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Allstate Homeowners Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Allstate
Overall average rating of 1.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 12 %
I have file three claim after major storms. My claims have all been denied. My neighbors have received more than one roof from two of the storm but according to Allstate I had NO damage. The damage is visible from the street.
I have been with Allstate for many years and the experiences have ranged from neutral to horrific. The most recent and final straw was when I called to review my homeowners insurance policy. I was paying 1700.00 a year and had gotten a quote through USAA that was significantly less. I wanted to give Allstate an opportunity to match or justify the more than half difference. My agent was dismissive, condescending and hopped around my questions. For example, I asked him if I had been getting a hip roof discount and he told me he had to come to my house to look if I had one but couldn't tell me if I was already getting the discount. I told him I was getting a wind mitigation inspection which he gladly latched onto and told me I needed to do that first before he could tell me any quotes on discounts. I kept saying that the wind mitigation was an additional discount and had nothing to do with my hip roof discount. He hurried me off the phone saying he would call me in a day.When he called back he threw out a bunch of jargon, listing long processes, and told me I needed to go ahead and do the wind mitigation inspection so he could quote me accurately. Basically, he had no answers. I pushed him to answer whether I was getting the hip roof discount and he said no. I had been overcharged for 3 years and they had never inspected my property. I told him I was not going to be renewing my policy and wanted my money back. He was just as rude and annoyed as ever. I hung up and escalated to a supervisor. My agent called me back and told me he had heard of my complaint. I feel everything from his demeanor, answering my questions honestly and then contacting me when I obviously do not want to speak to him has been highly unprofessional. This is just one instance of horrendous customer service. You are not in better hands with Allstate.
Recently I felt the auto end was failing after 20 plus years a customer. Now we had a fire that destroyed our whole lives. I am fighting health issues as is. They treat you like crap, belittle you, degrade your home, belonging! I have spoken to several others and they have noted the insurance companies they have have never treated them this way. I'm shocked that legally they can get away with this. You pay for a policy that is just expensive toilet tissue!
I have been with Allstate for the past 17 years. I have used it for all of my insurance needs. I have one agent that I work with and he is always available when I need him and when there is a problem he always first ask is everyone okay. Too me that is very important because it shows he is not just in it for the money. Insurance is a very personal preference and we have found Allstate to be very friendly and effective.I like my personal agent but when use different areas of Allstate they sometimes send out contract employees to do some of the work and those people are pushy and can be very annoying. That I do not like. For instance we got life insurance and the lady kept calling my husband over and over to set up an appointment and would not take no for answer when we already stated I would not qualify for the insurance she wanted us to obtain because of my health. She just did not believe it. And when she came out she saw that we were correct and never once apologized but gave the impression that we inconvenienced her. I called our agent the next day and explained the situation and he apologized for it and stated he would let the company know.I chose Allstate because it gave us the best rate and we could bundle all of our other insurances into one policy which saved us even more. It was also the only one that we could use because of a new policy under mold that Allstate was not requiring on new homes. We had just purchased a new home and Allstate was the only one willing to help us. And we were closing in one day and we could not close without proper insurance. And our agent said, "Not problem. Email me the information." And they had all the paperwork completed in a few hours and were able to close on our home as promised.
I came home from work, and had damage to my home. My neighbor hired a tree cutting company, and the tree ruined all my wires, pulled the electric pole off my roof, and ruined parts of my roof too. They refuse to pay on a claim, because they said i should go after the tree cutters. The home owner hired them, and they refuse to pay damages too. The owner of the home, per my attorney would be the one who is responsible, and Allstate is the homeowners insurance, and they refuse to pay.I want them to pay on claim **. Also, the workers trespassed on my property, and went on my roof without permission from me. Trying to camouflage the damages.
The representatives have gone out of their way to explain things and answer any questions my husband and have had. This company is much more reasonable than other big name in our area and the people have been so helpful.
Have been with them less than a year, so far, all is well. Good coverage, friendly, always there to answer questions, and reasonably priced. I receive the same coverage that I had with another company, for much less. Allstate makes me feel that they are concerned about my well being.
We are victims of Allstate Insurance and their gross negligence and incompetence in regards to our home. We purchased our home in approximately 2001. In 2006 our city was hit with devastating storms and we were declared a National Emergency Zone. Water started pouring into our home from the roof in no less than four different locations. We own a two story home and our sunken living room downstairs was officially a lake. When the rain ceased after six or seven straight days, we called Allstate, the adjuster showed up with his handy helper, climbed up on the roof where they spent about 10 to 15 minutes, came down and informed my wife and I that we indeed had roof damage. He stated that we had "one" shingle that was damaged that had caused our entire house to flood. Even if I had not been a roofer for seven years, the look of incredibility on my face would have been the same. This was the start of an almost four year nightmare to get my roof repaired and finally in 2010 we prevailed.Since that time we have had two other issues, one which actually only took a matter of a couple of months, and one that is no unresolved after contacting Allstate for seven years. My skimmer line in my pool busted, Allstate's first excuse... sorry your pool was not included in your insurance policy. Which is amazing seeing as how I purchased the home with the pool already built. When I informed Allstate of this they said, "Oh well we do not cover 'acts of God'." I have made a point of calling Allstate every year for the past six years to resolve this issue. My last call which was late last year after relating the incidents on Allstate's Facebook page was to be contacted by a representative of their online social media sight, whom apologized for my troubles and any inconvenience we may have suffered and offered to have an agent from their main office contact us. I accepted, and within 24 hours a representative from their corporate offices contacted us. This was a good thing right? Wrong! For the first 15 to 20 minutes I was ran around from department to department, I was then given to someone who had me again relate what had happened and then informed me that I again had the wrong department. Finally I hit the so called "right" department where I again related what had been happening and then was informed that the time period for me to file a claim was expired and that there was nothing they could do about it. Sooooo sorry! This has become to be what I now refer to has Allstate Customer Service Standard Operating B.S. Funny how you never seem to have a problem paying them their extortion fees.I am now fed up completely with Allstate's gross bumbling and incompetence. I will be filing a complaint with the Texas Insurance Commission as well as seeking legal assistance where I will be suing Allstate for their lack of taking care of the insurance needs of my home. I will also be contacting a specialist to test for mold damage due to Allstate never properly researching the damage to my insulation and walls during the 2006 storms which my wife and I are both now suffering possible allergic reactions to. If you have had similar experiences with Allstate I ask that you feel free to contact me.
I shopped for home insurance when I first bought my house and Allstate gave me $1900 which was the best offer! One year later without knowing Allstate adds $400 and informs the mortgage company without letting me know!!! I accidentally knew when my mortgage company sent me the end of year escrow summary where I had a shortage that I have to pay!!! When I called them their answer was, "well your insurance company changed your policy and it jumped from 1900 to 2300!!!" When Allstate sends policy review they mention everything except the price!!! By the time I learned all of this I had already canceled my policy with them just because I felt that I keep paying more! And after knowing all of this I called Allstate for explanation. They said "well sorry we can't review your policy because you already cancelled it!!" This is the worst insurance company ever. I don't usually write reviews, but I don't want other people to get scammed so be careful stay away from Allstate!!
I've had Allstate for the 12 years. I've owned my home and never had a claim until this year when we had two separate broken pipes. So, I had two claims, one for 5K and one for 8K. Allstate paid them and then dropped my policy because I had two in the same year. The adjuster was very encouraging and wanted to get me as much money as possible. She even paid me for the couple of loads of laundry I did after cleaning up the water with bath towels. Nobody ever told me it would be a bad idea to have two claims. Thanks, Allstate.
Allstate was supposed to have a team that responds to your claims in a timely manner, with structure and accountability. This is far from what I receive after a house fire rendered my home uninhabitable. A response to remove our items from the home took 9 days from the fire. This was only after I called corporate phone and got the content adjuster's manager. The content adjuster never physically inspected or evaluated our belongings. Then to add to the frustration, they contracted Servpro and an electronics company of their choosing to clean our items. What happens next - we receive uncleaned items three months later, some with only the finger prints in the soot, moldy food inside and paper wrapped around them. I guess Allstate doesn't feel the adjuster should check on its vendors for quality. This was around Thanksgiving of 2014. I contacted them on their own website about the horrible state of my contents and how my claim was being handled. It took until August to slowly clean all of our stuff ourselves and to receive a call from the adjuster that wanted to know why I was upset. They now want to re-inspect our items and are unwilling to just compensate my family for what they put my family through when I paid them to insure my family against this event. At this point, I would recommend you set yourself on fire before purchasing any insurance coverage of any kind from Allstate.
One month prior to renewal, I received a bill from Allstate for an extra $187 for my home insurance. Called the agent who said it's based on an inspection of replacement costs. And guess when the "inspection" was performed? 7 days later, after I signed the insurance policy! They held up this extra charge for 11 months while I was paying the monthly installments, and threw it out in the end of my policy so even if I cancel my policy, I will still be charged on a pro-rate basis. Feeling ripped off!
Kept raising my rates despite me never making a claim. After superstorm Sandy my rates doubled and they told me that wasn't the reason why. Maybe I would have been better off having some damage, at least I could have received some satisfaction.
Pipe busted, flooded my house, absolutely no help from Allstate. Adjuster never came out, paid it all out of pocket, horrible company. Will collect all of your money but never pays for anything. They sign you up for their "homeowners package" but it covers nothing. They don't tell you that everything that's covered is extra. And the adjusters are lazy! In good hands my **.
Allstate refused to pay my claim when my sump pump broke and flooded my basement. They said my insurance did not cover that problem. When I purchased my homeowners ins. about 14 years ago, my agent (whom I have never met in person) did not tell me this and I DID NOT receive a copy of the policy UNTIL two weeks after I filed the claim. My expenses came to over $6000.00. I am 89 years old, widow and trying to exist on Social Security. I will probably die before I can pay this amount. I can furnish the repair costs (about 6 pages) upon request.
