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AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: AARP
Overall average rating of 2.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 18 %
My overall experience with AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance has been that it is excellent and affordable coverage and I do not know what I would do without it. AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance has come in handy more than once because my overall health is very poor. Also, I like the price, the ease of doing business with them and everything else AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance offers in general. It is of great benefit to me in the long run.
We received our bills from AARP Medicare Complete in December. My husband received his first & got the check in the mail on Dec 19, 2014. I got mine a few days later & it was put the check in the mail on Dec 21, 2014. Mine was credited on Jan 12, 2015 but his hasn't been cashed. We've sat on the phones for a total of 4 hours & they never answered. We paid for the whole year, $348. Now they have sent him a bill for Jan & Feb. We don't know what to do since we can't even get in to talk to them. I hope you can help.
I have had AARP Plan F from United Health Services. Every single year since this program has begun, they will not publish the rates until the very last minute. It is now November 14 and the rates are still not available to the Washington Residents.
AARP Medicare complete is a great company to deal with. They have it all covered. They also have great, honest and satisfying customer service. They send out letters to keep me informed on what tests needs to be done. I also love their co pays to the doctors and their co pays for their prescriptions. I also like the fact that their co pays are 0 dollars and that the medicine is the same. They give approval quickly to the doctor for procedures. Also with AARP I like the prescription drug mail and that you can see your own doctor. I love telling people that I have AARP.
I am hoping you can help, I really appreciate it: Problem: UnitedHealthCare effective date: I am retired military and have Tricare For Life. I spoke with Tricare & was told I didn't need the prescription plan with AARP Medicare UnitedHealthCare. (UHC) Member ID **. In August I called UHC and discussed changing my plan to only include the health insurance and drop the prescription plan. In September I received a call from my doctor about my insurance & was told it had been cancelled. I never received a letter, email or phone call from UHC. I called UHC & told them I did not want the health insurance plan cancelled. They said they would reinstate it to 09-01-17. They said it was their error and the plan should have been changed to just health care plan. I received my new card with an effective date of 10-01-17. In the meantime, I started getting medical claims from September denied. I called UHC again & they said they would forward the effective date 09-01-17 to a board for review & approval. Yesterday I received a letter from UHC denying the date. I called and spoke with several representatives & supervisors. The supervisor said I had called Medicare & not them and that is why the date can't be changed. I explained to UHC that I had never called Medicare. The supervisor insisted that I had. I have kept a record of my phone calls and I did not call Medicare. I called Medicare & spoke with a supervisor who looked through her files & said I never called them. Medicare said they had received a letter from UHC stating my plan had been cancelled. Medicare said they could not cancel UHC. I called UHC again & was told there was nothing they could do because their records did not show I called them in August. So, if UHC & Medicare both say I did not call them who cancelled the plan in error. I have $1000.00 of dollars in bills and I don't know how I will pay. UHC said to tell the providers from September to submit the bill to Medicare but if the provider doesn't take Medicare I am still responsible. I can't get UHC or Medicare to help. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
When at the pharmacy with a friend she realized I only paid $5 for the same medication she was charged over $30. We both have the maximum part D coverage so the question is 'why?'. She has AARP UHC coverage while I am with Humana. Since this is a common antibiotic we called AARP to find out why they had such poor coverage. After being bounced around for over a half an hour I was told they 'did not know why' and could not help me any further. I then asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for over 10 minutes. I finally heard someone pick up then the line went dead. I think the justice department needs to open another investigation into this company and their business practices.
In November 2014 I had an MRI on my lower spine. My primary physician determined that I needed to see a specialist. The appointment was scheduled for February 3rd 2014. My plan required a referral which was accomplished finally with some difficulty. On January 29th 2014 I received a call from the specialist office to say that the referral had expired 1/1/2015. I contacted AARP UnitedHealthcare and was informed that the referral couldn't get accomplished because my primary physician's name was not on my AARP UnitedHealthcare card. I talked with 3 different customer service representatives. Needless to say I had to cancel my appointment and am very frustrated and dissatisfied. I have paid my premiums in advance. If given the opportunity I would cancel my enrollment and ask for the return of my prepaid premiums.
I am disabled due to a work injury in 2004. I live in New York and have had AARP Supplemental Insurance for many years. Recently I went to my physician for my semi-annual check-up. He advised me that my HDL cholesterol was low for several visits. His advise was to exercise to get my HDL up, as this is really the only way to accomplish this.AARP offers the Silver Sneakers program (which includes gym memberships to subscribers) in other states - not New York. I have a gym in my immediate area that accepts Silver Sneakers, but since AARP feels they don't have to offer it to its insured in New York I am unable to participate. Being on SSI (disability income), I cannot afford to pay for a gym membership - I have enough trouble paying my property taxes and buying groceries. End result - my health will fail because I do not have access to a gym to improve my HDL, causing more bills for AARP Medical supplemental Insurance to pay.
My husband and I recently relocated back to Fl from TN. Since he was previously with a United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plan, he contacted their agent to discuss re-enrollment options. He had reached the dreaded "donut hole" with BC/BS of TN in early February due to a very expensive medication. He repeatedly asked the United Healthcare agent if changing residences and plans would eliminate the donut hole problem and was assured changing to United Healthcare would do so. This was not true.We filed a grievance with United Health care asking for a 48 hour review of our complaint. It took three weeks to receive an answer which was "yes our agent lied but there is nothing we plan to do about it". We were asking for them to reimburse the difference. I would not recommend them to anyone and plan to file a grievance with AARP who endorses this product.
I like their good customer service. Good in-network providers and facilities. Reasonable co-pays. No referrals necessary. Stable list of GPs and specialists. Provide updates quickly. Quick to send out new cards. Leaves me paying large copays for hospitalizations though, $500 per night for the first four nights. If I have a chronic illness, copays can become astronomical. Also, doesn't work in Europe.
They have been very useful and very helpful for my medical and pharmaceutical needs. I was able to save a lot of money on my medicare supplement with my medications and my health services that I needed and that this would be a supplement I would recommend to others. AARP is very prompt and quick to providing a response to my needs. I also like that the supplement doesn't cost me too much money and they are able to provide good service and benefits to my medical needs.
It was a good experience in that the monthly premium covered everything. I never had to pay deductibles, co pays or charges for necessary medical equipment. I also like that the monthly premium was debited to my checking account. AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance covered all my doctors, specialists and my yearly CT scans. However, I disliked having to pay $241.60 every month and the plan doesn't even cover prescriptions!
I have drug coverage (Part D) and it has not been a very good or efficient or efficient experience. They have forced me to answer the same questions more than once in order to obtain mail order drug prescriptions. The plan is sponsored by AARP (of which I am a longtime members) and provided by United Healthcare (with which I have for other family medical coverages). Signing up for an account on their website has been problematic and their mail order service has been rather aggravating/frustrating to use. They had to overnight my first prescriptions because of their failure to perform in a timely manner.I have drug coverage (Part D) and it has not been a very good or efficient or efficient experience. They have forced me to answer the same questions more than once in order to obtain mail order drug prescriptions.The plan is sponsored by AARP (of which I am a longtime members) and provided by United Healthcare (with which I have for other family medical coverages).Signing up for an account on their web site has been problematic and their mail order service has been rather aggravating/frustrating to use. They had to overnight my first prescriptions because of their failure to perform in a timely manner.
