his butt that he saw no damage. The garage estimated it over 2000.00. Still no payment, dealing with 2 different adjusters and a different phone number. This company is a fraud. I am quite sure that the ladies rates have gone up. I will continue to fight this company if not I will go after the lady that hit me. Very bad company and I refuse to go through mine because my rates will increase and I was not at fault.
Dairyland insurance is a Thief. They took money out of my account knowing I cancelled two days before my due date. They refused to pay me back my 64.00 because they got the paper work 2 days after due date. Really - 70 bucks for 2 days. Thieves.
I didn't like Dairyland's service overall. The purchasing process was a lot to do. They were my first insurance and their start up fee was so much. And I think it's not fair. Plus, their monthly payment was really high. I would improve what they offer and give bundle deals. They didn't even give me roadside and I needed it. So I changed to State Farm and I love them.
I was rear ended by a Dairyland (Sentry/Freeway Insurance) customer on a Friday night. I submitted my claim to Dairyland on a Saturday. They had my estimate and check in the mail by Thursday, they also emailed me the information and I was able to take my car to the body shop this same day. Of course they under-estimated my damages so my body shop submitted a supplement. They approved it without any problems and sent the check for the difference to the body shop directly. I read all the negative reviews that this company has and I was so afraid of having problems, but Dairyland gave me no issues. They even compensated me for the additional days I was without my vehicle. I made sure to have all the necessary information when I filed my claim, I was patient, and nice! They really made this so easy.
The price is affordable for me being that I'm on disability and my income is limited to a low price. They allow me to make monthly payments instead of paying for it all up front. However, customer service is really bad when I have a problem and I can't call directly and talk to an agent. I am transferred to a hotline and have to talk to a completely stranger in another state where they have no idea what my problem is. I wish to have a more personal relationship with the agent locally.
I started an auto policy with Dairyland (despite bad reviews) because they advertised low prices. Come to find out, it was far from the truth. So I switched to Esurance and attempted to cancel my policy with them, but they claim it takes "10 business days" to cancel a policy! Yeah, complete bull. Every time I call in, the uninformed agent always ask, "Did you cancel your policy?"... Ditto! Look at the notes in the account and you will see that!!! It literally takes speaking to a supervisor each time to receive proper information. The agents don't care about the service they provide, nor do the supervisors. An agent "promised" that she'll follow up in 24 hrs and 3 days has gone by. Let this be a lesson, stay away from these shady people!
This POS company won't reimburse me for claim they agreed to cover. Offered 4k when bill was 9k. I'm out 9k and am filing suit, filing complaints with TX board of insurance. They are cheap because they screw customers and are not a good faith company. Use anybody else.
I agree with the reviews people have posted, I also had a very bad experience with them. I was hit and it took them 40 days to clearly take responsibility and I am still unsatisfied. They tried to underestimate the damage to my car when v slammed into it when she backed up. I put a complaint with the BBB and Sentry has tried their hardest to get it removed. I suggest that all you guys report it to the BBB and remember they also go by Sentry and that is the name you need to use. The more of us that do that the more warning people will have if they want to know about all the complaints against this company not just me.
Horrible beyond belief to deal with. They make it as difficult as at all possible to pursue a claim that is not your fault. Time consuming pics, they do not reply to phone calls, emails etc... Why is this company not regulated with all of the terrible reviews? Taking forever to get my car repaired because of them. Shame on them & those who regulate these insurance companies. They should be closed up. Scammers.