Recently received a card from the agency in Kalamazoo. I went there to get a better rate on my 4 home insurance policy, which were all insured previously by other insurance companies. Got the quote sounded great. Then started getting cancellation notices from each home they insured. Every time I try to call no one answers and no one returns my calls. I can't get any money back from them. Paid 3 months in advance for insurance on a home they never insured, yet still will not give me my money back. They have a poor way of running their business, I feel that they shouldn't have said they would insure them if they had no plan on keeping their word. As I said, all were insured with other companies before I moved to Allstate. They are horrible.
Never had to file a claim, I just pay monthly. My insurance agent is professional and polite. It is rather expensive I must admit. I would like a better rate.
First claim after 35 years with Allstate, only to discover that the policy I had paid for year after year isn't worth the paper it is printed on! The hose burst that delivers water to our refrigerator, ice maker and water dispenser, opening up a hole in the sheetrock behind it and dumping gallons of water. Our refrigerator is enclosed by wood cabinets on both sides and the common wall between the kitchen and living room. Because most of the water drained down into the crawl space, and everything seemed to work normally we did not discover the problem until we noticed buckling in the wood floor directly in front of the refrigerator. We notified Allstate, stopped the water flow, and did our best to clean up the mess. We waited five days for someone from Allstate to examine our damage, only to be informed they would not cover it because it had been going on for longer than 7 days. We couldn't believe the lame excuse they hid behind, and still don't. The adjuster quoted chapter and verse from the policy and stated that because there was mold growing, that the condition had been going on for longer than a week. In my circumstance, the only way I might have discovered the leak any sooner would have been to take weekly inspection trips under the house. How many of us do something like that? I am now stuck with thousands in remediation and rebuilding costs, upheaval and the inconvenience of trying to live without a kitchen. From my perspective, this is exactly the kind of financial loss that I thought I was insuring myself against! It is my opinion that Allstate is in the business of collecting premiums and denying claims, contrary to their advertising.
I purchased homeowners insurance with Allstate in 2009 and each and every year since then, it has gone up. My house payment has gone up with that in 2010, my homeowners insurance went up $179.71 and then I got a letter in mail saying that there was a processing error for 2010 through 2011, that my insurance has gone down and they made a mistake, so they sent me a small check for $27.00. Then this week, I got a renewal letter saying my insurance is going back up for 2012 to 2013. I can't even understand how Allstate can get away with doing this. I'm new to home buying, this is my first house and I got a big surprise the year after I purchased my home. Not only did my insurance go up, but my taxes on my house went up and I didn't even realize it, so I ended up owing all this money on my escrow. My house payment went way up. Now this year, I'm screwed once again because my insurance is going up once again. Allstate is a ripoff company. At first, they're all good. Then when they got you where they want you, they stick it to you real good. If I would have known what I know now about home buying, I sure wouldn't have bought a house because I'm not only getting scammed by Allstate, but my mortgage company is right along with them. If you are new to home buying, make sure you do your research. Make sure you know what you're getting into with insurance companies, they can change your rate on a dime without notice, they can do what ever they want and get away with it. Watch your statements from Allstate closely, mine doesn't even match up to what my mortgage company has paid to Allstate. It just doesn't make sense to me. I'm going to be looking for a new insurance company because Allstate is ripping me off and as you can see by this forum, many others as well.
To be very honest the current homeowner's insurance holder, myself, could not be any happier at this present moment in time with the services that are being given through this particular insurance company.
I had water damage to my bedroom ceiling, walls of my bedroom, living room, and bathroom from a suspected leak from a third floor shower. On advice from Allstate's claims rep, my plumber prepared an assessment of necessary repairs and what he would have to do in order to find the exact cause of the leak. I gave the adjuster the written assessment, and he said, "This is a lot of money!" He then proceeded to look at the damaged areas and the bathroom, and in a nasty and dismissive way, he told me that Allstate was not in the "business of remodelling my house" and that he would have to get his own plumber to come out to my house to find the cause. And he said that he could not accommodate my schedule, so I did not have to take another day off from work with a visit by his plumber, because "plumbers work the same hours as I do."I complained to his supervisor, who yelled at me and told me he has never had a complaint against this adjuster and that he "apologized for me interpreting what the adjuster said in a wrong way." He also told me that because I would not let the adjuster turn on the shower to see if that was the cause of the leak (I did not want any more water damage), the adjuster did not think I had a sudden and accidental loss.I had to call the regional manager to get the adjuster and his supervisor to try and find a plumber to try and accommodate my schedule, so I did not have to take another day off without pay. And my son still cannot use his shower, and I still have water damage all over my house. I have never been treated so shabbily and in a such a discourteous way. When I complained to the claims rep, she was ineffective. I get it that the adjuster did not want to pay anything, but he was so nasty and offensive about it that I asked him to leave my house - and I still have to deal with him! I am so discouraged and dismayed that I don't know what to do.
The sump pump coverage needs to be bought separately.
I was a loyal customer of State Farm for 14 years. 2 years ago someone hit my car and they wanted me to deal with the other insurance!! Really?? They never wanted to help me with my flood insurance policy. They referred me to someone else!! And last month they hiked my car insurance deductible from $500 to $1268!! I'm not even mad, I'm just glad I went with Allstate, honestly, I do feel I'm in better hands!!! Thank you ** and Team in Ontario CA for saving me over $100 a month!!!
We have made only 1 claim on our Allstate Homeowners Insurance. A winter storm took down a large, 40 foot tree in our front yard, taking part of a wood fence and part of our irrigation piping with it. I submitted a claim with Allstate though their website, with details and photos. Allstate quickly approved payment for the tree removal and repairs to the fence and piping. All in all, their response was quick and efficient. I would highly recommend them.
June, 2015 I submitted a claim for damage to my roof due to water leak in my bathroom and kitchen. Allstate sent Brandon Builders out to do a temporary fix (tarp on roof) until an adjuster come out 2 weeks later. The adjuster came out and determined it was my skylight and the exhaust pipe on my roof causing the leak and gave me money to have that fixed which I did and the problem was fixed. When Brandon Builders came out to put the tarp on the roof they nailed it down which destroyed my shingles on my roof. I called Brandon Builders and they said that's the only way they could secure the tarp. In October I got another leak in my kitchen due to the nail holes from the tarp. Once again I called Allstate and they told me to get a quote for the nail holes and they would review it. After 4 roofing companies came out to give me an estimate all of them said Brandon Builders left holes all over my roof and they could not understand why Allstate will not agree to give me a new roof. The last roofer even called the Adjuster. I have life insurance, homeowners and car insurance with Allstate and have been with them for over 40 years and have only had 2 claims with them. They still refuse to give me a new roof. I am very disappointed and for them to be the 2nd largest insurance company they sure don't measure up to that or the commercials they run. I will not recommend them to anyone for homeowners insurance.
A month in advance for home insurance renewal, checked couples of quotes. Allstate was one of 2 companies gave a $50 lower premium for the year. Paid policy in full & 2 months later they sent a letter stating the adjusted home estimation is $632,000 not $430,000. So premium increases by $300. This home price in appraisal (sold a year ago), other quotes, real-websites Zillow, Redfin all show in range of $400,000 to $470,000. What you call this company? Total rip-off!! Stay away from Allstate!
Allstate was so great in the aftermath of a storm. They were prompt in taking care of everything and so kind while doing so. Premiums are also very fair. Thumbs up Allstate.
Claim Process - This is by far the WORST insurance I have ever dealt with and don't think that I will give them anymore of my money or time. Someone broke into my home and I feel that I am the one being interrogated. I am the victim but yet I feel like I'm the suspect. All I want are my kid’s things and my things. This happened on July 21st and I received a letter today from an insurance defense attorney and have to go through a 2 to 3 hour Examination under Oath process. What kind of foolery is this. I have never ever felt so uneasy about something like this.
Remember those commercials that Allstate runs "You're in good Hands with Allstate". Don't believe the lies they are spreading. After 41 years with this company you would think they would know their customers and help them any way they can. They dont. 2005 the nightmare begins with a repeated request to the agent to review my policy to save me some money. I've driven since I was 15 years old, never had ticket or accident, so why are you charging me so much? $5400 and for 5 cars and only two of them can be driven at a time??? And driven no more than 4-5k a year, three of the cars and a truck sit most of their life parked. And I'm retired and my wife a flight attendant and gone two weeks at a time.After two years of excuses from their agent I changed companies. I gave this agent 48 hours of notice to cancel my policy that I was dropping him because of the poor service and I'm reporting it to Allstate as the reason. "I also have a home policy with them as well... which I'll add to what they did to me." This Allstate agent did cancel the policy for the autos. Why I even sent him a email to his office and "CC" myself back to show it was rec'd and sent. Very very clear it was only the auto policy that I was terminating.This agent one time told me that he didn't have access to my home policy because I wanted him to review it. But lo and behold this agent cancelled both policies home and auto. I found out the next following week by the agent who was in charge of my homeowner's policy, asking me why I cancelled it. I didn't. "Your other agent did... for revenge for turning him in for his actions and poor customer service... Poor customer service came about because never filed a claim. I had on a comp claim for windshield." Now I've been without a homeowners policy for my home for 4 days! Because of this guy. My homeowner agent said he didn't if it could be reinstated. This left with two options. The first was a call to the state insurance board here my state, the second to high level call to senior V.P. staff member of Allstate. She shocked that this happen to me, 41 years a loyal customer... And to receive such treatment, she promised me that everything would be taken care. I asked for a letter of apology be sent to me for the action and problems that this agent caused and to have a copy sent to my mortgage service company to show them it was Allstate's fault. That never happen. They said they would call them. They didn't want a public show of their wrong doing and cover up. In 41 years they insured my homes I have never in all that time ever had risk assessment done on any of the 7 homes I owned. Today I received a notice of non renewal!!! No report, no notice of
changes required to maintain insurance, just the non renewal. I called my agent who somehow no longer is a agent for Allstate. The record of events that happened are missing. I contacted the state insurance board right away and filed a complaint against Allstate for this action, requested a copy be emailed andsent and received 9 excuses why they couldn't send or sent to wrong email, forgot to send, can't send pictures etc, etc. It took a call to state to get them to release this information to me. Now reading the information I discover a number of lies as I read through the report: example home owner wasn't home to review. This was lie because the property is a gated access to enter and he was at the gate because I met him. Another problem. No fire hydrant within a 1000 ft. He was right there. It's 50 ft in front of the northwest corner visible from the yard. Another was no railing on rear steps. Umm three step up (30inches) and railing? OHSA doesn't require one until 36". It was also marked for removal and the agent was informed of a pending addition at that site. Now this guy marked up this document to make it sound like the houses roof was in disrepair when the building he failed to remark about was not the house but the garage which the roofing material was being because a warranty issue class action lawsuit required to replace it. So it wasn't even up for discussion. So this non-renewal is looking more and more as a deliberate act by them because I wouldn't take my auto insurance back with them, they called me and tried hard... Bottom line, I thought well of this company, but they are over priced and lack real customer service and all about the money for them. Update: house was re inspected by a outside firm from different insurance company and the only thing they recommended was the house looked like the roof might be do for replacement in about five years, I told in about three according to the BASF warranty life. I have now a better rated company by the insurance state commissioner offices (Allstate scores a 8 of 21, with over 1421 complaints for home owner and more for auto). This new company scores a 18 of 21. Better coverage, better agent, get this $400.00 less. After thought, they wrote us up for having 5 just cars in my yard. These were the same 5 car that they insured before and now called them junk. Age range was from 1999 to 2012. All were current car tags... The first picture you see is the fire hydrant he couldn't find at a 1000 feet because it was sitting 50 feet from the picture. This just one of the examples than Allstate homes I've owned.