The day after Mitt Romney's gaff, (about 47% he wasn't interested in campaigning to reach because they paid no taxes) I called United HealthCare/AARP to inquire whether they contributed to Mitt Romney's campaign. I indicated "Valdesarten," a blood pressure medication, was supposed to drop in price according to Wal-mart's advertising, and I wanted to know why there was a shortage of the drug now that the price was dropped and the drug was not available. I was paying $178 for the monthly drug.I was told by a customer service representative of United Healthcare/AARP that OBAMA was a puppet and a poor president. I disagreed, hung up, and called United Healthcare immediately to contact a superior. I stated my complaint about customer service and the supervisor stated she would investigate. I asked for a letter to confirm this. She stated one would come in one month. This was in October 2012... No Letter has ever come about this original complaint. Since then, my coverage for Medicare part D was dropped. United HealthCare states they did not do it purposely. It was not discontinued by myself or by Medicare.I had Medicare do an investigation... and statements from Social Security state they were paid. No person from AARP/UNITED HEALTHCARE will take responsibility for the dropping coverage, but they are calling me and recording the conversation, trying to steer the conversation to change my policy on the phone. I keep telling them I never cancelled my policy. They don't need my permission to reinstate my policy... it should be as I indicated with my starting coverage in 2006. I have never given permission either verbally or by written notification to EVER change my coverage. Their calling and asking for coverage to begin again is skirting the problem and legal posturing to switch the problem to me.AARP is not representing the consumer at all. If you add up all the department's money spent trying to take care of accounting problems and look at their Securities and Exchange Documents, you will be surprised at how little this company pays in taxes, claiming they only made three dollars in 2012. UNITEDHEALTH CARE/AARP is a ripoff company spending too much money on political campaigns and charging their consumers too much for pills people in Canada pay half for.
I have your prescription plan. My doctor has been trying to get me on certain medicines for my diabetes, and when I go to the pharmacy to get it, they tell me I owe $320.00 dollars to meet my deductible. Are you people crazy? I am a senior, I cannot afford that. You advertise you have such good plans. Not true. I will be cancelling my Supplement with you people soon. Going with another co. who is cheaper and has no deductible. Sad part is, I have to stay with you till Oct.
In order to obtain supplemental insurance at United Health Services, I had to join AARP. I filled out all the information and was turned down. I couldn't believe it so I filled out a second application. I emailed them and asked why, but I never got an answer. I have never heard of anyone being turned down on membership at AARP and because of them, I have no supplemental insurance. In MN, all supplemental go through AARP except at least the ones I can afford. There is no supplemental insurance; I will have to try elsewhere.
I got AARP United Healthcare and it's been okay, but I need more help with my doctors. They should have more in network doctors so I don't have to pay more to see a different doctor. I like their 800 phone number, my insurance card and the book of in network providers. Their customer service is pretty good too. But they need to pay more on services that my doctor prescribes. Also, I dislike that they don't cover all the things they should, they should cover specialist more for anyone like me on a limited social security when it doesn't even last from payday to payday.
This sorry excuse for medical coverage decided to change my primary care doctor in the middle of my plan year. They refused to let me see my doctor that I have been with for YEARS and assigned me to a doctor that is no longer allowed to practice medicine. When I became ill in October, they gave me a 2-week runaround and finally allowed me to see another doctor that did not help me. Consequently, I am now in the hospital very sick! I would give this company 0 stars if I could. Do yourself a favor and pick ANY other plan.
I love AARP. They are very trustworthy and fast at completing needed tasks. Staff is around almost 24 hours a day and on holidays. Best of all you can call about anything and they will be happy to assist you. They even take the time to research answers they may not know. They offered me an amazing price of 100 dollars a month and due to my semi low income reduced that to 75 dollars after being with them for a year. AARP even allows me to add family members to my plan for no charge at all. Overall I have had a very wonderful experience with this company. They have met my expectations in every way possible.
Here is what I wrote to AARP: I called and spoke to one of your not so nice reps. I wanted to know about the costs of the Medicare supplement Plans for 2015. (you included the Apr to Dec 2014 $ in the mailer you sent which is not being truthful like all the other plans that are advertising for our dollars). Since he would not give any info without our AARP member number, and therefore would not disclose any $ info so we might make an intelligent decision as to purchase, I am no longer willing to spend any more money to an outfit that treats anyone (member or not) like a 4th class citizen. Myself and my spouse are not going to re-join AARP and thereby will not have to deal with such representatives. You need to listen to what your people are saying and send information that is current. -- An unhappy and annoyed 71 year old.
On June 16, 2016, OptumRx received a new prescription from my doctor for **. The prescription was processed and my credit card billed $90 on June 18, 2016 and an email confirmed shipping on that date. A USPS tracking number indicated that the medication was shipped from Kansas City, MO, June 20, 2016 (June 18), via first class mail. Repeated inquiries utilizing USPS tracking number indicates that the package was accepted by USPS June 20, Kansas City, MO. Out of medication, I telephoned and spoke with a supervisor at OptumRx June 25, who promised if the medication did not arrive June 25, I could call back and OptumRx would ensure that I received medication until the issue was resolved. When the medication did not arrive, another supervisor took the call, and refused to help me. She repeatedly stated the medication was shipped "standard," nothing could be done until June 29. After I repeatedly stated that a package sent first class from Kansas City to New York should have arrived by now, and that tracking information indicated that it never left its origin, something needed to be done. She refused to help me and told me to wait until June 29, even though I was out of medication. OptumRx has the worse customer service and the worst service in general of any mail order pharmacy I have ever utilized. I have had nothing but problems with them since I signed up through AARP. AARP has done nothing to help me.
I purchased the Medicare part D supplement drug coverage plan a year ago last January. The cost savings by having my prescriptions filled using the mail order pharmacy was substantial (or so I thought), and worked well the first time. A 90-day supply was required to participate in the savings on co-pay charges. The second order had delay problems, and the pharmacy (OptumRx) did not have the ability to communicate with me the customer. The orders and renewals are drastically worse each time. Since the first order, nothing has been right or on time. AARP/United Healthcare is the perfect Medicare Part D insurance if you want to run completely out of medication, spend six to eight hours on the phone each month, and experience apologies and excuses. Please learn from my experiences and find another Medicare Part D insurance carrier. The money you expect to save using OptumRx mail order will cost you more in both frustration & stress. You can go to a Walgreen's or Wal-Mart and save on some co-pays that offset the customer care of the incapable OptumRx. I do not want OptumRx filling important things such as my medications. They make too many mistakes and can't be trusted! This has been my experience, and you just don't come out ahead financially using OptumRx. My experience is, OptumRx is a terribly managed deceitful pharmacy.
This insurance has been overcharging us for vision services for the last 3 years, after a year we even got them to issue us a check for part of our appeal (they never process all it, no reason given). The check never arrived. We are going to file an appeal with Medicare and the state. Nobody to talk to.
The service are next to the highest price ever paid but the amount of places offered are good for me. This is based on a quick experience with the company. I liked the policies and the coverage that original Medicare does not cover but the price was kinda high for me, I called for a low payment but it was not possible
UnitedHealthcare was very good. When AARP took over, quality of care started to go downhill. Then the co-pays went up. If you wanted to choose a doctor, it would cost you $50. But the choice of doctors started to dwindle. They fired a large amount of doctors. We were told they got rid of bad doctors. They lied. They actually got rid of the good ones. There probably was a few bad ones. I started looking up doctors online. I was appalled. It's known that Florida has the worst doctors. Well the choices this insurance allows you to go to are (if you could grade them A-F), C doctors at best. I'm afraid to get healthcare. I could die. And I almost did.... I switched to Humana and they have the same problem. Would you like this for your mom and dad? How about your grandparents? Something needs to be done before we see our seniors' DEATHS increase from negligence!!
We joined this program on January 1, 2012, and have been totally angry and dissatisfied with their plan (Part D). Medications cost more than the previous plan we had for 3 years. I am already looking for a different prescription drug plan and trying to determine how I can cancel the one we currently have with AARP, and join another. Not only many others take advantage of seniors, but now it is our own health care organizations that we pay high premiums to. Maybe, we should all just allow Medicare to cover us and forget about trying to do the right thing by purchasing supplemental health care. Complaints and voicing my opinion to AARP is to no avail. Where do we go to get solutions to our problems?
