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Amica Auto Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Amica Auto Insurance
Overall average rating of 2.1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 20 %
Tried to get an over the phone insurance quote from the idiot who answered when I called. He asked inane questions and then could NOT access any information on me. Just a half hour before had talked to another agent from Traveler's who had NO problem quoting me auto and homeowners and was eager to get me away from my current insurer. He claimed they needed an appraisal prior to issuing a policy anyway and that since he could not access my information he would call me right back. We are 3 hours later and NOTHING. So dealing with these people should there be a problem might be a nightmare. My recommendation - stay away from this company. They spend way too much money on advertisements and way too little on their phone agents. Staying with my current insurer as my mortgage company is happy with them and I am happy with the mortgage company and my current insurer met the rate of Traveler's although dealing with that agent was a pleasure!
Had a accident and the other party who was at fault insurer (Amica) won't pay to get my truck fixed. Wants to total my truck for minor damages. They won't pay for a rental and it's been a month already.
My August 1, 2017 Renewal Amica Auto Ins. Policy arrived with a 35% increase over last year’s policy. So, I called Amica and got no satisfaction. Then wrote to the CEO of Amica, Mr. Robert DiMuccio. Branch Manager James **, called me about the letter to his CEO. He told me that North Carolina law required Amica to increase my rate, because I had been a licensed driver for 60 years. And that was true, barring the fact that I had not had any accidents or claims, or traffic violations during my driving history.I never thought that Amica would use my age and not my driving history, to increase my Auto Premium by 35%. It is an unpleasant experience for me to say goodbye to Amica. Parting is not easy for me, after 37 years as an loyal Amica customer. However, it may be required due to my Amica Automobile Policy being increased by 35% for the August 1st Renewal Policy. There have been no claims on my policy. I haven't received any traffic violation tickets since I was a teenager. My automobile is the same vehicle, that has been insured by Amica for past years. The Terms of the Coverage have remained the same over the years. Plus, I am averaging less than 8,000 miles per year driving the insured auto. And it is garaged when I'm not driving it.My Amica Insurance Policies over the 37 years, have been for Vehicles, Homeowner, Excess Liability, Life Insurance, and Boats. Currently I have Auto, Homeowner, and Excess Liability Policies, in effect. Like most of Amica's customers, my needs for different coverage have evolved over the past 37 years. I do feel that for whatever reason, the Policy Premium increase of 35% is extremely beyond any reasoning. I have been told by an Amica representative that the reason for the excessive increase, is that I have reached the age where I fall into a higher risk group. Please have someone review my automobile coverage and my driving history to remove the 35% increase in my premium for the August 1, 2017 renewal. Amica has afforded me 'peace of mind' over the past 37 years. I would like to continue the relationship, rather than starting a new one.
Amica seemed like a great company and we were really happy with their rates... at first. We signed up in July 2016- our homeowner's premiums were $3,149, in 2017 they went to $4,011, and then the renewal we just received was for $5,265- over $2,000 in premium increases in two years with NO CLAIMS FILED. Our auto also went up approximately $400 on the renewal quote for next year. Fortunately I was able to find a reasonable company who apparently doesn't hold everyone else's claims against me- and cancel my policies with Amica. I can't even imagine what my renewals would have looked like if I had ever had to file a claim.
On November 3rd 2017, my husband and I were rear ended on the highway by a woman that had state Minimum coverage. So my underinsured had to kick in. My attorney has been getting run around for over 5 months. They have to sign off on the offer the other insurance has offered before they will settle on their end. I was injured pretty badly and I am unable to work anymore so we have been in need of at least the other insurance company’s settlement. Here we are facing foreclosure and utilities being shut off all because someone will not do their job.
3 weeks ago I decided to switch to Amica for automotive insurance. A few days after switching I decided to cancel and go with a much cheaper provider. My fault I didn't do my homework thoroughly enough the first time. When I called Amica and canceled the policy the agent told me over the phone and in a email that I would have my refund by the weeks end. Well now it's 2 weeks later and nothing. The calls and emails to my agent have not been responded to. So today after calling customer service I have been told that accounting is still reviewing my payment and holding my money. The payment cleared my bank weeks ago. None of the customer service agents I've spoke with can give me the same answer regarding why accounting is holding my funds.
AAA was becoming too expensive so I switched to AMICA roadside for 20% of the cost of AAA. Two weeks later our battery died in rural PA in 10 degrees weather. They sent a truck to meet me in a rural area at 10AM on a Sunday. I only had to wait an hour. He gave me a jump & I was on my way. Wow!
Although I've always been very satisfied with Amica and their customer service, their rates just seem to keep going up. I have Auto (4 cars), home and umbrella policy and have recently compared it to other companies and Amica was consistently $1300 more per year vs. 3 other comparable companies. No claims in several years (7+), clean auto record as well. I called to see what could be done and other than raising my deductibles, I was offered no other solution. Best they could say was that if there was an auto claim, original manufacturer parts would be used vs. non-OEM. While that is certainly a value, I can't say it's enough to keep me w/ Amica.
Today I was charged over $140 dollars to reinstate an auto policy that was canceled in the same month that the premium was due and not paid. I have been a customer for over 30 years having both my house and autos insured with AMICA. What I have learned from this particular event is AMICA is not forgiving for missing a payment. Several months I had an agent misinform me that I had coverage when I did not. When I confronted AMICA, of what this mistake was resolved, however. I believe although it was their mistake it was counted against me.
I was shopping for car insurance a couple of years ago and was contacted by Amica Insurance. I know they insure more than vehicles, they also insure homeowner policy, renters insurance and many other type of insurance. My only need with them was car insurance and when they contacted me, I had never heard of them and was a bit wary, but as their rates were great, I did sign up with them. If I could I would give them a ten star rating. They do exactly what they say they will do.I am on a very strict budget waiting a disability claim and I have had to contact them several times and extend the time for my premium to be paid. They have not only complied with my request every time, they are very courteous, professional and really care about their clients. I would recommend this insurance to anyone in need of car insurance, and I would recommend anyone look into their service record as well as their willingness to work with people and change companies. They do not forget they are dealing with people and understand and listen to your concerns. I have had several insurance carriers in the past, and they are without a doubt the best carrier I have ever found to meet my car insurance needs. So often people in this profession forget the most important thing when dealing with the public. They often treat you as a number not a person. This company is a "people" company and do not forget they are dealing with people that have problems in every day life and often have difficulty and need extensions on their payments. I had an incident just last month when my payment was due, had mechanical problems with my car that had to be fixed and as a result I needed some extra time to pay my car insurance. As they had done in the past, they were courteous, helpful, really concerned and more than happy to work with me and allow me to extend my payment out to a time I could better afford to pay it. We need more insurance companies like this one.I am definitely not a salesperson, but I hope to make as many people aware that I can that if you need car insurance, homeowners, rental insurance, they are the company you want. It isn't just that they go over and beyond the call of duty to work with you, they do it in such a courteous manner that you feel better just from having to talk to them. I have spoken to several of their representatives and have not found one that does not display the same amount of courtesy and professionalism as any of them. It is so nice to know there are still companies out there that remember they are dealing with people with problems in every day life as the next person. They are very knowledgeable and never fail to give correct information and clear professional kind advise. I hope any of you in need of insurance needs to contact them and any of you that are not satisfied with the carrier you have will consider calling them and making a switch. You will not regret your decision in doing so. I am new to this site, so I am not sure if I am allowed to give their contact information, however a google search will immediately show you how to get in touch with them. The last call I made I spoke to "Joan" and she was so very helpful I plan to call her supervisor to let him know how extremely helpful she was. In addition to all the praise mentioned for this company, I would also like to add that despite how busy they are, how many calls they may get or have waiting, when you are on the phone with them you are made to feel as if you are the only customer they have and they do not rush you off the phone. They take the time to listen to every word you say as if you are the most important call they have. So any of you needing car insurance coverage, or just need to change companies, please call Amica Insurance. You will be glad you did.
My policy was $900 a year with a 1000 dollar deductible with Liberty Mutual. These folks quoted me $1980 per year with a $1000 dollar deductible. You do the math. This is OBSCENE.
Overpayment since 12-5-12 to Amica for car insurance. Every week they say that a check is in the mail for $193 to me, but I haven't got it up to now. I need to know if there is someone who can help.
AMICA has done an excellent job with every accident I have had since 1970. Prompt, efficient and friendly. Highly recommended. I have $500K in liability coverage. And, $100K for uninsured motorist.
