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Cigna Tel-Drug Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Cigna
Overall average rating of 1.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 3 %
I would not use this Rx plan, was told last year in Oct 2013 that the home delivery pharmacy would deliver all my meds to me, only to find out it was a I tried again this year. Was told no problem for me to get meds through mail... Well it was a lie again, they offer no explanation. I have been with same doc for seventeen years, also the new plan that was sent to me had a book of pharmacists to fill Rx. Funny thing is they all refuse to fill meds, what happened? They also lied and said to wait till Jan of 2015 then take my meds to any of them listed in the book they sent me...another lie. Have talked to all of them listed in the book - Rx OK and they all say they will not fill now nor ever. Pharmacy says DEA is the cause so I called DEA, they say no problem as long as the Rx are legit they should fill, then they say if the pharmacy does not like the way you look they do not have to fill your meds. Surely out of twenty pharmacies or more I cannot be disliked!! If I was a person who has broken any rules like doctor shopping, filling early or selling my meds I could understand not being able to fill my meds but none of this has happened. I am going to get rid of Cigna or Cigna-Healthspring or whatever they change their name to. I have been with them since they were called signature, they are a bunch of idiots. I hope they get disabled and have to suffer more than they have made me suffer! Beware of the lies they will tell you just to get you to sign up with them again. Good thing I tested them again on the home deal before it was too late to snuff them out!!!
Cigna is nothing but trouble. From incompetent customer service, billing, to the Pharmacy which is a total rip-off. I have been billed a fortune for drug quantities I did not order, delays in processing, and the latest today. Cigna forgot to submit the insurance claim, did so belatedly, and was denied. Now they are trying to bill be thousands of dollars for drugs that should have been covered except for their mistake.
I received two separate prescriptions ordered by two different specialists in two separate shipments. I did not receive a paid receipt even though the orders were paid. Called CIGNA Tel Drug 3 times that I needed a separate receipt for each item. They refuse.
I have had 3 prior back surgeries and on the last one during therapy blew out my SI joint. All I have gotten is denial after denial only for it to take 3 weeks for them to have a peer to peer and then get approved. Their delays are now about to cost me my 20 year career with my company as they have been patient but can no longer wait for Cigna's blatant disregard for not only me suffering in pain but to have a life again and work. They expect a person in scale of 8 to 9 pain weekly and 6 to 7 daily to not take pain meds and at the same time I seek out a non opiod pain treatment that actually started to work with injections and the 1st was reported as very successful 90 percent relief. Now they go ahead and deny my next one to help more so I can sit and stand. And expect me to sit here and suffer. I am a human being. My kids have seen a grown man cry, be so nervous I have my phone in my hand to call 911 after doing a .5 mile walk. Cigna is a heartless money hungry monopoly that needs to be looked into as to denials and causing delays in people's health care.
I have psoriatic arthritis and I am currently taking Cosentyx, with methotrexate to control symptoms. The biggest problems comes from the specialty pharmacy getting the medications to me. I have to call in each month to get meds sent out and then if something goes wrong, I don't receive the meds on time. Cigna will not pay for the medication unless they ship them but I have to get totally upset each month in order to get the meds. I have talked to the complaint department. (LOL) They assured me it was just a glitch and would not happen again but as you can see something else has gone wrong. Now they are claiming that the Doctor's authorization is expired as of 4/05/16. However, they did not contact me or the doctor to process this difficulty. The people are friendly, but as far as I am concerned they are under trained. I have to defer to a supervisor who is still not able to correct the problem. They call the doctor who has patients, request an audience, which can't happen until the end of the day, you never get the same person and now the cycle begins again - it is a nightmare with no options other than you going outside their pharmacy. FYI - Cosentyx cost $ 8000.00/month. Not an option. What good is insurance when they monopolize the market in such a way that the customer is stuck between a rock and a hard-place. The Specialty Pharmacy is suppose to save money - they are doing that when they deny the medication, delay medication, and by aggravation of the patients and the doctors so that you become fed up and quit.
