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USAA Motorcycle Insurance Online Reviews

Company Name: USAA Motorcycle Insurance
Year Founded: 1922
Address: 9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
City: San Antonio
State/Province: TX
Postal Code: 78288
Country: United States
Phone: (800) 531-8722
Overall average rating of 3.2 out of 5, and the percentage of positive recommendations 40 %
I chose to try USAA Motorcycle Insurance because my military brother suggested it. It was better compared to most. But that's to be assumed with their affiliations. I liked the price compared to coverage. I also felt like my claims would be satisfied quickly as they service the nation's Armed Forces. The only part I didn't like was all the hoops you had to jump through, but a lot of people will fraudulently sign up to get the military's discount. I had to print out all sorts of paperwork and answer questions about things I had forgotten. And although I enjoyed USAA, I ultimately chose to go with another company a year later.
My wife and I have been USAA customers for 13 years. After joining in 1991, we were so impressed with our initial interaction with USAA, we moved all our financial products over to USAA except for our investments. For the first 10 15 years, the service was excellent and we were willing to pay a little more since their service was so outstanding. Then gradually over time, their customer service has been gradually degrading. Maybe this is due to them growing to fast, or maybe their target customer base has changed, we're not sure.For approximately the past 5 years, the changes we've noticed are: long hold times on the phone; often times being transferred on the phone multiple times for 1 question/issue and sometimes being cutoff; customer service reps who want to explain a lot of details and tell you a whole bunch of information before they listen so they understand your specific question/need; and speaking with 3 different people in the same area asking the exact same question and receiving 3 different answers.Heres two examples. Last January, I wanted a new car. NFCUs process was far faster and easier, their customer service staff were better to deal with, and NFCUs rate was lower. I got the car and a few weeks later, someone drove by my parked unoccupied car and hit it, and took the mirror off while I was getting a haircut. The driver came in, told me what happened and gave me his insurance info. On the way home I called USAA and the customer service rep I spoke with gave me such a long explanation of the process, I couldn't understand it despite telling her to keep simple short and to the point. I had her transfer me to someone else and that person was just as bad. I called the guys insurance company and they said go get a written quote, fax or email it, and as long as the price is not exceedingly high, well cut you a check. The next afternoon, I drove to the dealer, got a written estimate emailed to me while still at the dealer, emailed it to the guy at the other insurance company while still at the dealer, called the insurance guy, and he put a check in the mail that night just as I was driving away from the dealer. I called the dealer back on the way home and told them to order the part and I was back at the dealer in 3 days and had my new mirror installed and had already received the check in the mail. At the same time, USAA is calling back a few days later after the new mirror was installed asking do you still want us to file a claim for this?Yesterday, I noticed online my annual renewal for my motorcycle insurance 2 months ago went up 22%- no accidents, tickets or other changes. I use Progressive who is a USAA partner since USAA does not insure motorcycles. I called Progressive and they state it's due to a statewide increase the rates go up and down ever year. We also have umbrella insurance through USAA for our home, autos, and motorcycle. So I do some research and looks like Progressive's customer service ratings are not good and Geico is very good. So I call Geico and they state the WI rates went up 9% two months ago and I get a quote from them for the same insurance and its 37% less. I call Progressive back and tell them about the call the day before and WI rates went up 9%, not 22%, then they state my credit score dropped a little bit (still over the 90th percentile) due to some credit reports being pulled and that accounted for the other 13% increase. We have never paid one bill late, and I got a new car, refied the house and did a few other things triggering the credit report requests over the past year.So I called USAA to inquire about the required minimum amounts on the bike to keep the umbrella policy and I am on hold for over 45 minutes, talk to 3 people, and get completely different answers. One person spent over 10 minutes reading the policy and still was not sure if I could switch to another company without losing the umbrella policy. I told her to transfer me to someone else who could answer this basic question then I was back on hold for 10 minutes. The second person stated if I switch, USAA will drop the umbrella policy and the third person tells me if I switch, USAA could drop me. Then on the required coverages and minimum amounts to maintain the umbrella policy, I get three completely different answers as well.So I called Geico and took out the new insurance and called Progressive and cancelled that policy. I spoke with 3 different people from Geico and they were all very knowledgeable and helpful. My next steps are to start researching other companies with excellent customer service and move all my USAA polices to other companies.As a final comment, the customer service on the USAA home loan was terrible as was the experience trying to refinance with USAA twice in the last year. Since the car loan went so well with NFCU, I refied the house with NFCU, saved $450 a month, and we were very impressed with that service so one less policy/account to move. Hope your experiences are better than ours.
My parked motorcycle was hit by their insured driver that had been drinking and tried to run. I filed my claim and got the run-around. Now, they are only wanting to pay part of the claim and I am supposed to accept it. I want my motorcycle exactly the way it was. The estimate was $1,650.00 estimate but they only gave me a check for $1,240.00. It was like going to work for four days and getting paid for three.
I have had USAA Motorcycle insurance for 3 years. They offer great pricing options that meet my needs perfectly. It was easy to purchase their insurance and renew it later on too. Also their customer representatives are easy to reach and they are very knowledgeable. I like them and the ease of doing business with them. They always help me resolve any issues I have in a timely manner. Filing an insurance claim is a breeze with USAA. But they should offer discounts on bundles of insurances, like get car and motorcycle and renter's insurance and pay 10-20% less original price. Otherwise I get a little bit more savings by using their insurance.
My overall experience using USAA Motorcycle Insurance has been good so far, besides making the bill. I would change the online or cellular billing payment option. Because, calling on the phone trying to pay is a real hassle. You have to wait and hold after talking to somebody for like 2 minutes. Then you keep getting transferred to more and more people. Overall, you'd spend at least 30 minutes to an hour trying to pay a bill. Also, I would add more variety to those who can be put on this insurance. Other than those I like about USAA Motorcycle Insurance does cover a lot of things other than injuries. It also doesn't have expensive monthly payments or a down payment. It's really affordable.
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