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AIG Life Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AIG
Year Founded: 1919
Phone: (800) 445-7862
Overall average rating of 1.8 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 9 %
After my dad passed away I notified AIG. They sent me a packet of 7-8 pages of paperwork which completely overwhelmed me. I sat for 3-4 days just staring at it then decided to call, a rep walked me through every page, several times saying "don't worry about that part"
I lost my baby's father to a fire with the Tank Tech company.. And their insurance is through AIG! My daughter is suppose to receive a check every Thursday of every week, but that only happen right after he was killed.. As time went on AIG didn't care when I received the checks.. I called numerous times, for a direct deposit form & it took 7 months before I received one.. AIG would take so long to send my daughter checks out that I would receive 3-4 checks at a time.. I talked to so many reps & managers at AIG.. They all give me different information each time I call.. It's just sad that AIG really don't care if you get paid or not because they are getting their money... I use to depend on AIG but it's a company that you cannot depend on.. They don't care about people families at all! At the end of the day AIG is all some families have for support, my baby's father was the financial provider but after he passed it was AIG.. I cry more now than when he passed away.. AIG needs to get it together!
I called AIG and they had the best rates of the places I called. It was easy to get things together and they had many different options you can pick from. I liked the options they offered the best. It was also easy to sign up and get everything filled out. But I had to fill out a lot of paperwork and some of that was a bit confusing so I was worried I would have filled something out wrong.
I have State Farm insurance for me and the family members in my household. The life insurance that I have for my family I feel is very affordable. It was very easy to get started with the family life insurance. I had to answer medical questions for everyone, to include very detailed information to include surgeries etc. I also had to include everyone's personal information to provide to the insurance company in order to obtain life insurance. The paperwork that I had to fill out for life insurance was pretty lengthy and did take some time to complete. The premiums for myself and my wife were very affordable. Also the life insurance that I have for my children was really cheap. I was very surprised with the cost. It was very cheap.
We had a travel policy (Gold level) with this company for a cruise that had to be canceled due to emergency surgery. The company refused to pay the full premium coverage as stated in the gold policy. Found out later that someone at the company reduced the coverage without my or travel agent’s permission. But we still had paid for the Gold coverage. This is against the law to reduce your coverage without your permission and not refunding some of your premium money back. I would not even give them one star but I have to!
The representative sold me the insurance claiming that it was the same as Aflac. I paid my premiums and months later I was hospitalized for knee surgery and I later filed a claim. I was told by the claims department that their program is not like Aflac and that the salesman should not have presented it as such. I had text messages between me and the salesman, but that did not make a difference. My claim was still denied.If you get a solicitation call from AIG, hang up. They will tell you anything to make a sale and when the time comes to file a claim, you will be denied regardless of what you were told. It is my personal opinion after reading similar complaints, that this is a regular scam being run by the salesperson and the claims department, a company wide scam.
My step-mother passed away in May 2016. Paperwork was filed before end of May. We received something back stating we needed another document... filled it out and sent it back the next day. Here it is end of August, and STILL nothing. My dad called them for status. The person he spoke with said everything appears to have been processed and isn't sure what the hold up was, said he would push it on through. Now my dad got a call stating another document needs to be done and it's being sent through the mail. WHY in the world would they not have looked through everything and done it all at the same time, instead of doing it piece meal? WHY put people through this? Isn't the death of a loved one hard enough on them, then to have to go through this just to get their death benefits? It's WRONG! Something needs to be done to correct the process and make it easier on the loved ones.
I will be looking For a lawyer. They cancelled my 30 yr. policy that I was told by my agent whom was retiring at the time due AIG did not to use agents anymore. So I stop making premiums however I applied for reinstatement which was DENIED after catching up $675.00 premium. Denied due to health issues that I have NOW. Policy is 30+ yrs old!! And there were no medical questions asked at that time and they also advertise right now that you can obtain a policy with no medical questions asked. This is BS!!! I NEED A LAWYER!!!
AIG Life Insurance is very helpful. There is a representative that comes to your home and helps you fill out all of the applications. This person goes through all of the paperwork with you and walks you through a payment plan that fits in any kind of budget. You can set it up to directly be taken out of your bank account and you can set up payments for once a week or monthly. Our payments are low and the insurance amount is very high compared for the amount you pay each month. Another great feature for this insurance is that you can pick to have college money for your children in case something happens to the breadwinner in the household.
Everything said by others is true. In fact they are being kind. This is a elder abuse. We pay all our lives my case 1984 only to find out that now I am 64 my premiums are going to quadruple and they say too bad so sad. No wonder Hank Greenberg is gone and he took all the money we paid them with him. We need a MURPHY'S act in ILLINOIS and attorneys who can fight it. I think this is a class action suit if I ever heard of one BAIT AND SWITCH.
I got AIG life insurance from my employer and union. They want me to get one. I like the plan because it is automatically taken out of my paycheck every pay period. It leaves me some sort of peace of mind but I would still not want to spend much. I dislike the high premium of the plan because I am still in my 20's so it is ridiculous. Also I like that they used to sponsor my favorite soccer team Manchester United but I don't like that they don't anymore. They should sponsor Manchester United again. They are getting better and it will fit them.
AIG - Worst EVER Business Experience - Run Far - Run Fast. 10 years into a 15 year term insurance policy I was offered a new replacement policy, lock in your rate now for the next 15 years. This is where the trouble began. After being approved and being assured that the new policy would replace my old policy, I discovered after 5 months that I was making double payments for both policies. Since they will only accept automatic payments from your bank account it quite easy for them to take what they want when they want.After weeks of calls, multiple customer service contacts, and finally 2 calls from the "domestic relations" office (thanks for nothing Andrea), both accounts were taken off of autopay, but no refund was allowed for the second policy as it was past 60 days-although they had not take taken payments out for that policy until after 60 days and then took 4 PAYMENTS for policy 2 and 1 PAYMENT for policy 1 the same month. Still trying to resolve the issues, I authorized an auto pay on the second policy for the August 2017, and the company processed the transaction for 6 months worth of payments out of my account. So much for groceries this month. As far as getting a response from AIG, I am unable to sign in to the website (again),Most days after a considerable time on hold you get someone who will "file a service request".Today (was worse than the even the bad usual) I spent 2 hours on hold only to finally get someone reading that they are having technical difficulties call later in the week and then hang up on me. I have now lost not only over $500 on the second policy, not to mention the 10 YEARS in premiums on the first policy which they have refused to re-instate, and I am scared to death to do any further business with this company. I have paid my bank to put a stop payment on all AIG transactions coming from my accounts, and do not know when and if anyone will ever respond to the issues of duplicate and overpayments taken directly from my accounts. I would love a return call on these issues from any of the Customer Service people I have spoken to in the past: to name a few names. Wendy **, Beth **, Joe **, Rose, Carlina #**, JL #**, Jen #**, Andrea at "domestic relations".