Found out about this company because someone recommended it to me. Meets all of my needs and has a great low price for the type of insurance services I need. Other insurance was too expensive. Great Customer Service and would recommend this company to everyone else I know.
Very good at all times. We are trying to get to the kidney stones. Are you going to the kidney disease that I have been working with you and I am going to the right thing for me and my family is doing the right now and then. The only thing that I have to do with the same thing for me text Nate and I have gotten the same thing as well as the first time since the beginning of next week and a half hour.
What they won't tell you, but you'll learn soon enough is that the price of this coverage goes up every year to a total of $200/month. It may seem like a good deal at the beginning, but you'll end up paying for it in the end. This was NOT mentioned in the original contract.
I like that they are there to help. They provide needed information and are informative on everything about the company including packages and benefits. They help me in every way possible that I needed. They were very helpful friendly caring and kind. The experience was awesome and I highly recommend to all that I know.
Repeated and extended calls trying to disenroll from Advantage plan. They repeated lied and gave contradictory reasons for repeatedly refusing to approve disenrollment. We were refused until it was past the disenrollment window. We were told to resubmit in January - having to pay for one month, someone else there said 3 months. In January we resubmitted disenrollment and were told we were not eligible to disenroll! They said there was no appeal. I called Medicare and they promptly disenrolled. The further details of what they said to us on each of our many calls appears to be incompetence/poor training but more so expressions of a culture of manipulative, dishonest, predatory, venal ways of doing business.
I like that this company ensures that all my medical bills are paid for and that I have rides when I have no car available. Happy to know that this company love helping people in a big way. Want to keep it forever. It makes me happy and healthy. Sometimes calls are slow but that's normal thing for most companies.
After 9 years of subscribing to the AARP prescription plan the company has canceled the coverage of Rita and Lawrence **, Pennsylvania residents. The couple endured 6 weeks of phone calls with explanations from AARP losing the checks, accidentally putting them in a pile that was not processed, throwing them away and more. In the end they are accusing the couple of never mailing the payments and flat out refusing to make the situation right. This company cares nothing about its members. One or more of their own employees made an error and they cannot accept the responsibility. Instead they would rather leave an almost 80 year old couple with no insurance and the inability to pay more than 800 per month for prescriptions. This company is a disgrace to senior citizens.
I just read on this site that the same thing happened to someone named Desmond in Dry Ridge, Kentucky back in October and it just happened to me in Graniteville, SC. Something needs to be done about this. AARP will cancel your part d insurance and claim they needed to verify your address because there is a question about your address and you may no longer live in the coverage area. I have lived on the same street since 1996. I spoke to 5 different people today and got nowhere. I even told them that I found out they had cancelled my insurance on November 30th, 2014 when I went to pick up seizure medication on 12/9/2014.I have had Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years and need Medicare part D. I don't understand if they thought they had the wrong address, why would they send notifications to the wrong address? Why not make a phone call for verification? I am shocked because the payment for this plan was automatically coming out of my check and yet they cancel me and I can't get my medicine and this could be life threatening. I am also amazed to see that I am not the only person on here they have done this to. I filed a complaint through a supervisor but he told me not to expect anything. I am contacting the SC Insurance Commission and I am also calling Senator Lindsey Graham's office tomorrow about this.
When I entered the world of Medicare, I reached out to AARP figuring that they were an organization committed to representing my issues. Oh was I wrong. AARP is simply a company selling numerous products for profit. Actually think that their not-for-profit designation needs to be reviewed by AGs. Because of their recommendation I purchased United Health Care. I have already written a scathing review on UHC for ConsumerAffairs. Shame on AARP and the work that they aren't doing. One of their customer service agents actually identified himself as a "sales agent."
I signed up for AARP'S Medicare complete for the dental plan only. I have coverage for medical at Kaiser here in the Roseville area of northern California. I found out after signing that the dental had a 500.00 deductible and a 1000 dollar cap on the coverage yearly, basically worthless, so I dropped them at the end of the year. I receive a bill for 37.50 for part D coverage they say wasn't taken out of my social security in August of 2013. I was told by my AARP or United health care handler or their rep that signed me up that nothing would come out of my pocket, ever, it would be taken out of my social security. He by the way still says that I don't owe them any money. I received a call from AARP threatening me to pay or else and I told them I did not owe them any money, so they tacked on an additional 17.50 for being late. I asked them what the charge was, they said that I didn't have part D coverage for my Medicare. I told the lady rep that I had coverage from Kaiser and that I had them since 2008 and still have them for all my medical. She told me it was too late now and I had to pay them. I told her I never owe it. I called Medicare and Social Security and asked them if I owed for the part D and they told me that I had coverage at Kaiser and it was on record with them. I call AARP and told them that Medicare and Social Security told me that I didn't owe them and it has never lapsed. They told me I needed to prove it and send them proof. They have since taken me to collections. I have supplied proof and one of the reps said his boss said, "it is too late, he is paying us." I never felt that it was my job to supply proof I had coverage. They said they would never ask for anything more out of pocket and they lied. The latest rep said that it was for the last payment for the dental insurance in December that they never received. I said, "oh, that why I was asked for the money in August of 2013." I received another letter in late December that I didn't owe them anything, to disregard what I had previously received and another letter would follow, it did follow, saying I owed them 55.50 ha ha. These people are crooks, plain and simple. Just received a letter today if I pay them 27.50 it will all go away, but if I don't there will be consequences.....
In the last four months, AARP has messed with three of my medications. The latest has been one that I have taken three pills a day for over two years. Now they say they only allow two. Also, they have made this generic drug a 3 tier instead of a 2 tier. Now I am trying to get it approved as it has been denied. They are messing with my health and well being.
I had an easy time with the company, they were very caring and professional and got everything I needed to my satisfaction. They provided me with in-depth information and knowledge and also show promise and intuition. It's a great company and an effective one. The company is innovative and is shown to handle any problems in a professional manner. I got the most out of it with the customer satisfaction that was given to me by the company.
The AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance website cannot be relied upon. It is frequently out of service yielding only server errors when trying to sign in. Calling them about the problem yields no results. In fact they respond they are aware they have problems. Avoid this healthcare choice if at all possible. They are unreliable and exhibit no intentions of improving. Their only expertise seems to be advertising.
I have received 2 AARP Medicare Complete cards 3 times in a row now. I have spent many hours trying to correct this to no avail. Today, March 3, 2015, I tried to call again to correct this and to ask about benefits for an upcoming surgery. (I had tried to call before this but had to hang up after being on hold for over half an hour.) In addition to being on hold again for over a half hour, I was switched 4 different times from department to department with each representative insisting that he/she could not handle this matter. I finally tried to contact a complaint department but was connected to the appeals department, who -- guess what? -- told me I had the wrong department. That rep. told me I had to call customer service, which is the department I had a complaint about. Sorry, but this is all crazy-making. What good is a customer service department that customers cannot get hold of and who doesn't help anyone in any way?
My mother, who wishes to change her supplemental medical insurance through AARP, has been on the phone waiting for a representative to answer for one hour. She was disconnected! For the second time she is on the phone waiting for a representative. She has been waiting thus far for 30 minutes and still waiting to talk to someone. It is shameful that this organization who says they have concern for the elderly to be doing this. Very unfair to keep my mother on hold and waiting for the next representative to answer. At this point, I told my mother to drop the supplemental insurance through AARP. This is disgusting! Anyone out there that would like to reflect upon their experience with customer service at AARP during open enrollment of the Medicare supplemental 2012?