Cigna home delivery sent me $465 worth of medications I never ordered. They charged my credit card which they had on file. I immediately called them the day I received the shipment. I asked if I could mail it back to them but they refused. They said the doctor sent them the prescription so they assumed I needed it. I am now stuck with this charge for prescriptions I never ordered.
LONG turnaround times for refills and many hoops to jump through. Many gaps in my child's epilepsy medication and last minute scrambling to keep her from dropping below therapeutic level. Mail order is forced and my daughter was for some reason denied automatic refills. Last night she had to leave work feeling faint, take a cab to the pharmacy for a 3 day supply of her meds which had to be approved by overwrite. 3 pills for 45 dollars because Cigna wouldn't pay because they require mail order (black mail order??). They never get her meds to her in a reasonable time frame. They say 2 weeks is a reasonable turnaround time. Well, at least she didn't end up in the ER again. This is constant.
This is my first year with a Medicare Supplemental Insurance and the Medicare Advisor I utilized suggested Plan N and Cigna has the best premiums for my needs. That is the only good thing I can say about my year with Cigna. I paid in $1300 in premiums and they paid out $0.00 in claims, even after my Medicare deductible was met in August 2015. In fact, the 3 claims that were filed after August 2015 were "rejected" and cannot even be viewed on the Cigna website. In preparing for the 2016 enrollment for Medicare, I tried to access the Cigna website to determine my total premiums vs. the total claim payments made by Cigna. You cannot access this information on their website.First insurance company I have ever seen that does not allow you to view the claim history. So, in mid-November I called Cigna to find out how to retrieve this information. The customer service person has no access to the claim information, either!!! I could not believe this is how Cigna structures their "customer service". I was told they would have to "send off a form to request the information". I asked how long it would take and she said she would send the request by the end of the week and I should get it "next week". The claim history arrived on Dec 11th and validated that Cigna paid out $0.00 in claims for me in 2015. This may have been my first year with Cigna but it is absolutely my last year.
My doctor ordered a refill of my cholesterol medication, but Tel-Drug didn't fill it. I called repeatedly, but they kept telling me that the doctor hasn't authorized the prescription (though the doctor originally submitted the prescription). My doctor's office tells me they've submitted the authorization four times and there's nothing else they can do. I am off the cholesterol medication (and I pay for health care coverage out of every paycheck). I don't what else to do to make them fill that prescription.
In January I changed my Medicare Supplement Prescription plan to Cigna. I assumed INCORRECTLY that using Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy would be the cheapest since they are both the same company. WRONG!! In April I tried to refill a Rx and between Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy and Medicare, I could only get part of my Rx and would have to wait for the remainder until July. In the meantime, I was able to get a script from my doctor and filled 9 tablets WITHOUT INSURANCE for $13.63! On Tuesday I called to check up on this Rx. I inadvertently called the Cigna Health phone number and found out that they actually DON'T have them as a PREFERRED pharmacy!! She contacted the pharmacy and was told the Rx was already sent out. The COST WAS $65.75 for 27 tablets, and I couldn't cancel it because I had told them back in April to send them out in July. I could have purchased these SAME 27 tablets at another pharmacy for $40.89 - $25 LESS!!! Customers should be TOLD what the cost of the prescription is BEFORE it is sent out (and they shouldn't have to ASK for the cost). I am living on Social Security and don't have extra money to pay pharmacies that are GOUGING senior citizens!! They have lost all of my business and I have gone on Facebook and told all of my friends NOT to use them!
Having to choose a company for my medicine is a nightmare alone. The drugstores they recommend is another! I went with CVS first, they chastised me for parking on their freshly painted parking lot... I did not return! Tried to transfer my scripts to Walgreens and they said I had to do it myself on the computer. So I chose a locally-owned pharmacy that was willing to help me with a smile and eager for my business. Needless to say I am happy with my choice in local-owned pharmacy which is not a chain, but the prices are much cheaper than Walgreens or CVS!
My wife has CIGNA insurance through her school district. We trusted that the pharmacy was correctly filling her chemo meds. They were shorting her pills and we didn’t realize it until after several doses. They forced us to order from Cigna specialty pharmacy. Once I figured out the error they said, "Whoops sorry." I guess people make mistakes doing this with chemo meds is apprehensible. They should not be allowed to conduct business of filling prescriptions for people. They were so callous when I pointed out their errors. Absolutely shameful.
