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WellCare Online Insurance Reviews

Company Name: WellCare
Overall average rating of 1.6 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 4 %
I've tried on numerous occasions and can't seem to get anyone that I can understand? Are they outsourcing their company customer service??? This is nuts. I'm going to switch my Medicare RX asap. Absolutely TERRIBLE!
My husband NEVER signed up for this plan, yet they have sent him a bill monthly for the past 3 years. He has tried repeatedly for the past 3 years to get this cancelled. After finally being able to get a customer service rep on the phone last night, we spent an hour trying to get this cancelled, and still NOTHING! They said he has to put cancellation request in writing. What happened to the other 36 that he has mailed in?
Been trying to get some needed parts for a wheelchair and bed as well as some help but you don't get nothing but a hard time from the ** and now my supplies are getting later and later each month due to them holding old information and phone numbers that I haven't had for years with addresses I never lived at and they have been corrected so many times it's pathetic and this will be a run on sentence since they are run ons about coverage and forget OTA cause they say they never even got the order when you have the confirmation number and hang up on you or get a person who say ** if they had a mouth full from overseas or some illegal immigrant that needs to ent back where they belong with an anchor around their neck so they don't swim back again and Don't Care needs to be shut down or else people get together and sue their underwear off them so they can feel the pain of what it's like to be without!
We have over 4 hours invested and they still can’t get it right! The plan came back with the wrong effective date. We have called in 4 times - each one at least an hour. These people are incompetent! I don’t think we will ever get to the point of using the coverage. If they can’t even issue a policy correctly how in the world will they be able to make insurance payments. I wish 0 stars was an option.
This has been the insurance company that I have had for a few years. They have been horrible. I am in the final stages of emphysema. I am an amputee and diabetic on top of all. I am in the hospital about every two months for around 9 days. I know am in the hosp., and am supposed to go to a nursing home for the short term. The hosp., the nursing home, and two doctors have been trying to get WellCare to approve my short term stay at the nursing home. SO far they have not answered anyone. They have denied me throughout the years the very medication that works. It has to be bad when the nursing staff, Doctors and administrators talk WellCare down. OH, along with in home health care. This company needs investigating.
WellCare prescription drug plan for Medicare should change its name to Death care. They will deny medications prescribed by your doctor, they will waste time always asking for prior authorizations from your healthcare provider. My mother was prescribed a medication by her Dr to prevent pneumonia and choking, and they denied her this medication. Their help desk is located in the Philippines, and is totally useless. I strongly advise anyone thinking of using this prescription plan to not do it.
Bro like the claims processing was ridiculous. First you had to call and then explain that your claim only for them to say that they did nothing wrong when they very clearly did. It's ridiculous. They are some of the rudest people to ever have lived on this planet. I mean come on, you don't just flat out raise your voice to tell me I'm wrong. I can't say that the coverage was that horrible but it didn't have a lot of benefits which was a definite subtraction. Also I have to keep mentioning the horrible customer service like wtf dude. I also have to admit on this one that the value wasn't that bad either but the coverage was just a **. I was not really impressed at all with this which is frankly disappointing because it could have worked out.
Contacted Wellcare to find out pricing on my drug plan. Was on the phone for over an hour to get pricing on five meds I take and still didn't get the information I needed. I ask where the lady from the call center was located as she could not speak good English and could not understand English. I had to repeat and spell every drug at least 4 or 5 times. She was from the Philippines. I was promised a call back from her supervisor but have yet to get one two days later. Found out today from our local CVS some of the information she gave me was not correct. Worst customer service I have ever experienced. This is frightening as they are dealing with people's lives. Horrible.