An appalling failure on everyone's part that I talked to regarding the problem. At no time was I intemperate so I can't say that was why I was treated so dismissively. In fact, at one point, when I said I have to decide about next year (as it is enrollment time), one rep suggested, "Why don't you go with someone else?" I was incredulous. It is 2012 for Pete's sake! This behavior is unacceptable. It is simply blatant (blatant!) contempt for the customer. I have no other explanation. They act like they are selling used cars in the 70's (ugh!). United is a colossus, a Moby Dick out of control. There is obviously a company-wide culture of contempt, engendered by their immense market size. Do not go with them. If ever there is an issue (and mine was not a big issue, but did have to be dealt with), you are a dead duck. I cannot believe AARP is allowing them to sully their (I thought) good name. I am not a crank. I have dealt with all kinds of issues in my business life. These guys are contemptible, bad actors. Stay away!
My overall experience with the company that I selected was and is a very good one. I have been treated with the utmost respect, kindness, patience, and understanding. The company also takes their time to explain the coverages, the limits, and the rights that I have. I also like the benefits you do end up being able to have. However, I wish the process of getting approved for benefits wouldn't be so hard to get.
My overall experience with them has been truly exemplary. From the beginning till now, it has been surprisingly smooth and successful. I was actually tempted to switch companies at one point, but their consistency convinced me to not only stay, but also recommend their services to those around me who were earnestly interested. I like how convenient and considerate of a company it actually is. Also, I really like how coherent and direct they are with their approach to providing what a customer truly needs during that precise time.
I switched to the AARP United Healthcare Complete HMO plan Jan. 1, 2019 in Oregon. Their provider list is severely outdated. Every doctor on their list that I have tried to get an appointment with is no longer a provider or not even practicing what they are listed for. You have to have a referral from a primary care doctor for every service other than your primary care provider. I needed cataract surgery, had to have a referral for the eye exam, another referral for the eye surgeon even though the surgeon is part of the office I was referred to for the eye exam, now I will need another referral and prior authorization for the surgery. I have spent hours on the phone with customer service reps. trying to get basic care covered. Takes weeks to get appointments. I would hate to have something serious. Dying is easier than getting medical services approved.
Well AARP is a good company, a little high in price on some things but over I feel a good company when I used it for some of the things that AARP is used for. The service was good, insurance is high everywhere now. Some discounts are good, some are not so good. The company is to help older people like myself to make ends meet in all kinds of discounts. The auto insurance is good also. They do so much.
My wife and I have separate checking accounts and receive our respective S.S. checks deposited in each respective account. I have been enrolled in an AARP/United Healthcare supplement insurance plan for 5 years with premiums being debited monthly via their EFT agreement from my checking. My wife is about to turn 65 and has signed up with UHC. We believed that we could have each of our premiums respectivly deducted from each checking account. But UHC refuses to do this because they say our AARP membership is a joint membership. However, they do agree that they will process, and keep each of our claim info, and history separate, so why can't they bill separately??? Poor policy agreement and customer relations on AARP's support and relations with UHC.
My cost just went up $33.00 and that is another chunk out of my Social Security. My total cost is $365.63 for this supplemental insurance starting Feb/2019. Yikes! What will it be next yr. Does this ever end or are we being priced out?
I have paid out personally close to $600.00 out of pocket. My plan has paid under $200.00. I pay approximately $1200.00 a year for insurance coverage plus more out of pocket for meds than my insurance company does. You are making money off of me and providing me with subrate care as far as medicine available to me at a reasonable price. I am angry and can't wait to get off this insurance policy and pray there is not more perpetrators like you to choose from. For more detailed information on the challenges put before me by your company I would appreciate a phone call as it would take up too much space allotted in your format and feel pretty sure it would not be read...
They were very easy to work with and offered benefits tailored to my husbands and my needs. They helped with finding a doctor and prescriptions. I liked that they had a way to see my coverage online and they sent a brochure. My doctors were also able to work with them easily. If they had more options and covered more things it would be better but overall my experience with this company was a good one. They were always very helpful and I never felt like I wasn't a priority when needing assistance.
In December of 2011, the Anthem Blue Cross Freedom Blue Plan (Regional PPO) was dropped for undisclosed reasons and although they offered a replacement plan, it is not available in my zip code. In order to get coverage which included part D, I had to sign up with AARP Medicare Complete via United Healthcare because there was no other plan affordable plan offered in my area. My premium under Anthem was deducted from my Social Security but this is not the case with the AARP plan and now in addition to the $110 I am paying from my Social Security check, I am paying an additional $79.90 per month which I cannot really afford. Upon doing some research, I found that if I were living in Southern California, my premium would be $0, the same as the Anthem plan. I am outraged by this disparity because healthcare from AARP is all about money rather than healthcare. I deeply resent having to pay a premium simply because I live in a rural area. I am guessing that my payments are helping to pay for those in the Southern California area that have no insurance at all. This is completely unfair.Additionally, under my old plan, my prescribed medications were covered and the co-pay was more than reasonable. When I picked up the first prescription under the new plan, one of my drugs was not covered and was ten times as much as I had paid before. I made an appeal to Prescription Solutions by OPTUM Rx and was informed that the drug was not covered by Medicare Part D. This is ridiculous because it was covered by the old Medicare Advantage plan. It seems that AARP/United Healthcare is arbitrarily refusing medication even though my drug is generic and was covered by the Anthem plan. I strongly object to the blatant monopoly this plan has in my area. Where I live should have no effect on my healthcare plan. In fact, the situation should be completely reversed because I live in a much healthier environment than any county in Southern California. Something needs to be done but complaints to Senators, Representatives, and any other government officials falls on deaf ears. I would like to see a massive class action suit initiated in order to correct this injustice.
My grandmother has severe Alzheimer’s and cannot conduct business on her own. She is 95 years old. I am her POA and have made health care decisions for her since back in 2010. We went with AARP Medicare Complete over two years ago. Now the sign up period is back. I am having a hard time getting any one to talk to me. I have resent my POA. They said they lost it. Now they say it isn't good enough, that they want a letter from her treating doctor that she cannot do her own management. This was done and sent to them back 10/30/13 at 8:38 a.m. Now they say they cannot find that. I spoke to the department’s manager. He said to refax everything. Now they still don't have it. The manager instructed me to have grandma call in and say it was okay for me to talk to them. I told him she doesn't know how to use a phone and I am two hours away from her. So, the nursing home assistant administrator dialed the phone for grandma, and they said they didn't believe it was her. So, the administrator called back two days later, they put her on hold for a long time and the phone was picked up and one gal said to another, "oh, no, I picked up the line". So, she was hung up on. I have until 12/15/2013 to get my grandma renewed. My biggest grip?! How can any of the elderly that have to take care of themselves do it with this company? Their phone system prompting is highly inadequate, as is their customer service. If I could go in front of the Nation and tell them to steer clear of this company, I would!
AARP is a great to be part of a membership with and they have long term care and life insurance. Easy to use and I like the resource center for AARP members only. Also, AARP helps protect Medicare and members of AARP with senior with life insurance coverage benefit, they offer online games including discount online and offline. But I would like AARP to change the co payments on drugs and health care.
When I first signed up for Medicare A/B I also signed up for Part D. One month later, I cancelled. I made one payment, and forgot about it. Now, 33 months later, I get a call demanding payment, or I will be turned over for collection. They automatically renewed me for 2010 and 11, even though I had never made a payment and never made a claim. Claim? I didn't know I even had insurance. They say they have been sending me a billing, but I receive so much direct mail from United Healthcare. I stopped looking at it years ago. It goes straight into the garbage.
I changed companies and thought I was doing the right thing with this company. I had to have my doctor call in my prescriptions for the new year. When I received them, I found out that one of my medicines is not covered and they charged me for this. My old company charged $8.00 a month. I spent almost an hour on the phone talking to 3 different departments and they did not appear to be very knowledgeable (different ideas and answers from the previous department). Maybe someone could have called me about this. I am really sorry I changed my Medicare insurance. Now, I am stuck for the rest of the year and who knows what other surprises there will be. Go with a small company - they have great customer service and always give you the correct answer; they want your business. AARP United Health Care Complete seems to be more expensive. OptumRx is slow and sends things out incomplete; then, another package comes, and when you call about a prescription, they tell you it is on back order, which I was not told about until I called; by then, I am getting low on meds. I should have not changed companies.