On April 9th, 2015 my physician order Gabapentin Cap 100-mg when it should have been BRAND name Neurontin. Gabapentin was ACCIDENTALLY tossed out on April 16th, 2015. To date I have been TRYING to get this straightened out as the mail order wants the generic back in order to send me the correct prescription - NEURONTIN!!! They don't seem to understand that I don't have the Gabapentin as it was thrown out by accident. Nowhere in ALL their freaking brochures does it state that the mail order department wants back the wrong medication in order for you to obtain the new one. I am SO FRUSTRATED RIGHT NOW THAT IT AIN’T FUNNY. I am on Neurontin monthly with Walgreens though now I am NOT allowed ANYTHING until 6.22.2015. I am tired of this as I need my NEURONTIN.
CIGNA mail order pharmacy is holding my ** hostage. They've received payment, prior authorization AND followed up with me that I want the medication. And 3 weeks later still no inhaler. I called on 8/31/17, explained I need my inhaler and I want to speak to a supervisor, during the transfer - I was hung up on.
I received a delivery from Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy containing two prescriptions that I did not order and don't need. I called them immediately and spoke with a representative who tried to figure out why they were sent. My credit card on file with Cigna was charged $52.69. After being put on hold for a while, she came back and suggested I speak with a supervisor. The supervisor's name is Kim ** and she proceeded to tell me that the prescriptions were ordered by my doctor. The last time I saw my doctor was six weeks prior to receiving these drugs and we discussed the prescription I needed to renew, these two were not on the list. In fact there was only one that needed to be refilled and it took Cigna five weeks and approximately ten phone calls before I received it. During all of these conversations with Cigna representatives there was no mention of any other prescriptions. Supervisor Kim ** told me that I could not return the unwanted and unrequested prescriptions and that she would not reverse the charges to my credit card. Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy has always been problematic. You receive drugs randomly, but in most cases you can eventually use them. This is not the case. They are simply not worth the effort required or whatever small saving you might receive. It is obvious to me that they don't care about their customers. I intend to support my local, knowledgeable pharmacist who cares about and needs my support.
I ordered medication in February 2012. I ordered two-day shipping. Two weeks later, still no medicine. My credit card had expired and they failed to contact me to let me know. I tried to get my prescriptions again. This time, I ordered overnight. Two days later, I received one of the three medications. I was told it was too early to order the other two because I had ordered them in February, the medications that I never received in February. I now have two kids with pneumonia. One just got out of the hospital and one is trying to avoid going in. My doctor prescribed Prednisone for them. This is not a maintenance medication. This is an emergency medication to help the kids breathe. They are two and five years old. I was not able to fill them at the pharmacy. I was told it had to be mail ordered for a three-month supply. What? They can not wait for however long Tel-Drug feels like taking to send this medication. Does anyone know of a class action law suit? Something needs to be done with this company. This is seriously getting scary that they have the power to deny us our medication when I have had several employees specifically tell me they are not pharmacists.
Every time I've contacted Cigna home delivery for assistance it has resulted in over 45 minutes of a phone call each time. For what, I don't know. They always say, "Still checking, still checking." And after 15-20 minutes of this I get asked if I could be placed on hold while they check...again. A week later the myCigna account had not been updated with the pharmacy order so I painfully call back again to see if the order actually got placed. Mind you, I had to go through 4 X 5 minutes of calls to get the right order placed the last time I called. Completely useless service. I will never use them again. And how cheap is few years past we were contracted and could use Carepoint pharmacy; they were always excellent. Quick, timely, could get the answers needed and orders done. Now, Cigna is no longer in contract with Carepoint and their only mail option is Cigna Home Delivery service. What a complete sham. Never use Cigna Home Delivery.