I was recommended to get WellCare by my Medicare Insurance Advisor because of the cost savings for me. I tried to register online and at the end of the registration confirmation it states "Your temporary password will be e-mailed to ** within 24 hours." It has been 36 hours and still no password. I emailed them 3 times asking where is my temporary password. No response. I phoned them. I was put on hold for an hour after which I simply hung up. I have a life to lead and can't be running around with this phone playing horrendous music while I WAIT ON HOLD. I hung up and called back and the operator seemed to feel that 1 hour was NOT excessive hold time and now that I called back, I would be placed at the end of the line again. After another hour on hold, I just hung up and have given up.I also feel I made the mistake of signing up for mail delivery of my maintenance drugs. Honestly, if I had not phoned them, I would have hung up because the call was like a SPAM phone call! The girl who was taking my information could not be heard due to a HORRENDOUS phone connection. She didn't know what to do to get me signed up for mail delivery. Her name was Debby **, by the way. So if you ever get her, hang up and call back and pray you get someone else!!! She didn't know if she should take my credit card number to charge for mailed drugs until I suggested she do that! Every time I gave the number, she got it wrong. Immediately after hanging up from that call, I regretted trying to do mail pharmacy. So I called my local CVS pharmacy and made sure I could still get prescriptions through them and just walk in there to pick them up. Of course, when they checked, WellCare had NOT tried to refill any of my scripts. I honestly believe it would take WellCare at least 6 months to figure out how to do that if ever.WellCare, in my opinion, if the most inept company I have dealt with. Sometimes when people get the least expensive drug program, they get what they pay for. Now I am STUCK with this horrible company for the next year. I will NOT renew with them. If anyone knows how I can change plans, please let me know! After reading all of the other reviews here, I see that I'm not alone!
My husband has been ill for 6 years. He is now on his 30th day stay in the hospital and will return with hospice. WellCare started by denying certain medications that worked for him. Even when the Dr. sent a paper stating that this type of medication worked best for his condition they still denied. It has been a battle with them on tests, on medication for treatment. He has been in and out of the hospital every 2 months for 2 years. He is an amputee and can no longer walk. They denied payment for the ambulance service the last two times. Even though the one time we were on the interstate and the state police called them for him. He was in AFIB. This time he was on a ventilator, the 5 Dr’s and 3 social workers worked on having him sent to a nursing home to get strong enough to come home. They did approve.The nursing home didn't have his medication for three days and had no idea what was going on with him so he fell trying to help himself and was sent back to hospital. Now, he has ischemic heart disease and is in final stages of emphysema. He is only 58. The man cannot even move without his heart racing up to around 200. I came home from the hospital yesterday to find another charming letter from WellCare denying payment to the nursing home and that is when I decided to get a lawyer. The Dr’s have told him that he does not have much time left and are trying to get him into this other hospital for a 30-day stay and home with hospice but again we are fighting the almighty WellCare. The hospital said they were one of the worst insurance companies they had dealt with. Home health care said the same about them.
Terrible. No one signed up for this but somehow my 95 year old mother is enrolled. I told them she does not need or want this and yet they sent a payment book. Told them it's not getting paid. Simple. Told them to call me when they figure out what they are doing. I told them she is on Medicaid long term care and she does not need it. And again they speak in broken English. Hard to understand? Stay away. They will drive you crazy.
The claims processing was easy and they made it very easy on me and helped me with everything that I needed help with or any questions I may have had at the time they answered. It was fast and I got something back within days. The customer service was great and I would recommend them to anyone because they were very helpful friendly and caring to all my needs and questions. I was very satisfied with the coverage that I got using this and I was very happy. It's so easy to sign up and get started and I continue to use them to this day. The value that you get for this product's great and you definitely get your money's worth. The customer service is great and you can choose the coverage that you want and overall it is just fantastic.
Usually was a quick process but on some occasions it would take forever. The people were really helpful and knowledgeable and knew what they were doing. Most of the people I would talk to were very respectful and understanding and knew exactly what to do to help me out. Sometimes I would get someone who seemed like they were new and that they knew nothing. Most of the places I have tried to use accepted it with no problem but there has been a couple of place that I really wanted to use that did not accept it. It's a decent service for what you pay for. It could be better but you can't really complain because of the price. It gets the job done when you need it.