We were on a trip that was completed in Cambodia in October 2017. Upon leaving Cambodia, the plane had a mechanical failure, which subsequently caused us to miss a flight and a planned hotel stay. We submitted the claim to AIG for missed connection which was covered by our Travel Insurance. Because we did not receive a letter from the Cambodian airline detailing the issues surrounding the mechanical failure, AIG refused the claim. Furthermore, AIG would not accept an email receipt from Delta Airlines concerning the additional flight that we had to pay for ourselves.It seems to me that our claim was well founded, appropriate and well documented. If an insurance company requires unreasonable documentation, then I don't think that they will ever have to pay. Thus, to me at least, AIG is a fraud, and I will definitely never buy their insurance again. After all, why buy insurance, when it won't pay a claim.
I chartered a boat for $3,800, boat was destroyed in the hurricane, trip insurance dissected the line items of the charter invoice and didn't pay for the boat insurance line item, a mandatory item. (Of course the boat has insurance, the charter company won't allow the boat to leave the dock without it, just like every passenger plane has plane insurance you don't see AIG deducting plane insurance from the payment of a claim for cancelled flights.)
My mother passed away in April. I have sent AIG all of the information they requested and they still want more. This is the worst customer service I have experienced.
This place... like so many complaints before mine. All true. Life insurance policy expired end of Dec. 2016. No problem. Not going to renew. They auto draft without my consent from my bank account in January and February $1804 each month. That's a 1,555% increase. My previous monthly payment for 10 years was $109. What the HECK people!!! I've called, faxed, emailed, you name it. First customer support agent was sympathetic and gave me FAX number stating, "AIG did not have authorization to draft that amount" and to state that in the FAX letter and I would have a refund in 5 business days. JOKE! They will tell you anything. I am now I go into the black hole with no response, Supervisor, "TOM" telling me today, pretty much, “Sorry, we didn't have to contact you about it because we show we mailed you a letter in November telling you to write us back if you didn't agree.” JOKE.OK. Folks, I take escalated calls all day long and deal with disgruntled people trying to resolve issues. AIG does not care about their customers. They don't care if they have made mistakes. They don't want to communicate or have a respectable business that tells you if you want to renew your policy it's going up 1,555%. NO THEY WANT TO TRAP you into their system and pray you don't have the tenacity to fight them forever to get YOUR money back. Class Action lawsuit? Count me in. These guys need to be stopped. $3608 illegally drawn from my account in 30 days!!! Ya, that was part of my daughter's tuition payment. I have to work 2 months to net that. Someone contact me.
I have been corresponding and phoning AIG since my husband passed away in March 2017. He has had this life ins. policy with AIG since early 1970's. They have been playing games with me for close to 3 months. Promises to call back (several times) actually happened only once. The only people you can talk to are underlings who must be reading from a script, cannot give you any information or connect you to someone who can. What they can do is have someone call you back in 24 to 48 hours, which doesn't happen. Last 3 calls I was told check was mailed. Small problem, wrong address. They actually came up with 3 wrong addresses. Still no check. Still no conversation with someone in charge. Stay far away from this company and any of its subsidiaries!
I like that the insurance monthly rate is low compared to others and they have competitive ranges that vary to fit my lifestyle and price range. It was very easy for me to recently add on children, hassle-free. I like this company very much and it has good customer service. I have a good relationship and have insurance with them for over 10 years now and have never encountered any issues.
After using AIG to insure a short trip to visit an active duty military family member stationed here in the US, I am completely and utterly disappointed in the handling of my claim. Me and my girlfriend went to visit my brother, who is active military, stationed in VA. We were going to fly there, get picked up by my brother and stay at his home there. We also planned on traveling with him and exploring the area with him. A few weeks before our departure date, my brother got called on deployment. After seeing the policy says it covers “traveling companions” who are called to military service I tried to file a claim. After filing the claim and patiently waiting a week to hear back from somebody, nobody called or emailed me. So I call to check on my claim. They said they never got the documents.Back to square one with the claim. I sent all the documents in again. Unfortunately it took over 3 weeks for them to process my paperwork and to tell me that some of the files were corrupted and to send the documents again. Back to square one, AGAIN. So after sending documents for the third time, and about a month later, they finally email me to deny my claim. Telling me my brother does not count as a “traveling companion” since I did not have any documentation proving he was a “traveling companion”. My girlfriend is a government employee also, way to take care of your military and government employees and families!
AIG is an insurance scam. While traveling from Italy to Germany my 1 year old fell sick for a day, no alarming reason to go to a hospital or any kind of physician. So we missed our 0900 flight to Sweden, the airline proceeded to cancel all our tickets because of this, including our return flights. I had to (on my birthday) fork up most of the money my family and I saved for this specific trip and buy all new tickets so we could continue our trip and be able to make it home. AIG Insurance sold me FULL coverage flight insurance and has refused to pay. I did everything I was supposed to, I called before the missed flight, I called after, I submitted my claim, I asked for guidance and just always got the same answer, “I’ll annotate there was no physician's note.” Wow. Thanks for your help. AIG is an insurance scam.
This company doesn't give you much problem. Their product coverage is usually much more comprehensive compared to the other insurance company. However, this come with a downside - the cost. Their price are usually steeper compared to the rest of the company. In term of customer services, I must said so far I have no complaint on this area. They are in general efficient. Their documentation process are fast, with minimum form filling. They had used the technology to help them to speed up the whole process. In conclusion, I would recommend this insurance company for people who are looking for life insurance and fast and efficient processes.
I was trying to get a partial withdrawal on my insurance policy and I never received it after three months of getting the run around from this company. They lie and tell you that the request will be processed in 5 to 7 business days and this never happens. No one has a clue on what's going on in the company. Not even the so called supervisors. My advice is to STAY CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY!!!
