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Country Financial Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Country Financial Homeowners Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 6 %
Filed claim on my Sea Ray Cruiser Sep 9 2017. My adjuster from Centralia IL has not cooperated with me at all. He cant look at boat on weekends or anytime I try to set up. We had words over phone. He called me an ** twice on phone. One of my employees heard him. I had him on speaker phone. Called my agent. Told me they dont have expertise to handle boat claims like cars or homes. Huh but you're going to sell me a watercraft policy. That is also on my recorded voice mail from my agent. Also informed by my agent my claim reassigned to new adjuster. Hear from them couple days. Been over a week heard nothing. I own the boat. My friend and I are going to do the bodywork. So of course adjuster treated me like scammer. This company is horrible. I'll update this post. Let everyone know how it settled out.
It all began when I was in the job market and was contacted by Country Financial HR, as my profile matched the job description for the Financial Advisor/Agent opening in the Oklahoma City office. I invested time into application and background check information and started the interviewing process. Well, this was the most obnoxious experience ever--initial interview with office manager, interview with district manager, follow-up interviews, combined interview, and the final interview. Overall, I probably had six to seven interviews and wasted well over a month for them jerking me around. Finally, they extended the offer to me and requested some additional information and payment of $205.25 for the processing application with FINRA.While reading all the documents provided, I already noticed discrepancy, as it was saying about the fees being deducted from each paycheck in installment. I thought, how weird that they are asking me for an upfront payment. So, I just wrote them a check, and thought that it was not that big of a deal. Then, I started waiting. In about two weeks, they called and asked to come by yet again, as additional information was needed. It resulted in them asking to fill out another form and another payment of $95 to them.At that point, I thought that I better start working soon and make some money, as I was just writing checks left and right. After a week or so, they called again and invited over for another interview on the phone with some even "bigger boss" from corporate. I was furious at that point, but went to chat with him anyway. Needless to say, that the guy was a complete jerk and didn't sound respectful. He made me feel like the company is just making a huge favor to me, by giving such a "great" opportunity. I didn't feel good after that interview at all!So, guess what? After another week, they called me and left the message about the company changing their hiring plan and that they were not going to hire me anymore. Imagine my reaction to that, after being jerked around for two months. Actually, I was surprisingly happy to hear such news, as I couldn't even imagine working for such a messed up company. My only concern at that point was getting my money back, since nothing happened. I let them know that I would like to get my $300 back as soon as possible and they promised to call me back when they find out all the details.They ignored me and only emailed me back after I bombarded them with calls and emails everyday. You know what they told me, though? That these application fees are nonrefundable and there is nothing to do about this situation. Great business--nothing was done, no applications were filed, I didn't get the job, and I lost tons of precious time and some money that I could well use for my family! I can imagine poor people that do business with them on a daily basis! If they ever call you for any reason or if you see their name, please beware that you might get ripped off!
My mother's house got struck by lightning and took out her AC unit and microwave. We had the AC company come by and confirm the AC was struck. The insurance company then sent out an "investigator" company. The technician from that company (HVACI) stated that it had definitely had been struck by lightning. The report was sent to Country Financial and they denied it said anything about lightning and they contributed the damage to the unit being too old (8 years old). I then called HVACI and spoke with a manager Dustin, who said they had circled a statement on their form saying lightning was the cause. Country financial said that was not true. I then called back and told the paperwork was not available.We went in to the Country Financial office (Pooler, GA). We were told days ago that they would send out another person to investigate. Also, the owner would call first this Thursday when he got back in town. It's Friday and no one is available at the office. We have been told by several people at this point that this is the worst company to deal with. Looking at the reviews, this company needs to be investigated by the insurance commission.
Efficient, thorough and reasonable prices. All claims are handled professionally and quickly. Am always able to speak to someone in person when I call. Paperwork is completed and presented for review when there are any changes.
