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Auto Owners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Auto Owners Insurance
Year Founded: 1916
Address: 6101 Anacapri BLVD
City: Lansing
State/Province: MI
Postal Code: 48917
Country: United States
Phone: (517) 323-1200
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
While driving in town to pick up my wife from work, I was driving in a right turn lane (to turn right) when an idiot decided to make a right turn from a forward only lane, thereby hitting my new car on the driver's side. Kathy ** of Auto Owners Insurance decided their insured driver was not at fault and I now have to pay for the damage to my car that this idiot driver caused. Kathy ** was arrogant through the whole process and extremely snotty.
My roof had hail and wind damage and Auto Owners refused to pay for a new roof. I called and made a claim mid Oct 2017. I had two roofers to my house and both said hail, wind, and water damage inside. First roof company tarped the roof. Auto Owners sent out an adjuster whom I found out a week later was no longer with company. Then they sent out an Engineer for a final decision because I kept fighting the decision. He reported back I had no damage at all and my roof was just old, but get this, he never even lifted the big tarp. Their final decision in Jan 2018 was that they would NOT pay, yet two very close neighbors had same damage and their insurance companies paid. I pay insurance for a reason!! I'm searching for a new company!
Auto Owners was happy to take my money for full coverage for all of my cars, trucks, and trailers. Then on June 12, 2016 we had the worst hailstorm we have ever had, broke windows in my house, broke shingles on my roofs, and of course caused major damage to many of my vehicles; The other insurance companies I'm insured with took care of my houses and rentals, new roofs, windows and screens, "what you would expect". This was done within 3 to 6 months to complete. Auto Owners did send out an adjuster in the first week, all was good. Then they ask for proof of ownership, this was given to them as they had asked and then the waiting, waiting.Finally, they can't find my ownership papers so they want them re submitted. (Frustrating) So We resubmit these papers again! Then waiting, and waiting, It has now been more than a year and still waiting, No one is talking to us from Auto Owners, still waiting, and waiting; (running out of Patience) AFTER ONE WHOLE YEAR AND A HALF!!! A check arrives in the mail. $200 OFFERED FOR EACH CAR DAMAGED!!! AUTO Owners, It turned into a nightmare and it still continues; I was offered $200. per car, for the repairs. I have bids from a local body shop as of today, average damage to each car is $3000. AUTO OWNERS HAS TO BE THE WORST INSURANCE COMPANY!!!
Our son was rear-ended on May 11, 2018 by a man with Auto Owners Insurance and they do not want to pay the full amount to have our son's car repaired. The accident was completely the other guy's fault and the police report states that. Our son's car had a cracked bumper and a completely broken exhaust. They paid for the bumper and only part of the exhaust. They said we need to just have it welded instead of replacing it. Well, that is unacceptable. The accident was not our son's fault and yet they do not want to repair his car. The exhaust was barely hanging on and he needed to drive it to work. The appraiser they used was a jerk and had the model wrong for the car, he had the lower end model listed and it is the high end model and he low balled the estimate. We have been through 3 customer service reps and none of them listen to us. They said the exhaust should be welded and that's it. They also do not want to pay for the rental insurance on the rental they gave him for a week. They said it's because he doesn't have collision on his own vehicle so that's on him. Again, the accident was not his fault, he should not be out any money. We had an independent estimate done by Abra Auto Body and Glass in Milford, Ohio, per their request to prove the repair amount and they still won't pay. They don't even care that he went by ambulance to the hospital for a mild concussion either. They also don't return calls and they are never available when you call them. My sister has been in 2 accidents since this happened to our son and both times the insurance has paid. It shows that Auto Owners likes to punish the person that their insured hits. Our son has had to pay for a new exhaust mostly out his pocket and my husband had to put it on, we could not afford the repair shop to do the repairs because we weren't given enough money. We even took the car for a 3rd estimate but they haven't budged. Our insurance company (American Family) has actually paid the medical bills because Auto Owners has refused. Again, our son was rear-ended. This insurance company is a joke. I would never recommend them. It's been 4 months and this is still going on, ridiculous.
Auto Owners performed an initial audit on my payroll as normal, but doubled my rates, and the following year when my payroll dropped to 1/4 that of what it had been it did not reduce my rates but increased them another $460! They are deceptive and stated that they never received my audit even when I sent it directly to them have a signature and email to prove they received it. They refused review the audit and continue to lie about their information. When contacted they say they will send an itemized statement and never do. They finally sent one after I cancelled service and stated I own over $3000! They are scammers and I will never trust their company again. I now have one that is paid after each payroll is completed.
I was rear ended by a driver insured by Auto Owners on June 8, 2017. I injured my neck and back. I was seen on an outpatient basis for a year and then ultimately I had to get a Cervical Discectomy with Fusion (Neck Surgery) on July 16, 2018. After reviewing my Doctor's notes, Therapy notes, MRI's, CAT Scans, X-Rays and Surgical notes I was offered $2,800 from "Tim". I am 3 weeks post neck surgery. I had two vertebrae removed and repaired with a metal plate. I still have a Syrinx (Fluid filled cyst) on my cervical spine from the impact of the rear end. I am being told that there is no treatment for it. I will continue to have limited function of my neck despite having surgery due to this "Syrinx".I would not recommend this company. I am preparing to sue them. Instead of just paying the policy limit (which is significantly lower than my actual expenses), they would rather take a "roll of the dice" in court. My surgery alone cost $45,000. Not to mention the other bills which total another $35,000. I'm so angry that my life has been ruined by one of their policyholders and they have the mitigated gall to offer me $2800 (as if I'm a joke or something)??? ** that!! I'm taking them all the way to court. I've had enough of their games.