Amica is not standing by their superior service claims. I am a current Amica-insured. My vehicle was parked in my driveway and was egged (around Halloween time). The egg damaged my vehicle's paint. First, they accused my wife and our chosen repair shop (1st time we've used them) manager of being related because they are both "Mexican." Can anyone see racism? I am a white male, by the way. Secondly, they tried to deny coverage on parts of the vehicle that still had egg residue visible on it. Short story, they have taken so long attempting to deny this covered loss, which they are now covering all damage, that the contract for the rental car coverage has been exhausted and they expect us to pay over $800 for the additional days of the rental car. This claim should have been closed and all repairs final within 7 days. But their bad faith and failure of due diligence in covering this claim (which they are now covering 100%) is the only reason for the extended rental car time frame. Sorry, Amica. I chose you because of your industry reputation but, I did not see any of it on this claim and experienced racism on behalf of your appraiser and therefore, on behalf of Amica. I'm frustrated and finished with Amica.
I am an AMICA auto policy holder. I recently had an accident which was not my fault. AMICA covered the claim under my uninsured motorist coverage. The repairs were over $19,000. After the car was repaired I got an appraisal from a certified auto appraiser who stated the "diminished value" cost on my car was $8,000 because it had such a large repair bill and folks would pay less for my car now because of it. AMICA offered me $2300 without ever hiring an appraiser but by using some ridiculous and illegal method whereby they used a formula to come up with the amount. I now have to sue them to get the rest of my money. Awful experience -- already going to terminate my coverage with them.
I originally contacted Amica for a homeowner's policy. While on the phone with the representative, we discussed the benefits of a multi-policy rate (auto & home). The quote for auto was slightly higher than my current insurance (Amica $148 mo vs. Geico $122 mo), however, I was okay with the increase because I was still saving with my homeowner's policy. I provided all vehicle VINs and was given an annual premium for around $1,800 at $148 a month. She advised me that I needed to pay a down payment (first and last month) of $296 to activate the policy. I made the down payment and thought I was all set. Several weeks later I received a call and was advised that I needed to pay additional down payment and my rate was now $2,600! I am currently waiting to hear back with a resolution. I have spoken to several representatives whom just direct me to someone else. I've left voicemails with the original agent and my call hasn't been returned. I was told that a manager from underwriting would call me yesterday evening, they never did. I've lost all confidence in their customer service, and I'm now worried about my decision to switch my homeowner's policy as well.
I have been a customer of Amica for over 40 years; first auto insurance when I was 16 on my father's policy (who is also very satisfied lifelong customer). Then after college (I’m a Registered Nurse) I purchased my own policy... First for auto and in 1992 home and auto bundle. The company has always been excellent in every area; customer service, premiums are very reasonable, never felt as though I was being mistreated when filing a claim (in fact just as friendly and considerate when I had to file a claim as when I’m making a payment). I can’t understand all the negative reviews. My house was damaged by fire and heavy soot. Where most companies would have tried to pay to remove soot Amica realized it would have been a terrible house to live in and have been VERY generous in their damage estimates. This is ongoing now and because there was nothing available to rent long term they are paying for me to live ON THE BEACH! The customer service is amazing. They actually have trouble reaching me at times but are very diligent. Money deposited into my account very quickly and within 2 days if the incident I had 10000 for any incidentals. In fact until I got into condo they paid for hotel and offered to pay for food since there wasn’t a full kitchen. I actually felt guilty and bought my own food. They have given an incredibly generous allowance for me to live while house is built. To top things off 2 months ago I hit 4 deer and Amica didn’t blink an eye or raise my premium after paying out additional >$3000. Don ** is my General Property Adjuster and was my initial personal representative after the fire. From then until now he has been both professional and kind. During this difficult time I also lost my husband and at the risk of sounding dramatic he and Carla ** were a beam of light going above and beyond, showing kindness as not only employees but people who really care. (As well as everyone I have dealt with.) Were I not a nurse I would love the opportunity to work with this company! The only possible reason I can come up with for all the negative reviews is that it is human nature to vent about our bad experiences. I noticed after each negative a representative from Amica reached out and I’d be willing to bet there was a resolution afterward... Too bad follow-ups aren’t seen. My email is **. If anyone doubts the validity of this review! Oh... Almost forgot; Amica works with Enservio as well as a company who helps in finding housing and they were amazing as well!
I was involved in a HWY accident where a young woman pulled out from a side street and hit my vehicle, she was cited for dangerous left turn. Amica has failed to provide a offer to replace my vehicle. I'm not seeking a better vehicle, just one similar. I have never been provided an estimate or how they came to their conclusion of the value of my vehicle. Horrible customer service, no contact updates, nothing. Beware of this company. Per Amica my car is a total loss but I have yet to be provide with estimates, Huge fail.
John **, an Amica client rear ended my car on July 3rd. Amica will not pay my claim/damages done to my car for reasons that are misunderstood. I will be seeking legal advice this Friday. If you are not at fault, why does he not pay, he’s liable.
I don't understand why there are so many one star ratings for Amica Insurance. I have had them for about 20 years and they have been nothing but wonderful. When a tree fell on my garage an adjuster was out in two days and my insurance check was here in two days after that and it was more than fair for the repairs that needed to be done. When I had a small fender bender and ran over a fire hydrant the police told me I didn't have to do anything and two weeks later I got a bill for the fire hydrant for almost $10,000! I called Amica and they were so wonderful, the agent said "Well you did not fill out an accident report" and I told her that the officer told me I didn't have to. She said "Well then we will do it right now."A week later I got a letter from Amica saying that they were pleased to inform me that the claim had been paid to the water company and I didn't have to pay one penny for that fire hydrant. I will never leave Amica! Another thing that I love about this company is that when you call you get to talk to a real person, not a recording where you press numbers until you go crazy. I would recommend Amica to anyone who is looking for insurance. I have them for my homeowners insurance and for my car insurance and they are awesome.
I switched my Home, Auto and the umbrella insurance to Amica two years ago because their prices were attractive. However, year over year my total cost has increased 16% and 12% respectively, while my home, cars and myself are getting older. That's 28% increase in 2 years! My home dwelling (cost to rebuild my house) has increased year over year...8% and 6% respectively, however home values as well as new build/replacement cost my area has decreased. I called Amica and made my argument without resolution. Time to look elsewhere...
I am a customer of Amica. I purchased a used pick up truck on 11/17/18. After completing all the paperwork I contacted Amica again to make sure they provided coverage on my "new" truck.” I write "again" because I called & spoke with one of their reps prior to purchasing to see what I needed to do to make sure I had coverage when I left the lot. I spoke to R. ** & he informed me that the dealership needed to provide a bill of sale OR sales window sticker before they would issue me an insurance card & provide coverage. He explained to me that if we didn't do this we would have had to have the vehicle inspected. Since we provided the info he released the cards & informed me we were good to go & were all set. FYI, the dealership would also not allow me to leave without the insurance card to show my coverage so obviously this was very important. The dealership immediately emailed the bill of sale to R ** & he responded with emailing back the insurance card/cards to the dealership who then handed them to me. Fast forward to 12/6/18 I received a certified letter from Amica reading that they had suspended my "physical damage coverage" & that I was no longer insured for physical damage to my ("your") car. The letter went on to read that "The coverage will be restored when your vehicle has been inspected." Imagine my surprise to receive this letter since I was told by R ** on 11/17 that I was "good to go", that my premium would increase a bit, which I understood, & I would receive an email stating the additional amount due in a couple of weeks. I have since received that email.I called Amica on 12/8 & spoke to William ** & explained how I had received the letter. I also explained to him that I was frustrated & upset to receive the letter after I had been told the above info from R **. He informed me that there was no record of anyone receiving any of this information but that if I could send him the bill of sale this would waive the "suspension". On the same day, 12/8 I emailed William ** the "Retail Installment Sale Contract" which I was told was not what he was looking for. I told him all of the paperwork I had from the transaction & he wrote I could send him a "BOC" or the window sticker & this would take care of what they needed. I asked what a BOC was & he said a bill of sale. Since I didn't have anything that read "bill of sale" I went to the dealership the next day (12/9), which I shouldn't have had to do since I already was told this was taken care of, to get a copy of what was sent on 11/17 to R ** originally. The dealership rep remembered me & what they had to do for Amica because they claimed they never had to do this with any other insurance company even though it had been more than 3-weeks since I was there. They pulled up the email & printed out the bill of sale which I then emailed to William ** on 12/8 at 4:45pm. By the way, the "bill of sale" they printed & said they emailed was a form I did have called a "Buyers Order Agreement". Not sure where the BOC comes from but anyway...this is the same form which R ** responded was what he was looking for on 11/17 so he could release the insurance cards. This was when I spoke to him on the phone at the dealership to make sure it was what he was looking for from us. William ** finally responded to me 2-days later on 12/10 at 5:58pm to ask me to forward him the response email from R ** from 11/17. Instead of telling me he received the bill of sale from me, that everything was good & that my insurance was no longer suspended by them, he wanted a copy of the email response from R **? Here I am with what they're telling me is suspended coverage when I need to drive my vehicle! He's more interested in receiving a forwarded email from one of his cohorts!!! I need to know my insurance coverage is reinstated!!! On 12/11 8:14am I forwarded William ** the email response to me from R ** that contained the insurance cards, which I had already received from him through the dealership when I went back there to talk to them about this whole episode. Yesterday, 12/12 at 9:12am I gain sent another email to William ** to say that now that I have sent the bill of sale am I all set (again???)? As of this time I still have not received confirmation from William **, or ANY Amica rep for that matter, that I again have full coverage!!! I would venture to say stay away from Amica if this is how they treat their "customers". I'm at a loss as to what to do at this point other than write this review to alert others.