On May 3rd 2015, I had hail damage on my home. 7 of my aluminum clad windows along with 2 sides of vinyl siding were damaged. Mr. Brad ** of Country Financial inspected my home. He stated that they would pay to have the windows RE-CLAD while still installed on my home (Neither I nor 3 professional contractors including the one that Mr. ** scheduled, have ever heard of re-cladding a window in the field!). He then stated that insurance would only pay to replace 1 of the sides of damaged siding even when he knew that the color would not match the original siding, then they were going to use some of the old siding to repair the second damaged side.I told him that I was not going to let him cheapen the value of my home with such amateurish repairs. Mr. ** tried to get me to accept a check for a little over $2000.00 for the damages. I refused to accept it. My contractor sent an estimate for windows and siding to Mr **. He still refused to replace all of my siding. I then wrote a letter to the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. During this time my contractor was forced to take other jobs and rescheduled me for later.Surprisingly on the day I got a response from the Chamber of Commerce I received a letter from Country Financial stating that they had reviewed my policy and the repairs would be covered. Finally in May of 2016, The repairs were complete, but Then Mr. ** sent a letter stating that they would not pay for the dumpster needed to haul away the refuse, and they were closing the claim. In my opinion Country financial is the worst Insurance company I have ever heard of. Mr ** was totally unprofessional and extremely rude and had a superior attitude. My business with them will be ending shortly!!!
Please please don't buy this insurance. They are the worst. My house was water damaged one year ago. Insurance has not paid so far. Their adjuster keep wanting discount on repairs from the contractor. I have spend 10000 attorney fee, so far nowhere.
It's going on a month and a half, and still no policy reinstated. My account was terminated when asked to make a SMALL CHANGE to my policy (which I stated 3 times). I was told the change was made. A week later - policy CANCELED! The company has refused to activate the policy again. Nothing was owed, all payments were on time. This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with and I'm glad to say in 3 days I will be back on AAA and paying a little extra to Progressive (whom I wanted to go to in the first place). I would NEVER do business with this company. A complete joke of customer service and their entire "underwriting" team seems to be an even bigger group of jokers. DO NOT USE COUNTRY FINANCIAL.
Country Financial used to be a very reputable company to deal with, but the past 20 years things have been deteriorating fast at this insurance company. Our dealing with them over biohazard (blood) clean up was rejected and now it's going to court.
My husband was in a car accident with a country companies insured. The accident happened over two months ago and we still haven't received payment for our repairs. I was inconvenienced without a car for two weeks. My husband was the one corresponding with the claims adjuster and I finally had to call them today to get something resolved. I've never dealt with such an unprofessional company.
My shotgun and several tools were stolen out of the back of my SUV. I had receipt for gun and gun options, but not for tools. The tools are Snap On brand and very costly, but great tools. The total amount of claims was $5,500.00. After five months of SIU investigations and a statement under oath at an attorney's office, the settlement offer was $1500.00 after 75% betterment was taken. I have been an insurance adjuster for several years, for a different company. I have never seen anybody treated so badly. I gave them proof of loss, police reports, and sworn under oath statements. They still treated me like a criminal, and they are trying to ** me out of money due to me. My family has several policies with Country company. I am in the process of changing all of this to State Farm asap.
They would rather spend $15k trying to repair a vehicle that has been mangled and have the frame welded back together, and let occupants keep driving vehicles that will not react the same way the factory built the vehicle in the event of an accident - than total out the vehicle and issue replacement value. Add that to the incompetence their staff - hopeless.
To those of you that are so happy w/ your Country Financial Insurance - BUT HAVE NEVER FILED A CLAIM - I wish you all the best! They apparently are just fine... until You NEED them! What good is an insurance company that is more than happy to take your money every month - for decades - but when You go to file your first claim, after the entire state has been declared a disaster due to the flooding and a WINDSTORM AND RAIN like nobody has Ever seen... your roof is half gone - half of the trees, if still standing have lost all of their limbs - and half of your ceiling is on your floor... they DENY YOUR CLAIM?
Worst insurance company ever! Not customer friendly. This company does not have the customers' best interest which is really sad since it's an insurance company. People rely on them to help them with their homes and car insurance. I would recommend NEVER to bring your business here and if you have them to find a different COMPANY.