May 2 2018 I had purchased a policy and had to cancel two days later due to wrong information. We needed car insurance with me as an excluded driver because my license is suspended and the car is in my name. The affiliating company I talked to first said we needed a nonowner policy due to our circumstances because they don't do it. That's where DAIRYLAND came in. So, the representative told me the car would be insured. It's just my boyfriend's policy. Great. Cheap payment. Car insured. Fantastic, right? WRONG AS WRONG CAN GET!!!The car wasn't even insured??? Paid 81.17 on May 2 and canceled May 4 because of this. I called and they told me I had to put it in writing that I wanted it cancelled and I'd get a full refund. I GOT A PARTIAL REFUND BECAUSE THE REST WAS TAKEN FOR A CANCELLATION FEE. Call again, not getting full refund. Have to pay the cancellation fee. FML ok fine. Prior to cancelling the policy I had scheduled a payment to come out on June because I thought this was going to work.THE POLICY CANCELLED AND THEY STILL TRIED TO PULL THE MONEY AFTER THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULDN'T. Got a bill saying I owed them money for a NSF FEE. Called today, first chick tried saying it was a cancellation fee and I had to pay it when though they already kept 49 from the initial payment as cancellation. Spoke to a supervisor who cleared the account in two minutes. Thankful for the supervisor but no one else. ** this company. I'd give no stars but there's no option for that.
I've been with Dairyland for years and I love everything about it. It was so easy to get the insurance and the customer service is great. And adding dependents and adding multiple cars didn't take long. They also have many discounts and they have more than just auto insurance to offer. They are great. I would recommend them to everyone.
I disliked the entire policy that I had and I didn't care for the company at all. They charged me an arm and a leg for my insurance policy, I had to pay $425 a month and it was horrible. I had no choice but to go through them because my aunt was the one who got me the policy and she said that Dairyland is a really good insurance to have. But I couldn't ever get sold of anyone anytime I called. My overall experience of trying to get insurance through them was completely and totally horrible. I ended up selling my car 2 months later because I just couldn't afford to pay 425 a month.
I was rear-ended at a stoplight by a guy going full speed on 7/18/15. Totaled my truck. He was contrite and gave me his info. He's insured by Dairyland. Now I almost wish he hadn't stopped at all. I was told to call the adjuster on the following Monday. I did and he said the appraiser would contact me within 24-48 hours to inspect my truck. 48 hours passed with no call so I called the adjuster back. He said I should just call the appraiser and gave me his number. I called him and he said he couldn't come out until the end of the week but as soon as he did he'd have everything uploaded and ready to go. The weekend passed with no word or email. I got a message from him on Monday saying the truck was a total loss. Said to call him back to get details. I called back and got a full mailbox so I couldn't leave a message. Then called again and left a message. No word on Tuesday so I called the adjuster and repeated what he'd told me. The adjuster said I'd have to talk to the appraiser to get the offer number. I asked about a rental and he said under state law they didn't have to pay for a rental because the truck was totaled. Another day with no word and I called the appraiser again and he magically picked up. He said the car was a total. I said "Right you said that on the message. What's the offer?" He said, "Oh, I have to load this all into the software to get a number and then I'll send that to the adjuster and he'll give you the offer."That's where we are today. A week and a half has passed since I was involved in an accident where my only fault was being stopped at a stoplight and this company gives me the runaround. I'm not optimistic about where it goes from here. My advice is a) never buy this company's insurance and b) if the person who hits you has Sentry/Dairyland you're better off working out another settlement
Great company, always handles business well. The staff were always helpful and friendly. The grace period is nice if you're short on a payment. Road side assistance always came in handy you never know when you might need them. Furthermore, they have quick sign up. Has a good payment setup. However, it's just crazy how much it costs a month. 140$ liability and I've never been in any accidents other than backing up into a parked car. And I'm 31. It never went down in my 20s. When I was 19 I was paying 80, that was in FL, I been in KY and the rate here are outrageous! It could always be cheaper, that's always nice to have the extra money, for gas! Also, every insurance company should have it set up so that when you need minor repairs or tires anything it should cover a percentage. I know a lot of people pay insurance and never make a claim but the minute an accident happens they jack up the price. It's the law to have it and then the billions of dollars a month flow into the insurance industry!
One of their insurer hit my car, ran a red light. It has been three weeks and I have not received not even a phone call from them. I called them and they gave me false information about one of the agents email address. They told me that it may not be their client's fault, but there was a camera at the light. The accident report shows their client running the red light. I have no car, no rental and it's just like the man that hit me has no insurance.
