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Worth Ave Group Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: Worth Ave Group
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-620-2885
Overall average rating of 4.3 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 72 %
Good customer support, they resolved my questions very quickly
It is impossible to get anyone on the phone if you have a question. They need to improve their call center response.
It drives me crazy how much the cellular carriers can charge for insurance, and with such ridiculously high deductibles. WAG is so much cheaper, and more flexible! I've had two claims with them in the past; they've paid promptly and without and problems, too.
WHAT INCREDIBLE SERVICE! When Apple surprisingly gave my daughter the wrong information Michele Bosler immediately reached out to me directly and walked us through the correct process to wrap up the claim in no time. We are customers for life.
Michele helped me out with a recent loss. After submitting required documentation, a check was in the mail just a couple days later. Fast service, expert resolution. Will be with NSSI for a long time to come!
Super easy to sign up for laptop insurance. Excellent rates and even more impressive amount of coverage under the "Full Coverage" option. Exactly what I was looking for for peace of mind when travelling with my laptop.
Do not buy this policy. This company does everything it can to get out of paying on your claim. IT DOES NOT COVER IF YOU LOSE YOUR PHONE. Read the policy carefully. The first year, coverage is affordable. Second year, they increase the premium. I would have given zero stars if that were an option.
We have only had positive experiences with Worth Ave Group. They are very helpful with renewals and they also help with finding the most appropriate policy for our needs. We've had to use the claims process twice and they have always been timely and helpful. The third claim was denied, but that was our own misunderstanding.
The website was easy to use. It's cheaper than Verizon.
it was tricky at first to get this claim submitted since I had never done one but it was so fast on the return i was surprised. Thanks
Easy process, pay upfront and, reimbursement is sent quickly.
They are a great insurance company for cell phones and laptops. We have used them for several years and have had no coverage problems and the claims process is quick and easy.
The process was super simple and my adjuster was very attentive and quick to respond.
I’m at a lost but i will switch to the other insurance
I cracked the screen on my iPhone and the claim was processed quickly.
Easy sign up process and covarage is great. I hope to have the same experience should a claim come along.
I haven't had to use the insurance and hope I don't but the policy selection and payment process was a breeze!
My computer broke and Michele Bosler worked really quickly to process my claim so I was able to get it fixed immediately. She is amazing. This insurance policy is a life saver and so is Michele Bosler. I highly recommend this insurance company!!!
I filed a claim with this company, they claim that they derive the value of your items by going to the manufacturers website and well here: "Replacement Cost: the amount that an entity would have to pay, at the present time, to replace any one of its assets. For example, if a 30 gigabyte iPod® is stolen, it would be replaced with a value for the current 80 gigabyte iPod® available through" Which is how it should be and why I chose the company to begin with, however I had my Ipad 3 stolen that was purchased for over $800 64gb with cellular and the replacement value they gave me for it was $357, which if you were to follow the valuation process they claim to follow the actual replacement value would be $729. They also valued my canon 5d mark III at $2506 through and gave me a link to Amazon to get one at that price. None of which were approved canon dealers which meant should I replace it with that link it would not carry a warranty. And finally It was all stolen in a leather Tumi duffel which was a replacement for a defective bag so the proof of ownership was a sales receipt saying I didn't pay anything for the $600 bag therefor they decided that it shouldn't be included in the claim at all and decided not to insure it. Miranda Campbell was a supervisor which I spoke to and she stood by her underwriter "Darren's" decision therefore I'm SOL. I will be filing a small claims suit against them in the months to come I also find it funny that this is a site that is hosted in a country they don't even do business in so it really means nothing because no actual potential customer will read it. However I'm copying and pasting this on every site I can find that rates their product.
Worth Ave provides peace of mind in the event you lose or damage your device. Better than Apple Care because it covers loss and theft in addition to accidental damage. And for a better price. Would definitely recommend for parents to insure their children's phones.