Yes, I completely agree with most of you... If there was a zero star that is definitely what Allstate deserves. First off, to address the customer service issues, people should understand that Allstate still seems to follow that guidelines set forth in the McKinsey Documents. Allstate paid roughly 4 million to not release these documents to a court in Florida. These documents are proof that Allstate purposely avoids paying out on claims. They tell homeowners repeatedly that their roofs were not build properly and that they do not insure poor workmanship. This is just an intimidation tactic because they know that the majority of homeowners will just roll over... after all how many of you just decided to give up? When my adjuster told me that 6 nails were required to each shingle and my shingles did not have six nail holes, I didn't just take his word for it. Especially since that is today's code and I know my home was not built in 2017. It was built in 2004. So I looked up the building code that my city uses and guess what... they didn't require 6 nails per shingle when it was built. Homeowners, please understand, most roofs require inspect and permits which means that the cases of poor workmanship are not as many as you might think. Never take Allstate's word for it. It is just something that they say to homeowners to intimidate them. All of the roofers that I have spoken to agree that this is just something that all Allstate adjuster say.Second, do your research. Allstate keeps stating that they are not required to match the shingles on my roof. The shingles on my roof have been discontinued. They are green and scalloped. Also, there are no other shingles on the market that have the same dimensions as the shingles currently on my roof. Therefore, I can't repair but must replace my roof, right? NO says Allstate. Just get another architectural shingle and cut it. Remove any undamaged shingle from the repair slope and use them to replace the damaged shingles on other slopes. Well, by the time any goof roofer has removed any type of shingle from a roof, I promise you it is damaged. It has existing nail holes and now you will be doubling those nail holes which means that you are now reducing the area of the shingle and weakening it. Not to mention that not all creases and cracks are apparent after removal. Any good roofer or engineer will tell you this is at the very least poor business practice. In fact I called the manufacturer of my roofing shingles and they said "No, don't do it. It will void the warranty on the shingles. Don't do it." So, Allstate was telling me, the homeowner, to devalue my roof, void the manufacturers warrant, and to use damaged materials to make repairs. Does that sound right to you? Of course not. Not to mention the fact that Allstate has also told me that they do not cover damaged/faulty material. So, if I were dumb enough to make the repairs that Allstate was telling me to do and incur more storm damage in the future. Guess what? That's right is not covered. Allstate is telling so many homeowners to do this and continues to get away with fraud.Furthermore, keep in mind that your roof must be repaired or replaced in accordance with the building code. If the jurisdiction that you live in uses the IRC (International Residential) code, then Allstate must follow the manufacturer's guidelines/instructions as so stated by that code in chapter 9 for roofs. My manufacturer says that the roof needs to be replaced and cannot be repaired. Allstate is still telling me to go ahead and violate building code by repairing it.Furthermore, Allstate continually low balls on estimates by excluding certain costs. They gave me an estimate for 3-tab shingles... not architectural shingles. They also estimated for depreciated value of materials when my policy called for the actual cost value to replace. They, also refused to estimate for the torn felt that needs to be replaced, flashing, drip edge, and permit. Keep in mind that Allstate doesn't want a homeowner to seek out a roof permit because they might be forced to replace the roof or make a more costly repair.Lastly, in the state of Georgia, yes, Allstate is required to match materials. Most policies state to replace with "like kind or like quality". How is this not matching? If all of the dimensions are different, different color, shape, composition, material... It is not like kind or quality. Something has to match but not only that the Georgia Superior Court has upheld in Mabry vs. State Farm, for auto insurance as well as homeowner's insurance, that materials should match. The property should be restored to it previous condition which means if the shingles are not the same color and do not match you can tell that a repair has been made. If the manufacturer voids warranty on the remaining shingles, the home has been devalued as well and the insurance company must pay for this.And it all state says that if it has to replace roofs rather than repair, it would cause premiums to rise. Remember the millions of dollars that it donates to various charities and not to mention the millions that the CEO makes every year. So yes, you are in good hands with Allstate, so long as you don't file a claim and if you do be warned that Allstate will be putting on the boxing gloves.
Purchasing was easy. The agent very friendly. Never had to make claim on my homeowners insurance but the rate of my homeowners is within my budget with a lot to offer. Would recommend insurance and agent.
I made a claim to my Allstate Homeowners policy last spring for hail damage. I live in Denver Colorado. During the hail storm the siding on the west side of my home was severely damaged. I was told by the adjuster that came out that only the damaged side of the home would be replaced per state guidelines. I told the adjuster, because the siding had been painted previously it was going to be hard to match colors. Lifetime the siding contractor advised me that the siding on my home was discontinued and would be hard to replace, so Allstate sent a sample of the siding to a forensic lab for determination. The Lab determined that there was a suitable replacement available on the market.I was advised by Lifetime that the siding the forensic lab suggested would not match the existing color currently on the home. I told the supplement adjuster Vo ** on 9/20/17 that the contractor stated they could not match the existing color of the siding on the home, he suggested to replace it anyways with mis-matched colors. I understand that state guidelines only require Allstate to replace only the siding on the home damaged by hail but, was told by Allstate representatives that Allstate would make repairs so that the home would be in the same state it was before the hail storm. The problem I have with Allstate's adjustment is the color of the siding on my home all matched prior to the hail damage and should all match the same after the repairs.
I had water damage from my upstairs condo owner, and they have been dragging their feet to get my both bathroom ceilings fixed. It’s been three months and I have a hole in one restroom and a bowing ceiling in the other. They were supposed to send my a check three weeks ago, and now they are refusing to pay for any of the claim. This is the second time I had water damage from other neighbours. Both times not my fault, and thy never helped me in the first claim nor this one. I am switching home owner’s insurance terrible customer service. I have been with them for over 7 yrs now and got no help whatsoever!
I am very disappointed in my agent, Bill **. The company slogan is "You're in good hands," - maybe not with this agent. I would expect any agent to work for the company, but with me as well and not seemingly against me. I am a 26-year customer of Allstate who has never complained, paid premiums on time, and never once filed a claim. When I had a recent issue with a rental property, I became painfully aware I was dealing with an agent who didn't have my best interest at heart. I would recommend anyone dissatisfied with their agent to take action. Contact corporate, change agents, or even companies if need be. If still not happy, file a complaint with the Dept. of Insurance. After many years with Bill **, I am no longer recommending this agent.
In October 2011, a piece of personal property was stolen from our locked property in our absence. Allstate refused to cover it at all. I had been assured we were adequately covered, agent visited us last fall. Our loss would require in excess of $30,000.00 to replace it. They claim that they are exempt, based on a fine print in a clause that was never intended to cover that item . They say it could not be used off my property and I used it in volunteer activity at the church. But it was stolen from our home property. They will not pay a penny! Allstate advertising is one grand sham!
To all who have had issues with Allstate on claims, unsubstantiated or significant rate changes, unfair/shady practices, you have a free option at your disposal for help. Every state has a Commissioner of Insurance who oversees a State Corporation Commission. You can file a claim via form on their website. Their job is to ensure that citizens are provided with access to adequate and reliable insurance protection; that the insurance companies selling policies are financially sound to support payment of claims; that the agents selling company policies are qualified and conduct their business according to statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as acceptable standards of conduct; and that the insurance policies are of high quality, are understandable and are fairly priced. My state has a Homeowners Guide on their website as well for more details. They even provide a number for you to call to ask questions about the claim process. Filing valid claims through the Bureau is not what Insurance Companies want. It's essentially an audit! After 30 years of using Allstate for homeowners and auto policies, I've had less than a handful of minimum claims submitted. There was one minor claim in the last 12 years which paid out. It wasn't until I filed a claim last year that I was notified of a 6 month rate increase of $190!!! That is a 25% increase to my original 6 month premium. Here's the kicker - the claim was denied.