I had a full year auto insurance with Amica and fully paid the insurance at the very beginning (May 2017). This insurance stopped in May 2018. Then I started a new auto policy with another company at the beginning of May 2018. However, they keep sending me email, mail, and even via CCS to ask for bill. That is cheating.
I received a mailer yesterday. It was an Amica insurance offer stating they have some of the lowest premiums around, awarded and acclaimed customer care and every reason in the book why I should switch to them. Being in sales, I am always willing to listen to a good pitch. Having no accidents, no tickets I thought surely this will be competitive compared to my current rate because they're making an attempt to get my business. It wouldn't be fair to tell you who my current carrier is, but Amica offered me a rate... $240 a month to my existing $117 on a Lexus IS250. It's not a sports car and I am a 24 year old male. I laughed and asked them to never call me again. I had never heard of Amica before receiving their mailer. Probably won't be around for another couple years.
I have been an Amica customer for 40 years, car and auto. It has been a point of pride that I have been with the company for so long, both my marriages combined are 38 years. So when we had 38" of snow this winter, my husband noticed that my garage roof was sagging in the middle. So with the utmost confidence, I called Amica. An adjuster was sent out; he filed his report. All a sudden, Amica is sending an engineer to check the garage. I was happy at first, thinking that the engineer would know everything wrong with my garage. My husband's first words were, "They are going to screw us." When I questioned the claim handler, his exact words were, "Just because you have been a customer for 40 years and recommended us to other people, you think we should just write you a check." I was so upset, I started crying. Today, the claim handler called and said, “No, we aren't going to pay money on the claim.” Why? Well he said that it was natural settling, or wasn't built right, wasn't quite sure why it's saggy, only that this wasn't covered. Then tells me that the engineer went to the town hall and found a picture of my house from 2001 and after blowing it up really large, they can see a sag in my roof. I had a new roof put on 5 years ago, and no one mentioned a sag. You can see that the weight of the snow pushed the wall between the garage doors off the foundation; the garage doors can't come all the way down. I can't tell you how upsetting this has been to me. Some things you just depend on and I, for 40 years, thought that was Amica. Amica is not the same company that I knew. I can't explain how upsetting it is to lose your faith in a company that you have done business with for 40 years.
Their client rear-ended me while I was sitting in a parked car. She refused to give me her info. The police were called and they made sure all info was exchanged. Amica never called me or my insurance company. When I finally got ahold of someone there was excuse upon excuse. My favorite - "We didn't have your phone number." But they had all my insurance info.I was in and out of the doctor's office for over a month, in constant pain. I lost over a week of work, I couldn't continue to go to my doctor's office because I started a new job. They lost all my paperwork, twice, I've had to redo my statement at least 3 times. They claimed they couldn't get my medical records, even with the medical release. I got the records for them, which I found out they never requested.Eleven months later this jerks offer me $1200! Which didn't even cover my lost wages!!! After speaking to a lawyer and a family member who's in the insurance industry, both agreed THIS WAS NOT A FAIR OFFER. THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE!!! Again their client admitted fault and I get treated with such disrespect and disregard!!!
After multiple inquiries with customer support, and the resulting disappointing resolution, the following is what I'm compelled to post so to help others to not have the same experience! I've been with Amica for 4 months and it's been a nightmare. Every month my bill increases for incidentals that they forgot to tell me about when I signed up. At this rate my coverage will likely increase 50% in one year! (My monthly premium has increased from $189/mo to $215 in 4 months!). And God help me if I should have a claim. Strongly recommend you look elsewhere - I am!Updated on 04/05/2018: Last month (3/5/18) I wrote about my dissatisfaction with Amica, and that they keep inching up my monthly policy payment. What started out as $189 and month soon became $210/month. This month Amica again managed to charge me an additional $2.82 more. (So I'll up my payment to $215 for next month - up from the original quoted $189/mo.) The $2.82 increase doesn't seem a lot, but over time it adds up. And it tells me it is Amica's strategy to attract customers with an lower policy payment, then slowly bleed them for more! It also makes me wonder about their integrity should a claim be necessary! I have spoken with Amica on several occasions about my concerns and I have yet to see resolution. I asked Amica to provide a quote for the same coverage I had at USAA, upon which they claimed to have done for a monthly fee of $189. They then proceeded to charge me additional $17/mo. for a $1M umbrella which should have been include in the original quote as this was a part of my USAA package. Then there was an additional $10 for whatever, as well as $3 fee because I chose to send my payment from my checking account, for which I had no charge at USAA and never alerted to by Amica. Amica's approach makes customers nervous, as there appears to be no end to what Amica surprises are to come!
Since I couldn't find local agency information on their site, it appeared that the only way to receive a quote was to go through their online process. After spending 25 minutes going through that, when I reached the end I was bounced out of the system as I made the final keystroke, never to return. When I called them on their toll line the switchboard operator hesitated when I told my story, asking for help, including the information that I wanted to package my home insurance as well. She finally told me the "agency" department (not sure this was her exact response) would be able to help me.Upon transfer I was asked to wait and eventually told that everyone was busy and they needed my contact information. Since this sounded too much like trying to deal with a government agency or a utility. I decided to buy my package from someone who might be interested in my business.
Amica increased my auto insurance premium by $80.00 for 2019. Perfect driving record; no tickets and no accident claims ever paid for on my policy. I have been with them for a while now. Reached out to customer service; she basically said "oh well, 80.00 is not a lot of money anyway". Time to go looking for auto insurance!
My policy with Amica was the only experience I've had with renters insurance. I don't know if my being a new policyholder has had anything to do with how things have happened... Although I guess really that shouldn't matter. I made a claim on my renter's insurance policy for theft. It occurred on Sunday December 23rd 2018, just before Christmas. I have course called the police, made a report and notified Amica a few hours later. The following morning I received an email confirming that they had received my claim, but then was unable to reach anyone or get a reply from anyone for close to a week following. The following Monday, in response to several emails and messages sent through their claims portal online, I did receive an email stating that an adjuster would be contacting me to set an appointment to come to the house. I spoke with the adjuster later that afternoon and we made an appointment for Wednesday January 2nd 2019. I guess I was anticipating someone coming and going over what had happened, taking a look at things and that would be the end of the claim, it would be taken care of and be resolved. It turned out to be a recorded interview and I was asked a lot of very specific questions about my children, their father, what my income was last year and whether I had ever had a car repossessed or a home foreclosed on. By the time it was done it felt much more like a recorded investigation. I had thought in reviewing the coverage after this happened that I had a policy that provided replacement coverage. For each item that was on my property list that I turned in to Amica I needed to provide the date each item was purchased and what the age of the item was at the time of the incident. Never having made an insurance claim before I was unsure exactly what would be needed so I tried to leave things as they were in the area where this happened until someone could come to the house and do what they needed to do. During this time I could not completely shut or lock my back door. I had made Amica aware of this. It took a week and a half for them to send someone out. If I had known a week and a half ago that I was going to have to pay to replace the back door and put a new lock on I would have just went ahead and done it and not had to worry about a door to the house being unlocked.At this point I don't know what is going on or what to expect. I am guessing, would hope, that this is not standard for Amica customer service. When I was dealing with the representative that sold me the renter's insurance policy he was telling me about all of the Superior Services that Amica had to offer and how well, and quickly, they react to the needs of a policyholder. Unfortunately it just has not been my experience. My first experience with having renter's insurance coverage or dealing with a company for renter's insurance has not been a good one.
