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Acuity Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: Acuity Insurance
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-242-7666
Overall average rating of 4.4 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 74 %
They have always been very easy to work with and very reliable.
Acuity is always available to take questions and to discuss options with us as a company. They are true americans and show that through the pride they have of our great United States of America flag and Veterans Memorial.
Acurity agent solved my problem and straitened everything out for me. Donna
Good communication with reasonable results
I have been very satisfied with Acuity. The agents are very helpful and courteous.
While some will say that the CEO is eccentric and odd, the bottom line is the company continues to prosper and truly values its employees and customers.
There is nothing good about insurance and you fall right in line with the others.
Am very pleased with Acuity....I feel secure with my insurances, and I know I can count on you to do what is right.
After my premiums were paid for the year on our small business insurance Acuity wanted another $2600 because they did an audit. I asked them to exlain this and their answer was “that’s the way it is”. A year later their attorneys are still hounding me. Had insurance from them since 2001 and never a claim. I would NOT recommend them.
Have not had but one claim since using Acuity as carrier. Excellent experience.
We've filed maybe four or five claims with Acuity in the nearly 20 years we've been with them. All were handled without hassle and without any major premium increase. The one area where they could improve a great deal, however, is premium pricing. My wife and I are 50+, have no accidents or tickets in 15+ years, carpool and/or drive
I have had claims and they have always folowed thru with what they said they would do
Great customer service with our agent! Always there when I need them.
i have had no problems with acuity i highly recommend them
I have been with acuity for a while have had no issues.
Top notch people to deal with at claim time. Vendors they link with are top shelf, too.
Three words I will tell anybody looking at Acuity insurance: Run, Run and Run! March 2017, a storm damage is my roof. My claim is still open. Adjuster never went on the roof to see the claim. They hired a contractor to write an estimate of the damage. They never came out yet still wrote the report. They did hire a roofing company to come out and take pictures of the damage. Not only could I not get that report from Acuity, but that same roofing company had already been out to my house and said the roof needed replaced. They have put myself and my family through Hell, and I still have the same leak in my home. It got to the point where they hired a forensic engineer to come out and discuss the issue with my contractor. Not only did the forensic engineer put his foot through my ceiling and not pay for it, but also took tools from my house. You would think if you didn't bring any tools why would you leave with tools. Currently I am hiring an attorney to sue Acuity insurance.
Acuity is a great carrier. Very prompt on claims & very professional. Had them for insurance for over 20yrs
I've had a claim with them. Polite, professional and prompt! What more can you ask for in an insurance company!!!
Easy to deal with and responsive when needed
We've been with Acuity for many years, and continue to be impressed with their service in every way.
We have had Acuity for many years now and have never experienced any problems with claims or renewing.
your agent was not very knowledgable as to my building appraisals, and the cost of the change, the situation was never settled, with no response ken wanta
I must admit I’ve never (thankfully) had to make a claim. From my limited experience Acuity seems to be well managed.
Recently I was involved in an accident that was not my fault. The others insurance company would not pay for the medical bills until they settled and I was constantly getting bills and calls for payment. Acuity stepped up and paid the bills keeping me in the loop. Their customer service reps were concerned and very professional in providing excellent support. KUDOs!!!!
After fifteen years of paying my premiums I made one claim for a very minor parking lot exchange of paint. Most likely less than a $100 fix, and our premium went up $600. Currently looking for new insurance. This type of treatment should be a crime.
No problems, 1 claim, good rates, good service
Could not give 5 stars sometimes Acuity will hire a 3rd party claims company they were not good.
Have had Acuity for years. Timely response always. Helpful agents.
Acuity did very well handling my major size claim from a house fire caused by electrical meters.
Most of our contact with Acuity has been great.