I tried to renew my contract with the basic information populated. First of all, I could not renew on-line and had to talk to a rep. Secondly, the rep could not find my school distinct and told me to hang up.
I purchased insurance for my galaxy s7 edge. The price was fair and I had all the coverage information up front with no surprises. I have not had to use the insurance but my experience so far has been very good.
Worthave people took care of me very well when I almost lost everything and processed my claim in 24 hours. They are superb and very convenient. I would rate them 5 star......
Multiple charges to my credit card resulting in overcharge for my devices. No resolution and no timely communication of the reason why there are multiple charges.
5 stars all the way! I work online and am traveling abroad at the moment- spilled coffee on my MacBook and boom, it’s done. Thanks to Trisha, this nightmare of a situation was solved quickly! Trisha, you’ve proven there are people/companies that actually value their customers and truly want to help. You made the whole claims process a breeze and I can’t thank you enough. You were quick with responses, even with the 12 hour time difference! I will be a life-long customer 100% because of you!
Efficient, great value & easy to contact!
Easy to insure multiple devices, great customer service
The value insured and payouts doesn't match
fast response good service
Very misleading on what they cover. I had a problem with phone not charging and it clearly states in the drop down menu when you fill out claim that it is an option. After I did claim I got email back stating they couldn't afford to cover phone because it had not been in a fire, stolen damaged due to fire. Very disappointed in this company
Great coverage at a great price. As word gets out, they'll out sell everyone else
Never made a claim but they have always been responsive.
While I haven't had to use to the insurance as of yet, buying it was pretty simple.
Thank you! :) Easy to get quote and buy. Still great now that I think about would be a like easier if I could have bought coverage for both mine and my husbandsphone all at once. Having to do it twice was a little frustrating.
Great and easy to do!
I’m impressed with the customer service folks. I was unable to add an additional insured on the system when purchasing a policy. I reached Shayla and she got the party added and sent me an insured certificate very quickly. Thank you!
I have a great experience with Worth. From the beginning they have always been efficient, courteous and attentive to me. I once had a billing problem with Paypal not paying Worth. They took care of it promptly. I had a claim when my iphone battery got fried. They were very helpful and paid for a replacement just as avertised. I have told all my friends about Worth Ave. Group. It is a top notch company. These days, It is refreshing to see people actually do what they say they will do
Took money from my paypal account to renew a policy (that was not a subscription or renewable account. (sketchy) Never renewed the policy. (super sketchy)!!! WHen I realized there was no renewed policy in my account, I called and spoke to a very rude woman on the phone. Did everything she asked (producing all the proof of their actions and the policy#). Emailed it -- and they never responded. I ended up having to file a claim though Paypal!! WAG never responded to paypal either! I got my money back from paypal but I do not think you would ever see money from this company if there were ever a claim problem. I have 3 policies, now 2. And I will be sure to communicate to everyone I know that this company is clearly either now insolvent or run by thieves. And rude thieves at that. They wasted a lot of my time and took my money, and gave me no policy. Clearly the 5* reviews on this site are not a good representation of experiences with this company. 5 years ago? Maybe. I have used them for 5 years, never had a claim and spoken well of them to my friends. Now I feel like an idiot.
I currently have four items insured through Worth Ave Group and have communicated three times and have still not received a response. The customer service is horrible.
I have had this insurance for about 7 months and filed 3 claims all for my cell phone. Each time the representatives have been pleasant and simple to deal with. The first two claims I needed my screen replaced and the third time it was recommended that I have my device be replaced. I happened to be going out of town the next three weekends and was going to need my phone so I couldn't send it in for salvage. They made accommodations that suited me and I sent it in when I returned for my trips. the day it got delivered the representative was kind and made me feel that my claim was of importance. I got the check in the next week or two(which was extremely quick.) I did a lot of research before getting this insurance and a lot of the reviews were not so good. I believe this is due to people not being able to back up what they are claiming, for example if I tell you my phone flew out the window on the highway and have no evidence.... how can you expect to file a claim based on that? Im happy to report that this was a very smart choice to purchase this insurance and i'm 110% satisfied with every aspect of this company.