A person insured by Dairyland hit my daughter and totaled her car..... this happened on 12/14/2013 - we are still not completely settled - two months later. Dairyland was nice when they wanted us to immediately release the car to the company that purchases the totaled cars from them. They wanted this to happen immediately to SAVE THEM MONEY!!! We did so and then after that the professionalism was a JOKE! I noticed they used the WRONG CITY to give us a valuation on the totaled car --- they never answer the phone and the only way they would finally respond would be when I would email them with the READ receipt on the email. Reached out to the supervisor - NO RESPONSE ever! Good luck on your dealings with them - YOU WILL NEED IT!
They were cheap and helpful. #1 on my top ten. I'm considering on switching. All companies should be like them, it would save a lot of people money, they helped me a lot. Purchasing the insurance went Smoothly and it didn't take long at all, they did their job perfectly. They stayed on task with smiles on their face. Perfect place, Absolutely love it. Love how they compare prices, and give you options. I would recommend it to everyone. They are caring and no hassle. I wish they would give you more than a few weeks to cancel, but other than that it's a super wonderful company.
Unfortunately Elephant Auto Insurance subsidized their SR-22 contracts through these pieces of work so that was my first shortcoming. After making a payment for my third consecutive month of payments they cancelled my policy two days, 2 DAYS LATER. They could have notified me on the phone when they took the payment, that my insurance was to be cancelled in less than 48 hours due to a non-signing of a document that rotted in my email because NOT ONE representative cared enough to tell me about. Eddie is garbage. This "person" did nothing to help or rectify the situation. Look at the reviews, this company is complete garbage and should be shut down immediately. All this company is going to do is steal your money and waste your time. I highly DISADVISE ANY SERVICE WITH THESE SWINDLERS. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!!
If you do business with this company you have to know their "company policies" regardless if they are provided to you or not. My daughter paid over 200.00 for one month of insurance and tried to cancel a few months in because she found better insurance cheaper. Now they will not refund a dime of her money and she only had insurance for 2 weeks out of 4. They are thieves and I wish she would have never done business with them.
They are friendly, and have very reasonable prices and someone is always available to talk to about any problems you incur. The policy is very easy to read. The customer service is excellent but to start the policy it takes days for the charges to clear my bank and has messed up my bank account. Discounts are often offered but then when you receive your policy the discount has been taken away. This has happened to me twice. I did not find it as very good of a practice. I wish their rates were a bit lower and offer more local offices and 24-hour service and easier options to pay. I would also wish they would give you multiple vehicle discount.
Dairyland Auto Insurance is cheaper than most so it's affordable for me plus they had a policy that allows more than just State required, $50,000 bodily injury and it includes car rental and it's full coverage. Thy had a good deductible that I felt was good for me without having to pay a lot to get my car fixed. They offered me more for my money. The purchasing process was fairly easy. The people were very knowledgeable and friendly. They made me feel at home and they did an automatic bank transfer so I didn't have to go in each time to pay until it was time to renew every year. They didn't try to force me into another policy, they worked to find the right one for me. I just had a great experience.
Overall Dairyland is an okay insurance company. I purchase my insurance from the same place I purchase my car and that was very convenient. I like that my insurance company offers roadside assistance. Over time my rates has decreased and they have good customer services. When I need them all I do is call and once I talk with an agent they are very helpful. The policy was kept very simple and made it easy to understand. If I was to buy a new car I wouldn't have a problem adding that car to my policy. However, I would not have the person pay out of pocket for roadside assistance and I wish they would offer a rental when I break down. I do see the purpose of paying insurance then paying a deductible then have to put in a claim to get your money back.
Purchasing a policy from them was quite simple. They asked all the same questions as others and quickly pulled up my driving record to obtain my quote. All the people I talked to either in person or on the phone were all very friendly and extremely helpful. They answered all my question and were very patient with me while I was price checking different companies to fit my budget. Overall a very dependable and helpful company to go through. I like that they're one of the cheapest places I've went through. Also they work with me on a set due date for the entire 6 month period which I'm sure other places do as well. I've just became very comfortable with this company after being with them for multiple years.But when I was involved in an accident, they were very slow at doing their part especially when it came to responding to phone calls. Also all the rules as they called it for getting a rental car was a tad bit ridiculous. Especially when it came to how many days you could keep it. Other than these few things I actually prefer them over all the other companies I've had.