Have life insurance, wanted to pay by credit card, for 2 days they gave me the runaround until they said I can't pay with credit card. If they give me so much grief for trying to pay them, heaven forbid if I have to make a claim!
AIG is the best, I love this company. Customer service very nice, helpful. Well sometimes it might take you a few minutes get thru them, that 's normal. In life you got to be patient... My mother died. I call them to make a claim. They treat very nice with respect. In little 3 weeks I received my check... Thanks AIG to stand with me. GOD BLESS AIG, I love you guys.
I like that AIG Life Insurance is very popular and has a good reputation. My policy was well maintained and I felt that I could easily reach their customer service team if I needed to. My experience, when I had a policy, was a positive one. The only reason I ended my policy with them was because I found an equal policy with another company at a lower rate so I decided to switch.
I called for a simple quote on the amount I needed. Was then told "Do you want to try and raise a child on ** amount a year?" I guess because I am a woman I must have a houseful of small children who would be mired in poverty should I not purchase an incredibly high policy. First, shouldn't the agent have asked me first if I had or even plan to have children. Second, I don't like being talked down to because I am not trying to get rich off of the death of my spouse but simply wanted a small policy. I will never call them for a quote or purchase a policy thru AIG after what was only a three-minute phone call. Very disappointing...
I had a heart attack Feb 2018? I told AIG about it, went through all the paperwork, healthcare professionals statement etc. AIG said my heart attack was not big enough! I have canceled my policy and good riddance, to the con artists. People start saving your pennies the old fashion way. You won’t need anyone’s permission for payout, should anything happen to you. Leave it with your family and tell them where to find it. If you save your money yourselves, it still will be better than paying into a black hole, where the insurers profit and leave you and your family, out of pocket. Come on let’s take back control. There will not be a need for solicitors or ombudsmen.
We need to change the bank where the monthly premium was withdrawn automatically due to identity theft. It took us over 3 months and still not resolved yet. We submitted the required form. However, when reviewing our bank account and seeing the premium not taken out, make a call and to learn that they need another form due to the account under a trust. The worst thing is they do not call us back to let us know if they need additional form or information. It is our job to monitor our bank account and call them to follow up. This is a poorly ran and highly bureaucratic company. We also have policies with Prudential and TransAmerica and they took care of the issue seamlessly on the first call. AIG Management Team needs to look into your operations and change to be more efficient.
AIG was my Health Insurance provider for Short Term Disability. Admitted into the Hospital June 20th 2017 for a Descending Aortic Aneurysm, two weeks in ICU.One month in the Hospital with one week in patient Rehab. My Vascular Surgeon would not allow me to return to work until November. AIG paid for one month Disability, I have been on the phone numerous times with AIG representatives to no avail. I was in Rehabilitation for a total of five months per my Vascular Surgeon. Definite RIPOFF.
AIG insurance is the best hands down and is in a class by itself. Insurance companies are nothing like AIG insurance. I like everything about the company including their rates and types of insurance offered like permanent, whole life and term. They also have multiple forms of payment. Also, policy writers are phenomenal and the best in the business. However, I wish it were free and that the rates did not have to increase over time. But, I still think they are awesome. They are a great company and I will be with them for a lifetime.
I use Expedia for all my Company and employee travel. They offer you the choice to buy trip insurance when you purchase your airfare. I had made a reservation for one of my employees to fly from Georgia to Oklahoma City and purchased the trip insurance. Well my employee twisted his ankle and was unable to make his flight. I filed a claim with AIG and what a mess and horrible experience. I finally decided to lose the $400 airfare and the $30 I paid for the stupid insurance and move on. They wanted documentation from everyone except the brain surgeon. It was only a sprained ankle. Well no more AIG and no more Expedia. Since they endorse AIG they lost my business as well!!! 1 Star is as low as it goes or I would give them zero.
I like my policy. I do not like the 45 minute plus wait on the phone. When I have paid online, they told me that I owed the money because it did not go through. I am not liking the long waits whenever I call. It does not make a difference what time a day I call. I just want to pay my premium.
AIG Life Insurance is recommended by our financial advisor and we know others who have the same policy. We have had policies with AIG for several years and we are confident in the management of the company. I had some policies with AARP but have discontinued them due to their political pandering. I do not trust AARP anymore and question whether they are really looking out for the interests of Seniors. Their medical and investment goals are not looking out for my interests.With AIG we are notified about the companies goals and views on a regular basis, both online and in mailouts. The company has a good track record and the results are not volatile. I feel that AIG is well managed. I also have investments with this company and the investments have grown and I feel that they are safe investments.
Worst insurance company I've ever seen. They have a totally arbitrary and opaque claim process. At the end, a claim was denied on my policy for dubious reasons (but they already intended that). No appeal process. No customer service. No Ombudsman. Wasted premiums. Anyway, to those who were lucky enough to never have to file a claim, I ask... were you really covered in the first place? Really? Buyer beware with these misleading crooks and tricksters! Shop for clear insurance elsewhere.
AIG is a good company that knows how to treat its customers like family and makes life a little easier for me. Their prices are decently done so that it's easy for me to figure out what I need to do to make sure everything's set if anything happens to me. the company is pretty awesome at making me understand what they are actually doing with the money I send every month. But there should be some cheaper options with amazing coverage so that people aren't screwed if they can't afford the cheapest option. They also need more representatives in Ohio.
Policy was purchased as a supplemental life insurance to help cover expenses while caring for my 80-year old mother. One and one half times payment guaranteed to be paid out if death occurs within two years of initial coverage. She passed away before the end of the 2 year initial coverage period. Payout was efficient and customer service was excellent and efficient as well. If I didn't have a policy of my own, I would purchase for myself.
Mother passed in Feb, filed paper with death certificate like customer service told me after waiting on paperwork for almost two weeks. Had to call and get them to email mail them to me. After receiving claim number and waited 14 days on processing of policy. They tell me after I call them to check it, that I have to redo paperwork because I had the wrong policy number on claim paper but it was being processed! Resent and got letter from AIG stating that they needed paper filled out that was attached but there was no paperwork attached! A month and half with calls and paperwork! I haven't got anywhere with this company and I am the beneficiary on mothers policy. I don't understand Why?