I've tried about a dozen times to connect to a service representative to change my PCP to no avail. Just keeps playing some crappy muzak. Waited up to 30 minutes then I hung up. Nobody ever came online. Also WellCare automatically gave me a PCP that have never been to and I can't seem to be able to change it to my doctor which is on the list of participating doctors. Now it's too late to change to another Advantage plan. Bad mistake signing up for WellCare. Will never use WellCare again. Not a good choice of signing up for WellCare.
Worst customer service I EVER experienced in 50 years of business. Customer service passes you from one dept. to another & clearly have not been trained. Service is an off-shore & comments delivered in terrible English in phone lines that remind me of the 1980s when it rained. Wish I could give less than 1 star. Took me 4 hours over a 2 day period & still lacking info I need.
Have just become a new member and trying to get our drug plan set up. Great deal of difficulty getting someone on the phone and when someone does answer they are difficult to understand. I know companies do outsource but for medical plans think there should not be a language barrier. When I have been connected, have been on hold for over an hour waiting for support. I believe I understand now why the plan is so inexpensive.
Do not & I repeat do not sign up for WellCare Texas. They have all kinds of tricky schemes such as, “You did not obtain pre authorization” in order to get out of paying for the services you think you are entitled to. I have been trying to book a mammogram. 1st I was told, no facility in you are by the Philippines agent. I asked for a US agent, who said I could use Solis Mammogram. I asked if 3D mammogram was covered, the agent said no but gave me all the info to book at Solis Mammogram. I booked & got my PCP to send a referral. Upon arriving at Solis Mammogram I advised that WellCare does not pay for a 3D mammogram. They said, “We only do 3D mammograms.” So the circus with WellCare starts again & I either have to request that my PCP submit a pre authorization approval for a 3D mammogram (of course WellCare will deny it) or I have to try & locate a Mammogram location that will do the regular (not 3D) Mammogram. All this after 2 months of trying to have a mammogram. I am way overdue & am very concerned as last year I had to have 2 biopsies done. The way that WellCare get out of paying your bill is they say, “You or your Dr. Failed to get preauthorization”. My PCP says he does not get pre authorizations so then it becomes impossible for you to get your normal yearly exams & have WellCare pay. Even though they get their monthly premium from me automatically deducted. I am warning you, do not & I repeat do not sign up for WellCare. You will regret it. I have more situation like I was told that there is no Urgent Care in my zip code that they could recommend. I think WellCare is a scam to get your money & then deny your medical services. That way everyone pays but them. WellCare are scammers & look for ways how to collect your marriage new & not allow you to get services.
WellCare is the most incompetent company I have ever seen. I do not have their insurance and will never want it. For almost a year they have been calling my phone number looking for Debra **. I have REPEATEDLY told them they are calling the WRONG NUMBER. I have saved numerous voicemails and instant messages from this company as proof. No matter who I speak to, it is a total waste of time. No one there does a thing to correct the problem. If they can’t manage to remove my phone number and update their records, I would hate to think of what else they are incapable of doing for their customers.
You spend hours on the phone trying to get your problem solved and you are just transferred from one person to another with hold lasting 15 to 20 minutes to 30 minutes and never get to anyone who can provide an answer or even understands what you are asking. I will be looking for alternatives to WellCare AdvantageCare next year. I was with Texan Plus and had no problems but this co. bought them out and I have issued complaints with no solutions.
Started with the Elite Medicare Advantage Plan on January 1, 2019. The plan's formulary is not as mainstream as most other plans. They would not cover my wife's diabetic drugs with the prescription the primary care had written. My dermatologist wrote a prescription for a cream for me to use and it was not covered but for 30 days and I had to pay over $58.00 to have it filled. My Gastroenterologist ordered an MRI which they denied. The customer service is the pits. I never got answer why, just that they did not have the request. I still have not received a written explanation as to why. Just today my GI ordered another procedure which they also denied because I had decided to return to Optimum Medicare Advantage plan before it was too late.