My family has had Amica insurance for over 10 years. Multiple family members carry the insurance for their homes and cars (at least 4 houses and 4 cars, and probably others that I don't know about). This year, one of the home insurance policies had to be underwritten again. The customer service during this process was fantastic. After about 6 weeks of emails and phone calls (which was a reasonable amount of time because there were multiple family members who needed to be on conference calls), we received 3 new quotes in April. The quotes were accurate and on par with the previous policy cost. Then, due to family travel and unforeseen circumstances, there was a 6-8 week gap in communication to Amica. When we reached out again (in June) to accept one of the quotes, we were told the rates had increased. When we inquired as to why, in a two month period the rates had increased, we were told that was not information that could be shared with us. Furthermore, when we inquired as to the number of claims that had been made on the policy, we were also told that information could not be shared with us. We are now so disappointed with the customer service and the business ethics and practices at Amica, all family members are looking to insure both homes and cars elsewhere.
I've been an Amica customer for over 3 years and have three policies - homeowners and car in CA and landlord in NJ. I received my auto renewal and the premium increased over $500 for the Feb 2019-2020 period. My husband and I have three cars covered; we are good driving records, filed no claims and drive less than 10K miles total. I called Amica to find out why the premium increased $500. It was difficult to get someone in the state of CA on the phone. I waited almost three days. The person I spoke to had no clue why the policy increased other than the rate (not set by Amica) for one of the cars increased by $50. I get nominal rate increases but over $500 in 1 year is ridiculous. Underwriting should review their renewals for drivers with good driving records, no claims and multiple policies. I will be leaving Amica and moving all three policies for bad underwriting, expensive policies for good customers and their inability to explain premium increases.
The first year, my rate went up $126 - and the second year (this year) I received a bill for $519 above that! That is over a 50% increase in just the first two years of having this insurance. I understand rate increases but this is ludicrous! I am looking at my options now. Unfortunately, they know they are one of the few insurers for older homes and are obviously taking advantage of that fact.
I spent over $20,000.00 for a top of the line auto policy for 10 years with these **heads and NEVER filed a claim. Then some chatty blonde bumped the rear of my SUV while talking on her cell. I filed a $1,100 claim with SCAMica. They raised my rates $1,500.00 for THREE years. As with ALL insurance companies, they are ALL POS. I thought SCAMica was a good one. They are as bad as any other insurance company. GFY SCAMica!
The prices are good. The customer service is where they really excel and they have always made it easy when I filed a claim. They helped me avoid going to court when someone falsely sued me. The claims were settled quickly too.
Did not renew insurance with Amica and they sent it to collections. After four years Amica raised my rates and I decided not to renew and got another insurance company. Couple months later I got a letter from them, demanding x amount of money and unless I paid they would send it to collections. I called them and told them that I don't owe them anything and I don't have to renew my insurance with them. They said if I send them my new insurance information (none of their business) then I wouldn't have to pay anything. Despite my better judgment I sent them the info. I haven't heard back from them, but about a month later I got a letter from a collection agency to pay the same amount of money. I wonder how would they react if after not paying my monthly premium, I would show up and demand money for my damages.
My policy was CANCELLED after customer loyalty for 27 years. I had a multi-policy, auto and homeowner with Amica for almost 30 years. I started with them in PA in 1990 with an Auto Policy. In 1994, I added a Homeowner's Policy. In 1998, I added an additional vehicle. In 2000, I moved to Florida as a loyal customer using Amica again for my 2 automobile and home. So Amica has been reaping the benefits of my premiums in the thousands of dollars for a multi-car (my husband and I) and homeowners policy for all of these years. In all of the years with Amica, I always had a spotless driving record; maybe filing 1 claim. In 2015, 2016 I had to a few accident claims. Due to my husband's battle with cancer and finally succumbing to the disease, I did not have the strength to fully investigate some of this unfairness. At times I was treated very poorly by the claims department. I was never warned that my policy could be in jeopardy even after asking that question. It was a shock to get the cancellation letter.I do realize quite a bit of money was paid out in claims, but to cancel me, a loyal customer for 27 years, is downright despicable...Fair Weather Company. Do NOT use them!! I would choose "NO" stars for this review, but it is not available.
Amica insurance after the fact had told me that they would give me the insurance if I had proof that the claims that I had prior were not mine that they would insure me... I went out of my way doing so to get this info and the agent SONNY never gave me a call back after so many messages I left him and when I called they (another agent) told me that they would not insure me. Mind you the first letter I had my old ins send them did not have all the info they needed so I tried to explain this to them and still rudely they would not help me while I'm trying to explain that. I had sent them the 2ND letter with all the info on it the night before and SONNY the agent still to this day never called me back and apologizing for LYING to me to just get that letter and I would be ok!!!
Beware! Beware! Amica is the worst insurance company in the world. They might seem nice over the phone when you start your policy but once you have a claim they will ignore you, balm you, delay and the worst part is they will deny your claim. These people are terrible in paying out claims. Please stay far away from them. I do not want this to happen to you.
A few months back I switched from my long time insurance carrier to Amica for my home/auto package. What a mistake that was. After purchasing a new home I was given a figure of a little over $1000 to insure my new home. Two months later I receive a phone call from Amica telling me they figured incorrectly and my insurance was now going to go up by 30%! It was explained to me that this happened because they completely missed the fact that there is another kitchen in my finished basement. How does a company that is supposed to be so great at what they do miss an entire kitchen? After a long and drawn out conversation with the rep I had no choice but to pay more in what I consider a bait and switch situation. I'm hoping they did not miss the fact my home has a roof and call back later with a higher quote.I was told that the rate could not be lowered for the home but if I took a good driver course I could get an additional $125-150 off my auto insurance. All I would have to do is take a one day class. Watch how this math works. The one day class for my wife and I would be between $25-50 each. The classes are given during the day, during the week which means time out of work for both of us. How does this save me any money? The answer is quite obvious. I have run a small family business that has been in existence for 68 years. If I make a mistake... I eat it. I would never go back to my client and tell them I missed something that would raise the price 30%. As a result this will be a one year contract. I will be seeking other coverage next year. I was always told the Amica reputation was second to none. Perhaps it used to be but not any longer.
We've had Amica for several years now. Both my husband and I are safe drivers but we've had one accident in the last ten years which did affect our rates. Amica has rates that are most affordable for us. Their service is top notch. It is easy to pay our bill each month. If we ever have questions they are always willing to help. We will continue to use Amica as we are very happy with them.
Tried to be proactive in deleting a car from my policy. Spoke with a Shawn ** and no bill. Chris ** had me pay in full without discount and sent a change order for another $38 a month later. Spoke to Kate ** and she couldn't figure out the math and sent me to Lola **. It's a three ring circus. Do not use this insurance company.
I was sent a paper bill and told it was because I had last year paid each monthly payment one month in advance, and this year I did not follow the same procedure. I was completely unaware of this policy and was sent a paper bill and charged an extra $3.00 for that. In addition, my insurance had already been increased for absolutely no reason.When I called the Bellevue office to complain I was treated with no courtesy whatsoever by the acting supervisor, **. When I became upset at her complete lack of concern she was practically giggling on the phone. I did finally receive a call from **, the actual supervisor and he apologized for the way I was treated, but nothing could be changed about the billing. So I canceled the insurance (Home and Auto) as of May 28, 2015 and subsequently (June 12) I received a bill from them for $35.00. Again, I asked to speak to ** and told him that under the circumstances I did not want to pay the bill. I was told there was nothing they could do. This was the way it was calculated and, further, that they were operating entirely within the Washington State Department of Insurance rules.As a senior citizen and someone who always pays her bills on time I am absolutely livid at the way they treated me. And I am going to do everything I can to make sure that everyone I know, or can notify, does not do business with this insurance company. This insurance company spent a lot of money attracting Seattle area customers about a year and a half ago with clever TV ads promising that customer would be treated better than at other insurance companies. Absolute rubbish!
Burglary at Public Storage of 21 or more storage spaces. I told the Claims Adjuster Not to tell management who she was. Otherwise they wouldn't let her in. To add insult to injury, they had clear traffic and surveillance cameras that photographed the truck with the two thieves in it. Las Vegas Police did nothing either. Not 1 person was paid anything. I wouldn't recommend Amica to my worst enemy.
I am happy with Amica. Though I have not yet had an accident (knocking on wood as I type that), I have nonetheless established a one-on-one relationship with an agent who has taken an active interest in myself, my family, and our happenings. I am confident that should the need arise, Karyn (the agent) will be there for me and take care of whatever needs to be done. Before joining Amica, I explored other insurances, but, honestly, for the price... Amica simply can't be beat!
I was pleasantly surprised to actually speak with a manager who explained the situation in Georgia and with my policy, in particular. I understand what happened and appreciated an honest accounting pertaining to my policy. Changes promised by the manager have been confirmed and I am quite happy with my premium.I can see why Amica has always ranked high in customer service, not just with claims processing. Thank you!