August 7th, 2018. AllState * My mother has been a faithful customer to your company for the past 39 years. She has not missed a payment, been late on a payment, nor ever filed a claim. Considering these facts alone, she as well as I expected to be met with excellent customer service, we expected to have an experience completely different from the one we had on August 1st, 2018, when your company sent a inspector to come to our home in response to the call I made on July 30th, 2018, when inquiring for your company's assistance with this nightmare that has fallen upon us.I received a frantic call from my mother who had been watering her plants in the backyard for 30 minutes or so, when she entered the house again and within a few steps found the kitchen floor wet and looked up towards the bathroom where the water was coming from. Sewage water reaching what looked like to be the edge of every room! She ran back out of the house and called me, upon which I had to leave work. I arrived to a disaster. I too was only able to walk in but a few steps from the doorway to find sewage water everywhere and immediately turned off the water and started to research plumbing companies on Craigslist, as it was obvious the toilet was overflowing and toilets are a plumbers job! I thought I handled the situation the best I knew how to. I made sure the company I found was licensed, insured, had good reviews and was family owned. They arrived to the house and after investigating everything stated that this was an issue that their joint restoration company would handle. They too arrived and immediately started extracting the water, taking pictures and demoing. They also moved our furniture and such into a pod in our driveway so as to minimize the damage to our personal belongings as the water was wicking everywhere. It seemed to me that they were doing a great job handling everything beautifully and efficiently!Upon welcoming the inspector with a smile and a handshake into our home, I was reciprocated with an unprofessional, rude, and cranky man who portrayed an attitude of arrogance and negativity. He showed nothing of your acclaimed motto, that we were ‘in good hands,’ as immediately he began to interrogate me and criticize every aspect of our situation. I was given no reassurance, no compassion, and no empathy for what has happened to the home that has housed our family for the past 39 years. I made it clear to him that this was our first time ever dealing with an issue like this, and for that reason we really didn't know anything about it. Yet he continued to speak to me as if I should have known what he was talking about, accusing me of handling the matter wrong and not asking enough questions. I respectfully told him we handled this issue the best we knew how considering the circumstances- like how for example my father was murdered 20 years ago on August 2nd, 1995 right in front of my mother, hence there has not been a man of the house- who, in this household, was the person who handled matters such as these and knew the logistics in matters such as these. Not only that, but my brother was then murdered 13 years ago on August 5th, 2005. Two tragedies that my mother and the rest of the family have to deal with for the rest of time, not only through the loss of their lives, but also through the loss of being equipped with the knowledge of what to do in situations such as these. We have gotten through life without them as we have had to, but it has been anything but easy and usually we end up spending money we don't have for such services. Our experiences can be summed up by mostly having been taken advantage of financially and left with poor quality work. My mother has in the past few years survived breast cancer, as well as a stroke. I being the only one left she can rely on, have exhausted myself in trying to make sure that I'm there for whatever she needs as the pain that this family has been through and continues to carry forever is excruciating enough. I'm scared for my mother's health, and stress only adds to her possibility of another stroke and more health issues. She lives alone, and gets depressed easily- left with her thoughts as her only companion. It's pathetic how her insurance company, to whom she has been faithful to for decades, specifically, YOUR company that is in place to insure her, YOUR company which, by YOUR classification as her ‘homeowners insurance,’ should represent one of assistance and support to her, as a company supposedly on her side, has made it clear by YOUR employees’ actions that you are not on her side, that you are rather here to interrogate our problem solving ethics, with obvious self serving intentions in not approving our claim in the manner which the inspector did, as quickly as he did, without having even seen any report from the plumbing/general contracting company yet. I explained I was who was handling the matter for my mother who doesn't speak nor understand English well, and who appoints me to help her with all her needs. We are talking about a woman who has never and still does not drive, who only knows how to use a landline to communicate with people, who uses an iPad just to play games her games on, and who relies on myself for everything else be it appointment setting, medication taking and refilling, reminders to shower when I am present in the house, transportation, grocery shopping, laundry and the upkeep of her home. I made it clear to the inspector, I was the one with whom he needed to speak, as I was also the one who made the claim- a claim your company gave me a claim number for per my call, during which, not once was I asked to hand the phone to my mother for permission to speak to me, nor was I asked at that point in time for any signed waiver from my mother to allow your company to speak to me. Instead my call was accepted and I was given the claim number on which your inspector was dispatched to our home. Considering all this, and considering my obvious concern and continuously stated concern for my mother's health, I'm not sure why your inspector proceeded to demand to speak to my mother herself, who I had to do the translating for anyway! I repeated again, that I was keeping my mother from going to the other side of the house where the work was being done, because if she sees the house in the manner that it is, she will become unglued. She did not know the details of what was going on on over there, yet your inspector then not only started interrogating her but told her all the details of the condition of the house in its current state, asking her why certain things were removed, and rudely stating that she is going to have to pay thousands of dollars to fix the problem. He completely neglected to take my pleads into consideration, and my mother's health into consideration. That is and of itself complete disrespect on his part. It is rare that my mother cries in front of anyone let alone strangers, yet when he got done with her she was in tears! This employee of yours left us in shock, left us feeling confused, abandoned, disrespected and taken advantage of after how loyal we have been to AllState for near 4 decades of payment and we are ready to fight this in the name of justice until justice is served, because not only has your company been unprofessional and unethical in helping our misfortune, but your lack of respect, consideration and customer service skills by not only your inspector but your supervisor is uncalled for! It's just not right.I contacted AllState again on August 6th, requesting to speak to a supervisor regarding the horrible treatment we had experienced with the inspector. I had to leave 2 messages that day as he was on the field. It wasn't until the next day when I called again in attempts to reach him, that I finally got through to the supervisor. He as well employed the same cold cut manner in which the inspector had. It became obvious that their foul attitude and rude personalities were due to the fact that they did not want to cover the expenses it would take to fix my mother's home. How dare your employees be so blatant and concerned about nothing more than the finances in this matter! I received a letter in the mail the same day, which stated our claim was denied. I don't believe the way your company is approached this matter nor the way you handled this matter was appropriate nor just on so many levels. It is because of that which I am writing to you now, and will fight this until we are given an apology and some sort of amends for the way we were treated. Honestly we need to see some kind of justice here. Sincerely Not Happy.
I filed a claim with Allstate over our roof which very much needs to be fixed. Jan 27 2015 they cancelled my policy. We started with Allstate insuring our cars then added a Homeowners policy. Altogether we had been with Allstate for 23 or 24 years. We were looking for car insurance & a man we work with told us about Greg **, an Allstate Agent who at that time was located in Benbrook, but now in Burleson Texas. We were so glad when he moved closer it was so convenient if I had to make a payment or want to talk in person, & the receptionists were amazing which they still are. Greg made sure to tell us anytime we want a homeowner's policy to contact him and they would fix us up & do a bundle with cars & house. It would be cheaper so we did. You know I guess we didn't read fine print that they won't be there for you when you file a claim because buddy, they're not. At first Greg answered my calls then I couldn't get him to return my calls. I even talked to his son one day thinking it was him & asked if he would have Greg return my call, but to no avail. I guess cheaper isn't always better, because you get what you pay for. Which Allstate is high priced anyway. I've even referred people to him. That won't happen again. I feel the Agent is just as responsible as the company they're representing. They need to know what they're selling when they go in business. I've read so many reviews on Allstate it makes me sick. I know now I should have read the reviews before I took the homeowner's policy. They put you between a rock & a hard place. They sure know what they're doing, because without getting your roof fixed no one else will take you. If you had the money to fix your roof in the first place why have an insurance company like Allstate? We have tried patching but didn't work, still leaked in until someone put up tarp and pieces of wood. We're not a roofer or it would be fixed. That's why we have insurance. They sure fight people hard not to pay for property damage but they won't blink an eye to pay out millions of dollars for their wonderful commercials. Sad, Sad, Sad!!!
I live in a double wide mobile home and I have total replacement coverage. I would never change insurance companies due to the fact that I couldn't get that coverage from any other company.
Very happy in all areas. Very helpful and explains all my inquiries. I made it home safely. Love y'all! Nik ** Locations are convenient as well.
They were very lax and completely dropped the ball on the only claim I ever had with them. After 3 months delay (their fault not mine), at first they said they'd cover it and in the end denied my claim. I only found out after trying to switch companies that I could not switch until I myself had remedied the situation. I tell everyone who will listen NOT to go with Allstate.
My home was broken into and there were items broken and game systems stolen. The TV was taken and back doors torn up. I gave Allstate a fair estimate (items were on sale and the work to be done to repair the damages were also discounted) to repair and replace my items. Allstate depreciated the fair estimate and took my deductible as well, leaving me with enough money just to really get the door fixed. The fair estimate was $3,000 and Allstate's answer was $1,236.11. The door alone will take $800 to replace. I am a single mom with one teenager and a twin and no game systems and no TV and no reserves to replace these items on my own. So much for insurance. If the mortgage company didn't require it, I wouldn't have it. So far, it has not only cost me my monthly, but also taken me back in this situation. Dean ** might need to investigate his role a little more. Are we really in good hands with Allstate? Does Allstate really help out when mayhem comes destroying? I don't think so. Not in my case anyway.
We were in a 94mph windstorm. Called agent & he said call roof company and if indeed damaged call him to send Allstate adjuster. A-Best & Turner both said extensive wind damage. Our agent sent first adjuster (Laurie **) a CAT adjuster and she denied saying roof faulty due to being over nailed. Our agent sent another (Tom **) who would not listen to Chris from A-Best. Roof man & agent both there this day. Roof co. argued with Tom & we realized he came to deny regardless. We were forced to hire a public adjuster because our roof was a mess. No shingles blew off but sections would lift holding on by top nail. This is why they thought they could get by with this lie. We live on a dead end street and Allstate adjuster passed four different roof companies replacing roofs on my street. Not to mention full grown 70 + foot trees uprooted all down street which I have multiple photos of all this damage. This was such an obvious lie.I am sending all documents & proof to journalists all over U.S. in hopes even one publishes this to protect other policyholders. Our public adjuster was getting nowhere until he told Allstate he was going to next level. We told him we were suing for bad faith if necessary. Guess what? Allstate paid for roof & said it should have been replaced. We knew that from day one based on what roof companies said. Our adjuster said 80% of roof companies would do for what Allstate gave so A-Best adjusted price to help us. We changed insurance companies and saved $1,600.00 a year by changing. Wow. We were with Allstate for 33 years and had no idea they were not only the worst but highest company in America. If this happens to anyone reading this hire a good bad faith lawyer. You have 2 years.