I received a letter saying I had enrolled in WellCare. I didn't. I am on PACE and my meds cost nothing. It said to call Social Security. I did. They said they don't handle this, call Medicare. No answer. Went on the internet to get WellCare's number. Got it Oscar... Right. That's his name LOL. Said he would transfer me to customer service. I got a young lady, Samantha another name right??? LOL I couldn't understand her so I ask to be transferred to someone who spoke better English. Waited 5 minutes. Samantha came back on and said she could find anyone. So Samantha I told her I didn't enroll in this and not to deducted any premium from my Social Security check. She didn't know what to do.I just received a membership card in the mail. Duh? They have no email address and no office. Just a PO box. I sent a certified letter today to cancel this unwanted membership. Any suggestions? I only get $500.00 a month and want to take $37.90 from me. I asked for a copy of the person who signed me up. She said it was a relative. I don't have any relatives left. I am the only one in the house. She didn't know what to say. I insisted on a copy of the request. She said she could find that. Yeah right. Government should be notified. I would not give my SS number or my Medicare number. They had this ** on the letter.
Both my wife and I are members of Wellcare. After the first of this year we noticed our automatic checking deduction did not happen for my wife for the new higher amount in Jan 2018 and we got a late notice stating we were on direct billing, not auto deducting. Since my wife was working and I normally handle bills, I called. First off it was terrible trying to get through to a live operator and when I did he had such a strong accent I had a hard time understanding him. I tried to explain the problem and although I could make the payment to him on the phone (daaa), he told me depending on how we set up auto payment, whether on the phone or by mail, it needed to be done again??? My account was fine, but apparently we may have done hers otherwise. You would think this should be seamless either way year to year for efficiency. He kept telling me that he would need to speak to my wife even though I told him once she was at work. Even being a member myself and living with her? Really! Having a hard time with the accent was frustrating enough, after all I did press one for English. So now she will need call herself and probably go through the same conversation and I'm guessing have to submit a hard copy form to make the change permanent. We will revisit our prescription options when renewal occurs for sure. Wake up Wellcare, put options on website.
I have had no problems at all getting my claims paid in a timely manner. I have also had great customer service the few times I have called. The customer service has always been great. They have always answered all of my questions in a polite and informative manner. I have never had to wait on hold while calling them. This insurance has always covered all of my charges. The copays are reasonable. I have never had any problems at all with my coverage with the exception on of 1 prescription not being covered. This insurance has helped to keep me healthy. I am able to choose whichever doctors that I want to choose and the charges are covered with reasonable copays.
We have been under this plan for two years, only recently found out that after paying our monthly premiums they have NOT BEEN PAYING A PENNY ON MY MONTHLY DRUGS. Called them three times, spent 45 mins to an hour with no results. Their representatives were not able to speak proper English. I finally asked to speak to a person who could speak better English. After being on hold, I was connected to an English speaking person who said that that they could do nothing. My plan has over a $450.00 that I have to pay before they pay a small amount on my monthly drug bill. I tried to cancel knowing full well that I would be penalized but would well be worth the penalty to get rid of them. They are worthless as a drug company. They take your monthly money and won’t pay a cent on your drug. This is a terrible company. How in the world do they get by with this???
WellCare Medicare Customer Service IS NOT customer service but the worst attempt at outsourcing services I have EVER seen! This company does not deserve one star. I wish you had a half star for this company's customer service. When you call them take a pillow to the phone with you so that you can prop your arm and head up. (average wait on line is 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours per question.) Also prepare for the following: 1. 98% of the time the person who answers will not speak English or be in United States. 2. If you ask for another phone number to call, 95% of the time they will route you around to other people who do not speak English either! 3. If you then ask for their name and to speak to a supervisor, they will make you wait an additional 30minutes. 4. The echo sounds like they are being held captive in a basement with only a pencil and one sheet of paper to use per call. 5. 2017 Healthcare is scary enough for all of us out there who have worked ALL OUR LIVES and are now retired and at the mercy of government and the money hungry healthcare providers who do "creative billing" at every turn. 6. A person on welfare who never worked a day in their life or paid "anything" into social security hasmore and better benefits than I do. They can even go to the dentist. I hate WellCare Medicare (NON) Customer (NON) Service!!!
