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AardvarkCompare Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: AardvarkCompare
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1200 South Pine Island Road
Overall average rating of 4.9 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 92 %
Just what I needed and easy to use.
Great services, Great quotes. ..
I was pleased with the ability to get answers to all my questions on a timely basis. The coverage of the plan I purchased appeared more generous than others that cost more. Larry D Michigan
All went well until I reviewed the declaration page and discovered to my horror that I had misspelled my own name. I called the customer service number only to be given an email address to report the issue. This waste of my time is why I'm not giving five stars. I would give four-and-a-half stars if that were an option.
Quick and easy purchase and easily compared with other options. Definitely clearer and hopefully more reliable than purchasing insurance through the travel agent!
Jonathan was very helpful!
Excellent Help
Jonathan Breeze not only answered all of my questions but also made me feel comfortable with buying the best product for the right price. He didn't push me to buy the most expensive insurance, because he suggested that my husband and I would be covered for all we needed with the product that best fit us not leaving the country. Feeling that I spoke with a man of integrity and like my grandpa--a past pilot who also flew for the RAF, I plan on coming back to purchase from Aardvark when we do go outside the USA
It was easy to compare the policies compared to other sites. I did chat with some questions and it was a very good experience. Also bought a policy for a lot less than I could find on other sites and it's from a top company.
I was surprised to get an email answer from a human when I sent in a query. The way to compare policies made the differences very clear and let me pick one that worked for me for this particular trip.
Jonathan was very knowledgeable and helpful in choosing the most appropriate travel insurance policies. It was a pleasure working with him!
Very easy to use. Got instant policies and very easy to make comparisons. The prices are much less than those offered by the cruise line.
It was a pleasure working with Lynn. She answered all my questions and was extremely professional and knowledgeable about the policies. Due to her guidance we purchased our World Wide Cruise Policy.
easy, informative, searchable database of options
Jonathan was wonderful! I had some specific needs for my travel insurance and he was able to find me a policy that met them all. He explained everything thoroughly and took the time needed to make everything clear. I tried some other insurance carriers on my own and I found them to be vague and even appearing put out by my request. Jonathan was a breath of fresh air!
Johnathon is literally very informative in what can be helpful in your decision making process...
most knowledgeable, could answer every question. found just what I needed at a fair price. easily accessible by email and phone. I highly recommend Aardvark, especially if you are contemplating a complex trip or now little about insurance and what you should choose.
Really helpful advice! A lot of the quotes are similar and they were able to help suggest a plan for me and make sure I had coverage in case there were strikes for my transportation companies overseas. It gave me a lot of peace of mind as there has been some train strikes in France, and I didn't want to be stranded or have to pay a lot of extra money for transportation. Very easy and helpful, with lots of options!
Easy to get the insurance I wanted
Good response
list of many policies with coverage clearly stated
Helpful. Knowledgeable. Very pleasant. attentive. Not pushy.
Asked a bunch a questions, representative was patient and knowledgeable. Stated my concerns regarding coverage and she made a recommendation for company and coverage which was good coverage at a reasonable price. Much better coverage than cruise line offered and at a better price. Using a broker you can see lots of options without a lot of footwork. I double checked some of the premiums and they were the same as on the carriers websites. Highly recommend.
Jonathan was excellent and worked hard to meet our quires. He was very patient with our indecisiveness.
The online presentation and policy choices among different sellers of coverage was very clear.
Very courteous and knowledgeable representatives. I would use them again.
I wanted to compare and buy travel insurance for an upcoming trip. I spoke to a representative who was able to answer questions for me and assist me in making the best decision for my travel needs.
Great Help, kind, courteous, and thoughtful. Can't get better than that. Thanks Kenneth Jenkins
Deciding on the right trip insurance is tough, there are so many variables and exclusions. I just tried to find something in the middle of the road.
everything went really good couldn't have been easier … thanks
I spoke with Jonathan and he explained the options clearly, knowledgeably and in a friendly, caring manner. He sounded more like a consultant than a salesperson. We chose the best insurance for two trips we are taking, one in the spring and one in the summer and the total experience was enjoyable. I feel we got exactly the international travel insurance we wanted at a reasonable price without any hassle whatsoever. I will use Aardvark again for our next trip which is scheduled for next fall.
The person on the phone was very helpful and knew what she was doing. She explained that the cheapest was not the best coverage for the money and our situation. She followed through and we got the forms and contract on line as promised. Thanks again Dave
fast and easy; found desired coverage and avoided under buying while over paying
Easy site to use, good price. Have not traveled yet so hope I do not have to use.