My home was badly damaged by a falling tree almost 3 months ago. Since that time Country has delayed and delayed and delayed dealing with my claim. They wish to ignore evidence of hidden structural damage, and pay only for repair of what is visible on the surface. They have provided an "estimate" of repair costs, which is lower than my contractor can do the work for, even at his cost. In some cases they have allowed monies for repair of specific items that won't even pay for the materials alone, let alone the actual repair. And they refuse to work with my contractor to develop an accurate real-world estimate. We live in a northern state, and winter snows grow imminent. It appears that delay is maybe a deliberate strategy on their part, to back us into a corner because winter is coming soon, and accept whatever they dictate to us.
I experienced a major fire loss at my home on 12/5/2011. As of 3/21/2012, Country Financial still has not settled my claim. Though Country Financial and I are in dispute concerning the estimate of work for the dwelling (structure), due to that, Country Financial has refused to settle the claim for personal property (contents). I was informed by industry experts that dwelling and personal property are separate, one has nothing to do with the other and therefore my personal property claim should have been settled months ago. Additionally, Country Financial has yet to pay the vendors who boarded up my property, cleaned and restored my clothes and furniture, and inventoried and store my salvageable items, and inventoried my non-salvageable items. Finally, Country Financial has stopped paying the gas and electric bills at the property even though they instructed me to keep on the utility services and they would be responsible for paying the bills.
Got a quote for insurance then started receiving a bill with no papers signed then started getting calls from a bill collector saying I owed money on insurance I never went with. Have tried calling numerous times. What a joke.
My agent, Candance, was not helpful in offering solutions... For over 30-60 days no return call. I had to call HQ office to get my questions answered. Please understand that if you invest your money and time in Country Financial Insurances, you will be disappointed. Doesn't matter how long you have been a client either, over 10 years. Looks like I am one of many that have been passed off as a number and not a client. Not sure why in last couple of years, no customer service.... seems like getting worst. If you enjoy no customer service, and frustration and want to be aggravated, then sign up for it.
I was told a wrong information by Country Financial Customer Service. When speaking with Emily ** - Customer Service manager she said that they can't do anything about it besides saying sorry and disconnected. Their mistake cost me hundreds of dollars. I'm shocked that multibillion company like Country Financial treats their customers like that. After 6 years of being their customer they said there is nothing that they can do. In result I will lose multi-policy discount which is equal to $414 as of January 25th, 2016. Please think twice before you choose your insurance company.
While deployed to Afghanistan I was offered a position with a significant manufacturing company in South Dakota. Within five days of returning to the United States my wife and I relocated to South Dakota. As we were leaving our Illinois home unattended and were initially renting in South Dakota we contacted our Country Financial representative to update our contact address on our Illinois home insurance, inquire about auto and renters insurance and ensure all of our financial affairs regarding this property were in order which was done over the phone. Funny, we never received a new policy but they made sure we were given the new amount we owed and location they wanted it sent to. (Maybe this should have been a huge warning when I did not receive a policy and hire an attorney to review it letter by letter.... but I get ahead of myself!)Our Illinois home sat vacant, which was clearly known by our agent and his staff, we had arranged for recurring "security checks" on the home and even had a service maintaining the grounds on a recurring basis. Unfortunately, my new position kept me away from Illinois for longer than I wanted to be gone and when I did return it was usually for business far to the north of the residence.Finally, I got a chance to return to the house and arrange to have a few things completed. Upon entering our nightmare began. The house had been broken into RECENTLY and we immediately backed out and contacted law enforcement. The police arrived and took a statement and several photos. The officer agreed the burglary was recent due to marks on the door. Many items were missing and we felt violated. But the worst was yet to come!Today, 08 MAR 14, we were informed by a very rude and self serving Country Financial claims representative that nothing was going to be covered as the house was vacant. This representative even told my wife to "shut up" as we spoke to him on our speaker phone asking him for digital copies of the exclusion section in our policy that he was quoting. As we informed him of our agents being aware of our entire situation and we asked for information on whom we could address this issue with, he loudly proclaimed he would mail the denial to us and terminated the call.Now, when I had asked previously about brand new, in unopened boxes, vehicle parts that were in the garage not being covered and my desire to have a supervisory review of this, I should have realized by his e-mailed response that the current situation was coming. This flippant and arrogant Country Financial representative wrote that the decision was his and there would be no review "required" and he would "put his denial in writing" which we have still not received.To be told that the insurance I have been paying for, with my agents fully knowing the property was unoccupied, where Country Financial gladly accepts my funds brings me to several questions. If you insure a BARN or OUTBUILDING on property you farm but do not reside in it is a loss covered? Why would it be based on this Claim. Adjusters statement unoccupied structures are "not covered". Not many PEOPLE I know living in barns today and best be watching what happens when some miscreant comes and vandalizes or steals your stored equipment/material.Needless to say this is my wonderful story of the stellar customer service and coverage that Country Financial has to offer those of us who pay them monthly and have never had a claim until NOW! Good luck and hope you change insurance coverage to a better company before you to learn the way we did.....Soon in our future we will join others on this site with legal proceedings against Country Financial and now understand the importance of an oath I repeatedly took that says ....... "against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC......." as I can only anticipate this issue to be adversarial due to the failure of this companies repeated issues shown on this page.