As others have said, I also signed up for an insurance quote online and have since received an endless stream of spam to my email account all with different email clients but all have AIG at the beginning of each address. I also had an increase in unsolicited telemarters but don't know if there's a connection. Anyway I will never use AIG even if they are not even involved in this spamming scheme.
I have been working with AIG to refund my money in a whole life insurance policy. I had the Virginia State Commission investigate about it. They had a hard time getting information from the company to do the investigation. The company did not notified me of any changes to my policy that I have for 20 years. I paid $55.00 a month in and it was a suppose be worth $55,000.00. They use the money to keep their company going for expenses. I did not receive any yearly updates to tell me how the policy was doing until I called about a bill wanting me to pay more money of $337.90 to make the policy current. I have not missed a payment. The customer service representative do not know anything. They give out wrong information. The supervisor are not any better. They tell you the check in the mail. Guess what. Nothing happens. So my advice do not invest in AIG if you don't want to lose you MONEY.
I needed to pull out my policy. They told me it would take two months. 2 1/2 months they told me it was sitting on a desk and they forgot about it. I called and called and called trying to push this through going on six months and still have not received my money that was just going to my account. I keep calling but the only answer they will give me is, "We are working on it!!!" I asked to talk to a manager or someone in charge but was told no.
I am a father-in-law of a service member who has just been deployed. I had the task of flying to New York to drive home with my daughter so she would not be alone during her husband's deployment. As you can guess with the Army things change so plans have to change. I had the unfortunate task of having to change my flight plans several times to accommodate the Army timetable. I purchased the AIG flight insurance expecting the insurance to protect my investment in the plane ticket. I was very disappointed to be told that my claim was denied. The flight insurance was useless. This is most disturbing news that the company will not support the extend family of our service members.
AS a former agent at AIG I wrote several large life insurance policies and recently realized I had not received over $10,000 in commissions due. I spent three weeks on phone trying to obtain a simple premium history and commission history and they kept switching me to different depts or saying they could not help me as it was too long ago, which is incorrect. Any insurance company can produce a history of premiums paid in. I guess they will find it when I have a lawyer contact them. They should not be allowed to sell insurance.
Read the fine print. I purchased my air travel through Expedia and they offered travel insurance which I always purchase separately, but this time, I purchased it through Expedia for almost $300 - it was through AIG. Our baggage never made it to Europe and we didn't have baggage for four days. We had to purchase clothes and toiletries amounting for about $139. I filed a claim under baggage delay and they denied it. They said since our bags weren't lost or stolen they denied the claim. I've never heard such crap from any other insurance that I purchased. Horrible company.
I canceled my life insurance policy after having it for over 25 years and have never been late with a payment. It had a value that I was supposed to receive within 10 working days. It is now over 60 working days and still have not received a check. That is not the bad part. The bad part is dealing with customer service which they told me is off shore. After 14 days I called and was told they switched over their computer system and to allow for 14 more days. Then when I called they told me I had made an extra payment and they have to decide whether to refund that payment to me. Then they told me I left out a date on paperwork and I had to resubmit paperwork. Then they told me they didn't have my street address. Then they told me that I requested an address change and they were processing that request. Now the supervisor is involved and he will call me back. Terrible company to deal with.
AIG consistently asked for medical information that I had given half a dozen times. Full medical access was granted yet AIG could never get the information needed. Asked me the consumer to get several times and three months into process they were asking more questions than at the beginning concerning my relatively healthy 47 year old wife. They seem to want customers that have never been to see a doctor or have no plans to see one.
Do not do business with this company. In 2010 I took out accidental life for me and the wife which I cancelled soon after. Well I check the statement online one day and I realize they have been deducting premiums for 4 the years. I check my policy online and they show have been cancelled back in 2010. After chewing them out and demanding my money back and letting them know to stop taking premiums I looked at my bank statement and they are still taking out premiums. I had to close my checking account because of them. This company is no good.
I took out a life insurance policy with Franklin Life Insurance nearly forty years ago. My Franklin policy was bought out by AIG decades ago. Many years ago my policy reached a point where I was earning enough dividends that I could pay my annual premium with my dividends. Each year I would simply call AIG and request they pay my annual premium from my dividends. It took 5 minutes and I received email confirmation that my premium was paid. Two years ago when my annual premium was due, I called AIG and requested my premium be paid from my dividends. I was told I can no longer do that over the phone and was told they would mail me a form. The form never arrived and my 30 day grace period was approaching so I sent a check afraid they would cancel my policy before I could utilize my dividends to pay.My annual premium is again due for 2018 and I called AIG 1/29/18 to request they use dividends to pay my premium. The person answering the phone is from "Insurance Services Alliance One". Again told I cannot do this over the phone and they would mail me a form. No form received. I called again 2/5/18 (answered by Insurance Services Alliance One) and was told I would have it in my mail on 2/7/18. 2/7/18 came and no form. I again paid my premium with a check and sent the check via certified mail to assure they received the check before my 30 day grace period expired.Today 2/16/18 I called as I still have not received the form. (The phone number on my premium 1-800-633-6259 is always answered by Insurance Services Alliance One). I again was told the form was mailed. I asked who Insurance Services Alliance One is and was told they are a third party provider for AIG. I requested to speak to someone from AIG and was told AIG has turned over my account to them. I Googled AIG and called them directly. (Each time I call I speak to someone from the Philippines). AIG told me my account has been turned over to Insurance Services Alliance One and that AIG no longer has any info on me. I said I wanted to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to you guessed it, back to Insurance Services. After realizing I was again speaking to Insurance Services I demanded to speak to AIG. Again told AIG does not have my info, only Insurance Services does. I asked if Insurance Services Alliance One is an insurance company and was told no, only a third party provider handling my account. I again demanded to speak to AIG and again was told AIG has turned over all info to Insurance Services Alliance One who is not my insurance company. So I cannot speak to anyone from AIG about my own account, only a third party provider who has all my personal info i.e. S/S number, date of birth, address, phone etc. How the hell does that happen. AIG is my insurance company but I am not allowed to talk to them and even if I did, they no longer have my account info? Something is seriously wrong here.
AIG seems to think they do not have to regulate 3rd party advertisers. They refuse to cease and desist with daily email harassment for products and services. They have already been informed they are one of the last insurances companies I would ever deal with, yet they continue their harassment. They must be totally desperate.