It is reasonable and okay for insurance. I would like better, friendly and cheaper insurance. From a great company with better insurance rates and trustworthy.
Last Winter, my garage wall started to fall. So, I called Allstate to file a claim. They sent a guy from Texas to look at it. He looked like he was lost by the end of his inspection and he told me it wouldn't be covered due to ground erosion. I have been here three years, Allstate had no problem giving me coverage when I bought the house. I have never filed a homeowner’s claim until now! Then, as I kept following up on the file, they gave me little to no help. They told me it was not covered now because the garage which is attached to my house wasn't built correctly. If they told me this before I bought the house when they did the inspection, I wouldn't have purchased this house! Now, I have a newborn baby and I have no way to fix this. Allstate has been horrible. On top of it, they dropped my coverage. I had a contractor look at it and he gave me an estimate of $10,000 and also told me it was due to weight from the snow! I don't know what I'm suppose to do. I work every day and now winter is on the way. It's not going to take much snow to collapse the roof which is attached to my house! Allstate slogan "you’re in good hands with Allstate"! Well then, why did I not only get treated like trash, I got dropped. If I knew this, I wouldn't have used Allstate. If anyone out there has any ideas please let me know! I have seen so much insurance fraud and people get away with it every day. I'm just an honest, first time homeowner trying to take care of my family!
My father-in-law recently passed away. He had Allstate Insurance for his home and autos since 1955 and never a claim. Part of settling his estate was the sell of his home. His home was in good condition with the exception of the roof. We had a local roofer assess the condition b/f calling Allstate. The roofer said that the roof definitely had hail damage so we called Allstate to file a claim (side note: several of the neighbors had recently filed claims and received new roofs). Allstate took six weeks to make a determination claiming the "boss" had to make a final decision and was out of town and then out due to a family emergency, etc., etc. Well I finally got a call from ** the assessor who said he had made the determination not to replace the roof. BUT, he said that he went ahead and replaced 26 box vents on the roof and that after the deduction we should receive 900. in settlement. Hmmmm we didn't authorize the box vents to be replaced nor agree to a settlement, therefore this story is to be continued through the legal system. If anyone reading this has experience with this or advise please feel free to e-mail me at **.
Sounds like several other folks have had the same issue.In April 2011 at 1:30 am, we had a feeder line burst in an upstairs bathroom flooding the lower level (family room, bathroom, laundry room and storage closet). We stopped the water and cleaned up the 2 inches of standing water downstairs. In the morning we called Allstate to initiate a claim. They asked for the feeder line which we provided. Allstate was able to file against the manufacturer and received all but $6400 back. The adjuster minimized items so low we had to go back 3 times to adjust and still had to do 80% of the work ourselves. They would not replace the soaked carpet; they said clean it and restretch. $90 for a 21x14 room (it was over 20 years old and fell apart as we tried to move it; we replaced all the floors at our own expense). The biggest payout was to Servpro, which they sent out and they paid directly after 9 days of hell for us. Servpro cut holes out of our walls and ceilings, cut carpet padding in half and had to come out several times to add dryers.It took us 6 months to replace drywall, flooring, paint, etc. as they paid so minimal I had to do the majority of the work. Within 6 months (right after they took the renewal money from our escrow) they sent us a letter that an inspector was coming to see if there was any issues on the outside of our house that needed to be fixed or they "would drop us" (after they got the next premium that raised rates more than $200). A message was left on my office phone that this inspector found moss (we live in WA) on an outbuilding and per the local Allstate rep (Andrew H.) this was a minor problem. As we were going on vacation I figured it would wait until we returned. By the time I got back there was another message from Andrew saying we needed to fix the problem or could be dropped. We cleaned it and sent them multiple pictures. They then said we needed to send a picture at the same angle the inspector took (as we had no idea they had to send us a pic) to close the case (Andrew H). Heard nothing more.Yesterday, I saw a man taking pictures of our house from across the street (no notification from Allstate). Another Allstate inspector! He said he was sent to take pictures of not just the outbuilding but now another area. They are now saying the previous inspector had also identified moss on another roof—the carport. We were never told about another area. When I went up on the roof the moss was so minimal I almost laughed (but I was too mad). Horrible, horrible insurance company! If they wanted to drop us they should have just told us instead of putting us thru 3 months of **! By the way, I wonder what they do with thatch or grass roofs. I have since called and dropped them and went with someone else. Now I have to wait for 8 months refund. Their attitude when I called is "it is what it is". Horrible, horrible insurance company! By the way, Andrew sent us a letter today asking us to bundle our homeowners and auto---it even had a personal note wishing us a happy holiday! Are they kidding?
My neighbor's tree fell on my garage in mid July. I paid to have tree removed. An adjuster came out and gave estimate for repair. Allstate gave me name of contractor they use who came out and said garage could not be repaired and had to be torn down and rebuilt. Allstate sent out two engineers who confirmed this. That was months ago. They are still not giving me the insured value of the replacement. I cannot rebuild the garage for what they will pay and if I don't replace it, I can only put in a shed. The agent hasn't returned phone calls. I've been more than patient but after their baloney "you're in good hands" I am going to cancel my auto and homeowners with them. They are the worst!
I received my policy renewal from Allstate. This policy covers a summer residence I own in Pennsylvania. The cost of the policy increased from $1002 to $1365. Over 33% increase. No claims filed last year. A claim was filed approximately two years ago. At that time the premium increased from approximately $700 to the $1002. So in the few years I have had Allstate, premiums increased 100%. Imagine that. The explanation for this year’s increase include more storms in the area than usual and payouts exceeding premiums. So to make up the difference, just increase everyone's premiums. I would love to have a business that I could make up the difference on the back of my customers and the customer has no recourse. This is legal robbery. The housing market has been down for 3-4 years. Did my coverage change because my house is valued less than before? No, it did not. Premiums were never adjusted. To be able to do this unilaterally is simply unacceptable.
Please do not take any money out of my account. I have another account that I would like for the insurance to come out of. I was able to speak to one of your representative and he informed me that it was nothing that he could do to accommodate me. I told him that I did not want to change insurance companies because I have been with your agency for many months. I was able to speak with my bank and they informed me there was nothing that they can do but charge me a fee of $30.00 to stop ACH. The representative from my bank stated the insurance company is able to stop the process if they wanted to. Your representative told me that he would call someone to check into stopping the payment, which I doubt he called someone. He probably spoke to someone in the office because he did not know who to call to help out a customer. He called me back within 10-15 minutes and stated that it was nothing he can do. I did state that I have Geico car insurance and I would contact them and do business with them if he could not assist me. Your representative called me back and stated I could go ahead with Geico. Wow. I did request for the payment not to come out of my account anymore and for the insurance company to mail me a bill. Your representative did not receive confirmation from me if I wanted for my policy to cancel. Where is customer service? I see now that my business is not wanted anymore. I initially informed the representative that I wanted for the insurance payment to come out of another account. Your representative did not ask me for my new information. He just hung up because he did not want my business. Do you think Allstate Headquarters would think this is appropriate? This is how Allstate does business with their customers.
Just received notice from Allstate that my homeowner's insurance is being cancelled because I don’t have an auto policy with them. Within 7 years, no claims and I always make prompt payments in full. They gave me three months warning, but I called Geico and they gave me a policy for about the same price with twice the coverage. I am not happy with Allstate!
I have had good results and a great relationship with Allstate. I have never had any issues with the company. I would recommend this company to my friends, family and co-workers whenever possible. I like dealing with my agent that I have.
I have had it over 15 yrs. Have never used it, and really hope I never have to use it. We have our car and house with the same company. It's easy that way. I can't say we have had any experience with our insurance. We just pay.
I am contacting you regarding the recent activity on my Allstate insurance claim. In September 2011, my basement sustained a large amount of water damage. Allstate sent adjustor Thomas ** out to my home to survey the damage. On this date, I received the written claim which states that I am to be given $11,669.04 in order to repair my basement to its condition prior to the storms. The event was classified as water damage. I specifically advised Thomas that water entered the basement through the french doors & the 90 degree elbow disconnect from the pvc pipe which recycled water through the sump pump. In the days that followed, I pursued quotes for repair with 3 different contractors & selected the one that came closest to the claim amount I was awarded. The contractor pointed out the following concerns:
-The entire basement area will need 2 coats of paint to be repaired as it is 10 years old. The estimator only quoted 1 coat.
-The ceiling tiles had warped from the humidity & moisture. These would have to be replaced. The estimator did not address the ceiling.-I have 15 recessed lights placed in my ceiling. An electrician would have to come in to properly reset once replacement ceiling was put in.As none of this was included on the original claim, I contacted Allstate to send Thomas back out for further review & possible increase in funds on my claim. At that time I was told that Thomas is no longer working in my area & once they could send me a new adjustor they would contact me. Two weeks later Caid ** came out to our home to address our concerns. Caid took a quick look at our basement & proceeded to go out to his vehicle for the next half hour. He came back into our home & advised that we were not covered under our policy & if it was him conducting the initial assessment we never would have been awarded the $11,000. We got our agent John ** on the phone & proceeded to debate what our policy included and did not. It became quickly apparent that John & Caid were not on the same page as to what we were paid for, what was available to us here in Virginia and what monetary amount Allstate would provide. Since this I have been on the phone with Allstate several times & each employee has become ruder than the next:
-Caid (adjustor#2) advised that we were not going to receive any further funds than we already had received ($6800) & that we should consider it a "gift".
John (our agent)-advised we were fully covered by VA standards and that the water backup coverage Caid refers to is not available in Virginia.
When I attempted to add this coverage (for future) via the website (and as Caid was standing next to me) it allowed me to do so.