Excellent service thus far, includes chat clarification.
provided all the info needed to decide
Received all the information I needed. Jonathan was very nice, helpful.
Very easy to use and very thorough.
never used travel insurance and asked if live person. wanted to get a number to call. got an email and was directed back to the general quote page. sent a second email and no response.................... the response from aardvark is interesting as my first DIFFICULT question was " is this a live person" the second was that " I was looking for a phone number to talk to someone as I had never used travel insurance before." their response is worse than the service.....
I left a message and received a call back very quickly. It was easy to understand the options for selecting the coverage.
Extremely helpful explaining the different policy's and which one would be beneficial to me and my trip. Highly recommend.
Very quick website and easy to purchase, will use again!
Very helpful, explain things concisely, friendly. Recommend this to anyone.
Helpful, upfront and knowledgeable.
For a first timer bewildered with all the travel insurances offered in the web AADVARKCompare made things us easy to compare the best insurance that fits us. Their blog is also very informative. Phonecon with Lynn, we found her to be very kind, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable and provided us with excellent customer service. We Did not hesitate to buy afterwards because all our questions were answered by Lynn.
Prompt replies, Jonathan was very helpful. Cost was much more reasonable than going through cruise line.
Ease of navigation in the site. Their representatives were knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. ,
Great source for travel insurance!
Very professional people to deal with.
Very helpful representative. Able to answer all my questions & concerns. Very easy to book.
Easy to search and good price quotes
Aardvark is a pleasure to work with. The staff is very helpful & knowledgeable. Cruise line insurance offering substantially higher with unnecessary coverage. Very happy with the product.
Jonathan's emails and phone calls were timely and helpful. I appreciated the prompt and informative responses very much.
When researching travel insurance I had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan and Sonia and found both to be extremely knowledgable. All of our questions were answered. Buyers should be aware that each insurance company words their policies differently and we found AardvarkCompare to be on top of the fine print which is something that could potentially cause problems should one have to file a claim. it was a no-brainer to go with AardvarkCompare.
I found AardvarkCompare to be extremely helpful in selecting travel insurance for our cruise vacation. Jonathan was the rep I spoke with on the phone. He walked me thru several options and upon my selection handled the rest of the purchase process over the phone. The policy and other documents showed up in my email within minutes. Great service!
Very easy website to navigate with some of the top travel insurance companies.
I wish other sites were this easy. I was able to look up reviews, as well as get quotes from many insurance companies, and had questions answers and clarified.
We are traveling to the UK this year and wanted travel insurance for both cancellation and for medical abroad. AARP suggested Aardvark Compare and we discovered the same insurance from the same company was quoted at a cheaper rate on Aardvark for some reason. We found it easy to use and with lots of options. Who could ask for more.
Great comparaison of different travel insurance!
Much faster than I would have expected, which was nice. I did like that they are supporting the Special Operations charity, that is such a good gesture. Fewer companies seem to give back these days, so when one does, I do think they deserve to be recognized.
Sonia was the way to go with her knowledge and ability to answer and clarify our questions. She was awesome. We are so glad we called, she explained everything to us and sometimes you don't know what questions to ask, she made sure we had the information we needed to make the purchase right for us.
Thank you Jonathan. You were a great help explaining everything. Tami
It was an easy way to compare the best policies available by coverage and price. Sonia's suggestion was also very helpful in finding the best value with iTi SE. One thing gave me a problem; it is easy to end up with the trip destination entered incorrectly by defaulting to the USA.
Jonathan couldn't have been better. So helpful and patient. One would be silly to not use their company. Thanks
The staff was most helpful and answered all of my questions. I took their advice and chose the traveler insurance plan they recommended.
At this point I give the company 5 stars. Joe Breeze was my contact. Mr. Breeze was able to answer all my questions regarding the policy I selected for a cruise from Passau Germany to Budapest. I had read the policy and he had follow up information to questions I had. My basic concerns were illness not allowing us to travel before we left, flight delays keeping us from meeting our cruise and medical expenses including getting us home in the event of an emergency. I was assured by Mr. Breeze (Oh yea the call me the Breeze....sorry) this policy took care of and surpassed all my concerns. For a small percentage of our trips cost, I bought piece of mind. There were cheaper, more affordable options, I went with the policy AardvarkCompare and Mr. Breeze suggested. The policy was a SE plan. Here's hoping I don't have to use any of it.
Jonathan, a very helpful and friendly man with a nice, British accent, steered me through the process of purchasing a travel-insurance policy. He was great. Articulate. Good humor. I wish that all of my telephone transactions were as positive.