My daughter's car was totaled by a person that had Country Company's Insurance. The other driver admitted fault, and they sent out adjusters and told her an amount they were going to pay. The car was not drivable so they paid for a rental car for 4 days so she could shop for a car and have transportation, then told her she needed to return it. The next week they towed her car away. It has now been 3 weeks and she has not received a single dime yet to buy a car. What a sleaze ball claim department. My daughter never complains, but people need to know to avoid this company since they stink. I recently had someone hit me in a parking lot and they were insured with Geico, and they treated me like royalty (and I do not have insurance with them). What a difference!
Worst company EVER. If you are one of the unfortunate ones that have Country Financial covering your back, you're in deep trouble. They have, in my opinion, slightly lower rates, but they can offer them because they've found yet another way to skin the cat. The new tactic seems to be that instead of raising rates, they simply don't pay their claims. They IMHO, intentionally piss a claimant off so badly with outrageous demands that they throw up their hands and just give up. They attack their character, are insulting, antagonistic, and over the top rude. Thus, the claim is closed and they don't have to pay a nickel. This all on a claim of less than $300.00. These people are the lowest I've ever seen. The internet is loaded with views such as mine. I wish I had checked them out before they took over Cotton States - and automatically converted my insurance coverages to Country Financial.
Been with Country for over 25 years. In that time I filed 3 claims. All my neighbors got 2 new roofs for hail damage in that 25 years from their insurance companies. My roof each time the sand was beat off into my gutters, and whirly birds dented to heck. Roofers said hail damage. Called adjusters out both times and the first time would only cover 3 squares, as for my 8 neighbors around me they all got new roofs. The second time sand beat off singles and whirly birds dented to heck. Neighbors all got new roofs from their insurance company. County said manufacture defect. They do not pay claims on your house. Just collect premiums from you. Don't use them. You will be alone when your home is damaged.
Company is great and have received great service in the past. Was a little disappointed when I changed my car insurance to another company and saved a lot of money, but they did not offer homeowners insurance. The price of my homeowners policy was dramatically increased.
On 2/19/17 a shared water line to my condo busted and flooded my area. I contacted the association that evening. The following day a restoration company arrived. They had put holes in my drywall in order to access the exterior party wall. Air movers were placed in those areas for 3 days to dry out. When the HOA filed the claim with country the claim adjuster stated I was responsible for the dry out. I tried to explain the dry out was for the exterior not the interior wall. Unfortunately I was stuck paying the bill. If the adjuster would of taken 15 minutes out of his time to come over & assess the damage I believe I would have had different results. This is the worst insurance company I had to work with. Worse yet they are our insurers for the HOA.
Tree fell on my truck and homeowner's house. Country companies denied coverage to replace my totaled vehicle. Tree was designated hazard danger tree.
We have been with Country Financial for over 20 plus yrs. We had a claim concerning our roof and asked the claim rep to look over the entire roof. There have been storms in our area and we called in a claim to view the roof. From the claims reps that visited our home they all said "Your roof is fine and will last another 10 yrs." Then we received a letter from Country Financial saying that they are sending out a professional roof inspector to view our roof and we did not need to be at home. Later we got a letter in the mail stating that Country Financial would not be insuring our roof because it needed replaced. What kind of crap is that! I called our agent and he said this was the companies doing and out of his hands.So in other words Country Financial is saying that we (the homeowners) damaged our roof. Our roof was damaged due to the storms and hail we had in our state and mostly everyone on our street was getting their roof replace because of that so Country Financial is saying the storm and hail just passed over our home. We've had our cars, life and homeowners insured by Country Financial and very little claims in 20 plus years. This is so unfair and if anyone finds out about a lawsuit against this issue please contact me.
