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Benepath Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Benepath
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 866-368-0377
Overall average rating of 3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 41 %
I have no idea how they got my email address, so they get a poor rating from me
Friendly,helpful and a very professional manner. Thanks
My expectations as an agent is to acquire a good percentage of REAL leads that I turn into Contacts and Subsequent Closes. Benepeth provides me this. Their Sales and Customer Service are second to none. I am always treated with the respect and courtesy every aspect of their business. They always answer phones and handle requests with friendly service. I have used multiple lead companies in the past and without question Benepath has provided me with the best leads as well as professional and courteous customer service that I have experienced.
Slow to no response time. I had several companies quote me before I even heard from them
This interface was very difficult to use. it was nearly impossible to review the details of my healthcare options. the information was simply not accessible. I don't find this acceptable for making big decisions like selecting a healthcare plan. This was the worst experience I've had with an employer in terms of selecting a plan. In fact, I still don't know the details of the plan, but I have to live with it apparently until the next open enrollment which is nearly a year away. Not happy.
The people would not stop calling me. I was not able to answer and they called me 15 times within 45 minutes. 5 different people called and I had told them I was not able to talk right now and they did not stop calling. Based off of that I don't even want to use this company.
At no point in the survey process did I OK phone calls. I HATE sales calls. Will not take them. A simple email with data and a contact info and I could have chosen to make the call. Instead, days and days of hangups. Go away.
The web site is clear and user friendly.
Representative not very clear. Never said that the coverage was not Obamacare compliant. It was basically a life insurance policy with some healthcare coverage.
He went through every option with me with out a sales pitch and I was grateful.
I got so many phone calls from insurance brokers it became annoying and ridiculous. I can't blame Benepath for that though.
I usually don't spread the word about good lead companies because I don't want other agents tapping into my lead source. However, the team is Benepath is very professional and have always taken care of me. They act like a true business partner, which is rare in this industry. I sold 23 medicare supp policies last month, getting 74 leads, making the leads very profitable for me!
Easy to work with and Abigail was such a pleasure to work with and help select the best plan with the best price.
The staff was helpful and wonderful.
I have received at least 20 phone calls regarding my insurance application. When I start to tell the phone operator that I am not interested and to take me off the phone list, they simply hang up on me and I cannot get off the lists. At this point I am being harassed by your business and will not tolerate it for much longer.
I was pretty surprised when I first called them about their leads because the sales person didn't start filling me up with nonsense about how their leads are the greatest. He just told me how they get their leads, that they are exclusive and that my leads get to see my information on their website. I've been with them for 6 months now, and I get good leads, ok leads and some bad ones - but they are legit, not people playing. They credit the leads with bad info and Judy has been great with service. Def recommend them. Oh, I get medicare supp leads and close about 15%.
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