-The next day Crystal in customer service emailed that I did already have the needed water backup coverage policy in question.-This evening another employee called me from customer service to discuss & the end result was the employee advising they did not care if I escalated the matter.At this point, it is obvious that there are several inconsistencies in what we are being told & the issue is becoming more confusing by the day. Bottom line, I was told almost 2 months ago that I had full coverage & now suddenly I am told I should not have received a cent. The error is theirs not mine. Please confirm whether you are able to intervene.
I filed a claim for hail damage here in Saint Louis after the May 25th storms. The first adjuster came out and after introducing himself and handing me their claim folder, he stated that he was not replacing the roof without even looking at it. He then told the roofer that he wasn't replacing the roof before going up there. The adjuster never went up; the roofer showed the pictures on a laptop and then said that he would use binoculars to inspect the roof, on a two and a half story house on a rise with a Spanish tile roof, no less. He told me that they would replace tiles at the rate of two tiles for each broken one.I complained to my agent and the following week, the original adjuster came back with his manager and two younger guys to meet with the roofer. I wasn't home for this, but the roofer commented that the manager's attitude was totally negative from the start. So, the roofer puts up a ladder and the two younger guys go up with him to the edge of the roof. I was told that their comment was that the roof need to be removed and reset. When they came down, the manager pulled the two younger guys off to the side. They talked and then he comes to my roofer and states that there were 14 broken tiles per square and that he would replace them at 1.5 to 1, but they would pay to replace the garage roof which is asphalt shingles.I went to complain at my agent once again about how the adjuster's are not going to the main roof and ignoring their own people's recommendation. He calls and now I have been talking to the catastrophe center in Mobile, Alabama. They are standing firm on the idea that a Spanish tile roof can be piecemealed in and that all the tiles do not need to be pinged to check for cracks. I am now trying to decide if they can be trusted to stand behind my agent's statement that they will pay for all repairs once the roofer go up there or start the arbitration process of each party getting a professional appraisal and then going to a referee. I got an estimate from one of the roofing companies and they would not even consider doing it the Allstate's way. They said that it was unprofessional to not check all the tiles and they need to remove the tiles to do that.I don't consider the removal and resetting of the roof a replacement; they will only be replacing the broken and cracked tiles while reusing the good ones that are already there. I really feel like I am being boxed in a corner here without my hope of getting made whole to say the least. Hopefully, Allstate reads this site and realizes that when my policy comes up for renewal both my homeowners and multi-car policy are gone.How can you have adjusters coming up with repair estimates when they don't even go up on the roof? Plus the adjuster's attitude are total crap. I am a homeowner trying to get my roof fixed right not rip them off. I think it is time to file a complaint with the state insurance commission as well.
I chose Allstate because they offer a wide range of products and easy to take care of all my needs online and offline. I have been with them for years. They need to give some discounts or rebates for loyal customers. They also need to have more information online where I can get better quotes. Other than that, they have good customer service, easy to make a claim and good rates.
I received a letter a few months ago stating my insurance may not be renewable and no reason. I called my agent to ask what was going on. I never got a call back! Today, I get a letter stating our homeowners insurance is not renewable because they have not been able to do an exterior evaluation of our home. We had one person come 8 months or so ago unannounced at our door in a private vehicle wanting to poke around our property. We couldn't verify who she was, so didn't allow it. I called my agent and days later, he called to say someone was coming to do this. No one ever told us or called us to ask when they would come by. Since that time, no one had ever asked or attempted to come inspect our property again. This is complete garbage but a blessing in disguise. I''m very unsatisfied with David ** and Allstate and would not recommend them to anyone based on the way they do business. We are happy to get homeowner's insurance from someone else. I hope you enjoy your unemployment, I'm not sure why you are firing customers that pay bills on time every month. You have done nothing and changed nothing. I'm happy to shop elsewhere, apparently you have excess funds and can afford to get rid of low risk customers for no reason. With tactics like this, you should be bankrupt soon.
The insurance agent is friendly and is willing to help me by answering questions and making sure I am getting the best value but still have the best coverage possible. I am able to pay my premium via the internet, mail, or in person which is helpful for my variety of situations like traveling on company business. My phone calls have always been answered quickly and if the answer to the question I have asked is not readily available the agent will find out the information and call me back in a reasonable amount of time. I have not had a claim so I cannot make any comments on how quickly the claim is handled but if it is like the rest of my experience it will not be a problem.
The 'adjuster' seemed barely qualified to inspect our roof damaged from wind and hail. After proving that he was totally incorrect when identifying the source of the damage, this 'Team' still refused to budge and pay for the damages that our insurance policy should have covered. Our contractor even tried calling to explain how they incorrect when stating that the roofer used too short of nails. LOL. Now I'll be paying for the cost of repairs myself, but will definitely be finding a new home insurance provider. After 10 years of paying our bill on time, without a single claim, the time we finally needed help, they cut us a check for about half the cost of the damage, refused to replace any of our damaged personal goods and told us they didn't want to argue. I highly recommend you don't use Allstate for your home insurance. You are definitely not in good hands.
I had hail damage on my home twice, March and April 2012. Allstate is low balling my claim to where I'm having to put my own money in to get repairs done that are needed. They don't pay enough on claims, they stall so you will settle on a lower amount. They don't care. I do feel sorry for the people who have to work for Allstate. I wouldn't want to do this to people day in and day out, and then have to go home and face my family.
So far no problems, the sign up service was very fast. The person that I talked to was very polite and they showed me the different options that I can try too, and I think I choose the right one.
Allstate Agents send out misleading letters stating how much your Homeowner, and/or Auto bill is estimated as a hook to get you to call. We have received 10 such letters all with different amounts. When you call and give them the info all of a sudden the "estimated" amount is no good and actually tripled. When we asked the agents (3 different ones) to give us an address of a home like ours they quoted we were told it did not exist. Seems like false advertising, and if that is the way they have been directed to conduct their business look for another company that has some ethics, is responsible and will provide accurate information. We have even written to their CEO Tim Wilson but do not expect a reply since their marketing efforts are probably directed from the top. In looking at numerous other comments it would also appear they are really slow to react on claims, unlike the misinformation they promulgate in their commercials. Run, do not walk away from this company.
I recently filed a claim for theft from my apartment 4 weeks ago. I had a police report, maintenance work order for repairs for my front door and also provided as much proof for the items that were stolen. I felt interrogated and violated after I was told they DID a background check on me. There was no concern for anything or anyone. Allstate puts up a front like "you're in good hands" that's a load of **! I'm still waiting on my check. They are giving me a very hard time asking for things I just don't have. They are quick to remind you when payment is due, but take their slow time doing their part. I seriously would not recommend anyone to "Allstate". It's not worth your time or your hard working money.
We have been loyal customers with Allstate for more than 25 years for insurance for both cars and houses. They almost increased the premium every time it came to renewal. When we phoned and complained then they reduced 10-20%. However there were many times before we did not know so we had to pay way more than anyone else. Finally, we saw many houses around us having the roof changed because of hail damages. We asked our neighbors and were answered cover by their insurance. So we asked Allstate about this matter. Allstate sent adjuster to check on the roof. The second week they phoned and rejected the claim because the roof was 15 years old. Based on Allstate, any roof older than 12 years they would refused to pay, does not matter hail damage or any other reasons.The third week Allstate phoned us and told us if we did not have our roof replaced and paid ourselves then they will terminate our policy. The way they talked to us were very rude and sound like we were at fault so it is my trouble and we have to pay for the roof ourselves beside paying them high paid insurance every year for the last 25 years. We phoned other company and was quoted $1000 less for the 3 cars and $200 less for the house yearly so we terminated Allstate cars and home's insurance right away even though they charged us big termination fee. Of course we will change the roof but we are happier now for not being stupid anymore for overpaying them many years to get treating like that. We bought mortgage life insurance from Allstate before. They increased the premium to double after 10 years without any warning. I highly recommend you don't use Allstate for your home, life or car insurance. You are definitely not in good hands at all.
My husband and I just returned from a second failed mediation with Allstate for damages sustained during Sandy. Delays, and denials were constant and they sent an engineer who lied about his findings. We are elderly and had legitimate losses and they denied us without any compensation. FEMA found 40,000 dollars worth of damages.
Had a storm come through and rip shingles off of our house. Allstate adjuster came to the house and said the nails that were used to install the roof were too short. And that the expansion and contraction between winter and summer are what caused the nails to push up and make the roof fail because the crawl space wasn't ventilated adequately. Seriously? Nail length wasn't one of the questions when I bought the policy. Now they are firing me as a customer and told me that my policy would be cancelled in December when it is up for renewal.
During Hurricane Katrina I received minor damages to my home, but one thing I can say about Allstate is that they were there for me and all its customers in Slidell. Allstate set up a Claim tent at Home Depot parking lot. And was truly there. The service was excellent... I won't ever forget that. It’s true what they say on the TV Commercials, (YOU'RE IN GOOD HANDS WITH ALLSTATE).
Agent name Joshua ** in Dallas area put wrong effective date for my home policy and while I contact him about this, he reply after so many email, he said, "do not contact me for any reason." Beware of Joshua **, Allstate Agent and his address is **. If he send any advertise paper do not contact him. He will quote you different and collect different amount from your mortgage company. Never go with this agent.