One of Dairyland's insured hit my vehicle. The police report clearly shows they are liable. It has been three weeks and Dairyland is still dragging their feet. Meanwhile I have received no indication of how long until they take action to have my vehicle repaired. I've called numerous times with no return call. Don't use this company if you want good customer service. Worst service ever.
Dairyland was one of only 2 companies we found that were willing to cover ALL of our vehicles, including a one ton dually, which is not a commercial vehicle, and out of those two companies, they were not only much less expensive, but actually willing to offer coverage even though we had just had a short lapse in coverage due to a bill not getting paid. So, in the end, Dairyland was the only company we were able to find, after both going through brokers and doing research on our own, that was willing to give us any kind of coverage. The lower price was just a wonderful perk.I usually insist on top of the line insurance. I have been hit several times and suffer permanent injuries because of these accidents that were not my fault so I know, better than most, that the insurance company's reputation of responsiveness and willingness to understand each customers' needs are more important than virtually any other aspect. At this time, I know virtually nothing about Dairyland and how they do business. They seem to have a decent reputation, but I'd really like to know more about the company before I have to find out while working with them after an accident.I didn’t purchase the insurance myself, which is extremely unusual because my husband usually gets frustrated with the process and/or runs out of time to finish and/or just feels so overwhelmed by the whole thing that he turns it over to me. I can’t tell you how surprised I was to leave, come back just a short time later and find out that my husband had not only found a company that met our needs, after several weeks of searching, but had also completed the purchase, paid for 6 months of premiums, and even had the auto insurance cards printed out and in hand, ready to go into the vehicles before I got home. It was the first time in over 21 years that he has ever finished choosing and purchasing an auto insurance policy, but he also said that they were easy to work with and didn’t seem the slightest bit frustrated. His only concern seemed to be not knowing the Dairyland name, but he seemed confident that had made a wise purchase and was happy with the process and coverage.
They had very low rates and were lenient on late payments, with little to no late fees. Every 6th month was free. As well as, they were very helpful with the DMV. They informed me of state laws with registration and tags. There was always a person available to talk to as well. They were located in a convenient location to my job as well as my residence. I was given a reminder a couple days ahead of time before my payment was due. They knew me on a first-name basis, were very friendly, and gave me many different options with different plans. My mailing address was always updated. Would send necessary documents to the right people within a timely fashion.
When I signed up with this co. they quoted me an initial start up fee. Once fee was paid they then informed me that I had purchased a years worth of roadside assistance for two along with my initial signup fee. Thank you but I already had roadside service. They sent a letter stating they needed additional info. Because I said I was single initially and later said I was divorced. (I explained I've been divorced for more than 15yrs.) My policy went up well over a hundred dollars!! IN MY OPINION THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM. Received a voicemail saying my policy changed because I said I drive my school age children to school using a different car than the one I requested insurance for. I don't have school age children and I never drive my significant other's car. When I spoke to a live person I was told this was not the information given and it was based on my divorced status v/s being single and that my miles driven stated was different than initially stated. It takes me 15 min to get to work.
I found another company for half the price. I paid in full on Dec. 4 and canceled on Jan. 29. I was informed I would receive 120.00 of my 340.00. Now I can't pay my new policy. How is it possible to be a good customer after four years and be robbed by a crooked corporation with millions at its disposal? Heard I'm not the only one treated this way. I have nothing better to do so I will be calling everyday for a chat!
Dairyland is the number one insurance that I would recommend highly for anybody. They were better than any other car insurance in Bakersfield Valley. It was my first car and they were able to give me Insurance. Went without it before I had a license and as soon as I got a license they were able to switch me over. They gave me the best secured I can ask for. Thank you so much. Appreciate that and I would not have it any other way. I love my insurance because it is way cheap the customer service is the best!! Everything is great about it and they're willing to work with everything. They do everything to get your insurance to work with you and they're always on call. And every time I pay my bill it's within 5 minutes. They have automated system that I can pay my bill online instead of going in.