So my employer, a large city government, made its employees switch to Cigna Home Delivery for what is considered a maintenance medication. My wife tried for the first time to get the medication she had been taking for the last five years. Her doctor writes the prescription for the name brand medicine due to generic not working. For the last five years she was able to get the prescription for $20.00 a month with coupons from the manufacturer. Cigna Home Delivery stated they will not honor the coupons and would charge us $1000 for the script. She has tried the generic before and it does not work the same for her. By the way, we can get the generic at our local pharmacy for $10.00, Cigna wants $80.00 for the same??? So how does a pharmacy company trump our medical doctor on deciding what is the best patient care??? Reading everyone's reviews, I see we are not alone. Is there a class action lawsuit in the works??? Has anyone contacted the FDA and for that matter the DEA??? Something we will be looking in to!!!
I ordered a prescription for my wife; the prescription is for a Generic brand of a brand name. Cigna Home Pharmacy mailed us another Generic brand without notifying us. We called and they said, "This is the generic brand of the generic brand." My wife used it for a week before she started getting hot flash and other symptoms. I called CIGNA home pharmacy and told them please send the generic brand that doctor prescribed. They said I have to get a new prescription stating that my wife is sensitive and needs the exact medication. I told them, "If doctor wanted another medication, he would write another medication, and if you want to change the medication, you should have cleared it with my doctor." So they changed the medication and I have to go back to doctor to get a new prescription. I used to go to Rite Aid and get exact medication; I will go back to Rite Aid and will not return to Cigna Pharmacy; such a waste of time.
I've lost a good relationship with two doctors and am concerned about my newest. Repeated calls about problems always met with denials on Cigna's part (as pointed out, three different doctor's offices have had the same experiences so it is HIGHLY unlikely they are the problem)... The horrible process to reach a live voice... Misinformation when reaching a Cigna representative; the most recent "I had to have my health care provider call in my refills." On three other occasions denials that they received my doctor's requests... Pitiful!!! Try to find someone to speak to about their incompetence... Good luck. Under-trained in everything but mistruths and arrogance!!! Avoid at all costs!!!
Something should be done about their prescription home delivery plan. It must be somehow illegal. I am paying for this service and yet when I try to get a refill I have to pay for at least two months of meds before they get it right!!!!! And they will not reimbursement me. I shouldn't have to fight for my meds. It is suppose to be part of the program. It seems like a scam...but I'm not sure what to do about it. Anyone have any ideas?UPDATED ON 03/06/2015: I wrote a complaint about Cigna Home delivery in Jan. Cigna responded and ask me to email them privately off of this site. I took a chance and followed the link but I was very leery since all of the scams out there. It was a total dead-end. No help, No message, nothing. Their "help" is like their home delivery service, a disgrace! Now what Cigna?? Your "Let us help U" is dysfunctional. PLEASE let's not go through this anymore. JUST send me my Meds that I pay for. Or should I mail you the receipt from Walgreens who always gets it right?!
Cigna calls with refill reminders but won't leave a msg on answering machine. Calls home # when I've changed contact # to cell. No one knows why call was made when I call back. Computers are down for 12 hrs every Saturday night. Got all the way through the online ordering process only to get msg at end that request failed. No reason why provided. No warning on website or ph that orders can't be placed during those 12 hrs every week. Couldn't place order by ph during that either. Called the next day and computers down again. Order shipped on January 5th. It's January 15th & I'm still waiting for my meds. Now out of some of them. Waste of time, very inefficient & very frustrating company to work with.
My doctor prescribed a 180-day prescription, which I was filling through Cigna in 30-day supplies. I did this twice with no problems, before receiving a letter telling me about Cigna's new 90-day-only policy, informing me that, if I tried to fill another 30-day prescription, they would not cover it. So, instead of the nice pharmacy I was going to, which was a pleasant 5 minute walk away, I now had to drive in to the busy city (~20 minutes each way) to a pharmacy that would fill 90-day prescriptions.That was annoying, but not the real reason why I'm leaving this review. After filling two 30-day prescriptions, and 1 90-day prescription, out of a 180-day total, I'm left with a 30-day supply left. Guess what? Cigna won't cover it. It doesn't matter that's it's all that's left in the original prescription; because it's not 90-day refill, they won't cover it. I can't get my medication, because Cigna won't cover a 30-day prescription. Cigna is preventing me from getting my medication.