My husband and I recently purchased a home which required us to shop around for homeowner’s insurance. We spoke to multiple insurance agencies to get price quotes, and through competitive pricing we selected Allstate. Once we closed on the house I received a letter from Allstate stating that our home value had increased by approximately $62,000 causing our premiums to increase significantly. I contacted our Allstate representative to get an explanation since I thought a letter in the mail was not good customer service, and that I needed an explanation since we had an appraisal on the house during closing. The representative explained that a sight visit was required, and during their inspection they determined that the replacement costs would be higher than what Allstate originally quoted me. I requested a copy of the inspection, and that I wanted to know the process of how to rebut the increase. Approximately two weeks later I still did not have a copy of the inspection but received a letter stating that our replacement costs have been re-evaluated, and determined that the replacement costs would only increase by $40,000. Then 2 days later we received another quote that our premiums had increased again. Since we had only been with Allstate for 2 months and our premiums were constantly changing we decided to shop for a more reliable agency. Once we did price comparisons and spoke to multiple agencies about our situation, we decided to change (all agencies stated that the value of the home should not have changed so drastically since we had an appraisal done valuing the house around the homeowner’s coverage requested). When we called our representative about cancelling the policy we were notified that we would have to cover the highest premiums quoted. Even though I do not think we should have to cover the highest premiums for the months we were insured with Allstate I wanted to cease all business actions with them. However, it has now been over 20 days and we still have not received our refund from cancellation. I am so disappointed in Allstate’s lack of customer service and professionalism.
Good evening. My name is Brandy ** and I reported a Property Claim (Renters) on August 1, 2018. I have gone back and forth with one of the claims investigators about completing my claim. He originally asked me to verify my whereabouts, he stated that he called the Hotel and information was given to him by a worker. I don't know what exactly was said to him because I was not on that phone call with him, that phone call he placed to the hotel was placed without my knowledge. Upon making several attempts to contact him and his Supervisor for 2 days we received a call back from the supervisor Tuesday August 21 and it was explained to him that he wanted me to verify our whereabouts and I asked his supervisor would calling on a conference call to the Hotel be sufficient to prove my whereabouts, He stated yes that would be suffice. Upon talking to the investigator on August 22 stating that there was a call to his supervisor and he stated that calling on a conference call to the Hotel would be sufficient to prove my whereabouts he also agreed that that would be sufficient. The call was placed on August 24 on a recorded conference call with him on the line and on the recorded phone call the Supervisor of the Hotel in Los Angeles verified my whereabouts at the time which then verified my whereabouts. I am baffled at the fact that I have been calling him and his Supervisor since Wednesday evening August 29 and have not gotten a callback. As of today September 4, 2018 my claim has not yet been approved when the Supervisor as well as himself stated that the conference call would be suffice if the hotel verified my stay which they did. After my whereabouts were verified he moved on now to something else. He asked about the flight and I am baffled to the fact of him the investigator asking how I got to the Hotel in LA which has no bearings on my claim on how I got there as long as my whereabouts were verified which the Hotel has already verified to him my whereabouts. I asked that my claim be approved based on the information provided by the hotel supervisor verifying my whereabouts. I am not getting any returned phone calls from either of them and I have called for the past 2 days and so has my agent whom I informed about this situation and said that I would be cancelling my insurance due to me feeling targeted against and treated very harsh and the unprofessionalism that I am experiencing with Allstate, My Agent stated that he would try and call the person and his supervisor to try and rectify the matter before I cancel. I still don’t have a approved claim. Still waiting.
I had 2 roofers come out and tell me I had obvious damage to my roof. After 7 years, I filed my first claim with Allstate. They sent an adjuster out who said, "Oh, it's just some loose nails and such." 3 months later, I get a cancellation (non- renewal) notice due to the poor condition of my roof. So the adjuster says my roof is fine, and they cancel my policy due to a poor roof condition. This is a joke, right? This is an obvious company policy to take money, deny claims, and show nothing but profit.
It good coverage but a little pricey. The agents work closely with you to let you know if you need more coverage. They make sure that they meet your needs with your house. If you need to turn in a claim they work quickly to make sure you're not held up on decisions you need to make.
Our home was broken into February 12th, and my wife's jewelry, collected over 40 years, was stolen. Allstate was our homeowner's carrier on the day of the break-in. Included in my wife's collection was a pair of earrings that I purchased for $9,300.00 in 2000 as a 50th birthday gift for her. I purchased a separate policy rider for them from Allstate. After examining the sales receipt and appraisal I submitted, they provided us $9,300.00 worth of coverage for the pair, and collected additional premiums for just that item every year for many years.This month, when Allstate finally decided to help us recover from our loss (NB: that's a joke), and pay our claim, they offered to send us compensation for the earrings totaling $6,200.00. (If you read that and said "What?" then you know how I felt.) Allstate explained that they could purchase "replacement earrings" for that sum. I'll spare you the details of the argument that was precipitated by their position. What matters is that Allstate didn't budge, because that's what Allstate does best: STONEWALL ON CLAIMS.Here's what is important: Our policy unequivocally showed Allstate agree to provide us with $9,300 in coverage for the earrings; we paid for that coverage; The jeweler who sold us the earrings in 2000 has an identical pair for sale today for $12,900.00; Notwithstanding all of this, Allstate claims it can replace my wife's earrings for 2/3rd of the 2000 (Y2K) purchase price, claiming the earrings they have in mind are "as good as the one's [I] purchased"!In essence, Allstate was taking the position that we had over-insured the earrings. They didn't take that position at the time we purchased the insurance and paid for the coverage; they took it years later, after there was a loss and a claim made. Get the picture? Further, they defied logic by refusing my demand, that they owed us a refund for the difference in premiums paid for the excess insurance they'd sold us. Actually, they laughed at me for asking them to do that.The law says it's too late for them to take the position they did, but Allstate and I both know they will bankrupt us, grind us to dust, or both, if we try and recover the difference in court. It's a game they know I cannot win, and a strategy I've since learned is the foundation of their insurance business philosophy. My recommendation is that you learn from my experience. Purchase insurance from a company that treats you like a client, not a pest. Now that I think of it, Allstate should be in the extermination business, not selling insurance.
We have had Allstate homeowner's insurance since 2008 and today, 6/19/13, was the first time we filed a claim due to water damage. We went through the 800 # and spoke with emergency services and explained that on Monday, 6/17/13, we noticed water leaking from the upstairs bathroom into the downstairs bathroom through the lights on the ceiling so obviously through electrical. They recommended that we cease using the upstairs bathroom which we had already done and that our deductible was $1000. Our adjuster Chery called and took the same information over the phone and afterwards, informed us that it would not be covered under our policy even though we specifically requested water damage. She stated that it would only be covered if it was a one-time accidental incident that would be able to dry out such as a toilet overflow. I stated that made no sense as if the toilet overflowed we would be able to clean that up with no assistance. She stated that the damage has been done over time and although we would not be aware until it is visible, it would not be covered. I don't understand this - If we are not aware and notify once we are, how is it our fault? And why would I only have coverage for situations that would clean up easily?
I was rear ended in more way than one. Their policy holder hit me and it's been an absolute nightmare to get my claim paid. They literally yelled at the auto body shop and made me return the rental car 4 days before my car was completed leaving me stranded without transportation. Horrible customer service and I will be filing a complaint with the dept of insurance... Shockingly bad business practices.
Yesterday I posted a comment regarding how Allstate handled my claim. Well I must say today they responded to my complaint and took my issues seriously. My claim was readjusted to my satisfaction. The claims rep was very polite, kind, understanding and took my concerns seriously. Allstate's main corporation sent me an email as well and resolved my problem. One must fight for what they work for. Again thank you Allstate for resolving my claim in such a short time.
I was hit by a driver insured by Allstate Insurance. What an experience!! The driver had no license, but the vehicle he was driving was insured by his wife with Allstate. He hit me damn near head-on, with my fiance and our 6-year-old daughter in the vehicle with me. The guy crossed double yellow lines on a two-lane road and smacked us, totaling our vehicle as well as the vehicle he was driving. The guy lied from the moment after the accident, and even once the police arrived on the scene, he continued to lie. He claimed that the vehicle in front of him came to a sudden stop so he had no choice but to cross over into oncoming traffic. He hit the vehicle I was driving so hard, because he was accelerating to pass, that the vehicle I was driving lifted up off of the road. It was a mini-van and he was driving a Mercedes. Anyway, Allstate dragged me, my fiance, and our daughter through the mud. They showed no concern about us at all. What they offered us in a settlement was an insult. My complaint is how does Allstate continue to get away with the things they have been getting away with all of these years? They should be put out of business and forced to pay each and every one of their customers a large sum of money for being the worst insurance company in the United States. They continue to think they are above the law, but in reality, they are the most dishonest insurance company out there. They are sacks of **, worthless bums. How they even sleep at night is a mystery. Each and every person involved with Allstate, employee-wise, will be going straight to hell upon his or her death!!! I hate Allstate Insurance Company with a passion!!!
On 10/13/16 I received a property inspection notice from Allstate for the 4/13/17 renewal on my homeowner's insurance. No date, no appointment and no contact number to arrange for an appointment. I live alone, rural and have, like 99 % of my neighbors (Allstate is quite aware of this), a locked gate. On 2/27/17 I was informed that my policy will not be renewed because "we have been unable to obtain a completed exterior inspection of your dwelling". I do unlock the gate for scheduled service and deliveries from 8-5. Allstate makes no effort to make an appointment or call you to open the gate. However Allstate is trying to 'dump' modular homes from their insurance roster and uses every excuse to do so.
I have never had an insurance claim in 43 years. I had called an adjuster after I pulled into my driveway, during a severe rain and wind storm. The shingles on my roof were blowing off. I received a call from the adjuster the next morning. He stated there was nothing he could do for me as my deductible was $11,000.00 or 5% of the value of my home. They valued my house at $221,000.00. The house and land are appraised at 139,500.00. I'm not sure if there is anyone in my neighborhood that has a roof that expensive. There are definitely not any houses valued near $200,000.00. I think Allstate has lost sight of the middle class consumer, as my insurance cost have risen well above $2000.00 a year on a $139,000.00 home and property. I will be cancelling all insurance with Allstate, as I have never received a safe driver check - I had an accident 43 years ago. They talk like they are hot ** on a stick, but really are a cold ** on a twig. Thanks for nothing Allstate.
I had field lines/septic issues. One of my bathrooms flooded, this caused water damage. Allstate sent ServPro for restoration services. They cut up the carpet in my hallway and 2 bedrooms. They also tore up the tile in the bathroom. Allstate is saying they won't pay, because my policy does not cover outside water damage. I never asked for ServPro. Allstate sent them to me, but won't pay for the damages they caused.