So, after a couple years with Amica Insurance I receive a letter stating they won’t renew my policy because of claims they paid involving; Towing, an accident where my wife and daughter were rear ended and other claim. I decided to go with them for Roadside Assistance. Amica made their Roadside program out to be better than AAA etc. I paid a fee for 5 cars yearly. My daughter had (8) tow claims which they paid but never sending me a letter or notice that there's a limit to claims. My wife and daughter were rear ended last August by an at FAULT driver, Amica chose to add that accident against my policy despite having the At FAULT INSUREDS insurance to go after. My wife got pretty hurt in that accident requiring her to have shoulder surgery from the seat belt of all things. I lived up to my end of the contract by paying my premiums on time, touting Amica to others to switch over to them. Today (6/11) I get a letter stating they’re dropping me. Why the hell do I pay for Coverage from Amica when it appears the first order of business is to gladly take my premium money only to send me their version of a Dear John letter? I left another because I had faith in Amica. But in the end I’m one person who made the day of some actuarial, computing risk versus revenue and maybe saving Amica a few hundred dollars despite receiving close to $5K a year from me. I tried to look up my daughter's tow claims but found a few, two were for $48.90 each.Just a month ago they sent me the forms for renewal to keep my "discounts" for my daughter's grades from college, Good Driving discounts etc. Oh by the way my 20 yr old daughter hasn't had an incident since having her license, we've had none in years. Eight tow claims for one car out of Five! Even if the genius actuarial averaged it out based on claims for the other cars that would be 1.6 claims per car. I had $305 in reductions! Not Charges for Merit ratings of all drivers on policy! In my mind someone messed up pretty good, thinking they're saving Amica a few dollars. They also have my house - NO CLAIMS! Thank God. I'm disgusted, very upset and have Zero Faith in Amica. I'll be contacting Mass. AG office and Insurance board especially about the deceptive practice of the Roadside assistance plan.Updated on 06/12/2018: I was just called by the girl that said she was the one that made the decision not to renew my policy. I asked her; why are you even calling me? She replied she wanted to explain why she made the decision she did. I don't even remember her name, but she said she based it off of the "frequency" of claims made per household, in other words every time my daughter in college called for a jump start, tow etc. (things we were finally able to have figured out and repaired) it counted as a claim on the policy itself! This was something that was never explained to me, I replied; "I'm supposed to tell my daughter in college you have the confidence of Amica being there for you for roadside assistance but don't make too many calls because they'll use it against the household." She said to me the average person makes a claim once every TEN years! I said, "I guess my family and I of seven are not the average, and, I guess having five cars in a household should up those odds significantly shouldn't it?" I said, "Despite what you're telling me that it isn't about just numbers and statistics and that you were the one responsible for nonrenewal of my policy I guess it is about numbers." I told her she has a lot to learn, she sounds young and in this world it's more than just numbers. Mailing out marketing material stating you're there for people and "it's all about helpfulness" is a crock. I asked her numerous times unless she's calling me to renew my policy I have nothing else to say, her reply was as arrogant as they come; "Well, we did review your policy and decided to hold with the nonrenewal". I said to her, "Thanks, have a nice day!"
My wife is now 5 hours into the event and it is not nearly over. She had a blowout and it took two hours for the truck to come. Amica said they would have it towed to Pep Boys who would fix it. The tow truck took her to Pep Boys which was CLOSED...not open as Amica said. The truck left her there and my wife has been on the phone for quite a while. The third person at Amica, a supervisor, is trying to find someplace open (at midnight now) and will have it towed there. If not they will tow it to someplace that will be open tomorrow and pay for a hotel tonight. (Which we do appreciate as otherwise she would have to sleep in the car at the repair shop until 7:00 am.)There seems to be some training problems. One person did not know that the shop would be closed and another did not know how to handle the situation next. It took a manager to get it sorted out...assuming that it WILL be sorted out. We will still have to wait two hours for a tow truck to know how it works out tonight. This is my first call to Amica and I have to say that I'm not impressed. Let's see how the rest of the night goes.
Amica is a mutual company, they return excess profits as dividends. It belongs to its policyholders and they treat you that way. It varies a bit by state (NJ is better than PA) but I have been with them 27 years and have no intention of switching. They once paid about $13k for the removal of an old oil tank that they didn't really have to pay for according to the policy.
I changed my insurance when they keep on increasing the rate, I found much cheaper and better service with GEICO. They (Amica) continued to charge me even after they knew that I refused to renew and keep on harassing me by sending credit collection warning and so on. Please stay away from this company!!! Thanks.
Yesterday, I gave Amica the 'boot'. Why would I do this after 15+ years being their customer for combined Auto and Homeowner's insurance? The answer is simple, after I explain the background leading up to my decision. Over that span of time, I have paid Amica over $15,000 in auto and home insurance premiums without a single claim. In January this year I had a minor fender-bender when backing out of a parking space at a local supermarket. The total claim value to repair my vehicle and the other person's vehicle was $3,795. I paid the repair shop $1,000 for my deductible, which left Amica with an out-of-pocket cost of $2,795. At that time, I asked if this accident would cause my premium to increase. Verbal responses from Amica were evasive and inconclusive until a few months ago when my monthly bill increased by $47.92 per month. The surcharge period is 3 years. I am billed 10 out of 12 months per year, so the total claim recovery to Amica is $1,438 (rounded). Results are... Amica's cost is $1,357, my cost is $2,500, including deductible and surcharge. So, after 15+ years, $30K in premiums and $1,357 cost to have me as a customer, Amica's gross profit in me is ≈ 95%. It was easy to find another company to provide better coverage with useful additional benefits and lower deductibles. And, it was long overdue for me to compare. I decided to seek out a local insurance agency that has access to multiple insurance brands and a positive long-standing reputation in the community. Now, I am pleased to deal face-to-face with someone I will get to know and trust; someone that will go to 'bat' for me when I need it. I'm tired of dealing with big Insurance companies and banks that hide behind voice routing and automated digital assistants, and their 'take it or leave it' policies. Effective today, I'm saving $997 per year for combined auto and homeowner's insurance by an A+ rated Amica competitor. At the same time, I have acquired two friends in business that share many of the same interests in my local community. My departing message to Amica is this... When I called to cancel my policies, the representative I spoke with didn't even ask why. I was not transferred to a loss prevention department or a supervisor to discuss my request. Your representative simply asked me to state one of my policy numbers. After doing this I was informed, "It's done! Will there be anything else I can help you with?" By this response I knew with certainty that I made the right decision. I'm an average hard-working consumer. I want to be cared for and appreciated as a customer. I want to engage in open dialogue with someone willing to listen and is empowered to negotiate and make decisions. I might have continued to pay more and stay longer if you had done this for me.
I first came to Amica due to recommendations from Clark Howard's website. They offered a VERY attractive annual premium on my auto and the sales lady said I would receive a 20% dividend at the end of the year - more on this later. Anyways, life was good until the term renewal came along. Just like another reviewer here, Mike, I had the same exact experience. Also the dividend was NOT 20% and was only 10%. HALF of what I was promised. I have maintained an excellent driving record along with my wife and paid all my bills on time to maintain good credit. When I inquired on the increase, they said it was because of all the CLAIMS. I didn't have ANY claims. So just as another reviewer mentioned AMICA will penalize you for OTHER'S claims and not reward you for not having claims, not accruing traffic violations. Bottom line - they will price gouge you. My policy this term for Auto is going up about from annual $4200 to $2800 billed twice a year - so $5600. I am furious and will find other options. AVOID this customer at all costs - and I mean literally.
Amica roadside assistance policy holder beware. IF the driver hydroplane off the roadway and end up in a ditch, their roadside assistance cover up to 10 feet off paved road. If you're 12 feet you're on your own and charge from 65 dollars up. The agent was unmoved by my moment of need. She was cold and hang up on me after some haggling.
I applied with Amica based upon their supposed high rating. I was quoted over the phone given no variables at all. I accepted their quote due to the high integrity I thought this company had. Well I was given a policy that charged me $500 a year more based on the fact they assumed I was an agent who took clients door to, I was an investor. They charged me @ $2000 over the past 4 years when I am a non active agent as if I transported clients. There was no disclosure that I had a higher fee at all based upon this criteria yet I was forced to pay. They refused to correct this issue and credit me once I discovered this issue upon complaining about my rates. No, they are not the company of integrity. They do not disclose this error in fee rating and will not give me the client who pays their fees any consideration.."we got you" is their game, you signed. Ha, never did they show any sort of example of this phony fact that supposedly it costs more to use your vehicle for "business". Just another scam.