The service and coverage is great. But I don't understand why every year my rates have to go up. Eventually, it comes to a point when you have to shop around to find a lower price.
we have been with Acuity for many years 30plus, and everything is excellent and easy to use , fair prices and when we had competitive comparisons no one could match our insurance. We have are auto, home and all of our insurance policies with Acuity
My experience with Acuity is based upon your representative and my meetings with her. Senior Field Premium Auditor Deb Seidel has always made appointments trouble-free, effortlessness and comfortable. She is extremely proficient at her job and enjoyable to meet with. I always know what to expect in advance, and her approach and nature make it feel like you are meeting with a friend.
Comprehensive, caring, and reasonably priced.
I have been working with Acuity for many years as a matter of fact 20+ through Agencies I have worked for. HOWEVER I went out on my own and Acuity is not letting me have a contract of my own. The reason being I am not a large enough agency. How can I be a larger agency and grow if I cannot get an contract. Acuity has very good products and rates and is hard to place with other carriers. IF I COULD GET IN TOUCH WITH THE ACTUAL PERSONS (like Ben maybe)THATS DOES CONTRACTS I WOULD LOVE TO SPEAK WITH THEM. Thank you
claim was handled quickly
So far so good,but haven't had any claims yet.
My interactions with all claims managers has been great. They have all been responsive and professional. The website is extremely easy to navigate and the option to incorporate the MASH nurse triage line has been very helpful.
In the handling of the totaled vehicle the response and timeliness could not have been better. The claim is not closed because of injuries but I am sure they will continue to help us with the other insurance company.
Overall, not happy with the current experience and interaction with Acuity Insurance.
I have had two claims. Both times I called in I have had trouble getting to an adjuster. The first claim involved a fatality. The second no one was available.
Quick, concise but thorough.
I find Acuity to be very helpful, honest and trustworthy. They have shown this in the way they have handled my account and needs.
I have never had to file a claim, nor have I spoken with any Acquity employees. However, I can also say I have never had any problems with them.
Every time I call to make a payment over the phone I'm attended to by the nicest and most polite service reps. They are courteous and ALWAYS have a "SMILE"in their voice. Wonderful staff. Darlene
Great Service, Quick to respond and resolve issues.
I have been with Acuity for many years and have appreciated their service and customer support at all times.
I have had this insurance for many years and have had no problems with them. They are very helpful, and I would highly recommend them to people. In fact, about a month ago, I sent my boyfriend there to get his insurance there.
always there to help us out when we need assistance for any insurance issues we may encounter! Especially Gary and Tina of the Mauston, Wisconsin Offices.
My recent worker's compensation audit went smoothly. I had hoped to be home for my appointment with Olev Tauts, Senior Field Premium Auditor, but my work schedule conflicted with the appointment time. I contacted Olev and informed him that my audit paperwork was in a vehicle located on my property and he was able to complete my audit. I really appreciate Olev's cooperation in working with me, and hope to be able to thank him in person at some point!
We have found Acuity's prices to be very competitive. Whenever I have had to contact them by phone, customer service has been excellent. I was involved in an auto accident a few years ago, not my fault, and they handled everything for me in a timely manner. I also like paying my premium on their website as it is very user friendly. We are very satisfied with Acuity, and being a Wisconsinite, I prefer doing business with a Wisconsin company.
Have been with Acuity for several years. They have always been very responsive to my needs. They have also given me tools to be better and safer.
A big hail storm hit Johnsburg this summer, resulting in all of my neighbors having to replace their insurance company expense. Not mine. I had to spend $13,000 to repair mine after Acuity declined the loss (as "No damage".) Thanks, Acuity. Then, due to having mild stroke causing an auto accident t (my first in over 20 years), this increase the premium on my car by 35%. They paid out some $6,000. Thanks, Acuity. I think Acuity is quite progressive across-the-board. I paid $4,100 for Auto, HO, and Umbrella last year. This year it is $5,600. Thanks, Acuity. I am searching the Internet for replacement coverage. So far Allstate can provide the same limits for $3,700. Bye.
Comprehensive coverages provided combined with excellent client services.
Been loyal customer for many yrs. This company is top notch!