I am only 3 days into this new insurance and I am so sorry. I had to prove that I had continuous coverage since I turned 65. I did that - by mail, over the phone, and by fax to no avail. When I said that I should not have to pay the penalty for noncoverage, WellCare told me that Medicare will bill me. But the bogus letters come from WC. Today I needed to get a script filled. WC gave me a bogus fax no for them, put my doctor's office on hold for forty minutes before she hung up. I tried thru the customer line and hung up after thirty minutes. I have 4 doctors who will have to deal with this. Embarrassing and time wasting. I still can't get my Meds. Does anyone know how I can get out of this?
This company uses bait & switch through the site for open enrollment. Their website is impossible to navigate and their telephone "Customer service" is horrible (located in Manila, Philippines with huge language problem). Keep transferring with long waits and no results or answers. I have 1 script for a common drug that Humana filled with no problems for 2 years. They refuse to give a way for my doc to submit prescription. Now I'm stuck with WC with no benefits and automatic deductions from Social Security that I can't cancel. Will have to pay full price for my med. over the counter for a full year! I really regret switching! Will definitely drop this useless WellCare band of thieves next open enrollment period!
The WellCare rep comes to my home tells me I can get this get that. She even found me Dr. Put the App. On my Phone all kinds of fast talk. I call to make the Appt. They say, "We are not accepting any new patients," and I say, "Well the lady signed me up. Told me you were." WellCare sent me my card with the Dr. name as my primary physician. I went to that Dr. At which time she told me she was not taking anyone with Medicare or WellCare. Now this Dr. was In their provider book. I have their provider book. Either they quit taking the WellCare or no Medicare pts. Liars. l called Medicare to complain. They did not care and just simply said I can cancel for you. No other options. I want this company to stop ripping off Medicare.
My wife went in to have a cardiac stress test and we were billed 196 dollars because they said we had a 290 dollar copay as outpatients. I complained but went through their book and actually found where they said we were only liable for a 50 dollar copay. I have talked to them at least 6 times, filed a complaint which they said we lost because everything was good. I am waiting on an escalated complaint where I keep mentioning the 2018 evidence of coverage actually lists a cardiac stress test and says it is only a 50 dollar copay. They job out their customer service and I am not sure that the people who answer are being taught to say anything but no to customers. Poor service, and they will not live up to what they say they will pay. My advice is to find another advantage program. I know I will.
Called 5 times and spent over two hours on phone. And one of those call was from my doctor's office. They change their story each time I called. No dosage, two scripts, ran out of refills. This was the worst company I have ever dealt with in my whole life. Each person I talked with did not know what to do. I will run out of medicine tomorrow. After over a month I have no results. Good luck if you have to deal with this company.
I had no problems and had a friend that works at the hospital help. I'm not to good with claims but it went simple, fast and easy and was pleased with my experience. The customer service went really good! My friend had to call two times for me and had no problems at all. Went really good and am pleased. The coverage was really good. Pleased and was worth it. I would definitely recommend to any family and or friends. Happy with my experience.
After signing up for their drug coverage, receiving a prescription card, paying premiums, and even getting a prescription filled, when we went back for the refill we were informed the policy had been canceled. Like other reviews state, these folks do not speak English as their primary language and do not understand what you are trying to tell them. I was transferred 3 times and each person was just as ignorant as the first. When we signed up for coverage we were not taking medications, now that we are the policy gets canceled. This is my first posting and tomorrow the letter writing and phone calls will begin. My first call will be to my agent, then Medicare, and then insurance fraud.