I wanted to apply online for a $100,000 term life policy. I put in my info and salesman JOHN ** called me back. He told me due to my age the only kind of life insurance I could buy was an accidental death or a final expenses policy. i.e., JUNK. After he quoted me on a price for them, I said I was going to check with my State Farm agent. At this point I got the hard sell to buy right now. I ended up hanging up on this **. Guess what! Both my Independent Homeowner's agent and my State Farm agents have gotten me several quotes to choose from.
Been working on this for over a year. Company reps are beyond incompetent. Have not been able to get consistent requirements, phone call to phone call. For a $1250 policy... Will never in my life ever do business with these bozos for any reason.
This company is beyond a joke. I'm sure my agent recommended it on for his commission in hindsight. I needed to close out a policy for the money to pay for college. I put the request in May of this year. Was sent a letter the check would be following shortly in a different envelope. Never received it, called them. They nicely said no problem we will stop payment on it and reissue with urgency. Still nothing, now dealing with supervisor Lorraine **. She finds out they never issued a check at all, lied about stopping payment on a non-existent check but promised to help me. Then calls back and tells me I need to fill out papers for her, email them right back and she will take care of it. Now we are in July mind you for this lousy check. She confirms she got everything and is expediting it. TODAY July 16th, I get a letter in the mail telling me they can't issue the check without the papers filled out that are enclosed which are the same damn papers I sent Lorraine. This is getting me sick and I'm tired of it. Will complain and files complaints anywhere I can. If you hear AIG... RUN the other direction.
I just submitted my story and have read on to see what others had to say. It strikes me that a lot of crap is going on with this company and a lot of it started in October 2016. So what do we do? How do we get these guys to straighten up and fly right or give us our money back?? One story about was from a person who had their payments automatically withdrawn from their bank account every month. AIG just drew something like 5 times the amount without notifying them. Now I know why I don't like automatic withdrawal! I'm serious! How do we get these "people"? Do we need to organize a class action suit?
They cancelled my life Insurance for non payment without notice. I have been paying for life insurance for 18 years on a 20 year policy. I never received a statement (BILL) from them as I have been getting every 3 months for 18 years. Never received an email as I have received in the past when I was late in making payment. No cancellation notice, nothing at all. They just cancelled my policy. These people knew they did not do these things. They did it on purpose. So it's my fault. They are liars and thieves. So they took my money and ran with it. Where is our government?
AIG is able to provide unique and quality products to meet my needs and wants. It is conveniently located and has programs that are easy to understand and it catches my eye. Have high quality care products, they are introduce new products to fit my needs and are innovative. They are good with their customers and they are well organized and easy to understand the products they offer. Always have someone available to explain.
I have a good experience with AIG overall. They are very professional and do their job well. I would recommend them to everyone I could. I have done my research and I would give them a overall score of 99 and that was because of the incident I had with them one time. They are very kind and they have help me with several things and are very nice. They are respectful and they care a great deal about their customers and their needs. But they should keep closer look and handle on their records because I have had a experience with them that my record has gotten lost but they had found it and called me right away to let me know that they had misplaced the record.
We handled a service for a family on May 16, 2018 and had them sign an insurance assignment form as well as all claim forms required that we received from AIG. We faxed back all of the paperwork that was received back to AIG with proper signatures shortly thereafter. Having not heard or received anything from AIG, we followed up with a call the week of July 2 asking why the claim had not been processed and payment had not been sent out. We were informed that we needed to have a HIPAA form to be signed, which was never requested by the agent during our initial contact. After the HIPAA paper was signed by the wife and faxed back to the claims division, we waited again. Then we received a letter on July 20 requesting we send a copy of the insurance policy. We had a conversation with the agent today and was informed that either a copy of policy had to be sent in because you, the insurance company, had no information on the beneficiary, or we need to have the wife sign a letter stating that there was a lost policy. Again, this was not requested during the first discussion with the agent. We are in the process of getting the wife to sign a letter that the policy has been lost. What I cannot understand is why AIG does not know anything about this policy, but had no problem taking the payment out each month for the premium. I also cannot understand how come it has taken so long and we had to be the one to initiate the conversation why payment on the claim had not been paid out. If there was information that you needed, a phone call should have been made immediately to either our funeral home or to the wife to inform everyone that further information was needed. We are into the 3rd month and the claim has not yet been processed. This is not fair to the wife, leaving her hanging out like this. We feel that this is very poor service for the family and does not reflect positively on your company. We really would like to see this issue expedited. We have been willing to hold out for the family and I know that the insurance company would not want to be responsible for any late charges that the family is too likely to incur because of AIG's agent's incompetence in handling this claim.
This company is a 'RIPOFF'. They will find any reason to deny you. I was recently in Michigan when I was suffering from chronic back pain due to osteoarthritis. I explained to them that I could barely move let alone try and go to an ER and I was away from home. I further explained that if at home it wouldn't cost anything to see my physician but away it would be $75.00. And besides it's not like I hadn't been diagnosed and I sent all my paperwork from all the doctors that I've seen since 2014.Of course it wasn't good enough and even the idiot Supervisor that contacted me she was just as stupid as the Rep that I talked too. No matter what, this company doesn't want to pay. When I was waiting for the callback, I went online to see how they were rated and unfortunately it was 99% all bad. So buyer beware and just suck it up when you purchase an airline ticket because your claim will most likely be denied. If I could give AIG a negative rating, something with a minus star, believe me I would. From my experience NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY INSURANCE FROM THESE CLOWNS. AND YOU MAY QUOTE ME.