The reviews were helpful and when I spoke with a rep, she was even more3 helpful. Can't go wrong!
Jonathan not only answered all my questions completely, he reassured me and made me feel very comfortable with this decision! Thanks
The Aardvark website is very easy to navigate and quickly brings up a fair number of detailed quotes for comparison purposes. Payment is easy and confirmation of the transaction arrives immediately by email. I just purchased a policy through them tonight. I also purchased travel insurance through Aardvark in 2017. That trip was more than twice as expensive, and I was actually able to pick which coverages I needed. I was able to exclude medical coverage (my health insurance carrier includes overseas travel) and driver's insurance. I appreciated not having to pay for duplicate and unneeded coverage.
Good, quick responses to questions via CHAT
Jonathan was wonderful. Very pleasant to talk to and very understanding of my needs. The transaction was completed very quickly and easy. Using your company for my travel needs was the right choice.
Our first time purchasing travel insurance. We looked online at the Aardvark website and then called for more detailed info. We received very informative comparisons to the policy offered by the cruise company. The policy we purchased through Aardvark was at a significant savings.
Great service by Lynn
Jonathan always takes the time to learn all the pertinent details of the planned trip and what my risk concerns are, then suggest the perfect insurance solution for my situation! I always feel that I’ve gotten exactly what I need, with no costly extras that I don’t need.
Sonia was very helpful in figuring out which would be the best plan for me.
I received quotes by email and had some questions. Jonathan answered everything completely. I thought he was very honest and straightforward in recommending a plan and explaining what coverage was appropriate for my trip. Highly recommend
Outstanding service! Jonathan Breeze, the representative who assisted us, was quite knowledgeable, informative, personable, and helpful. He seemed to go the extra mile, to assist us - all the while being extremely attentive to our questions, professional and courteous. We will contact your company again for future travels, and will gladly and highly recommend Aardvark Compare to family, friends and other travelers. Thank you for your wonderful customer service! It was genuinely appreciated!
Jonathan was friendly and very clear in explanations Took time to answer my questions & made me feel very comfortable with my choices I had thought I’d made an insurance option at the time of my flight reservations but when I realized that i’d Never got confirmation I called to see what I could get before trip
Sonia and Jonathan were both great -- informative, knowledgeable, personable. Was dreading this first exploration of trip insurance but they made it quick, fun, and reasonably painless. The peace of mind has been great, too!
I really appreciate the ease of using the site. I also am thankful that the site saved the information on who was traveling and the plans we were comparing stayed on the screen so you didn't have to start over every time! We purchased 3 policies for a family trip. Thanks!!!
Purchasing the proper policy was very easy with the help of your online chat!!!
Everyone was very helpful.
Thank you to AardvarkCompare. SImple and easy to get quotes. Great customer service. Will be back again for my next trip.
The site presented a version of an AIG Travelguard policy that I had seen on other sites. It turned out to be a very good value for the benefits listed.
Jonathan was very friendly and a great help to us in selecting travel insurance.
Jonathan made it easy and convenient and he saved me money!
Unfortunately you did not have what I wanted. I made a deposit on a trip in May, 2017, a year ago. Due to visa problems which arose only recently for Russia, I needed a policy with cancel for any reason. Sadly, your policy restricts one to signing up within 21 days of initial booking and it covers only 75% of the costs incurred. I was hoping that you could tailor a special policy for me, for which I would be willing to pay extra.
Lynn did a great job explaining coverage and put me at ease wit the decision process
Best service. Thank you
Jonathan is very easy to work with and went beyond to provide a bid. I have had no claims so cannot comment on that area.
Jonathan and Sonia were both fantastic answering all my questions and extremely patient. Definitely would recommend this service to other travelers. Thanks so much!!!
Very easy comparison; easy to choose; easy purchase and quick results!
Clear and easy to understand. Presented well
Got the answers and information I needed very quickly. The Rep was knowledgeable and allowed me to decide on the right plan with one phone call.
Clear, fast, easy to understand.
Jonathan Breeze found us an exquisite solution to a sticky travel situation, and for that, we are grateful. With regards, Patrick
All good. Easy to understand and quick to do. No suggestions.
excellent. I wanted good medical coverage with the insurance being primary as anything overseas is 'out of network' with our US medical insurance, I thought the explanations were clear and concise. Travel medical and evacuation is critical for any trip. you have a car accident overseas without it and you lose your life savings.
We spoke to Lynne who completed our policy. Lynne was absolutely terrific - she was personable, well informed and very clear about how best to satisfy our travel insurance needs. I would recommend Aardvark simply on the basis of how we were treated by Lynne. You could not have a better representative.
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