I have been trying to get this company to pay for blood work that Quest Diagnostics is billing me for on an October 2017 office visit for an annual physical and PSA exam which is suppose to be free under the Evidence of coverage terms in 2017 and after filling two grievances in the past 15 months where they denied my claim, they are now making it almost impossible for me to file an outside 3rd. party appeal. I've spent over four hours on the phone today with their customer service department and spoke to three different people who all either disconnected me or twice transferred me to a survey pickup destination instead of to a supervisor who I requested to handle my complaint. Out of the four plus hours, only 10 minutes total was spent speaking to the three customer service reps, all the rest of the time I had to listen to crackling, static sounding music that would drive a person insane. The lab that did the blood work is ready to put the amount in denial up for collections and my excellent 830 credit score is now on the line due to their incompetence. No one should have to wait more than 5 minutes getting through to a customer service rep. Most of the time you get someone who cannot speak English too well and this adds to the frustration immensely. I went on the web today to research doing an appeal on my WellCare grievance under the terms of the agreement with them as a last option and the information that they had there just takes you to a dysfunctional not even active site. How does a company like this get to operate in New York State let alone become certified to be a program associated with Medicare? Save your time, money and sanity and don't even think about doing business with this company.
It was usually painless but sometimes clunky even though it worked out in the end and I got what I asked for, so no real complaints really. They were always helpful and quick to answer my questions to resolve my issues in a timely manner so I would definitely recommend them. They covered everything I expected them to and fully reimbursed me for my losses and offered additional help without me requesting it so that was nice. The value is good for me and my wife because we were granted our benefits as stated without much hassle so I think the value is pretty good.
I filled out my claims app online and within the hour they were calling me back to process my claim... I'm very happy to be a part of their clientele list. They were fast, accurate, caring and understanding. I felt like the customer care rep cared about me and my family. Best insurance I've ever had. I honestly tried Obama Care first...they just were not a right fit. With this company I got full coverage at a premium price. I'm glad I found them online. I am disabled with two children on a budget. Premiums just right. Copay barely nothing. It's brought tremendous value and peace of mind to my life. Now I know I won't end up leaving my loved ones in a lurch. With my plan and coverage my kids will be set...THIS COMPANY MAKES ME FEEL LESS LIKE A BURDEN MORE OF A PERSON.
I've loved my WellCare Medicare Advantage program...until I had to start dealing with customer service. Today only, I've had 4 representatives try to send me to billing, only to send me to customer service again. I finally got through to billing and started to explain my problem only to discover they were gone at the end of my explanation. This is only a fraction of the problems I've had with them and I'm too frustrated to go through all of it again. I WARN YOU: do not do business with this hot mess of a company.
I was forced to become a member by Social Security Disability. I have had nothing but problems with this company. I have been a member for approx. 1 1/2 years. I called to change my bank card information, and they told me I was terminated for non-payment in January, February, and March. We had a three way call between a supervisor there, my bank, and myself. The bank told them they never sent in a request for automatic Withdrawal. We then hung up with the bank. Now even though the bank confirmed that it was WellCare's screw up, I was told I would have to file a grievance and I would receive a response in 30 days. When I asked why I have to file a grievance when the bank confirmed it was their screw up the supervisor told me they did not screw up. This is the worst company in the world. STAY AWAY NO MATTER WHAT.
I am a long time member who is current in the middle of a health crisis. My plan has failed me because it requires too many people to sign off and get specific benefits approved, it takes too long to get a specific issue moved from one desk to another, it takes too long to get to customer service on the phone, it takes too long to find someone who understands the issues, benefits and what needs to be done. Meanwhile, if you are sick or experiencing some health issue, you just keep getting sicker because your health plan with this company is aggravating and frustrating you along with the fact that you are not getting the specific benefit you have been expecting and waiting for. Even when you final a grievance, that, too, takes too long to move through the complicated and very, very slow process to get to a resolution. I never can talk to anyone who understands or reports any of the problems I report to them about my frustrations with their operation.