I became disabled through my as of 4/6/2016. AIG was the short/long term insurance carrier thru my job. I was having Open Heart Surgery 4/14/2016 so my initial claim for 12 weeks short term was approved and the checks came regularly thru 7/5/2016. After that the experience became horrible!! My doctor still had me off because I had to do 12 weeks of cardiac rehab and I was still very weak due to my weak heart and also due to my incision I was having problems moving my right arm and my right side. Even though I was already on std they said they had to do another review to determine my long term disability. They stopped my checks in July and I had 0.00 income coming in to pay my rent, lights, or my co-pays for the many prescriptions I was on. I am single with no kids. Both parents are deceased so I had very little help. I could not drive and was under TREMENDOUS STRESS while trying to get better. They took over 90 days to make a decision to DENY my ltd. My Doctor personally called to explain why I was still disabled and they acted like his word meant ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and he is a prominent heart surgeon with many years of experience. They based their decision on the results of my cardiac rehabilitation which showed them that I was tolerating the exercise which consisted of doing things at a very slow pace and also I could barely work the exercise machines so they kept me on the same ones. They did not push you to do more than you were physically able to do. This stupid company took the notes from rehab techs and not my cardiologist who is a medical doctor. I was receiving eviction notices, had no money for food and suffered severe depression and anxiety and these heartless animals at AIG did not give a damn! Thank GOD I got help from social services and the manager of my apartment complex had compassion about my situation. I told my doctors that I just was not feeling any better, even after the surgery. I felt weaker! I am still not back to work... I was readmitted to the hospital on Nov 5th for atrial fibrillation and they had to shock my heart back into normal sinus rhythm. On Nov 17th I was told by my cardiologist that my heart has gotten weaker since my surgery and I am now in danger of "Sudden Death Syndrome" and I need a defibrillator/pacemaker implanted and connected to my heart so if my heart slows down to a dangerous level it will shock my heart back to normal (hopefully). I also have been approved and deem disabled by the US Government Social Security Disability agency. But AIG told me I was ok to go back to work!! This company is INCOMPETENT, UNPROFESSIONAL, NON-COMPASSIONATE AND GREEDY! They are more concerned about keeping your money than paying you when you need it the most. If you have any type of policy with this company... I would suggest you cut your losses now and find another company because when you are in need... The vultures at AIG will not give a damn!!! I am telling everyone I know and using every means necessary to tell the world. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH AIG!!! Sincerely Ms. Totally Dissatisfied.
After paying disability premiums for 25 years, I filed a disability claim for a deep vein thrombosis followed by a stroke. I am a medical professional who had been working at a high volume, high acuity hospital. Despite the statement from my personal physician, the insurer denied my claim on the ground that I would be capable of alternate employment. The contract I signed 25 years ago indicated that my disability insurance would be applicable if I were unable to perform the substantial duties of my profession. The contract gave no indication that I had to be totally incapacitated.
I went & am still going through different agents. Does this say enough? I bought 1 policy and later was told it wasn't the policy I purchased. The previous policy I was adding extra money for my own use. Lost in when I transferred to new policy. If I were not so invested, I would find a different company.
AIG offers me the coverage I want for the price I want and they are super duper helpful. I can't argue with what they are offering me and I think that it is truly outstanding. I love my company currently and it has been a very great experience. I haven't run into any problems with them or with the account routine calls. The repayments each month are low enough to where I don't really pay attention to it.
On hold for over a half-hour both times I've called. Call center overseas somewhere. Reps are nice enough but hard to understand, partly because of the connection.
I tried to get life insurance with AIG. The company has a rule that if you have been treated for anything drug- or alcohol-related, the only way to get a policy is to have quit drinking for at least five years. I had been sent to alcohol abuse treatment seven years ago and I hadn't stopped drinking since then. They couldn't issue me a policy. It's their rule, and I left it at that.A few weeks later, someone called me back and asked why I hadn't finished the process of buying a policy. I politely told him that I can't because of their policy, and until they take that on a case-by-case basis, I am simply not a candidate. He then literally told me that all I had to do is SAY that I haven't had a single drink since then, and I could have a policy. I told him that I didn't appreciate him telling me to lie, and he said that he wasn't, but then he kept telling me to get a policy by lying on my application.First off, I wouldn't want any business at all from a company who tells its customers to lie to get what they provide. Secondly, this is a terrible scam: if someone fell for this and they were granted a policy, as soon as they died, AIG would do an investigation and find out that the policy holder had not, in fact, quit drinking (which they already knew) and then they wouldn't pay a dime to the family that thought they were covered! I hope this company fixes its ethics.
The person in charge of helping me through my claim is horrible at contacting me back. I have left several messages through other employees, but the only way they have tried contacting her is through e-mail. Very unreliable. I have also left several messages for call backs in their voice mail but yet nothing. I would not recommend this company to anyone.
My husband was hurt at work, he opened his claim no problem, had surgery. Everything went smooth. He never really felt 100% but needed to get back to work. He re-hurt the same spot and went back out on comp doing the whole PT and anything required. Well, he is hurt again, same spot same issue and now he's being denied. He waited 28 days no pay to find out he was denied, never received nothing in writing. He called many times a day, never got calls back, nothing from his worker or supervisor. When he finally hears back, they were very rude and was told, "Get over it you're denied, get a lawyer." Yes, we will be getting a lawyer. I do work and make great money but we all have bills and kids we need to pay for. THANK YOU AIG. YOU SUCK!
I reached out to AIG as they were still charging a family member the monthly fee. Unbeknownst to me I was supposed to call AIG on the day the family member died in order to stop the fees. It is now months after the death and AIG will not give the refund. They did request the death certificate notarized which I provided out of pocket only to get a reply saying because it was not accidental no monies will be given on a policy. Today I spoke with three people all of whom ask several questions and each did not have any answers for me. The policy number which the family member has been paying for years to, AIG says no such account exists. I assume this happens on every single of their policies and by them not being honest in giving a refund they profit heavily on others losses.
I like the fact that this life insurance policy thru my employer is free for me and my beneficiaries. It covers you 100 percent in case of accidental death. You don't have to have a health screening, or worry about being denied, in order to be enrolled with this company. You have peace of mind with this policy knowing that your family will be taken care of and not given the runaround like most companies. I would recommend this company to others.
The policy is good, I've had it for going on three years. The price is decent, I would recommend that you get it while you're young. You can get more Bang for your Buck. They automatically get payment straight from the Bank, so it's never really noticed. The first thing they should leave you with a very clear contact number. I had to call so many numbers before I actually was put in contact with the company. The second thing is being able to borrow against your policy. I was told it was available after two years, but it's not... It has to be three years. They need to make information like this readily available. Don't need to hunt. I had dealing with this company back in 1990s. They were fabulous... so I went with them. All in all they're a great company, very helpful, and patience... they have loads!!! Rates are steady, and the agent that came out was a real helper. I tell all my friends.