I have stayed with Amica Auto Insurance for ten years, insuring four cars. I have not filed a single claim during that period. I was pleased with the service I was receiving, until the most recent renewal period, where my rates were jacked up significantly, despite zero changes on my part: I have submitted no claims and received no traffic violations.A few days ago, I received a phone call warning me about the increase effective March 2012. Their explanation was that my previous rate was based on a coding error, misidentifying my county (Kings), and that new rate was an additional $2,000, due to a risk factor. This seems like a disingenuous and outrages position, from both an accounting and human relations perspective. I did not expect such conduct from a JD Power Award winner who flaunts their customer service satisfaction. Needless to say, my experience proved otherwise, and I intend to make every effort to make my dissatisfaction known.
Amica cancelled our auto insurance while we were 2000 miles away on vacation, out of state without warning or attempt to contact. We had no knowledge of this until returning home and finding a letter of cancellation for an unexplained, additional $200.00 charge to our account. The letter was postmarked 2 days AFTER the expiration date on the invoice/notice of cancellation. When contacted, they stated the charge was "additional fees" and said they would require an $1800.00 payment to reinstate the policy. Also, we now had a letter from the state fining us $450.00 for being without insurance.So, for the entire trip and 2000 miles traveled, we were uninsured and had no idea! We would have lost everything if there had been an accident with injuries. Needless to say, we signed up with a better company for half the price of Amica. As far as I see it, Amica owes me $450.00 that I was forced to pay the state in fines even though we had no idea this was happening. And, on top of that, they are still trying to collect the $200.00 by sending letters that are marked with due dates that are prior to the letter arriving at our residence. Total scam company, stay away.
I was hit by a guy who has Amica Auto Insurance. At the scene I got a video recorded statement of him saying he left his lane and swerved into mine hitting my truck. We had a report done and he gave the Trooper two different stories of what happened. I filed a claim with Amica at the scene. Over a week later and I had not heard anything. Finally after calling 3 times, an appraiser came out and said I would hear something in a day or two. That came and went. I called again and left a voicemail for Hunter ** who was assigned the case. She didn't call back. I called again the next day and emailed her. She said she could not open a zip file or a Google Drive file to watch the video I recorded at the scene of the driver claiming fault so that was it, a too bad situation. Then she says they haven't decided fault because the policyholder still has not called them back, now over 2 weeks after the crash. What a joke, I have never seen an insurance company treat people like this. I'm so glad I don't have them as my insurance, no telling what would happen...
I was told Amica would jack up my prices after year one. Everyone was correct. Feel like an idiot for not listening. Back to the old Insurance company. They charged me an extra $400 just for homeowners. They said it was because all the claims and the bad weather. WHAT? I didn't have a claim. The company had revenues of over $2.5 Billion last year and profit over 100 Million. And me, a guy that works 3 jobs just to get by, has to pay the increase for OTHERS claims!!! Does that make sense to anyone?? Already talked to them about it and the customer service agent just didn't care!! Truly didn't care. SAD!!! There are enough companies that do what you do, the reason people stay or leave is because of how they are treated!! PERIOD!! Amica needs to figure that out, and quickly!!
This company is so easy to work with, no nonsense and they are really easy going. I have yet to make a claim with them, but I feel I would be well taken care of. When my car had a blow out, they took care of towing, and helped me get home.
DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR ADS!! Essentially this company is composed of thieves and thugs disguised as insurance providers. After I converted my auto and home insurance to Amica and made the payments, they notified us they had changed the terms requiring I insure two sons with driver's licenses addressed at our home. Amica ignored our evidence the sons were at school out of state and had no access to our cars and that our sons legally changed address. Amica billed us over $1,800 without our consent or request for added insurance. When we switched to GEICO, Amica cancelled our Umbrella policy but did not return our funds. Instead they billed us more stating we owe to insure our sons. The outrage is beyond my comprehension. In addition, Amica billed us for three home policies by email (it went to spam) without our request or consent, and then cancelled all policies for non-payment. We received a letter two days after cancellation. They reinstated the policies, but all three were for more than the original policies and higher than my previous insurer.
Customer service is excellent and has been for 43 years. Premiums are invested and returns at year end are minimum of 20% every year!
I received a quote with the exact same coverages I have with Geico. 100/300 50k property damage 2 cars and $500 deductibles full coverage includes uninsured motorist and $30/900 rental coverage. I pay $150 a month and these clowns wanted $626. Do yourself a favor if you have this company insuring your cars. Call Geico ASAP because odds are you're getting ripped off!
We have been with Amica for over three decades. When we check the competition, we find no reason to change. When we filed a claim, all we did was phone them. They told us where it would be repaired. Since it was able to get there without a tow, we dropped it off. Amica had a rental car waiting. Then we were called when repair was complete. We never paid for any of this. And after our one big claim, we were not dropped. Our rates, and discounts, did not change. In addition, they are always patient when we want to discuss coverage and rates. They offer suggestions to save us $$, and clearly explain risks. Also they were never pushy or in a hurry. So we will probably never change!
Had several different insurance companies over the years and a few claims. 2 years ago we chose Amica. Few months ago my wife lost her engagement and wedding ring when running errand, felt sick to her stomach about it. We looked everywhere, posted flyers, police report etc. Eventually we filed a claim. Amica handled this very professionally, send out an PI to investigate and take a statement. They had the rings appraised by a third party (based on the GIA certificates). Very soon they paid us the appraised value (a substantial amount, by check) which was the same as our appraisal from 2 years ago and closed the case. Unfortunately our premium on the HOI went up but we knew that would happen, same practice most insurance companies do after a claim. The rings were insured via a add -on (special rider) to the HOI, for the appraised value. Amica had the best rates. Very pleased with how they handled this case. We will insure the new rings again with Amica (We are in no way sponsored, affiliated or so with Amica, just a honest review).
I paid insurance premiums for over 20 years including several homes and autos and liability insurance. Eight-9 years ago I wished to continue with them on a home in rural area of Southern California. Guess what? They could care less! "No we can not help you due to a potential loss in a fire!" Thank god for a local agent with State Farm. There is no loyalty with these people. Drop them ASAP and consider it a movement in the right direction. Looks like they are advertising on FOX. What a weak attempt for a low level insurance company. Fire the management and hope you can find a reputable "insurance company that cares"! Peace.
I began auto and home insurance for my family with Amica in1977. Throughout our time with the company we were loyal and highly responsible drivers and owners and I was solely responsible for recommending Amica to no less than 20 friends shopping for insurance. Without consultation or notice, one day in 1997 we received a letter stating that they were dropping us. No recourse. Since then I am happy to say that when I’m asked about auto and homeowner's insurance (and I’ve been asked at least 100 times since then). I tell people ACBA - Any Company But Amica!
I highly recommend Amica Mutual insurance company for Auto insurance. Their prices are excellent and we have never had any problems with them. They have very friendly customer service and they always are very helpful. One time we got into a small accident and had an appraiser come out to look at the vehicle. We were taken care of within just a couple of days and it was such an easy process. I did not feel stressed out whatsoever about the situation because I knew the insurance company I was dealing with was reliable. I pay our bill online and it's a very easy process. It takes less than 5 minutes. They are also nationwide so if you move, you can most likely still have them as your insurance provider.
We had insured with State Farm for many years with no complaints, but when an Amica-covered driver knocked my husband off his bike, wrecking the bike and injuring his shoulder, we were so impressed with Amica's scrupulous coverage and careful treatment, we decided to switch our coverage to them. We've never regretted our decision.
I was recently in the hospital and missed my Amica auto insurance bill. They ended up by canceling my policy and in order to reinstate my policy, they wanted to increase my premiums from $2100 a year to over $7000! I am still in shock over this drastic increase. We subsequently went to Travelers and our rate went back to $2100. I am in the process of now cancelling my homeowners policy with Amica.
Amica's insured ran a stop sign on Nov. 2, 2014 - they received a ticket. A month later, they will not return my calls, have not fixed my truck and still I call, ask when my truck can be fixed. I told them they were forcing me to sue the driver, they said do what I have to do. I'm starting that today. They do not stand behind the insured, be careful.
Reading the reviews before I purchased renters insurance was a red flag. But I went with Amica because I looked up top rated renters insurance and Amica came up. I had a recent burglary claim, someone came out recorded a statement, my adjuster keeps giving me the runaround, now they want me to meet with their attorney to get drilled under oath, doesn't seem normal... I guess this is how they do ** people.
I was a little nervous signing up with an insurance company that did not have a local office/agent as I was used to. But their I-net rating and premium prices were so good that I took a chance. Then a few months ago we were hit by a terrible hailstorm (baseball size hail), that pummeled our home. Amica had an adjuster there the next day and they covered everything. I did not have to do any work. I just had to agree to their cost estimates, which were more than fair. I was able to get everything fixed or replaced with no hassle. Also, my policies just renewed, and they did not raise my rates. Yeah! Now I am no longer nervous as I know Amica is a good company who will be there if I ever need them again!