They were very good me. They took care of any concerns that I had. I was very surprised because the ones I had had before were very rude and these people had very good customer service. They were super friendly. They knew exactly what they were doing. And they treated me with respect and did not treat me like I was below average. I would very much so recommend them to everyone. The coverage was very good. I will definitely tell others to go to them. I got my medicine and my care and they took care of everything. I really appreciate everything and will definitely tell everyone how great they are. The value of this is just wonderful. It has brought so much peace and clarity to my life. They truly take care of everything so I can live my life and not worry about whether or not I'm taken care of.
Suddenly dropped from their plan without any information beforehand. Having their coverage for two years without any problems, then suddenly told I am behind on payment (never got a bill), and customers must renew every year. Also now told I am ineligible to re-enroll although nothing has changed. Now unable to get needed medications that keep me safe, and alive. Oh well because of this company I could drop dead as I write this. Do they care? No.
The claim process takes a little bit time but the waiting period is acceptable. Generally speaking, you don't have to wait very long for your claim to be processed. The customer service is very good. They are very helpful and knowledgeable about the different products so that they can guide you in buying the right plan for you and your family. The coverage is very good. You get a few options that you are able to choose from. Essentially, you are able to buy the right coverage that suits you and your family. The value is acceptable. You get what you paid for. Therefore, the coverage is what determines your value and what you pay in terms of premium.
I flossed out a filling that became extremely painful. I first tried the VA emergency room. They wanted $325.00 up front just to put me in a chair. I am a veteran but could not afford their services. I called around locally at several private dental offices but could not get an emergency appointment. Then I remembered my WellCare coverage. I called my assigned PCP under their plan and got an appointment for 6:30 that evening. The DDS prescribed a round of antibiotics and put in a temp filling and prescribed meds that eased the pain. A week later she pulled the tooth. The entire process was friendly and easy and the dentist was the best. Great experience, certainly the best dental appointment I can recall.
The service is bloody horrible. A formulary drug coverage book was never sent at the beginning of the year as they claimed. I requested to send another one but never received it. Three different medications I have been taking for 12 years were suddenly denied requiring prior authorization. Within a month and a half my doctors sent three prior authorizations and appeals and all were denied. Fed up with the service I had Medicate switch me to Humana Prescription Drug. Two days after enrollment I was able to order all three medications without prior authorization. Humana, unlike WellCare, has the humanity to spare its customers from suffering by providing them needed medications.
My 2 year old had a trip scheduled a week in advance and only 3 days in advance are required. Her appointment was an hour away. I begin to follow up on this trip Monday, Wednesday and Thursday morning because no one had been assigned to the trip. Thursday was the day of her appointment at 11 am and after calling in twice that morning around 8 am. Transportation calls at 10:00 am to say is it too late for me to go to a 11 am appointment. I missed the appointment. No one tried to help me on Monday or Wednesday and definitely not Thursday. They had 7 days to find a ride but intentionally waited to a hour to my appointment knowing the appointment was a hour away.
Yesterday I got a call from CVS, actually would not have picked up because I do not get my meds from CVS. I get them at Publix and I have no intention of changing pharmacies. I have been with Publix since 2011. I know all of them and they know me and they are very kind. CVS is just about useless. Not only was the call totally out of bounds I am over the top mad. I have talked to WellCare many times about the CVS situation and that I prefer Publix and they tell me no problem Publix is on their list. So why did CVS call me in the early morning to see why I have not filled my prescription for **. Just where did they get my phone number and a view of my prescriptions that did or did not need filling. My ** was not filled because I have enough to last another week. No problem because my ** and other drugs are free at Publix. It is simply a matter of no time and having enough. The recording from CVS chastised me for not taking my Diabetic prescriptions. So let me say this to CVS right now. Who the hell do you think you are calling me when I do not use you. Why should you have private information about the drugs I have along with my phone number, address, age, birthdate, etc. To say I am livid is an understatement. Trust me I have not confronted WellCare with this yet but there are many problems that have me furious. I will also be CVS directly to talk to them about a legal action because they have accessed my personal information without my permission. At this point, I may companies. I forgot to say that when I signed into the WellCare site today a CVS logo came up telling me to order my **. I have this to say to CVS, it will be a cold day in hell before I even go into one of their stores again for anything. I hope to watch their descent into nonexistence.The Customer service sucks. I called today and got a male I could barely understand to ask about my OTC medicines which were ordered on the 1st. They generally arrive here on between the 8th to the 10th so I waited until the 14th to call to ask. These medicines say in the WellCare system that they were shipped on the day I ordered the meds. So not here by the 14th gives me reason to question. He kept yelling Hurricane at me and I kept saying there was no hurricane there until the 9th and that is 8 days after, according to your system was shipped on the first of September. So hurricane does not wash. If they had shipped when they said they would be here end of subject. So I will be working on this a bit more after I scream bloody murder at WellCare for rude employee and lousy service. All of this is totally unacceptable. I am sure I will soon change my Medicare to someone who treats medical patients as they should be treated.