My experience with Dairyland Insurance was horrible. I had gotten hit on my bike back in May of 2017. They did not work with me. They were rude, would not answer my questions and even after they had talked to my lawyer. Here it is November of 2017 and they still are not working with me and still very rude. I will never recommend this company to anyone. There's not even a rating for this company.
I was hit in a parking lot by a person that was insured by Dairyland Ins. I put in a claim with them for damages to my auto. I must say, I was treated with the utmost respect and compassion by the claim representative, Tasha **. Ms ** instructed me on what to do and how to do it. She always responded to my calls, she conversed with the auto body shop that I was using and also the car rental. Everything went extremely smooth, no complications, no waiting, the claim was paid to my satisfaction. It was a pleasure dealing with this company and I would give them 5 stars for what they do and how they do it! Thank you Tasha ** and Dairyland Ins!!!
I was hit by a girl who has Sentry/Dairyland insurance. We are dealing with Peak Auto Collision or something like that for the liability and to get the damage to our vehicle paid for. The accident happened on 10/9 and it has been almost two weeks now. They are refusing to give us a rental because they need this or that or one of their people lost a page of the police report. It's always some excuse whenever we finally get a hold of someone. The police report clearly states their driver was at fault, but they are making all these excuses for why it's taking so long along with not returning calls nor answering the phone almost ever. We've contacted supervisors and they pawn off their complaints back to their adjuster who is our main complaint. He speaks to us and our insurance agent in a very demeaning way and is very short and most of the time hangs up on us. We are currently paying for a rental car out of pocket due to the fact that life actually does go on. It doesn't stop just because insurance people can't take responsibility for their insured's accidents. I'm looking for any information or contact information for someone to review this situation with us in a timely manner, please.
Nobody would tell you there is a EARLY TERMINATION FEE if you do not look into their fine prints in their 20 pages policy documents. In the policy, it even rephrases the early cancellation fee as 'If the Named Insured or a premium finance company cancels this policy, the premium owed or premium refund due will be calculated according to the short rate provisions contained in our manuals.' Shady enough business. It even took the representative 20 mins to find out this term for me to defend themselves.I was charged $138 bucks for early termination. And they can't even explain how this number comes from. 10%? 15%? 20% of owed premium? No one knows. And I was not even informed of this penalty when I was ready to cancel. This shady insurance company is completely blacklisted in my future options. Be careful if you ever wanna do business with them.
Honestly I was 100% happy with this company until today. I am set up for automatic payments with this company and today I found out they canceled my policy without notifying me so now instead of paying 230 every month I have to pay 245. I am beyond pissed right now because now this month I had to pay 300 and I'm on a budget. This is beyond ridiculous. If I had known the autopayment didn't come out I would have taken care of it ASAP. I always pay my bills on time! I even got on my account and it said payment due to sweep in two days. Dairyland Auto is shady and will nickel and dime you. I will be looking for new coverage ASAP!!!
Overall the purchasing process was amazing, I did a quote online and ended up calling them. The representative that I spoke with was very helpful and he made completing the process very simple. I love that they are always just one call or email away, whenever I need them they make every effort to make sure that I am well taken care of. I will never change insurance companies because they are amazing. I am with them until the end.
One of Dairyland's insured opened his car door into my van without checking traffic. The insured's statement to the Police, Dairyland, and my insurance company was that he never opened his door. The crash scene pictures and the official crash report prove otherwise. Dairyland ignored the facts of the case despite overwhelming physical evidence and changed the story of the insured in order to deny the claim. This was after they took more than 21 days to make the determination. Our van was not safe to drive and we were forced to open a claim with our insurance company and will likely face arbitration to recover our costs.Unfair settlement practice: Fails settle a case when it's the reasonable thing to do. Ignores facts in its own files that it should pay a claim. Acts in a dishonest or oppressive manner. Facts of the claim: The insured's statement to the Columbus Police Department, Dairyland, and Cincinnati Insurance is that he never opened his door. The insured's car was not properly parked along the curb as shown in the accident scene photos. The insured's car door was open at the time of the collision. The collision damaged the passenger front quarter panel, passenger side door handle, and passenger side panel. The official crash report indicates that Casey **'s "Contributing Circumstance" was "21 - OTHER IMPROPER ACTION" and that the crash reports notes other vehicle's "Contributing Circumstance" as "01 - None".