It is difficult to rate an insurance company having never filed a claim, but the coverage appears to be comprehensive and the premiums are reasonable.
very easy to issue online. no issues to date. hopefully never need to make a claim but process seems very simple.
The experience with the agent was pleasant. My "issue" has to do with the policy, which does not cover electronic malfunctions, but does cover loss and theft. An affordable policy for both would be helpful.
I have had several policies with worth ave group On my iPhone 5s and iPads 2- air, and I've had to file several claims and everythibg worked out perfectly with no complications on WAG's end. It's a good company and I plan to continue using them with every new electronic I purchase!
We have had our phones and our computer insured through Worthave group for a few years now. We Always enjoy prompt responses & help. We've had a few claims, & the service is always very fast.
I’ve called several times for my claim and have not received an email or call back or any help. I’ve been paying $7,00 per month for each phone for several months, now that I have a claim I am getting response or help. This is very disappointing and unethical.
Affordable coverage for devices that are used on the go on mobile hotspots.
Quick customer service. Fair and cost effective policies.
Have many of my products insured through Worth Ave Group and have nothing but smooth experiences each time I had to put in a claim. Will continue to use them to keep my products covered!
The customer service is good
Treva White was the best. She and I worked together to get a problem straightened out and she was most courteous throughout the entire process. Thank you again Treva for such a wonderful experience and I look forward to working with you in the future. She is a true asset to your company!
I've used the Worth Ave Group to ensure two phones now. When something happens to your phone you need to know that your insurance will kick in quickly. They took care of everything and got me back to business in no time! Who needs an expensive plan when the Worth Ave Group gives you better coverage (including water damage/cracked screens) for a cheaper price?
It was pretty easy signup process
Over the last two years I have had great customer service. When I called a few weeks ago to add my sons new school chrome book, the customer service agent was rude. She cut me off and didn't explain anything, do I owe more money, is it the same deductible? I hung up and was like wow what just happen.
I have always liked them
I am a freshman in college. After purchasing a new laptop, textbooks, and other things for college I looked into insurance as I spent a lot of money on my laptop and wanted it insured. I came across the college student insurance plan from Worth Ave Group and it seemed to good to be true. For the same premium other insurance companies such as Squaretrade was charging JUST to protect my laptop, I could get a policy from Worth Ave Group on all my belongings on campus and at home, and the policy had a low deductible, a must for broke college students. About 2 months into my policy I dropped and cracked my phone screen. The claim form took about 5 minutes to fill out and it was convenient to be able to go to my local mall to get the repair and quote. Michele Bosler, the adjuster responded to me within 5 minutes of me emailing the forms I have never experienced faster customer service. I am very happy with this company and the value for your money.
If I didn't have to give any stars I wouldn't. They definitely don't deserve any stars. I signed up for there insurance then the next morning I called and cancelled my policy. It was a cost of 8.25 per month (thought was a good deal) A month later I get a charge bank acct for 825.00. I had no idea What It was so I called the number on my bank statement. Only to.find out this is the company i started and cancelled a plan with (had plan for less than 24 hrs) they had in error charged my acct 825.00. Causing my payme.ts to.other bills to become NSF fees in my acct. [I never signed up for or wanted auto paymemts to this company.] It is now 2 weeks later and I'm still trying to get them to pay me for my negative fees acct. And now I'm being told I will receive a check in 7-10 business days. They never had approval to take money from my acct in any amount, yet they are making me wait this long to return what they never should have taken. I am looking into suing them for the stress and hastle theyhave caused me and are dragging there feet in making it right. Is there anyone else that this has happened to with Worth (less) Ave Group .