My daughter is in Japan and has an ear problem while she happens to be out of the country. We made what we thought was the full payment over a month before the trip but somehow there was additional charge of about $7.00 that we didn't realize that we had to make bc we had to adjust the dates of the trip. Now her AIG plan, which was expensive, has now defaulted to a secondary insurance bc we were unaware of the additional $7.00 we had to pay. Now she has to suffer until Aug. 10th. I am pretty sure the Japanese won't take the basic insurance that she has in the states. So ** AIG. Zero stars for you. Now she has to suffer. Policy plan **.
I do not need to go online except with address changes. The premium is withdrawn from my account. The rates are good and the company is highly rated.
Shopping for insurance, filled out a form online just for a free quote. Customer service rep called. She was very pleasant. She asked several questions and then transferred me to a totally non-professional male. I told him I had received several quotes and I'm going to compare and make my final decision. He asked me how did I get quotes without seeing a nurse, and what was my hubby's income which I gave him the information and told him. I just want a quote based on the info needed. I totally understood that the quote could changed based on the final review. This clown became aggressive over the phone to the point that my husband heard him through phone and advise me to hang up and not to deal with this company ever. So I am a witness to the negative reviews. Yes they are true and it only takes one bad apple to spoil the entire company.
After purchasing my policy, I realized their customer service was horrible. When I contacted AIG by phone, the representatives could not assist me. I wrote AIG only to receive a letter back telling me they can not assist me and told me to contact a rep and gave me the exact same number. I already have and I had been calling for weeks only to receive zero assistance. Finally, my persistence paid off and my issue was resolved. I would not recommend this company for life insurance.
Spoke with a rep over two weeks ago who set me up with an appointment today for a nurse. Nurse was supposed to show at 10:30 today. No contact was made and the nurse was a no show. I fasted for 3 hours. Mind you I am pregnant. The company did not answer the phone numbers provided. I will not work with this company. Very upset.
My son-in-law was working for Blue Hackle who supplies security personnel to war torn Iraq. During his last visit there, his armored vehicle was blown up. His remains were brought back to my daughter and 3 year old grandson and the process of his life insurance began. Blue Hackle had complete cover with AIG for all their personnel. Now 6 years later, my daughter and grandson are without the insurance payout and being fobbed off with any excuse they can make. The interest alone on the money she should have received would probably last her a lifetime but, still, even now, she has to struggle and deal with AIG as well. Is there any end to the misery AIG can cause?
What a joke of a company! I travel every year to Europe with my family and always get travel insurance, because I have a Pacemaker and a Defibrillator. This year I got 2 tickets to Europe for $2300.00 for June 2 2018. I got these tickets earlier this year. In May I had heart problems and had to have surgery and could not go. On submitting my claim A.I.G wanted proof so I sent in my complete report (typed) with a CD. I was then informed they needed it in long hand. On going back to my Cardiologist and asking for this I was embarrassed, but he did it. After sending in this form I was informed they don't cover pre-existing conditions and would not pay anything. I'm beyond upset.
Had to cancel my flights due to work related issues, and didn't go through the policy carefully before purchasing the plan. The CANCELLATION PLAN was recommended on Expedia, so I purchased this in case I need to make changes to my original plan. But then I was denied coverage because you have to be LAID OFF from your work to be able constitute a "work-related" reason. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED, DO NOT RECOMMEND.
I am very thankful to have life insurance. After age 55 it starts to get harder to get a good life insurance especially if you have a pre-existing condition. Now I pay mine up every 6 months instead of once a month this time to work out great for my family. Even though it's a small policy I do like this company. And their customer care is nice also.
I had a heart attack this year February (2018). I put in a claim with AIG. They refused it on the grounds that my troponin (proteins released in blood for heart attacks/cardiac arrest) were not high enough. In other words my heart attack needed to be a big one. As a qualified nurse when a patient comes in as a medical emergency, the Dr will treat as he/she sees fit. It’s almost as if AIG are saying, either the patient should, tell the Dr to wait until troponin levels have risen enough before treatment or they need to advise Dr they could be voiding clients policies. I did not see in the policy where it said to advise the Dr of this clause. It may be seen as it being ethical as Doctors take an oath to do no harm, in which case the policy itself is not fit for purpose. Not a company to be recommended. Hazardous to health and finances.
AIG advertises by way of SPAM email. To me, that says it all. AIG insurance is a SCAM.
Use this company at your own risk! I'm a beneficiary for a life insurance, unable to get payment on a loss check. I have called their support team this year on 5/18, 6/4, 6/15, 6/21, and 6/28 so far. I have been told the money was deposited into my bank, my bank has no knowledge of this deposit. This company just wants me to call back every 2 weeks with no solution. Right now they say they're waiting on my bank to give them a tracing number, funny how can my bank give them a tracing number, when it was their company who deposited the money. I also had one support person tell me my bank needed to return the money (my bank did not receive) so they could reissue it. All you need to do is look at their reviews and you will see I'm not the only with problems with this company.
I paid a little over $100 to insure a short trip to Mexico to attend a friend’s engagement party. I got severe poisoning on a Friday night and was supposed to fly out on Sunday, but still felt far too sick to go on the trip. My claim was completely denied because I didn’t go - on a weekend - to a doctor for food poisoning, which I’ve had more than a few times in my life. This insurance is a complete and total waste of money. The level of documentation and other things that are needed in order to have a claim fulfilled are ridiculous and the insurance DOES NOT pay if something happens to you. Buyer beware.
AIG can not accommodate my date of birth 02/29 (leap year) in their System. I find it ridiculous and suspicious that a company of that caliber does not have that capability. Every institution that I have dealt with do not have this easy to fix issue. Upon my complain and stating it’s unacceptable, they have now taken my date of birth completely out of my policy... at least I don’t see it when I log in to check my policy. I have paid into this policy for over 11 yrs and I am afraid if a claim is to be made somewhere along the line there will be an issue. It's unacceptable and I feel betrayed. I was not made aware of this when I sign up for this policy 11 yrs ago. I demand their system updated to fix this fundamental issue or will have to take legal action. Not that I want to die but if I do my dependent should not suffer in making a claim. Their customer service is not able to give me reasonable answer. I need someone call me ASAP to tell me why their system is obsolete for that matter. I am an IT personal and it does not make sense to me to have a system of that deficiency. How did AIG manage during Y2K era?
