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Cost-U-Less Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Cost-U-Less Insurance
Overall average rating of 1.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
I recently called to change the vehicle on my policy to my new vehicle. I was told that I had to go into an office and bring the vehicle. I did and I was quoted by Pac Star $44/mo and was told this would start the following month. I signed the paperwork and paid for my current month, but when I received my bill, my next monthly payment was $79.15. I have called Pac Star and Cost-U-Less and no one could help me or explain. After over 10 years, I am now looking for a new policy since they would not honor a price they had given me and I thought I was signing for.
I had the worst experience ever in my life that I literally am still in the office and had to get online to complain. Never in my life have I dealt with so many unprofessional people, who do not seem to know how to do their jobs. The customer line routed me to 3 different numbers, and in the end, no one can help me and I have to drive my car uninsured to the office, only to get disappointed too! If I have to come online to complain about this company, it's saying a lot. After my contract is over, I will never be insured with this company again; and I would rather pay more for a better company! I would not recommend this company to anyone.
I called Cost U Less (888)904-6224 and spoke with a gentlemen and he said his name was Rodrigo (916)427-1222 on Florin road. As he took my information and had me repeat my driver identification number three times. Then the business man quoted me $73 and $38 a month. So I told Rodrigo I'm on my way. But I live in North Sacramento. So i went to the Cost U Less on 2870 Fulton and was helped by Roberto. I informed him about the quote I was just giving by Rodrigo. So he agreed "Ok, let me see what I can do for you", or something in that nature, "Ok, let me see what I can help you with". So the quote I got from Cost U Less (Rodrigo) wasn't the same quote I went to pay for at Cost U Less (Roberto) and manager Chekise or Cherisse.
A wonderful neighbor of mine backed into me because she wasn't paying attention. It took forever to get anything done because the insurance company wasn't able to get in touch with her and they had to speak with her before anything happens even though it’s been months and she’s been avoiding their calls. And then supposedly she said that we both backed into each other in which the pictures I provided shows that’s not what happened at all. One of the 2 is lying just to get out of having to pay out money. The insurance company, which was mine too, clearly voided my statement and took her word over mine. Then they sent the check for half the amount of the damage to the wrong place, this insurance company is related to GMAC and both are clearly incompetent.
I was quoted 237 a month for ten months with a 600 dollar down payment over the phone. I made the down payment over the phone. I began to be billed at 337 a month for eleven months. I called about the mistake on the billing and I was assured that the policy would be going to underwriting for corrections. That never happened. Policy also does not cover any accidents or claims for the first three months... I was mentioned that after I bought the policy. Unless you like dishonest, lying and an inferior service of insurance... and like to pay premium rates for sub-adequate insurance look elsewhere. I am totally disgusted by finding out their call center is in Tijuana, Mexico...such a ripoff.
Accurate and fair. Okay, I was quoted $120 a month with a $20 broker fee and a $220 charge which I asked about very clearly and thoroughly making sure to get yes/no answers. I was told that the extra charge was prepayment on my insurance policy. I asked "so my insurance is paid for until February?" and she said yes. Told me the money was put in a fund to cover the first three months of coverage. Nothing anywhere in our conversation did me paying twice has much in broker fees as the actual policy was ever discussed. I was lied to flat out, no questions asked. Lied to and ripped off. Since so many people have this problem, I request that people contact me so that we can pursue resolution of this problem so many have had with Rip-u-off.
Beware! Dishonest group of people who charges undisclosed fees to earn a commission. Look up how complaints are against them with BBB and Dept of insurance. Unprofessional image and matter of handling business. They charge fees for everything like making payment and making changes to your policy. You can get better rates online. You've been warned.
I called previously for quote on two cars, changed mind. A few months later kept receiving calls from Turlock location to come in for a once in a lifetime offer. After a few calls and needed car insurance to register car called. I spoke with a rep gave quote over phone, exact bottom line dollar amount all information was true accurate. No change of information when I went in. However came in things changed not to much like $5-$10 more. No bad because Rep said he was adding roadside assistance and I wanna say a gift card or something I can't recall, so I felt money was worth it.I am a firm believer and person who takes your word and give my words. I despise people that tell you something on the phone then it's not the same when you go in. Anyhow signed, sealed, and I left ready to go wherever now I was protected. I had to go to take clothing to Berkeley from Patterson, loaded the car and my 6 yr old. We're on our way, no more than 10 min passed car felt funny so I starting slowing down veering to right. Good thing I did, bow out scared up both beyond words. So I was like thank goodness Rep gave me roadside, I'll be on my way. NOPE...called 800 for assistance, rep told me I didn't have it. Wtheck, called the office ask for the rep, he was off that day, requested manager advised he'd have to confirm what happened. Long story short Rep never called back, manager never followed up, only initial conversation was to wait til rep came to confirm what. I called corporate filled a complaint but nothing. No ownership, no accountability for telling me something to lock in a price that wasn't told to me at first, then never giving me what I agreed to. Cost you Less in Turlock by the College Stan State, NOT COOL! That rep was Assyrian, very nice guy so I was like wow, I wish I remember his name, I only mention his race because I think his name was Thomas but I know he was Assyrian because we talked about his culture and I have Assyrian friends. Next time everything will be in writing.
