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Auto Service Agency Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Auto Service Agency
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-430-1513
Overall average rating of 4.5 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 74 %
Customer service is Awesome. Ability to reach them quickly and each of them has very good knowledge on the product they offer
It has been about a half of a year now that I have been with Auto Agency and I am pleased. Recently bought my vehicle in for service at a local dealership and they handle it with ease. I highly recommend this extended warranty coverage to anyone who's in need.
Easy to work with. Steve actually listened to our needs and wishes. Thanks
Service is good
I called to cancel my contract, which I hated doing but there is no way I could afford it anymore. I explained to the rep. (Jesse) that I had dealt with you'all before and ALWAYS was treated very well. They always went overboard to help figure out ways I could continue my contract. But this last call, I knew there was nothing that could be done. I told Jesse that and that she didn't need to try to figure a solution out for me. The one thing she mentioned was a "deferred payment" but I said no. She was VERY helpful and very respectful of my situation.
After waiting for 4 full weeks and 2 days my replacement transmission finally arrived to dealership from distributor. After driving car for 2 days I noticed that it was skipping gears subsequently not going into reverse. Vehicle was towed for the second time and to date I have not received a reimbursement for the first tow. The rental car on the first rental cost me $350.oo out of pocket and the second rental cost me $189.00 out of pocket and there is no reimbursement. current transmission has a slight skip when taking off occasionally and appears to be getting worse.
I appreciated the representatives patience & understanding!
Prices are very affordable and CS was excellent
The representative was very pleasant on the phone and took care of what I needed done swiftly.
I was extremely pleased with the service and willing to work with me. Jennifer was an angel in helping me with her product knowledge! I would recommend this vehicle warranty company to everyone who wants further protection on their vehicle, to give you peace of mine! Thank you Jennifer!!
I am please with my phone call which I received .
The agent was knowledgeable and answered all my concerns.
I am very satisfied with Auto Service Agency and their staff. Top notch all the way. Anyone you speak with is absolutely fabulous when it comes to help or just answering general questions. Sincerely, Rick Meyers
Matt is to send me a copy of the agreement. I will have a change after moving to another home.
I'm satisfied with your service and am glad there is an option to transfer the warranty I purchased is transferable to another qualifying vehicle! That is a terrific option! Thank you :-)
The customer service at Auto Service Agency was excellent! The young woman who answered my call was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. She went out of her to find answers. Although the response was not what I was looking for, she found a compromise that was satisfying, and I hung up the phone feeling like a valued customer.
I guess I'm a little gun shy of this company, I feel I was pressured into the sale and that makes me be suspect. The information I receivied via email wasn't completemissing polcy number, my customer ID number and I still don't know who my administrator is
Spoke with a customer service representative to give notification regarding changes in bank account information for direct payment. Representative was very efficient, polite and helpful
I did not get the opportunity to utilize this service, however it sounded real good. Keep up the good work.
I had a warranty because my car was brand new when the agency contacted me, however they pointed out my warranty would not cover important things that their warranty would. So I signed up and found out it was a really good price since it protects your entire car. I was nervous until I contacted customer service frequently and they would always answer my questions.
They worked with me and the problem I was having to resolve the problem.
They took care of my refund after I no longer had the car, informed me of what I had to do to obtain it, no hassel.
I repeatly told agent that I was not interested in getting a new policy for my car. Each agent repeated same speech to get me to purchase a policy after 6 attempts I advised that it she did it again I was going to hang up. She pushed again and I hung up.
Everyone was courteous and kind thank you so much
Attitude was very respectful. Very refreshing.
Auto Service Agency has taken care of my auto repair needs before, and I am glad they are here to help now.
Amazed that my insurance from my previous car could be transferred to my new car and save me money
Very customer friendly
Everyone that I dealt with was very pleasant, polite, kind & nice. I will definitely go back to the facilities for assistance and recommend family and friends.
Cheaper and better and nice people
good service, glad I had it!!!!
Employee was professional and very helpful
I have an extended warranty, it was actually the first time I ever use any warranty. The service was excellent and easy. I would definitely recommend them to all I know especially on a used vechicel. The best money I have spent and the payment plans really makes it affordable. If I could I wold give them Six stars, I'm very pleased.
When I was sold the policy I was told the parts would be Nissan factory new parts. They were refurbed. I'm really disappointed!
work hard to learn your passions and create something that will help others in the world!
I had no problem
Very good company. Excellent people to talk to and work with. They follow through and take care of you. I was hesitant before doing business with them. Now I have no hesitation or reservation in recommending them.
Thought it was à hoax... But very real & very honest service!!!
For once I had my questions answered promptly and the agent was tremendous! Wish other companies had employees like the one I dealt with!
Very friendly and knowledgeable regarding issues
The agents I spoke with were very knowledgeable and helpful. My experience was excellent.
I appreciate the quality of service this company offers.
I never used it only paid monthly!
I would recommend your company to anyone.
Very good with all my concern s
Why do I have to wait 30 days before getting services
Fantastic to work with even if I could not go with them I would have if certain circumstances were to be different. Friendly service and they really tried their best to help me out.
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