I hired agent to hook me up with Insurance with different company and life insurance with AIG Life Insurance for 17.33 a month. Found out they been taking out payments for 3 policies without authorizations. My policy says one payment every month for an 100,000 payout of life insurance. Without my permission AIG created 2 more policies that I have no records of but have been automatically taking not only the 17.33 I agreed on but a additional 94.03 for a policy I didn’t ask for and another policy for 29.06 that I never knew about. Because I have been recouping from a injury that has me on the highest dose of painkillers I didn’t see the additional charges until recently. My bank is investigating it. I called AIG. They claim we have no policy with them. That’s as far as I got since you can’t be helped when they have no record of your policy. AIG is a fraudulent corrupt thieving company who take money adds policies onto your bank records for multiple payouts for policies you never asked for agreed to or authorized. I called my agent. He said only one policy was created and they shouldn’t be taking out additional payments for additional policies that were never authorized or requested. Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! Time for a national lawsuit?
My family was with AIG Life Insurance. I got it when I had my first job out of high school. I've been with them ever since, going on ten years. My life insurance give me tons of reassurance for me without sky high policies. It puts me at ease and gives me a peace of mind. It would make anyone feel better knowing their loved ones will be taken care of, in case of the unexpected. I wish it was easier to get loans or take money out in the case of an emergency. I would consider other options if I got a better price. Other than that, I like it overall.
When I started work for a large county in Oklahoma as a database administrator, part of my compensation package was short-term disability through AIG. Also offered was a "buy-up option to long-term disability, or "LTD". I opted for this coverage, even though I never expected that I would ever need it. Two years into my employment, I suffered a devastating stroke that was nearly fatal and left me with major paralysis on my left side. Even though AIG promised benefits up to 2/3's of my yearly salary, because I now draw Social Security benefits, they deducted the amount of my SS benefits. I have never received more than around $700/month from them. Also, in order for my benefits to continue, they demand that I provide them with a voluminous document proving my disability on an annual basis.Owing to my paralysis, I am barely able to write, and then with only my right, non-dominant hand. Due to this, I was unable to provide them with the documentation they demanded by their deadline, and my benefits were suspended until I complied with their demand. After sending them their documentation, my benefits resumed, however, I only received one check before they suspended them again, this time because they are now demanding an "injury/illness status report" from my doctor, which they sent to the wrong recipient two times.Now, I have supplied them with the correct number to fax their demand to, and called back to insure that it was sent. The only people I can get on the line are call-center flunkies who know nothing and care less, and when I demand to speak with my "case manager" can only get voicemail. This company cares nothing about their responsibilities or the people they're supposed to be serving. It is obvious to me that their main goal is to get out of paying rightly owed benefits by any means at their disposal. If this issue is not resolved immediately I will have no option other than to contact an attorney. Please, do not do business with this company unless you enjoy foot-dragging, stalling, unreturned phone calls and headache after headache. These people are crooks.
After my claim was denied for having the word "Stable" in it. I kid you not, my medical paperwork listed my symptoms as "stable". No worse, no better, but I'm still disabled. My claim manager told me the decision was squarely on THEIR nurse who reviewed the paperwork. After speaking to his boss's boss, I found out that it's his decision and his alone to approve or deny a claim and that the nurse was only offering advice. So I called him out on it and the reply was "NONE" no reply. The coward hides behind his desk and paperwork and I'm no longer allowed to speak to him. Which is fine by me. That "lying rat **". So his boss calls me and ask for medical info. I told her all medical questions must be submitted to my doctor and that she had all that information anyway. Please beware. They try to catch people lying after asking confusing and repetitive questions. Please NEVER NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE.
I had an insurance for a flight and I needed to cancel it. I booked it through Expedia with AIG insurance. When I called Expedia, they said they can't cancel it and they suggested I call AIG and see if they can offer something. Mid-July, 2018 I called AIG customer service and a representative answered (I don't remember his name). The representative explained that the cancellation is not covered for the reasons I gave and when I said that, "This insurance policy is useless and I'm never gonna buy another insurance from AIG," he told me (with a sneer) next time I should read the conditions of the insurance, he LAUGHED OUT LOUD at me and he hung up.I may not be eligible for reimbursement, but since I am a paying customer, I'm eligible to a little courtesy and politeness from the customer service. LAUGHING OUT LOUD at customers is certainly NOT what they paid for. This kind of attitude and behavior is unacceptable - one more reason, to never buy insurance from AIG...
As the other reviewers mentioned, I was a loyal paying customer for years and when a payment lapsed I was put through a 4 month wait to hear back from their underwriters. They ask for items to be faxed. 20 years ago that might have been quick but this is 2016. I was even told that a form had to be emailed to me and that would take 24 hours. What email takes 24 hours to go through? Then I was told I would only hear from them by mail, regular snail paced mail! The customer service is from Manila. When you speak there is a delay on the call. I could go on and on. I can't imagine how bad it will be the day I might need to make a claim.
I thought I was too young for life insurance but I was wrong. I am so satisfied with my policy. I took out 25000 to make sure that once I am dead and gone that my kids and husband and any more of my family would have to worry about having to gather all the money for a funeral. My policy was so great that I got the whole family life insurance.
AIG provides reasonable rates for good coverage. I have had no issues, but I haven't tried to make a claim. I bought term coverage because whole life was too expensive.
I signed up for a life insurance policy with AIG and I was to have a medical examination done at my home. I started fasting at 7:30 p.m., went to bed hungry, drank tons of water, and was ready for my appointment the next morning, at 7:30 a.m. It's going on 8:00 a.m., and nobody shows. I call my health examiner's number and no answer. I leave a message stating I can wait only for 15 more minutes then I'm eating breakfast. I started to feel sick. Now it's going on 8:30 a.m... No calls, no nothing. I called again and still no answer. Just a voicemail recording. I got to the point where I said "screw this, I'm eating breakfast", so I ate. I was so hungry I could not wait any longer. I get a phone call at around 9:30, and it was the health examiner! She stated "she overslept" and "slept through her alarm" and "did not hear the phone ring", and said, "I do not have a habit of oversleeping; I don't know what went wrong". I'm not sure about that. I went through that fasting for nothing. Whatever happened, it caused an inconvenience for me and I am not risking it happening again. So I am going with another company that does not require medical exams. No way can I put myself through that again.
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