Why do you require a login, when you cannot re-use the same one year to year? I appreciate the ability to have insurance on electronic items, but it would be nice to at least continue to use the same login, especially when you have several children going through the same requirements.
Worth Ave and their people are terrific. Unfortunately for me I've had three claims. Each one has been paid promptly. Their turnaround for an insurance company is incredible. 24-48 hours once the paperwork is submitted. Teri deserves an extra shout out for terrific customer service. Claims are easy to file on line. The only complication is getting a work order from a provider like Apple. That's a wait at the Apple store but has nothing to do with Worth Ave Group. All in all six stars!
My phone was stolen so fooling the claim was a little more work than I had intended. However, they processed the claim within hours of sending the proper documents. The only thing is the disbursement of the check. It's gonna be another week before I get it
I've insured several devices with Worth and have filed a few claims. All have been promptly paid. I highly recommend.
Great experience after my IPhone was stolen. Teri Niccum was extremely helpful!!!!
Worth Ave is now protecting two of my Apple devices. They have complete coverages, more then any other company, and I’m pleased with their support service and ease of signing up for coverage.
The lady that I spoke with, Angelelia, was very sweet and promptly solved my problem. Very helpful
Bad experience ever. I'm very frustrated. I just find out that they doesn't cover lost phone. After week of back and forth between the police department to get my report they asked me. And now I just got an email saying that they doesn't cover lost and that it.
Every contact and conversation is helpful. They follow through on policy. They are very helpful on the phone with updates, renewals etc.
Had an iPhone with their Warranty and the phone was defect for which Apple replaced it. I have proof of the exchange by Apple. Now the phone has a cracked lens and I submitted a claim. Worth Ave Group will not honor the warranty request on that phone because the serial number has changed. The Apple receipt shows the old and new serial number exchange and ties them together. No luck Worth Ave is Worthless.
I went on line in the past and renewed my policy. There is no record of it. I figured it was an error on my part. So I did Many months later once again. The sire kept telling me that my credit card info not good. I tried my bank card, same thing. I plenty of many in my bank account and my credit card was fine. I tried a couple days and it didn't work. I waited another day and it went through. This was over a week ago. There is still no policy showing when I go online. I tried calling last week after I saw no policy was showing and was on hold forever. I had to hand up because I was at work. I intended on calling again today before seeing this e-mail regarding my purchase. I just logged on and see no active policy. I DONOT have thins kind of time to waste. I have an extremely demanding job! I am happy that this is the last year I will have to deal with this. I never had these issues in the past years.
So far so good. I'll check back after I have to file a claim
Teri Niccum, who handle my claim, took all of the frustration out if the process. The website is lacking. She required more information than what the website indicated would be required. The number of characters that the input boxes on the website will accept is too small. The whole process chain of events should be better explained. Teri really made up for these short falls and got me through the process.
I started by insuring my work iPad with them a few months ago I have now added my iPhone X and another pad have a couple other devices in my family I will probably add just seems like a much better insurance than AT&T or Apple
i got a warranty for my son's chromebook and they tell me that the service does not cover any accidental damage for the first 30 days. to me this is unacceptable to someone who pays for service and a warranty makes no sense to me at all. the cost of the warranty is pretty close to the entire price of the product on amazon so they should have been able to help me. So, there is no way to reply to your reply so I guess I will add it here. So, you are in the customer service business. I buy a warranty for my son's chromebook and your policy is in place so that nobody makes fraudulent claims? What would warrant this for being a fraudulent claim? A child has to have the book for 30 days before you will cover an accidental drop of a chromebook? SO, if he drops it after having the warranty for a week that is fraud? Makes no sense to me. I think I paid 179 for the warranty and found the exact same book on amazon for $200. He just needs to replace his screen from the drop and you will not cover it? That is fraud if you ask me. I am disgusted with this whole situation. I buy around a million dollors fo computers a year for a living and if I have a warranty for any of these products that includes accidental damage it is covered the day I get the warranty not 30 days later. This is a complete joke to me.