I went to Cost-U-Less in El Cerrito, CA for auto insurance. I spoke to an agent named Chantella. I already had SR22 coverage and needed to add on my new vehicle. She smiled and conversed with me, and told me to pay an additional fee of $141.00 to add on my vehicle. I agreed and paid the additional fee. She took pictures of my vehicle and gave me my insurance card and policy declaration page, stating my vehicle has full coverage. A couple of weeks later, I called my insurer to make a payment and they told me my policy does not exist. I called Cost-U-Less to understand why I paid a premium on a policy that doesn't exist. I waited on hold for over an hour. Then I was told that I have to go back to Chantella at Cost-U-Less in El Cerrito CA to re-sign for a new policy, which means I have been driving without insurance. This experience has made me disgusted with Cost-U-Less and their insurance agents. I do not recommend Cost-U-Less to anyone. I was not offered any additional compensation.
$222 broker fee and lied to all the way through the process. Warning, warning, warning. These people are thieves.
Few months before my renewal date, I got the head up on renewal amount and monthly payments to follow. Irritated that my premium seems to go up every time I renew with no claims filed. I closed out a bank acct that payments were being debited from, but I was manually making payments online from my new bank. My fault for not enrolling into the EFT, so they attempt to debit a closed account and my policy got canceled and charge the $27 NSF fee. I sent in my payment with fee and they reinstated my policy. To my surprise on my renewal, my premium jumped up to $680!The pink slip that comes with my benefits says, "your auto ins premium has been adjusted to reflect the rates recently approved by the insurance dept. Some policyholders may see their premium increase while others may decrease or stay the same". REALLY? I called them to ask why, and they used the excuse that I missed a payment. After telling the rep that all fees have been paid, she says I should give it a few days for the policy to be finalized. The day before yesterday shows $500+ due by April. Yesterday showed $200+ due by April. Today shows $500+ due by today! WTH... Smh! I'm so done with this insurance. I'm in the process of searching for another before the end of the month so I can submit my 14 day notice of cancellation. This insurance is a Joke! They'll rob you in any way they can!
Since I signed up with this auto insurance I have been harassed. I have not ever been late and I continue to get letters in the mail saying I owe a late fee or my insurance will be canceled. I recently had an auto taken off my policy and I was charged a $35 fee in which I paid and am still getting a letter in the mail stating I owe for this fee. It was paid in person on 12/6/2011.
I purchased a car yesterday. I called Cost U Less to add the vehicle to my current policy and to my surprise I was told it will cost me $149 for an endorsement fee and needed to pay that before vehicle can be added. I didn't understand that why would I have pay that amount to add vehicle and on top of that my insurance would go up an additional $110. Cost U Less is rip off. Now I need to contact their online, because that where I started my policy to see if the fees will be waived. What a hot mess. Never do business with Cost U Less. Snakes. True rip off.
I got a quote online through Cost-U-Less Insurance for $59.58 per month. When I got to the Yuba City office with my printed quote the agent said my monthly payment would be $160 per month and this is without any broker fee. This is bait and switch/false advertisement. I called the complaint line 1(800)960-0036 and all the person wanted to do is dodge around my complaint. Cost-U-Less will not honor my online quote of $59.58 per month.
Be aware! This company is a complete rip-off! $200+ alone on "Broker" fees, which I had no idea what it meant, to do business or deal with an insurance "Broker"! My fault for not doing my homework on this company! First off, when you call, you get a really great quote, which seems very reasonable based solely on car insurance policy. But you can search for deals yourself and pay just a little more for policy without any extra fees! Of course, they never mention extra fees over the phone! You walk in the office, assuming you are starting a new policy based on or at least around the quote given. Once there, agent sparks up a nice conversation. Oh how many kids do you have? How long have you been with your boyfriend/husband? Aww, how old is your little one? Then after talking about work and the weather, you find out the actual rate of policy is actually more than what you were told. Ok fine, let’s proceed. Then, all the forms are gradually being presented for you to sign and by the time you're nice and comfortable. The Broker fee agreement is quickly snuck in there among the other forms! Bam, you signed without reading the complete document! I did mention to agent I have very little knowledge of insurance policies/agencies, and even after numbers didn't total up, I question, "Wait, what is this fee? Is this all included in policy?" She says, “Yes, yes, I'll explain.” Whatever! She never broke it down to explain fees! They even highlight with marker the total of the term policy and monthly payments. So like a dummy, I assumed those little extra fees "I" brought up myself were included within the highlighted numbers since policy was higher than first quoted. So after the long talk and back and forth, agent going to the printer, receiving advice from her manager, by the time, that "Broker fees agreement" is quickly in front of you. You're just signing away! I wish I never called them for a quote. It was clearly a big mistake! People don't do business with Cost-U-Less! Because it will actually Cost U More!
Undisclosed charges noted as "fees", constant harassing phone calls urging renewal (though I already had changed carriers), invalid/expired mailing address in Rancho Cordova required for mailing notification of cancellation. Do not do business with this firm! Mailings urging renewal (with $45.80 renewal "fee") continue to come in despite my having cancelled coverage with these **!
Cost-U-Less Insurance, after a lot of calls and many troubles, they will pay me back $41.00 for the 3 days I had the insurance out of the $160.00 that I paid them. That means although I didn’t even get a policy, for 3 days they are charging me $119.00 and claim that it is according to the terms of the policy, a policy I never got so can't read. I would never recommend that insurance to anyone. They rush you in, sign this and out you go. They don't listen closely to what you want. I am disabled and I do not have that much to live on.
A couple of years ago my Ins Broker was bought out by this cost-u-less ins broker. To this date, I have still never received anything from them stating that the company was taken over by... moved to another city, or that I have a new agent. April I was in an accident. Mos later, I still can't get them to call me back. 1.5 yrs ago I bought a Camry, request No Chngs, other than remove the old car and add the new. The broker rewrote the policy Removing emergency car rental which has cost me dearly. They will not even send me a renewal notice in English so I can read what they're trying to sell me for the next year to come.
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