Dairyland Auto Insurance is easy to purchase and keep insurance through them. I like their price. It's affordable to me on my very small budget. Also, I don't have to wait long on hold to talk to a person. People are usually friendly but a bit daft. However, I do not like the coverage for the price. I'm not happy that when we removed my husband's SR-22 requirement the price on my policy went up instead of down. They are not very good at handling claims too. Played telephone tag last time because their communication between departments is crap.
Dairyland Auto Insurance is probably one of the best out there. It is pretty far away from my home location though. But the price is very affordable. Even though I have liability, if I was to get full coverage, it would have still been affordable. I definitely love my auto insurance company. My overall experience was pretty good, the process was very easy. The employees there are very respectful and knowledgeable.
This insurance company will not pay the cost of repairs in an accident. I have been offered only one fourth the cost to repair my vehicle after their insured plowed into the back of my stopped car, left the scene, and was arrested for fleeing the accident.
Called to purchase an SR-22 and was told by the company I did not need one, I assured them I did and was told I did not. I was given regular liability with no SR-22 therefore once the policy ran out with my other company I would not be covered anymore therefore my suspension would take effect. I was pulled over for a stupid license plate light and was told I had no bond so my license was suspended. I contacted Dairyland Auto the very same ones that told me I did not need the bond and told them I needed the bond, now they were all too happy to give it to me - no problems. This does not change the fact now that I wasted almost $90.00 on nothing and they are not even willing to make it right THEIR mistake not mine. Yet I had to pay a fine out of my own pocket which if they would have given me what I requested in the first place it would not have cost me an additional $100+ out of my pocket. Oh I never requested it in the first place according to them but it was the first thing that was mentioned. OH well I get screwed again when I am trying to do right... THANKS DAIRYLAND!!!
I called around and they were the cheapest. They have great coverage for what you need and it was pretty easy getting the insurance. After giving the lady my information she called me back fairly quick with the results and my monthly payment. The ladies are very welcoming and genuinely nice every time you talk to them. I like that they do not up charge for SR-22. They also take my monthly bill out of my bank automatically. However their location is a little far from my home if I had to go in and make a payment. If you miss one payment they cancel your policy but if you pay your bill with in a couple weeks they will let you keep your policy. I am very happy with them!
I started insurance with Dairyland because they were supposed to be reasonable, however After a few days with them I purchased a vehicle and went into the office to give them the information on it. First due to the vehicle being older, had more miles my rate should have dropped. It rose by $40.00. When I asked why they said the vehicle cost more to repair.. I wasn't born yesterday and knew they were blowing smoke. On the 2nd of Dec, they took the premium out of my account, on the 3rd of Dec I received a quote for insurance that was almost $60.00 cheaper. I called Dairyland to cancel my policy and was told I would be charged a cancellation fee, however they did not know what it would be just yet. They held over $200.00 and 15 days later sent me a check for $47.00.I had called to see why and was told it was due to the short term policy. They debited my account on 1 day, I cancelled the next morning as soon as as they opened and for that they caused me major grief, overdraft charges while I was waiting for a REASONABLE refund and ended up getting screwed by this company. My cancelling and going with a company who I am saving money with ended up costing me $483.00. Funny (not) how they think it is okay to steal from people while they are just trying to live from day to day.
I was in a no-fault accident with one of their insured. He hit me really hard from behind. My car was in the shop and this ins. company wanted to go cheap on the parts but the ones the shop ordered didn’t fit. It took longer than usual to fix so I ended up having to use the rental (which Dairyland was supposed to be responsible for) longer due to not having my vehicle ready. They only approved the rental for 5 days before my car was ready so they ended up stiffing me with the additional 5 days out of my own pocket. After speaking to the claims rep, he said the claim had already been closed out and basically said I was “** out of luck"! Wow, way to go Dairyland. I should have hired an attorney like I had originally planned but gave y’all the benefit of the doubt thinking you could take care of my claim. This is a ROTTEN company! Hopefully, no one has to go through something stupid like this 'cause it is REALLY UPSETTING.
