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American Express Travel Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: American Express Travel Insurance
Year Founded: 1850
Address: World Financial Center, 200 Vesey St.
City: New York
State/Province: NY
Postal Code: 10285
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 528-4800
Overall average rating of 1 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 0 %
My husband had to have double detached retina surgery two weeks before our planned trip to Paris. The doctor would not allow him to fly, so we had to cancel our trip and three expensive air tickets. All of the reservations we made in France were cheerfully cancelled and we were reimbursed without even having to send them the doctor's letter. American Express has refused to reimburse us for our tickets. I have escalated this and cannot get it resolved. We are so disappointed in what I used to think was a really quality company. But I feel we are not being treated fairly. They have the doctors letter and all of the extensive paperwork required. But we cannot get our money reimbursed. They are telling us we have to reuse our tickets - but we cannot take this trip within the time period we have been allocated.
I recently got a new job in a different city. I anticipated that I would likely have to change a flight I was planning to book as a result of starting this new job. I purchased the $25 travel insurance that is offered through American Express Travel. It appeared to be the only option that was available and appeared to indicate that changes in travel plans related to work would be covered.I ended up having to change one of the flights by one day. I was charged the difference in costs for the flight change as well as a $200 fee for switching the flights. I called American Express Travel and they told me that they have no control over insurance claims and that I would have to call a separate American Express department to file a travel insurance claim. I contacted this department and the person I spoke with told me that my claim would be invalid and that the travel insurance I purchased did not cover work-related changes. In short, I paid an extra $225 for literally nothing when I was under the impression that I was using their service appropriately.Prior to this, as someone who has been a proud and loyal AmEx cardholder for a while, I was surprised by the negative reviews I had frequently come across about American Express Travel. Along with their 1-star rating on this site, Forbes Magazine called it the #1 worst franchise to buy in 2015. I now understand their poor reputation, which unfortunately now reflects on the company as a whole.
In July 2017, we purchased Premium Car Rental Protection coverage, underwritten by AMEX Assurance, when my husband rented a large passenger van to help transport our son's travel baseball team at Cooperstown. The regular coverage though our AMEX Card did not apply due to the size of the vehicle. At no time was it ever made clear to myself or my husband that we would continue to be charged additional premium insurance coverage for other future rentals using our AMEX card.Recently when I rented a car in Los Angeles, a charge of $17.95 was added on my credit card without my consent. When I called AMEX to dispute this charge, I was told to contact their insurance division, & they would remove it. Instead of agreeing to remove it, both the rep & his supervisor in the Premium Insurance Division argued with me that I had been given a disclosure when I signed up back in July. Further, it was my husband who had enrolled, using his card. Initially, I was told that the company did not have access to the "recorded conversation," but then was told that they would pull the recording to review it & would at that time decide if credit would be issued.We have never received any information or documentation about this continued enrollment in writing. Further, I was told if I wanted a record of the call giving disclosure about continued charges, I would need to get a court subpoena. I am shocked that this company is operating under the AMEX umbrella as both reps were extremely aggressive, & the company's business practices seem highly questionable. I have been a loyal credit card customer of AMEX for many years & called them regarding how angry I was about this experience. I was told by a supervisor at AMEX that she would be crediting my account, & she would call me back this afternoon as she wanted to research my complaint further. I have not received a call back yet and am still waiting to see the credit applied to my account. Very disappointed in AMEX and feel my trust has been manipulated.
I was on a business trip in Trinidad with 4 employees. One employee hurt his back and had to return to the States. After trying to get in touch with American Express Travel Insurance only to find out they are closed after hours and over the weekend. For the well being of my employee I purchased a return ticket for him and send him back the next day. My claim for $407.- is denied, because my employee should have seen a physician in Trinidad before returning to the USA. It's part of the 25 page fine print. I am more frustrated about the fact that I was lured in by Amex Travel site to "click" here if you want insurance. Since it is backed by Amex themselves I assumed they are a reputable insurance company. I thought Amex would be on my side on this after being a loyal customer for 23 years. Capital One Visa... Here I come along with 10 employees!