I wouldn’t recommend Country company insurance to my worst enemy. They have had me paying premiums on $127000 worth of coverage for the last 10 years and now my house burned down and I had replacement cost insurance all these years. And now they tell me they are depreciating my home value at 31% rate and they are only paying $55000 to replace my house. One thing I have to say to them is they can stick their company where it doesn’t shine, and myself and my attorneys from Chicago will see them in court. So I hope they are ready to spend a fortune for trying to rip me off. They are county companies and Country Financial and if they only knew how long I would fight them in court, they will just give up because their legal fees will more than exceed what they owe me. They think they can rip off American families and get away with it.
On June 18, 2011 we have had a house fire. Country Financial has treated this as an incendiary fire. We have complied in a timely manner to all there requests, submitted to an examination under oath and are now waiting for their decision. It has been 7 months of pure emotional hell. We feel they are stalling for time and making us feel that we are at fault.They have been asking questions that were irrelevant to the claim. There has never been a claim on our policy ever since 1993 when it was purchased. We are financially sound. Our credibility is excellent and we are responsible to pay all our commitments on time. There is no security and peace of mind with Country Financial. We feel like they are in bad faith because they are grasping for straws as to deny our claim. They have everything they need to file this claim and resolve it, or we will end up in litigation.
I have had Country Financial for over 10 years and my wife had them 22 years. They seem great at sign up, I had no issues on a claim. My problem is the last 6 years my homeowner’s insurance kept going up a $100 roughly every year. This year they tried to play games with me covering my daughter under our policy which her mother (x-wife) has her on her insurance. They chose to add $130 a month without asking first and just direct debit which I caught. This is when the games began of wanting proof of her coverage and my agent saying it’s out of her control... I switched to State Farm and saved $2300 a year on the exact same coverage.
My insurance is through Country Financial and I love my insurance agent. We went with her because she is like "part of our family". She insurances my parents and all of my siblings. She has been here for all my family for many years and she takes care of things without me even having to ask. We stay because she gives the best customer service. Country Financial's rates could always be lower than they are. However, she contacted me about a claim after the hurricane based just on what she has read about my issues on my Facebook page.
Country Financial Insurance has been an awful experience. First, they incorrectly wrote my insurance policy so after paying for 10 years, I had a small claim and they tied to say it wasn't covered even after they admitted that they had given me an incorrect policy for the type home. I added a car to the policy but within 2 months they changed my rate to $20 more per month without even contacting me. When I pitched a fit, they changed it back this summer. Only, I've again, after a couple months, bumped it back up hoping that I wouldn't notice on my auto draft. I had enough and cancelled my car insurance only to get a check a month later saying that they had dropped my homeowners insurance as well (notice came 3 weeks after the date they terminated) and reimbursing me for the rate. I called immediately but they refused to help. I'm disgusted with this company.
We have had a pleasant experience with Country Financial. Our representative is knowledgeable about the company and insurance that would be useful for us. We have not had a claim with them so I cannot comment about how the end of the company operates.
After having a homeowners policy and life insurance for 2 years I received a letter saying my insurance will be terminated for nonpayment of a farm bureau fee. Since my insurance is escrowed and everything is paid by the mortgage company, I emailed my agent Brian ** to see what the issue was. After being told my membership was past due and I would need to pay for it plus a reinstatement fee, I said I would pay for the membership, but the $10 reinstatement fee needed to be waived.Since I was told everything was being escrowed and paying about $2400/year, you would think there would be some understanding and a simple $10 fee wouldn't be charged, but heck no. I was told, by the agent it is not in his control and call the bureau. That is not exactly the customer service I would expect, so after more emails of the basic I don't care attitude from the agent, I terminated my insurance. BTW, I got much better coverage for $20 more per year from another carrier, and that is even before my discount for multi-policy will kick in. In an industry where I can get the same product from multiple people, customer service is huge for me, so hopefully this agent will get better at it for his other clients.
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