They left me with several outstanding bills that they were supposed to pay. Now I have hospitals and doctors sending me bills that were supposed to be handled after I paid my copay. I will consider cancelling my AARP membership because they still highly recommend this company.
AARP supplemental plan issued by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company. There were numerous issues with the call center, the billing department and the Montgomeryville, PA location. They changed my membership number, misapplied payments, debited my bank account and denied doing it without my permission four times. There were numerous threats of cancellations, even when proof of payment was mailed by my bank and me several times. There were changing of due dates. It is as if they are trying to cancel my insurance because of my medical condition. A senior is in need of help. Please help me.
I have multiple chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, kidney disease, and hypothyroid disease and also experienced breast cancer with chemo, radiation and surgery and despite all these issues the significant majority of the cost of my care was covered. All my various providers readily accepted AARP along with Medicare and there was no difficulty with co-pays or with the filing of charges for reimbursement. Just very easy to utilize which was very helpful since during much of the time, I was very fatigued and unable to handle difficulty.
Very helpful in helping me select supplemental insurance. Their team offered follow up and gave me information that helped me decide to go with AARP insurance. The representative did not push me into making a decision. Very personable and patient. Did not try and persuade me just gave me the information and allowed me to make my own decisions. The coverage took care of my doctor's visit and allowed me to continue seeing my specialist and it was covered. The representatives at AARP were very well informed and most pleasant.
I work in the senior health market. I'm independent and I just stumbled onto these reviews while searching for another topic. What really bothers me is when I sit down with Medicare beneficiaries and try to tell them what I do know about AARP so many swear by them and believe they are some sort of senior advocacy group. Are you aware that they overcharge for supplements 5% every month in addition to making you buy an annual subscription to their magazine? Are you aware that congress was lobbying to have their nonprofit status removed because of it? Not to mention they don't even offer Plan G which is the most cost effective Plan. Their rates increase dramatically and I can replace them all day long and save seniors hundreds a year. Today I took a woman from 220 a month to 155 payment a month. It really is a shame to see these stories, so many are a victim to their tireless advertising and co branding. Same holds true on the life insurance side... Well that's my .02 cents. Good luck.
Everything worked out fine and I was able to get everything at a very limited price when I needed it. I only needed it for a few months when I had a medical condition over 5 years ago. I was able to see a multitude of doctors in the area whenever I needed a procedure done. They had good services including free prescriptions and screening. It was enjoyable because I didn't have to think of being billed after the fact and there were no hidden fees that I didn't see coming.
I have only had this coverage for a year but I have been very pleased with the ease of doing business with them and the helpful customer support representatives who are available twenty four hours a day. The only thing I would change is a lower monthly premium to make it easier for seniors to afford.
The company has good coverage. It's great that they considered the consumer's needs. The company offers coverage that doesn't leave the consumer at a loss. The company customer service is great as well. I did not know the company was going to treat me this well. They should keep up the good work. I am glad I chose this company.
AARP Medicare Supplemental Insurance: While it directly does not cost you a monthly premium, it is like having no insurance. You have to pay for everything. So I find myself sick with the doctor's inability to diagnose me or help me. Cannot afford to go for a bunch of tests and go to Specialist. Don't have $5,000 to lay out. THIS IS LIKE HAVING NO INSURANCE. It is a joke.
This plan, AARP Medicare Complete, has been my worst nightmare. My wife and I were using Universal Health Care and we decided to change to this plan, one big mistake this was. We had our doctor send in all new prescriptions to Optum RX. One prescription my wife had sent in was Dicyclomine. We waited for this to be delivered for 2 weeks and decided that we would go online and check it out. It showed that the order was received but stated, "Contact customer service." There was a contact number listed, so I called and asked them what was going on with this prescription. They told me that this prescription requires a prior authorization and my doctor needs to fill out a prior authorization form and he needs to call and get the forms. I asked them how the doctor was supposed to know if they didn't let him know. They had no answer for this. After 4 weeks of trying to get this cheap $10.40 medication which they have as a tier 2 in their formulary, we finally received 1 month's supply. We were supposed to receive a 90-day supply. I paid the $6 copay and they paid $4.40. Now my doctor charges an extra $25 for having to fill out these prior authorization forms. So far, this drug has cost me $31 and I have only received a one-month supply. Had I gone without the insurance, it would have cost only $10.40. On top of that, my wife had to go without this medication for 2 weeks while trying to get it straightened out. I have had other issues with this company. Their prescription drug plan using OptumRx is probably twice as much as my prior coverage using Medicare Masterpiece and Medco as their mail order pharmacy. How they are rated at 3 and a half stars is beyond me and I will be going back to Medicare Masterpiece as quickly as possible.
My Wife signed up for a Medicare Advantage Plan that was supposed to include prescription coverage. She did not need to use the prescription benefit until this month. The claim was denied. We called customer service & had to wait on hold for 25 minutes. We were told that her plan did not include prescription coverage. We do not know how that happened. We asked to change the plan to one that had benefits. We were hung up on. We called back 2 days later. Again we on hold for 25 minutes before being connected to a representative. The rep constantly put us on hold to research our questions. After about an hour we were told that a form would be mailed to us. However there was no assurance that anything could be done. We will be calling the social security administration. We will also be making a formal complaint with the NJ Department of Banking & Insurance.
After I received a Co-pay bill for $412.00 for one Test ... I contacted AARP and asked why am I paying for 20% of this Test when I am paying $142.00 a month for MEDICARE COMPLETE Supplement ... I was told I am not paying for a Supplement but a Medicare Plan with Prescription coverage. I am already paying Medicare and Medicare RX coverage is $45.00 a month extra ... so why would I have signed up for 80% coverage same as Medicare and pay $142.00 for a $45.00 Drug Plan coverage?I could save myself $97.00 a month ... because I am getting no more than the Basic Medicare Coverage. I explained to the Representative that NO one that can do Math would buy the Plan if it was described Accurately and Honestly ... They said that I have to pay the $412.00 and I can apply to Opt out of their coverage ... which is NO COVERAGE ... NO more than Medicare itself - 80%. I will have to wait 30 days for Paperwork to arrive to file a complaint and qualify to OPT out which they will vote on and decide ... or wait till the next open enrollment... How is it Legal that they can hold us Hostage for a Whole Year at a time after they MISREPRESENT what they WILL cover? As Seniors and/or Disabled Consumers with Limited Financial Resources, we are conned by Insurance Companies ... which is Criminal. I wish I had read all these REVIEWS before I signed up. I will have to do a lot of research before I would sign up with anyone else because after all this, what I know for Sure is that I get NO more from AARP at $142.00 + Medicare $105.00. I pay $247.00 a month and get what I could have just paid Medicare $105.00 and a $45.00 Drug plan = at $150.00 a month. I would have money to pay the $412.00 Bill I owe... Don't get RIPPED OFF!!!
AARP always delivers the best service. They are easy to deal with 100% of the time and are always willing to help me understand everything very thoroughly. I like their flexibility as far as accepting customers with any reasons and all ages. I like how they also have car insurance, that makes shopping for that easier. Speaking of shopping there are rewards for shopping at sponsored stores! However, they should make the website easier to navigate.
Was awarded. I was given a new doctor and was told they were giving me a new card. Has been a month. I have called 5 times and they still have not got it right! United Health Care sucks! No one knows what they are doing! You want to call me, go ahead **! I hate the day I signed up with them.