I was insured with Amica for over 25 yrs with no claims until one snowy day, I was on an entrance ramp to a highway and skidded into the curb, causing some front end damage. I filed a claim, and as a result, Amica almost doubled my insurance premiums. I would have been better off paying repairs out of my pocket and not filing a claim. When I questioned them about it, they said that the State dictated the rate increase.
My car was parked and was hit. Car was considered total loss. I had full coverage, good driving record. Never had this happen before. Next thing you know under investigation for no reason. Looking reason not to pay - even want to put you under oath like is this a murder trial?!! They look to get your money but don't wanna pay up when table turns. AMICA Insurance sucks. Stay away!!!! And I fixed the car out my pocket.
I am writing my review to express my disappointment in Amica Insurance in handling an insurance claim. The claim was reported about a month ago... just today I had to call to figure out what was going on with the claim... When I contact their representative, she was very moody and cutthroat and unable to provide solid facts on the claim. Didn’t offer to help and just seemed like she was ready to hang up on me. Some of the statements she made, made no sense whatsoever. Saying a police report will do nothing to help my claim!?!? For this company being in a customer service industry. The experience I had with their team members has been horrible. Just a PSA I’d like to extend to anybody looking for a new policy. Steer clear from these guys.
My parents have been long time customers of Amica auto and home and everything insurance. They recommended Amica Auto Insurance to me as being reliable. My dad is also an avid consumer reports user- Amica is highly rated there. My experience with Amica has been the complete opposite of pleasant. I got into an accident a year ago where a lady hit the left side of my car by driving past a stop sign while I was driving on the main road. Amica paid out for car repairs and I also got my $1000 deductible back from the opposing driver's insurance company. I was deemed not at fault and thought everything was peachy keen- you know because subrogation is now on the insurance company. WRONG. I move to a different state and start shopping around for insurance companies. FYI, Amica does NOT allow employers to hop on as additional insured/interest. So I had no choice but to leave.I call Amica up again wanting to confirm that they definitely cannot add them as an additional insured and lo and behold they can, BUT they quoted me DOUBLE. The agent said he could not recommend their policy to me despite the quote he just pulled because it is $400/month and he wouldn't even pay that much. So from all of this, I find out that I have a ding on MY record for an accident that Amica clearly documents was not my fault at all and where Amica was supposed to go through the subrogation process to get their payout back from the opposing driver's insurance. I will be on Amica's shoulders making sure that they carry this situation forward to either erase that ding they threw onto my head (which is ruining my ability to get a decent quote from other insurers) OR report them to the insurance consumer governmental database for the state where I was insured.FYI If you want to see how many claims have been submitted, do the following- Google search: complaint ratio + insurance + state and click on the link for a consumer index for complaints against insurers. See how many times Amica pops up. The state of California also rates insurance companies- Google search for their ratings. Amica needs to deflate its ego a bit and perform to the standards and high reviews it allegedly gets. Reviews, alone, are not enough. Consumers will shop around and will leave you.If I were you, I would stay away from Amica. They do not provide much support during the claims process- you will be acting as your own claims agent to remind their agents to do their work. They will not keep you updated- again, they expect you to call them constantly. Also stay away from Progressive. If Satan ever had car insurance, it would be Progressive.
I switched insurance companies when I was near the end of my term with Amica. They sent me a bill for me to renew. When I called them to explain that I switched (My new insurance company must not have contacted them.) While I was waiting for them to get back to me, they put me in collections!!! I now owe them $41. I'm debating about paying it. If they already wrecked my credit rating, I may not. They ruined any chance of my ever having them for an insurance company again.
Amica Auto Insurance helps me understand the need or not need for types of insurance I need and questions are answered quickly. They do not oversell the products and they will be honest and tell what coverage you need. The price for the insurance is fair and I do not feel that I overpay.
I have been with Amica for homeowners and auto insurance for several years, and, up until now, they were great. I've not had any claims filed with Amica since I've been with them and no changes in anything else. Just got my auto policy renewal for the coming year and my rates went up $300!!! The reason they gave me when I called was that "everyone is being affected by the rate increases." I understand small annual increases, but $300 for the year!!! Are they insane? This is completely unacceptable for a long-standing client with a clean record. I will be looking elsewhere for my homeowners and auto insurance. Buyer beware.
Managers withholding information - I have Amica Auto/Home Insurance. I have recently filed a claim on my homeowner's insurance. This has been one of the worst experiences that I have ever dealt with. 2 local branch managers, as well 1 corporate manager will not tell me how to get a hold of the Office of the President or their Executive Customer Relations to file a formal complaint against them and their disservice to me as a customer. They keep bouncing me around so that I cannot file a complaint against them. I am now going to leave Amica because of these 3 individuals and I would like the top level people to understand why I am leaving.
Been with Amica for over 5 years. Very supportive and helpful CSR. Was able to get a person 24/7. Maintained communication with me through every phase of my claim process. Wonderful customer service, reasonable prices on insurance and I have comparison shopped even while on this insurance to see if I could get lower premiums elsewhere. Still the best for its money.
I'm someone who does thorough research before committing to a service, so I felt confident when most websites had Amica listed as the best auto insurance coverage short of USAA, which is reserved for military families. I first had Amica coverage for myself, a good driver with spotless record who never called in any claims. Things were fine despite yearly premium increases that seemed high but not outrageous.Once my husband joined my plan, the premium went up; I wasn't happy but expected it considering a point on his record. Then things got pretty pricey, to the point where we were paying nearly $400 a month for two vehicles. But really the concern comes with how they dealt with minor claims that took place in the last two years (we had six years of coverage total) -- they seem customer-service forward at first, but they are all over the place with responding to emails, accurately recording information, and providing actual good service.Once I started shopping around for other quotes, it became apparent just what a mess Amica is -- they had input information incorrectly on one of the claims and this was causing a slew of issues on my husband's record. Getting it cleared up was a nightmare and even when they delivered the documentation we needed, it still had an error. Many of the agents give you conflicting information and rarely follow through. Honestly, just avoid this company.
Terrible experience. I switched to Amica last year due to great rates I was quoted. After first year they added a $375 surcharge for a traffic ticket I had nearly a year before I switched. My initial policy was for $458. My renewal with added collision protection went up to $1605 with surcharges. Needless to say I dumped Amica today. Saved over $1000 a year on my car, house and umbrella policy with State Farm. Be careful Amica agents will lie on initial quote and then surcharge you for past violations for three years. Not an honest company to deal with.
Sent me email saying I was late in paying and would be canceled. Had operation and missed payment due to operation. Immediately went to website and made the payment. And website confirmed payment and no cancelation. They cancelled anyway over 7.50 cents which was not shown on the billing page and told me I would have to pay for new policy at 2000 due to I had no proof or prior insurance. What a total scam, they knew I had prior insurance and cancelled it anyway just so they could charge me a ridiculous rate. And I had been with them for over. Just so you know I have been accident and ticket free for almost 10 years. Total scam artists!
Thought I would take time to write a positive review. I have had Amica in Ohio for 10 plus years. Had several claims. I was T-boned at an intersection (other person's fault) though the police wrote a no-fault due to the new traffic lights that were put in. Amica went after the other company at my request for my deductible doing a decent procedure in due diligence (did not get my deductible due to the "no fault" police report). I would not recommend using their "preferred repair shops" however - not so happy with their work at two different shops, but they do not hesitate to let you go wherever you want and always paid estimates plus hidden costs without hesitation. Had one deer hit "collision"; one son totalled a car - they paid fair market which was a good number without questions; another rear end (son) (his fault) -- it was a lower value / 17 year old car. Their market evaluation was a little low. (I explained I had a new clutch put in, new water pump / timing belt etc -- but they said that was "maintenance" and didn't had value.) They use CCC (low) and local autos for sale with similar age/miles -- couldn't get them to get up to what I thought I could sell the car for based on the mechanical condition. They cited pre-existing physical issues which were true, but a car of that age, the mechanical and low miles meant more to me in terms of value (ie a good runner), and their claims adjuster was a little high in the repair estimate (which you want normally) -- but it "totalled" the car. I found a shop that would do the work for less, and they agreed to get the repair done. They do allow you to take the settlement less your deductible and keep the car as a "salvage car"... which is a *great* option if you have the time and effort.Their online chat is excellent; local reps are very helpful. They might not be the "cheapest" but they are definitely not the highest rates either (I shop around every once in a while). **Considerable** discount for multiple cars / drivers / combined home / auto / good driver / good student. Checks are always mailed quickly. They also put highest risk drivers on lowest insurance cost autos regardless of who drives what (for a household) to get the best rates. I have 3 boys driving 21 and under plus my wife and I in a metro area with 6 autos and home.