It's true that their pharmacy is very slow. It's also true that even when you mail in a new prescription, they will contact your doctor to make sure he/she wrote it. I have no problems or complaints with that. I have found, however, that we often have to pay out of pocket on anywhere from 2 weeks to a month's worth of medication while waiting on them to arrive, even when ordering a month ahead of time. It's kind of a catch-22 because they can't refill too early, but if you wait until you have a week's worth of medication left, you may be out of pills for a long time before your prescription arrives.A little inside info on dealing with them: if you get an unhelpful CSR, call back until you get someone who will actually take the time to investigate why it's taking so long and will help get the lead out. It also helps to have an understanding doctor who realizes that it takes a long time to get medication if you have to use Cigna (and we have to use them, our health insurance gives no other choice). My husband takes a couple of very expensive meds - Crestor and Effient. It hurts when we have to pay out of pocket for them, but he must take each every day; not for a month, then off for two weeks, etc. - which is how it would be many times.
My Rx for daily Migraine meds was received by them 3/18/14. 3/25/14, I contact them to see the status since it stated on their site they were waiting for info from me. So I contacted customer support and ask them what they were waiting for and they told me they were waiting to see if I still live at the same address. I asked them when they planned on calling me. They said there was a notation to call but they guess nobody had called me, so I said well when did they plan on calling because I was out of my medication I need it. People depend on their medication. I don't like taking it, I have to take it and now I am out of it. So they said they would overnight it. Well, here it is. The next day & no pills. I called them, they gave me a tracking #, but it has not showed up in the system yet. Not until 11:48pm, I received an email from UPS saying my package was scheduled for next day! Lie. I am canceling my service. I would rather pay out of pocket then have to deal with them ever again.
Stay away! After placing an order, it was forgotten. After two weeks and calls, a part of the order was sent. The 12 ** cost at $212.86! Not only is this outrageous, but is a scandalous ripoff. Apparently, the cost from the manufacturer is over $550! Are you kidding? I can get the exact same medication in Canada/Tijuana for a tenth of this cost. I cancelled my account and will never deal with these thieves again. Buyer beware!
I am suffering from asthma and have been for years. My doctor prescribes ** last year and gave me a coupon so I could get my medication without a copay. The coupon expired as most coupons do. When I went to renew my prescription I was given a new coupon for a $10 copay. I was told by my pharmacy that Cigna did not cover the medication and the coupon would only reduce the price to $150. After I laughed and them and asked who could afford that on a monthly basis, I went back to my doctor. She prescribed what she felt was an acceptable substitution. Again the pharmacy informed me that my Cigna insurance did not cover the substitute medication. Finally after 2 more tries we found a mediocre medication that Cigna would finally pay for... that is after a $40 copay. This company does not care about the quality of life and health of its clients. I wish I could buy insurance from another company (like Independent Health) but my employer goes through Cigna and I am stuck with the second rate care they provide.
My employer recently changed our insurance coverage to keep our premiums down, so we are now required to get our medications through Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy. After using them for 6+ months now, I can hardly believe I ever wasted my time going to the local pharmacy every month! Our first order was placed, shipped and IN MY MAILBOX in 4 days! I'm in awe with some of the comments I've seen stating that Cigna is incompetent. I would swear we were using different pharmacies! I LOVE CIGNA HOME DELIVERY PHARMACY and won't switch even if my employer says we can go back to our local pharmacies for our regular medications!
I have been disenrolled from Health Spring program for discounted prescriptions. They said I did not make a payment of $46.30. I mailed my monthly payment on 3/25/2016. The checks passed thru my bank on 3/29/2016. They claim that they did not receive or cash my check. I had a similar problem with them in 2015. They said I owed $96.20 in January 2016 for the 2015 payments. I owed them nothing which they finally agreed with except $10. I don't know what this was for, but I was tired of fighting them so I paid the $10. I now have to pay $1000s of dollars in prescriptions.