I had good experience with Dairyland. Paid the bill every month and thank God I didn't have an accident! I used them for about a year and I didn't have any problems with them. I like that they had a local office. I was put on a silly restriction, I had to pay for it through my other policy and Dairlyland didn't require it. It was a huge difference in amount each month, $40! That's a huge difference at the end of the year! But after the time passed I went back to my old insurance, they are simply cheaper. Also, I get a great deal on bundling life and home. The bottom line with insurance is price. All of them have about the same policy.
My son was a passenger in a car accident by someone who was insured by Dairyland insurance with a major brain injury. April 26 still haven't heard back. Went thru 3 adjusters and haven't heard from supervisor. Had to get the police report and all info myself.
Their insured hit me while I was stopped waiting to go thru intersection. He swerved to miss a van that had gone thru across traffic. He hit me almost head on. Their insured admitted it was his fault right then. But Dairyland said it was the van's fault. The van didn't hit me. Their insured did. If I was stopped their insured hit me, what part of this is not his fault?
I like the payment options that come right out of your checking account. And now if you do good it goes down. But have not seen it go down. I have had no accidents or anything. They're robbing me. They are really high insurance and I wish they had better deals especially for good driving record. The whole state of Nebraska sucks on that part. Insurance should not be that high. I'm looking around to get more quotes. Keep searching around for different quotes. I'm sure you can find better deal somewhere else.
I got scammed by Dairyland auto insurance. I had 3 cars insured but since one of the cars wasn't working anymore, l decide to remove the car from my policy. But since l was one day late on the payment they didn't want to do it. And l had to made the payment for the 3 cars and then she removed the car from the policy. But then send me a bill for more than l expected it. l asked them to reimburse the payment for the car l removed but they gave me a very lame excuse. And l decide to cancel the policy and I asked for my reimbursement and they refuse to do so. They changed the version again. This company are scam artist. Don't ever let these thieves to steal hard working money.
Dairyland Auto is great. I like the friendliness and how helpful they are over the phone even before you are a customer. I also love that I am able to get my insurance card thru email. It makes it so easy that it's just right here on my phone. That way I never lose it. Additionally, they were very informative and their representative had no issue explaining things to me without talking down to me. She made sure I fully understood everything and that all my questions were fully answered. A lower deductible would be nice though.
One of their insured rear ended me. It took them almost a week to accept responsibility. Now they have been dodging my calls about my diminished value claim for weeks. Their adjuster will not return my call, I have never dealt with a company like this before. You would think that they would want to settle claims a little faster.
I no longer have this insurance because I didn't like how much they raised my insurance, like double the amount, for my fiance driving without a license. There was no accident involved and then my monthly payment skyrocketed. Other than that, the ladies I went through were very nice and always helpful when I had any questions. I just could no longer afford the payments so I had to switch companies.
My car was hit by a man that has Dairyland insurance. He wrote on a piece of paper that he was sorry and that he was at fault. I contacted Dairyland and told me to get an estimate. I did... The body shop send them the papers. The first excuse was that Dairyland send the check to an empty lot... so try again. The 2nd time they had to send a new check. The 3rd time this lady says that they send it but in the week of Thanksgiving so it will take a while. This lady probably lies to her own family... so nothing. So I have no choice but to sue them. It tells you why Dairyland has a 95% NEGATIVE feedback on the internet by thousands of victims that can't get their money to fix their vehicle... This a ZERO star so I will leave blank.
Their client ran a stop sign and broadsided me 5/1/2015. Their client is completely at fault. 3 days later, 5/4/2015 I still have not had an inspector call to look at my car and have not received a rental car yet either. The original adjuster transferred my claim to another adjuster and have not heard from her. I asked to speak to a supervisor. No call back there either. My whole life has been put on hold for 3 days and they have no sense of urgency to rectify my claim.
My car got hit in the parking by their insured. It took me two days to get in touch with adjuster after leaving few voicemail. The towing company they send didn't picked up the car the day said they would. I couldn't even get insurance in the rental car. Nobody answers the calls and they close at 4:30. What a piece of **. I didn't asked to be hit. My car is still in the parking lot and I can't go to work. Is the how the insurance company handles the claim.