Unfortunately, I was not able to rate 0 the Amico. Amico sent me the advertisement mentioned we are pre-screened for the insurance. Based on the application, I filled the forms online, got a quote and then call Amico to finalize the purchase of the insurance. Suddenly the representative informs me, that our driving record does not fit to Amica policy and they would not be able to provide insurance. It was a surprise since all the information was in the application. So, Amico falsely claims we are pre-screened, sent a false quote and as a result wasted a lot of my time. So, for my experience, worse insurance company I ever deal with.
Horrible, they do not want help their clients. They question everything the client does. They do not return calls nor do they answer emails. They delay delay delay. I am still waiting on answers from my claim yet they had no problems taking my money. HORRIBLE.... run!
I am dealing with a catastrophic home claim I filed in June. I have never dealt with this before. I have not heard from my adjuster and am nowhere near close to my house being fixed. I called numerous times to be told my adjuster is on leave and a supervisor would call me back. That was a week ago. I called today and was disconnected when transferring the call. I called back. Another representative was not helpful and cut me off when I spoke. I am sad to say the time of need I really need my insurance company they are a joke! I plan on going on every site possible so other people don't experience the same thing. I am not sure how Amica can say they have a satisfaction rate in the 90s, I wouldn't even give you half of that!!!
Despite not having submitted a single claim (other than very infrequent windshield replacement), nor any moving violations or other negative marks, Amica has consistently raised our Auto Insurance rates by $400 annually. There are only 2 drivers - my spouse and I, on 2 vehicles - both purchased new in 2014. In 2018-Dec, we were notified that Amica is switching us from a 12-month policy to a 6-month policy. This decision offers the policyholder NOTHING but gives a great advantage to Amica to revisit rates 2x per year. After being a loyal customer for 10+ years, I can no longer afford to insure with Amica and am seeking new coverage elsewhere.
Amica is the only company that does not seem to price gouge you! Not looking to pocket extra money for themselves. Also, I like it because of the low price and they give you a month no payment.
Easy, helpful, great customer service. I love Amica but they're expensive. Even for a small accident claim with no injury, my rates went up a lot.
I have been with Amica for quite a while and have never had complaints. They have provided me well and are always there to assist me with what I need. I have had problems with my car like brakes and alignment. My last issue was a windshield crack which they covered and now it is no longer a problem. I did not initially choose Amica as my provider, but my father suggested them to me and I am glad he did. He has been with them for a very long time and has been very happy with all they have to offer.
I signed up with Amica for a 1 year Auto & Home policy in July 2017. I knew at that time I was selecting an insurance company rated for some of the best service in NA. My original sales representative was very helpful and informative and helped me setup my Iowa policies. He also let me know at the 1 year renewal mark I would have the options of maintaining my coverage for a slight discount or increasing my coverage for a slight increase in premium which I was pleased to hear. Both policies combined were around $2,100~ over the year at $176 plus change monthly which was the most I’d ever paid for insurance, but I was happy to pay it because I came to Amica with the intention of staying put and one day passing this great coverage on to my future children. I spoke with various representatives as time went by who were always professional and some were extra kind and helpful/caring. And I had good service experiences with Amica. In April 2018 I spoke with a sales representative for New Mexico who advised me that to have the same kinds of policies in New Mexico would be around $12 cheaper per year than Iowa. In May 2018 both policies were changed to New Mexico. In June 2018 I saw my first bill for my New Mexico policies which was $278...Keep in mind I never had single accident claim that resulted in Amica paying out a dime nor did I incur any speeding or driving related tickets during this period. When I called Amica to find out why my bill had gone up I was informed that 12 months of charges had been packed into 9 months of billing due to the way the billing worked out which I understood, but the bill was still too high even accounting for that. After more conversations I found out my New Mexico policies were over $2,500 over 12 months and that if Amica had renewed my Iowa policies I would have paid over $2,400 over 12 months. Amica had some professional and even kind representatives that listened to me, but Amica has not empowered them or even the supervisors enough to help someone in my situation. Therefore the dream I had for Amica & I is dead, and the corporation Amica has become like a ??? that bites in my eyes. I am switching to Allstate where for $128 plus change per month I can at least cover the auto fully.
Talk about taking forever to get a claim done when you're filing a claim against one of their insured. Different things told to me by different reps. And the adjuster looked at my car for no more than 2 minutes. I kept telling him how my hood shifted to one side now. He told me "oh don't let that fool you. It's just the way the front bumper is now from the impact." I tried to show him that, that's not what I see and then pointed out obvious damage. He ignored me. When I asked if he needed me to lift the hood he said "no there's nothing behind there anyway." Wow. I was actually looking for a different insurance carrier for home and auto and will definitely not be looking into Amica.
I've had Amica for both my auto and car insurance since 2009. In the beginning, I was happy with the service. Since they've advertised on TV, the service has gone downhill and the prices have gone up! I had to call 3 times to get my former car, which I had sold, removed from my policy! I was still being charged the whole time! I asked to speak with a manager, was put on hold only to be told that the bill would remain the same. The rep kept on saying, "You made changes to your policy" when I'd told her three times that the bill was issued before I'd added another vehicle and made changes! I finally did get a manager. I emailed her two times to try to renegotiate a rate and left her a voicemail, none of which were returned! They have the nerve to rave about their customer service? Horrible customer service! Beware!!! I will never recommend Amica!!!
I have been an Amica customer for about 30 years. I have gone long periods without filing a claim, and then other times (mainly since my daughter started driving) I have had to file a number of claims, probably 6 in the last 5 years. When I've had auto body work, their vendors have been outstanding. One even drove to my house to pick me up to take me to their location half an hour away so I could get my car on the day promised. I have auto, home and an umbrella policy with them and it would take more than one really negative experience with them to make me change.
I must make this a synopsis, b/c I have already spent way too much time dealing with poor customer service from Amica. After being a customer for at least 10 years making regular on time payments for car insurance I find that Amica does not actually support or care for their customers when it comes down to it. In between final payment of previous policy and renewal we experienced mail/billing issues. When I realized we missed two payments (finally receiving a bill) I paid half immediately and waited to pay the rest of the payment ($275.00) two weeks later, after getting paid. I made the final payment to catch up on Feb. 18, online. When I received a bill in mid March for $24.20, I thought it was odd and called to discuss with CS. I was informed at that time that we were cancelled on 2/16 due to non payment. ($275) We had unknowingly been driving around uninsured for over a month!! Without any notification from Amica. They swear that they sent numerous letters and made phone calls - never received a word! Now I am dealing with 3 MVA suspension fines that they are sorry they can't help me with. I have never had a worse experience with an insurance company. They may claim to be the best in customer service but when it comes down to it, all they care about is money, just like all the rest of insurance companies. I can't imagine if you suddenly fell ill or had to deal with a life event. This was a simple billing/mail issue that I attempted to remedy as soon as I realized the problem. They cancelled us for less than $300 outstanding bill and then never bothered to tell us we were cancelled, but you better believe they notified the MVA!
If I could give zero stars, I would. We spoke with a representative [Michael **] and he got us set up for a policy on a house we're planning to close on. We waited for confirmation on the policy, and waited, and waited. As the closing date approached, we received a call from him saying to give him a call back, no big deal. We did, no return call. Tried multiple times over the next four days. Nothing. Sent emails, called again. Find out through another call [again still can't get a hold of Michael] that they just need confirmation that we'll handle a small bit of leftover mold [which our inspector said was not a problem] within 30 days of closing. Sure thing! We'll handle that. Meanwhile, our loan officer is trying to get a hold of them as well to finalize details. Finally get a call TWO DAYS before closing to hear they will not be able to insure us. Thanks AMICA for making home buying so stressful! We'll be sure to let everyone know how "helpful" you are.
We recently had some work done to our back deck which sits 12 feet of the ground and faces Mt. Washington in NH. Why I mention this anything on this side of the house takes a beating. As a qualification the railing parts alone cost $10,000. In doing the job they discovered Rot which had to be replaced. The bill eventually amounted to $37,000. I filed a claim with Amica who promptly sent an adjuster while the work was being done. The adjuster explained they limit their liability is $10,000 for rot. I received the check fairly quickly. This left me with $17,000 unplanned expenses to cover. So I would tell anybody to be careful of the limitations of the policy.
About the only things I can say is the value of my policy is great and I had them back in the 80's and they were there for me when I had a claim, the only reason I dropped them back then was I was not driving so I had no car to insure. As for cs after purchasing a new vehicle between the dealer and myself it 4 days and about 20 phone calls to get the binder for my new car.
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