Cigna will not let me use the local pharmacy, yet when I send in my prescription, they take so much time to send it that my prescription lapses. This is a maintenance medication. It is not supposed to lapse. When I called them, I sat on hold for about 15 minutes. When I was put through, the line went dead while I was speaking. I called back and went right back into hold. The thing that devastates me is that these people are controlling my well-being. Losers like this are controlling what medication I get to take.
We are new to the Cigna Specialty pharmacy process but being in healthcare I completely understand the general order in which medications are filled and delivered...which is probably why my frustration and poor review of Cigna's incompetence and failure to deliver in order to save a buck. After a complicated few days of tracking where to call to order my daughter's medicine, I spoke with a very professional and what appeared competent Cigna representative. She researched both pharmacy processing and FedEx delivery times to assure me an overnight delivery was COMPLETELY doable. We are now on day 5 with Cigna not only having the script but WITH NO medicine at hand. (In all 7 days without mess) To say I am completely discouraged and dismayed by this entire process is an understatement. I feel as if we are truly prisoners to the system. I have scored Cigna 1 star because I wasn't able to score just a half a star to the kind rep who took the order.
Multiple past refills for Xalaten (brand name) eye drops, after a bad reaction to generic with three separate new vials. Most recent refill was delayed shipping and phone call revealed they were shipping the generic. Explained the situation and they said they would contact my physician. A week and a half later, I heard nothing. I called back, and they told me they had not received an order from the physician for the brand name - they did not have a record of making the request. I advised I was a physician and would give them the order myself. Associate connected me to their voice mail order line and left prescription for brand name. Associate asked me to call back in 48 hours to confirm the shipping as I was now without the medication for over a week.I called as instructed. The first associate put me on hold for 15 minutes and then the line went dead. I called back – the second associate was more helpful. I was advised that the pricing was the same whether the patient or physician requested brand name and he stated he did not know why that was not told to me before. Order was changed to brand name and overnight shipping was arranged. At this point I have spent an hour+ on the phone, spoke with a total of 4 associates and wonder if the medication will arrive before I leave for a trip. This level of service is poor and does not speak for the quality they claim to deliver (Multiple failures to send correct medication).
We have been required to use this pharmacy for the past 4.5 years and they are totally incompetent. In the past, they have cancelled my prescriptions, sent them to my mother-in-law's home in another state, and continuously forget my credit card information. This time, my doctor sent in a new script electronically and for an entire week they have been "processing" the request. Their excuse? The doctor didn't include a signature. First of all, it's electronic. Second, why not pick up a phone and call me? They've done this before!! Each time I say, "Call me and not the doctor." The doctor's voice mail is clear that they will not respond to calls from the pharmacy but only from their patients (HIPPA, I'm sure). Now I've been without my diabetes medication for several days and who knows when they will send it? I am so fed-up with this company. Any money they might save is wasted on the incompetence of the employees or more likely the administration.
Twice Cigna Online Pharmacy has toyed with my health. The first time happened early Summer 2012. When I received my heart medicine from Cigna Online Pharmacy the pill was definitely different in appearance than what I had been taking for years. I called Cigna and they assured me it was chemically the exact same pill, just a different manufacturer. I took the pill and experienced extremely low blood pressure (50/30) and ended up at my heart doctor twice trying to get my blood pressure regulated back to normal levels. I contacted Cigna and asked if they could get the pill I had been taking and they never responded. They did refund me the cost of the medicine (when I asked them to) but it didn't even come close to compensating me for the two trips to my heart doctor and time it took to get my health back to normal for me. The second experience was this fall. I ordered two lung medicines on 10/18/2012. They sent one but not the other. On 10/28/12, I tried to fill the prescription at a local Walgreens because I was completely out and was told that Cigna denied it because they had sent a 3-month supply on 10/19/12, which meant I would have had to pay full price (about $200) to refill the prescription. When I called Cigna the morning of 10/29/12 and questioned why I hadn't received the medicine yet (contrary to their message to Walgreens), they told me that they were going to send a letter that they would refill the prescription when a $4 balance was paid which my husband owed. I let them know I was a little disturbed that they were only just letting me know about the balance on 10/29, and that was only because I had called them. I also told them that I expected them to authorize me to pick up a one-month supply of my medicine from Walgreens, and then they could mail the other at their leisure. They agreed. When I went to Walgreens at 5:30 p.m. on 10/29/12, they had authorized the insurance to pay $1 on the medicine at Walgreens! I called them and they said that they had mailed the 3-month supply and could not authorize the pick up at Walgreens despite the fact that they had earlier. They told me the medicine would arrive in 7-10 days. Unbelievable! I am not supposed to be off my medicines for any length of time - so I called my doctor and she gave me samples of another brand of medicine to tide me over until the Cigna order arrives. But it is different, and it has a steroid in it that I don't need. And having to buy a 3-month supply makes it extremely difficult when your doctor is trying to find the right medicine for you - sometimes that involves trying quite a few different medicines, and having a 3-month supply of something you may only take for 15 days and then try something else is crazy. Does Cigna even care about us? What a horrible company to deal with. I would not recommend them to anyone!