Great customer service anytime I have called with questions. Always prompt in responding and providing the information I need.
I have been dealing with Acuity and their agents for some time now and have never had any problems. I find the responses to be quick, accurate and helpful.
very go insurance group no hassles
Totally a good company to work with and the rates are good for me too.
I have been an Acuity customer for years, and would recommend them to any business. I feel they are fair and have always been there when we needed them.
Excellent to deal with
It been very good so far no problems
We are still dealing with 2 "experiences" claims. One has lasted almost a year. No contact from anyone at Acuity at all. Both have left us feeling alone like big insurance company with big flag doesn't really care. Sad that they are right in our backyard too. We go to church with several people that work there but we don't say anything. :(
Great service and response.
Have been very happy with our service!
Acuity has always been first-rate with claims -- I would give them 5 stars for that, but the price is a bit expensive which brings them down to a 4.
Very Customer orientated, fast response when needed. Excellent follow up. Couldn't be more pleased with Acuity. Thank You, Lance G. Hanson
Claims are handled very fast. Great insurance.
I've been with Acuity for many years. Not once have they let me down.
Your managers to some of your employees are absolutely horrendous!! I can't believe you call yourselves one of the best companies tobwork for when I know 2 separate people there that have the worst managers ever! They treat them like crap, won't LISTEN to their employees beneath them, & don't give a crap about them!
Emilee Iverson does an excellent job, give her a BIG raise.
Acuity is a very good company. I have been reasonably satisfied with my service from Acuity. I am very pleased with the rates for my coverage and feel that they are very competitive.
Our representative was very quick in his response to my questions.
Acuity has provided us with prompt courteous service for many years.
Everything is made easy, and if there is an issue or work comp case they have always been there to talk to or ask questions about a particular situation.
I have no claims or issues other than rising costs
Great company and hassle free
I have had no claim. I have only dealt with your customer service when I had problems online with ACUITY only because I had not logged in in so long that I needed to reset my password. The service was very friendly and I was able to log in within a couple of minutes. Thank You.
My adjuster is the best to work with.
Probably not your best option in terms of service. Annette (Franklin, I believe is her last name) is good ol fashioned rude.
Great experience working with Angela Rhodes
i have had no problems with Acuity. I was able to lower my rates when I packaged home & auto. They also would insure my home that has T-Lock shingles. This was a great feature.
I have had nothing but good experiences with Acuity. The Acuity staff is always very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. A real pleasure.
Always very helpful and so very nice.
I work for American Family Mutual Insurance Company and have Acuity coverage! Obviously excellent service, support, and responsiveness.
We switched to acuity for all of our insurance needs a few years past. Service has been good and whenever we have had to make a claim, they were easy to deal with.
The company provides excellent service. Their website is easy to use and makes obtaining policy information easier.
Minor fender bender. Don't know how it could have been easier to resolve. One phone call, done.
Customer for many years.
We have beenwith Acuity a long time; and always with the same Agent, Barb Lauterbach; she always takes great care of us, with timely information and quick solutions to any problems we may have. Thank you, Patricia Parbs
Great service and easy to work with. Also very competitive pricing.
Best insurance ever. With them I found the best deal for me. Second driver in my policy had an accident (our foult) in my car and the process was pretty fast and easy and they paid everything, customer service was so kindness in the process. When I turn 1st year with them my insurance went down, but after accident went little bit up again, but still great deal. Only thing that I don't like it, is that I can't make changes on my policy by the webside and it's hard to log in, but still deserves 5 stars. From Las Vegas.
I haven't really had to make many claims but my representative is always available to ask questions.
My claim had been handled in a very timely manner.
I was very pleased with the way my claim was handled. Our claims representative, Suzie G. did an excellent job. I would highly recommend Acuity Insurance to others.
I have changed home loans and it was just a phone call to change everything. Thank you
Delaina Altz is a fare and honest adjuster.
I couldn't ask for a better insurance company.
Thank you for your help!
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