Well I stepped on rake twice! First time Amex Assurance Travel company screwed me in February 2018, I purchased Amex Travel Insurance policy for the trip on Lufthansa, and couldn't fly with multiple reasons including sickness. When Amex sell you policy it says 110% coverage with no question ask, and week after I received policy by email, with so many exclusions!? So Amex Assurance refused to honor the coverage and I lost $800! Second time I purchased Amex Travel Insurance policy in October 2018, and traveled to Ukraine for business. During the trip I got sick and had dental surgery, and had to stay extra week there! And Amex Assurance Travel company denied Trip Interruption coverage again, even I provided all documents!? Please stay away from Amex business! I won't let it go, will see my attorney today!
On April 25, 2017, my husband and I used American Express Rewards points to purchase tickets to Europe. Unfortunately we were unable to do so online so had to speak with a American Express representative to make our flight reservations. Since we didn't make the reservations online we were unable to purchase the affordable trip insurance and were told we would have to contact the American Express Travel Insurance Company, Amex Assurance Company. The insurance was quite costly but we decided it was the thing to do. Unfortunately Hurricane Irma hit south Florida on September 10, and Naples in particular where we live, four days before our scheduled trip on September 14. We had no power, no cell service, no home phone, no internet. We had a tree on our roof which left a gaping hole and totaled one car which was parked outside the garage, thus blocking the car parked in the garage. It took three days to get the tree off the car to make it possible to get our other car out of the garage. The entire area was flooded and trees were down everywhere blocking neighborhood and county roads. We had to notify insurance companies and with no phone service of any kind that took almost a week. We knew we would be unable to travel so the day before the category 4 hurricane was expected to hit Naples, we called Amex Assurance Company to notify them we would be unable to fly. By the way, our flight was out of Miami International Airport, a two hour drive from Naples and we had no idea what the condition of the roads would be after the storm. Then when we had heard nothing from them after three weeks, we called and were told they had sent an email asking for details of our cancellation, which of course we did not receive because we had no internet for three weeks. The email was resent and we complied with the request and returned the forms. We heard nothing for two more weeks and when we called we were told Amex needed documentation of the hurricane, no power, etc. We sent pictures of the tree on our roof and car, pictures of our property and even a newspaper article about the devastation from Irma. Still we heard nothing. We just spoke to someone today and after about 30 minutes we had gotten nowhere. We were told it was up to the adjuster. We could not get a name or phone number. We were told by this agent that speaking to a supervisor would not help. In good faith we insured our trip against any medical emergencies or catastrophic events. I consider Hurricane Irma a catastrophic event. Yet, nine weeks later we are still getting a runaround! Also, no one from Amex Insurance Company has ever contacted us regarding our claim. I will make sure all my friends and business acquaintances are aware of the terrible service this company provides.
I am extremely disappointed with the AMEX travel insurance. Like others I used to think this as a reputable company. I bought the insurance for recent overseas trip. Our passport was stolen during the trip so we can't take the flight and had to incur heavy expenses in obtaining the passport, new ticket, hotels and runaround. They sent email with "No Reply" so you can't reply back (go figure it out - customer service). I called several times and got the runaround. I am surprised how these kind of companies continue to operate in USA. I am sure they bribe senators, congress and elected officials to stay in the business. They know that we poor consumers can't do anything. They have lawyers and officials in their pocket. I would never buy any policy again and disputing the charges.
We are Amex members for many years. We purchased travel insurance for an international vacation. In January 2019, we were at Atlanta, Georgia for a connecting flight to South America. We were at the Delta terminal in the process of boarding. Our 70-year-old cousin vomited clotted blood, her husband of 50 plus years went into panic mode. Delta Airlines alerted airport staff and called 911. We were unable to continue with our vacation, instead, we were taken to Hospital Emergency Room, we were there till the following morning- 8:30 am. After many tests, it was determined that our cousin was suffering from a pulmonary condition which required medical followup. The Doctor recommended patient be admitted.We returned home, contacted Amex Travel Insurance- filed all required all paperwork with supporting medical documentation. Almost immediately we received the following decision: CLAIM DENIED- COUSINS ARE NOT COVERED, YOU SHOULD HAVE CONTINUED ON WITH YOUR VACATION. We are totally disgusted with Amex and would recommend others learn from our unfortunate experience.