I am a 4th grade teacher in Homestead, FL. The health care program for Dade County Teachers is a complete joke, and the amount of money we have to pay for it is almost laughable since we have had no raise in 5 years. The new contract states that we "have to get our monthly medicines from the Cigna Pharmacy" or we will have to pay for it ourselves. Did you know that the Cigna Pharmacy is located in Pennsylvania? This means that we are not helping out the economy in South Florida by going to a local pharmacy. My husband and I sent our prescriptions in, actually overnighted them on April 18. Do you know we have not received them yet? My husband is a disabled vet, with a back injury that has reduced him to being a stay at home husband. He has had fusion surgery and then went back to work as pilot for about 10 years, only to have an accident on the job that has left him in severe pain and discomfort for life. In November, a stimulator was put in and has helped his pain level somewhat, but not completely. The medicines he has had to take maintain his ability to survive. He has been able to cut down, but he will never fully be off the meds. We called Cigna today because they told him yesterday that we would have it today. This was after calling every other day to get an update! Do you know what they told him today? First, they told him that something was back order and that they won't send it out until it’s complete. After 45 minutes on the phone talking to a tech, he finally spoke to the pharmacist so he can make sense out of what is being said, and find out why he was being told all kinds of lies for the last 2 weeks! Do you know what they said? They will not fill the prescription for Narcotics because we live in Florida! Even though he has gotten his medicine from them before, they will not fill the order. Even though his doctor works at Baptist Hospital and they are monthly prescriptions! They won't even send the prescriptions so we can get them refilled. Basically, he is out of his medicine and they have left us no choice but to spend more money, that we don't have, take him to the ER and get another prescription. This is a complete slap in the face for educators of Dade County, disabled vets, and people in general. I have heard so many stories from other teachers dealing with this Cigna Pharmacy problem. At this point, we are not sure what he is going to do, but if they cannot honor the contract, isn't that a breach of contract?
I went through hell for three weeks trying to sort out an issue for a monthly maintenance drug. I spoke with so many supervisors I stopped writing down names. Overrides, waiver forms, just everything to make your life more difficult and complicated. Still not resolved. Part of this is the fault of our doctor as well for not faxing them the form etc. but they are just terrible to deal with. It took me going through three supervisors before I found out that I could use a drug waiver form, filled out by the doctor so I can get the medication at a pharmacy and not have to mail it in. Shouldn't others have known this and been able to inform me of this? Terrible.
I've been on the same maintenance medication for years. No changes. I need my ** injection every two weeks, or I can't get out of bed. Nothing's changed. I see my doctor once a year, for a year's supply of refills. Easy, right? Not so fast. EVERY SINGLE TIME I call Cigna for a refill, every month, there's an issue. After 45 min on the phone, they AGAIN need Dr. authorization (even though they needed it last month, and is apparently valid for a year). They need a new refill (but I have a year's worth!). I feel terribly for my doctor's office, who has to deal with me and Cigna calling each month (if they do even call). I don't know what the issue is, but I've been late on my medication every month for the 6 months since my company changed over from Aetna (who I never had ONE issue with). And, I could order online from them, without having to call to confirm shipping and get the runaround. These people are keeping me sick and in excruciating pain.
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