AARP is great and I love it. It's accepted everywhere, I have no copays and don't need referrals like I did with my old plan. I always needed referrals and authorizations for test and now I don't. All my doctors take my plan. My last plan was EmblemHealth and all of a sudden my doctor didn't take my plan, so until I turned 50 and was able to get AARP I had to switch my PCP.
I pray this was a isolated issue but am afraid it wasn't. I had one of the worst customer service experience in my life today when I called AARP or was it United Healthcare. I was in the process of calling in my prescription for my medicine, which in the past I have paid out of pocket. But, then I remember oh I have a prescription plan I won't have to come out of pocket the $65.00. Am excited now, so with my beautiful laminated member ID card and Welcome Letter in hand I called customer service. I wanted to confirm what I would be paying for my prescriptions. So I call give them all info they needed am waiting for a simple response. Instead I get very disturbing info my enrollment has been cancelled. I say, "What? what the, cancelled, I didn't cancel. Who cancelled? I know I didn't. What now!" Am on hold, for a while. They couldn't seem to find out what happen. Then they said, "Jenna." I say, "Jenna who? That is not me." Am not understanding what has happen. What happen was AARP made the mistake in cancelling my plan their mistake, internal breakdown of procedure or communication. Their mistakes clearly but they refuse to acknowledge their responsibility in this and make this right, not even a apology. I'm left with no plan and forced to come out of pocket for another year until open enrollment. So unfair, so unprofessional, so heartless. Thanks for nothing AARP/United Healthcare.
I like that they offer a wide range of coverage that is very affordable in comparison to other plans that are currently on the market today and they can be purchased very easily through your employer. AARP Medicare offers comprehensive medical insurance at a low cost to consumers who have health insurance purchased through their employment on a regular basis and the plans are much better than Obamacare plans that are on the market today. They have good plans and I have had no problems with using them at all.
The company is so willing to provide you with benefits and that they are willing to cater to your every need no matter what it is and I really appreciate it. I like the environment of the company because the service is really good and the atmosphere is great too and leaves you comfortable like we are with family, everything is nice in the company. They should keep doing what they are doing so that more people can know how great this program is to anyone.
THE WORST EXPERIENCE. I am a nurse practitioner, a Army Veteran, I have breast cancer, I have worked with insurance companies coding, billing, approval and denials and I am still unable to solve my premium problem with AARP/UHC. Being a Veteran with pharmacy coverage I did not need AARP/UHC Part D as I was getting my medications from the VA. According to the Part D guidelines, Veterans with pharmacy coverage can cancel Part D at any time during the year. October 11, 2016 I called and received an email from UnitedHealthcare_CustomerCare with instructions on how to disenroll from UHC Part C and below is how the email read:"Dear Valued Member, Thank you for contacting us about your decision to disenroll. As we talked about, there are many different ways to ask for a disenrollment from your plan. Written requests can be submitted online or through mail/fax with our form or a letter you hand write. If you enroll in a similar plan during a valid enrollment period, you'll automatically be disenrolled from your current plan. The last option is to contact Medicare at 1-800-633-4227. If you'd like to submit a disenrollment request online or by mail/fax here are the links to the forms: Online - Fill out the form and submit the request online. Disenrollment Form (Online). Mail/Fax - Print the PDF form. Fill it out in black/blue ink. Mail or Fax it using the directions on the form. Disenrollment Form (PDF)."I cancelled my AARP/UHC Part D using the online option and received a copy of my PDP Disenrollment Letter between UHC and Dorothy ** is Signed and Filed. The letter was attached and printed. The same day after I submitted the disenrollment online I received this email below from UHC: "Attached is a final copy of PDP_Disenrollment_letter. Notifications have been automatically sent to all parties to the agreement."AARP/UHC continued to deduct Part D premiums from my social security check November, December and January. In fact they increased my Part D premium for January 2017 and took out even more money. I have contacted AARP customer service to find out when they are going to stop taking $$$ from my SS and they told me they did not have my disenrollment I submitted online. I spent over an hour on the phone with the person at AARP. Since UHC sent the disenrollment letter via email I thought I could send it to them via email. No. I had to print the disenrollment letter UHC sent me and fax it to UHC. I tried to get the AARP customer service to transfer me to the Disenrollment department and they would not. I was very frustrated. I asked for a supervisor and she was not familiar with the online disenrollment. AARP is the gatekeeper and will not transfer me to the Disenrollment department.After faxing my disenrollment forms (that UHC send me online) I received a phone call from AARP telling me my disenrollment was denied. How can it be denied? How do I disenroll from AARP??? I called AARP (I was on the phone with them for 2 hours) and they still did not accept my disenrollment form and I told them I disenrolled Oct 11, 2016 and they still did not accept my disenrollment. The worst part - I submitted prescriptions to Walgreens and told them I was going to pay cash as this prescription was from a car accident and St. Farm would reimburse me. Walgreens called AARP/UHC and was told in November that I did not have Part D coverage with them and I would have to pay cash.So I'm paying AARP/UHC premiums and do not have Part D coverage according to AARP??? I am knowledgeable about insurance. How is the lay person suppose to deal with this if I cannot solve my own disenrollment??? I am going to report this to the Florida Department of Insurance. DO NOT BUY PART D - AARP/UHC INSURANCE AS YOU CANNOT DISENROLL! Does anybody have any suggestions?
I waited on hold for 3 HOURS & 45 MINUTES and my call was NEVER ANSWERED!!! Their irritating music message kept telling me they were helping other customers. They never helped me and I will NEVER USE THEIR SERVICES AGAIN! Glad I'm now with Premera Blue Cross.
My mother, Eleanor **, is in a nursing home. She no longer needs her SecureHorizons Insurance. She will have medicare/medical. I am trying to dis-enroll/cancel her SecureHorizons plan. I have called and spent 20 minutes with one representative and today for over 45 minutes, of why the power of attorney for the health care is not valid. No one can give me a specific reason.I have used this POA for many agencies, and no one has denied the acceptance of this document. I sent several fax memos to find out why the most recent faxes are dated 11/18/11 and today 11/28/1. I am having a local attorney to check this document tomorrow at 1:30 p.m., to check if it's valid. It's interesting to see how they accept the payments each month.
My overall experience with AARP was a great experience and I like AARP for many reasons. I was able to use my Medicaid everywhere. They are low on cost for the things you do have to pay on and help you with a lot when you need them. They have a great a great support team with real people who care. The people really helped me a lot and showed me they really care about me instead of what I can offer. They really take time out for each individual. But if I could change, I would make it where everyone was able to enroll with them no matter what. I would make it where you could experience more benefits where people in need would qualify for and would love. Other than that this company rocks and I would choose them all over again. I have heard many great things about them and so far, it has been proven.
AARP/United Healthcare use and define the hospital status of "under observation" to their profit advantage. Here is the detail: 19 days in hospital. 17 days in Skilled Nursing Facility. Rushed to emergency room (Congestive Heart Failure), held in observation for 48 hours. Returned to same room at Skilled Nursing Facility for 18 days. AARP/United Healthcare will not pay the remaining 18 days because of the "observation" status. Medicare paid their portion without any issues. Read the fine print before purchasing any of their policies.
I have been dealing with this problem for over 2 years. When I signed up for AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F, I signed up with an agent that messed up me sign on date. Dec 11, 2011, was the last date to sign up for supplement insurance. The agent signed me up and said the payments would start in January 2012. Somehow she mess up and put the date as starting in December (which was not legal). I have called so many times and they reassured me that it is taken care of. Well in January United Healthcare took an UNAUTHORIZED deduction from my bank account. The person informed me that it would take 4 weeks to get this refund back. No refund has been issued and it has been 4 weeks. I call again, this time I made 11 phone calls and again was reassured me that a refund with to be in my account on the following Monday or Tuesday at the latest. Well guess what still no refund. I found out today that United Healthcare has independent agents answering their telephone number. Problem is they do not write down anything on your account. I talked to another supervisor that is looking over the account. My question is "How many times do you have to talk to United Healthcare agents and supervisor before you can get any results?" Two years now and I am back to square one. HELP!!!!!