Allstate is awful. Cancel my homeowners due to my roof couple missing shingles. I got it fixed. Sucks.
Allstate refuse to replace my roof. My neighbors had their roofs replaced after a storm by their insurance companies. I don't Allstate for home insurance.
Warning!! This is the truth. I worked for as well as had Allstate Insurance for my home and Auto Insurance. The rates were ok at first (I was still paying more than at my prior company, but since I was working at Allstate), I was loyal to them and signed up with them. I signed my boyfriend up with Allstate as well. You're expected to work leads on a dialer and harass people into buying policies that are higher than what they're currently paying. Allstate has taken 3 rate increases in this past year of up to 30%!! Just wait until you get your renewal. Then I got let go for not being able to sell their sky-high policies. My auto policy went up $300 in one policy period. I'm now with Liberty Mutual which is much more reasonable... & I switched my boyfriend over as well.
I had a house fire on the 5th of October. It's been 1 month since this happen. I filed a claim with Allstate and they said they would use their contractor to do the work. But no one has never came to do anything. I want to know why rmc contractors that they hired never came to do the work. I've given them more time than they needed. Can someone please help me with this matter. My name is Charles **. My house is at **. Thank you very much.
I am current Allstate customer. I have homeowner and auto policy with them. We had a hailstorm at my city. My neighbors filed claims for their roof being damaged. Their roof got replaced. I called roofer to check the damage and the roofer said roof needs to be replaced. Inspector from Allstate came and checked the roof. He reported that the damage is not really bad. But, you got to fix it by your own money as it is below deductible. If you don't, Allstate will not pay for the damage you have next time. I am surprised that everybody in my community had damage and had to replace the roof. I guess my roof was made of iron shingles. They didn't get damages (as per Allstate inspector). Worst people. They are being polite while selling the product but don't help when it comes to help with claim.
I recently requested insurance with Allstate. After signing all the paperwork and having made 4 payments, I was hit with a letter of increase from $177.25 per month to $338.63 per month. I was told that Allstate only issues replacement policies not just homeowners or value insurance. Is this the law in North Carolina? I am a senior who will never build a home and not like one I live in. I cannot get the agent to see that. Any ideas? Can I just a policy with liability?
We have owned our home since 1993. In that time, we have had one claim. We lost the back porch due to a hurricane. Allstate took all my calls and they worked with me. I got the claim check within a week. I am very satisfied with Allstate.
I noticed water leaks coming from the roof in my kitchen directly on top of microwave oven when it rains. I called my agent Don ** of Allstate Insurance in Millcreek. Jeff, his assistant, answered the phone. I told him the issue and he said no problem, he will send the adjuster to check the leaks and my deductible is $250. When the adjuster, Rochelle **, came, I told her where to look. She went to the crawl space in one of the bedroom not really knowing what she's doing because it's very obvious. She forced the lid to the crawl space and broke it, particles and residue fell all over my daughter's wardrobe in the closet. She took pictures in there. None of them made sense since the one she should be checking is the roof but she did not go there. To make long story short, she said she will send Leak Detective to check the roof. I told her I can't wait any longer. I want this to get fixed before water can do more damage. I called Bellevue Roofing Co. I called my insurance and let them know I want this company to do the work. Allstate said it's okay. When Rochelle, the adjuster, received the work proposal, she called me and said my deductible is now $500 and if the leak was caused by hail and wind, it's not covered. I asked Keith of Bellevue Roofing if the leak or damage was caused by hail and wind and he said no. So after the work is done to the roof, I sent the invoice to Allstate Insurance adjuster. Rochelle called me and said it's not covered because this is just a maintenance issue. These people are unbelievable. What kind of business is this? Monkey business! I'm so done doing business with Allstate Insurance. They are very unprofessional and the adjuster is not knowledgeable about the nature of damage. This people take your money and run away from the responsibility of covering what they're supposed to cover. This is not insurance! It's a scam! Furthermore, I called them to pay for the damage the adjuster caused on my crawl space lid. I hope they fix it.
I am very satisfied with Allstate home insurance. I have had them for 15 years and I would recommend them to others. They are very informative, and the reps are very helpful and informative.
Allstate sent us a quote by mail. I called to confirm the price. Allstate will not stand by their own quote. Erika ** admitted the letter is just a scheme to get you to call them. Erika's name is signed to the letter giving you the impression that the agent wrote the quote but it's computer generated.
August 20, 2015 - the apartment above me had a water pipe burst. The landlord did not have insurance. I own my condo and I had insurance, $500 deductible. The main office read the CC&Rs incorrectly and for two months I was without a kitchen. The third month I was told they would not honor my insurance and I had to take care of replacing my three walls, lights, sink, and water. I have been paying insurance for many years and was shocked to say the least. Finally I explained to the lady I was speaking to that I don't live in a co-op, I live in a condo. Oh my that is right! She would call me back and let me know what can be done. She called back immediately and said they would take care of the situation. My kitchen is being replaced with the old beat up cabinet doors which they had taken out in the beginning and placed out on my patio in the only rain we have had here in California in months and left them there for the three months. Now they will paint them to match the perfect cabinets that were there from day one. I insisted on using their contractor so they would be sure to pay for the restoration. I now do NOT Trust Allstate. The contractor they sent out I like and he is doing everything that will please me SO FAR. The three months plus should be over before Thanksgiving. I am a elderly lady of 86 years and did NOT need this stress.
The worst insurance company. They don't trust you or believe you at all, I had all my photographer and DJ equipment stolen out my garage and because I didn't have receipts for my items it was a lost, I had the items for 4yrs. I didn't save receipts, I had the insurance for 2 yrs. They pretty much called me a liar and said, "We can't help you."
Our house flooded during Tropical Storm Allison. The adjuster was quick to tell us to tear out all the sheetrock from 4 ft down to mitigate mold because they would not pay for it. We had flood insurance and our total loss was over 65,000, however after depreciation and deductions we only recieved about 35,000. It was years after that we were told that we could of collected the difference between what we were given and the replacement value after the repairs were completed. If we were given any paper work stating it, it was in the fine print because neither myself or my wife remembered seeing it. Funny thing is, it was another adjuster who came by our shop who told me that I had been screwed.Not sure, between 20 and 30 thousand by my best guess. We were able to make the repairs needed by doing everything that we could by ourselves and with the help of friends. We used money we were given for the loss of personal property to make up the difference. Our house was repaired but a word to those who suffer the same type loss, make sure to ask if there is any other money that will be paid after the rebuild is complete.
I put in a claim for my garage roof which had collapsed and a leaky roof in my home during an unexpected snowstorm.The claim was denied saying that it was wear and tear although it was obvious that something had fallen on it. I also received a letter saying that if the repairs weren't made, my insurance might be dropped. Then on Oct. 29, after hurricane Sandy, I had even more damage to those areas and they again denied my claim. They agreed to cover my fence, only which had blown down.
My area had bad storms last year that damaged home siding and roofs. Everyone on my block was affected. I was the only one insured with Allstate. Most had State Farm. I filed two claims for roof damage. Allstate refused. Their premiums are very high, they do not insure their customers, they ** them. We had a wind storm this year. I have sheets of shingles that flew off the roof. Allstate refuses coverage. Have had them for 16 years. Find another company. If enough people pull away maybe they will get the message. Oh, and contacting the Department of Insurance is useless. Allstate bought them.
So far everything is great. We haven't had any issues yet or reason to file a claim. The rates are normal or as normal as we have seen and we have checked with other companies to compare.
I had a homeowner's policy with Allstate for fifteen years and never filed a single claim, after making approximately three repairs to my roof out of my own pocket due to storm damage and an aging roof, I finally filed a claim for a roof replacement after having a certified roofer inspect and finding extensive damage from storms and wind. An Allstate representative came out and denied the claim, stating he only found minor damage that could be repaired for less than my deductible. I was warned by several different roofing companies that Allstate would deny my claim as they are very well known to do. After fifteen years as a loyal customer, when I needed them they were not there. I cancelled them, paid for my own roof and went with a better more reliable company.
I have a 2-family wood-frame row house in Brooklyn, NY. Allstate is the only homeowners insurance I could get when I first bought my home. Other companies would not cover the house because it was part of a connected row of houses and some of them were in poor condition. So, I am grateful to them for the coverage that made it possible to get my mortgage. I’ve been with them for almost 30 years. I had one claim, five years ago, for vandalism and damage to the rental apartment. They provided reasonable reimbursement. They were very fast. The inspector was very helpful and actually took a look at other parts of the house... the roof... and cleared some leaves out of the gutter. How nice is that?! I haven’t compared their cost with other companies. But I’m happy with them. They send frequent tips about home maintenance and safety.
Have had Allstate ins for many years. Recently had a home inspection and received a letter stating no renewal of my policy unless I replaced the roof. No one had the courtesy of a phone call to let me know when this was to take place. Along with the letter was some xerox copies of pictures supposedly of my roof. The quality was so poor you could not make out what they were. The roof has 2-3 more years of use then will need replacing. First, entering a person's property without permission is trespassing and also rude. Second, persons doing these inspections are neither code officers or license contractors so are not qualified to make any judgements or take pictures. Great way to get rid of older homes to make the bean counters happy, bye Allstate!
On 7/13/15 an area in Woodridge Illinois experienced a hail damage event, as documented by the national weather service. Many homes in the area had damaged roofs, and in the area that I live 85 roof replacement permits have been issued between 8/1/15 and 3/31/16. Many homes were visited by roofing companies that knew our area had damage. I had a roofer come out and stated that he did see roof damage and he showed me pictures. We did file a claim, and Allstate sent out a team of two to review the roof. Allstate found NO hail damage on our roof. Coincidentally our neighbor was also having their home inspected (State Farm) and they were granted a new roof. We are left to conclude that Allstate treats policyholders differently than other insurance companies.
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