I've had the same frustrations with Wellcare Customer Service, and I just started on January 1. Instead of complaining here, I did some research on the Medicare site: **. There, I found the contact info for the Senior Director of WellCare Customer Service, Jason Bollent, for my state (Maine) and found his name associated with other states as well. I sent him an email outlining my CS issues, and he did respond promptly. Time will tell if this is an effective method of complaint, but it looks promising. If he hears enough of the horror stories outlined here, maybe they will take some action and make some changes. His contact info: **, or something similar to that. Good luck.
I was told I had two free dental visits per year, with no copay. I made an apt, to be denied the first time because I was late. The second time, I was billed 31.00 which I paid, (should have protested) then later they billed me another 217.00. Insurance said they denied the claim due to the dentist not being in the plan till March, I went in Jan. I filed an appeal, after calling several times. I had trouble getting the nurse practitioner ok'd, with writing scripts. Went to the foot dr, they cancelled the second apt, due to trouble getting their money out of the insurance co. I have a procedure that I have to have done every 3 mos, it did cost me 500.00 with my precious co, this company billed me 6,000.00 +. HUGE DIFFERENCE, I am now going to a chiropractor, which is supposed to cost 20,00. I fully expect to have trouble out of this too, given my past experiences.
Spoke with local doctors in Rochester NY to find that none of them will accept WellCare. Most will not even grant an appointment if you have them. Providers say WellCare doesn’t pay well and difficult to even reach customer service. I had to change to get providers that would see me.
The worst. If you phone customer service they shunt you all over the globe. On one call I was put through to the Philippines, requested a representative in the United States, and they put me through to India. When you do get a US representative they are usually not native English speakers and usually have a difficult time understanding your questions. The so called supervisors or managers (if you manage to get one) are equally ignorant and unhelpful. When I moved it took several calls to get my address changed and when I called to change my provider to my new location I was placed on eternal hold. I finally gave up. Thankfully I'm healthy.When I selected a new provider on the website it was changed by someone to a different provider at my old location. No one, including a supposed supervisor, could tell me who made the change or why It was made. This is the worst run company I have ever seen, and I have seen plenty. Stay away from this company, especially if you really need medical care.
WellCare uses bait and switch! Once you join they know you can't leave for a year till next open enrollment! You never know from month to month what your co payments will be, except they will be higher! Rarely will approve treatments by specialist! No one is in customer service speaks fluent English! They are a sorry company!!!
I just joined WellCare and this will be my first monthly payment. I have called 3 numbers and I finally reached the right number, but I was transferred 3 times to people who were suppose to take my payment. After 30 minutes of hold time I just hung up. I have to pay 10 cents a minute for my phone and I wasted $3.00 being placed on hold. I have never heard of a company this large who doesn't seem to care about getting paid or who makes it almost impossible. Can anyone please tell me of a easier way to pay my monthly bill? I refuse to let them take it out of my checks automatically as I have read horror stories online about using that option.
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