All around great insurance for the price that I pay for premiums. They have always been fair with me. When I had a vehicle totaled after a car/deer accident Auto Owners paid me fair market value for my car. It was a fairly painless process and took about a week. My only complaint, and it is very slight, is that you have to purchase an Auto Owners insurance policy through an agent, instead of being able to purchase directly from the company.
We own a small business which is open six days a week. Due to a power surge which occurred three weeks ago, we had to make a claim. This company is creating a horrible hardship with our small business! They're dragging their heels and it seems they are doing everything in their power to NOT communicate with us. Ever hear of "chasing your tail?" This is exactly what we are doing because of their extremely poor customer service and near zero communication. We have faithfully paid our very expensive monthly premium yet they are obviously not concerned about us though. We are already looking for a new insurance company because this one scares us. What if we had a major claim? It gives us nightmares to even think how they would handle it! I have a feeling they would high tail to China so they would never be found! Good-bye, Auto Owners --- shame on you!
Recent hail damage claim was handled extremely expeditiously and received claim payment very quickly. Adjuster was very courteous and helpful in answering questions, and worked very well with my roofing contractor.
Seems like Auto Owners Insurance company is just another insurance company that nickel/dimes their customers and provides the bare minimum service required by law and if they can get away with not paying for a small charge they should be responsible for they are willing to try and take advantage of someone because they know most people won't take them to small claims court or call an attorney over an issue under a few hundred dollars. Long story short someone covered by the Auto Owners Insurance company hit my car and was admittedly at fault. I have a Sirius Radio subscription for my car that I pay about $12 a month for but when I go to get my rental car I am supposed to pay $7 a day for it. I don't think it is too much to ask for the insurance company for the at fault person to have to pay for the Sirius Radio service if you have a valid subscription on the car that is in the shop getting fixed. I can't stand being treated this way. I wouldn't recommend anyone use Auto Owners Insurance unless you don't care about getting the run around when it comes time to make a claim or get your car fixed.
In October 2017 I was rear ended while stopped at a red light. Other driver did not even brake as he was busy talking on his cell phone. My car was totaled. Back end was dented in but tow system underneath helped prevent it from crushing in further. I’m a no nonsense person & just wanted to get to work. Within 5 minutes my neck felt horribly sprained. Within 3 hours my brain just shut down, nauseated, blurred vision... went for medical care & found to have neck injuries & bad concussion. Have been told tow system helped car but caused a bigger impact to me. For over a month & a half had trouble speaking because my brain couldn’t find words. At times that is still an issue. I returned to work too early at my own insistence & against my doctor's advice. Auto Owners by law & contract should pay the first $10,000 of medical bills. They are denying all bills & have the audacity to say I’m fraudulent in my claim. 3 doctors including a neurologist, along with 2 PAs have said I have concussion. Medical is still ongoing, costing me 1000s along with ruining my excellent credit. I’ve always lived with integrity which is why I didn’t just rush off in an ambulance for claim's sake, I’ve also gone to docs only when absolutely necessary. I’m a dedicated worker but coworkers are having to pick up my slack as my brain is not working right, not the same since the accident. This company is flat out evil. I was a safe driver for 41 years. Never had claims & this is how they treat people.
Our vehicle was in a mechanic shop for repair. The vehicle came out of the shop with body damage and the problem it went in to have fixed worse. The shop owner agreed the damages happened there and asked for estimates so he could pay it, we took the estimates he decided it was too much and submitted a claim to his insurance company Auto Owners. After 2 weeks of not hearing anything I contacted them. A week passed and I had to call them again. They then decided to send an appraiser out. The appraiser came back with an offer that wasn't even enough to cover the labor alone. I told them not acceptable and sent copies of the estimates we initially received which they already had. They then sent this back to their appraiser (Americlaims) to confirm with the shops. Couldn't get answers from Americlaims and auto owners not returning calls. I eventually blocked my number when I called and miraculously they were there. At this point 4 weeks had passed. They now tell me they have sent it to attorney for review, really so the insured states it was the fault of his shop and offered to pay, Auto Owners said they were paying for all the damages but made an extremely low offer and now they have retained legal counsel. We are well beyond 2 months almost 3 for something cut and dry and still waiting on Auto Owners. I would advise anyone and everyone to stay away from this company. If they won't pay put third-party claims. I can only imagine what they do for their insured's. Horrible horrible claims between Dan ** and Cindy ** in the Sioux Falls claims office and the Americlaims they use for appraiser. This company wants to pay bare minimum and below.
I was recently rear ended in a car accident but still needed to go through my insurance. Once I filed my claim - I got a call back the same day. Rental car was set up immediately. The adjuster got out to assess quickly and repairs are started. Everyone that I worked with through this process was very helpful. Thank You!
Auto Owners Insurance recently declared my auto was totaled so I chose to keep my vehicle and take the payment. When I went to pick up the check the check was in mine and my ex-girlfriend's name when her name is nowhere on the title only on the insurance policy. This is completely ridiculous as she has nothing to do with this vehicle. Has never made a payment or paid the insurance on this vehicle. Nor does she drive this vehicle. It is mine. I need to get my vehicle fixed but they chose to put the check in both names. It should be just mine. Now I'll be lucky if I get any of it!
Been a client since 2016 and just canceled July of 2018 and they just now are telling me I’m an entire month behind. They admit to withholding their policy from the clients until they cancel. There was never any notice to me or our independent broker about this policy and they distastefully admit to keeping it within their own walls. We were told from our first payment that each payment would be for the month that we were paying (ie; may payment was for May coverage, June was for June, and July was for July.). This is what we were explained. But now that we have cancelled, suddenly we are an entire month behind leaving us with a balance due of more than what we were paying in the first place. Very rude customer service and a disgusting display of human beings.
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