Oh man. Where to start. To be as succinct as possible: It started with them charging me double when I initially purchased the policy. From there, I had the extremely tedious process of filing claims from all the mishaps that happened throughout my travels. This took 4 hours in total, included 3 separate 4 page forms along with countless documents I submitted for evidence. To my shock and dismay, I received an initial "Claims outcome" email after a week (date: 10/20/18), stating that my claims required more time. This was a huge red flag that they were obviously doing everything they can to dive deeper and make a false claim for why they couldn't pay me. To no surprise, weeks later, (11/6/19), I received e-mails denying all claims except for (Around $1,000 in total), except for around $120. Ironically nearly the exact amount the policy itself was worth. The second I saw that I knew that this company has absolutely no intention of paying anyone for any claims that exceed the amount of the policy. As a side note, I was on a tour when these incidents happened, and all other 15 people in my group were reimbursed for the troubles we encountered except for me. In addition to this, I've called this company FIVE times, the first being end of October and each call has totaled 45 minutes at the shortest. Each time, I've let them know about the double charge for the policy and requested for reasoning behind my erroneously denied claims and each time, the agent has advised they have filed a grievance with the appropriate department and that I will be contacted in 5 days with a result. To this day: I've had NO callbacks, NO refund, NO assistance with my claims. This company has in total wasted 8 hours of my time trying to get answers, help, and my rightfully deserved money and I've yet to have any of that. I called again today to follow up, and she's let me know that "every agent has made an error in the past and that my issues will be attended to within 30 days" NOT OK.
In July 2015 I took out a 12 month travel insurance policy to cover me as I travel around Europe and South East Asia for a few months. I scanned through the 35 page policy document and the more I read, the more confident I was to purchase their product online. All the large tables on their website, with the large blue fonts covered the many great benefits of the policy and I thus, paid for it and went off on my travels, happy with my decision and confident in both the product and the company (AMEX).On 7th November I was bitten by a wild cat in India and had to be hospitalized for IV antibiotics. My friend called AMEX to advise them of my pending claim. I was released from hospital two days later and, after many calls to them, advised that the policy did not cover me as I was out of Australia for more than 45 days. Further, that to be covered, I would have had to leave from Australia and not stay away for more than 45 days. I again, scanned the terms and conditions document again in sheer disbelief and found in small print, the reference to 45 days stay maximum in an unusual place of 'who' should take out the policy. This is unethical marketing and promotion to get your money and nothing else.This is a long document to read for anyone and to have all the benefits in large blue print in large, easy to read tables. And to have such a salient point as the policyholder can only travel from Australia for up to 45 days maximum during the one year policy in small print is grossly unethical as I feel I've been tricked into purchasing a product that is advertised for a year in large print and - is the same cover that AMEX card holders have already when they pay for their flights with their credit card - in small print. Therefore, AMEX has taken money from me twice e.g. credit card annual fee and this policy for the same product! I have never, until now, had any complaint with AMEX. I was shocked to hear that their travel insurance is with ACE and that they disassociate themselves from the company completely, as it was clearly advertised as their product when I purchased it online - and it is confusing to their loyal customers.My perfect impression of AMEX has been tarnished greatly as I contacted both AMEX and ACE by phone overseas and was told by AMEX they are not responsible for the insurance double up and it is nothing to do with them. And then ACE told me I should read the small print. Let's be honest, we are not all lawyers as we don't always read every single word of a very large document. I, like most honest people, trust companies that have been good to me in the past. AMEX did not bother to confirm the policy is in fact a double up of the usual credit card travel insurance and ACE well, they told me after I had to make several calls to Sydney while in hospital, that they will not refund my policy fee! I'm in my sixties and am horrified that this unethical practice should be allowed in Australia.
I always purchased travel insurance from them. In fact I have another coming trip and I am really nervous that I purchased Insurance from them. I trusted them because it is an Amex travel insurance division. I never read the reviews until I have a problem with them. Coming back from our last vacation in Europe, our flight was cancelled and was rescheduled the following day. The airline never gave us voucher for food, hotel etc. I file a reimbursement request to the airline and didn't hear from them so I filed with our insurance. I sent all the necessary papers like tickets, receipts, letter of cancellation, etc. Finally, we heard from the airline with a letter of apology and a promise to pay us for the inconvenience.For the meantime, Amex Assurance is still asking for the same documents that I have sent them over and over again. I called but they don't have a clear picture of what I am calling for. I told them to close my file cause I don't have time to deal with a small amount and they gladly did it. My fear is, we are flying to the other end of the world. Will they be reliable to provide the services they promised like medical care, loss of luggage, evacuation, etc. I am just praying that nothing bad will happen. Next time, I will purchase insurance from another company but will check their reviews first.
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