Honestly shocked this website is rating Worth Ave Group so highly - must be a ton of people giving good scores who have never had to actually file a claim or deal with their customer service. My policy has been on auto-renew for about 4 years now & should have renewed again in July. When I log into the website I can't find my policy. After MULTIPLE phone calls and various vague excuses, I am told my policy lapsed in 2016 -- even though I have emails from them saying I am covered through July 2018?!? They say there must have been a problem with my credit card - but they made NO attempt to contact me or notify me of this issue. Horrible customer service.
I would recommend WAG. They are much less expensive than my cellular provider. I have not filed a claim so I cannot speak to their performance in that regard but overall my experience has been very good. The process is very easy.
The laptop insurance process is straight forward and easy. The only thing to know is that there is a 30-day wait period for accidental damage claims. Meaning, my laptop was not covered for accidental damages during the first 30 days after purchase of the policy. I was not aware of this clause until after I purchased my insurance. That said, it appears to be standard when I looked at other insurance products after purchase.
Signing up was really fast and easy! Much better than extended warranty on iPads.
there very fast
The best company I have dealt with. Service was great, repairs were done properly. Five stars! Thank you.
Worth Ave to me means worthless service. I don’t like it at all worst experience ever with electronic device insurance. I don’t understand how a police report would be needed for a lost device.
I was charged an additional $2 fee even though I paid for the insurance plan with a credit card. My understanding was that surcharges were only for check payments. This was very disappointing to me.
Excellent coverage. On paper this insurance can't be beat, best price and covers theft, accidents, water damage, cracked screen, etc. Only thing it doesn't cover (I think) is if I flat out lose my phone, say I forget it on a plane or something. I doubt I'd ever do that, just mention it because it's the only thing I can think of that isn't covered. I'm confident I'll be taken care of should I ever need to file a claim.
They are reliable and worth the value! Thanks (:
Have multiple policies with this compmany. Easy, no red tape and communication is great.
They handled my claim quickly and with no issue. Exactly the service I expected. Great company.
Very good at customer service. Best insurance for electronic devices.
Very easy to deal with with on claims. Very fair company.
This is the first year I bought the insurance protection for my son's iPod, last year I did not do it because I did not know how to do it. I asked an instructor about it but she did have not clue. I suggest being more visible for parents to buy this protection for their electronic devices to use at school. As a parent it is very useful and important, believe me. I have not made any claims yet but so far is been a good experience and very affordable. I hope this company stays for a long time and keep affordable protection prices.
Great fast service when I dropped my phone, I just had to get an estimate for repairs and they sent me a check for the repairs minus deductible. Thanks Worth Ave.
Exceptional customer service, exceeded my needs and expectations and was warm and friendly. Maybe just spent a little too long on hold.
Quick and reliable service! I put the claim in online, they went me a box prepaid postage in it. I called fedex to pickup the box with the chromebook in it. I received the chromebook back within 7 days fixed.
Have had multiple policies and a couple claims. Easy process and nice service reps.
I never received a payment receipt on-line, so I tried calling Customer Service and the prompts left me on hold for 15 minutes and I finally hung up. Tried calling back several times, leaving a voicemail message, and no one called me back. Two weeks later, I get a message that someone called, but then again, I couldn't get a hold of anyone. Had to call my Son's school, and she got me a copy of the policy, but still no payment receipt. Wouldn't buy insurance from Worth again.
Worth Ave provides great customer service and is easy to register with.
I left a message for a manager several days ago and it's still not heard anything back. I have had nothing but problems with this company and will never use them again.
I had iPhone insurance thru them. Cheap, simple, and they had great customer service.
Support was very helpful!
They were really quick and responsible.
Have had for 2 years, only made one claim for a cracked screen. They sent me a check in less than a week and my phone good as new.
This a great company. Claims filed quickly. Low rates. Low deductibles. Much better than the phone carriers.
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