They will sign you up for months of continuous coverage that you didn't sign up for. Will not recheck insurance as tickets come off, to make it rightfully cheaper. They are damn near fraudulent practices.
I get full coverage with Dairyland and I get accident forgiveness. And if I get into an accident they pay for all damages. Also, I have no problems with making claims and talking to the insurance people at anytime. I love the people. They're very patient and friendly. They are always there to help you whenever you need them. They understand everything and they listen and talk to you. The price of the insurance is pretty high however and it gets hard to pay. It could be a lot cheaper to help out us people who have to pay so much for nothing.
I bought into this insurance on May 9th, 2017 for the price they quoted me. The very next month my bill went up 10.23. I ask about the price increase. They said that it was a scheduled increase and that my June invoice was my notice. What ** that was. I would not give them one star but I have to give them one. Don't buy into this company.
My wife and I recently got insurance through this company. When we were first quoted we were told that our monthly payment was going to be $114. When the first bill came around it was for $158. We called the company and were told that we didn't send in the proper paperwork to qualify for the homeowners discount. This was the first we had heard of any paperwork being needed and with that we sent them the papers they needed that day. Once they had the papers, we were told that the $114 would be honored and that would be our bill going forward. Now it is time for our second payment to be due and the bill comes again. This time it's $164. Again, we call the company and this time we are told that my wife has an at fault accident on her record. My wife has never been in an accident, but she was on our old roommate's policy (she used to drive his car from time to time) when he hit another car. When we figured out the mix-up, we called the agent again. This time we were told that since she was on the policy they counted it as her accident, and without paperwork proving that it was not her accident, we were stuck paying the higher amount. So we jumped through all the hoops to get the loss statement from the roommate's insurance to get the loss statement showing that he was the driver at the time of the accident, and sent it to our agent. Three days later, after the document went for review, we were told that they didn't care who was driving, the only thing that mattered is that she was on the policy and we are just going to accept our new bill. Getting insurance through this company was the biggest mistake we could have made. Now we are stuck with them raising the prices on us and are locked in to paying for the next 5 months.
Best service ever. I like that they have an office locally in my county. The insurance company is actually in the same town that I live! It is only six minutes away from my house. Recently, they have made it to where we can pay online.
I called the phone number and gave them my information. They told me I couldn't start a policy because my SR-22 required paid in full. I know for a fact it doesn't. So I said, "Ok, thank you, never mind, have a good day." When they realized their mistake they called me immediately to correct. It's more affordable than the usual companies, though it still has a high price. It is very difficult to find a physical location too. I had to travel 15 miles in order for the verification check was done. But bills are very clear and easy to read and it's easy to speak to a representative to solve my issues. Overall, I'm very satisfied.
Close to two weeks ago, I was run off the parkway by a driver "insured" by a child company owned by Dairyland, known as Viking Insurance. They were supposed to send an adjuster to assess the damages done to my vehicle but never did; I got sick of waiting around for correspondence from their company which has a 95% dissatisfaction rating, and chose to have the car repaired out of pocket. I will be pursuing recompense.
This company has ducked and dodged me after the fact their client allowed an unlicensed driver behind the wheel only to wreck into my car. Still haven't been compensated for my vehicle or lack of a vehicle for close to two months. It's a damn shame they are allowed to scam people who have nothing to begin with.
These people missed their calling in life, they should have been politicians. The next time one of their employees tells the truth will be the first!!! If you get hit by one of their drivers like I did don't bother speaking to them, just immediately hire the biggest scumbag ambulance chasing attorney and you'll be in better company.
My overall experience was very pleasant. I did not purchase the policy directly but the company I used was close to home. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The office was clean. I was able to do almost everything online and when I came to the office there was a very little wait time. I like that it is very affordable and I have several options to pay the premium. I also like that I can have the premium deducted from my account directly for a discount. However, in order to get the lowest premium I am forced to get an extremely high deductible. I also would like to have road side assistance included at no extra cost to me.
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