3/27/12 was my first appointment with Dr. ** (Desert Oasis) regarding the pain in my gut. Dr. ** thought I had kidney stones. I took blood tests on the same day. It took around 6 days to get results. Dr. ** gave me some pain medicine (Tramadol) for my pain in the gut. I do not take any med, as they depress me and constipate me. However, the pain required me to try. I tried ibuprofen but got the same result. Between the 2 meds, I was having nightmares and was in a lot of pain. I was told by Dr. **'s nurse to go to the ER. I did, and they said to go to your doctor? I called Dr. **'s office for test results and was told I had a small amount of blood in my urine. It's not a problem and I get re-tested in a few months. I asked the nurse about my back pain, and she said, "What pain?"I was sent for a sonogram, and it took almost three weeks for an appointment. It took another two weeks for the results. Again, I asked the nurse about the pain, and she said, "What pain?" I was sent to a urologist and was told the tumor and cysts were too small to worry about? "You're fine." I asked about the pain in my back, and the doctor said, "What pain?" The doctor said he wanted to do another test on my bladder. Dr. ** said my bladder was fine and if I have any problem urinating, to call back. I asked again about the pain, and the doctor said, "What pain?" The doctor said he would send his report findings to Dr. **. It was 6/5/2012 then. Then, I never heard back from Dr. ** or Dr. ** about the results or the next step to find out where the pain is coming from.40 days later, I still have the pain and still have a loss of energy and back pain, which is preventing me from exercise and my normal life. I waited and waited almost 3 weeks, and there's no call from any doctor saying you're ok or not ok? I'm still in a lot of pain. I sent Dr. ** the above letter, and he saw me the next day and said he did not have the report from Dr. **? Dr. ** did call me that night to say he got the report and all was ok. It's not ok. I have been in pain for almost 3 months. Dr. ** gave me (at my request) two referrals, one to dietitian and a physical therapist. I was able to see the dietitian two days later, who was extremely helpful. I changed my diet that day, and two days after, I feel much better as I have diverticulitis. Not one doctor suggested that the diverticulitis could be part of the problem of pain. I have been told 4 times when I mention my pain "What pain?" Or did Dr. ** recommend that I see a dietitian, as he diagnosed my diverticulitis.Dr. ** gave me a referral for a physical therapist on 6/13. The receptionist at West Point told me that they received the referral; however, she was waiting for approval from Desert Oasis. She said she would call when the man brings the approval? On 6/15, I called Dr. **'s office and was told to call West Point Physical. After a long conversation, there's no help. I did ask to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for over 8 minutes. I was told to call the main office in Palmdale office. I did, and once again, I waited an inappropriate amount of time. I was told by Alex that "We have 10 days to treat you according to our contract with Oasis." And he coudn't bump another person because I hurt. Then, I called Oasis and was told to call Dr. **. I explained I did call Dr. **'s office and was told to call Oasis, which I did. I am tired of this runaround. Oasis called Dr. **, and he declined to give me a quicker appointment. "What pain?" was asked 4 times?On 6/20/12, a friend of mine called West Point to make an appointment for his neck. The operator asked him "Do you have insurance?" He said, "I will pay cash." She gave my friend an appointment for the 25th, which is after 2 working days? West Point wanted me to wait 10 working days? When I purchased this insurance, no one said anything about this inappropriate treatment. Dr. ** told me that he couldn't remember everything he said and that he has over 1000 patients. Perhaps, that's way too many. Perhaps, United Health, AARP, and Desert Oasis need to be more sensitive about how long a human being gets relief from a simple pain. Perhaps, doing more research into their contractors would be helpful?This started on March 27. Today is June 20. I had 81 days of pain and tests, and I can't take pain meds. Dr. ** would not give the ok to see a therapist sooner than 10 working days after waiting 80 days. Is this how it works? I need help.
I am scheduled for spine surgery because of my medical history of multiple embolisms and my lifetime with coumadin/warfarin therapy. It is necessary for me to be off warfarin and on lovenox injection prior to surgery and any other invasive procedure. I can't have a MRI due to a bard G2 IVC filter inserted in 2007. So my hematologist requested lovenox injection. My pharmacist informed me of the denial and that’s when we started the issue. I called United AARP Medicare and requested my denial letter. A very uninformed person told me it would come in the mail. I requested it be faxed directly to me or to my hematologist - she refused, citing HIPAA. I am a nurse and know HIPAA and my doctor has a right to that letter asap... it has been refused.6 days later, no letter of denial yet. Problem is that this person and United HC has caused a multitude of issues for me as my CT myelogram was scheduled on 4/6. I needed to be on 5 days lovenox and off 1 day. I went to hospital that the IVC was put in and hoped that maybe with report I could have MRI and skip CT myelogram. NO, my surgery scheduled on 4/10 not happening. Along with this listed my flight to NYC has to be cancelled. Hotel reservations prepaid cancelled. In case no one knows, this is costing me a bundle because United bungled the job. All my pre-op testing will have to be redone... while in NYC at Hospital for special surgery, they had to cancel my consultations with anesthesia, hematology, rheumatology, internal medicine, and testing for pre-op.My flight request with Miracle Flights has to be reapplied for. My terms with Access‑a‑Ride in NYC need to be rescheduled. This all because a intake person did not know her job. I don't even want to appeal. I just want the denial so I can get the drug from the manufacturer. This is highly improper and violation of my patient rights, and I am absolutely blown away, devastated because I call my doctor calls and we can't get this damn letter. This is caused continued pain escalated, to say the least. It has caused me to be extremely depressed angry and very tired of the crap in the health care insurance business. I am a nurse, 45 years of nursing, and this country has gone down the tubes to abuse patients shorten life so they don't have to pay the bills. It’s disgusting and repulsive but the bigwigs get their bonuses and vacations.
The subject Medicare Rx plans can be viewed at I did a side by side comparison of the Preferred and Saver Plus plans and found that the Saver Plus plan is less expensive and offers more coverage than the Preferred plan. I spoke with several AARP representatives who confirmed that the lower cost Saver Plus plan is superior in cost and coverage to the Preferred plan. But, many seniors, including my 90 year old parents no longer have the mental capacity to conduct a cost analysis of the plans. Recently, I discovered that last year my parents switched to the Preferred plan because they assumed that the word "Preferred" meant that they would receive greater benefits. But in fact they are now spending more.They also have a medigap policy through Gilsbar that has a High and Low plan. Last year, they also switched that policy from the low plan to the high plan. As with their AARP Rx plan, the High Gilsbar plan is more costly that the Low plan and there are absolutely additional benefits included in the High plan. As with AARP, I called several Gilsbar representatives and confirmed that there is no advantage to purchasing the High plan. There is a pattern of deception that I doubt is limited to just the AARP Rx plan and the Gilsbar medical coverage plan. This may be something that may want to investigate further. I am more than happy to provide additional details upon request.
When I called to let them know that my mom's bank account number had been changed, they had a fit and said they noticed that she has been in another state seeing the doctor. Now they insisted on closing her Florida account and made her open one in Texas, but it will be for only 1 month then her co-pay will need to be started over for the new year. I mean really? What the heck are they thinking? She still owns a home in Florida, but I'm not letting her go home until she is better. Last time we went back, she was in the hospital in 2 days. Don't get sick in another state or you are in trouble and they can close your Rx plan!
I signed up for AARP membership as a condition of obtaining UHC Medicare supplemental insurance. Since signing up, I routinely get mailings indicating I need to renew my membership, even though it has months remaining on it. Each mailing contains dire warnings about the membership lapsing. I think of my elderly parents, and how they would be taken in by this, perhaps paying the membership fee repeatedly and not realizing that it was unnecessary. That combined with the lousy customer service from AARP sent me searching for an alternative. Since I need to keep my UHC insurance, I emailed and asked if AARP membership was necessary AFTER signup. Turns out, it ISN'T. Yes you can have UHC Medicare supplemental insurance and you DON"T HAVE TO BE AN AARP MEMBER. Nowhere will the AARP materials or website tell you this. AARP does not have the best interest of seniors at heart - only its bottom line.
I have been very satisfied with AARP. They are very helpful and easy to do business with. I can count on them. They give great advice and recommendations that are in my best interest. Additionally, they have an easy to use website and their customer service is exceptional.
I have had AARP since I first started on Medicare. At that time they gave a big discount off the initial price. Every year since then a 5-10 percent discount has still been given till it totally ends in a year or two. To date I have had two operations, six hospital visits, numerous specialists, hospital procedures and blood tests. The only charge I ever had was one blood test. Medicare would not pay for a charge of 93.00. However, it would be nice if I could pay less and I can go to any dr, specialist, hospital, lab anywhere in country.
The payment each month is ridiculous. They should change the cost of the plan. I pay 270 a month and when you're on a fixed income it's hard because it's a large portion. I need to have more options in the marketplace that their insurance is less expensive. Social services or whoever is in-charge of insurance plans should contact me and show me other options so I can save money and still have good insurance. However, I like that I don't have a copay. This way if I'm seeing a lot of doctors that month it saves me money. This is good for me.
The plan I chose provided the benefits I was looking for. It was easy and a pleasant experience to sign up for the coverage online. I liked that I could pay my premiums online, and not be required to have automatic withdrawals from my checking account. All claims were paid within a reasonable time. However I would like to have a lower premium with same benefits.
My mother was put in the hospital in November of 2013. She was in the hospital for over a month. With the medical bills that accumulated her insurance itself became secondary at that point. She received a letter/bill from AARP Medicare RX Plan United Health Care for $1157.80. My sister tried calling to find out how she could reinstall mom in the Part D (again the only part she had with them). She was told (despite our mother not able to speak on her own behalf) that they could not tell her anything (she is the one that takes care of all of our mother's issues - doctors, medications, appointments, bills). She was told that despite her paying for our mother that the bill she received needed to be paid and she (mom) could not get any coverage until the next enrollment period. This was a lie. #1 Evidently for two years money was not applied to the account (this per the representative spoken to today).#2 You can enroll after the enrollment period: How much is the Part D penalty? The cost of the late enrollment penalty depends on how long you went without creditable prescription drug coverage. The late enrollment penalty is calculated by multiplying 1% of the "national base beneficiary premium" ($32.42 in 2014) times the number of full, uncovered months you were eligible but didn't join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan and went without other creditable prescription drug coverage. The final amount is rounded to the nearest $.10 and added to your monthly premium. The national base beneficiary premium may increase each year, so the penalty amount may also increase each year. Something they neglected to mention. The most important thing they neglected to mention was that the $1,157.80 was really $307.80.... I am not sure how any company neglects telling you that you owe less by $850.00. Now this may seem like a very small amount to many people who make a very good living. To someone on Social Security in their 80's this is a gigantic amount. I personally work with this company every day as I do medical billing. They don't listen to you (ever), they don't pay correctly, and now I can safely say they aren't just liars... they are thieves. So I must say congratulations to AARP for protecting your clients from predators. Oh wait, no I don't because you are sending your clients to predators. Bad, bad, bad.
The company is very reliable and their customer service is very nice. I like it when they have the best support for people who need medical help. It's just a great way of getting medical help and not paying for it, and a great way of showing that you care. Would totally use their service again.
AARP provides very good service and perks, actually better than the full cost insurance I paid for before retirement. The list of doctors and specialists is very large and I have never had an issue with coverage. The company provides an annual wellness home visit, plus a gift card for taking care of your own health. The monthly cost is zero and they pay me to have an annual exam. How can you go wrong with that?
My father, with the help of a social worker, enrolled in AARP Medicare Rx. It never paid for one of his prescriptions. I tried to cancel it for him and they said he could only do this during a certain time period months away. He has a $600 bill now, has never used the program, and now they are turning it over to a collection agency. He is handicapped and only has social security and now is in a nursing home pending Medicaid approval. He does not have the money to pay for this and since it never paid for any of his prescriptions, this is a complete rip off! They are taking advantage of the elderly and something needs to be done. This is not right!
I'm paying for extras that I may need in the future. Still need to use this part of their services and have not had to use them up until now but may need them soon for dental. I will need implants put into my mouth and other products are need in my mouth that I have put off for a long time. Cannot afford to have this done with me right now.
The company is good to me and they also have other benefits like discount on hotels, car rental and free gifts. They send you a check for what don't need for the bill. I have been with them for over 15 years and I have never had a problem with them. Someone to trust. They pay what Medicare don't and you can chose your own doctor and it goes where you go.
I have a similar problem to George from Phoenix below. I called the Medigap number given me by Medicare when I switched over during open enrollment, from BCBS of TN to original Medicare. I was given no real choice since Part F is administered by AARP UHC in Tennessee. Since then I have not been able to complete my application because despite three increasingly panic-stricken calls, they can't even get their act together enough to send me the forms I have to fill out. Was told last week by the call center guy that they have no way of reaching anyone really at AARP UNH, but assured me I could be retroactively covered if the application is completed by Jan 31. I told him that was BS because what if I need healthcare on Jan. 1? They aren't going to take that as proof of coverage, and I'm now in a strange and troubling health crisis that may escalate to some serious care. This is 100 percent totally unacceptable. Tomorrow I am going to start calling anyone I can, anywhere I can, to complain about this.
When I was initially enrolled in insurance, I was lied to and told I had dental insurance for false teeth. I was also lied to about other coverage to include eyeglasses and a fitness program at a local gym. I will be canceling my insurance with you when the time comes to change insurance companies. I am also informing everyone I know about your lies.
I left my old insurance with CDPHP to sign up with AARP Medicare completed because their sales agent told me that with their insurance I was going to get a good health coverage and a partial vision and dental coverage. But when I read their insurance guide they sent me, I found out they where lying to me. I contacted their customer services and asked them about the matter, and I was told that to get any dental coverage, I would have to buy a dental insurance premium that would cost me 37 dollars a month, and that the only vision coverage I will get is one visit to an eye doctor every year for a glaucoma exam. I got this insurance because was recommended to me and my wife on the website. I just don't understand, why they will recommend it without first checking if what AARP is offering is true or not.
The costs we ended up paying for our drugs were 175% higher than the prices they quoted me on a phone call. They suck you in with low monthly rates and charge you totally higher prices for the prescription than what they quoted. Bait and switch. Getting out as soon as possible. Also chucking their healthcare plan.
I was told this supplemental insurance would cover what Medicare doesn't pay, but this apparently wasn't true. I recently received two invoices for payments in 2016 that were adjusted for Medicare, and Medicare paid their 80%, but UHC paid $0.00. The amounts are not that much, and I am able to pay them, but considering what I paid in premiums for 2016, this is ridiculous. I have changed back to a Medicare Advantage plan where I know upfront what my co-pays are. And they are much less than what I paid in premiums for a so-called insurance plan that is useless. I wish I'd read the reviews before I bought into this.
United Health will not tell me what my 2014 new monthly premium is going to be. It is now 10/30/13 and I need to make a decision of whether to stay with the supplemental plan to join a Medicare Advantage plan. So long as I do not know what my monthly premium cost is going to be, I cannot make an intelligent decision to stay with United or go with a different plan. I have called United three times since the first of October and they will not even give me a "date" as to when I will receive the information I need. I have tried to speak/file complaint with Medicare, but cannot get through the "menu" phases. Help!!!
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